Compare Final Fantasy 12 before and after the HD remastering with this video

It's been a while since Final Fantasy 12 hit stores - 10 years, actually! - so when an HD, remastered version called Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age was announced, you may have had some trouble recalling how it looked on the PlayStation 2. Well, YouTube user Cycu1 has your back, and has helpfully provided this comparison video, so you can see just how blurry your nostalgia is:

The comparison really does do a great job of highlighting how much sharper everything's looking. I particularly enjoy how much more the colors pop to make the scene feel like it has more depth. If you're not sure what I mean by that, rewind to 1:58 and see how much flatter and squished the PS2 version looks.

That said, it's hard to believe this was a PlayStation 2 game. Even for all the limitations the older hardware placed on it, it's a fantastic-looking game. I dunno about you, but I'm looking forward to 2017.

Sam Prell

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