Vampire T'Challa takes on the forces of Atlantis as Black Panther: Blood Hunt comes to its end

Art from Black Panther: Blood Hunt #3
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

As Marvel's Blood Hunt event nears its end, things continue to look bleak for T'Challa. Still in exile from Wakanda, the Black Panther is also now a vampire and under the control of the possessed Blade (himself now in the thrall of the evil bloodsucker Varnae, the Marvel Universe's canonical first vampire). Still, thanks to some help from the river goddess Anuket, T'Challa may have found a way to end the vampires' reign of terror once and for all.

In Black Panther: Blood Hunt #3 - the third and final part of the limited series - T'Challa has a chance to make things right. The key to stopping the vampires lies in an ancient underwater temple. The only trouble is a group of very grumpy Atlanteans standing in his way, and Namor isn't taking any calls. 

Here's an exclusive preview of lettered pages from next week's issue.

Black Panther: Blood Hunt #3 is written by Cheryl Lynn Eaton and drawn by Farid Karami. The issue's main cover is by Andrea Sorrentino with a variant by Davi Go - check them both out below.

Marvel's official synopsis for the new issue reads:

"THE DEEP-SEA FINALE! Black Panther must battle Atlantis in an underwater temple that holds the key to the vampires' power! Will the gods help or harm the protector of Wakanda when his spirit is mired by vampirism? And what of T'Challa’s exile while he has been sneaking around within the Wakandan borders? Can this lost son finally return home?"

Black Panther: Blood Hunt #3 is published by Marvel Comics on July 3.

Meanwhile, in another universe entirely, the recently launched Ultimate Black Panther is an excellent starting point in comics for fans of the MCU T'Challa.

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