Chris Pine talks Star Trek 2 plot

Star Trek 2 might still be the best part of a year away, but that hasn't stopped Chris Pine hyping the project up in a new interview, in which he suggests that the sequel will boast a stronger plot than the first instalment.

"The movie is relentless," he says, "and for the visually inclined people who want to see major sequences, there are a couple specifically that I think… I’m not a huge 3D fan, but I think will be incredible. But what I’m more excited about and what I think they did so well is that really the story is that much better, and the journey that these guys go on is that much more [ involving ]."

"Even though they’re a crew from what we know about the original team, the fun of getting there is following that journey to where they become that tight-knit crew," he says. "It’s no fun if they’re already a tight-knit crew, so suffice it to say, they’re still learning how to get along."

It's an attitude echoed by co-writer Alex Kurtzman, who stresses that there are still plenty of teething problems to be navigated by the newly-formed crew. "The assumption that we did not want to make was that just because he’s in the chair and they’re on the bridge together that they’re the crew that you remember from the original series," he says. "They’re not."

"The crew from the original series had gone on many, many journeys, they were a well-oiled machine in terms of how they function, and these characters are still figuring out who they are and who they are to each other. And I did not want to jump so far ahead that we missed a really important emotional connection to that transition for them."

Star Trek 2 opens in the UK on May 17 2013.

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