ANUBIS: ZONE OF THE ENDERS (ZONE OF THE ENDERS: THE 2ND RUNNER) Temporally short Walkthrough and FAQ Created by : Luna~Holybell~Enzoera GameFAQs member user: Xenoserphia Created at : 20 Febuary 2003 Ver : 1.1 E-mail : ------------------------------------------------------ LEGAL DISCLAIMER This FAQ is written for ones who wants to know how to get through this game easily, So it's a - pre-walkthrough. - And, this FAQ will only appear on GameFAQ's. No permission is allowed to take this FAQ and post it on the other places unless you asked. You can only take this FAQ and keep it to yourself without asking me, no changes, no plagarize is allowed. Thank you. Legal actions will be taken if you post into the other side without letting me know. This FAQ Document is copyrighted by Luna 2002, 2003. All rights reserved. -Luna~Holybell~Enzoera- 22/1/2003 Luna Works of Art (2003 All rights reserved) ----------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION This is the walkthrough of Anubis : Zone of The Enders. It may contain some little spoilers, so don't say I didn't warn you. I will include as many infomation as possible on this FAQ, So for you guys, care to please read ALL you want to know about and never repeat after me. But I will update more infomation after the NA version of Anubis Z.O.E is out (Zone of The Enders : The 2nd Runner) So for the meanwhile, It's quite a short walkthrough. Be patient, and follow what I said until the NA version comes out. Then you may shoot me whatever you want to ^_^ As for my feeling towards Anubis:Z.O.E, you may look at my review at : As for now.....let's proceed to the walkthrough, and I'll update my introduction, Seems a bit lazy here......But don't worry.... -------------------------------------------------------------- CONTENTS -Walkthrough -Secrets -Fun Stuff to play with -Version History -End of FAQ and credits (It will get bigger, trust me ^_^) --------------------------------------------------------------- WALKTHROUGH ~The beginning to the end~ AD2172, Calistro....... Ok, now start the game, and play the game on Normal mode, but if you don't mind and wanna showoff your previous skills, you may start with Hard mode. Now, Watch at the long cutscene about finding the Metatron, and Dingo'll proceed to your daily job, to find the Metatron (I used to those daily job sentences). Suddently, His robot doesn't listen to you command anymore thus the Auto Pilot mode is disabled, Dingo'll get quite pissed off, and the game starts. You play as Dingo Egret, and what you'll pilot now is NOT JEHUTY, is the useless rabbit robot! -Now what you have to do is quite simple, pilot the rabbit robot (Jump is the fastest way to proceed the game further.) proceed foward until you found a mountain. You'll have quite a difficulty of climbing the mountain at first (As I don't really get it, what is the Circle button doing for?) -Always follow the arrow shown in front of the robot -To jump, press R2 -Before you climb the mountain slope, go to the very right corner of the path and face yourself towars the mountain ledge, to land youself on, press foward + R2 to dash yourself to the higher ledge, jump one more time, to pass through the ledge -And proceed foward again, Cutscene occur Have fun with that Rabbit Robot? Then you will find the Metatron (Orbital Frame), Chaos came, and same as Leo Steinbuck, you will fall into the cockpit of Jehuty, and..... TADDA! Ohayou Gozaimasu, Sentou kodo kaishi masu..... (Good morning, Ready for starting combat operations) Thus Dingo shouts "UGOKE!" (move!) -You will see a cool cutscene, and thus moving yourself into battle -After you kill the two raptors, there is another intermission between you and Ada. -Thus you will get into the Tutorial, for lazy players, here's the control for you all: Up, Down, Left, Right - Selection button Left Analog Stick - Moving Jehuty with Up, Down, Left or Right Right Analog Stick - Camera Switch (moving the camera angle) Triangle - Ascend X - Descend Square Button - As long range attack, Jehuty will fire small stream of missles, minimal damage. As for close range attack, Jehuty will attack the enemies with a combo of sword slashes. 4 hit in total. Circle Button - Firing Subweapons (Grab, Gaunlet, Phalanx, Decoy, Comet, Halberd, Geyser, Wisp, Vector Cannon, Floating Mine, Mummy, Homing Missle and 0-Shift) Those were additional weapons and abilities that you will obtained throughout the whole game. As for short range, It's function is to grab an enemy. Press circle when an enemy is blocking. And you will grab an enemy (subweapon must be choosen "grab") and press circle once to throw, multiple times to do a swing attack, nearby enemies will get hit if you perform the swing attack. And it's very fatal to the enemy. Press Square to take enemy as a weapon, and R1 to take enemy as a shield! And lastly, Press R2 while the you're not moving will paralyzed the enemy. R1 - Shield, to block, note that it'll drop down your subweapon gauge, the more you use it, the more subweapon gauge you use. L1 - Switching subweapons, press L1 twice to switch back to the default subweapon, Grab. L2 - Lock on, VERY USEFUL for locating enemies and some hidden items. It will become very handy for your progression throughout this game. R2 - Burst, at long range, press R2 with Square to do the Burst shot. At close range, Jehuty will perform a swing sword attack. Those attacks will negate enemies defense, thus giving them some damage. Jehuty must stand still to perform the Burst attack. Dash, R2 attack also serves the purpose as dash attack. Press R2 while moving to dash left or right, very useful for evading enemies attack. And also useful for Evade and Attack purposes. As an example : R2 + Up analog to go front to an enemy, follow up by pressing Square 4 times to perform a slash attack. All way laser, R2 also serves another purposes as doing all way laser attack. Press R2 while moving left, right, up or down and press Square button at the same time to perform it. Useful for killing massive loads of enemies in one shot. But you must be at a distance between enemies to perform this attack. Hold Square longer to target all the enemies. (It also charges a little of your subweapon gauge) R3 - Playing with Intermission L3 - Same as R3 (Will include on Fun section) Ok, done! INTERMISSION END -Then, intermission continues, and you'll be fighting tons of enemies, Enjoy the fight, then cutscnes will occur, fight again watch another cutscene, fight again, cutscene.........(always proceed foward and follow the arrow when there are no more enemies to fight.) -Until your reach a place with a wall cracked, Ada will tell you to do the Burst shot, in order to destroy the wall, do so. -Proceed front, and you'll watch another cutscene, and now you will fight your very first boss...... ~BOSS : ARDJET~ (Controlled by Ken Marinaris) START Ok this boss is quite easy, most of the time she will be blocking, so try to go to front, use the swing sword attack to negate her defense if you're fast enough. She will always use Wisps at her first phrase of attack, which is quite easy to negate it, by the most easiest way, block it. If you want a better way, Target all the Wisps (the red missle thingy) and use the All Way Laser to shoot all the Wisps. After the attack she will have a lots of recovery time to return herself back to normal, so slash her as much as you can until she recovers herself back to normal. (By the way, Wisps is a missle attack which has a lot of small missles launching towards the enemy, it's red in colour, so it's easier for you to recognize it) When her health bar is on yellow, she will mostly use the attack that will cover herself up, and charges herself for a big electric attack. Dodge it diagonally left or right and after she's done, she will also leave a big gap for you to attack. After this, She will either continue using Wisps, or charges herself for that attack again, so take note that you have to always defend or evade her attacks and then find an opportunity to get her off. If you did that, you definitely win her without trouble at all. END After the cutscene, she will run away, and Dingo'll follow her, to the BAHRAM battleship. Well, you may care less about Dingo's friends for now........Bid them farewell....