Joshua Williamson steps down from writing Batman and Robin and Green Arrow

Art from Batman and Robin #13
(Image credit: DC)

If you've been reading superhero comics over the last few years then Joshua Williamson will likely be a familiar name. In the last year alone the prolific writer has penned numerous big-name books for DC - everything from Superman, Batman and Robin, and Green Arrow, to the most recent arc of Action Comics. He's also written Duke and Cobra for Skybound's Energon Universe line, and horror comic Dark Ride for Image. 

Now Williamson has announced on his Substack newsletter that he's planning to reduce his workload a little by stepping away from both Batman and Robin and Green Arrow, making clear that leaving both books was solely his decision, in part to avoid burn out and spend more time with his family, but also to make space for future opportunities.

Cover for Batman and Robin #13.

Simone Di Meo's main cover for Batman and Robin #13. (Image credit: DC)

Both Batman and Robin and Green Arrow will continue with new creative teams, who Williamson describes as "very exciting," stating "I have total faith they are going to tell kickass stories with these books! DC picked some really talented creators to carry the torch!"

Williamson's final issues on these titles will be September's Batman and Robin #13, and Green Arrow #17 and a Green Arrow Annual, both in October, with Williamson describing the Annual in particular as being "EPIC." 

Cover art for Green Arrow #16

Phil Hester's cover art for Green Arrow #16. (Image credit: DC)

Looking back over his run on the two titles, Williamson said, "I'll miss writing Damian. One of my fav characters of the last 20 years ... He's so much more than the "brat" people sometimes see him as. I wanted to show different sides of Damian, but also showcase that as much as he's this amazing fighter/assassin and one of the smartest characters in comics…he's still a KID."

He also noted that "Bruce and Damian have had a hard time the last few years, so I wanted to take it easy on them with some fun stories. Working with Simone Di Meo, Mikel Janin, Nikola Čižmešija, and Howard Porter was awesome as they brought that theme to life."

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