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Conflict: Global Terror unleashed

After a resounding victory in Vietnam and Desert Storm (twice), the SCi boys have now set their sights on the fight against international terrorism with the announcement of Conflict: Global Terror.

Due to be released in autumn 2005, this fourth instalment of the team-based shooter will reunite the original team of Bradley, Foley, Connors and Jones. With the famed four-strong squad having been promoted from lowly frontline grunts to an elite anti-terrorist unit, they have been handed the task of reducing the worldwide threat from global terrorist groups. Which will probably have more to do with guns and killing, rather of issuing ID cards and looking for unattended parcels in train stations.

While SCi are keeping the details of the game as well hidden as Dubya's knowledge of global politics, the game's product manager Ray Livingston has said, "Without giving away too much at this early stage, Conflict: Global Terror has taken all the best bits from the previous three games and added a whole lot more.

"We are conscious of keeping fans of the previous games happy while at the same time attracting a new audience to the Conflict brand and we're sure the result will do just that." Add to that development director Nick Cook promising "a major new feature" (oh yes) and it really starts to sound like this could be a real change of direction for those plucky chaps at Pivotal Games.

Conflict: Global Terror will be available on PS2, Xbox and PC in autumn 2005