Civilization V: Brave New World hits this summer

The second Civilization V expansion pack will explore and exploit culture, trade, and international diplomacy. 2K Games announced Brave New World for the nation-building game today--and no, it doesn't have anything to do with the Huxley novel.

Nine new civilizations will join the world stage, with their own unique heroes like Poland's storied Winged Hussars and King Casimir III. States will find a new path to cultural victory by spreading artists and their masterpieces across the globe, and a United-Nations-like World Congress will beef up the diplomatic endgame with votes on far-reaching policies and sanctions. Mercantile approaches will also be bolstered by new international trade routes.

Aside from mechanical additions, Brave New World will add two new pre-made scenarios: Players can take over either the Union or Confederacy in the American Civil War, or race other nations to the heart of a randomly generated African interior as they vie for its resources and wonders.

Developer Firaxis and 2K Games will ship the expansion for PC and Mac this summer. Check out our review of Civilization V: Gods and Kings if you want to brush up on religion and espionage before then.

Connor Sheridan

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