Chris Claremont is returning to Wolverine for Logan's 50th anniversary

Wolverine: Madripoor Knights #1 cover art by Philip Tan
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics is celebrating Wolverine's 50th anniversary in 2024 by bringing back one of the creators who most defined Logan as a character, legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont.

Claremont and X-23: Deadly Regenesis artist Edgar Salazar will join forces for Wolverine: Madripoor Knights, a five issue limited series which serves as a sequel to the flashback story told in 1990's Uncanny X-Men #268 in which Wolverine, Black Widow, and Captain America team up to chase down a mystery on the streets of the island nation of Madripoor during World War II.

Here's the first issue cover, by Philip Tan:

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The original story famously depicted Wolverine's first official meeting with both Captain America and Black Widow as the three extra long lived super agents all convened on the same objective back during WWII. It also features one of beloved X-Men artist Jim Lee's most iconic covers, seen below.

"CLAREMONT, CAP, WIDOW, and WOLVERINE—TOGETHER AGAIN!" reads Marvel's official description of Wolverine: Madripoor Knights. 

"When a secret weapon brings Captain America to Madripoor, the trio team-up you’ve been waiting decades for will finally come to pass as the mission brings Logan and Black Widow into a race against time, against a multitude of foes, including the Hand!" it continues. "You’ve been waiting for this one…and you’ll never guess where it goes!"

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Wolverine's first full appearance came in 1974's Incredible Hulk #181 by writer Len Wein and artist Herb Trimpe, based on character designs by the late, great John Romita Sr. Claremont began writing Wolverine in 1975's Uncanny X-Men #94, which launched his 16-year run on the X-Men franchise.

"Hard to believe, Bub, I’ve known Logan for 50 years!” Claremont states in the announcement. "And Natasha was in the first Marvel story I ever wrote. This trip back to Madripoor reveals hidden truths about two of my favorite characters on the adventure that shaped their lives."

Wolverine: Madripoor Knights #1 goes on sale February 7.

Chris Claremont wrote some of the best Wolverine stories of all time.

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