Star Wars Episode 3 FAQ/Walkthrough For the Xbox platform Written by Thirtysilver or Copyright Ryan Dawson. All Rights Reserved Version 1 This is my first walkthrough. I tried to be clear and straightforward. There is nothing here about codes or unlockables; this walkthrough will tell you how to beat the game and nothing else. A note about secrets: I included the locations of the secrets I found. I did not find all of them. Don't feel like you have to email me if you find one I did not add to this walkthrough. Just pat yourself on the back and say, "I was more observant than that guy." ------------------- X-box Controls (from the game manual): ------------------- Left Thumbstick - Move/Navigate menus Right Thumbstick - Force Target "A" button - Jump (hold down for force jump) "X" button - Fast/weak attack "Y" button - Strong/Slower attack "B" button - Critical attack/interact with others Left Trigger - Block/Strafe Right Trigger - Push/Grasp White button - Saber throw Black button - Stun/Lightning Back button - Not used Start button - Pause Directional Pad - Navigate Menus Saber strikes - The "X", "B", and "Y" buttons each perform basic saber attacks. Press the "X" button for a fast attack with not to much power, the "B" button for a slow, but potentially lethal attack, and the "Y" button for a balance of speed and power. Block - As a Jedi with the ability to predict incoming blaster fire, you will automatically deflect some enemy shots. However, to deal with more powerful close range attacks, hold the left trigger to block. This will also repel weaker blaster bolts. Strafe - While blocking, you will automatically you will automatically face the most immediate threat. By moving the left thumbstick, you can strafe around the enemy. ------------------- Combo Attacks ------------------- Experiment with various combinations of the attack buttons and movements to execute combination attacks. Here are some of the initial combos that Anakin can preform: STANDING RAPID SLASH COMBO: Move the left thumbstick toward an enemy and then press X,X,X) STANDING RAPID BACK STRIKE: X,X,Y STANDING RAPID JUNG SLASH: X,Y,Y 4. The Art of Jedi Combat ---------------- Force Powers ----------------- Force Powers will affect enemies or certain objects that you are facing or targeting. To target a specific enemy, simply move the right thumbstick in the direction of the enemy or object you want to affect. A blue glow will surround your selected target. Moving the right thumbstick in a different direction will change the target. The force powers can be upgraded to improve the range, power, and number of enemies affected by each of them. FORCE PUSH: Quickly pull the right trigger to preform a force push. A wide wave of energy knocks back multiple enemies and causes damage to them. FORCE GRASP: Pull the right trigger to lift the target into the air, and press the left thumbstick in the direction that you want to throw it, and then release the right trigger. You can throw enemies or objects around you. The target takes damage, along with any other enemies it comes into contact with. FORCE STUN/LIGHTNING: Press and hold the black button to stun several droids (if they are clustered together.) After a moment of concentration, and after enough force power if used, the droid(s) will remain stunned for a short time and you can finish them off or deal with other threats. If the black button is not held down long enough, the target will not remain stunned. If used on weak minded humanoids, they are tricked into fighting for you for a short duration. Eventually, Anakin gains the Force Lightning ability, which replaces force stun. Press and hold the black button to electrocute enemies, effectively stunning them and doing continuous damage. You can continue to send bolts until the enemy is defeated or your force power meter runs out. SABER THROW: Press the white button to throw your lightsaber, damaging all enemies and objects in it's path. The longer you hold down the white button, the longer and farther your lightsaber will fly. Your lightsaber automatically returns to you after making a curved flight arc. This ability can also be used to destroy objects that normally be out of reach. FORCE HEAL: Click and hold both thumbsticks to heal yourself using the force. This ability uses a lot of force power and will drain your force meter very quickly, so use it wisely. FORCE SPEED: Move the left thumbstick twice in any direction to receive a temporary speed boost. While using force speed preform combos to create powerful attacks. This force power can not be upgraded. ----------------------- Force Action Icons ----------------------- FORCE JUMP ICON: When a player can use the force to enhance his jump to gain acess to further areas of a level, a glowing icon will appear on the ground. Press and hold the "A" button and then release it to activate the force jump. The player will land at a specified location. FORCE FOCUS ICON: At times throughout the game, you will need to use the force to dramatically alter the environment to progress through a level. A glowing icon appears on the floor to highlight these situations. Pull and hold the right trigger and then release it to activate the force focus event. The player will be rewarded with the remarkable feats of Jedi power. --------------------- Advanced Moves --------------------- When facing another Jedi, you will need to be quick and clever to suceed. Master these maneuvers to dominte your opponents. Breaking Grapples: You can break grappels by pressing the "X" and "Y" buttons simultaneously at the very beginning of the grapple. Breaking out of Stuns: When hit by another Jedi's force stun, you can break out by quickly pressing the "X" and "Y" buttons simultaneously. Universal Launcher: Move the left thumbstick toward your opponent and press the "Y" button as the third part of a three-hit combo to launch your opponent into the air, where you can follow up wth more attacks. Jump follow-up: After preforming the Universal Launcher, press the "A" button to jump into the air after the enemy to score a free attack before the enemy can preform an Air Tech Escape. Air Tech Escape: If you are hit by a Universal Launcher, you can escape a Jump follow-upattack by pressing the "A" button while you are in the air. Critical Lunge Strike: When an enemy is at critical, press the "B" button to preform an unblockable attack that will quickly dispatch of your foe before he/she has the chance to use Force Heal. Get-Up Attacks: While lying on the ground, you can keep enemies from attacking you by pressing the "X" or "Y" buttons. Offensive Shunt: Move the left thumbstick toward your opponent and pull the left trigger to shunt (parry) a lightsaber attack, and then quickly press the "X" or "Y" button to preform a follow-up attack. Offensive Counter Shunts: If your opponent traps you with an Offensive Shunt attack, you can escape his follow-up attack. As the shunt begins, press the same attack button that you think that he will use. Trap Shunt: While blocking, press the "X" and "Y" buttons simultaneously just before being strcuk by a lightsaber. (Note: Trap Shunts can't be countered. Saber Lock: Saber Lock occurs when two strong attacks collide at the same time. Rapidly press the "X" and "Y" buttons simultaneously for maximum pushing power. Perfect Deflection: You can deflect blaster bolts back at the enemy for increased damage by pulling the left trigger at the moment a bolt hits you. 5/30/05 - Completed game. Awesome. 5/29/05 - Completed 12-14 5/28/05 - Completed 10-11 5/26/05 - Completed levels 7-9 5/25/05 - Completed levels 3-6 5/24/05 - Started walkthrough. Completed levels 1 and 2 ------------------------------- 1: Rescue over Coruscant ------------------------------- You begin this level in a starship hangar as Anakin. There are three canisters along the top wall near the ray shield; if you want, you can use them to practice your force throw on the battle droids which will besiege you when you step forward into the level. Sometimes there's a bacta tank under one of them. Defeat all the battle droids. The strategy is simple: deflect their laser fire, close in, and chop 'em up. Once you've destroyed a certain number of them, you'll see a brief cutscene in which a super battle droid moves some boxes, clearing your path. Very helpful of him! Too bad he wants to shoot you. Kill him. Move right and dispatch more droids. Eventually you'll come to a bridge that needs to be extended so you can cross it. You have to fight off droids while R2 works on the bridge controls. You'll see R2's progress meter in the upper right hand corner of the screen. There is a super battle droid at the top of the screen - use combos to keep him reeling until he breaks. Battle droids will usually attack from the bottom of the screen here, and that is where you should concentrate your efforts. Obi can take