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Version 1.8 - October 30, 2006; Added Errands, Transistors and Carnival Games Version 1.85 - October 31, 2006; Added Carnival Rides & Games, Arcade Games, Go-Kart Races and created a map to go with the Rubber Band Locations (URL provided in the Rubber Band section). Added 100% completion checklist. Version 2.0 - November 2, 2006; Guide is complete to help the reader accomplish everything necessary for 100% completion. All location maps completed (URL provided with each appropriate location list). Version 2.1 - November 3, 2006; Webpage version completed and online, link provided in this version. *********************************************************** Table of Contents *********************************************************** I. Chapter I: Making New Friends & Enemies A. Main Story Missions 1. Welcome to Bullworth 2. This Is Your School 3. Get To Class 4. The Setup 5. The Slingshot 6. A Little Help 7. Save Algie 8. Defend Bucky 9. That Bitch 10. The Candidate 11. Halloween 12. Help Gary 13. Russell In The Hole B. Side Missions 1. Hobo Training Missions 2. The Diary 3. The Big Prank 4. Character Sheets 5. Keep Ups 6. Penalty Shots II. Chapter II: Rich Kid Blues A. Main Story Missions 1. Last Minute Shopping 2. Hattrick vs Galloway 3. Prep Challenge 4. The Eggs 5. Movie Tickets 6. Carnival Date 7. Race The Vale 8. Beach Rumble 9. Tad's House 10. Boxing Challenge 11. Dishonorable Fight B. Side Missions 1. Panty Raid 2. Weed Killer 3. Boxing III. Chapter III: Love Makes The World Go Around A. Main Story Missions 1. Jealous Johnny 2. Christmas Is Here 3. Bait 4. Tagging 5. Wrong Part Of Town 6. Lola's Race 7. Tenements 8. Rumble 9. Fighting Johnny Vincent B. Side Missions 1. Cook's Crush 2. Cook's Date 3. Nerd Challenge 4. Comic Klepto 5. Glass House 6. Greasers Challenge IV. Chapter IV: A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body & Other Lies A. Main Story Missions 1. Stronghold Assault 2. Nerd Boss 3. Paparazzi 4. Funhouse Fun 5. Defender Of The Castle 6. Nice Outfit 7. Discretion Assured 8. The Big Game 9. Jock Boss B. Side Missions 1. Here's To You, Ms. Phillips 2. Galloway Away 3. Jock's Challenge V. Chapter V: The Fall And Rise Of Jimmy Hopkins, Age 15 A. Main Story Missions 1. Making A Mark 2. The Gym Is Burning 3. Rats In The Library 4. Finding Johnny Vincent 5. Revenge On Mr. Burton 6. Preppies Vandalized 7. Expelled 8. Busting In, Part I 9. Busting In, Part II: Showdown At The Plant 10. Complete Mayhem, Part I: Save Russell 11. Complete Mayhem, Part II: Bullworth Academy 12. Final Showdown B. Side Missions 1. Cheating Time 2. Townies Challenge 3. Smash It Up VI. Chapter VI: Endless Summer VII. Classes A. Chemistry B. English C. Art D. Gym E. Shop F. Photography VIII. Side Tasks A. Carnival Games B. Carnival Rides C. Arcade Games D. Go Kart Races E. Bike Races F. Lawn Mowing G. Paper Route H. Errands IX. Collectibles A. G&G Cards B. Rubber Bands C. Gnomes D. Transistors E. Yearbook Photos F. Dorm Room Trophies X. 100% Completion Checklist *********************************************************** I. Chapter I: Making New Friends & Enemies *********************************************************** *****A. Main Story Missions***** 1. Welcome To Bullworth-- Unlocks mission 'This Is Your School' Congratulations! You've been unceremoniously dumped at the front gate of Bullworth Academy. The first contact you get here is that of Miss Danvers. She's got a rather creepy attachment to the school's headmaster and she directs you to go see him in his office, so off you go. Head straight through the main gates and straight ahead to the main school building following the yellow "X" on your mini map. Slow down or stop on the way and you'll find yourself in a fight right away, so unless that is what you are looking for, just beat feet to the office and don't waste any time screwing around along the way. Holding "X" gives you sprint, so use it. Get to the front door of the building and press triangle at the door as instructed to enter the building. Go up the stairs right in front of you and around the bannister at the top to enter the yellow marker in the main office and trigger the cut scene of your first encounter with Dr. Crabblesnitch. Enjoy the speech as he tells you what a piece of crap you are and how he is going to mold you into something society can live with. At the end of his little tirade, you'll be sent off with Miss Danvers to get your uniform on. Head straight out the front door of the building again and back toward the main gate, but turn right just before you get there to head toward the boy's dorm. On your way up to the door, you'll get into your first fight (unless you managed to pick one on your way into the school at the beginning). You'll be surrounded by bullies, and you'll get a quick tutorial on how to fight and humiliate your opponents. When you've suitably made a fool of one bully, you'll be almost flattened by a big giant guy until a prefect comes to save you. You'll then be sent into the dorm to change your clothes. Once inside, you'll be prompted to check out the soda machine where you can replenish your health, and you'll also notice the glowing bulletin board where you can check for important messages. (Looks just like the "i" icon from the Midnight Club games) You'll also see the video game "Future Street Race 2165", but you can't play it until you've completed the next mission, 'This Is Your School'. Go back across the hall to your dorm room and walk up to the armoire to change into your school uniform. When you've changed your clothes, you'll be introduced to Gary and Femme Boy --er-- Pete Kowalski. After all the pleasantries have been exchanged, you are shown the book on your desk where you can save your game. You'll now see that the next mission has been unlocked on your map and you can begin your sentence --um-- term at Bullworth Academy. 2. This Is Your School -- Unlocks video game "Future Street Race 2165" in rec room Unlocks mission 'Get To Class' Head back to the main school building and enter the yellow marker at the front door to start this mission. Once inside you'll be prompted to follow Gary around the school, where he'll show you the fine arts necessary to your survival at Bullworth. Your first lesson will be in how to beg for your life with Russell. Follow the onscreen instructions to whine your way out of a beat down and give Russell a dollar to leave you alone. Once that is accomplished, you'll get your first lesson in lockpicking. You're going to break into Russell's locker and steal his hat. Using the left analog stick, rotate it around as the arrows indicate on the padlock icon that appears on the right side of your screen. As with a real lock, the second arrow will want you to rotate the dial a full turn before finally stopping for the second part of the code. Complete the puzzle, and Russell's locker will open and give you access to Russell's hat. You will take it automatically and instantly be treated to your first lesson in prefect evasion. Gary will distract the prefect while you run to a trash can to climb in and hide. Hide in here until your trouble meter (yellow indicator around the right side of your mini map) goes down. Once it's down, climb back out of the trash can and take off to find Gary again. Now he's going to take you down to meet Eunice. Eunice is the freaky fat chick that has had her choclates stolen, and she would appreciate it if you would get them back. Follow the marker on your yellow map to find the nerd hiding in the bathroom eating the choclates. Follow the onscreen instructions to humiliate the nerd and make him drop the choclates. When he does, pick them up and take them back to Eunice. When you give them back to her, she treats you to a little (read: nauseating) make out session which, while disturbing, does good things for your health, as the health it gives you extends beyond the normal 100% mark on your health meter. When Eunice is done expressing her gratitude, you're once again prompted to follow Gary to the cafeteria, where you'll get your lesson on the social cliques of Bullworth Academy. The end of this lesson finds you standing automatically at the beginning of the next task . . . . 3. Get To Class Unlocks mission 'The Setup' Unlocks English, Chemistry, Art and Gym classes A clock appears in the upper left hand corner of your screen and you are instructed to get to your class, indicated by an orange bell on your mini map, by 9:30. This shouldn't be too difficult since the class is located just down the hall from where you are standing. You get your instructions here that classes go from 9:00 to 11:30 am and 1:00 to 3:30pm. Missing classes given during these times is considered truancy and should you decide to do this, avoid prefects at all costs. Enter the orange marker to begin your first Chemistry class. This is a simple mini game of "match the buttons". If you've played GTA: San Andreas, this is exactly like the "dancing" found in that game that you had to do with your girlfriends on the dates. As a button icon passes through the box on the bottom of the screen press the corresponding button on your controller. Match them sufficiently, and you pass the class and this mission is over. You can now make fire- crackers with the chem set in your dorm room. You also have a new save point on the desk in the main office of the school building. ****AT THIS POINT*** You have now officially entered what you will consider to be the "free roam" portion of the game. From here you can search for items, go to the next mission, go play the video game in the dorm, search for errands or simply wait around for 1:00 to attend your next class. All classes from this point forward will be covered in the "Classes" section of this walkthrough. ******************** 4. The Setup -- Available 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Unlocks weapon Slingshot Unlocks mission "Slingshot" Bully Respect -5 You've been seen by a bully named Davis, talking to Dr. Crabblesnitch and now the bully thinks you're a brown noser. He pops you in the head with his slingshot and takes off. Take off after him. You will have a hard time keeping up with him, but don't worry about that too much. Just follow him as best you can and deal with the adversaries that come your way. You'll run into your first enemy as you approach the closing gate of the auto shop. Follow the onscreen instructions during this fight, and you'll learn how to stuff your opponent into a trash can. Once he is defeated, open the gate to the auto shop by continuously pressing the triangle button and enter. Inside, you'll encounter another bully. Take him out before going to the yellow marker to open the garage door. When you open the garage door, you'll encounter yet another bully. Make him lie and cry as well before approaching the yellow marker to open the last garage door. When you open this door, you'll be treated to two bullies that gang up on you. If your health is low, at least one of the bullies you took down on your way here should have dropped a soda so you could improve your health. Take out these two and you have one final fight to deal with. Davis is up on a raised area shooting at you with his slingshot. You can't get to him because as you approach, he knocks the ladder down. All is not lost. Run around this area avoiding Davis' shots. You'll find items here that you can pick up and throw, specifically trash can lids if you kick the trash cans and knock them off, or my personal favorite, bricks. Manage to pick up three bricks and hit Davis with them and he'll come tumbling off his perch, defeated. This mission ends and you have claimed the slingshot. 