UNSC Weapon's and Statistics: M6D Pistol This dependable secondary weapon has a few features. First of all, it has a 2x magnification scope to increase accuracy. (Press the right thumbstick to activate) It also has semi-auto and full-automatic firing (Press and hold the right trigger) MA5B Assualt Rifle This assualt rifle is most comman weapon that UNSC personnal (marines) use in the battle field) The MA5B's integrated computer displays rounds left in the magazine and the relative direction of the gas giant, Threshold, for piont of reference. This feature is particularly useful for orienting you in areas where it's easy to get turned around and lose your sense of direction. M90 Shotgun This pump action shotgun is very useful in close combat. It works best at close range, but it can still save Master Chief's life at medium or longe range (If your lucky.) S2 AM 50. Cal Sniper Rifle The S2 is a very affective either at close, medium, and longe range. This rifle has two magnification points. Press the right thumbstick to activate the scpe at 2x magnification. Press it again to activate 10x magnification. Press the white buton to active night vision (If scope is activated) It also has armor piercing bullets that will clear threw an elite, grunt, or Jackel. Hit the hunter's in the orange flesh to instantly kill them. Watch out not to hit any of your teammates or allies or you'll instantly kill them. So that's something to watchout for. M 19 SSM Rocket Launcher This rocket launcher will blow up anything really in one or two shots. other than the M8O8B Scorpian MBT tank, that will take about, ruffly around 5-6 rockets to blow it into nothing. Don't use this weapon in close range or you'll just simpley blow yourself and anybody around you up. M41 LAAG vehicle mounted turret This light anti-craft mahine gun will clearly own a herd of grunts or elite's, and kill a couple of hunter's quickly. It turns 60 degrees and will fire 450 to 550 rounds per minute. Covenant Weapon's and Statistics Plasma Rifle This rifle is powered by a battery (That can not be replaced) This rifle is semi-auto or full-auto (hold right trigger) But the smart thing to use is semi because the gun will overheat and will run out of battery life quick. The only way you ca replace it if you drop the weapon and pickup the same rifle with more battery life. Plasma Pistol This plasma pistol is a primary pistol for yte grunts. It's pretty much the same as the plasma rifle but smaller and has a smaller rate of fire. This pistol can charge up and burst a plasma charge at an enamy and not really stun it. Unless it;s a grunt up close. This pistol could also be semi automatic too. Just press the right trigger as fast as you can and kill something. Needler Very little is known about his weapons by the UNSC. The only really thing know about this weapon is that it has armor piercing exploding needle's that will kill something in a short time. The needles are also deflected by the the Master Chief's MJOLNIR Battle Suit and the elite's combat armor. Staionary Gun (Shade) This plasma turret is a good turret it's relable in some combat's. The grenades Fragmation Grenade This is a good grenade against flood and stuf like that. Plasma Grenade This plasma grenade will stick to anything exepct walls and some other stuff. Don't use this against the flood or you will be screwed.</p>