care of any stragglers coming from the left. After another short cutscene, it's on to the next area. Cross the bridge. Flaming hunk of debris crashes right onto it. No back-tracking now. Burn through the droids, blocking the super battle droid's rapid fire, and stay away from the blue bolts of electricity on the far right. Do you need me to explain why? After all the droids are destroyed, Obi-Wan will ask for help moving a starfighter. He stands at the top of the screen concentrating. Run up and stand on the glowing yellow circle, then hold right trigger to use the Force. An icon depicting an R will appear over your HUD when you're in the right spot. After you move the fighter, head down to collect the health powerup and move on. Dispatch droids, stay away from the electrical hazard at the top left, and then head left for a cutscene in which your party encounters another ray shield and Anakin will hop down into a circular bay to find a console which needs to be activated. In the bay, droids will attack. Kill all of them before attempting to activate the console. Then look behind the middle pillar at the top of the screen to find a force powerup. Once you've used the console, super battle droids will come to murder you. You must murder them instead. Give in to your hate. When you're ready, step on the blue circle and hold A to force jump back to the flight deck. Break some droids, then head up to the next blue circle and force jump onto the balcony. Kill the snipers, then the super battle droids, then jump back down once the blue circle appears. Back on the flight deck, there are more droids begging for death. They will come at you in small groups from all angles. This area is larger now, don't forget to explore all of it and blow up all the canisters. You have to do your exploring before R2's progress meter is full, because once it is R2 lowers the ray shield and the level ends. Destroy the large canister at the top left by the pit for a saber crystal. ------------------------------------ 2: An Explosive Development ------------------------------------ You're still on the Separatist ship. Take control of Obi-Wan Kenobi and lay waste to the two grapple droids here. Once the first two are dead, two more will drop from the ceiling to attack. Grapple droids can block your lightsaber strikes, so I suggest pushing them down with the Force and trying to hit them with a finishing attack while they're prone. Stand over the droid and hit X to perform a finishing attack. You can also just hack at the droids until they die. This method may not be very efficient, but it builds up your combo meter. Also, don't let the grapplers grapple you. If they do, press XY at the beginning of the grapple to break out. Once you've destroyed the grapple droids, a short cutscene will show you battle droids marching post haste up a catwalk to kill you. After the cutscene, head right. Level the battle droids, which will begin to come from behind as well as in front of you, and carve up the grapple droid before moving on. You'll come to a malfunctioning power node. It's spitting dangerous bolts of electricity. Throw your lightsaber at the power node to destroy it and clear your path. Press on. Chop some more droids. At the top of the next ramp is another malfunctioning power node. Make sure you're standing on the platform as you throw your lightsaber to eliminate the power node, because the catwalk leading up to the platform will be taken out by falling debris. Once the node's taken care of, move to the next platform. I suggest taking out some droids before activating the console here. You'll have to backtrack to get some of them. Once the area is clear, operate the console to extend a bridge. Here, four wall-mounted electrical pylons are shooting arcs of energy over the bridge. As you cross, you have to destroy the pylons by throwing your lightsaber. Once you're safely across the bridge, you'll be treated to a cutscene in which an overzealous grapple droid drastically overestimates its own locomotive capabilities. Move on. In this area, head down the ramp and slash the battle droids. Then face the big door with the grapple droid guarding it. There's a turret over the door which will begin firing rapidly at you. You must use Force deflect to destroy it. Hold L to guard, then spin the right thumbstick. You will begin to twirl your lightsaber, creating a blue glow and bouncing the turret's fire back at it. This will drain your Force. You can also target the turret with the right thumbstick and throw your lightsaber at it, but you have to time that move correctly or you'll continually eat laser. Once the turret is dealt with, dispatch the oncoming grapple droid. A cutscene will usher you into the next area. Kill the battle droids. Then run forward until you can't go any further. Search the whole platform and destroy all the boxes for a Force powerup. Kill the attacking grapple droid and then head back to where you entered this area. There is a catwalk at the top of the screen. Run up and then right. You'll go up a ramp and follow the high catwalk a short distance to a platform where battle droids and grapple droids are waiting. Strike them down with your Jedi flashlight. Once they're all scrap, you'll see a cutscene in which Anakin tells you to use the Force. Walk right to the edge of the platform, stand on the yellow circle, and use the Force to pull a piece of machinery loose from the ceiling. Watch the next cutscene. Marvel at Anakin's hockey hair. Once you regain control, fight off the grapple droids and battle droids and head right. Your path ends in a door you must open by using the saber plunge. Approach the door and watch for the B icon to appear over your HUD. When you see it, hold B and move the left thumbstick from side to side - speed does not matter. The door will grow hotter and hotter, glowing brighter and brighter, until it just falls apart. Before you mess with the door though, I suggest you make sure there are no more grapple droids around. Once through the door, Anakin will tell you to "go for that power conduit." Don't go for any conduits just yet. Grapple droids and battle droids will come from either side of that big stack of cylinders. Once they're dead, go to the middle of the room for a health powerup. Then head to the top right and find the glowing, green panel. Slash it twice to open the door to a hallway which ends in another door you need to saber plunge. Plunge the door and move on. Head across the catwalk. The section you're on will fall and a blue Force jump circle will appear. Kill the grapple droids, then force jump to the high catwalk. Watch a cutscene, and then head left to the spot where you landed after you Force jumped. There's a saber crystal there. Grab it and head back to the right. Continue along the catwalk, hacking buzz droids as you go. Eventually you'll come to two more malfunctioning power nodes. One is at the top of the screen - in the background, the other is at the bottom - in the foreground. Man, do they never do maintenance? I hope these power nodes aren't important. Destroy both nodes to clear your path. At the end of the catwalk is a huge door which needs to be opened with the Force. Step on the yellow circle, do the Force thing, watch a cutscene, and move on. Follow the catwalk. While you're getting ganked by droids, you'll see three alcoves. The second alcove has a group of canisters in it. Destroy the canisters with the Force to reveal a health powerup. Then continue to the left until you reach a platform with a console. Operate the console to extend a bridge. Once again, you'll have to throw your lightsaber to destroy electrical pylons in order to continue. As you go, destroy the pylons as well as the buzz droids and grapple droids, then make your way to the end of the bridge and the end of the level. ---------------------------- 3: Peril in the Elevators ---------------------------- Right off the bat, you're faced with two droidekas. Don't risk a frontal assault, their shields are resilient. You could Force deflect their shots but it take mush less Force to stun them and then move in for a critical attack. Hold the black button to stun enemies. One both droidekas are dead, run left to the elevators. On the nearby wall are two round portals. Smash the right portal for a Force powerup. After a cutscene showing the elevator arriving at your floor, you will be placed beside the elevator door. You have to saber cut the door to get through. Watch for the B icon above your HUD. When it appears, hold B move the left thumbstick in a slow square to saber cut. After a cutscene, you'll be on top of the elevator. Fight off the buzz droids until another cutscene puts you face to face with three flying droids. Stay near the top center while fighting them. A powerup appears here. The flying droids have shields that can block your