5. The Slingshot -- Available 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Unlocks mission 'Save Algie' Unlocks mission 'A Little Help' Nerd Respect +5 You can find this mission in the hallway of the boys dorm, and starting it brings you to a cut scene where Gary is describing to Pete his plan to take over the school. When the scene ends and Pete sits on the couch trying to soothe his testicles, you have to follow Gary across campus to prove your skill with the slingshot. You follow him over to the eastern side of the main school building to an old abandoned school bus. Gary asks you to bust out all of the windows. This task is simple enough, just hold L1 and tap R1 to fire the slingshot (It helps to have it equipped. Scroll through your weapon inventory with L2 and R2 to equip it). There is no need to let go of L1 as when a window is broken, you will automatically aim at the next available window. This part should take 10 seconds . . . if you're slow. When you're done with the bus, it's time to follow Gary again, this time to the northern part of campus to the football field. We're going to do a little work with moving targets. When you get to the football field, go to where the yellow marker indicates and climb the tree according to the on screen instructions. When you are seated comfortably on the branch, use L1 to start targeting the unsuspecting football players. Hold the R2 button before releasing to boost the power of your shot. Doing this will take down the football players in no more than 1 or 2 shots. When all the football players have been knocked out, you've completed the mission. 6. A Little Help -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks 'Hobo Training Missions' Enter the marker in the boys dorm to start this mission and be treated to the cut scene with Pete and Gary arguing about Gary's general attitude. When the argument is over, follow Pete and Gary to the abandoned school bus that you busted the windows out of in the previous mission. Enter the door of the bus and walk through it to the area behind the bus to enter the place that the hobo lives. When you enter the area, the cut scene will begin and Gary will use his usual charm on the hobo. After finding out about the hobo's Korean War escapades, he'll tell you to help him find the parts he needs for his radio and that if you do, he'll teach you some of those "Army moves" to help you with your fighting. When you regain control you'll see that you have a new mark on your mini map. The transistor you need is on the roof of a building near the auto shop. Run that way and try to avoid fights along the way. When you get to the new yellow marker, you'll be prompted to climb the ladder to the roof. When you get up there, the transistor will be sitting there waiting for you to claim it. Grab it and head back to the hobo. When you get there, you will give the hobo the part and he will teach you your first new move, the uppercut. Lesson learned, mission over and you now have access to the 'Hobo Training Missions'. There are 5 more of these parts scattered about, and when you find them, you can bring them back to the hobo to learn new moves. For the locations of all of the transistors, see 'Transistors' in the 'Collectibles' section of this guide. 7. Save Algie -- Available 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Unlocks mission 'That Bitch' if 'A Little Help' is also completed Unlocks mission 'Defend Bucky' if 'A Little Help' is also completed Reward $5 Bully respect -10 Nerd respect +5 Head to the main doors of the Library to activate this mission. You find an unpleasantly plump young man who doesn't zip his fly here who needs an escort to keep from getting beat up. You convince him that $5 would be the appropriate price to escort him where he needs to go. You run into your first sign of trouble right after you leave the library. A bully comes running at Algie and you need to stop him before Algie gets beat up. Algie has a health meter on the right side of the screen below your mini map. If it runs out, the mission is failed. Take care of that bully and there will be two more before you get to the main doors of the school which is where you are headed. Don't let these two beat up Algie either. Prefects don't seem to be anywhere in the area, so getting rid of the bullies shouldn't be too much of a problem. Get Algie to the front doors, and as you found out during the trek to the school, you need to get him to a bathroom before he wets himself. When you enter the main school building, your marker is now on the bathroom in the back corner of the school. Head there and Algie will enter a stall to relieve himself. Eunice and another student will exit the stall next to him and this will alert two bullies outside the bathroom. Take care of these guys however you see fit, and if you haven't had the opportunity to try it yet, shove them in one of the other stalls and give them a Swirlie using the on screen instructions. When these two are taken care of and Algie has finished his business, you will get a new marker to take him to his locker a couple of halls down from the bathroom. Escort him there and the mission will be complete and you'll earn your $5. 8. Defend Bucky -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks skateboard Unlocks mission 'The Candidate' if mission 'That Bitch' is also complete You can find this mission in the boys dorm prior to 11:00 pm. Algie tells you that Bucky has gone to the auto shop to gather some parts for a school project and he hasn't come back yet. Gary uses his awesome powers of persuasion to convince you that you need to go and rescue Bucky. You head out the doors of the dorm and head for the auto shop on the east side of campus. You notice as you run that Bucky's health meter has appeared on the right side of the screen and from the looks of it, Bucky's already getting his skinny ass kicked, so don't waste any time. When you get there, you find two bullies beating up on Bucky and one of them has a bat. Take care of the one with the bat first. You can grapple with the bully and take his bat and use it against him, or you can simply beat him up before he gets a chance to use the bat, in which case you can pick it up and use it on the other bully. When they are defeated and you enter into the area with the garage, two more bullies appear and again one of them has a bat. They head straight for Bucky, so take care of them quickly in the same manner you took care of the first two. When those two are done for, you'll lift the garage door at the yellow marker for Bucky so he can get the parts he needs. Once he has them, you now have to escort Bucky out of the auto shop area, so go out the way you came in. You'll not be surprised to find that you will meet up with two bullies on your way out, one of whom will of course have a bat. These two seem more interested in you than in Bucky, so take care of them using the techniques you have learned thus far in the game. When they are out of the picture, go to the auto shop gate, which is now closed. The hobo will save the day by opening the gate for you. You have successfully completed the mission and Bucky rewards you by giving you his skateboard for your travelling pleasure. Ride around (if its not after curfew like it was for me) to get used to this piece of equipment. Completing this mission will trigger the "errand tutorial" back at the boys dorm, so head that way if you're ready for that. 9. That Bitch -- Available 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Unlocks Beatrice as a girlfriend Unlocks Alternate Task 'The Diary' Unlocks mission 'The Candidate' if mission 'Defend Bucky' is also complete Health Bonus kiss from Beatrice This mission is pretty simple, but requires a little trespassing to get it started. Head to the girls dorm and enter through the front door. As soon as you are inside, you will see that you are already under watch for trespassing. Fortunately you only have to go just a tiny bit down the hall to your left to trigger the mission. You see that Beatrice, a rather homely girl is being harassed by a cheerleader named Mandy and Mandy has taken her notes. The future of the entire world is in your hands as you are tasked with getting the notes back from the cheerleader . . .or you can not do it and have the whole school think you're a perverted stalker, so your decision is pretty easy here. Even if you are a perverted stalker, you still don't want it going around as that takes all the fun out of it. When you regain control you're instructed to go to the gym. Go there and enter and your new marker will appear downstairs in the girls locker room. You have to break into Mandy's locker to steal the notes back. Follow the on screen instructions to open the lock and grab the notes. As you do, a prefect will spot you both trespassing and breaking & entering, so it's best to get the hell out of there before you get snagged and fail the mission. Escape the gym without getting caught and get rid of the heat from the prefects and all you have left to do is go to the new marker on your map and return the notes to Beatrice. When you do, Beatrice will give you a kiss and become one of your girlfriends and from this point on you can give her gifts and kiss her for health boosts beyond your 100% max. 10. The Candidate -- Available 8:00 am to 6:30 pm Unlocks Super Slingshot Unlocks mission 'Halloween' Reward $10 Jock respect -5 Nerd respect +5 You can find this mission inside the school building after you have completed both 'That Bitch' and 'Defend Bucky'. It seems that Earnest wants to be the President and he's going to need your help defending himself his upcoming election speech as this opening cut scene plainly shows. He wants you to work as security, and since money talks, you agree to do so. Once you regain control, you need to head upstairs to the yellow marker, where you'll find yourself outside the AV Room. Enter and you'll be on a balcony above the auditorium looking down on Earnest's speech. Earnest's health meter will now appear on the right side of the screen and you will automatically enter "scope mode" with the Super Slingshot. It's pretty simple from here on out. When the jocks come in to give Earnest grief, take them out with a shot. One shot is all it takes, but sometimes they come out 2 or 3 at a time. Hit them before they hit Earnest with whatever it is they happen to be throwing and they'll run away. Keep an eye on the radar, and you'll be able to see them coming. At one point, the school mascot will run onto the stage to harass Earnest and this should be the only bully that requires multiple hits to take down. Keep them all away and if Earnest finishes his speech before his health meter runs dry, the mission is successfully completed and you can head back to the dorm to start the mission 'Halloween'. 