Chinese worker says he stole a 3DS and has pics to prove it

Those overseas factory employees get to see the latest game consoles, iPhones, and all-around cool gadgets before everyone else, but can't even tell anyone about them. At what point does the temptation become too much?

For one worker, that point was apparently when he saw the 3DS come to the production line. The unnamed employee, who appears to be a pretty big Nintendo fan in his own right, allegedly smuggled one of the units and snapped a whole bunch of pictures from the comfort of his home.

He posted the pictures on a Chinese forum called, showing all angles of the 3DS. There's even a comparison shot of the system right next to the original DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, and Game Boy Micro.

What he doesn't seem to be able to capture is any sort of actual content on the 3DS. It looks like there's some sort of boot-up menu, but nothing else. Obviously he doesn't have any games to test it out, so it's little more than a paperweight right now.

Yes, we're all insanely jealous of him anyway. But hopefully we won't have to wait too long until everyone here gets to see the nifty 3D gadget in person. Nintendo's holding a news conference later this month for what we can only assume is an announcement about when the gizmo will be coming stateside.

For now, we can enjoy the fruits of this courageous factory worker's labor and see what a 3DS looks like in its natural habitat - a gamer's home.


Jan 3, 2011