Check out this supremely chill driving sim you can play in your web browser

Slow Roads
(Image credit: anslo)

Slow Roads is a supremely chill indie driving game that you can play right now in your web browser. 

Created by a dev known on Twitter as anslo and shared after 16 months of work, Slow Roads looks like the kind of road trip I'd love to take: no pee breaks at dirty rest stops, no fighting over the AUX cord, and no need to fill the tank with incredibly expensive gas. 

According to anslo, the roads are procedurally generated and the entire game was built in JavaScript to run in a browser. You can cycle between different seasons, times of day, and vehicles, and even set the car to auto-pilot and keep the game running in the background. The little white sedan will steadfastly wind through roads and up hills while you work - the sounds of its engine chugging along are quite relaxing. For me, this was the best setting, as the WASD controls are a nightmare for my long nails and I kept smacking into the guard rail. It's much more relaxing to let the car drive itself. 

If you want, you can take the car off the road and keep on trucking through forests and open plains - the game won't stop you from exploring. You can also hit a button to reset the vehicle back onto the road whenever you like, which I inevitably do after I grow tired of trying to force it up steep hills. 

Slow Roads is the perfect game to temporarily distract you from work - it's a chill little reprieve from the daily grind, runs seamlessly in your browser, and costs absolutely nothing. 

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Alyssa Mercante

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