lightsaber. Again, force stun is an effective way to leave them open for attack. Alternatively, you can strafe around them and use force push to send them down the elevator shaft. If you prefer the direct approach, hacking will work, too - the droids can't block everything. After you've taken care of the flying droids, another cutscene will show you Obi-Wan being pinned down by droideka fire. Fight off the grapple droids and buzz droids, then watch the next cutscene. In the next area, Obi-Wan is fending off destroyer droids. Dispatch the droidekas, and then move forward. A ray shield goes up behind you, blocking your path back to the elevators. On the right, find a door and use the saber plunge to burn it open. Once you enter this room, a ray shield will seal you in and a number of buzz droids will attack. Destroy them all, then operate the panel on the right wall. This will bring down the ray shield which is barring your exit from this room, but it also activates a turret. The turret drops down in front of the door. Use Force deflect to eliminate it, then look left. There's a wall of boxes. In a cleft, you can just see a canister. Destroy the canister for a health powerup. Head back to the elevators. Some grapple droids will try to stop you. Make them dead. Then enter the open elevator door and watch a cutscene. Now you're on top of an elevator car with Obi-Wan. Flying droids will attack, but they are easily dispatched. After a brief cutscene, the elevator reverses direction and you have to deal with some buzz droids and some more flying droids. A cutscene ends this short level. ------------------------- 4: Settling the Score ------------------------- Boss Fight: Count Dooku When fighting bosses, I tend to be cautious. Watch for openings and then strike. Avoid using long combos, as they stand a better chance of being interrupted. If you get thrown into the air, hammer on A and you will right yourself. If you see Dooku using Force heal, try to get in there and waylay him. Also, learn to use the parry and counterattack. Just as Dooku is attacking, hold left trigger and push the left thumbstick toward him. This will initiate a parry animation which will leave Dooku open for a counterattack. Make sure you don't get caught up trying to do this and end up being cut down. Take shots when you can. Your best bet is to play it safe. In the second part of the fight, you will be on a balcony. At the left end is a big computer terminal. Destroy it for a Force powerup. There are cylinders on the wall which you can Force throw at the Count, but only do so if you have plenty of time. Dooku, like most bosses in this game, is aggressive and will stay in your face for most of the fight. In the third part of the fight, you'll be in a semicircular hall and Dooku will summon super battle droids to distract you. Try and draw the droids away from Dooku and dispatch them quickly. If faced with a decision, always attack Dooku before the droids. There are more objects here to throw and a health powerup at the right end of the hall. The health powerup will only appear after you knock a droid over the inner railing. You can do this by killing a droid while it's standing near the railing. The fourth and final part of the fight brings you back to the throne room proper. Be patient and you'll end up the victor. Keep in mind that every boss you fight will become a duelist in the Versus Mode. This means they have limited combos and attacks. If you learn those attacks, you can anticipate openings in your opponent's offense. ------------------------ 5: It's Not Over Yet ------------------------ When you begin, you will be separated from Obi-Wan and Palpatine. Fight through the battle droids and super battle droids until a cutscene shows an explosion disabling one of the ray shields, clearing your path. Head left and go through the door in the right wall to find a conveniently-placed group of power cables. Cut the cables to disable the nearby ray shield, and then exit the cable room. A turret is waiting with some battle droids and super battle droids. Force deflect to explode the turret, then chop some droids before heading right. Another ray shield blocks your path. Saber cut the grey panel on the far wall and slash the power conduit twice to disable the shield. Next, head forward and watch a cutscene in which the ship's heal is breached by a laser blast and some super battle droids are sucked out into space. Rock. I'll bet you never thought you'd be so happy to see a ray shield. Head back the way you came. R2 is with you. He won't do anything and he has no health bar. Enjoy his emotive beeping as you hack some droidekas. Avoid the electrical hazards. Make a right and then look for a box on your right. Smash it for a saber crystal, but not until you've destroyed that turret with Force deflect. After you've dealt with all the droids, go back to where you got the saber crystal. Walk forward from there, toward where the turret was, and look for a door on your left. Saber cut through the door and enter the little room to find a Force powerup. Once you're back out in the hallway, run up to the ray shield and find the grey wall panel. Saber cut the panel and destroy the power conduit to lower the ray shield. Move on. Near the next ray shield is an open door. Go through it, but not all the way. There are dangerous electrical arcs in there. Throw your lightsaber to cut the power cables and lower this ray shield and move on for a short cutscene. The next ray shield has no cables to cut. R2 has to lower it from a computer port. While he's doing this, you have to contend with battle droids, super battle droids, droidekas, and a turret. Once the shield is down, run forward and help Ob-Wan clear out the remaining droids. Look at Palpatine cowering! Too bad he's a withered old man and not a powerful Sith Lord fully capable of defending himself, huh? After a cutscene, run into the gun battery and head left. The cannon you need to man is to your right. Directly across from it, to your left, is a door. Force cut the door to find a health powerup. Grab it and then man the cannon; you have to walk up to the cockpit on the side and watch for blue arrows on the floor and the B icon over your HUD. You're looking at a Banking Clan ship. Your cannon overshoots the crosshair, so aim low. I hope I don't have to tell you to fire into the giant green areas. Obi-Wan's shots always hit, but don't seem to affect anything. Oh, well. There are three sections of the ship to destroy. Once you've destroyed them all, the ship breaks apart and the level ends. Explode-o-tron. ----------------------------------- 6: The General's Right Hand ----------------------------------- First thing's first; head for the door and take out the battle droid there. Then smash the big green computer screen on your right for a Force powerup. Now it's time to face General Grievous's bodyguards. They're relatively quick and spin electrostaffs which can block your lightsaber strikes. I've found that hacking works best on these droids. Be aggressive and try to back them into a corner so they can't easily strafe away from you. After all the bodyguards are destroyed, a cutscene shows the ship turning over and you and Obi-Wan end up fighting on the bridge window. You'll be attacked by grapple droids, battle droids, and bodyguards. With so much going on, this battle is tougher. Luckily, most of the body guards seem attracted to Obi-Wan. Only kill the battle droids when they get close or if you're taking too much fire from them. The bodyguards are the real threat. After the droids are scrap, the ship will flip upside down. To the right of the electrical arc in the center of the floor (ceiling) is a green vent. Destroy the computer screen beside the vent for a health powerup. You're now facing grapple droids and bodyguards while General Grievous stalks around on the ceiling (floor). Let Obi-Wan take his share of droids. The bodyguards will attack in pairs, so try and isolate one at a time. When this fight is over, the level ends. ---------------------------- 7: Investigating Utapau ---------------------------- This level begins on a catwalk high above the Utapau sinkhole. Kill the battle droid before you and follow the catwalk. Take the first left to the ray-shielded door. To the door's left you can see a hose. Throw your lightsaber at the hose to lower the ray shield and enter the room for a Force powerup. Now follow the catwalk back out and onto the next platform. A red grapple droid will leap the railing and attack you. Red grapplers are a little faster and a little more resilient than their blue counterparts, but they're nothing young Obi can't handle. After you kill this one, three more will attack. When they're all trashed, head through the open door. Follow the catwalk into a group of battle droids and red grapple droids. This fight is tough because you don't