^_^ - You will fight some enemies once you get in, after this follow the arrow shown - Press L2 to discover some mischellenous items such as Metatron, and Ex-Mission files (ALWAYS DO SO), although I'll include down the locations of Ex-mission files on the Secrets section. But it's best to find it out yourself...for satisfication (hint: it's very useful to find hidden items that your naked eye can't see, so try to view on every single area to find some hidden items, you'll get yourself a "reward" for doing so.) - On the second room of the BAHRAM battleship, Ada will brief you about the Grab and Camera angle. - After clearing the enemy, try to press L2 for the Ex-Mission file. - Next room, fight again...... - Another next room, there will be a cutscene, and follow the arrow pointed... - You will come into a room where there is a huge generator at the center. Ignore it for the meanwhile and follow the arrow. - You'll be blocked, thus the generator starts activating...You see a familar Orbital Frame......That is...... ~BOSS : NEPHTIS~ (Controlled by Viola AI) START Oh yeah she's back, annoyingly she still wants your death. But she's formerly your comarade! Don't worry, this is not the real Viola. As she's already died 2 years ago.......The one you fight now is only an AI. You can't hurt her with either long range or short range attacks, She's invisible. Only way that you can hurt her to proceed, is grab the metal stick (Notice the screen for the GRAB word) Grab it. And aim at her (while she's not moving) and throw the metal at her. She will be hurt for a little. So repeat the process for 2-3 times until a cutscene occur.... Oh yeah, for a faster kill, Charge your stick by pressing R2 while not moving, aim at her, and throw..... END - After you fought the boss, she'll be hurt by the metal, making her disabled for the moment, and you'll hear a familar voice... - Follow the arrow...... - Anubis...... ~BOSS : ANUBIS~ (Controlled by Nohman) START Seriously, just simply play the game, you won't win him, forever... Wait till he grabs you......... END -LONG Cutscene occurs.....and Dingo......... --------------------------------------------------------------------- Two months later, Deimos Station Orbit around Mars...... Ok, If you see the cutscene, you will know more about Dingo for now. After the intermission..... - Ok, follow the arrow, there wil be another intermission - Go left, and proceed foward.... - SOS signal will alert you, Dingo will try to ignore it...... But...knowing the feel, you'll have to save someone, for now.... - OK, here goes your first mission : INTERMISSION--------------------------------------------DONE! Ok here goes the mission, you have to save Taper, a LEV UNSF soilder or whatever he is. To save him, You'll to run around, Go to every area, and find Taper. Each section that you will see is there are many boxes (containers) around, then Taper will always give you hints and tips about how to find himself easily, mostly, He will give you the Alphaberts (A-D), 2 numbers possible.(4 numbers to be a full number) And Color of the container. Example: ( It's in Japanese for the time being, so try to catch the caption for the alphaberts and the numbers) Taper would say like :" It's on the C container" or Taper continues the hint by "it's numbered 0 on the container or (rarely) Taper would give you the second number. Example "3" or Taper would say like "Akai no containna" (Red Container) or "Aoi no containna" (Blue Container) *Listen to what he says very carefully. Ok, hints that he will give will be the ones I included just now. Try to destroy the containers by using ONLY normal shots (NO BURST ATTACKS, if you found him by the luck, BURST SHOT WILL NET YOU ON MISSION FAILED, THUS GAME OVER!) How to know if you can find Taper or not? Easy, around 2-5 round of wandering around, if Ada says something once you get into the new area That means he's near, plus Taper will still give you hints. He always give 2-3 hints if you're lucky. 1 hint if you're really unlucky. If you dash, charge (R2 while not moving), Taper will say something like "What's that noise?" Press start for looking at the signal that Ada gave you (cross in green, flashing) If you found out the container with all the Hints that Taper give you. Press Square, if you got him, you'll found him. INTERMISSION OVER.................................................... Ok, now that you've found Taper, you'll get your first Subweapon, Geyser, very useful for stunning enemies. Now, after the cutscene, You have another mission to go: - Put your subweapon to Grab, press circle to grab Taper's LEV. The Phantoma. and try not to press circle, leave the area by grabbing him, and your target is to bring him to the Emergency Escape Area. - Press start, and look for the map which locate the Emergency escape area (it's an orange dot). Always check the map around so you won't get lost. Right Analong stick to view the map up and down, so you will know where it is pointed at the Map. - The Emergency Escape area is always on the North side of your map - If you happend to engage into battle, release Phantoma by pressing Circle once. And clear the enemy in the specific area before grabbing Phantoma again. - If Phantoma happends to be injured, and low on health, press R2 while you're grabbing him (you must not move), and you will perform a burst charge, but it will heal Phantoma at the cost of your sub weapon gauge. - Ok, now get Phantoma to the Emergency Escape area. - For fun, you can use Phantoma as "weapon", and Taper will be very scared! ^_^, you may even scare him by pressing square while you're not fighting. Taper will scream! - Once you get there, there will be another cutscene. - You will engage into unavoidable battle, kill all those Raptors , Mummyheads , and Cyclops avaliable. - Once cleared, you will see another cutscene where Nephtis chasing you. Dingo'll escape, of course..... Mars After leaving Deimos Station Now you're on Mars, where the UNSF mostly located at. Once you land there.... - Ken will have an intermission dialogue with Dingo(you), again...... - You will know more about the Vector Cannon, Aumaan, Anubis, and Jehuty by the intermission told. - Ok, prepare to face another boss battle that you will never forget ~BOSS : VIC VIPER~ (Controlled by Leo Steinbuck) START Oohh, This is fun! You finally got to fight Leo who happens to be the first Runner of Jehuty on Z.O.E 1! He controls Vic Viper now. And he never chicken out anymore, now making him less annoying... Vic Viper is cool! He will start the battle by changing mode. Which will change into a cool flying airship! IT will mostly use laser attack at the begining of the battle. And the missles. Which you have to be careful. Since Vic Viper is fast, you must use All Way Laser, in order to damage him during his flight mode. And evade his attacks until Leo says something like "sekkin da". If He said that means he will change his mode into robot mode. Where he starts to use melee attacks. Don't try to fool him at the close range. His melee attacks never give you chance to counter it. So Geyser subweapon is useful here, try to use Swing Sword Slash while he's not blocking (damage him also). And use Gaunlet to stun him, and slash him. Once it's enough of his robot mode. Vic Viper will change mode again. In addition, He will always block while you try to do close range melee, and finds a chance to hit you close range. So be smart and use Swing Sword Slash to negate his defense. Repeat the process above until VV's health bar drops to yellow. The only thing you have to careful when this happens is his Ripple attack. With his options (the blue thing around him) appear, His Ripple will x3 of the normal (so there will be 3 ripples attacking you.) Making his attack range wider. No changes when he's on Melee. But when he turns into flight mode VV will start to activate his Shield, which you have to destroy it in order to damage him again. And while's he's off screen, don't worry if the lock on is gone. He will be back and assault you, so Dash around to avoid his assault. Repeat the process until he's defeated. He's not that hard, believe me. Leo is skillful of handling VV while fighting you, but by not means he's better than you! END After the battle, you will see a cool struggle between Jehuty and Vic Viper. And Ada will recognize the Vic Viper's pilot as Leo Steinbuck. Where old friends reuntied. Dingo will learn that Jehuty will self destruct after success of invading Aumaan. (I thought so) Dingo will be pissed off, and tries to find a solution : to destroy Aumaan and Anubis, and stop Ada from self destruct. (remembers me of Tidus of FFX). Leo will quite shock about your decision, and he hands you one of the subweapons, Gaunlet device driver, to you. Now you can use Gaunlet as your subweapon, and VV will leave. Now, you have another intermission between Ken and Dingo. After the intermission......Follow the walkthrough provided below: - Your location now is at Margaritifer. - Get the Metatron which located at the left side of where you're facing at. - After getting the Metatron, you'll see the new enemy, The Narita. When Ada is talking while you're fighting Narita's, press L3 to activate a mini mission where Ada will test your speed about fighting Narita's. Once they are destroyed, You'll get another mission file....where it is located at the north, on top of the entrance to the Margaritifer Canyon. - Try to break those rocks (those rocks that stand up) for Ex-mission files, There are two of those hidden inside the rock. Break all those to find for them (L2 to locate them easier), wander around for one more Ex-mission file, this is located at the bottom of the mountain slope, where is located at the end of the south map. Where there's one hidden in a corner near the bridge with the crashed train. - Once you're done here, Go to the Margaritifer Canyon, which is located at the North of your map (Press start to see the words, it's written there.) Now you get in, You'll obtainned another Metatron Ore. Then proceed foward. Now you're at the crossroads, Ada will tell you that you can't proceed foward until you unlocked the Main Gate in front. Since it has two generators which is now active, you have to destroy the two generators in order to unlock the Main Gate inside the canyon. INTERMISSION--------------------------------------------DONE! Ok now here is your next task. To unlock the main gate in front, you