11. Halloween -- Unlocks Skeleton Costume Unlocks mission 'Help Gary' Unlocks side mission 'The Big Prank' Unlocks side mission 'Character Sheets' When you get back to the dorm, you'll find Gary lying on your bed in a military uniform. He'll tell you he's left a costume in your closet for you. Step into the marker by your closet to change clothes and start this mission. This mission has some really cool features to it that you need to be aware of before you begin to get under way. First of all, time is at this point standing still. The clock in the upper left corner of your screen disappears and you don't have to worry about making it to bed on time or precepts or anything. All the precepts are at a party and there will be none to be found anywhere. Feel free to use this time to enter the main school building and break into lockers at will, because nobody will be there to bust you. You will also notice that spread around the campus there are pumpkins glowing brightly in celebration of the holiday. To be precise, there are 27 pumpkins and smashing all 27 of them will award you with a secret surprise. In addition to the pumpkins, you will also notice tombstones on various pieces of grass about the campus as well. 19 tomb- stones in all. Again, destroying all 19 tombstones rewards you with yet another secret. After completing this mission, and the holiday is over, these items will be put away and stored in the basement of the main school building where you can get to them later if you choose not to get them at this time. Your time is unlimited here, so you might as well. For further information on the pumpkins and tombstones, please see the "Extras and Secrets" section of this walkthrough. If for some reason, Gary and Pete get taken out of the picture during the course of your campus wide vandalism spree, fear not, because they don't need to be with you to complete 'Halloween'. --On to the mission itself. . .Spread about campus are six students that want you to play pranks for them. These students are indicated on your mini map by a blue "X". In the bottom right corner of your screen you will see that the number of pranks you need to complete only amounts to five, so you won't have to do all of them. Simply find the student in need, target them with L1 and then press "X" to accept they prank they ask of you. Each student will provide you with the necessary "tool of malice" required to complete the prank. The pranks are as follows: Put a "Kick Me" sign on a student -- simple enough, with the "Kick Me" sign in hand, creep up behind ANY student, target him with L1 and press the square button to slap the sign on his back. Watch with glee as the student gets kicked, and you get credit for having completed a prank. Throw Itching Powder at three students -- Very simple, and you barely have to move. With the Itching Powder armed, simply target a student with L1 and push the R1 button to throw it at them. They itch, you laugh and you move on to the next. Egg three students -- See above prank. Same thing, just with eggs and without the itch. Trip one student with marbles -- Once again, pretty much the same concept as the above two pranks, only you only have to do it to one student. Hit three students with Stink Bombs -- Yeah, I know, the concept is getting a little tiresome now, isn't it? Light Volcano 4000 near some students -- Ok, well, at least this one is a little different. Find two or three students standing around and walk up to them with this little beauty in your hand. Light and drop it near the students using the on screen instructions. The students will "OOOOOHH" and "AAAAH" at the pretty fireworks, and when it's done, it will explode and knock them all on their ass. Pretty funny. When you have completed any 5 of the above pranks, the mission is complete and your clock returns to the upper left hand corner of your screen. **IMPORTANT!!** Completing this mission unlocks two side missions, 'The Big Prank' and 'Character Sheets'. Of those two, 'The Big Prank' is ONLY available on Halloween night, so if you choose to skip it and go back to the dorm and go to bed, it will be lost forever and you can not go back and do it later. It is NOT . . .let me repeat, NOT required to get 100% completion in the game, however when the clock reappears on the screen after completing 'Halloween', it is only 9:00 pm and 'The Big Prank' is a very short, very easy mission should you decide to do it for the giggle. I did it on the first time through and was back in my dorm room getting ready for bed at 10:00 pm. 12. Help Gary -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks mission 'Russell In The Hole' Gary hasn't been taking his medicine, and his ADHD is in full swing. He's got a plan that will help the two of you take over the whole school and all you've got to do is follow him. When you regain control, follow Gary across campus to the parking lot with the abandoned bus near the Auto Shop. There you will be met by three bullies with red arrows over their heads. Gary has a health meter on the right side of the screen and you need to take care of these three before his health runs out. If you can, lure this battle to a secluded part of the parking lot to avoid the eyes of the prefects that patrol the area around the main school building. Gary is of very little help in this fight, so use the moves you have learned so far to take care of these three. While Gary doesn't seem to be of much help, his health does not seem to decrease very quickly, so if you are seen by the prefects, don't be afraid to take off on a skateboard and find a trashcan to hide in to reduce some of the heat. When these three bullies are taken care of, you'll be instructed to meet Gary by the doors to the basement, which is just across the walkway from where the fight originated and will be indicated with a yellow marker. Go there and enter the basement. When you enter the basement, you can break up some crates to find sodas and weapons to help you out if you took a beating during the fight. You now have to make your way through the basement by flipping switches to open doors. Head to the indicator to flip the first switch and open the first door and go through. In the next room, you'll notice that the switch is behind a fence with an area that is in disrepair. climb over the fence in that area and flip this next switch. Climb back out and head through the newly opened door. In this third room you'll find that the switch is inside a gated area with no usable point of entry, however, the window on the door is broken, so break out your trusty slingshot, enter scope mode and nail that switch through the window. On to the next room. Once again, in this fourth room, the switch will be inside a fenced area. Look around the bottom of the fence and you'll soon find a spot where you can crawl under the fence. Do so, flip the switch and head out the new door. You'll now find yourself in the furnace room, and if you didn't find all the pumpkins during the 'Halloween' mission, this is where you will now find them stored. Take care of what you need to take care of, then we've got to turn off the steam so you can pass through the final doorway. Look around on the walls and locate a fire extinguisher. Grab the extinguisher and head over to the furnace. Aim at the fire and cool it down until the steam stops pouring over the doorway, when it does, run through the door quickly before the steam starts again. You'll now find yourself in the sewers. Follow Gary down the hall and into a large sewage pit with a high fence around it. When you enter the yellow marker, this mission is complete, and the next one automatically begins. . . 13. Russell In The Hole -- Unlocks Chapter II Unlocks mission 'Hattrick vs Galloway' Unlocks mission 'Last Minute Shopping' Nerd respect +5 Bully respect +100 The whole thing has been a trap, and your "buddy" Gary has lured you here to fight with Russell, the biggest, meanest bully on campus. Being that this is the final mission in Chapter I, you know right away that this isn't going to be an easy fight. When the fight begins, Russell's health meter is put at the top of the screen, surely because it is way to freakin' long to put on the right side like the rest of them have been. This fight is tough, but Russell has some weak spots and it's important to figure out what those are as early as possible. Here are some DO's and DONT's to get you through: DONT let Russell grab you, get yourself free as quickly as possible if he does. DONT let Russell hit you with his charge attack. He will slam you into the Wall and do serious damage to you. DONT try to do more than 2 or 3 combo attacks on him. He will soon block you and knock you down. DONT attempt charge attacks, he wont give you the time to pull them off. DONT try any weapons aside from firecrackers, they won't work. DO use firecrackers. They do decent damage to him. DO dodge his charge attacks. This will cause him to slam into the wall and stun himself, at which point you can beat him stupid. (stupider?) DO throw a firecracker at him after he's stunned himself on the wall. Survive this battle as the winner, and you'll watch the cutscene in which Gary then makes fun of both you and Russell. Gary will leave and you will make peace with Russell and earn the respect of the bullies. At this point, you have completed Chapter I and the front gates of Bullworth Academy open so you can further explore. *****B. Side Missions***** 1. Hobo Training Missions -- These training missions are unlocked after you have completed the mission 'A Little Help' and the concept for the remaining five of them are the same. Find a transistor at one of the locations (see maps and