Doctor Doom and Kang will drag the Fantastic Four into Venom War this fall

Venom War: Fantastic Four #1
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The Fantastic Four are about to find themselves embroiled in Marvel's upcoming symbiote-centric Venom War event - and their arch-enemies Doctor Doom and Kang the Conqueror are coming along with them. Actually, it's a bit the other way around, as Kang and Doom's involvement will be what attracts the attention of the FF in Venom War: Fantastic Four.

Written by Adam Warren with art by Joey Vasquez, the Fantastic Four will also apparently run afoul of Red Goblin, also known as Normie Osborn, the grandson of Spider-Man villain Norman Osborn who has his own symbiote which is itself a spin-off of the villainous Carnage, who appears on the cover David Baldeón's cover for Venom War: FF #1.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"FOUR MORE DRAGGED INTO THE WAR!" reads Marvel's description of Venom War: Fantastic Four. 

"The Fantastic Four may not have much history with Venom – beyond helping Spider-Man capture the symbiote way back when – but when both Doctor Doom and Kang the Conqueror start getting involved in the war…now we’ve got the FF’s attention!" It continues. "It’s a wild battle of mad geniuses that spans thousands of years and also the space of a breath – with stakes that only the Fantastic Four could fathom!"

Venom has actually faced off with Kang the Conqueror before, back during the King in Black event that led to the current era of Venom in which both Eddie Brock and his son Dylan Brock bear separate versions of the Venom suit. Venom War promises to leave only one true Venom left in the role, with the question of whether it's Eddie or Dylan to be decided by the battle to come.

"While I was of course excited to contribute to a Venom event after a previous dabble or two with Symbiote lore, the opportunity to weave the Fantastic Four into the tie-in story’s narrative was a wonderful bonus," says Adam Warren in a statement. "The FF, you see, were always my favorite super heroes from early childhood (I learned how to read from poring over old Marvel reprints, believe it or not), so I’m delighted to get another chance to work with ol’ Reed, Sue, Ben & Johnny again!"

Venom War: Fantastic Four #1 goes on sale October 10. The limited series runs for three issues.

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