Check out the 5 Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer maps you can play at launch

Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer mode will launch with five maps. If that sounds a little thin to you, c'mon - there's a whole single-player game there too! Also, BioWare has confirmed that all of Andromeda's DLC maps will be free, so you won't be stuck with that selection for long.

But before we start wishing for more, let's get to know the sites for our early battles.

Firebase Zero

"An outpost built into an asteroid." Please tell me you can open up the airlocks and suck uncooperative teammates out into the vacuum of space.

Firebase Icebreaker

"A refueling station on a frozen, ice-covered planet." Those industrial walkways should be sniper friendly.

Firebase Magma

"A foundry set on a cooling river of lava." I think they might have run out of time coming up with names for these maps.

Firebase Derelict

"An abandoned kett ship." Ooh, I'm already getting visions of dramatic last-minute escapes on that exposed landing pad.

Firebase Sandstorm

"A vacated, Milky-Way-species outpost, set in a sprawling desert." Plenty of wide-open skies to use that jetpack!

You can watch the full official multiplayer gameplay walkthrough video from BioWare if you want to learn more about how the new-and-improved co-op mode works. Or read up on Strike Teams if you'd rather reap a bunch of the same rewards without ever leaving the single-player campaign.

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