locations section for the specific areas they can be found) and bring it back to the hobo that lives behind the abandoned bus. When you do, he'll teach you a new fighting move. You received the Charged Uppercut for doing the first mission in the main storyline. The next 5 are: Training Mission 2: Leg Sweep Training Mission 3: Heavy Kick Training Mission 4: 5-Hit Combo Training Mission 5: Roundhouse Kick Training Mission 6: Overhead Punch 2. The Diary -- Available 7 pm to 11 pm Reward $20 Reward Health Bonus kiss from Beatrice If you've completed 'That Bitch', you can find this alternate task on the front steps of the girls dorm. Once again, Beatrice has lost her words of wisdom, only this time it is in the form of her diary which will become public domain as soon as Mr. Hattrick turns it over to the principal in the morning. Unfortunately for you, it would seem that she has described what a wonderful, caring and sensitive man you are in her diary. Knowing full well that you can't let information like that get out, you agree to break into the now closed school and steal back the diary. When you regain control, hop on your skateboard and head for the back (north) side of the school. In the center of the building, there is a raised porch area that has a piece of the railing missing. You can hop up here by hitting the circle button. When you're up there, walk to the front of the trellis and you will be prompted to climb up to the second floor. Once you're up there, there will be a yellow marker where you will be prompted to open the window and climb in to the darkened school. Once you're inside the school, you have to keep a close eye out for the prefects, as it's after hours and you are now trespassing. The prefects and their range of vision is shown on your mini map, and you should find it fairly easy to make your way around the building without being seen if you pay attention to the mini map. The prefects are also easier for you to spot from a distance because they are carrying flashlights that you can see from far away. Make your way to the yellow marker that is there on the second floor with you. This is the math room. When you get there, try the door. You will find it to be locked and your marker will now change to another place down on the first floor. Head towards it, avoiding the prefects. When you get there, you will find you are at the Staff Room, and this door is open, so you can walk right in. Go to the desk in the far corner of the room and retrieve the diary. You are given the opportunity to read it at this point, so do so if you care. You find that Beatrice's description of what she had written in there was quite a bit understated . . .but on the other hand, sounds like she might be up for the naked mattress mombo. When you're done reading, simply head for the nearest exit back out onto the school grounds. Stroll off to meet Beatrice back at the girls dorm (where you left her). When you get there, you return the diary and she presents you with a kiss and $20 for your efforts. 3. The Big Prank -- Available 9:00 pm to 1:00 am HALLOWEEN NIGHT ONLY! Unlocks Red Ninja Costume This mission is found near the entrance to Harrington House on the west side of the map, to the north of the Library. Gary wants to have a little fun with Mr. Burton, who is in the Teacher's Lounge. Follow Gary, who is chasing Chester the dog into the grassy area just outside of Harrington Hall. He is trying to feed Chester some rancid meat. Chester's owner, Chad sees what is going on and runs to try to stop Gary. Simply keep Chad from getting to Gary, or if he gets to him, pull him off . . .either way, beat up Chad and take him out and Gary will successfully give the dog the rancid meat. This of course will make the dog not feel so good and right before your eyes, the dog will take a vile crap. Fortunately for you, Gary will put the crap into a paper bag, and then hand it to you. Now off you go to the main school building. As you come up behind the school building, enter the door on the left side, this way as soon as your inside, the Teacher's Lounge will be right there to your left. Walk up to the marker at the door and you'll be prompted to place the bag on the floor. Gary will set the bag ablaze and you will need to run to the wall behind you and pull the fire alarm. Mr. Burton will come out, stomp the bag and you will watch with glee as he splatters himself with rancid meat dog crap. Mission is complete and you are awarded your Ninja Costume, but beware when your celebration screen has passed and you continue, Mr. Burton will be chasing your ass out of the building, so you best get the hell out of there and keep on runnin' after you've left the building. Once you've lost him, you might as well head on back to the dorm because there just won't be a whole lot more you can do tonight. 4. Character Sheets -- Available 8:00 am to 9:00 pm Reward $10 Step into this marker outside the Library, and you'll be introduced to Melvin. Melvin has had his Grotto's and Gremlins character sheets stolen and he is willing to pay you $10 and the pick of his -ahem- wenches to get them back. You can always use the cash, so you opt to help him out. The locations of the four theives is now indicated on your mini map with yellow "X"'s, so head to the closest one right next to the library. Hop over the wall and two bullies will be standing there. They explain the rules of their little game "I'll kick you in the nuts, then you kick me in the nuts" and of course they start the game without warning. Press triangle quickly and repeatedly to get back up. When you do, the bully will drop the cards and run off. Grab them, beat up the other bully if you feel the need, then head off to the next closest marker right outside the Library archway. This guy is a pain in the ass, in that he runs away as soon as you approach, and now you have to chase his very fast butt all over campus. You can try the slingshot, but this guy likes to run near prefects in an effort to get you in trouble and make this chase more difficult. On occasion, he stops to catch his breath, and if you're quick enough, you might be able to lock onto him with the slingshot and hit him with a charged shot, but again, he tends to stop near a prefect. Eventually he'll run and hide behind some steps at the back of the main school building. He seems to stay there long enough to let you catch up and when you do, just let loose on him and don't let him get away. Beat him down and take back those character sheets. If necessary, find yourself a trashcan to hide in to get rid of the heat from the prefects. At this point, you're probably closest to the Auto Shop, so head in there. When you arrive at the Auto Shop, there will be two bullies here that need a beat down to get the Character sheets back, although you only need to beat up the one with the sheet to get it back. Sometimes a Nerd will step in to help you with the battle. Beat up the one bully or both, but get the sheet and get out of there. The last bully can be found on the north side of the boys dorm. By far the easiest one of all, he is standing with his back to you antagonizing a nerd. Whip out the Super Slingshot from a distance, scope sight him and zoom in on his head. Charge your shot and he's down for the count and the last character sheet is yours. All you have to do now is take the sheets back to Melvin and claim your $10. As of this writing, I'm still waiting for my wench. 5. Keep Ups -- Available 11:30 am to 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm Reward double money bet This game is found at the west end of the bleachers on the football field (blue marker). This is what I have termed a "persistant mini game. It is not like a regular mission because even when you complete it successfully, it will still be there if you want to come back and do it again later to earn more money. The task is pretty simple but you have to be quick to respond. The object is to keep the ball in the air using your feet, knees, head or whatever (except your hands). When the game begins, you will have two icons on the bottom of the screen representing your analog sticks. An arrow will present itself next to one of the icons to indicate which direction you should push the stick to make Jimmy keep the ball up. It is important that you focus on the icons on the bottom of the screen, NOT on Jimmy if you want to be successful at this game. If you can do that, you should have no problem winning this game on a regular basis and making your- self lots of money. 6. Penalty Shots -- Available 11:30 am to 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm Reward double money bet You can find this game outside the gym on the basketball court (blue marker). This is what I have termed a "persistant mini game". It is not like a regular mission because even when you complete it successfully, it will still be there if you want to come back and do it again later to earn more money. The task is simple. You are given 5 soccer balls and a student against a brick wall. The student will run back and forth across the wall taunt you. There is a blue "x" on the wall, which for all intents and purposes is your aiming reticle. By pushing the analog stick the reticle will begin to move. It's movement is rather erratic and moving the analog stick further will effect the general direction of the reticle, but it will not precisely control it. Watch the student and wait for him to stop to taunt you further. When the blue reticle passes over him, hit the "x" button on your controller and you will kick a soccer ball at the student. If the student doesn't move and the reticle is on the student, you will hit him and damage his health. Hit the student three times, or once in the head and you will have won the game and earned double the amount that you bet at the beginning of the game. Lose and you'll lose whatever you bet. If you are good at this game, this is a good way to make a lot of money if you need it. *********************************************************** I. Chapter II: Rich Kid Blues *********************************************************** *****A. Main Story Missions***** 1. Last Minute Shopping -- Available 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Unlocks side mission 'Paper Route' Unlocks side mission 'Lawn Mowing' Unlocks mission 'Prep Challenge' if 'Hattrick vs Galloway' is complete Unlocks mission 'Movie Tickets' if 'Hattrick vs Galloway' is complete Reward $15 You can find this mission near Edna the lunch lady in the cafeteria of the main school building. If you can make it through the opening cut scene for this mission without gagging, when you regain control you're prompted to go get Edna's bike, which is suitable if you haven't unlocked one