Conan MMO sieges Xbox 360

Funcom announced today that the massively multiplayer world of Conan - based on the barbarian created by Robert E. Howard - will be coming to the Xbox 360.

When Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures arrives next year, you'll be able to haul anywoman into the jungle to live the drunken, womanizing, homicidal life of Conan. Although we don't have a confirmed release date, Funcom has confirmed that it won’t be until after the PC version (currently between March and May of 2007). Countless 360-playing, virtual barbarians are smitten with this previously PC-exclusive MMO.

Combining the control system of a MMORPG and an action RPG, the game’s battle system sneers at the usual manic cocaine-fiend click-click found in most MMOs. Attacks vary with what direction you nudge on the analog stick, resulting in bloody body deconstruction. You can also construct cities and castles, learn dark and twisted magic, and wage war against other player’s empires.

We’ll keep you posted as Funcom releases more information, including, "potential console-specific features," that may make the 360 port even more brutally barbaric than its PC conterpart.

Above: This is a photograph of a PC slaying, but we expect 360 can handle it too

December 12, 2006