have much room to maneuver. If you can, try to backtrack around the corner and bottleneck the group of droids. This will keep you from being pecked by laser fire as you try to take down the red grapple droids. After the fight, keep going to the end of the catwalk and Force jump from the blue circle. Once you're on the high platform, some buzz droids will attack. Break them and operate the nearby console to lower another platform which will adjoin with yours. There are some battle droids and a super battle droid on this platform. You know the drill. Destroy and move on. After making a right turn, you'll come to an exhaust port that's venting flame. Fun! Throw your lightsaber and cut the hose on the right side of the exhaust port; this will close the port so you can pass. Follow the catwalk to the right, destroy some buzz droids, then operate the console. Operating the console raises another platform. Before you Force jump from the blue circle, you'll have some red grapple droids and battle droids to eliminate. Kill, Force jump, you'll land on the platform you've just raised and be attacked by flying droids. Once they're taken care of, wait until there are no flames shooting out of the giant exhaust port in front of you and then run. Stop at the next port. Unless you've played a video game before, you know what to do. The last port won't stop flaming unless you cut the cord to your left with a lightsaber throw. Once your way is clear head onto the next platform and prepare to take out a red battle droid and a turret. Red battle droids will attack in waves, followed by flying droids. I suggest trying to get the droids between yourself and the turret. The turret usually won't fire if it doesn't have a shot, but if it does you'll have a droid in front of you to take the brunt of the attack! Wicked. With a clear coast, saber plunge the door and move into the next area. Here, some super battle droids and a red grapple droid are waiting for death. Take out the red grapplers, then throw your lightsaber at the group of pipes in the upper middle part of the screen. Enter the room that's revealed for a health powerup. Back out in the main room, destroy the super battle droids and another red grapple droid or two. Then saber cut the door to move on. A cutscene will introduce you to your next challenge - giant cannons. You'll need to use Force speed to evade their devastating shots. To use Force speed, move the left analog stick twice in the direction you want to go and you will dash in that direction, using up Force energy. What cover there is here is not very resilient. Boxes and big canisters explode after on yet, and sometimes those explosions will damage you. Good luck! Force speed right until you reach a group of pipes and some battle droids. Follow the pipes around a corner and take out the battle droid and the super battle droid. On your left there is a door with a ray shield over it. Above this door is a hose. Jump up and cut the hose to enter the room. When I did this, there was a large bacta tank in the room. This doesn't count as a secret, but it's helpful nonetheless. Now continue to follow the pipes and you'll encounter some flying droids and another giant cannon. Dodge the cannon fire as best you can and Force jump from the blue circle when you round the last corner. As you jump, the cannons will rise to follow you. Great, more trouble. Time the shots, take out the droids that block your path. If you're out of Force, you can hold guard (left trigger) and strafe along the catwalk. You can also jump to avoid the shots. Either way, try and make it past the first ray shield, around the corner, and to the console near the second ray shield. Operate the console, the mount the cannon. You have to destroy the two shield generators on either side of the ray-shielded door to continue, but waves of droids will try to stop you. If you're drawing too much fire, sweep the floor with laser blasts to take out any attacking droids. But don't divert your attention from the shield nodes for long. You may be in a giant cannon, but you're essentially a sitting duck if you take too much time. Once the shield is down, defeat any remaining droids and run through the door. Watch the cutscene. Doesn't that crab droid look like fun? It isn't. When you're back in control, run away. Put the crab droid at your back and go all the way to the end of the platform. On your right you'll see a big canister. On your left you'll see some boxes. Destroy the boxes for a health powerup. If you want, you can wait until you're seriously hurting to get this powerup, but you have to get it before the crab droid is defeated. To beat the crab droid, run straight up to it while its forearms are up and grapple it (XY). This will initiate an animation sequence in which flip onto the droid's back. Once there, wail on the droid with quick slashes until it reaches up to throw you off. Then jump away and repeat the process. Avoid the crab's powerful beam attacks as they will carve a serious chunk out of your health bar. And don't get too far away, because the crab droid's charging attack is hard to dodge. Stay in the crab's face and don't get shot. It usually takes about four grapple/strike sequences to drop the crab droid. --------------------------- 8: The Cavalry Arrives --------------------------- All right! You're in it now, my friend. Time to get butt- plunged by an army of droids. Fist you have to face two Grievous bodyguards while battle droids shoot you from offscreen. Don't get backed into a corner. Stick and move, try to divide attacks between both bodyguards. Take out some battle droids, too, because their numbers and their capability to damage you from a distance will be a big hindrance in this fight. Remember to keep your guard up! In the next area, you face an endless flow of battle droids and red grapple droids. Run to the top of the screen and smash all the red triangles. Then go to the upper middle - where you smashed the middle triangle - and find a saber crystal. With your combo meter all the way up, hack some droids and rack up the Masterful combos! I'd stay near the bottom of the screen and turn most of my wrath on the battle droids, as they can be destroyed more easily; you'll end up with more Masterful combos that way. But you may wish to use your more powerful attacks on the grapple droids. After you've carved your way through some droid battalions, aided in part by clone troopers, a cutscene will show Obi-Wan giving directions to clone Commander Cody. Cody can't comply because his ship is taking fire from the cannons on the deck you can just see in the background. Two Force jump circles appear - one on your left and one on your right. Before you jump, you may want to stick around and help the clones take out a few more droids, but this isn't necessary. Jump from the right circle first. Take out the battle droids and red grapple droids, then stand back in the right corner. Face the console. There is a ledge above the platform on which you are standing. Look up and you will just see a near the far right edge of the platform. Use your right thumbstick to target the hose; you will be able to see when the blue aura surrounds it. Then throw your lightsaber to cut the hose and reveal a health powerup. Now operate the console and destroy the shield generator. Then jump back down, kill some more droids, and then Force jump from the right circle. Demolish the red grapplers and battle droids, operate the console, then destroy the shield generator. After you jump back down and fight some more droids the next big fight begins. You begin facing two bodyguards. Fight them the same way you've fought the others. You can blow up the canisters, but don't destroy any other environmental elements yet. After one bodyguard is dead, battle droids and red grapple droids will join the fight. Go after the red grapplers to try and get your combo meter up again. After you've cleared out all the droid opposition, cut the two conduits at the upper left and right of this room to lower the large panel in the background - as well as two cannons. Don't destroy the cannons just yet. Run to the bottom right of the screen and destroy the red triangular computer screen you see there. This will reveal a Force powerup. Now use the Force at the yellow circle in the top middle part of this area, between where the two cannons were. This will initiate a cutscene and the appearance of another lovely crab droid. Run to the right. There is a blue glow between some boxes. Throw your lightsaber at the glow and it explodes into sparks. Now run all the way to the left side of the screen and do the same thing to the blue glow you find over there. After you've done this, a Force powerup will appear in the upper middle part of the screen. You'll probably have to run past the crab droid to get it. Have fun! The crab droid kills the