Cover reveal: Lords Of The Fallen's devs discuss their action RPG gamechanger

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PLAY #31 is out now! Pack your bags because, for this action-packed issue, we're travelling between dimensions in the upcoming soulslike behemoth Lords Of The Fallen. We chronicle our hands-on with an early build and find out what makes two worlds better than one in an insightful interview with the developers.

If turn-based tactics is more your speed, we also have a deep dive into Disgaea 7: Vows Of The Virtueless where we chat to director Shunsuke Minowa about how this upcoming entry sets itself apart while staying faithful to series roots. 

Plus, new information on how FIFA's replacement is shaking up Ultimate Team, the latest updates from Marvel's Spider-Man 2, plenty of reviews, tonnes of previews, and more!

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How Lords Of The Fallen changes the game


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Exclusive to current-generation hardware like the PS5, Lords Of The Fallen feels like it might be the first truly cutting-edge soulslike. In our hands-on, we saw how splitting the action between the mortal world and the land of the dead literally adds a whole new dimension to both combat and exploration. Peering between realms with its shiny blue magic lantern feels like truly modern innovation and also introduces endless exciting possibilities when it comes environmental puzzles and juicy hidden secrets. 

In our interview with the developers, we discuss everything from the impact and legacy of the original game (this is a psuedo-reboot of a 2014 game of the same name) to the superbly varied builds and terrifying bosses awaiting players on release.

Way of the demon: Devilish details from Disgaea 7 director Shunsuke Minowa


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What better way to celebrate Disgaea's 20th anniversary than a return to what made the strategy RPG series so great? In our interview with Disgaea 7: Vows Of The Virtueless director Shunsuke Minowa we get to grips with everything fans should expect from this upcoming entry. Returning character classes, weapon skills, and a more focussed setting could very well make for the best title yet.

That's not all, as there are also plenty of new features to look forward to. Characters can be inflated to incredible size with the new 'jumboification' mechanic which sees your giant party members stomp their way around the battlefield. There's a huge depth of customisation too, plus an all-new Hell guage with its own set of special abilities during fights. 

Insider: FIFA's successor shakes up Ultimate Team


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To kick off Insider, we discuss the big changes coming to EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team mode. Better player models, not to mention the introduction of 1,600 female players repping 74 clubs, is shaping up to be a huge step forward for this FIFA successor. 

We also have all the juciest details from Marvel's Spider-Man 2, including how Venom's trademark black goop will be shaking up this highly anticipated sequel. Elsewhere, we speak to the developers of Payday 3 about bringing the action to New York, plus news of the new Dreamworks racer, EA's upcoming superhero epic, a fresh selection of gear for your perusal, and much more.

Previews: Upcoming Prince Of Persia leaps ahead


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Prince Of Persia is back but now from a fresh perspective. In our preview of Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown, we discuss how Ubisoft's side-scrolling take on this popular (but dormant) series is shaping up to be a royal return to form.

It's been a huge month for games with long titles, as we also commanded Ork armies in the Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Realms Of Ruin, sped through the opening hours of motorbike metroidvania Laika: Aged Through Blood, investigated the gruesome mystery VN Tsukihime - A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon -, and more. Keeping with the souls theme of our cover game, we of course round things off with a final in-depth look at Armored Core VI: Fires Of Rubicon ahead of our full review next issue.

Pirate strategy Shadow Gambit makes waves in our reviews


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Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, the latest title from the stealth masters over at Mimimi Games, has you commanding a crew of ghost pirates in search of hidden boo-ty. In our review, we detail everything we love about its spooky take on real-time strategy.

If you just can't wait for Lords Of The Fallen, we've also got a detailed report on our time with soulslike shooter Remnant II, plus our takes on indies Venba and Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical. The latest Atelier title, a remake of the very first game, is also a hit, as is the mind-bending indie Viewfinder. Find all this, and even more, inside.

Retrostation: Uncovering Tomb Raider's Past


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As always, we round off this issue with a blast from the past in RetroStation. This month we chat to the developers of the controversial Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness to discuss its darker tone and uncover some exclusive insight into its cancelled sequels. 

Plus, we used social media to collect your thoughts on PSP classic Killzone: Liberation (which can now be played on both PS5 and PS4), defended Stardew Valley's Haley from the haters, and charted a brief history of Final Fantasy. Find all this and loads more retro goodness inside.

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