CoD: Ghosts' (short-term) next-gen upgrade offers detailed

Xbox-wise, it’s all done digitally. Players will be about to buy a dual-game license all in one go for $69.99 (no word on UK pricing yet, but expect a straight dollars to sterling translation, as usual), which will furnish the ability to download both versions of the game. Otherwise, The digital Xbox 360 version will be available for $59.99, with a separate $10/£10/€10 license granting access to the Xbox One version later on. If you want to upgrade from a disc copy of Xbox 360 CoD: Ghosts, you’ll need to take advantage of one of the various retail trade-in deals Activision has negotiated.

PlayStation gamers get more options. Digital sales of the game will come with the above $10/£10/€10 upgrade offer, but for a limited period, Blu-ray copies of the game will come with a voucher for the same.

Note that “For a limited period” seems to be the key phrase here. The cut-off point for upgrading is March the 31st, 2014, which admittedly doesn’t leave a huge amount of breathing space for players debating when to pick up a next-gen machine. As for the various retail offers (which can be found in Activision’s official post), they run out on New Year’s Eve 2013 at the latest, with one or two shutting down on Christmas Eve. Additionally, the in-store PlayStation upgrades only appear to be available in the UK and Europe, leaving US players with only the digital options available through the PlayStation Store.

David Houghton
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