A Pepsiman FAQ by RE2 Contents 1.Intro 2.Updates 3.Controls 4.Things you should learn 5.Stage 1:A Pepsi trouble 6.Stage 1-1:Pepsiman in his first action! 7.Stage 1-2:Get ready to skate with Pepsiman! 8.Stage 1-3:A big Pepsi can rolling after you! 9.Well done,Pepsiman! 10.Stage 2:Fires galore! 11.Stage 2-1:Watch out for fires! 12.Stage 2-2:Underground sewers ahoy! 13.Stage 2-3:"What's that truck doing here?" 14.A job well done! 15.Stage 3:"Desert,here I come!" 16.Stage 3-1:"Stones,motorcycles and trucks.What's worse than this?" 17.Stage 3-2:"No!Not a mine!" 18.Stage 3-3:"What's wrong with me?Why am I chased by something when there is a crowd waiting for me?" 19.Pepsiman did it again! 20.Stage 4:In need of Pepsi 21.Stage 4-1:Chaos everywhere 22.Stage 4-2:Inside the Pepsi factory 23.Stage 4-3:"No!Not another big Pepsi can!" 24.Mission completed! 25.Secrets 26.Profiles SECTION 1:Intro------------------------------------------------- - PEPSIMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think you're gonna hear this ever?No?Then you're wrong!KID(Kindle Imagine Develop)has produced this game in order to sponsor(what else?)Pepsi.Well,this is a quick preview of the game. You play as Pepsiman,a superhero who kinds of .. sucks.Well,just think of it.Which superhero stretches both his arms and legs when he collides with something,trips like a buffoon and flies into the air when he crashes with a car? He needs Pepsi every time.If not,he just collapses into the ground.And you know what,the goal point is the Pepsi machine(What kind of superhero is this?!)! Overall,this game is quite good.If you're not in a good mood,play this game.It will give you some laughs though.OK,here comes the real FAQ. A man is seen buying a Pepsi from a machine in the streets.The Pepsi machine coughs one up.He opens it and starts to drink it.The music starts.The man feels strange and stops drinking.The music also stops.He drinks it again and the music also starts again."..PEPSI.."could be heard.He stops again.After a while,he drinks it again and thus,"MANNNNNNNNNNNNNN" is heard.He peers into the Pepsi can and the screen fades to black. Pepsiman could be seen running into the distance.He runs toward the camera and it changes,pointing at his back.He slams into the Pepsiman sign and stretches both his arms and legs.He then ducks down and hold his head in pain.When you press Start,he gives you a thumb up. One last note:Be sure to have many Pepsi cans ready when playing PEPSIMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! SECTION 2:Updates----------------------------------------------- - Version 0.5:22 April 99.First version.Finished Contents and Intros. Version 0.9:23 April 99.Finished Section 3 & 4 Version 1.0:24 April 99.Finished Stage 1-1 SECTION 3:Controls---------------------------------------------- - D-Pad:Move Pepsiman!!!(If you don't know this,then go back to the point where you first played video games.) X:Jump. Square:Slide.(Hold Up on the D-pad and this to run) Start:"Pause the game" Nuff' said SECTION 4:Things you should learn------------------------------- - SAVE TIME.You need this in levels 3-1 onward.To do this,just keep running.But beware,you will ruin the "computer timing".It is .. ahhhh,so hard to explain!!!Let me give you some examples,the Pepsi trucks.If you run too much,you will reach it earlier and you can't slide under it.2nd example:the construction trucks in level 2-1.If you run too much,bam..Now you should now what I mean by "computer timing". KNOW WHERE AND WHAT ARE THE OBSTACLES AND HOW TO AVOID THEM.You may think that there is a car in the right,so you stay on the left.But in fact,it is on the left and bam..(picture of Pepsiman stretching his arms and legs). FOLLOW THE PEPSI CANS.But some are there for a challenge.So,you should use your common sense when to follow them or not. SECTION 5:Stage 1:A pepsi trouble------------------------------- - A hand is seen opening a refrigerator and it took 5 pepsi cans.The camera changes.A man holding some snacks and 5 pepsi cans is seen walking out of the store."Hey,let's start the game!"he says. Pepsiman is seen running away from the camera.He meets a man wearing a Pepsi T-shirt in front of a Pepsi truck.Obviously he is the driver of the truck.He says: "Ah Pepsiman,you got here just in the perfect time.I've got a call from from the Bedding machine;it ran out of Pepsi!And I'm just on my way there but..but I got a flat tyre.There are a bunch of people in front of the Bedding machine;they want Pepsi!And the word is it they just started a riot!I'll find a garage over there,as soon as I get to Display,but it looks like it's gonna take some time.Can you do something,Pepsiman?"So Pepsiman rushes to action. SECTION 6:Stage 1-1:Pepsiman in his first action!