Cozy Hogwarts Legacy competitor Witchbrook is very much "still in development"

Witchbrook screenshot
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The developer of Witchbrook, an extremely cozy Hogwarts Legacy competitor, has reminded fans that its upcoming game is still very much in development. 

You may remember that last summer we shared some new assets from the upcoming adorable and magical RPG Witchbrook. Well, it's been a few months since then, but the game's developer Chucklefish has told fans that work on the game is still going "full steam ahead" and thanked future players for their patience. 

"It’s been a while since we announced our upcoming game Witchbrook, and just wanted to let you know that we’re still developing, full steam ahead!" a tweet from the game's official Twitter account reads. "We also wanted to thank you all for the kind words, support & patience whilst we’re making Witchbrook the best it can be. Our in-house development team are still working full-time, and love weaving this charming world for you all. It’s very exciting to be a part of this."

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The developer then revealed that the reason why Witchbrook is taking so long to develop is due to Chucklefish being a "zero-crunch studio." In a follow-up tweet (opens in new tab), the account explained: "This does mean that development will take longer, but we truly believe that developers who are healthy and well-rested make better games!"

If this is the first time you've heard about Witchbrook, the best way to describe it is as Stardew Valley meets Hogwarts Legacy. The upcoming RPG has all the cozy vibes of the farming sim with a storyline similar to the Harry Potter game. In Witchbrook, players enroll as students at Witchbrook College where they'll finesse their magic abilities with a series of classes and school assignments. There's also a few life sim elements to the game where players can build relationships and take part in town life. 

Want to know more? Here's 10 reasons why you should probably be excited about Witchbrook.

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