Comics Kickstarters were 24% more successful than other books in 2020

How to Think When You Draw
(Image credit: Lorenzo Etherington)

Kickstarter has closed the books on 2020, and as expected it was a record year for the comics division. A few months back, we reported that Kickstarter had already broken their year-over-year record of $16.9 million by October 2020 with $22m. Now with the dust settled, over $25 million was taken in for comics on Kickstarter.

$25,784,658 to be exact. 

There were 1,758 successful comics projects on Kickstarter in 2020. The highest-grossing ones of the year are:

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)
  1. BRZRKR by Boom! Studios: $1,447,212
  2. How to Think When You Draw 3 by Lorenzo Etherington: $1,100,139
  3. Ava's Demon: Reborn by Michele Czajkowski: $530,310
  4. Cmon Comics Vol. 1 by Cmon: $501,632
  5. Lady Death: Treacherous Infamy #1 by Coffin Comics: $376,256
  6. Madi by Z2 Comics: $366,610
  7. Let's Play Volume 2 by Leeanne Krecic: $355,563
  8. Lady Death: Malevolent Decimation #1 by Coffin Comics: $347,045
  9. Stand Still Stay Silent Book 3 by Hiveworks Comics: $315,830
  10. Michael Turner Creations by Aspen Comics: $275,496

And it's not just the revenue has increased, but also the percentage of successful comics Kickstarter projects has increased. 73.9% of all comics Kickstarters were successful in 2020 - up 4.9% from the previous year, and up over 15% from 2016. This success rate is emboldening, and atypical for Kickstarters as a whole - publishing Kickstarters had a 49.4% success rate in 2020, and games 57.4%.

As of February 17, 2021, Kickstarter's 'comics' category has received over $137m in pledges, with 10,900 comics projects successfully funded with $128m raised from those since the company began.

The growing involvement of major publishers and creators in Kickstarter has been a hot topic of conversation. 

Chris Arrant

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