clone troopers easily. Don't bother with the battle droids unless you want to rack up more EXP. Focus on taking down the crab droid. Use the same grapple/attack method as before. When the crab droid is dead, the level ends as Obi- Wan races off on his Boga to face General Grievous. ----------------------------------- 9: Showdown with Grievous ----------------------------------- Boss Fight: General Grievous Like Dooku, Grievous will stay in your face throughout the first stages of this fight. Grievous is not above the Nathan. He will often fall into using one combo over and over, giving you no space to counterattack or even strafe out of the way. This combo is a dual slash, a big upward slash, and a jump kick. I kid you not: Grievous once did this combo 13 times in a row. If he gets into the frustrating cycle of using this combo again and again and again, your best bet is to try and wait him out. You may be able to hit him after the jump kick. Or you may be able to release guard and jump away. Don't try to use Force grasp on Grievous; remember he has magnetic feet. You can't pick him up, but you can Force push him. This doesn't do much damage and won't even knock Grievous down, so only use it if you really need to put space between him and yourself. The first part of this fight takes place indoors. Grievous will use the same two combos over and over. Try and keep your distance, then close in and attack when you see an opening. Sticking too close will leave you vulnerable to Grievous's Nathan attack. There are chairs in this area you can Force throw at Grievous, but the general's attacks cover so much distance that you will rarely have time to Force grasp a chair, target Grievous, and release left trigger. By the time you get him lined up, Grievous will be pounding you. The second area is outside. Run to the outer right edge of the platform and find a little pyramid-shaped module. Destroy it for a health powerup. Now Grievous will begin using his blaster. If you get too far away, Greevy will pull out his piece and charge up a big shot that will knock you down if it hits. This is easy to dodge. If you can trick the general into using this charge shot you can get an easy hit. He may also choose to fire a few rapid shots at you. These shots can be deflected like another other blaster fire. I suggest you just stay in Grievous's face this time; beat him back with aggressive strikes. The third part of the fight takes place in a cave. There are stalagmites everywhere. To the right of the general's starting position, smash stalagmites to find a Force powerup. Now Grievous will begin using a rush attack: he'll crouch and glow blue before running at you with lightsabers blazing. You can try to attack him while he's crouched, but you may be knocked back by the blue shield he puts up. It's best to wait until he charges and dodge him or to hit him with a thrown lightsaber or a Force push while he's crouching and charging up. The final stage of this fight will occur on the landing platform at which Obi-Wan arrived. Grievous has gained some appendages. Now he comes at you with four lightsabers! He has one more new attack - a spin attack. If you're close enough, Grievous will spin his torso, slashing you multiple times with all four sabers. This attack is unblockable. Luckily, he doesn't do it very often. I suggest you go back to the original strategy: give the general some space and zip in when there's an opening. With some patience, you can win this battle of attrition. -------------------------------------- 10: The Dark Side of the Force -------------------------------------- Boss Fight: Mace Windu Mace isn't quite relentless as the other bosses you've faced. His attacks are a little bit slower and he's more susceptible to the parry and counterattack maneuver. But Mace can break most of your combos, so be cautious. Stick to short combos. You have to match Mace's pace to win this one. The first stage starts in part of Palpatine's office. Basic stuff here. Lock sabers with Mace until a cutscene takes you to the balcony outside. This is the shortest first stage of any boss fight in the game. The second stage is outside. There are anonymous mechanical objects lining this curved balcony and the wall. After coming at you in earnest for a short time, Mace usually seems eager to get to the right side of the balcony. If you stick to the far left, Mace will go right and wait for you, giving you time to Force heal and, possibly, to throw things at his hairless skull. Stage three is on a landing platform. There's lots of room to move here; don't get backed into a corner. Once you start this stage of the fight, head right and destroy the big computer terminal. Then, fight past Mace to get directly across the platform. On the far left are two more computer monitors. Destroy them, then head back to the center of the platform for a Force surge. You'll notice that Mace's combat doesn't evolve the way Grievous's and Dooku's did. Unlike Anakin, whose attacks have more flourish, Mace is very efficient. Stick to your guns. The final stage takes place in Palpatine's office. The center of this room is surrounded by lighting arrays - these arrays are squat, silver, and each has a band of light near its crown. The two nearest the bottom of the screen have statues on them. Destroy all five of these lighting arrays and a health powerup appears in the middle of the room. Mace never amps up his attack - not even when you've got him down. His connection to the Force calms him. Press your assault once his health is in the red. ------------------------- 11: The Hunt Begins ------------------------- And now . . . it's Vader time. You start in the antechamber of the Jedi temple's library. Padawans will stand in defense against you and your clone troops. There must be some sort of race restriction in play at the temple; these young Jedi are not an incredibly diverse bunch. They have lightsabers, but they aren't challenging opponents. If they were smart they would surrounding you. Instead they break up, leaving themselves open for lightsaber death. I guess that's why they're padawans. Once you've murdered all the innocents here, a cutscene will show a padawan barring himself on the upper level, putting up a ray shield to keep you from lowering the ray shield over the big door to the next area. Force jump circles appear on the floor. Before you Force jump, head right from the jump circle until. Between the first set of bookcases you'll find a Force powerup. Now you can go back to the circles and get your jump on. Up on the balcony there's less room to move. The Jedi here will try and surround you. Cut them down in cold blood, then use the saber cut on the panel to the right of the ray-shielded door. There's another Jedi in that control room, but he's boxed in. He doesn't stand a chance. Kill him, then operate the console to lower the ray shield over the big door. After you return to the ground floor, a few young Jedi will challenge you. Send them to the netherworld of the Force. Once they're gone, a cutscene will show Anakin breaking down the big door to the next area and being confronted by a Jedi sniper - Jedi who specialize in the saber throw. Goody. Once you're back in control, head immediately left to find a health powerup. You don't have to get it yet; you can wait until you're through with the enemies in this area. The snipers are quick. They have good defense and can easily dodge most of your attacks. I try to back them into a corner or a group of clones. Once you get into them, they can't take much damage. Remember to guard, because these Jedi snipers are the masters of cheap shots. Whooo. When the room is clear, use the Force at the yellow circle to initiate a cutscene which will demonstrate Anakin's impressive command of the dark side. After you break the door down, you'll be attacked by more Jedi kids. Can't you just see it? The next Star Wars book could take a Harry Potter direction. Kid Jedi! It'd sell. I doubt a series like that would include a graphic description of a brave padawan being run through by Darth Vader. End some lives, then run around the rubble and find the ray-shielded door on the right. There has to be a shield control here. Well there is. There's a door in front of you. Saber plunge it to get to the next area. Introducing the Jedi brute. He carries a green double-blader and blocks just about everything. You cannot use Force lightning on him, even when his back is turned. Try to attack him with a combo that consist of more than two strikes and you will be knocked on your can before you can execute the third strike. These guys are frustrating. Wear this brute down and another one comes out of the door at the top of the stairs. When he's gone, enter the room at the top of the stairs and destroy the turrets waiting for you. Then operate the shield control console and go back the