Contra 4 dev working with WiiWare

Contra 4 and Shantae developer WayForward Technologies has revealed that its forthcoming game, dubbed LIT, will debut on WiiWare.

LIT is a 3D horror puzzler set in a high school that's been overrun by creatures of some sort. Players guide student Jake through a variety of classrooms, utilising whatever light he can find to create safe paths through the darkness. We get the impression that darkness equals death.

WayForward promises the game will be a mix of puzzles, horror, combat and boss battles taking place in a creepy high school setting. Live Gen has a number ofconcept art images, which look like a cross between My Chemical Romance and an angry Tim Burton.

Chalk up yet another novel title for WiiWare. At this rate, our days of buying boxed games are numbered.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 6, 2008