Clive Barker's Jericho

There's something dark, mysterious, sick and evil out there - and it's inside Clive Barker's head. Admittedly, this was obvious from our first look at Jericho, but it seems that there's more to this supernatural FPS than the predictable gore and oh-so-scary zombie Crusaders that have been seen hitherto.

We already knew that the game saw you controlling the Jericho team (Ghostbusters without the proton packs - or sense of humor) as they try to stamp out an "ancient evil" emanating from the Middle-Eastern city of Al-Khali, but, although the "wander around blowing away creatures escaping from the doors of hell" schtick suggests a complete Doom rip-off, there has been some thought put into it. For example, the shape of the game is largely based on archaeology - Al-Khali has been the site of several settlements stretching back to 3000 BCE, and the twisted denizens of each epoch will attack you in turn - soldiers from the city's time under Nazi occupation in WWII, Crusaders from the Middle Ages, Roman soldiers, until you reach the very heart of what made the city so damn unpleasant in the first place.