way you came. You'll have to butcher more Jedi snipers before you get back to the room with the shielded door. Once you reach that room, you'll have to fight more snipers and another brute. There's a Force side on the left side of this room. Clear the room, then head back around the rubble in the direction of the door you smashed with the chunk of statue to grab it. Saber cut the newly accessible door to get through. Now you're on a bridge. More Jedi and Jedi snipers, as well as a brute, stand in your way. The railings on the bridge are destructible; take them out and try to knock the brute off the bridge. Further down, a turret will begin firing at you. Take this one out by throwing your lightsaber. Further still and another turret pops up. Don't do anything to it yet. Stay far to the left and out of range. Now some Jedi will jump onto the bridge from moving platforms in the background. If you have time, you can target one while he's on his platform and take him out with a thrown lightsaber or a Force push. When your way is clear, press on. Clone troops will arrive and blow the next door. Now go back the way you came and throw your lightsaber to destroy that turret. Next head right for a saber crystal. You will need this for the upcoming waves of brutes, and if you get it before you're ready to move on your combo meter will run out while you're waiting for the clones to blast the door open. In the next little atrium, two brutes attack. Hopefully you have a full combo meter. If not, just stick to the pattern. Hit them as much as you can and be prepared to get knocked down a lot. After the first two brutes are dead, turrets descend from the ceiling. Defeat them, then face two more brutes that come in from behind you. Gnaw them to death, then move on. The next area is a hangar. Kill the first 3 Jedi that attack you. Then go back to the door you entered from and destroy the box there for a health powerup. Fight your way to the end of the hangar and mount the turret there. You have to destroy Jedi starfighters as they rise out of their docking bays. The more you destroy, the faster they come. Don't worry too much about the Jedi on the ground. Turning your fire on them won't help the clone forces; your cannon's shots will take out clones as well as Jedi. Again, you will overshoot the crosshair so aim low. When all the starfighters are slag, the level ends. -------------------------- 12: The Final Lesson -------------------------- Boss Fights: Serra Keto and Cin Drallig Your first fight will be against Serra Keto, Cin Drallig's favorite apprentice. She wields two lightsabers. Serra's a bit uncertain and not the most defensive fighter, so feel free to get aggressive. But her attacks pack a lot of punch, so don't get cock. The first stage of this fight begins in a room with a malfunctioning machine at the top center. It would behoove you to attempt to lead Serra into this electrical hazard. In the second and final stage there are three holo-arrays. Destroy them all, then pick up the saber crystal that appears in front of the middle array. With your combo meter full, Serra is at your mercy. After a cutscene, you'll be facing Cin Drallig. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. The piece of the red pillar you used to crush Serra is lying on the floor when you begin. Break it to receive a health powerup. Cin Drallig is quick; don't let him catch you off your guard or he'll toss you around like a rag doll. Fall back on defensive strategy. Cin likes to get in close. Match him, be bold but cautious. The second stage of the Cin Drallig fight takes place outside on big, open platform. There are numerous pieces of rubble to Force toss. Like Mace Windu, Cin's pattern does not evolve. He doesn't have many three-hit combos; most of his combo strings are long and some have delayed hits that trick you into leaving yourself open. You can beat him if you don't let him get you on then run. Kill Cin Drallig to end this level. ------------------------------ 13: Attack of the Clones ------------------------------ Well this sucks. On orders from Palpatine, the clones have turned against the Jedi! Palpatine had the clones totally snowed and the Jedi, somehow, had no idea. You start this level on a docking platform with clones attacking. Clone troopers are only slightly more resilient than droids. If you hold the black button, you can temporarily mind trick a clone into fighting for you. The effect is so brief and the clones are such bad shots that using this tactic doesn't do much to help. Chop your way to the ray shield and operate the console to the left. Now enter the canister-lined hallway. Now you have droids to contend with as well as clones! You are a man alone. Battle droids, droidekas, and a turret wait near the end of the hall. Take on the droidekas first. The clones are behind you, and they may draw some of the destroyer droids' fire. This may afford you the chance to get behind the shielded destroyers and take them out quickly. Once the hall is clear, saber cut the wall panel on the left and slice the conduit underneath to lower the big door. The next hallway offers a few clones and battle droids. Once those enemies are defeated, clone walkers break through the wall. Clone walkers are powerful and Force immune. While you can Force deflect their shots, the best way to kill them is to get underneath them and slash at their legs. This will leave you open to the walkers' charge attacks, which are unblockable and will always knock you backward. This is a small price to pay for eliminating a clone walker. You can try to avoid this by getting behind the walkers, but they are so good at tracking you that doing this would be a waste of energy. If there are still some canisters in this hall, you can Force throw them at the walkers. Destroy the clone walkers and keep moving. In the next area, you'll face another walker and some clone blaze troopers. Blaze troopers use jet packs to fly and will attempt to immolate you with their flame throwers. Somehow, being on fire doesn't freak Obi-Wan out too much. Fight the blazers as you would any clone, but don't get surrounded; they tend to attack in pairs. Anyway, you want to try and draw the clone walker to you before heading too far down the walkway into this next area; fighting both blaze troopers and the walker is your invitation into a world of hurt. Clear the area, then use the Force at the yellow circle to move the debris which blocks your path. Moving forward, another walker will make your life more difficult. Chop its legs out from under it, then Force jump from the blue circle. Once you're up on the balcony, four blazers will attack in waves of two each. After you have defeated them, head for the door here and saber cut it to get to the next area. You're now on a walkway. In the background, clone grenadiers are on an adjacent walkway. They kneel with grenade launchers and can hit you from quite a distance. Take out the few droids here, then try and target the grenadiers and take them out with a lightsaber throw. It can be done! But it isn't necessary. Once your walkway is clear, you can head right to the ray shield and saber cut the wall panel at any time. Sever the conduit to lower the shield over the console at the opposite end of the walkway, then head back the way you came and fight the clones and blaze troopers that now stand in your way. With the opposition dead, activate the console to finally lower the ray shield over the door at the right end of this walkway. Then head down the walkway, through the door and into the next area. There are two turrets here. Clones and droidekas come at you from the right, and clones shoot at you from structural niches in the far wall. Surviving this takes some doing. Luckily, your enemies elect not to focus on you all at once. Take out the clones first and leave the droidekas to be caught in the turret crossfire. Remember, the clones and the droids are still at war with one another. At the end of this room is a large canister; destroy it for a Force powerup. Clear the room, then cut all the sparking cables to drop the ray shield over the console near the center of the room. Operating the console will open the big door at the right end of this room. Head through it. Checkpoint reached. You're on another walkway. Now, a clone gunship will fire on you while a finite number of clones mugs you from both sides. Take out the clones first, then concentrate on the gunship. In the upper right hand corner of the screen, you can see the gunship's health bar. Force deflect its laser blasts back at it, or throw your lightsaber to damage it. When the turrets glow green, the gunship is about to fire lasers. When they glow orange, it will fire missiles. You cannot, of course, deflect the missiles. You just have to run away from them. Defeat the clone gunship and watch the cutscene to move on. At