of your own. In my case, I had passed the first Shop class, so I skateboarded around the garage by the abandoned bus and grabbed my bike. If you haven't received this bike yet, just skateboard up to the front gate and you'll find Edna's just outside the gate in the bike rack. At that point, check your map for the three stops you have to make in Bullworth Town. They're all pretty close together and you should have no problem getting to all of them in the time you are given. There is a red ring around your clock that is draining down as time passes. Run out of time before you get back and the mission is failed. Plan your very simple route out on your map and head off to the stores. The first stop I made was to "Worn In". It's the clothing store and it is the one furthest to the east on the map. Go inside and to the back of the store and grab the bag of laundry indicated by the arrow. It is not recommended that you take the time to stop and shop at this time. Head back out and go around the block to either the "Yum Yum Market" or "The Happy Mullet". It doesn't matter which as they are right across the street from each other. In both cases, just enter the store and grab the required item that is indicated by the arrow and head back out. When you have all three items, you are prompted to go to the bus stop which is supposedly the quickest way back to school. At this point, I still had more than half of my time left, so I chose not to take the bus and just ride my bike back to school. As soon as you get across the bridge, you are told to take the items to Edna. Ride on through the gate and back to the main school building. When I got to the door, I still had a considerable amount of time left, so I'm not quite sure what purpose the bus would have served me except that I would have had to ride my skateboard from the gate to the school building. Head on inside and back to see Edna and the mission is complete. Cherish your $15. 2. Hattrick vs Galloway -- Available 8:00 am to 6:30 pm Unlocks Camera Unlocks Photography Class Unlocks mission 'Prep Challenge' if 'Last Minute Shopping' is complete Unlocks mission 'Movie Tickets' if 'Last Minute Shopping' is complete Head to the English classroom in the main school building to start this mission. It seems your English teacher, Mr. Galloway has been busted by Mr. Hattrick for drinking on the job (You knew there was a reason you liked that guy!). Now Galloway wants you to gather up the liquor bottles he's hidden around the building before Hattrick gets a chance to turn him in. There are 3 of them and they're all pretty close by, so head on over to the cafeteria to grab the first one. Go into the back of the cafeteria and into the kitchen and all the way to the back corner. You'll find the first bottle on the floor there, indicated by an arrow. When you've got that, head up to the girls bathroom on the second floor. You're trespassing in here, so get the bottle in the very last stall and get the hell out of there as quick as possible and lose any heat you picked up from the prefects. When all is clear, head over to the trophy case outside the main office. Take a quick peek at the case and you'll see the bottle inside one of the panes of glass. Whip out the slingshot, bust the glass, grab the bottle and beat feet out the front door. Lose any heat you've got and head over to Ms Phillips who will be standing outside the door of the abandoned school bus on the east side of the main building. You'll get a camera for your efforts, the right to take Photography class and although I thought for a minute that Ms. Phillips was looking much hotter than I remembered from Art class, that feeling went away when she climbed on to the bus for a rather disturbing looking meet with the hobo. *shiver* 3. Prep Challenge -- Available 8:00 am to 1:00 am Unlocks Beach Clubhouse (Save Point) Unlocks mission 'The Eggs' This mission is found inside the Old Bullworth Vale Gym. Enter the gym and you may notice that there are two markers, a blue one and a red one. The red one starts this mission, however the blue one starts the 'Boxing Challenge' and I strongly recommend you complete the Boxing Challenge before starting this mission. Completing all 4 levels of the Boxing Challenge will increase the power of your punches, making this mission much easier. For details on the Boxing Challenge, see the section referring to it in the Side Missions section of this chapter. On to the mission . . .You are going to fight against three of the Preps, Chad, Justin and Parker, in that order. It's a simple boxing match and all punching moves you have learned up to this point either through the hobo training or gym class will work in defeating your opponent. If you completed the 'Boxing Challenge' tasks, you should have no problem defeating all three opponents. During the match, there will be a health meter for both you and your opponent at the top of the screen and all you have to do is drain your opponents health before he drains yours. Do this for all three and the mission is complete and you quickly find out that the Preps screw you out of the million dollar home you are supposed to win and give you a house down by the beach instead. It's still a pretty cool place with a bed to sleep in, a video game, armoire to change your clothes in and a save point. Head over and check it out when you get done with this. 4. The Eggs -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks eggs available at save houses and stores Unlocks The Carnival Unlocks mission 'Race The Vale' if 'Carnival Date' is completed Prep respect -10 This mission is found in the Old Bullworth Vale Gym. When you enter the gym, head up the stairs to your left and a Prep at the top of the stairs will tell you that you aren't dressed properly to enter. Head back out of the gym and there will be a new yellow marker a block or so away from the gym. It's the clothing store that caters to the preps, so head there and go inside and purchase the Aquaberry Vest for $17.50. Once you have the vest, head back to the gym and back up the stairs and you will be allowed to start the mission. The Preps want to get back at Hattrick for trying to get Galloway fired for drinking on the job. Tad wants you to run to the store and grab some eggs so you can egg Hattrick's house. Head out of the gym and across the street to the Yum Yum Market and buy yourself a dozen eggs. When you have the eggs, there will be a new yellow marker indicating Tad's house, so head there. When you arrive you find (via cut scene) that the Preps no longer want to enlist your help. Instead, with a little encouragement from Gary, they now want to kick your ass. The task now is to escape Tad's yard. They have closed all the gates and have you locked in, so avoiding the eggs being thrown at you and the Preps that are chasing you, head for the east side of the yard. There is a gate there and a Prep guard- ing that gate that has a red arrow over his head. THAT Prep has a key. Use all of your fighting skills to take down this prep and retrieve the key. Once you have it, stand in the marker at the gate and let yourself out. The mission ends when you run out into the street, unfortunately that does not mean the Preps will stop chasing you, so the best bet here would just be to whip out the skateboard and get the hell out of Dodge. Mission complete. 5. Movie Tickets -- Available 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Unlocks mission 'Carnival Date' Reward $15 Prep respect -5 You can find this mission at the movie theater in Old Bullworth Vale. You approach to find Preppy chick Pinky in line to buy her tickets. She's not first in line, but she's a snotty bitch and thinks she should be so she wants you to clear out the line. The first person you'll take care of is Gordo. You're going to steal his bike to draw him away. His bike will be indicated by a yellow marker, so grab it, hop on and take off. You won't have to go too far before you can return to continue the mission, but you may have to hide for a few moments to lose any heat you may have aquired as a result of the theft. When the coast is clear, return to the theater and take care of the next obstacle; Eunice. You learned real early in the game what Eunice likes,so if you don't have any, head around the corner to the store and grab some choclates. Bring them back to Eunice and you'll have to take her to a secluded area around the corner so she can suck on your face for a bit and Eunice will no longer be an issue for the movie line. Head back to the theater and the last two subject will be the easiest ones to handle yet. You see, Trent and Kirby are here ON A DATE! They don't want to be seen, so all you have to do for them is walk up to them and they will run away. That's it, mission complete and Pinky thanks you with the gift of cash. 6. Carnival Date -- Available 4:30 pm to 11:00 pm Unlocks Pinky as a girlfriend Unlocks side mission 'Panty Raid' Unlocks mission 'Race The Vale' if 'The Eggs' is completed. Head back over to the movie theater to find this mission. You'll give Pinky some flowers and find out that her date for the evening is running late. We'll ignore the fact that the date is her cousin and we'll snatch her away. She tells you to meet her at the Carnival. If you were smart, you showed up for this mission on a bike, so hop on it and head toward the new yellow marker on the map because you are timed (because Pinky hates it when you're late). Use your map and plan out a shortcut to make this trip as quickly as possible. When you arrive at the Carnival, you'll have to go up to the booth and purchase a ticket to enter for $1. Do so and head in through the gate. The timer stops when you're inside. You meet up with Pinky once you're in, and she wants you to win her a teddy bear. The teddy bear is in the Souvenier Tent and it costs 10 tickets, which you must win by playing various games around the carnival. There are 4 different games you can play which are outlined in "Carnival Games" in the side mission section of this chapter. The easiest game by far is "High Striker", which will be straight ahead and to the left past the Souvenier Tent. It's just a button masher game and you can play it as many times as your cash flow will allow, so do it a few times and rack up your 10 tickets. When you have all the tickets, head back to the Souvenier Tent and enter. In here you can look at all the items for sale, but you can only buy the teddy bear at this point, so buy it and head back out. When you exit the tent, walk up to Pinky with the teddy bear and your mission is successfully completed. 