--------------- - (A new paragraph means a new command) The game starts!Run straight.You will soon reach a crossroad. A truck is passing by from the left.Just stay right.Pass the crossroad. There's a man walking from the left and a red car on the right(s)(Note:sometimes I will write (s) or (m) next to an object.(s) stands for stationary,while (m) stands for moving.).Just keep right then turn left. Collect your first 2 pepsi cans! Blue car(m) in the left lane.Just keep right.You will soon reach another crossroad. A blue car is in the crossroad.Keep left.Easy. There are 3 pepsi cans in the right.Red car(m)in the left lane.Just keep right. The road bends left.The camera also changes.In the right,there are 2 pepsi cans and a blue car(m)to the left of the 3rd crossroad.Keep right. A yellow car(s) on the right and 3 pepsi cans on the left shortly after.Another yellow car are passing the 4th crossroad.Just keep left. A truck will accelerate soon after you get near it.It will drop bottles,broken bottles and banana skins in random order.Just avoid it.Soon it will turn left in the crossroad. Collect the 3 pepsi cans and jump over the bush. Collect 2 pepsi cans and jump over fence. Collect the Pepsi can and quickly swerve right to avoid the woman and her clothes.Jump over fence. Blue car(s) on the right.A man on the left is inside a manhole.He will close it when you approach.Stay left for 1 pepsi can. There is a man walking from the left and 2 pepsi cans on the right.Keep right. Turn left immediately as there is another man in a manhole but he will not close it.Collect a pepsi can and then swerve right because of the same reason. A woman is walking from the right and a yellow car(s) is on the left.There's also a man in a manhole and 3 pepsi cans in front of him.Collect them and swerve right IMMEDIATELY. There is a red car(s)on the right.Just keep left. Here comes the Pepsi truck on the crossroad.Slide under for 4 pepsi cans. Stay in the middle for the Check(Checkpoint). Follow the 10 pepsi cans through the house. Jump over the fence and into the dark house. Pepsiman will come out on the other side with a rubbish bin on his head.Now he will move slower and cannot jump,run or slide.Furthermore,Left and Right will be reversed.So press Left to walk right and Right to walk left.Note:The rubbish bin cannot be knocked out until a certain point in the stage. Stay still for 3 pepsi cans. Walk right a bit for 1 pepsi can. Walk left a bit for another pepsi can. Swerve right for 2 pepsi cans. IMMEDIATELY go left but don't hug the corner to avoid the hole and the buldozer's crane.In the process,you will get 4 pepsi cans. IMMEDIATELY walk right for 2 pepsi cans THEN left for another 2 pepsi cans. Keep still for 2 pepsi cans then walk to the middle for 7 pepsi cans. Deliberately trip onto the bush to knock out rubbish bin. Go inside the house. Walk left for 1 pepsi can. Go to the next room. Keep still and turn right IMMEDIATELY after 1 pepsi can. Collect 1 pepsi can then go into the next house. Turn left IMMEDIATELY for 1 pepsi can then jump right for 2 pepsi cans. Keep still for 1 pepsi can then jump over fence. Keep in the middle to avoid the woman and her clothes. Take the 2nd Check. The camera changes.There is 1 pepsi can on the left and a red car(s) on the right.Obviously,keep left. Turn right to avoid the blue car(m) on the left and a woman from the left.Collect the 2 pepsi cans. Turn left IMMEDIATELY for a pepsi can. You will soon see a truck.It will drop banana skins,bottles and broken bottles once again in random order.It will go left on the crossroad. Collect a pepsi can in the middle. Collect the 2 pepsi cans on the middle of the crossroad.Pass it. The camera changes.Collect the hard-to-get pepsi can in the left. Once again will you meet the truck.However,it will throw furnitures your way now. There is a pepsi can on the left,then on the right and another one on the left. There is a yellow car(s) on the right and a pepsi can beside it. The truck goes right on the crossroad. There is a pepsi can on the right then on the left. There is a blue car(m) on the left so stay right to avoid it and get a pepsi can. There are 2 pepsi cans in the middle and another one short after. Slide under the Pepsi truck for 5 pepsi cans. There are 3 pepsi cans on the right and 2 pepsi cans on the left soon.Collect them. Run forward and Pepsiman will reach a caf‚.A sequence takes place.Pepsiman is seen running towards the Pepsi machine in the caf‚.The machine gives him one.He drinks it and soon,the number of Pepsi cans you collect and the time you took to complete that stage is shown. END OF STAGE 1-1 Well,that's it for now.For the next version,I'm going to complete Stage 1-2 and maybe 1-3 as well..</p>