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Condemned 2: Bloodshot Unlockables

  • PS3 | Submitted by Claudia Gonzon


    Anger Management - Complete 10 emotional responses.
    Beat Cop - Complete a mission.
    Big-game Hunter - Take out 10 enemies with the antler.
    Brick Wall - Complete 5 successful blocks.
    Chain Gang - Successfully execute each attack chain 5 times.
    Cut throat - Perform 25 finishing moves.
    Decisive Restraint - Don't kill a single museum guard.
    Detective/First grade - Complete all missions.(FPS mode)
    Gold-plated - Get the gold badge for every mission.(any difficulty)
    Punch-drunk Kill 10 players with your fist.
    Serial killer - kill 1000 players.
    Sidekick Assist in scanning evidence in crime scene mode.
    SKX - Kill 9 unique players with the serial killer reward.
    Sleuth - Get a perfect score in a forensic event.
    The Plumber - Take out 50 enemies with the pipe.
    Trooper - Complete all missions.(any difficulty)
    Tune in Tokyo - Collect all TV'S in each mission

  • PS3 | Submitted by Ugomagi

    FPS Mode

    FPS Mode - Beat the main story to unlock FPS Mode. In this mode, you start off missions with a gun and have unlimited ammo.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Zorko


    A La Mode (25)
    5 scoops of everything

    Anger Management (10)
    Get emotional!

    Beat Cop (10)
    Beat your way through a mission

    Big Game Hunter (10)
    Get up close and personal with the antler

    Bloodshot (25)
    Unlock all Bloodshot Fight Clubs

    Brick Wall (10)
    MP - Block it away!

    Bum King (30)
    No guns, no problem

    Can You Hear Me Now? (30)
    Emitter Removal Service

    Chain Gang (30)
    Use all chain attacks a few times

    Chief Investigator (50)
    Complete all missions in Hard mode

    Collector (10)
    Scan the MP goodies once, twice, thrice - and more!

    Cut Throat (30)
    Finish it!

    Decisive Restraint (25)
    Restraint is a virtue.

    Defender (25)
    MP Defense 10 times over on the evidence

    Detective (30)
    Get through a mission in FPS

    Detective - First Grade (50)
    Shoot your way through it all in FPS

    EPA (Environmental Pwnage Area)-(25)
    Grab your foes by the neck and do what's necessary

    Flambe (25)
    Splash, Shock and Fry

    Gold-Plated (50)
    Go gold in all missions

    Use the foosball table piece to your advantage

    Investigator (25)
    You took on the hardest and beat them at their game

    Just The Facts (25)
    MP Crime Scene Goodness

    Magellan (25)
    Explore all maps more than once!

    Master Investigator (30)
    PERFECTION as a sleuth all the way through

    MP Overachiever (50)
    Win a Deathmatch game with 15 kills without dying.

    Punch Drunk (10)
    MP - Duke of Queensbury Rules Only

    Restraint... Not (30)
    Win Crime Scene games as SCU without firing a shot.

    Rush Champ (25)
    Take SCU out with the trash 5 times

    Self Medicated (25)
    Heal thyself, physician

    Serial Killer (50)
    Go kill, kill, kill in MP

    Sidekick (10)
    Assist in scanning evidence in Crime Scene mode

    SKX (50)
    Kill the killers.

    Sleuth (10)
    Be the PERFECT sleuth

    Survivor King (30)
    Bum Rush Survivor multiple times

    The Final Word (10)
    You never forget your first time.

    The Plumber (25)
    Find a pipe and use it frequently

    Trooper (30)
    Complete the single-player game

    Tune In Tokyo (30)
    Tune in all those TVs