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Chicken Little: Ace in Action review

Fowl on so many levels


  • Lengthy campaign
  • Challenging enemies
  • Power ups and weapon types


  • Enemies appear right in front of you
  • Controls are wonky
  • Boring level design

Based upon the movie-in-a-movie ending to the Chicken Little film, in which the main characters were all studly and sexy, this top down shooter puts you in the drumsticks of three main characters. The bravura Ace runs ‘n guns, Abby pilots a spacecraft and the heavy, Runt, commands a tank as the team blasts through the space-y armada of Foxy Loxy and her forces of banal evil.. All three pretty much control the same, except for Abby who can only shoot forward.

The aim of Ace in Action is to proceed through all intergalactic levels and collect aliens to power up your shield or blaster power - oh, and to blow the stuffing out of everything in between. The most use you'll get out of the stylus is selecting from four different weapon types and that's about it. You're gonna need all that firepower though, 'cause you'll get bombarded by a surprising amount of tough enemies and bosses for a kids game.

More Info

DescriptionEgghead Chicken Little transforms himself into a buff galactic action hero for this platforming movie adaptation sequel.
PlatformPS2, Wii, DS
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating7+
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 December 2006 (UK)