Chibi-Robo! review

Can a small, cute robot make even housework fun?

But accept Chibi-Robo for the sedate but endearing adventure that it is and you'll find plenty to enjoy. The way Chibi is three inches tall and has to make his way around the house by pulling out drawers to stand on, climbing shoelaces and traversing pieces of cutlery is well done.

Plus, the game does reveal more depth once you've stocked up on gadgets and need to search for ways to use them. The characters you meet in the game are genuinely humorous, too, and there are plenty of neat touches - like the way you can dress Chibi up in a range of outfits, with what he's wearing affecting how other characters respond to you.

Above: Experimenting with different outfits and watching how characters react is fun

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DescriptionFrog costumes, toothbrush mops and teddy bear stickers: Chibi-Robo's sweet flavor is enough to give you diabetes
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date6 February 2006 (US), 26 May 2006 (UK)