have to destroy the generators to unlock the gate. There are two of them. So start by going to the left route. If you can't go foward anymore, Kill the enemy which has the key symbol on that particular enemy. You won't be able to go foward without clearing that enemy. After you have at least killed the enemy with the Key symbol, you'll unlock a section of the gate (which you have 3 gates to reach the generator.) And nets you to go foward and find the generator. Note that if you always lean towards left on the left route. You will find a secret route (on the map, it shows.........) Where you will find another Ex-mission file, and a dead end. Ignore the dead end which is blocked by stones. And follow the arrow shown When you reached the generator, destroy it. And try to leave the area and you'll encountered by some enemies, Ada will tell you to destroy the particular enemy (Commander) in order to weaken the other enemies around. Do so. After it is cleared, You will get the Phalanx Device Driver and you can use Phalanx subweapon now. After the battle, follow the arrow. And proceed until you reach the main gate, and take the right route. Repeat what you did on the left route, except that there is no secrets found on the right route. After destroy two of the generators and you'll unlock the main gate. INTERMISSION OVER.............................................. Go inside the main gate (If you're low on health, take the Metatron Ore before you go in.......) You will see a cutscene...and.............. ~BOSS : NEPHTIS~ (Controlled by Viola AI) The Second Battle START She back, with vengence....OH yeah, she's still quite "invisible". And takes most of her time blocking your attacks and counter you at the same time, What a skillful AI!! You can't really hurt her! Even you can't really success in grabbing her! What to do? Here's a little trick though....... Notice that there are a lot of steel plates hanging around? Put your subweapons to "Grab", and grab the steel plates. Wait till she says "Ikuo!" Means she is preparing to charge towards you! Or if you see her body flashing. Block youself with the steal plate, and once she charges towards you, she will be paralyzed, take the opportunity to slash her as many as you can, or grab and swing her if you want to...... Repeat the process, and when her health bar drops to yellow, the first part of the battle will be over. END After the battle, Nephtis will never give up and charge towards you, pushing you towards, and bring you to another location. On the next location, the poor Jehuty will be pushed by Nephtis into a fence. Since the fence is surrounded by the electircal voltage, you thus got hit at the corner, struck on the fence, and got paralyzed....... And now, it's time for the second part of the battle. ~BOSS : NEPHTIS~ (Controlled by Viola AI) The Third Battle START Wooh, a pain! Dash to get out of the Electrical fence. And it's time for another strategy. Don't bother playing skills with Nephtis, she won't be hurt, and you'll make it opposite, she will counter your hit and give you some damage. You don't want it to happen right? She starts the battle on her yellow health bar. Well that's good news. So what you must do now is dash left or right, wait till she starts charging herself, dash to avoid it (Make sure you are near around the electrical fence, not too close though), She will charge towards you. Since you avoided it, she will go towards the electrical fence and paralyzed. She will be struggling, so? Take the opportunity and slash her! But Swing Sword Slash will damage her more, Don't bother to use fully charged Burst Shot, you won't be able to make it. To make yourself safe (Since too close to her might result on an impact which push you to the electircal fence), Use a short charge Burst Shot to damage her, It works! Any other attacks of hers is self explainatory, dodge it whenever it's needed, as before, no melee attacks as she will always block it and counter you back, Repeat the process above, keep letting her charge towards you, once she does that, avoid her charge, and you'll successfully trick her, go ahead and do whatever you want to her! END After the battle, you'll get the Comet device driver, Now, Comet subweapon is yours. Now, The UNSF is heading towards a city, what happend? The BAHRAM forces is going to destroy the Verscilla city(sp?), residents are on danger! So UNSF is going to help them of course, you know sometimes UNSF won't be really dependable, So you try to allied temporally with them and help the UNSF to clear the enemies and avoid letting the enemies get through the civillian area But, since this is a Japanese game, that's only my assumption.... INTERMISSION--------------------------------------------DONE! Now you have another mission to go. Your mission is to clear the enemies WITHOUT damaging the surroundings. If you manage to do that, You will get a higher rank. To start always follow the arrow shown, since you're playing this game for the first time, use Geyser as your subweapon. Your enemy will only be Spiders, a very tiny yet fatal robot. So clear them whenever you see them. Take this map as a guide --- --- ---- |X (*) |X(!)| | _ |--------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |+++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ ++++++ | ++++++++++++++++ |X (^) ++++++++++++++++ X(%) | | O(Sub Energy) | ++++++++++++++++ | ++++++++++++++++ |========================================================== | | SURVIVORS AND BUIDINGS | | | --- --- ---- X - Locations of where Spiders will usually appear O - Refill your sub energy bar Firstly, when the mission start, the * mark will always be the first where the Spiders pop up, don't worry, they are extremly easy to kill. Then always follow the red arrow that Ada told you but the first and the second, stay at the * mark there. They will pop up at the same location twice, the third location, just head to the right (the ! mark). And so on.....Don't worry, even in Very Hard mode, If you are really careful enough, you can either get a "S" or "SS" rank (I got a S rank on Very Hard mode playing this mission) The only thing you have to careful is the (!) mark, when the Spiders pop up there, don't kill them just yet. Because doing this will damage the fence surrounding them and thus drop down your rank (that's how I got a "S" rank, I can't avoid hurting it). Wait till the Spider walk up to a little distance, use your melee attack. NEVER use long range attack on that area. To ensure you got SS rank. Other area is ok, the 5th location that they will pop up is on the (^). and the sixth location that they will pop up is on the (%) mark. And so on, just follow the red arrow will do, but don't be too late..... Do not let them reach the buildings! Where is the fouth location? Go back to the (*) mark there. They will appear there. Good Luck on getting the SS rank! I got it once, so I believe that you can do it too. Here is my results (the best record that I've gotten through playing 4 times) Mode : Hard Mode Buildings left : 100% Survivors left : 100% Rank : SS And Dingo will be quite proud of himself, calling himself a genius runner. Ada will really responsed him by calling him "Genius Runner"!! INTERMISSION OVER.............................................. After this, intermission cutscene will take place. After this, having back the controls, follow the arrow (Get the Metatron Ore if you want to). Once you reached the destination and you will see another cool cutscene. Now here is your another task, you have to destroy the train before the time reaches zero. - Easy if you play normal, a bit challenging when you play Hard and Very Hard mode. - Time remaining for the Normal mode is set on 10 minutes, while Hard and Very Hard set the time in 5 minutes. - Destory 5 parts of the train before the timing runs out, kill the enemies around your way. - To destory the train easily, You have 2 choices : Either you do the fully charged burst shot, or you dash around and target all the specific target and blast them away with All Way Laser attack. (You must target all of the parts so that you will destroy the train easier) - Once you manage to destroy them, You'll have enemies pop up, kill them all. - To get to the other parts of the train, Dash front to reach it. - Repeat the process. - kTjun from the GameFAQs message board provided a very useful strategy, Use your Phalanx subweapon, since when you target the train. You will also hurt the other part of the train as well! Making you destroy the train even faster than normal! Once you destroy all the parts of the train, Jehuty will stop the train from moving. Then you will get the Decoy subweapon. There is another cutscene through.....Then...... Proceed foward and get the Metatron Ore..And you'll found something terrible happend.....Follow the arrow, go up, and turn right, then go foward. You'll reach a place....... Where you'll meet........... ~BOSS : NEPHTIS~ (Controlled by Viola AI) The Fouth Battle START She won't give up don't she? This time, you will fight her without using any items, and she still love to block and counter! What to do? Easy, Equip the Gaunlet subweapon, when you saw her charging towards you (sometimes you don't see her), Press L2 and evade her charge attack. And use Gaunlet. While she's at the corner, the Gaunlet subweapon will damage her really hard. Since there are other enemies around (known as Clod). Press L2 if you lost her. She will run away, thus making you lost the target. Try to destroy the Clods to recharge some of your subweapon energy, and press L2 to see is she back to charge you again. Evade it and use Gaunlet subweapon to hurt her. Always keep your distance away from her. ALWAYS press L2 to check out whether she's back or not. Since there are many enemies around, you will not know if she's back since the Lock on target never automatically lock on to her. There is an alternative strategy, provided by Aumaan. While she's away Grab the Clod, and paralyzed it by pressing R2 while you're not moving Press L2 to locate her after a while, when she's back, Guard yourself up. And let her ram at you. She will be knocked down, so you know the way...Corner her and blast her with your Gaunlet Subweapon! Repeat the process, and always use L2 to locate and target Nephtis. And after the battle, she's done for........ END Nephtis is over for now.....yep, she's destroyed......And you'll recieve the Vector Cannon subweapon device driver, and now, you can use the Vector Cannon subweapon, but only on ground, and it's VERY IMPORTANT for some missions. Taper will be there, shocked to find out that you're formerly a part of BAHRAM forces (at the past I mean) Taper will get very scared and think you're still working for BAHRAM... Whatever it is, He will no longer trusting you now. Instead on that, He will take you as an enemy now... (What an annoying guy, I wonder why I have to save you at the first place!) Ardjet will arrive, and Ken will quite shocked about something..... (Maybe about what Taper says before he leaves the screen.......) And suddenly, Nephtis moved her hands, and assaults Ardjet! Now, Ardjet will out of control and assaults you! And you will find out..... Ardjet is Viola AI! Ada will tell you that you have to delete the program that Viola AI infused inside Ardjet, and defuse Ardjet's operation system... Which Dingo will never think that he have to "kill" her former comrade to save somebody! ~BOSS: ARDJET~ (Controlled by Viola AI) START Oh yeah, you will fight Viola AI for the very last time......... ARDJET MUST NOT BE KILLED! You will see two health bars, the top one is Ardjet's life bar, and the bottom is Viola's health bar. Take on my two advices here: -NEVER ATTACK ARDJET! Once her health bar is gone, Kiss yourself goodbye and watch your TV with the GAME OVER screen pop up in front of you! ^_^ -Viola A.I is your target, and she will suck up Ardjet's health bar if you don't do anything. It's an unexpected move, so if she does that stop her by grabbing her, although you can't grab her, at least you stopped her. SO what to do? Ok, get close to her. and Ardjet will use her sword attack, counter her by timing her sword attack and press Square to do a sword slash to clash the attacks. Yes, COUNTER HER, not guard/block her sword attacks. After you've done this for 4 times. She will be knocked down, take the opportunity to GRAB her and press R2. (Actually you don't need it, but since R2 can delete her much faster). After a while. Viola AI will escape from your deletion and either starts attacking with using Wisps or her charge attack. Evade it, you know how to do it. And after she's done with those attacks, get close and counter her again. Repeat the process until she's completely deleted END Ok, Nephtis is destroyed, and the Viola AI is deleted, she will begone from this game forever. And you will have a cutscene (funny!) Hahaha, now you have to get down and save Ardjet once more since she can't move! And you will get the subweapon Wisp You will be at the place with larva....... - Ok, grab on Ardjet, like how you did to Phantoma at the mission on Deimos Station. And save her by going to the top of the larva, so that you can exit from this hot place! - For a fun fact (this info is provided from John Carter/Aumaan) Thanks to him a lot! Grab Ardjet, without releasing her, go down near to the larva. Ken will complain how hot it is. Not for too long though ^_^. You'll know what happend next...... - Back to the topic, you have to get Ardjet by ascending her and yourself to the very top. - Beforehand, try to clear the enemies around you. They are endless so don't bother kill them all. But you have to kill the enemies with the Key symbol around them, because if you don't, you can't proceed foward, some of the place is covered by a yellow barrier that you can't go upwards. - If those enemies attacks you, you'll automatically lose Ardjet. So kill them and get back Ardjet (she will be falling, and those enemies will focus on attacking Ardjet! How smart......) - If Ardjet is low on health, Grab her and use R2 to burst youself, to recover her health bar. - Once you kill off 3 specific enemies with Key symbol, follow the arrow and get the hell out of here! Ok, you will successfully get up to the top! and mission will be accomplish for here now! -If you do the fun fact as I mentioned above, Ken will be half naked! Not too extreme though so don't think so far! ^_^ Remember, larva almost burned her uniform if possible, or she may feel too hot so..... Common sense right? Ken will get into Jehuty, together with Dingo. If you do the fun fact that I mentioned above, Do you think it would be fun? wooohhhhhh.......And note this is not forever.....She will put her clothes on after a while. And how she does that!? And your next mission is supposingly find Leo to discuss about Aumaan's invasion. But knowing Ada's system and Jehuty's power is not enough to do so, Plus, you still informed unknown about Anubis's performance. Dingo (you) decide to find Lloyd. A research scientist who is involved with the Orbital Frame production together with Professor Hardiman, Nohman's father. He knows all about Jehuty and Anubis. So Dingo decided to ask Lloyd about how to find a way to destroy Anubis. You will reach the Security Defense area of outside Lloyd's city. You can't proceed anymore foward due to the radar jamming. and you have to walk to find Lloyd's city, using Jehuty. So. Here is what you suppose to do: - Ken will tell you about Lloyd's location with her mini detector. So FOLLOW WHAT SHE SAYS! - Since those instructions is in Japanese....You won't understand a word she says if you don't know any word of Japanese, so here's the scoop if you don't a thing about Japanese: - "Migi" is Right "Hidari" is left. "Mo sukoshi migi/hidari yo" means "A bit to the left/right". - "Stoppu" means Stop. "Ah, Stoppu", "tomate!", "chotto! stoppu" or whatever she says while you are moving is means to stop. - "Susuno kokono shiuzen shite" (Is it correct? Or I heard it wrongly?) means "Please change/correct the direction that you're facing now" - If she mumbles, ignore her and wait for her orders..... - "Ima, mae ni susunde" means "Now, you may proceed/ go foward" - "Ki wo tsukete" means take care (My Japanese is quite bad, so correct me if I'm wrong) - If you don't follow her orders, You'll be in deep trouble! What will happend, I leave the consequences for yourself to think. - You will reach a place where you have to fight the enemies, clear all of them, and you'll get the Halberd subweapon. - After this, follow Ken's orders. - If you find some floating mines along the way, press L2 longer to unlock the target. DON'T EVER TRY TO DESTORY THOSE FLOATING MINES, If they happend to attach on you, Guard it. - If you continue to go foward, you'll see some mosqituo's. As usual, press L2 longer to difuse the target lock-on. Guard, and proceed foward - On some places, you'll see some missles flying towards you, Guard it. - Continue.....and when you reach the place where you have to clear the enemies to proceed foward, do so. - After this. NEVER MOVE until Ken tells you what to do...... - If you done this correctly without problems at all, you'll reach Lloyd's city. Intermission will come in, Lloyd will greet you..... You will arrive on the big city, Lloyd's city, your target is to get down to the Lloyd's Undeground base....... Now that you've arrive Lloyd's city, clear all the enemies you found (to level up of course.......) - Press start to see the Map of Lloyd's City - It's best to clear all the enemies so that you can fight those enemies easier for the next stage (Level up), But if you want to boost through the game, it's all right to straight go to the Elevator (shown on map, if you see the diamond shape flashing on the map, That's the Metatron sign, and the elevator. Not every elevator shown is the way to the Lloyd's Underground Base! - Where's the Lloyd's Underground? Press start, look at your map: If you notice there is a place where 4 elevators arranged on a cross shape? Go to the east side of the crossed elevator. Not really understand? Let me go into more specific way: Elevator Elevator Elevator Elevator Elevator(!!) Elevator Elevator Elevator LLOYD'S CITY MAP (SIMPLE FORM) If you go look at the map, and zoom out a bit, the map supposed to look like this (I make it very simple, so...), The Elevator to the Underground base will be marked (!!) - After you got into the right way, after clearing the enemies, get down........... Lloyd will be impressed by your efforts of finding the way to meet him But knowing there is still a long way to go.......Lloyd will ask: Will you managed to get to the lowest Underground base? That will depends how great you are! - Ok, The Underground Base is compromised with 3 parts of Levels before you can get to the lowest, thus meet Lloyd - Remember, the moving pillar can kill! so don't get between them! Unless you want the moving pillars to crush you like a flat pie........ - Destroy all the enemies before you can proceed downwards since the pillars will only move in every section after you killed the enemies - Before you get in the door down to the second level, Go to the back, ascend yourself up a bit, and press L2, there should be 2 Ex-mission files there. - Always after this, follow the arrow. And make your way to the third level (Second level also have something over there, but you may have to clear the game once first, look for SECRETS section for more info) - The third level is the same as first and second level did. But instead to go straight down to meet Lloyd, check the path which adjacent to the door on the floor in the bottom room. There will be another Ex-mission file there. - After this, Follow the arrow, get the Metatron Ore. And you will reach Lloyd.............. Dingo have reached Lloyd, He will greet Dingo, thus intermission comes, and Lloyd challenges Dingo into a fight, with his Orbital Frame, Inhert. (Don't worry, he's not a villian, he's just a good guy who just can't betray BAHRAM....) ~BOSS : INHERT~ (Controlled by Lloyd) START This is a half-chicken battle if you ask me, Inhert will always leave floating mines for you to play with. And run away, Track him, and never got hit by his floating mines, Of course, use the All Way Laser to negate all the Floating mines. And Guard his missles when he does that (the missle will follow you) *Get to the very bottom of the ground to locate another ex-mission file Since long range attacks have difficuties reaching him...What you can do here is quite a hard thing. Use Decoy as your subweapon, Try to get near him by dashing towards him (I have no alternative way). Since you're toying with him for the first time. I think it's quite hard to reach him without a better way unless the clear the game once. (0-Shift...) However, once you get near him, use Decoy to let him slash a "fake" of yours (he's quite fast in melee attacks). And use Swing Sword Slash to negate his guard. And you'll damage him, follow up by a dash slash ( While dashing press Square at the close range) to damage him more. He'll leave some decoys (five of them) for you to handle. If you manage to kill the fake one, don't worry, It won't hurt, try to find another way but don't bother pressing L2 to locate him since he will be leaving so many F.Mines, It will only confuse your targeting. Just try to get near him, and the lock on will straight point into him. Repeat the process of getting near him and use Decoy and Slash tactic. Once his health bar on yellow. Lloyd will be quite impressed with your skills. And thus going into his second phrase of his attacks. ~BOSS : INHERT~ (Controlled by Lloyd) Continued from the last round, it's time for the second round. This is fun, you'll be in complete darkness and you can't see anything! Inhert is hiding on shadows and assault you. You won't be able to see what he is going to do. But Ada will try to help you along the way to reach Inhert so follow her orders. Dash front when the lock on comes, Yeah, when Ada tells you about something. Follow! - F.Mine no sekkin, Kaihi shite kudasai (Floating mines is near, please evade it) - Misairu no sekkin, gohio shite kudasai (The missles is near, please guard it) - Tekki sekkin (Enemy is near / approaching) - Tekki made (Enemy waiting / Enemy distance) - Jyuu, Kyuu, Hachi, Nana, Roku, Go, Yon, San, Ni, Ichi (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1) - Migi yo kaihi (Evade right) - Hidari yo kaihi (Evade left) - Gohio (Guard) Whatever she says to take you near Inhert must be follow unless you want to die from Inhert's attacks....Once you get near him, Again, use Decoy and Swing Sword Slash follow by a Dash Slash. It's a lucky if he tries to hit you twice and leave away, You can damage him more that way....^_^ For an alternative strategy, block his slash attack and counter him. It works this way, too. He sometimes leave 5 decoys for you to handle. 4 of them is a fake while one of them is real, Once you got the real one, repeat the process mentioned above. Sometimes if you do All Way Laser, He will guard, and when you follow up by slashing him he will still guard your attacks, So, save your Decoy, and straight away slash with Swing Sword Slash. That works even better, but most of the time, he will try to slash you away. So Decoy is extremely important when fighting him. Repeat the process that I've mentioned above, and Inhert will be defeated. END Inhert will get damaged, and his protective gel surround his Orbital Frame will fade. Lloyd will congrats Dingo for defeating him, and agree to lend Dingo a hand by transfering the 0-Shift program to Jehuty so that Jehuty will have a chance to stand against Anubis. And Inhert will also transfer one of his attacks to Jehuty, Floating Mine subweapon Device Driver. Now you can use the Floating Mine subweapon. Since Dingo can't leave Jehuty for specific reason, and Lloyd can't move his OF to transfer the 0-Shift program to Jehuty. Ken will volunteer herself to represent Lloyd to transfer the program for Dingo. But, Lloyd will ask Ken to hurry, Anubis is near. And Lloyd will know that he can't get away anymore, since he had betrayed BAHRAM, Nohman will not let Lloyd alive... As the program transfers, Lloyd will beg Dingo to destroy Aumaan.....Where the BAHRAM's main force resides. As soon as the 0-Shift program is succesfully transfered........ ~BOSS: ANUBIS~ (Controlled by Nohman) START Oh yeah, here he is. Still, you won't use 0-Shift yet since 0-Shift is not yet installed into the Jehuty's system..... And, no matter what you do, You'll never win Anubis, but try to get him down around 15% of his health bar, Cutscene will occur... END Tough, huh? Lloyd will ask Dingo to get away. But, knowing that he can't leave Lloyd just yet, you started to caught off guard. Anubis will throw his lance? polearm? halberd? whatever....towards Jehuty, and Lloyd will sent Inhert's Decoy to get you out of here, and he dies, well not really. Anubis will go down, plug out Inhert's head (cockpit) and destroy it. Lloyd is now dead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Out of Lloyd's City...... Jehuty and Dingo is saved....and the decoy of Inhert is fading....... Next you'll have an intermission, Ken is safe, hiding inside Inhert's body while Anubis wander around. Now Dingo and Ken will have a talk....... Now after the intermission, Dingo'll notice there are many BAHRAM Warships hovering around.... What happend? Then you will have an intermission with the BAHARAM Battleship commander and the commander will commence their attack towards Jehuty. After that, Dingo will contact Leo, telling him that BAHRAM's Battleship is heading towards to where the UNSF is at, Where the UNSF have entirely no chance to stand against the battleship since they are strong, and BAHARAM decide to wipe out the UNSF's forces by using the air tactic! You will know those Phantoma's are useless.......Dingo decides to destroy them and help the UNSF once more..... So you will have another mission to go: INTERMISSION--------------------------------------------DONE! Now you have to destroy all the battleships... And it's my favourite mission of all! Destroy all the parts of the battleship and enemies along the way. Beware when a signal "Danger" (a pink color gauge pops up) appears. Move yourself so you won't get hurt by it's energy attack. Anyway, to make sure you're safe while fighting the small enemies, destroy the battleship's cannon before they start to pop up another "Danger" sign again. Once you're done. Head to the middle of the Battleship, If you see a Moving sphere, which attacking the sphere will result on a yellow shield guarding the sphere, and it won't be negated with any of your attacks, that's the CORE of the Battleship. To destroy the core, get to the platform behind the sphere (That means you have to stand in front of the sphere). Land yourself down, and use the subweapon Vector Cannon (V.Cannon). Hold down Circle to charge up. And you'll see a Vector charge gauge on the down-middle of the screen, be patient, and let Jehuty finish the charge, once it's done. Release the circle button and BOOOOOOOOOOM! You got it! Once you destroy it, follow the arrow, and repeat the process mentioned above. You have to destroy 5 of the battleships on this mission. Good Luck! INTERMISSION OVER.............................................. Once you're done......There will be a warning sound.....and..... What the hell.........? ~BOSS : ZAKAT~ (Controlled by the Zakat Runners, 5 of them, in one HUGE Orbital Frame) START My favourite boss battle, and the easiest boss of all. But since fighting on air feels so great, and the battle theme is super cool, I can't help myself toying around that Huge Ball! Zakat's attacks aren't that damaging, but has a wide range. Avoid yourself when a Zakat Runner screamed "Membasu kakou, Ukae!". Dash yourself left and right very quickly since the cannon blast attack will always follow you where ever you go, If you go hit, you'll be pushed to the very back of the screen. Get