To me this was pretty easy here it is General information Name-sabu Hud-sabu Nickname-homicidal suicidal Name placemen- prefix Announcer name-the freak or Samuel Hometown-parts unknown Gender-male Weight class-heavyweight (240lbs) Match tactic-clean Show-raw Voice-3 Match favorite-anything hardcore Character creation Head/face Face parts Hair-34/black Eyes-2 Eyebrows-42 Facial hair-mustache-1 Goatee-5 Sideburns-4 Other-18and7 Lips-1 Skin tones-6 Eyelashes-1 Teeth-2 Head morphing Head- -9, 3, 0 Forehead-0, 34,13,0 Face morphing Eyebrows- -78, 0, 24, 97 Eyes- -19,-9, 74,-13, 16,-69,-56 Nose- 46,-40,-39, 27, 0, 10, 60,-71 Cheeks- -45, 57,-7, 58 Mouth- -40,-35, 31,-13,-6,-58,-100 Jaw- 100, 33, 54,-25, 52, 32 Ears- 100, 5,-3, 54 Skin aging-65 Makeup-27, 32, Body Body type- -11 Bodyskin-5 Bodyhair-1 Height-6Â’0 Clothing Warning not in order. Shoes-2 Gloves-6 MenÂ’s bottoms-15, any color, stylize tuck in the boots Belts-1, white Body art Body Wounds-4 Face Wounds-3 Layers and extras Crowd signs-19(ECW), 20(match of the century), 18(more tables), 20(1 sadistic man) A.I. Fighting style 1. Luchador 2. Striker Advanced Move-aggressive Irish whip-less Diving moves-often Taunt-often And there you should have your very own sabu sorry if this was hard or boring but I hope it was worth it if you have and questions of comments my email is</p>