The Control launch trailer doesn't give much away, except that the game is bonkers

Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind other trippy action-adventure games like Alan Wake and Quantum Break, has given us a full-length launch trailer for their upcoming title Control. The game looks like a mind-bending, brain-hurting labyrinth of bureaucratic drama and paranormal activities, led by a protagonist who can float (or fly) and summon objects with her will. The trailer didn't tell us what the hell is going on in terms of plot, but we already know a bit about that. 

Control follows the story of Jesse Faden, newly-appointed Director of the highly-secretive Federal Bureau of Control. She didn't apply for the job through the FBC's HR department, however, but was weirdly and ritualistically chosen when she witnesses the previous director's death at the hands of a paranormal force known as The Hiss. Jesse picks up his firearm, an alien gun known as the Service Weapon that can change shape at will. Jesse herself also possesses some supernatural abilities like telekinesis, flying, and the ability to change the FBC's building seemingly at will. We see all of these abilities quite clearly in the trailer, as she makes her way through a building that is clearly being attacked by an other-worldly entity. 

The trailer, set to the song "Madness" by electro-pop artist Ruelle, doubles down on the creepy. A voiceover warns Jesse that "something's coming. Something unbelievable. Unknowable" as we see human bodies frozen in mid-air, looking as if they're trapped in the process of being abducted by aliens. The trailer also features several visual patterns - a handgun pointing to someone's temple, twisting geometric shapes and optical illusions, long, barren hallways. And then we see creatures, including a massive one that bursts forth from the ground looking like a Piranha Plant you'd see during sleep paralysis. 

Prepare yourself for an action-adventure game will baffle and unnerve you. Where do I sign up? Control will drop on Xbox One and PS4 on August 27.

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Alyssa Mercante

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