City of Villains Issue 7: Mayhem Missions

The top complaint about the massively multiplayer comic-book RPG City of Villains? "It just doesn't feel evil enough." By sticking close to the formula that made its progenitor City of Heroes a success, CoV wound up being a little too polite for its own good. Where was the harassing of citizens, the smashing of public property, the terrorizing of a city?

Thankfully, it's all coming soon in the form of Mayhem Missions. Currently, villains get new missions by reading a newspaper; as they're completed, special, high-profile missions like casino heists become available. Those special missions weren't quite special enough, so they'll be replaced with a timed, private mission with a straightforward goal, such as robbing a bank. The clock is ticking; to put more time on your mission, simply start causing destruction. See a parked car? A few well-placed hits and it'll blow sky-high. And those pedestrians will turn into sprinters if you target one of them with your attacks. (Don't expect to kill the innocents, though; get a little too aggressive and they'll disappear, assumedly teleported out by security systems or superhero intervention.)

Of course, while that gives you more time to complete your core mission, it also attracts attention - the unwanted, heroic kind of attention. A new enemy group, the Paragon Police Department, will try to put an end to your smashing spree. If they succeed, your mission's not over, but you will have to bust yourself out of jail. While you're there, if you can spare the time, you might free a literal partner in crime to help you the rest of the way.