the end of this hallway, in the last niche, there's a canister. Destroy it and pick up the saber crystal. Unfortunately, you won't have much of a chance to make good use of your full combo meter. Once you've Masterfully disposed of the clone and droid resistance here, saber cut the wall panel and sever the conduit to move on. In this next room, a lone droideka falls swiftly to your charged up saber. Destroy the big canister at the left end of this space for a health powerup. Cut another panel and destroy another conduit to lower yet another ray shield, then run through the door and cut down as many enemies as you can before your combo meter runs out. There are only a few clones and some battle droids here, and once they are all dead a cutscene takes you to the next area. There are two cannons on this clone Juggernaut. The first is on the front, and the second is at the back. The flow of clones here is never ending. Dispatch a few, then focus on destroying the cannons. Go for the one in the front first. It's a beam cannon. Force deflect takes too long, so don't think you're going to stand in front of the cannon and bounce its shots back. Sometimes, if you get close enough to it, the front cannon will destroy itself. I don't know how or why this happens; maybe it fires too low and the shockwave destroys it, or the clone blaster fire you deflect could be bouncing into the cannon. Either way, if the cannon simply explodes before you attack it consider yourself lucky. If it doesn't, you have to attack it with your lightsaber. I've found that the best way to damage it is to jump and hit Y. Repeating this ground pound attack will eventually take the cannon out. Use this same strategy on the cannon at the back of the Juggernaut. This second cannon is an autogun; several barrels are connected in a ring and they fire as the ring spins. Taking hits from this cannon will cut your health down in a snap. The cannon is set into a riser that you can't climb, and that's why I suggest using the jump + Y ground pound. You know you're damaging it if, after you attack, the cannon makes a mechanical whirring sound. Destroy the final cannon to escape Utapau. ------------------------------------- 14: Assassination on Mustafar ------------------------------------- You begin on a landing platform. Neimodian shock guards will attack; they have stun sticks which will briefly leave you paralyzed, so don't let them hit you. When the coast is clear, move close to the big cargo container you can see on your right. Throw your lightsaber and break it open to reveal a Force powerup. Then use the Force at the yellow circle to move a platform out of your way. Beyond it, more Neimodian shock guards await death. Kill them and saber cut the door of the end of the landing platform. In this little hallway, kill more shock gaurds, then run forward to face a turret and a destroyer droid. Force deflect should take out both of these enemies. If not, deal with whatever's left and use the console on the right to open the door. Now you're confronted by your first Neimoidian brute. These enemies are slow, but they weild powerful axe-hammers which are difficult for even Darth Vader to block. Strangely, most brutes can be dispatched if you attack them with a quick strike and then immediately follow up with a critical attack. Even if they block the quick strike, you will usually be able to dispatch the brute with the follow-up critical. If this isn't working for you (or if you simply haven't put enough points into Critical Attacks). Try and strafe behind this one when he enters a combo animation. Get rid of the brute and more shock guards will arrive . They will try and gang up and you and are hard to avoid if they start hitting you with their stun sticks. In the distance, a Neimodian soldier fires at you. When you get time, Force push him to a burning death. Once you've killed all the enemies on your side of the lava river, a blue circle will appear at the left end of the platform. There are more bad guys appearing on the far platform. Before you Force jump, Force push the droideka into the lava; trying to Force jump while it's shooting you is rather frustrating. Take care of the droid, then Force jump. On the other side, kill the soldier and a cutscene will show a brute and more shock guards heading your way. Try to push the brute off the platform; the shock guards are easy enough to dispatch. Some will ever fall into the lava on their own. Way to go, guys. Clear the platform, then head left. If you try to go right, that end of the platform will collapse. Once you're through the door, you'll be sealed in a hallway with shock guards and brutes. The brutes appear one after another, crawling up from a space near the wall like insects. Saber plunge the next door when you're ready to move on. A brute and some shock guards attack on the next platform. There are also snipers on a floating platform. As you move along, the magma gun before you will lift and allow you passage. But the next magma gun must be lifted manually. Take out the battle droids and the cannons across from you, either with a saber throw or Force deflect, and then a blue circle will appear beside the immobile magma gun. Force jump to the next platform and head toward the door. Kill the battle droids blocking your way and use the console at the back on the left wall to lift the magma gun. Then Force jump back across to the big platform. Moving along, some snipers will blast the next magma gun down so it blocks your path. Before you Force jump over to murder them, run all the way to where you started this area for a saber crystal. Now head back to the fallen mgma gun and Force jump to the next platform to dispatch those snipers. On the snipers' platform there is a turret at the left end. Kill the snipers, then go through the doorway to fight battle droids and shock guards. Once all those enemies are dead, cut the sparking wires on the left near the red shield to disable to turret. Then head back out and Force jump from the blue circle on the left end of the platform Moving on, two droidekas will attack you. Further up you'll meet with two brutes and a hover platform full of shock guards. If you time it right, you can knock all the shock guards into the lava at once. With the brutes dead and possibly burning, press on. You'll come to a spot where the platform has been burned nearly through. Here there's a Force jump circle and a sniper firing at you from the adjacent platform. Most blaster fire, even that of the clone walkers, you will block automatically when Force sprinting. Not so with the blasts from the snipers' rifles. They must be packing some serious power. I suggest Force pushing this sniper back so you can Force jump, then skewering him after you land. Now you can leave the big platform behind for good. Go down the hall and saber cut the door at the end. See that closed door? You will be opening that. Measly battle droids oppose you down this hall; and some less measly brutes are waiting at the end. All must fall. Then a cutscene will show you that the ray-shield is down. Run back, past the two brutes, and enter the room that was blocked off before. Cut the wires to disable the force field at the end of the hall, then head out into the hall to face the brutes. With the brutes dead, you can go to the end of the hall and enter the next hallway. Use Force push to destroy the boxes in front of you. The will explode, killing any nearby battle droids, and this will also reveal a saber crystal. Awesome. Surge down that hallway, racking up the Masterful combos on battle droids. In the room at the end of this hall is a sniper. Dodge his shots or he'll slow your murderous progress tremendously. You'll probably lose your full combo meter by the time you get to the back of this area, where droidekas await. If you haven't, slice through the droidekas before taking on any other enemies. Once your way is clear again, head right and cut the sparking wires near the shielded door. This disables the shield. Enter the next room to face a lone brute. Then operate the console to reach a checkpoint. Immediately, a sniper begins firing at you. If you have enough Force you can hit him with Force lightning. That's always fun. When you're ready, operate the console to Anakin's left. This extends a bridge. Walk across and fight two brutes. From another ledge, a sniper takes pot shots at you. Try and stay out of range as you fight the brutes. Kill him from the platform, then throw your saber at the sparking wires to what was the sniper's left to lower the nearby barricade. Operate the console to raise the elevator. You probably guessed some enemies would drop to attack you while the elevator was moving. While you're fighting the shock guards, the elevator will come to a stop. Now a brute joins the fray. There's also a turret firing. Once again, try and keep an