FAMILY GUY: THE VIDEO GAME THE FRENCH TICKLER - PS2/XBOX FAQ/WALKTHROUGH Authored by VampireHorde M M M M MMMMM M M MMMMMM M M M MMMM M MMMMMM MM M MM MM MM M MM MM MMMMMM MMMMMMM MM M MMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM M M M M MN M M M M M M MMMMMMM M M M M M MN M M MM M M M M M M M M MM MMMMMM M MM M M M M MM MM MM M M MM M M M M MM MM MMMMM M M M M M M M MM M M M M M M M M MM M M M M M M M M M M M M MMM M M M M M M M M M M M M MMMM M M M MMMM M M MM MM M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M MM M M MMM M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M MMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM M MMMMMMM M M MMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMM M M MMMMMMM MMMMMHMMMMM MMMMM HMMMMMM MMMMM MM MMMMM MMMMMM M M M MM M M M MM M M M MM M M M MM MM M MM M M M MM M M M M M MM M M MMMMMMMMM MM MM M M M M M M M M M MHMMMMM M MM M M M M M M M M M MMM M M M M M MM M M M M M M M M M M M MMMMMMN M M MM M M M MMML M MMMMMMM MMMMMMMM **ASCII ARTWORK BY ME! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= _____ ___________ ____ ___ __ _____________________ _ __ / _/ |/ /_ __/ _ \/ __ \/ _ \/ / / / ___/_ __/ _/ __ \/ |/ / / // / / / / , _/ /_/ / // / /_/ / /__ / / _/ // /_/ / / /___/_/|_/ /_/ /_/|_|\____/____/\____/\___/ /_/ /___/\____/_/|_/ ======================================================================= ======================================================================= What it do, nephews? If you love the crude, offensive, and smart humor of the Family Guy TV show, then this game should the ultimate compliment for us hardcore FG fans. Those of you looking for a challenging game that requires patience, precision, and fast fingers, go play Ninja Gaiden BLACK 'cause this ain't the game for you. So who's your favorite character? Stewie? Brian? Peter? Or maybe the Q- Man, Quagmire? I know it's DEFINITELY not Meg. Well, this walkthrough will guide you through each level of the game. Tips and strategies for Peter, Brian, and Stewie's levels (as well as the Non-sequitur segments) will be given in detail here. Ready? READ ON! ++This FAQ will contain adult language! Family Guy is rated M for Mature and is NOT to be played by little kids! So don't write to me with your complaining and moaning! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= Everything below will detail all the gameplay aspects per character and the Power-Ups for each one. +++ GAMEPLAY +++ __ ___ ____ ___ _ ___ ___ / /__ ___ __ / _ `/ _ `/ ' \/ -_) _ \/ / _ `/ // / \_, /\_,_/_/_/_/\__/ .__/_/\_,_/\_, / /___/ /_/ /___/ Stewie, Brian, and Peter have completely separate control schemes. Stewie is the platformer, Brian is the stealth master, and Peter is the brawler. --DEFAULT CONTROLS TRIANGLE BUTTON: ACTION BUTTON RIGHT ANALOG STICK: MOVE THE CAMERA --STEWIE CONTROLS SQUARE BUTTON: USE RAY-GUN OR MIND CONTROL DEVICE** X BUTTON: JUMP (PRESS TWICE FOR DOUBLE JUMP OR PRESS AND HOLD TO GLIDE) CIRCLE BUTTON: GRAPPLING HOOK L1 BUTTON: TARGET R1 BUTTON: STEADY AIM (STEWIE CANNOT MOVE; HE CAN ONLY ROTATE) **NOTE: PRESS AND HOLD THE SQUARE BUTTON TO CHARGE THE RAY GUN. --PETER CONTROLS SQUARE BUTTON: PUNCH CIRCLE BUTTON: KICK X BUTTON: JUMP (PETER CANNOT DOUBLE JUMP, HE'S TOO FAT) R1 BUTTON: PRESS WITH ANY ATTACK BUTTON TO DO SPECIAL SPIN ATTACK --BRIAN CONTROLS Brian does NOT have any buttons at all. All his actions revolve around the Left Analog Stick (with the occasional Action button) to sneak around an area. Move Brian around like you would Solid Snake or Sam Fisher and you'll get the idea. --THE SNACK METER Peter has a special meter called the Snack Meter. After defeating enemies or destroying objects, food will appear in their place. Collecting the food increases the meter. With the Snack Meter filling up, Peter can do special attacks like the Spin or Charge move, which does killer damage to swarms of enemies. Collect cookies, hotdogs, cherries, pizzas, corn, and other fine meats to fill up the meter. --SLOW-MOTION SCREEN When playing as Peter, he'll encounter a couple of baddies that can only be defeated through slow-motion screen. When this occurs, the screen will do a 360 turn and a couple of buttons will appear onscreen. There are two types of slow-motion screens: the first involves mashing the Square Button and then pressing the Circle button. The other type involves pressing either of the four face buttons in order as they appear onscreen. --THE BONE METER During certain parts of Brian's levels, a Bone Meter is shown on the screen. The Bone Meter usually appears if there are potted plants, fire hydrants, loose women, or alcoholic beverages in the area. If the Meter fills up, Brian will take a piss, dance uncontrollably, or take a swig of the alcohol. To avoid doing these things, quickly run by them to lower the Meter. --POWER-UPS Each character has ways to power-up their abilities. Most of it is done by completing Non-Sequitur mini-games. Read the section below for more information! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAMES +++ _________ ____ __ ___ ___ ___ ________ __ / __/ __/ |/_/\ \/ / / _ \/ _ | / _ \/_ __/\ \/ / _\ \/ _/_> < \ / / ___/ __ |/ , _/ / / \ / /___/___/_/|_| /_/ /_/ /_/ |_/_/|_| /_/ /_/ In between segments of the game, each character will stop to make a Non-Sequitur comment. Examples: "Like that time I..." or "This even better than when I..." You know what I'm talking about! A really short mini-game is triggered (in Wario Ware-type style) where you have less than a few seconds to do a certain action (move, smash, dodge) before the timer runs out. Completing each one gives each character a certain upgrade or power. For Stewie, he'll receive an increase of +10 Bolts for his Ray Gun. For Peter, he'll receive a +15 increase in his Snack Meter. And for Brian, he'll turn invisible for a short period. All the Non-Sequitur games can be played in the EXTRAS Menu once you finish the game. If you want to watch videos of all 18 Non-Sequiturs (all done by me), copy and paste this URL: ENJOY! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= Now that you know what the gameplay aspects are, it's time to play the game! LET'S ROCK! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 1 - THE GRIFFIN HOUSE +++ _ ___ __ __ ___ _ _ | | | __|\ \ / /| __|| | / | | |__ | _| \ V / | _| | |__ | | |____||___| \_/ |___||____| |_| --OBJECTIVE: COLLECT 20 WEAPON POWER-UPS TO UPGRADE YOUR WEAPON YEAH! Walk around Stewie's room and look for some Bolts. Open up the closets and use Double jumps to get to higher areas. Go to the bathroom (with Meg inside) and then to Chris's room (EVIL MONKEY!). You should have 19 Bolts on hand. --OBJECTIVE: OPEN THE KITCHEN DOOR With 19 Bolts in hand, head out the door to go downstairs. Go to the kitchen and use the Mind-Control Headset on Lois and steer her to the living room. Use the vacuum to chase Brian out the door. VOILA! ++NOTE: if Lois opens the kitchen pantry door, the PURPLE SQUID will be inside. If she opens the cleaning closet in the living room, it'll be a skeleton of a horse (or something). --OBJECTIVE: CONFRONT BERTRAM ON THE ROOF Now head outside to find the last Bolt to start using the Ray Gun! To get to Bertram on the roof, Stewie must first eliminate the little kids in his way. Blast all the kids and make your way to the house next door (Quagmire's house) and look for the kid controlling the RC-chopper to start your first NON-SEQUITUR. ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: NAIL THE SKYHOOK ++ Aim the nail gun towards the skyhook to put it in place. SUCCESS! After the mini-game, head under the tree and use the Grapple Hook to the roof. Blast all snot-nosed turds as you make your way back to the house to confront Bertram. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 2 - THE HOSPITAL - PART 1 +++ _ ___ __ __ ___ _ ___ | | | __|\ \ / /| __|| | |_ ) | |__ | _| \ V / | _| | |__ / / |____||___| \_/ |___||____| /___| --OBJECTIVE: GET THROUGH THE SECURITY DOORS AREA 1: THE LOBBY Head to the red double-doors to trigger some mayhem. That goddamn nurse will sound the alarm. To turn it off, you have to destroy the glass windows shielding her desk. Blast all the male orderlies to dust and then blast the nurse's window and then blast HER! Now eliminate whoever's left and continue through the security doors to the next area. --OBJECTIVE: GAIN ACESS TO THE MONITORING STATION AREA 2: THE RED LASER HALL - ROOM 1 This next part of the hospital is a bit tricky. DO NOT touch the red lasers or try to double jump! It won't work! First blast one of the control panels to the left to disable to first set of lasers (blast all the nurses and orderlies!). The next two sets of lasers require tricky mirror shooting. You have to aim the Ray gun at the tip of the mirror and shoot it to get the beams to bounce off. Destroy the two power generators. For the last set of lasers, shoot the glass mirror on the bottom left to get it to bounce and destroy the last control panel. Now exit the area! AREA 3: THE ELECTROCUTION HALL Get your Super Mario platforming shoes on! ELECTROCUTIONER! Stewie won't die automatically, but if you keep getting electrocuted, he will. To get through this area, use Stewie's Glide and double jumping to get from gurney to gurney. Watch Stewie's shadow as he lands on each safe platform to avoid getting shocked. When one of the patients starts getting super-electrocuted, he creates an electrical field blocking the way, so watch out for those guys! If you need to grab the Bolts in the area, DO IT! Make it to the end of the hall and enter the next area. WHOO-WEE! AREA 4: LABORATORY What the hell is Chris doing here? IT'S DOUG THE PIMPLE! AAHHH!!! Blast all the doctors and orderlies to clear the area. Go to the large machine that Chris is on and jump and grapple your way to the top. The platforming here can be frustrating but don't worry. Grab the device at the top and then exit the area. AREA 5: BABY DELIVERY ROOM - ROOM 1 Blast all the nurses and orderlies to clear the area. To get the head nurse away from the back room, jump on all the pregnant mothers and keep bouncing on each one until all the babies and a Bolt pop out (don't bother with Bonnie). When all babies are delivered (EEWW!), blast the head nurse and then exit the area. AREA 6: BABY DELIVERY ROOM - ROOM 2 Jump on the pregnant mother's bellies to unleash some rockets (WHAT?!?) to clear the blocking shelves. Blast the orderlies and the nurses that are healing them. Do the same thing in the next area and then exit the room. AREA 7: RED LASER HALL - ROOM 2 The lasers here are placed in tricky places. Blast the mirrors in certain directions until you hit the control panels. Continue blasting nurses and orderlies while bouncing your shots towards the control panels. Once all panels are shut down, exit the area. --OBJECTIVE: GET THE MRI POWER COIL AREA 8: THE MRI ROOM Uh-oh, it's QUAGMIRE! Grab any Bolts in the room and then use Mind- Control to control Quagmire. Walk up to each of the three nurses and talk to them (HUH-HUH, GIGGITY!) to get them to electrocute themselves (poor Glen!). To turn off the laser switch, you need one more person. Sorry, but you gotta use Quagmire. Steer him towards the laser to clear the switch path. Turn the switch OFF and then grab the MRI coil in the machine. Exit the room to finish the level. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 3 - THE POLICE STATION - PART 1 +++ _ ___ __ __ ___ _ ____ | | | __|\ \ / /| __|| | |__ / | |__ | _| \ V / | _| | |__ |_ \ |____||___| \_/ |___||____| |___/ --OBJECTIVE: KEEP OUT OF THE SIGHT OF OTHER CHARACTERS AREA 1: PRISON CELLS - ROOM 1 Now it's time for some Tactical Action Espionage! Observe the action of each prisoner. The first one is a dummy, so no problems. The second prisoner pops his head in and out of the hole he's digging. The third prisoner walks in circles (switching directions every few seconds) and the fourth prisoner is reading a newspaper while taking a massive shit. Time Brian's movements accordingly to sneak past them all. AREA 2: THE SHOWER ROOM - ROOM 1 Non-Sequitur time! +++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: BURY THE BLAIR FIST PROJECT ++ Two buttons will appear above Brian's head. Press them quickly when prompted to get Brian to bury the film. SUCCESS! If the Non-Sequitur was successful, Brian will be semi-invisible for a few seconds, so TAKE ADVANTAGE. Use the Analog Stick to move the camera around and see the other prisoner's soapy movements (oh dear GOD!). Head for the door and exit! AREA 3: THE SHOWER ROOM - ROOM 2 Watch the prisoner's movements as they run around (this just gets gayer and gayer) and move in when they're in sight. Get to the door on the other side and exit. AREA 4: THE SHOWER ROOM - ROOM 3 CHRIST! How many shower rooms can one prison have? This room is a combination (soaping and running) with hidden prisoners in the towel gurneys. Time your movements and then exit the room. --OBJECTIVE: COLLECT ALL CLUE FILES AND AVOID DETECTION AREA 5: PRISON CELLS - ROOM 2 Don't let your eyes deceive you! Even though the first prisoner looks like he's dead, he's NOT! The second prisoner (y'know, the bear that was humping Chris's teacher?) plays his harmonica and then stops to look around. The third prisoner is the same guy from the first prison room who was digging the hole. To get the guard away from the door, sneak up to the control panel next to the set of TV's and activate the Women's Shower Cam. HIDE UNDER THE TABLE NEXT TO THE SWITCH! When he's distracted, exit the room. AREA 6: POLICE OFFICES The police office is a big mess (as in stacks of boxes) of a maze. Brian should begin by sneaking through the middle section (watch for the cop). Hide under desks as necessary. Steer to the bottom of the area to find the next clue file. To exit the area, slowly sneak past Mayor Adam West and then head for the door. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 4 - THE HOSPITAL - PART 2 +++ _ ___ __ __ ___ _ _ _ | | | __|\ \ / /| __|| | | | | | |__ | _| \ V / | _| | |__ |_ _| |____||___| \_/ |___||____| |_| --OBJECTIVE: FIND THE PARTS TO REPAIR THE LIPOSUCTION MACHINES AREA 1: THE LIPOSUCTION ROOM There's nothing to do here except grab Bolts floating in the shitloads of body fat on the floor. Grab them if you want and then head for the red double doors to the next area. This area is a large river of FAT. Either jump and glide your way to the other side or you can try swimming in fat (although swimming can be much harder since the controls get crazy). Get to the other side and grab the machine part and exit. In the next area, it's the same deal, only there are red gas bombs (which you can destroy with the Ray gun) in the river of fat. Make your way to the other side and grab the machine part and exit. In this last area, you only have a few seconds to get the last machine part on the other side. Take your chances and quickly swim through the river of fat (while shooting and dodging the red bombs) and grab that last machine part. Exit the door and then head for the Security doors. --OBJECTIVE: FIND THE WAY OUT OF THE MORGUE AREA 2: THE MORGUE Blast the two orderlies and then press the buttons next to the corpse doors to open them. Pressing each one presents either Bolts or a few familiar characters (like Herbert the pedophile and the Vaudeville guy). Have Stewie enter the third door on the top and he'll be transferred to the other side (that caveman looks familiar). In the next room, do the same thing. (Press the other buttons to see Death, Krusty the Klown, and MEG!) Press the button on the top right to get transported to the top. Jump to the next gurney table to get transported back to the first room. Jump and glide to the open door on the right to finally get to the exit. Blast the orderlies out of the way and exit. --OBJECTIVE: ELIMINATE ALL ENEMIES AREA 3: THE ENEMY ROOM Just like in GTA: San Andreas, you'll have to blast three waves of nurses and orderlies. After the last one is smoked, exit the room. --OBJECTIVE: REMOVE ALL WITNESSES AREA 4: PETER'S ROOM Approach either machine and activate it to summon Death. Use Mind- Control on Death and steer him towards the nurses to kill each one. ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: A SEXY PARTY ++ Move Stewie onto the moving star on the floor to complete the mini- game. SUCCESS! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 5 - OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL +++ _ ___ __ __ ___ _ ___ | | | __|\ \ / /| __|| | | __| | |__ | _| \ V / | _| | |__ |__ \ |____||___| \_/ |___||____| |___/ --OBJECTIVE: ELIMINATE ALL ENEMIES There's really only one thing to do in this level: KICK SOME ASS! Destroy and hurt everyone and everything you see: Men, women, kids, grannies, grandpas, pedestrians, church people, food vendors, and cops (do not, I repeat, DO NOT mess with God). The strategy for little kids is to kick them. For elderly people, just punch and kick them. For the others, use combos and Spin Attacks. Keep going down the street and hurting the bastards until you reach the Drunken Clam area. You'll encounter someone wearing a large clam costume. Smash him up and then you'll enter a slow-motion screen. Rapidly tap the buttons indicated onscreen to open the clam and punch the shit out the guy inside. ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: OPEN THE CAN OF TUNA ++ Press the two buttons indicated on the screen RAPIDLY to destroy the tuna can. SUCCESS! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 6 - THE POLICE STATION - PART 2 +++ _ ___ __ __ ___ _ __ | | | __|\ \ / /| __|| | / / | |__ | _| \ V / | _| | |__ / _ \ |____||___| \_/ |___||____| \___/ --OBJECTIVE: COLLECT ALL CLUE FILES AND AVOID DETECTION AREA 1: EVIDENCE ROOM There are three file to collect. The first one is on the right side of the room (above from the officer "burning" evidence). Sneak past the cops and grab the first file. The second file is just above where the first one was located. Watch the circling cop and then grab the file. Head for the middle of the room to activate a Non-Sequitur! ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: THIS IS WHY I DON'T VOTE ++ Simply move the Analog Stick in the left or right direction to avoid Lincoln catching you. SUCCESS! Grab the third file just near the rockets and head for the desk with the blow-up doll. Activate it to distract the officer near the exit. Sneak around the officer, grab the lampshade and exit. AREA 2: BOOKING ROOM With the lampshade on hand (or head, actually), I recommend crawling through the area instead of standing. There are four files to obtain: the first one is at the top of the room next to the guy digging the hole. The second file is behind the desk at the bottom of the office (with the sleeping cop under the desk). The third file is at the very bottom right side of the office and the fourth file is just above where Sea Breeze is located. After getting all files walk up to Sea Breeze to talk to her. After that, exit the room to the next area. AREA 3: THE POLICE LOCKERS Open the locker next to the rocket launcher to find the first file. To exit this area, open the locker door in the middle of the room to drop the witch's hat (on top of the locker) on one of the officers. As his buddies beat him, walk up to the pimp hat and put it on. AREA 4: THE LOBBY Hey, it's Mrs. Lockheart! Anyway, sneaking past this area can take some trial and error (and a shitload of piss, literally). You need to sneak past Joe and head for the double door exit. It may take a few tries but there's really no strategy other than to use the shadows in the middle of the room. Exit the room to finish the level. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 7 - PETER'S INTERNAL SYSTEM - PART 1 +++ _ ___ __ __ ___ _ ____ | | | __|\ \ / /| __|| | |__ | | |__ | _| \ V / | _| | |__ / / |____||___| \_/ |___||____| /_/ --OBJECTIVE: CROSS THE LAKE WITHOUT DROWNING Stewie won't drown automatically but he'll lose HP if he keeps falling into the acid. Double jump and glide your way to the other side and exit the area. Just near the exit are a couple of platforms. Use them if you want to get more Bolts hidden above. AREA: PATH TO THE SPHINCTER It doesn't get any grosser than that, folks. Swim your way down the pathway while blasting cell walls. Once you reach the sphincter, jump on the green gelatinous thing to open it and then exit. ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: BIDDING ON THE LASER ++ Move Stewie behind the chair with the star on the right side and then press the indicated button to win the bid (or not). SUCCESS! AREA: LUNGS The sphincter leads to the lungs? Huh? This area will take a couple of tries to figure out how to get to the top, but at least there's no complicated jumping. About halfway through the top, you'll see a white platform. Stepping on it will relieve you of having to jump all the way back up if you fall again. Make your way to the top and exit the area. --OBJECTIVE: NAVIGATE THE HAZARDS AREA: PATH TO THE BRAIN Swim through the cell walls and take the RIGHT path. Blast anything in the way until you reach the BRAIN. Open it by jumping onto the gelatinous green thing and then glide to the opening before it closes. AREA: PETER'S BRAIN --OBJECTIVE: KILL ALL THE LOISES TO LEAVE THE ROOM Well, what are you waiting for? Kill all the Loises! When you shoot Lois, she multiplies into different personalities. Blast them all to clear the area. Head for the top of the room and look for a grapple point. Grapple up and then exit. --OBJECTIVE: GET THE BLOOD FLOWING TO THE TESTICLES The point of this mini-game is to get each of the three guys (Peter's dad, Cleveland, and Greased-Up Deaf Guy) past the football field in one piece. Use Mind-Control on either one and steer each one past the food baddies to the touchdown area to get the blood flowing. Jump into the testicle valve to exit the area. I can't believe I just said that. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 8 - SPOONER STREET +++ _ ___ __ __ ___ _ ___ | | | __|\ \ / /| __|| | ( _ ) | |__ | _| \ V / | _| | |__ / _ \ |____||___| \_/ |___||____| \___/ --OBJECTIVE: ELIMINATE ALL ENEMIES Bash on the kids and parents all over the place and then head for the soccer field. Smash Herbert the pedophile and then head into the middle of the field for a battle royale! Destroy all the kids and those goddamn soccer moms until all are dead! When the smoke clears, exit the soccer field and head for the port-a- potty. Get ready for some button memorization: --#1: SQUARE X CIRCLE X SQUARE SQUARE SQUARE --#2: SQUARE X CIRCLE X SQUARE SQUARE SQUARE X X X SQUARE TRIANGLE TRIANGLE --#3: SQUARE X CIRCLE X SQUARE SQUARE SQUARE X X X SQUARE TRIANGLE TRIANGLE SQUARE X CIRCLE X SQUARE SQUARE SQUARE SHIT! Once all that's done and taken care of, go back on the street and fight some more people. As you head for the Griffin household, you'll encounter SWAT team guys. Use the Leg Sweep technique on them for faster results. Keep fighting until the butthole with the clam costume shows up. Do the same thing from the previous fight with him to trigger another Non-Sequitur. ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: GET THE GAZELLE ++ Move the Analog Stick in the direction that the gazelle is running and press the button shown onscreen to bash it to death. SUCCESS! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 9 - CHANNEL 5 BUILDING - PART 1 +++ _ ___ __ __ ___ _ ___ | | | __|\ \ / /| __|| | / _ \ | |__ | _| \ V / | _| | |__ \_, / |____||___| \_/ |___||____| /_/ --OBJECTIVE: KEEP OUT OF THE SIGHT OF OTHER CHARACTERS AREA 1: OUTSIDE CHANNEL 5 BUILDING For this section, it's real easy. Just near where Brian is standing are a bunch of large green bushes. See them? Sneak into the bushes and follow the wall until you reach the water pressure valve. Turn the valve to activate the sprinklers and distract those poor excuses for cops. Sneak around the area and head for the van next to where the cheerleaders are standing. Grab the costume and then head for the security guard at the front gate and talk to him. --OBJECTIVE: COLLECT ALL TAPES AND AVOID DETECTION AREA 2: CHANNEL 5 NEWSROOM You need to obtain two videotapes. The first one is just near Brian and the other one is on the other side. To get there, you need to distract Diane Simmons. Sneak up to the camera on the right (from where Diane isn't looking) and turn it on. Sneak in front of the newsdesk and then hide under the table in the next area. When the coast is clear, grab the Peanut-Butter-Jelly banana suit and grab the second videotape. Avoid touching anyone and then exit the room. AREA 3: CHANNEL 5 DANCE SHOW SET (Opie?) Time to get the par-tay started! PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! Head for the turntables and activate it to start the party. To grab each tape without pissing yourself, you'll have to run up to each one quickly before the Bone Meter fills up. To get the third tape on the dance floor, use the stairs on the RIGHT side. Keep running to keep the meter from filling up. Grab the tape and exit the room. AREA 4: SMASHERS AND SAW SET Simply run past the smashers and duck underneath the saws and get to the other side. Activate the switch to drop the bad guy and trigger another Non-Sequitur. ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: TASTE MY SMOKED MEAT LOG ++ Have Brian walk up to the customer and then press the button shown onscreen to offer some meat. SUCCESS! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 10 - CHEESIE CHARLIE'S +++ _ ___ __ __ ___ _ _ __ | | | __|\ \ / /| __|| | / | / \ | |__ | _| \ V / | _| | |__ | || () | |____||___| \_/ |___||____| |_| \__/ --OBJECTIVE: ELIMINATE ALL ENEMIES AREA: ARCADE AND PLAYROOM The moms and cops in this area are pretty ruthless, so it's time to put out the Spin Attack. When Peter gets surrounded by adults use the Spin Attack to clear the area (it's faster than using combos). After clearing the ball pit area, Peter acquires the Charge Attack. When you reach the Whack-A-Mole area, use the newly acquired Charge Attack to bash all four moles at once. Once that's done, clear off the rest of the area and then exit. AREA: DINING ROOM Smash up all the tables and chairs and everyone else. Smack the crap out of the band onstage too! When you reach the area with the blindfolded girl, use dropkicks to rid of her stupid ass. ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: SIT! ++ Press the button indicated onscreen RAPIDLY to have Peter jump onto the chair. SUCCESS! AREA: CHEESIE CHARLIE'S DUNGEON Bash all the kids until you reach the Snake Pit area. To get past this area, you need to kick the chain handle with the red sign. It'll drop some kids into the snake pit and make a walkway to the next area. Continue through the snake pit area up to the end. Beat the Toddler Smash game and then head to the end of the hall. You'll face off against some costumed characters. Smack them up and then defeat them the same way as the guy in the clam costume. ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: THANK THE LORD! ++ Press the two buttons shown onscreen rapidly to beat this mini-game. GO GOD, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! (And the Hare-Krishna, too.) AREA: DUNGEON DINING ROOM Eliminate the rest of the kids and dispose of the multiplying magicians. At the end of the hall, drop kick the guy in the devil costume to trigger the next battle. AREA: BELVEDERE HELL Smash and bash through all the Belvedere heads (don't jump into the lava!) until the master Belvedere head appears and swallows you. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 11 - PETER'S INTERNAL SYSTEM - PART 2 +++ _ _______ _______ _ _ _ | | | ____\ \ / / ____| | / / | | | | _| \ \ / /| _| | | | | | | |___| |___ \ V / | |___| |___ | | | |_____|_____| \_/ |_____|_____| |_|_| --OBJECTIVE: NAVIGATE THE HAZARDS Swim your way to the end of path and open up the door to the LUNG (you know how to do it by now, right?) and enter. AREA: THE LUNG Make your way to the bottom of the level. Blast the cells in the way and jump on those gelatinous green things to open the doors. For the last door, the green thing is hidden just to the upper left of the sandbags where the little kids were. Jump on it and exit. The next area is mixture of swimming and land walking. Blast your way to the end of the path while avoiding the blood cells and spikes. Jump on the green thing and exit. AREA: THE BLADDER Eliminate the little suckers behind the sandbags and steer towards the end of the walkway. Now jump and glide your way across the river of urine to the other side. Blast the rejects out of the way and exit. --OBJECTIVE: KILL THE ENEMY BEFORE HE ESCAPES Swim and blast your way to the end. The trick is to take the LEFT path when the other guy turns right. Use the Speed Boosters and blast your way to the end. When at the door, blast the snitch! Now exit the area. AREA: THE TESTICLES ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: MARCO POLO ++ Swim around Helen Keller and press the button onscreen. DO NOT TOUCH HER! SUCCESS! --OBJECTIVES: KILL ALL ENEMIES AND AVOID LANDMINES You have to eliminate 5 waves of enemies. Use the landmines to your advantage and NEVER stop moving or shooting. Once the coast is clear, exit the area. --OBJECTIVES: DISABLE LASERS AND KILL ALL ENEMIES TO PROGRESS AREA: LASER GRID AREA Blast all the infants in the way and head to the laser door. Stand to the left of the lasers and shoot at a 45 degree angle to bounce your shots to the control panel. Shoot your way past two more laser-filled areas and make it to the end of the maze. The last control panel is hidden on the top. Look for the white platform and then use a charged Grenade shot to destroy it. Exit the area. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 12 - CHANNEL 5 BUILDING - PART 2 +++ _ _______ _______ _ _ ____ | | | ____\ \ / / ____| | / |___ \ | | | _| \ \ / /| _| | | | | __) | | |___| |___ \ V / | |___| |___ | |/ __/ |_____|_____| \_/ |_____|_____| |_|_____| --OBJECTIVE: COLLECT ALL TAPES AND AVOID DETECTION AREA: JOLLY FARM REVUE SET (AMERICAN-IZED VERSION) Sneaking around this set can be frustrating but it isn't difficult. First, hide behind the desk next to Brian and watch the guy that's moving up and down the set. When the guy turns around, run under the table and then grab the bush prop when the coast is clear. Slowly sneak to the first tape sitting right next to the guy in the pig costume. You have to wait for the director to yell "CUT!" in order to move freely. After grabbing the first tape, wait for the director to say "CUT!" and then slowly walk in FRONT of the guy in the pig costume (make sure Mother Mary is not near the area) and then stop in front of the barnyard prop. Wait for another "CUT!" and then slowly sneak to the next tape in the right-center of the stage. Watch out for those two kids! The third tape is away from the set. Grab it and then go to the top of the area and activate the switch for the sandbags. Now exit the area. AREA: TV CONTROL ROOM This next area is also frustrating. It takes nothing but trial and error to get through this area. There are two tapes on the top of the room and three at the bottom. Collect the first four in any way you see fit. After obtaining the fourth, use the phone on the lone console to make a crank call. The fifth tape is on the very bottom-left corner. Grab it and carefully exit the area. AREA: MAKE-UP ROOM There are four rooms to get through. Each room has at least two tapes to obtain. There's one in Jesus' room, two in the pirate guy's room, one in the clown's room, two in Trisha Takanawa's room, and one in Diane Simmon's room. Simply use fast moves to get each tape and then head to the next room. ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: THIS BLOWS! ++ Rotate the Left Analog Stick in a 360 degree circle clockwise RAPIDLY! Blow the wind away from Peter to win the game. SUCCESS! If you didn't win the Non-Sequitur, the last room will be a bitch to get through. If you did, simply run and get the last video and then exit through the door. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 13 - GERONIMO'S PALACE - PART 1 +++ _ _______ _______ _ _ _____ | | | ____\ \ / / ____| | / |___ / | | | _| \ \ / /| _| | | | | |_ \ | |___| |___ \ V / | |___| |___ | |___) | |_____|_____| \_/ |_____|_____| |_|____/ --OBJECTIVE: ELIMINATE ALL ENEMIES AREA: CASINO LOBBY AREA Demolish all the elderly people and Indians in the way. Remember to use the Spin Attack or Charge Spin if Peter gets surrounded. Make it to the end of the hall and exit. AREA: UPPER CASINO Eliminate more elderly people and Indians until you reach the area with the elevator. Clear the area and then enter the elevator. AREA: CASINO ELEVATOR More enemies will come crashing down. Use Spin Attacks to lessen the herd and to trigger another Non-Sequitur! ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: THE DISCO BALL ++ Simply bash the button indicated onscreen rapidly to smash the disco ball into pieces. SUCCESS! Continue smashing the bad guys into pieces and then exit the elevator. BATHROOM BREAK! AREA: UPPER CASINO FLOOR/WEDDING CHOP-EL Continue smashing your way through the floor until you reach the chapel entrance. It's redneck wedding ho-down! Or is it hootnanny? Destroy everyone in your path to end the level. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 14 - BERTRAM'S LAIR - PART 1 +++ _ _______ _______ _ _ _ _ | | | ____\ \ / / ____| | / | || | | | | _| \ \ / /| _| | | | | || |_ | |___| |___ \ V / | |___| |___ | |__ _| |_____|_____| \_/ |_____|_____| |_| |_| --OBJECTIVE: DESTROY THE METAL DETECTOR/KILL THE GUARDS Use Mind Control on Meg, the Gold-Man, and Jake Tucker to trigger Stewie's anger. When Stewie throws down, target one of the guards and launch a grenade. Activate the switch next to the door and enter the compound. --OBJECTIVE: DESTROY THE ENEMIES TO PROGRESS THROUGH THE HALL AREA: THE ENTRANCE Step onto the circular hoverpod. Move it with the Analog Stick to hover through the large chasm. Shoot all the enemies in the way and toss grenades into the turrets to destroy them. At the end of the area, destroy the remaining turrets and Trisha Takanawa. Land your hoverpod and shoot the large crate. Exit the area. --OBJECTIVE: DESTROY ALL CLONE MACHINES AND ACTIVATE ALL THREE BUTTONS AREA: CLONING ROOM Blast all the turds in your way and head for the large machines with yellow and black stripes. There are about 6 of them throughout the room. Destroy them to stop the enemies from spawning. Once that's done, it's time to activate the three switches. All three switches are located above each spinning machine in the middle of the room. Go to the wall on the right or left side to find a button. Activate the button to lower a platform. Jump onto it and then wait and jump to the next platform. Jump on top of the spinning machine to turn the button green. Jump and glide to the other two buttons and activate them. Now exit on to the door on top of thee room. --OBJECTIVE: ACTIVATE THE SLALOMS TO PROGRESS THROUGH THE HALL AREA: TOXIC SLUDGE ROOM Jump into the water to get start the sled mini-game. Steer Stewie through the toxic waste. Between the gaps is a Grapple hook, so be sure to grapple on or get killed. When Stewie reaches the second area, you'll see several metal detector- type objects in the toxic waste. Steer Stewie in between them to activate each one and to open the door to the next area. Do this three more time to reach to the end of the hall. Exit the area. --OBJECTIVE: USE REFLECTION TO GET PAST THE LASERS AREA: LASER MIRROR ROOM Use the mirrors again to bounce your beams and destroy the lasers and the turrets. Head to the back of the room and destroy the cloning pods and then activate the platform to lower it. Get on the platform and jump to the top Activate the door switch and enter the next area. Do the same thing here and then head to the top of the room to trigger a Non-Sequitur. ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: DUCK! ++ When Stewie starts walking, press the button onscreen to DUCK! Do it three times to successfully make it to the end of the line. SUCCESS! One more laser room to go. Blast the turrets and then disable the lasers. Destroy the cloning pods and then exit the room. --OBJECTIVE: PICKUP AS MANY WEAPONS PARTS AND GET TO THE DOOR AREA: THE ARMORY Time to get some nifty upgrades to the Ray Gun. There are no lasers here, so work your way around the maze and collect all the Wrench Icons. There should be about 300 Bolts worth of free stuff here, so go crazy! Once you're done, exit the room to the next area. --OBJECTIVE: ELIMINATE ALL ENEMIES TO LEAVE THIS ROOM AREA: THE NURSERY Time to paint the walls red! Blast your way through endless enemies until no one is left. Once Death shows, he'll give you a Wrench Icon. Now exit the room. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 15 - GERONIMO'S PALACE - PART 2 +++ _ _______ _______ _ _ ____ | | | ____\ \ / / ____| | / | ___| | | | _| \ \ / /| _| | | | |___ \ | |___| |___ \ V / | |___| |___ | |___) | |_____|_____| \_/ |_____|_____| |_|____/ --OBJECTIVE: ELIMINATE ALL ENEMIES AREA: CASINO BUFFET Smash and spin your way through the buffet line all the way to the end of the hall. At the end of the hall, you'll encounter Gandhi in a hotdog eating contest. Grab as many hotdogs as you can and beat that cheapskate bitch at his own game to acquire a new attack: Food Frenzy. Demolish him and then exit the area. AREA: CASINO ELEVATOR Beat on some lowlife bad guys until Peter triggers a Non-Sequitur! ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: PRESS ANY BUTTON ++ Exactly like Peter said: just press any button. YAAY!! Defeat any remaining enemies and then exit the elevator. AREA: UPPER CASINO Obliterate everyone in sight and head for the other side of the hall. You'll be bombarded with rockets until you destroy the rocket launcher near the exit. First, defeat the Indian casino owner (in the blue suit) using the slow-motion screen. Defeat everyone else and then exit the area. Now it's time for the first boss fight of the game! AREA: WRESTLING RING You'll face off against the strongmen brothers (or whatever they're called). Simply use the Spin Attack moves and then finish each of them off using slow-motion screen. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 16 - QUAHOG RACE TRACK - PART 1 +++ _ _______ _______ _ _ __ | | | ____\ \ / / ____| | / |/ /_ | | | _| \ \ / /| _| | | | | '_ \ | |___| |___ \ V / | |___| |___ | | (_) | |_____|_____| \_/ |_____|_____| |_|\___/ --OBJECTIVE: COLLECT ALL TICKET STUBS AREA: BETTING AREA To get all 5 ticket stubs, grab the first two just near Brian's starting point. Take the left path (where you see Tom Tucker walking around) and sneak past him to the first betting line. Watch the movements of the people and then sneak around the velvet ropes to get each ticket. With all 5 tickets on hand, exit the area. AREA: HIGH ROLLER ROOM There are three ticket stubs in this room. Grab the one closest to Brian and hide behind the chair. Watch Carter Pewterschidt's movements and then grab the ticket next to the lampshade and run back behind the couch. Wait for the high class lady to turn around and then grab the last stub and exit the room. AREA: DOG TRACK BAR Grab the stub in the lower area first and then sneak around the other side. Quickly grab the stub on the lower left side of the room and then grab the stub hidden behind the bar counter and exit the room. AREA: MONEY COUNTING ROOM Grab the stubs near the furniture. Use the shadows of the couches and watch the movements of the guests. Grab the second stub in the lower left corner and then grab the one near the exit and exit. AREA: MAYOR ADAM WEST SURVEILLANCE ROOM Grab the nearest stub and then head towards the Mayor to trigger a Non- Sequitur! ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: GRAB THE KEYS ++ Press the button shown onscreen when it flashes to grab the keys. SUCCESS! Watch Mayor West's movements and then grab the stubs when the coast is clear. Grab the last stub near the exit and exit the area. AREA: DOG TRACK BOX 5 This area is much easier, you just need to watch the movements of the waiters and then grab the stubs. Exit the area. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 17 - BERTRAM'S LAIR - PART 2 +++ _ _______ _______ _ _ _____ | | | ____\ \ / / ____| | / |___ | | | | _| \ \ / /| _| | | | | / / | |___| |___ \ V / | |___| |___ | | / / |_____|_____| \_/ |_____|_____| |_|/_/ --OBJECTIVE: KILL ALL ENEMIES AND GET TO THE TOP PLATFORM Blast all the bungholes outta the way to clear the area. To reach the top, you need to use the moving platforms in front of the room. Follow these directions: Activate the button on the right side to lower the right platform and jump on. At the top, jump and glide to the ledge on the right. Press the switch button on the wall to deactivate the magnetic field on the left side. Jump back down and then press the button on the right. As the platform is coming down, press the button on the left (this will make the left platform go UP). Quickly jump to the right platform and go to the top. Glide to the left platform and then quickly glide to the upper area of the left side (where you deactivated the magnetic field). Press the button to lower the nearby platform and then jump to the top of the room. Eliminate all the baddies and the turrets and then exit the area. --OBJECTIVE: QUICKLY SLIDE THROUGH THE TUBE AND AVOID THE OBSTACLES AREA: POISON GAS SLIDE Slide down the tube while avoiding the barrels. Grab the Health packs scattered in the path to avoid losing too much health from the gas. Make it to the end. --OBJECTIVE: PROGRESS UPWARD TO THE EXIT WHILE AVOIDING OBSTACLES AREA: SAWMILL 1 Here we go again. Glide past the spikes and grapple to the next ledge. Blast all the enemies in the way to the next side and grapple up. Glide past each buzzsaw to the end and grapple up. On the next ledge, avoid getting smashed by the smashers (no shit!) and head for the other end and grapple on. At the very top ledge, just glide to each piston and then glide to the exit to the next area. AREA: SAWMILL 2 Use grenades to eliminate the turrets and then head for the end of the room. Jump and grapple to the top and you'll encounter Bertram. Make it to the top and blast anyone in the way. --OBJECTIVE: DESTROY THE GLASS DOME SHIELDING RUPERT Blast the glass shielding Rupert in any way you can. Avoid getting too close to the smoke and watch the electric floor. Other than that, keep shooting through the small hole to free Rupert. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 18 - QUAHOG HARBOR +++ _ _______ _______ _ _ ___ | | | ____\ \ / / ____| | / |( _ ) | | | _| \ \ / /| _| | | | |/ _ \ | |___| |___ \ V / | |___| |___ | | (_) | |_____|_____| \_/ |_____|_____| |_|\___/ --OBJECTIVE: ELIMINATE ALL ENEMIES AREA: DOCKS It's clobberin' time! Wipe out all those seamen (I said seamen, pfft) and continue through the docks. Eliminate all those costumed food people in slow-motion screen and bust through. Keep busting heads until you reach the end of the harbor with the two killer seals. Defeat both seals to open the bridge. In the next part, you will encounter flying swordfish and beer. Avoid the swordish falling from the sky and just focus on catching the beer mugs. Missing one beer mug will automatically FAIL you, so keep an eye! Complete three waves of beer catching to trigger a Non-Sequitur. ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: GRAB THE GRIDDLE ++ Watch Peter's hand and press the button onscreen when it's near the griddle to grab it. SUCCESS! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 19 - QUAHOG RACE TRACK - PART 2 +++ _ _______ _______ _ _ ___ | | | ____\ \ / / ____| | / |/ _ \ | | | _| \ \ / /| _| | | | | (_) | | |___| |___ \ V / | |___| |___ | |\__, | |_____|_____| \_/ |_____|_____| |_| /_/ --OBJECTIVE: AVOID DETECTION WHILE COLLECTING ALL STUBS AND THE COSTUME AREA: REFRESHMENTS AREA Watch the movements of that goddamn Greased-Up Deaf Guy. He can definitely ruin everything for you if you get careless. When it's clear, run up to the trashcan located next to the popcorn machine and hide behind it. When it's clear, go to the popcorn machine to set it on fire. Now go behind the counter and get the vendor costume. With costume on hand, walk around the area and collect the stubs. DO NOT come in contact with the GUDG or the cops. Now exit the area. --OBJECTIVE: TO SERVE SOMEONE, FACE THEM AND PRESS TRIANGLE AREA: RACE TRACK STANDS The stubs are scattered in this small area. Each person that calls for you, walk up to them (remember to face them or you'll fail) and serve their food. There's no time limit so try not to rush. Serve all the people (while collecting stubs) that call you to end this sequence. --OBJECTIVE: DRUG THE DISHES AND COLLECT THE COSTUME WHILE AVOIDING DETECTION AREA: DOG KENNEL AREA After much trial and error in this part of the level, this is the strategy I found most effective. There are four dog bowls on the top of the room, two on the bottom left, and one of the bottom right (next to the trophy). Drug the two bowls on the bottom left first! Then go back to the entrance and drug the four bowls one-by-one on the top of the room. Use the shadows frequently. For the last bowl, sneak between the area where Trisha Takanawa and her cameraman are standing to find the Kennel Trophy. Approach the trophy and have Brian piss on it to distract the cleaner blocking the exit. Stay hidden until the coast is clear to drug the last bowl. Now make a quick run to the exit door and grab the disguise and exit the area. --OBJECTIVE: WIN THE RACE Does it look that hard to accomplish? ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 20 - QUAHOG BEACH +++ _ _______ _______ _ ____ ___ | | | ____\ \ / / ____| | |___ \ / _ \ | | | _| \ \ / /| _| | | __) | | | | | |___| |___ \ V / | |___| |___ / __/| |_| | |_____|_____| \_/ |_____|_____| |_____|\___/ --OBJECTIVE: ELIMINATE ALL ENEMIES AREA: THE BEACH This next area will be quite frustrating. But keep fighting all those beach bums all the way to the end of the beach. AREA: DAGGERMOUTH'S CAVE It's BOSS FIGHT TIME! Peter versus the Black Knight. Simply use the Spin Attack to lower his health dramatically. When the slow-motion screen appears, press the buttons show onscreen in the order shown to defeat the Black Knight. It's not a hard as it looks. ++ NON-SEQUITUR MINI-GAME: X-MAS TIME ++ Press the two buttons shown onscreen RAPIDLY to win. GO JESUS! IT'S CHRISTMAS! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 21 - ROGER WILLIAMS PARK +++ _ _______ _______ _ ____ _ | | | ____\ \ / / ____| | |___ \/ | | | | _| \ \ / /| _| | | __) | | | |___| |___ \ V / | |___| |___ / __/| | |_____|_____| \_/ |_____|_____| |_____|_| Now it's time to end Stewie's storyline with a big boss battle! --BOSS BATTLE: BERTRAM - PART 1 Shoot as much rounds against Bertram. Destroy all his clones and then shoot him as he regroups. Use the swing rides for cover and keep blasting until Bertram is down. --BOSS BATTLE: BERTRAM - PART 2 It took a while for me to figure out this non-descript mess of a boss battle. There are three waves to endure for the final battle. Here's how it works: WAVE 1: You have four jungle gyms and two monkey bars. There is one grapple hook for each gym. Each jungle gym has a bridge that crosses to another jungle gym with a higher grapple. If you try to walk on the bridge, Bertram shoots you down. To stop him, shoot his foot to make him tippy-toe (you gotta keep shooting until he starts jumping up and down). This gives you enough time to grapple to the very top of the jungle gym on either side and get a good shot at his big head. Do this three times to finish WAVE 1. WAVE 2: In WAVE 2, Bertram destroys two of the jungle gyms, but the strategy is still the same. To reach the higher grappling hook, Stewie has to grapple the hook to Betram's left, glide to the monkey bars and then jump and grapple the highest hook on the gym to the right. From there, shoot him and repeat two more times. WAVE 3: Shoot Betram's foot until he tippy-toes and then shoot his ray-gun. Do this three times to end the battle. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ LEVEL 22 - THE DRUNKEN CLAM +++ _ _______ _______ _ ____ ____ | | | ____\ \ / / ____| | |___ \|___ \ | | | _| \ \ / /| _| | | __) | __) | | |___| |___ \ V / | |___| |___ / __/ / __/ |_____|_____| \_/ |_____|_____| |_____|_____| --OBJECTIVE: DEFEAT THE CHICKEN It turns out all along that Mr. Belvedere is actually the Chicken is disguise! Or is it? Bash that chickenshit to the ground! The chicken is a very cheap fighter so you gotta be smart! Use Spin Attacks and hard combos when the fight begins to trigger the slow-motion screen. You'll fight the chicken in various locations: prison yard, airstrip, strip club, inside a cargo plane, on a falling raft, and finally, inside a building rigged to blow. The strategy for the battle is to bash everyone around the area to build up your Snack Meter. Use Spin Attacks on the chicken to trigger the slow-motion screen for each location. Another way to daze the chicken is to dodge his ground pound attacks. When he jumps in the air and pounds on the ground, jump out of the way and he'll be dazed for a few seconds. This is your chance to smack some hard fists into him and make him release some snacks to fill up the Snack Meter. Defeat the chicken inside the rigged building to beat the game. FREAKIN' SWEET! YOU BEAT THE GAME, BABY! THE END! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ EXTRA STUFF +++ _____ ___________ ___ ____ / __/ |/_/_ __/ _ \/ _ | / __/ / _/_> < / / / , _/ __ |_\ \ /___/_/|_| /_/ /_/|_/_/ |_/___/ Unfortunately, the only thing that you unlock after beating this game is the Non-Sequitur segments. There is no Level Select or even any behind-the-scenes stuff. So once you beat the game, that's it! Anyway, while there was a ton of Family Guy references scattered throughout the game, there were some things that were left out. Here's a list of references that were excluded from the game (in any way): --PAWTUCKET BREWERY --ANGELA (PETER'S BOSS) --THE QUADROPLEGIC GUY IN THE WHEELCHAIR --JASPER AND RICARDO --OLLIE WILLIAMS (BLACK-U-WEATHER REPORTER FOR CHANNEL 5) --KISS (THE BAND) --BROOKE (FROM THE "BRIAN THE BACHELOR" EPISODE) --MORT GOLDMAN --BRIAN'S BOSS AND CO-WORKERS FROM THE NEW YORKER --PATRICK PEWTERSCHMIDT --THE NUDIST FAMILY --JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT --GARY "THE NO-TRASH" COUGAR --THE PETERCOPTER AND THE HINDENPETER --THE BARBERSHOP QUARTET --HERBERT'S CREEPY DOG There's probably a whole lot more references that I've missed but it's really no big deal. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= +++ FAMILY GUY WALKTHROUGH VIDEOS +++ _ _________ ________ ____ | | / / _/ _ \/ __/ __ \/ __/ | |/ // // // / _// /_/ /\ \ |___/___/____/___/\____/___/ If you are planning or buying or renting this game and are not sure if it's worth the cash, you can watch complete walkthrough videos of all levels at this URL: You can also use these videos if you are stuck in an area with Brian (I KNOW you are stuck in one level with Brian, admit it!). At the moment, I'm slowly uploading walkthrough videos for Brian and Stewie ONLY! The walkthrough for Peter is easy but also too damn frustrating and I'm not gonna bother with it. Keep checking back to that site to find more videos! ======================================================================= ======================================================================= This FAQ is only for use on GameFAQS. You may not copy, link, or reproduce this FAQ on your publication or website without permission. If you want to use this FAQ, please e-mail me at I have no problems with anyone who asks. NOVEMBER 2006. BITCH.</p>