7. Race The Vale -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks mission 'Beach Rumble' Reward $15 Prep respect -10 You can find this mission in the hallway back in the boys dorm. Petey seems a little depressed and lonely, so we're going to follow him over into Old Bullworth Vale on the BMX bike provided outside the dorm. He'll lead you, or you'll follow the yellow marker to the starting point of a bike race on the beach near your most recently aquired save house. As soon as you get close to the start point, the race will begin. The race goes all the way around the outside edge of Old Bullworth Vale. It is important to note that you can punch your opponents while riding the bike as well as throw things at them, however I don't recommend doing it. Just keep tapping the "X" button and as long as your steering is true, they'll never get in front of you. They will be tossing eggs at you, but their aim really sucks, so it isn't much of a problem. The path is clearly marked with frequent yellow markers, so you shouldn't worry about getting lost. Just tap away at that "X" button and you should return back around to the starting point the victor in no time. When you do, you are told you can pick up your trophy at the Shiny Bike shop just across the road from the beach. 8. Beach Rumble -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks Bike Races Unlocks side mission 'Weed Killer' Unlocks mission 'Tad's House' Prep respect -10 When you go to the Shiny Bike to pick up your trophy, you'll find you have no choice but to start this mission in order to go inside. A greaser named Ricky is inside talking to the owner about buying a bike and the conver- sation stops so you can be presented with your trophy. The presentation is disrupted by some Preps that enter the store. They steal your trophy and run out the door. You take off after them and Ricky tags along to help you out. Head across the street and down the stairs to the beach and go toward your save house. At this point, you can whip out your slingshot and go into scope mode as you approach the door of your save house. When you get close, Preps will start coming out the door to come after you. Get as many as you can with the slingshot, and take care of the rest by hand or whatever other means works for you in these fights. Make sure Ricky doesn't get beat up or you will fail the mission. One of the final Preps to come out will be Gord, and he's the one that has your trophy. Finish him off to claim your trophy and complete the mission. You can now go to the Shiny Bike to sign up for the Bike Races. 9. Tad's House -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks mission 'Boxing Challenge' Reward $15 Prep respect -15 Go to the Yum Yum Market in Old Bullworth Vale to start this mission. When you do, you'll find Russell preparing to beat a store clerk to death. You'll talk him down and after some conversation you find that Tad's parents are not at home at the moment. You aquire some eggs and you and Russell take off for Tad's House. Most likely Russell will beat you there, but he'll be patiently waiting by the gate when you get there. Enter the blue marker to open the gate and go into the yard. You now have to throw an egg through each of the six open windows on Tad's house. All the windows are on the second floor. Equip your eggs and go into target mode. Put the reticle near the top of the window, charge the throw and let them rip. When an egg successfully makes it into the window, the window will close and you can move on. While you are doing this, Tad is sending Preps out into the yard to stop you. They may or may not come after you, but Russell seems to be very effective at keeping them away and on the ground. Russell does have a health meter, so don't let him get beat down, but from what I saw when I did this mission, I don't think it's going to be a real problem. When all six windows have had their breakfast, all that is left to do is get out of Tad's yard. Not too bad this time as he doesn't lock the gates on you, so just run out into the street and mission complete. Russell didn't have a scratch on him. The Preps will continue to attack after the mission is over, so beat them down or beat it out of there, either way. 10. Boxing Challenge -- Available 8:00 am to 1:00 am Unlocks Boxing Outfit Unlocks mission 'Dishonorable Fight' Find this mission at the yellow marker at the end of the pier near your newest save house. Pete recommends you take out the preps boxing champ, Bif Taylor in a public match. you think that's a great idea, so you head off to the Boxing Gym you have been to so often before. Enter the gym and Bif will accept the challenge. Again, if you haven't done the Boxing Challenges as described in the "Side Missions" section of this chapter, I strongly suggest that you do so. This is a boxing match just like all the others, but you only have to fight one guy this time. Bif is a good fighter, but if you've received all your upgrades and punching moves, he's no match for you and this match should be over in no time. Take him down and the mission is complete. . . . and the next mission automatically begins, and judging by what happened at the end of Chapter I, you know what that means . . . . 11. Dishonorable Fight -- Unlocks Chapter III Unlocks area New Coventry Unlocks side mission 'Cook's Crush' Unlocks side mission 'Nerd Challenge' Unlocks mission 'Jealous Johnny' Nerd respect +10 Prep respect +100 Derby's not happy about you taking down his man, Bif, and he thinks you need a beat-down for it. He gathers the Prep masses that are around to give it to you while he runs upstairs to the bar for a drink. As soon as you can, beat down the guys around you, or get away from them and run up the stairs and into the bar at the top. When you get there, you'll exchange some words with Derby and the fight is on. Notice that there are two sets of double doors in this room and each one has a large board beside it. As quickly as you can, run to these boards and repeatedly press the triangle button to drop the boards and lock the doors. When Derby starts getting beat, he'll call for backup, and if you've dropped the boards, they can't get in. Get that taken care of and focus your attention on Derby and anyone else that managed to squeeze in before you got the boards down. You should be one hell of a fighter by this point in the game, and if you can focus on only Derby and take him down as soon as possible, this mission, and this chapter of the game will be over. *****B. Side Missions***** 1. Panty Raid -- Available 7:00 pm to Midnight Reward $30 You can find this mission at the yellow marker outside the Come Hither adult bookstore in Bullworth Town. You spot the gym teacher, Mr. Burton exiting the store and approach him to find that he is just doing some "research". In doing this "research", it seems he hasn't had time to do all the things he needed to do around the school, to include "collect laundry" from the girls dorm. If you would be kind enough to collect this "laundry" for him and keep his research a secret, he would be glad to pay you for your efforts. You're of course, happy to do it so head back to Bullworth Academy and go to the girls dorm. On the north end of the dorm (to your right if you are looking at the front doors) there is a lattice that you can climb to get into the attic of the dorm. When you're up there, make your way to the other end of the attic to get to the stairs to head down to the second floor. You are not timed for this mission but you do need to keep an eye out for the house mother. She appears on your radar just like a prefect does and it will continuously show her field of vision. Some of the girls will scream and run at your presence, while others will just walk by you as if you belong there. Be careful of the screamers (that's the only time in my life I will ever say THAT) as they will alert the house mother. All of the five pairs of panties are on the second floor in various rooms as you make your way down the hall. You will find several armoires with a blue marker in front of them indicating places you can hide if you need to to escape the watchful eyes of the house mother. Make your way carefully down the hall and collect all five pairs of panties. When you have them all, panic will ensue as everyone realizes you are there, and for some reason, they must think you are hot because this causes them to pull the fire alarm. Only one thing left to do now and that's get the hell out of there. Run down the main staircase to the first floor and head straight for the front door. Don't hang around or the house mother will bust you. Get outside and find a place to lose the heat. Once the heat is gone, you can find Mr. Burton right outside the front gate of the school waiting for his laundry delivery. Give him the panties and claim your $30. 2. Weed Killer -- Available 8:00 am to 9:00 am, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm Reward $30 Find this mission at the yellow marker outside the door of the Biology Classroom on the second floor of the main school building. The biology teacher has a very rare and cherished Venus Flytrap derivative and for some reason, the Prep, Derby, has claimed a specimen for his collection from his father for the sole purpose of making the biology teacher look silly. Your task is to kill Derby's plant. Head out of the school building and stop by your dorm room to change into the Prep Aquaberry Vest. When you've got that on, grab a bike and head to the yellow marker in Old Bullworth Vale. You'll find yourself at the barbershop. Go inside and buy any of the stupid looking haircuts so that you can blend in with the Preps. When you are suitably Prepped (pun intended), hop back on your bike and back to campus. Go behind the main school building and turn left at the fountain to come to the front doors of Harrington House. Enter, and you'll be required to talk to Bif who is guarding the inner door. When he sees that you meet the dress code required to enter the building, he opens the doors and lets you in. Nothing outstanding here . . .just head up the stairs on the left side of that room. You can ignore everyone you pass on the way up to the plant. At the top of the stairs, go through the doorway on your right and follow the room around. Go out the open double doors at the other end of the room onto the balcony and turn left to find another set of stairs. Go up the stairs and head left into another set of open doors into a solarium full of plants. The target plant is (DUH) at the back of the room on an upper platform. Go up a short set of stairs on the left side of this platform and there will be a conveniently placed poison sprayer there for you. Grab it and walk over to the target plant. At this point, nobody you have passed has even glanced your way. Target the plant with L1 and start spraying the plant with L2. The plant has a