Civilization 6 is now on Android and it's got a big free trial

Storied strategy game Civilization 6 is now available on Android devices. 

The Android version comes with the same free trial as the iPhone and iPad versions released all the way back in 2018. You can play the game for 60 in-game turns – which is quite a long time – and then you'll need to buy the full game for $20 on the Google Play store to continue. The individual expansions Rise and Fall ($30), Gathering Storm ($40), and miscellaneous scenario packs ($5 to $9) are also available on Android. 

Rise and Fall was the game's first expansion and it introduced a number of now-integral features, including improved timeline review, political loyalty, and an Ages mechanic built around cycles of Dark Ages and Golden Ages. Gathering Storm, the second expansion, added environmental hazards and climate change consequences, new engineering resources and mechanisms, and iconic scenarios like the Black Death. Both expansions also come with a boat-load of civilizations and new leaders to helm them. 

Civilization 6's Android port was handled by Aspyr Media, the same studio that worked on the iPhone version and, more surprisingly, the Star Wars: Racer remake for Switch and PS4. It looks and plays exactly as you'd expect. The isometric 4X strategy game has always been a good fit for mobile screens and controls, and with an existing mobile version already out, it's no surprise that the Android build looks familiar, but in a good way. 

We've seen quite a few promising mobile games lately, including a Crash Bandicoot endless runner and a new Game of Thrones game from publisher Devolver Digital. 

Austin Wood

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