Crackdown - Exclusive Intro to the Shai-Gen Corporation

Crackdown is a remarkably open game in which you can tackle the missions, areas and enemies in whatever order you please. But follow the world's natural progression of difficulty and you will encounter some challenges before others. You'll likely go to war with Los Muertos, a brute mob of Central Americans that specialize in stealing cars and selling drugs. And you'll attempt to quell the Volk uprising, led by Eastern European immigrants trained in explosives.

So when you finally enter the Corridor, the last and wealthiest section of Pacific City, you might find it beautiful. Tall, glittering skyscrapers replace crowded apartment buildings; clean, ordered streets replace industrial mazes; and the sky is filled with crisp stars and red neon lights instead of choking smog. You might even be tempted to call it utopia... until you meet the owners. Because this particular paradise is run by the deadliest gang in the city - the secretive and sinister Shai-Gen Corporation.