youself INSIDE Zakat, and slash the body inside Zakat. Since it's huge, it doesn't move much, so take your time until it blows you away, and it will activated it's barrier, rendering all of your attacks useless, To deactivate it's barrier, Put your subweapons selection to Grab, and find for the plates that Zakat attached on itself. (Notice the grab words around Zakat, so be smart and get near him), There 4-5 of those, You may not take it as a shield but you can't hurt it either so do whatever you want and grab all the plates and Zakat's shield will be deactivated, Get inside his body, and slash it until Zakat's health bar grow yellow. Once Zakat's health bar reached yellow, It will start it's "Formation 2" phrase. Are you worry? No......You won't. Since the target changed from it's body to it's head. So don't bother hit the head just yet, wandering around (Try to attack it's shield until it shatters. After the shield shattered. Use the Burst Shot and damage it's head. Or you might want to use the All Way Laser attack, it's up to you. However, beware of the gravity attack. It will suck you in, and damage you. IT WON'T TARGET THE HEAD UNLESS YOU DESTROY THE GRAVITY ATTACK.... Other of Zakat's attack is self explainatory, Get it evade, and ones it's shield shatters, Repeat the process above and damage Zakat until the "ball" is finished. END Poor Zakat, You have to run away ^_^ Anyways, after the battle, Jehuty will get the Homing Missle Device Driver, now you can use the Homing Missle subweapon, and it's useful for the upcoming missions...... After this, You will see a loads of LEV's heading for a battle...Which starts to warn out that Jehuty is nearby. Cutscene occur, then more and more and more. LEV's Commander Elena Weinberg will ask you to get off Jehuty since it must not fall into the evil hands (Dingo is not evil!). Dingo will of course refuse to get down. Leo agrees. And Elena will become very stubborn, sort of order you to come down. However, Dingo will start explaining that he is no longer under BAHRAM, and his goal is to stop Nohman and destroy Aumaan without letting Ada to self destruct. If the LEV's still forcing him to get down, that is equal to his death. Since he's going to die again. If killing Dingo for the reason of not returning Jehuty to the UNSF, No one is going to stop Aumaan (since UNSF will not be able to destroy it). So if that's the UNSF wants, then Dingo threathens them to kill himself........But the LEV just stop, knowing that this is the rational way to not sacrifice a person who might be able to destroy Aumaan. Elena agrees to let Dingo pilot Ada, and gives the command to Dingo to stop the massive BAHRAM's forces with 40 LEV's (Including Vic Viper) and one Jehuty. You ARE the commander of the 40 LEV's now...... And next, watch the cool cutscene, and then, here comes the Lord Of The Rings : The Two Towers - Battle of Helms Deep + Star Wars Battle! - Now, You'll play as Arag....wait, no, You're still playing as Jehuty! ^_^ - ehh....10 thousand No!!....It's the BAHRAM's Forces, and not in the number 10 thousand...That's too much! - Your enemies will ONLY be Raptors and Naritas, And this mission is a pain in the ass. I think Battle of Helms Deep is much better. - Didn't I say before that the Homing missle will be useful? Well, Use it now Without target the enemy. - Another way will be using Phalanx, But I suggest you to use both (Mix around) - Your LEV troops will be blue in color, Vic Viper will be light blue in colour, You will be purple in color, and the enemies will be in red color. - This is a long, dammed battle. Everywhere are your enemies, hmm, in a Map shown, I think there are around 400 enemies in one screen (map) and Yes, you have to clear them all, and they will grow even more (around 30 enemies) after a while. Mostly due to the slowdown of the game (lacking), it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to clear them all if you're fast enough. - With 40 LEV's against such a loads of enemies, you'll expect that the LEV's will not stand for long? You're correct. Actually, they're nearly useless throughout the whole battle, on the exception of sometimes the Phantoma's attacks will stun the enemy, giving you chance to save your allies and IF all the LEV's were destroyed (not including Vic Viper, he's invisible) Mission will fail, and Game Over. (Very Hard mode is insane!) - Most of the enemies will focus on the LEV troops, not you. So be smart and get them away, so to shut the LEV's mouth up (They are annoying, shouting here and there for help!) - As I told you, if those enemies come in group, fire them with Phalanx, don't worry if they guard or not, it will always negate their defense. - Homming missle will be the most effective way to get them done for. As it will mostly home on enemies not the LEV's. - Try not to hurt the LEV's (Yes, this mission have friendly fire mode). If those Raptors or Narita's get too close to them, Target the enemies and slash them out. But try not to hurt your allies. So slash them upwards. - Grab and Swing the enemy will result on nearby enemies go bye bye ^_^ So mix around with the subweapons and it will make your life easier. - After a while, The screen will add a tons of enemies. Ada will warn you that the enemies are fiercely comming through you. (Around 60 enemies comming in together) - Don't worry about Vic Viper, He won't die. - For a real fun, Try to locate Vic Viper, and grab him, Take him as a weapon and swing nearby enemies. That is even more effective than using subweapons! Leo will ask you to stop, but would you care? Since he can't die, Feel free to grab Vic Viper and do whatever you want to. It last quite a long time too! ^_^ - This battle will test your patient. Almost everything.... - After the battle, It's time to see your results (yes, R-E-S-U-L-T-S!!) My best record so far: Mode : Normal Enemies Killed: 278 enemy (How many enemies throughout this mission is depends on which difficulty that you are playing.) LEV left : 29 LEV destroyed : 11 Rank : B Another record of mine: Mode: Hard Enemies Killed : 478 LEV left : 10 LEV destroyed : 30 Rank : B Worse Record Mode : Very Hard Enemies Killed : 541 LEV left : 2 LEV destroyed : 38 Rank : C Sigh........T_T After the long, pain battle. Jehuty will start to "malfunction".....And Dingo will get very painful, Jehuty will kneel, and a stream of light will surround him and make him transform! Once Jehuty gets up. Jehuty will be somewhat changed, With 3 Wisps surrounding it. Now, you're controlling Jehuty Ver.2!! (the 0-Shift Jehuty) Dingo will pant, and Ada will inform Dingo that the Zero Shift program is successfully installed into Jehuty and now you can use Zero Shift! The most effective, powerful, useful subweapon of the whole game! Now, Dingo will have intermission with Leo, and next thing, scene fade. Now Jehuty will arrive at Aumaan base. Where you're stepping on the second last stage of this game. Now you'll have cutscenes. And Ada will say something..... After the something over....It's time to head down to where Nohman is. Now, seeing that you have Zero Shift, use it. Now, even if you're playing Very Hard mode. Those enemies are sought of like a mosquito to you. You became much more powerful. Any enemy that you're facing now will no longer be your opponent. Your Jehuty will have those advantages listed below: - Your attacks will double up. Dealing double damage to any enemy you're facing. - Your normal shot is now come with 3 directions (Up, Left and Right) making your normal shot range much wider, even a normal shot with 5-6 streams of continuous fire will kill an enemy! Better than using normal Jehuty! Don't you? - Enemy attacks will no longer hurting you, unless the attack is really big. Small attacks of any enemy will automatically negated even you don't do anything. Because Jehuty ver.2 will have advance guard which the 3 wisps will automatically protect you from any harm. Now, your guard will not use up your subweapon gauge! - If you make an action, the 3 Wisps will also automatically damage the enemies who get very near to you, If you use 0-Shift, it is almost equals to Hit and Run! - 0-Shift is a kind of Movement Shifting Teleportation (MST). It's not entirely a teleport move, it just Jehuty will shift himself from one place to another. Sort of like moving very fast with a speed of light. So it's a kind of teleportation (Many people mistook this 0-Shift theory as a teleport same as what Anubis have, it's an entirely different story.) So 0-Shift is very very useful to evade, reach, confuse, and damage an enemy. Evade is where 0-Shift 100% will evade a direct attack of one enemy. Reach is where 0-Shift will help you proceed front like there is no tommorow! Confuse is where 0-Shift will easily make enemy caught off guard, mainly because enemy likes to block and hit you after they catch a chance, so when you dash a but to left and right and immedietely use 0-Shift, the enemy will easily caught off guard and no longer defending itself. Damage is self explainatory, you're too fast and will enemy see you move in front to him and make a move? You make yourself more unpredictable! - 0-Shift doesn't use any subweapon gauge, Use it whatever you want to, never mind with 100 times, 1000 times, or 1000000000000000 times. - You are much faster in movement now. Isn't that cool? Anyways, you're now