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ClassicRadar: Games invade Google Street View

Street Fighter II

The New Zealand Story


Resistance: Fall of Man

Road Rash


Virtua Racing

Viva Pinata

Originally posted on 25 Jun, 2009

Photoshop features are probably my favourite kind of feature to make on Radar. But adding images to Google Street View was a pretty difficult one to do, as there's often quite a lot of camera blur. You'd think blurry images are easier to manipulate, but you've got to try and keep the whole thing looking like it was taken at the same time. The Viva Pinata tree looks particularly lifelike, and I was quite pleased with the Chimera in the Resistance one.

I was a little disappointed that several people thought these pictureswere real and that Google Street View had been hacked or something. Or maybe even that the characters were in the original photos. Who knows.

Above: This is real too. Actual dinosaurs that pretended to be claymation figurines. Damn clever beasts...

Things you may have missed? The 'Sprunk' billboard on Broadway in the GTA pic, or maybe the flag at the top of the castle in the Mario one. Also, the car door and its shadow are basically drawings as there wasn't anything there to manipulate.

Finally,the words'amazing images' in the intro text used to link to a rather flattering image of an attractive female pedestrian... but Street View hassince been updated to look ata van. Shexy.

03 Apr, 2011

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