Classic Zelda meets Bloodborne in this impressive pixel art RPG coming next month

Hunt the Night
(Image credit: Moonlight Games)

With Link doing his thing in sprawling 3D settings these days and a Bloodborne sequel nowhere in sight, you may very well be craving some old-school Legend of Zelda action or yearning for a return to the shadowy streets of Yharnam. If so, upcoming indie Hunt the Night is definitely one to add to your wishlist.

Developed by Moonlight Games, it's a top-down action RPG with a dark fantasy setting brought to life with stunning pixel art. You play as Vesper, a skilled fighter and part of a group calling themselves "The Stalkers" who hunt down dark and deadly creatures. Your quest will take you across the world of Medhram and through dungeons laden with puzzles to solve, traps to overcome, and of course, enemies to slay.

While Hunt the Night's exploration elements are reminiscent of classic Zelda adventures, when it comes to combat, Moonlight Games has followed in FromSoftware's footsteps with formidable foes that require quick reflexes and a considered approach. "Fight the ancient horrors of the Night that have been annihilating humanity over and over in intense boss battles," reads the game's Steam page. "Learn their weak points, attack patterns and survive through the different combat phases as the battle gets more challenging and extreme."

Fortunately, you've got a range of tools to put the game's unholy creatures in their place, including weapons of both the melee and ranged varieties as well as "dark powers" that sound like they'll come in very handy in a pinch.

Hunt the Night is set to arrive next month on April 13, and to get you in the monster-slaying mood, Moonlight has just released a six-minute trailer showcasing the game's first dungeon. So far, only a PC launch is confirmed, but according to the developer, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox versions will arrive at a later date.

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