health meter at the top of the screen. Keep spraying until the plant dies. Apparently this plant has some kind of alarm mechanism, because now the whole damn building is alerted to your terrible deed. Quickly drop the sprayer and arm yourself with the slingshot. Take care of the two Preps that come at you through the solarium. You need to escape the building the same way you came in, only they are going to close the doors on you. Get past the first two guys and use the slingshot to bust through the windows or doors to get out of the solarium. Head back down the stairs where you'll have to break through the door to get back into the large room you came through on the way up. When the door is out of the way, there will be two more Preps to deal with. Handle them and continue on your way to the next door. It is closed, but it will be opened by a Prep coming through from the other side. Take care of this guy too. When you get out of there, either wait at the top of the stairs for the next guy to come after you, or try to make it to the bottom before he gets there because he is a pain in the ass to fight on the stairs. Once he's out of the way, dodge anyone else that comes your way and run like hell for the front door. When you escape Harrington House, the mission is complete. Be sure to keep running once you regain control as the Preps will still be coming after you. 3. Boxing -- Available 3:30 pm to 12:30 am Unlocks four increasing levels of Punch Damage You can find this task at the Old Bullworth Vale gym. Enter the blue marker inside to start. There are four stages to this task, each one increasingly harder than the next. It's a simple boxing match and you are limited to a punch, block or a dodge. Each fighter has a pattern you can look for, and your fighting style is limited to the punch combo (square button x 5). Wear your opponents health meter down to nothing and you will be prompted to push square and hold it for the knockout punch. If you don't perform the knock- out punch quickly enough, your opponent will regain strength and start to fight again, so don't miss this opportunity when it's presented to you. When you have defeated your opponent, the fight is over and the damage your punch does is increased. Do this task 4 times and you will have maximum punch damage. When you have completed the 4 levels, you can return here to fight random fighters. In order to achieve 100% completion of the game, you must do at least one random fight. *********************************************************** III. Chapter III: Love Makes The World Go Around *********************************************************** *****A. Main Story Missions***** 1. Jealous Johnny -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks mission 'Bait' Reward $20 Greaser respect +5 You can find this mission under the train bridge as you enter the newly opened New Coventry. Enter the marker there and you'll find that head Greaser Johnny, thinks you've been hooking up with his girl Lola. You are able to convince him that this isn't the case (yet, anyway), so Johnny turns his sights on the Prep, Gordo. Johnny wants you to bring back evidence of Lola's unfaithfulness. You basically have a small Photography class here. Head for the marker in Bullworth Town and you'll see Lola and Gordo walking hand in hand down the road. Stay on the opposite side of the street from them and use the camera to zoom in on their date. You need to take 3 pictures of them One of them holding hands, another of them kissing and one more of Gordo giving Lola a gift. If you miss them doing one of these, don't worry, they'll repeat the pattern again, just be sure to stay a reasonable distance away from them so you don't alert them. Once you have all 3 pics, head back to the train bridge and give the pics to Johnny. He's not happy about the news, but he still gives you your $20 prize. 2. Christmas Is Here -- Available 9:00 am to 3:30 pm during Christmas Holiday Unlocks clothing Cheerful Reindeer Sweater This isn't really a mission. In fact it's more of an annoyance. During the Christmas Holiday, you will be paged to come to the office of the main school building. When you arrive and walk into the marker, you will find that your mom has sent you a Christmas present. It's a rediculous green sweater with a reindeer on the front, which is automatically put on for you. Your choice is either to wear it and find yourself getting laughed at a lot by the other students, or go back to the dorm and change out of it. I'm sure we'll all opt to go change out of it since it seems to serve no purpose and it is against the school dress code, and it really does look stupid. There you go, mission complete . . .time suitably wasted. 3. Bait -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks Bike Park Unlocks side mission 'Glass House' Unlocks mission 'Tagging' Unlocks mission 'Wrong Part Of Town' Reward $20 Prep respect -5 Greaser respect +5 Once again, go to the train bridge at the entrance to New Coventry to find the yellow marker to begin this mission. Johnny is still pretty bent out of shape about Lola and Gordo and he wants some revenge. He wants you to find Gordo and lure him to the Bike Park for a beat down. Head towards the yellow marker where you'll find Gordo and a buddy riding their bikes. Ride up to Gordo and give him a punch as you pass by to instigate him into chasing you. When he does, pedal your ass off to the new yellow marker that appears on the map. It's in New Coventry, and as you get close, look for a hole in the wall that you can drive through onto some train tracks, and you'll see the marker for the Bike Park. Pull into the red garage door and you'll switch to the cut scene inside. Johnny is in there waiting and now it's time for a bike brawl. Everyone is on bikes, including you and you need to help Johnny defeat all the Preps. You have a couple of options here. You can ride around punching the Preps off their bike until all are defeated, or you can find a reasonably safe spot and get off your bike. If you choose to get off your bike, your best weapon is the Bottle Rocket Launcher. It's got good range and is a one hit knock out. Choosing the Bottle Rocket Launcher option is the quickest way to end this mission and the one I would advise. Throwing firecrackers is also very effective as that is the weapon of choice for everyone else, so if you run out, there will be plenty more lying around. 4. Tagging -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks extra task 'Tagging' Unlocks side mission 'Greasers Challenge' Unlocks mission 'Lola's Race' if 'Wrong Part Of Town' is also complete Reward (based on which tags are completed) Greaser respect -25 Prep respect +5 You'll find this mission at the Harrington House on campus. The Preps are a little upset about Gordo's beat down at the Bike Park, and they want you, their new boss, to show the Greasers who is boss. They want you to tag up New Coventry a little bit, and they give you enough spray paint to do one tag. For rich kids they sure are cheap, because you have to do five tags to complete the mission. Hop on your bike and head for New Coventry. When you get to the tunnel under the train tracks where you usually meet Johnny, you'll see your first opportunity to leave a tag in the form of a target on the wall. Walk up to the target, assuring first there are no law enforcement personell nearby, and hit the triangle button to begin the tag. When you do, you'll see a display appear in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Press "X" to begin spraying, and move the left analog stick so as to trace the design in the display. When the tracing stops, hit "X" again to continue the tag. When you have traced the complete line in the display, the tag is complete. Now that you've had your practice run, you need to head to the store and buy more paint. There is a market nearby where you can grab some. After you do, you're instructed to lay down 5 tags in Greaser territory, and a whole bunch of yellow markers appear all over town. The amount of money you earn for this mission is based on the location of the tags you choose to paint, but at the time of this writing, I do not know what the precise amount is. I do know that tags that are on the roofs of buildings are the big money tags, which I found out just a little too late. I did two tags at ground level and 3 on the roof and my reward for completing the mission was $210. Still not bad, but I'd like to know what it would have been if I had done all 5 on the roof. If anyone figures it out, please write to me at the address at the end of this FAQ and I will give you credit for having done so. Stay away from the cops and from the Greasers that don't appreciate your art and get all 5 tags done and the mission is complete. At this point, I would recommend doing the side mission 'Greasers Challenge' that is unlocked when this mission is complete, for a new save house in New Coventry. See the "Side Missions" section of this chapter for details on that mission. 5. Wrong Part Of Town -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks mission 'Lola's Race' if 'Tagging' is completed Reward $20 Greaser respect -5 Nerd respect +5 You find this mission at the yellow marker in front of the Library. You find out that the Nerds are a bit worried about Algie. Johnny got word that Algie has been dating Lola (yeah, you heard me right -- ALGIE!) and now Johnny is looking for him. Cornelius is the only kid on campus that knows where Algie is, and a group of Greasers has already started beating on him to get that info. Head to the south side of the boys dorm (the right if you are looking at the front doors) to save Cornelius. Cornelius tells them that Algie is at the pizza place and some of the Greasers run off to find him. A couple hang back to give Cornelius a beating, and it's your job to make sure they aren't successful. Beat down the remaining Greasers before Cornelius' health meter runs down, and Cornelius lets you in on the fact that he lied about Algie being at the pizza joint. The twisted little fat freak is actually near the tenements in the vicinity of the Greasers club house. Hop on your bike and get there as quick as you can. When you arrive you find Lola not-so-gently letting down both Algie and the Prep, Chad. The conversation is quickly cut short by the arrival of a bunch of Greasers on their bikes. Algie takes off on Lola's bike and you and Chad take off together on another BMX nearby. The mission takes a little bit different turn than anything you've seen in this game so far (but not unlike some missions you did in GTA: SA). Chad is at the wheel of the bike and you are riding on the back. You go into scope mode with the Super slingshot and your job is to keep the persuing Greasers away from you. Use charged shots to take the Greasers off their bikes in one shot. the will throw eggs and firecrackers at you, so knock them off their bikes as quickly as possible. chad is trying to get you back to campus, and I was a bit pre- occupied during this mission to pay attention to what path he took, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the shortest one. There will be one stop along the way to take a breath, but it will be short lived and you will be on your way again. If you keep them off of you long enough to get back to campus, Chad will drop you off at the gate, and all you have to do from that point is walk with Algie to meet Earnest who will be standing a short ways away in the round area between the boys and girls dorms. Mission complete. 