enemy between yourself and the turret. There's also another brute here, but he may choose to hang back until you head for the hallway he's guarding. Good thing if he does. Once all the enemies are dead, run down the hall and grab the Force powerup beside the sparking wires. You may have to destroy a box to get to it. A cutscene takes you to the next area. After the cutscene, go back into the door you just came through. Run to the right, around the stationary elevator, and get the health powerup. Then move on. Take a left from the door and head into a dark hall littered with explosive canisters. Two brutes will attack from behind while shock guards and droidekas will attack from the front. If you must, attack an explosive canister. This will sacrifice some of your health, but it will likely kill all the shock guards near you. However you do it, dispatch the shock guards first. Then go after the droidekas. The brutes are the slowest, so they get to die last. Run to the door at the left end of the hall to activate a cutscene. The next room will challenge you with two three-man battalions of shock guards and two brutes. They attack in waves, first a brute, then the shock guards. Survive one wave and the next wave comes in. Dispatch one more brute, a third, to move on. After a cutscene, you will have to execute the Separatist leaders. Not a problem. Just for kicks, kill the leader near the far door last. All you have to do is swat the Neimoidians with your lightsaber and their limbs fall off. Vader. The next mini-boss fight takes place on a docking platform. You have to destroy the Neimoidian shuttle. Why doesn't it just fly away? Good question. Guess these Neimoidians aren't very bright. There are canisters on the quay, but lifting them, aiming, and tossing them takes too long. The best way I've found to take down the shuttle is to use Force lightning on it. For a time, shock guards will try and stop you from damaging the shuttle, but they stop coming after you've mutilated a few of them. The shuttle has two attacks, a split-fire cannon and a beam cannon. Dodging the triple shots of the split-fire is not difficult. You can't deflect them, so you just have to move away from them or between them. When the shuttle heads over to one side of the screen, it's preparing to fire the beam cannon. Wait for the beam to get near you, then jump over it. Don't run toward it and then jump, because the shuttle can track you and may move the beam up to intercept you in midair. If you only move to jump over the beam when the shuttle is in beam cannon mode, it can't track you. There's no doubt that you will use up your Force hitting the shuttle with Force lightning. This is a battle of patience. Destroy explosive canisters to find bacta tanks and use Force heal sparingly. When the shuttle crashes, the level ends. ---------------------------------- 15: Aftermath in the Temple ---------------------------------- Look, it's a rebel blockade runner! Well it will be in Episode IV. You're with Yoda in the ruins of the Jedi temple. Clone troopers and a few clone grenadiers will attack in the atrium. When a blue Force jump circle appears, follow Yoda up onto a balcony. The battle continues with more grenadiers and troopers. When all the clones are dead, a cutscene will play in which clones destroy the base of a pillar with explosives, providing you with a bridge to the adjacent balcony. How nice of them! Cross the pillar. Fight through the clone troopers and blaze troopers. Go right to see a niche where the ceiling has collapsed. Just inside this niche is an explosive container. Destroy it to get a Force powerup. After a cutscene, you and Yoda will split up. You will leap over the wall of debris and end up in an open space above the temple floor where troopers, blazers, and grenadiers will attack from all sides. Keep your guard up and dispatch clones quickly with critical attacks. After most of the clones are dead, blaze troopers will start attacking in waves. I was able to get my combo meter full here, which was a big help in fighting all these blaze troopers. Defeat them and then Force jump from the blue circle that appears on the rubble in the center of the room. Approach the stationary clone trooper to trigger a cutscene after which Yoda will rejoin you. Look to Obi-Wan's left as soon as you have control again. There's an explosive container lying next to a rock. Target the rock and Force push it to reveal a saber crystal. Now lay waste to the clone forces! After the clones are dead, Yoda asks for your help in moving debris to clear you path. Yes, Yoda asks for your help in using the Force. Maybe he just doesn't want to humble you. Step on the yellow circle and use the Force (R) to move the rubble. Head down the new path into the next area. Destroy the big canister on the right for a health powerup. Follow the green guy down the hall, around a corner, and into a little hall where turrets attack. Everything's locked down. Defeat the turrets and saber cut the door to move on into the library where you will be attacked by - surprise - more clone troopers. Defeat the clones and Force jump from the circle at the far end of this room to get to the library's upper level. Head right and run to the end of the hall. You will be opening that ray- shielded door, but not yet. For now, head toward the last bookcase and turn right. Now you are looking head-on at Obi-Wan. There's a bust on the floor at Obi's feet. Force push it reveal a saber crystal. Pick this up and head left, killing clone troopers and blaze troopers, until you reach a dead end. Saber cut the panel here and slice the conduit to lower a ray shield somewhere. Now run all the way back to the door. Force cut the door to leave the area. Your next objective is to take down clone gunships. Run to the right until you see the cannon. Just after the last intact pillar before you arrive at the cannon is a health powerup. You can't miss it. While you're fighting grenadiers and blazers, the clone gunships are firing missiles at you. It's best to jump into the cannon after you collect the powerup, because fighting for very long leaves you open to missile death. But you can stay and fight if you want. If you decide to, remember to keep moving. Once you've amputated enough clone limbs, hop into the cannon and attack the gunships. First off, you can destroy the missiles in mid air. You will need to do this if you are going to survive, because the gunships continue to fire missile at you even as you're blasting them. The ships will drop in to fire at you and fly off to regroup as they take damage. In short, they come and go. Usually they appear close to one another, but sometimes one appears on your extreme left while the other appears on your extreme right. In this case, just pick one and fire on it. The gunships' missiles don't seem to do damage if the ships are out of view. Destroy two gunships to continue. Now you're in the archive. I thought Anakin was going to be waiting for you. He's not here now. Maybe he had a hair appointment and had to jet. Wherever he's gone, he left clone assassins in the archive to deal with you. There are only two at first. Keep them both in front of you. The assassins are nimble and can dodge just about anything you can dish out. You have to attack them as they are winding up for attacks of their own or after they've just completed an attack. Keep your guard up and strafe around; don't stay stationary. These clones aren't really all that difficult - that's why there's more than one. Their number is their only advantage. Speaking of number, after you kill the first two assassins four more arrive. Deal with them the same way. It's important not to let any of these guys get behind you. The level ends after all the assassins are dead. --------------------------------- 16: A Friendship in Flames --------------------------------- Boss Fight: Darth Vader This is it: the fiery finale! You face your former padawan in and around the mining installation on planet Mustafar. Sadly, in comparison to the other lightsaber duals you've had so far this one isn't anything new. There are no secrets here; it's just straight combat. Much like Obi-Wan, Darth Vader is a careful and direct fighter. The fight ranges all over the installation; I won't describe every stage here because, as I said, everything is cut and dried. There is no secret strategy. I suggest you press the attack, because Vader's actually a little reluctant. When it's over, you might want to look at the mission list again. Just for no reason. There may be a mission 17. Maybe. Or not. There may be a big sign that says "You Win" and that gives an address at which shifty-eyed guys in black are handing out free money. Maybe That's it! Thanks for reading my walkthrough. It's the first I've ever written and I hope it was informative. Farwell, and may the Farce be with you.</p>