Commanding new supreme screens

No other genre is making strides as quickly as is real-time strategy, and designerChris Taylor's Supreme Commander is confidently at the head of the pack. Supreme Commander leads the way because it actually lives up to its name - you'll actually feel like a "supreme commander" due to the sheer magnitude of the game.

This past May at E3, Supreme Commander demonstrated that it had a framework which dwarfed every other RTS game in existence in terms of size and scale. The battlegrounds are ginormous; you'll deeply appreciate being able to zoom back to an unlimited height in order to drink in the big picture.

What you may not appreciate is laying your eyes on this new batch of eyeball-clobbering screenshots. Oh, the screens are fantastic, but when coupled with the news that we won't get our hands on this one until next year... yeah. That hurts.

July 13, 2006