6. Lola's Race -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks Lola as your girlfriend Unlocks mission 'Tenements' Greaser respect -20 This mission is found in New Coventry near the entrance to the yet-to-be- opened Blue Skies Industrial Park. When you arrive you find Johnny and Lola and on cue, Johnny gets jealous that you are trying to steal his girl. Lola doesn't help matters any by telling Johnny that you are probably faster than he is and that the two of you should race, so thats just what you're going to do. This is basically a bike race just like the one you did in 'Race The Vale' in Chapter II, only it's a bit longer, the competition is a whole lot meaner and there are a couple of extra curve balls thrown at you. When the race starts, you'll be at the start line waiting for the countdown with your three other competitors (This is supposed to be between you and Johnny, so I'm not real sure what in the hell the other two knuckleheads are doing there). The race begins and your competition will not hesitate to start punching you right off the bat, so be ready for it. They will throw eggs and firecrackers and generally be an incredible pain in the ass for the duration of the race, but, like in the other race, if you can get to the front of the pack, and not fall off the bike, you're sure to stay there. A couple of new things to look out for in this race: There are a couple of shortcuts you can take. Go to your map and look for a couple of corners that you can make a bit smaller, one of which is at the very southernmost part of the race around a big giant rock. Cut to your map every once in a while when you get down that way and look for a place where you can take a right onto a snowy path to avoid going around the rock. There will also be a portion of this race near the beginning that will be on the train tracks as you go through the industrial area. Oddly enough, you will have to look for trains as you go this way. These are not your everyday trains. They have no apparent means of propulsion, yet they move toward you. They are single cars that are apparently shoved down the track toward you. They stop shortly before getting to you, and they are usually pretty easy to spot as well as a "train noise" is made warning you that one is coming. There are only 4 or 5 of them and you are usually pretty safe staying on the right edge of the tracks since you can squeeze between the trains and the wall. The final new trick you will see is the old "drop a tree across the race course" trick. About 2/3 of the way through the race, you'll see this for the first time. Some of Johnny's buddies are on the side of the course and as you approach, they will chop down a tree that will fall across the path. You have a decent amount of time to see it coming, so just be prepared to bunny hop the bike over the tree. A little further on in the race, they will do it again, only that time they will drop two trees, one just a little further up from the other, so be prepared for the double hop to get past that. Survive all of that and make it to the end in first place, and you have completed the mission and earned Lola's heart (and Johnny's rage). 7. Tenements -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks mission 'Rumble' Reward $20 Greaser respect -10 In the same tunnel under the train bridge that you used to meet Johnny, you can now find the yellow marker to start this mission, and instead see Lola. Now that Lola is your squeeze, she can't go back to the tenements anymore where the Greasers hang out, but she's left some of her stuff there. Just like most chicks do when they get their hooks in ya, she wants YOU to go get it and you just have to because she says so. So hop your whipped ass on a bike and head for the tenements. When you approach the yellow marker, you will have to slip into the little area that is partially blocked, and enter the marker to open the window and creep in the building. There are five items scattered throughout the building that you need to grab, two on the first floor, two on the second, and one on the third. You will probably notice very quickly that there is an area in the room you entered that seems to require something else to allow you into it and by looking at the radar you can also see that one of the items you need is in there. Forget about getting in there for now, it's not happening until you're on your way out. There are four Greasers hanging around the first floor, and if you are sneaky and quiet, you can probably take them all out with the slingshot before any of them gets their hands on you. Save up your health as best you can because you may need it for the fight you're in for on the third floor. When you've taken care of all the Greasers on this floor, pick up the one item you CAN get to on this floor which will be indicated by a yellow arrow, Lola's Address Book. Take the stairs cautiously up to the second floor with the slingshot armed. There will be two Greasers visible to you when you get up there and if you creep cautiously enough, you can take them out before they even know you're there. There is a big hole in the middle of this hallway that you can't cross (the two Greasers you just took out were on the other side of it, which explains why they didn't run after you). In one of the rooms off to the side, however, there is a Greaser, and if he sees you, he will run out onto a fire escape to go get some backup. Chase after him and take him out and anyone he manages to bring with him. When they are all taken care of, continue along the fire escape and reenter the building on the other side of the hole in the floor. Grab Lola's Lipstick before making your way up to the third floor. Creep carefully up the steps and before you reach the top, you will see three Greasers standing above. Get just high enough to go into scope mode with the slingshot and take them out with charged headshots. They will fire back at you, but they will not run down to beat on you. When those three are out, you are safe . . . for a moment. Look around on the third floor and you will see a marker where you can find Lola's Laundry. Prepare yourself with the Bottle Rocket Launcher or fire- crackers BEFORE you pick up the laundry. As soon as you pick up the laundry, a Greaser named Norton will make a smashing entrance and knock you to the floor. Norton's meanness is accentuated by the big ass sledgehammer he is holding. As soon as you have control back, get up and run as far from Norton as possible. The sledgehammer makes Norton very slow, so this gives you the opportunity to run to the opposite end of the room, turn around, target him with the explosive weapon of your choice and take a few chunks out of his health. Wash, rinse, repeat until Norton is down. If you run out of ammo, switch to the slingshot. It doesn't do as much damage, but if you are running to the opposite end of the room and taking out chunks of his health here and there, eventually you'll take him down and never get a scratch on you. Just don't let him hit you with that sledgehammer . . .that crap hurts!. When he is finally down, walk over to him and take his sledge- hammer. Go back down to the second floor and use it to smash your way into the blocked area to get Lola's Keys. Smash your way through the other side to avoid having to go around the fire escape and head on down to the first floor. Smash your way into the enclosed area you found when you first got here and grab Lola's Perfume. Smash your way out the other side, and you'll find yourself standing at the window to let yourself out. Drop the sledge- hammer and go. Bike, skate, run, whatever, back to Lola at the train bridge and give her the stuff back. Mission complete, she gives you $20 and gives you a little health boost. 8. Rumble -- Available 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Unlocks mission 'Fighting Johnny vincent' Once again, meet Lola in the tunnel under the train bridge in New Coventry. Lola says everyone is now fighting over her, and she believes you need to join in the fray. You need to find a Greaser named Peanut to find out where. When you regain control, you find out that Lola is suspiciously right. New Coventry is in chaos. People are fighting all over the place, cops are chasing people all over and people are doing their best to suck you into it. If you were smart, you showed up for this mission on a bike. Get on it and avoid the chaos to head toward the new yellow marker indicating Peanut. When you find him, you will have to chase him. He will lead you to a short alley near the tenements. Arriving there, it will become painfully clear that Peanut is not about to give up any information and that he and two of his buddies just want to kick your ass. The target here is Peanut, but you're not going to get to him without taking out the other two. Take them out using the moves you have learned throughout the game (You HAVE done all the Hobo Training Missions by now, haven't you?). The fight should be over pretty quick, and when Peanut is down, Johnny arrives to finish you off. Bad news for Johnny, the cops arrive and break up the fight and every- one scatters. You'll find yourself on a bike on a snowy path chasing Johnny. Pedal like mad now because the cops are behind you and you don't want them to catch you. There is little to do here but pedal like crazy and follow the path without falling off the bike. When you near the end, you'll see Johnny ahead of you and he'll jump to freedom. You, on the other hand, won't be so lucky. You'll try the jump, but get clotheslined by a couple of Greasers with a chain. You wind up on your ass in the middle of the junk yard. Following a theme here, this mission is now over and the next one automatically begins. 9. Fighting Johnny Vincent -- Unlocks Chapter IV Unlocks mission 'Stronghold Assault' Greaser respect +100 Nerd respect +10 As soon as you have control, you need to start moving as quickly as you can. Y</p>