Crackdown 2 gets cartoon, potentially reveals big baddie

Apparently, we just plumb forgot Crackdown had a story to rival the narrative length and emotional complexity of War and Peace. Because its sequel has just started bombarding the nets with a series of cartoon web comics detailing the first game's back story, while also letting players know what's happened to the once picturesque Pacific City since.

In short, it's been royally f*cked, as the Agency struggle to control riots and zombie attacks. Streets in flames, buildings in ruins; it's a far cry from the sun-kissed, postcard-esque city we used to enjoy throwing gang members off skyscrapers from in the first game.

Above: Pacific City's tourism board haveseen better days

While we already knew a lot of this, the video also ends on a mugshot of one Catalina Thorne, who's apparently responsible for the city's downfall. We're betting she had a hand in the whole zombie thang. That, or she's just down a shit load of littering.

Above: The most evil litter lout in the history of the world... probably

More web comics are set to be released over the coming weeks, so if you want to see the latest ones as they hit the interwebs, we suggest visiting Machinima (opens in new tab).

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May 24, 2010

David Meikleham
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