at the descending route, towards the way to Aumaan center core. So clear every enemy when you see them Always equip 0-Shift, and kill them quicky. This place also contains 4 ex-mission files for you to find so if you want to know the location, refer to the secrets section to have a quick glance. Actually, this place does not need walkthrough, since your only mission is to clear all the enemies, and proceed foward when the next section is unlock. When you pass the first level of the descending route, Ken will contact you, telling you that Nohman is waiting for you......... After this, repeat the process and get down, And get into the tunnel which leads to the next area. Now you are at the below path. You'll notice there is a white light flashing? Well, don't ever get near it. Don't test it, you'll be bacon! So how to get past it? - Notice there are steel plates attached on the left/right wall? Grab it (Switch your subweapon to grab) - Proceed foward when you can't see the light, When you see it comming towards you, Guard! You'll be push back but it won't hurt you, get yourself to the front when nothing happens! - Always grab, defend, and go front until you saw the generator which actually shoots out that white light. - When the generator is not charging, Grab the steel plate and throw at the generator, it will be damaged, so you have to throw more steel plates to destroy it completely. However, when the generator is charging or flashing, grab teh steel plate and defend yourself. - And repeat the process until the generator is completely destroyed. Now, you've clear a path! Proceed foward and you see another cutscene. Dingo arrives at the path which block the way to the Aumaan, Leo arrives and you'll have a talk with him. After this, get yourself to the flame wall, notice you can't get in? Ok, land yourself (not on the ground) on the spot where your eye level still can see the flame wall. Switch your subweapon to V.Cannon, charge it up, and blast it. You've clear the last path, and next section will lead you to a boss fight, so get the Metatron behind you and go inside the path..... Now. You'll see Jehuty will flying around Aumaan, watch the cutscene. And you'll meet Anubis! and Nohman, but that's a little strange..... Sounds fishy.... Anyways, you'll be fighting Anubis now. ~BOSS : ANUBIS~ (Controlled by ????) START This is really strange, where is Anubis wings? (or is it wings? I don't know.....) Pretty weak if you ask me. Use 0-Shift, always mash on circle to reach him, and slash that guy up with either Swing Sword Slash, or Dash Slash, it's up to you. And Anubis is very weak on defense, he recieves damage which is greater than the past fight. Nothing really need to worry about him, But always beware of his melee attack, since it's very damaging. So don't kid about his melee attack. And when he does his burst attack (looks like blood spliting out from Anubis stomach...) dash left and right so that the burst attack will miss you, and 0-Shift in front of him to slash him back. The only annoying thing is: Anubis still loves to teleport, so beware. Get his health bar to yellow, and always keep your life bar up After this, a cutscene occur... END Jehuty will stop fighting, and Leo will get very angry and charge towards Anubis in Vic Viper's flight form. It's very cool when he does his burst attack! But Anubis managed to avoid his laser attack at first (Fortune? Helena Dolph Jackson!?), but not his burst attack, and Leo will end his attack by stabbing it. He success! But..... Suddently, another Anubis comes up, and Leo notice but it's too late for him. In a flash, Anubis counters Vic Viper, and damaged VV really greatly. What the hell happend!? It can't be....! The person inside damaged Anubis is actually Ken, who is used by Nohman to lure Jehuty! Nohman actually controled the "fake" Anubis. As Nohman clonned one of the Anubis out to test Jehuty's performance! Dingo charges at him, but suddently Nohman unleashes a stream of starlight. Starting to break Aumaan down (The effects is very well done!) and Nohman tells Dingo that this is the power, and the will of the Metatron. And talk something about Aumaan....But Ken interrupt his words by telling him that this place where everyone see, is not the real Aumaan! The real Aumaan, is actually Pheobos (Can someone tell me what does that mean?) Nohman will tell Dingo something about the origin of the Metatron, after his trash talk, he will activated more of the power, Jehuty can't really stop it, thus the impact damaged Jehuty! Jehuty's part is damaged, and his 3 Wisps is gone! However, after the talk, and cutscene, Nohman will sent everyone into the space of Pheobos. Jehuty will chase Anubis, and now it's time to put Anubis into oblivion! ~BOSS : ANUBIS~ (Controlled by Nohman) START Now that Jehuty is damaged, you're now using Damaged Jehuty, you can no longer use long range attacks, along with your subweapons! The only option of killing Anubis, is to play Melee with him! Luckily, your 0-Shift is still there! Use it! This is long, pain battle, and might requires you to be patient, and you might not able to kill him for the first time. Don't get discouraged, you need get the hang of it. Once you got it, he'll be easier to be dealt with. Now, he finally defeatable. But it's not easy...... Now, since you can't use Burst Shot and All Way Laser, What you need to do now is try to get near him by using 0-Shift after you've target Anubis, but always beware, It mostly comes out with his burst attack. (the attack when he comes out with a fireball attack, It's body is flashing while doing this attack, just to give a hint for you in case you don't really know. Anyway, it's like blood spliting out from his stomach, I do mention it on the previous strategy.) So dodge it left and right, In case you're too far from Anubis, you have to dash faster as it's burst attack will have a higher chance of hitting you if you're very far away from Anubis. After dodging it, 0-Shift, and you'll get near it, stand still and quickly use the Swing Sword Slash to slash Anubis off. Beware of his melee attack, once it hits you, it will continue the hit until it's done, never give you a chance to get away in between, So what you can do is to wait until he perform his melee attack, he will have a recovery time so take the opportunity to counter him back. Don't counter his melee attack unless you know how. The reason why you have to beware of his melee attack is because : i) It will never give you chance to get away from it once it hits you. ii) It's very damaging. it's melee attack will take 35-40% of your health away. Once you managed to damage Anubis a bit, he will teleport away from you If you can't manage to hurt Anubis, don't worry, as long as you live, you definitely get him sometime. Just get near to Anubis and hurt it by using Swing Sword Slash, if you slash him and it teleports away at the same time. You're unlucky, but you'll still have chance to get him. Once Anubis is on yellow bar. Anubis parts will be damaged. And he won't use the teleport often now. He still loves to teleport, but not much. Maintain the same way as before, always get near him and slash him when he's off guard. But instead of using the burst shot more often, it's favourite move is now changed, Once you get near him, beware, always avoid his burst melee attack (he has it, don't forget he has the same capability and performance as Jehuty's capability and performance.) To make things easier, go near it first, once he starts using this move (Anubis body will also flash when doing the burst melee attack) avoid it, and once it's done, go near and use the Swing Sword Slash since he is recovering from this attack, this will provide enough time for you to get rid of him. Once his health bar reached purple, nothing really change from the 2nd phrase of Anubis's movement. So maintain the same strategy until it's defeated. But always take note here, always beware of it's melee attack. To make things easier, memorize his move first rather than actually go in front and slap Anubis. You'll feel better this way. END Once Nohman and Anubis is defeated, oh yeah, he deserves to have at least try the true power of Jehuty! You'll notice Anubis will start transfering it's glowing into Jehuty. And Jehuty will recover from the damage and transforms into his ultimate form, Naked Jehuty. (sounds odd...and gives me an impression of Grey Fox...) You will dash away and get the damaged Anubis and damaged Vic Viper into a safe place. Now, you've arrived at Pheobos. you're now at the center of Aumaan. After this, Elena Weinberg will contact you, and begs you to stop Aumaan, and put the end of everything. Dingo (I couldn't get a thing he says, but he mostly agree, or not there will be no story isn't it?) Anubis will drop down from the sky, and crushed. Naked Jehuty must check his "brother" out, and also check out what's going to happend to Nohman.... - Press L2, and locate three of the Ex-mission files scatter around One is on the sky, two of them is on the ground, look everywhere. - Follow the arrow. Dingo will tell Nohman to stop now, since it's all over, but things doesn't go what Dingo thinks, Nohman will laugh, and tells you that his scheme will success no matter how hard Dingo try to stop him, thus Anubis will drop into the core of Aumaan........ After the cutscene once more, you will play as Naked Jehuty for now. Too strong, Who needs the 3 wisps when your 0-Shift can actually hurt people when someone get too close to you? You still have the advance guard. He's ultimately insane in terms of power, and speed! Your enemy around this area is actually a surprise : Nephtis! And comes in pairs! But a shot from Jehuty will kill it straight away, and you get Metatron from every Respawned Nephtis that you killed. You still have 2 more Ex-Mission files scatter around during fighting Respawned Nephtis, so find around, The place that you are now is not big, it actually small compare to the other stages, so it's quite easy to find those ex-mission files. Once you're done, follow the arrow............ Naked Jehuty will jump in............ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Inside Aumaan... The Core.... You'll see Anubis, and it's different...very very different......... Cutscene will come, and you will fight the very last boss : Aumaan Anubis ~BOSS : AUMAAN ANUBIS~ (Controlled by Nohman) The Final Battle START Naked Jehuty VS Aumaan Anubis, the ultimate showdown. Basically nothing to worry about this guy, he's weaker compare to the previous Anubis. Except that he's much faster. Since he's very fast, use 0-Shift to get near him Maintain the same way on how you fight Anubis in the previous battle, with the exception of don't really use the Swing Sword Slash anymore, normal 4 hit combo will hurt it a lot, and much faster, the previous battle don't require you to do combo is because Anubis will only take one hit and teleports away, while Aumaan Anubis doesn't. But beware of his it's burst attack, Now, this attack accuracy is very high. And if you don't use the All Way Laser to negate it, you'll have a trouble avoiding it unless you hide behind the obstacle (the center core). It's melee attack is slow, but still need to take care, It's melee doesn't really give much damage to you at all (You're controlling Naked Jehuty after all...). But prepare to face the worst, you don't want to lose right? Basically just hit and run, after a while, Aumaan Anubis will tremble, and no longer functional, you won! END Dingo will charge at Nohman, and say something about Dingo's comrades who all died 6 years ago (Nohman left them died....Well, I don't really know until The 2nd Runner is released ) You will prepare to give a final shot at Nohman, do whatever you want to. You can't grab it. So be a good guy, give him a last slash, and he will begone forever from this game. As for the ending, I won't spoil it. Enjoy!~ (You've earned it, and I leave the spoilers to the other FAQers if they want to spoil it.) THE END OF WALKTHROUGH ANUBIS : ZONE OF THE ENDERS ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECRETS -For the complete gameplayers- -Vs. Mode- After you've finshed the section where you've fought Anubis for the ever first time, before Deimos Station...You'll unlock Vs.mode. But only Jehuty is avaliable. Clear the game once, and you'll unlock the following OF: -Jehuty ver.2 -Damaged Jehuty -Vic Viper -Ardjet -Nephtis -Anubis You'll have 3 more OF's to unlock , those are found at storymode. Where you have to find and fight them. One of the secret OF's are find without fight. Those hidden OF's are: -Naked Jehuty -Inhert -Aumaan Anubis Look at the "Unlock" section to find out how to unlock those secret OF's. -How to make Ken take off her clothes!- This is a sweet secret. Before you get Ardjet to the top after the AI delete battle. Grab Ardjet without release her. Go near to the larva. (Her Ardjet will start to burn ^_^;;) She will complain how hot the larva is. Then when you got her out. Look at the intermission screen, and Ken will be half naked! She won't show that extreme, so don't look too far ^_^ At the Anime cutscene, Instead you see Ken wearing her uniform, she'll takes off her clothes...(Hideo is such a womanizer! ^_^) Whatever it is, more bounce this time ^_^ (the Anime cutscene is sort of like a "refined" version of the normal anime cutscene) However, after you reached Lloyd's Defense Security area. Ken will put back her clothes on..........And the game proceeds as normal. -Ex-mission files location - Those info's description are provided by Aumaan, but I did found nearly 99% of all the Ex-mission files, by MYSELF. So I'm not straight away cheating everyone and take the info's without his permission...... And those locations are REAL and tested by myself. To unlock the Ex-mission files, simply just clear the game once. At the main menu, there will be Extra Missions mode for you to play with If you found some ex-missions (a small-squared icon which is written EX-MISSION on it). You will unlock more. 1. After destroying the enemies in the 3rd room of the Bahram ship, go back to the 2nd room and there should be one floating near the doorway. 2. Zoradius: While fighting Vic Viper, blow up a rock in the north above the entrance to the canyon. A mission file will be there but it will be unreachable. Use Wisp to retrieve it. This is only available on a 2nd playthrough using an Equipped Jehuty. 3. While fighting the Naritas at Margaritifer, access a mini-mission by responding to ADA's comments with L3. If you succeed the mission, a file will appear on top of the entrance to the canyon. 4. At Margaritifer, there's one hidden inside a rock. 5. At Margaritifer, there's another one hidden inside a rock. 6. At Margaritifer, there's one hidden in a corner near the bridge with the crashed train. 7. The left path in Margaritifer canyon has another route you can take to the left. Go all the way to the end for the mission file. 8. In the vertical rooms with the smashing pillars, one is in the corner on the floor of the top room. 9. In the vertical rooms with the smashing pillars, another one is in the opposite corner on the floor of the top room. 10. In the vertical rooms with the smashing pillars, one is adjacent to the door on the floor in the bottom room. 11. When fighting the first battle with Inhert, there should be one on the floor. 12. In the first part of the descending route towards Aumaan, there's a flat structure on the ground. Go under it and there should be one there. 13. In the first part of the descending route towards Aumaan, there's a metallic beam in the lower level. A file appears after you destroy the beam. 14. In the second part of the descending route towards Aumaan, there's one on top of a pillar. 15. In the second part of the descending route towards Aumaan, there's one at the very end on the floor. 16. When you land on Aumaan, there's one on the ground near the metal floor. 17. When you land on Aumaan, there's one in the sky. 18. After destroying one of the Nephtis on Aumaan, one should appear. 19. After destroying another Nephtis on Aumaan, another one should appear. 20. Load your Clear Data save after you clear the game once, and start a new game. Clear the game again and you will get the last 2% - View different picture after credits - Finish the game with the Rank of S or SS will net you on seeing a picture after the credits (your results). Dingo and Ken will be on the picture. - Unlock Inhert on VS mode - To Unlock Inhert, clear the game once, use any version of Jehuty, try to fight storyline mode for the second time, fight your way through Lloyd's city Underground Base. The location is at second level of the Underground base, before you reach Lloyd, wait for the pillar to retract (the 2nd level of the moving pillars), and you will saw a small icon of Inhert at the left side corner. Grab it, and he'll be unlocked! - Unlock Naked Jehuty on VS mode - To unlock Naked Jehuty, you have to find the decending way to Aumaan (the last stage) At the end of the way, there are two paths with lasers blocking the inside route, shoot them, and you'll found Naked Jehuty inside, fight and win him, and you'll unlock him! - Unlock Aumaan Anubis on VS mode - To unlock Aumaan Anubis, clear the game once, and start the new game with all sub-weapons equipped, and try to get into Margrifier Canyon, the place where you have to unlock the main gate....On the left route (always go left), there is a dead end along the way to the generator. Use Vector Cannon to blast the blocking stones to clear a secret path. You'll be brought into the Wind Tunnel, fighting tons of enemies. destroy them, and you'll be brought into an unfamiliar location, where you'll have to fight Aumaan Anubis. Destory it and you will found the small icon of Aumaan Anubis, grab it and it'll be unlocked. - Using different versions of Jehuty - To use 4 different versions of Jehuty, simply clear the game. You can use 4 versions of Jehuty in either on story mode, extra missions, and versus mode (note that you have to unlock Naked Jehuty by finding and fight it at the last stage (the Aumaan Base) in order to use it on versus mode.) MORE TO COME.....But is there all the secrets avaliable? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- FUN STUFF TO PLAY WITH..... <> -------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSION HISTORY 1.0 - Started the FAQ, Walkthorough progress is 61%, Secrets section is 20% complete. Haven't start on other sections yet, since I'm busy, I have to take a little break from walkthrough progression, but I'll complete the whole walkthrough. I promise! 1.1 - Fixed a lot of grammar errors. And the Walkthrough is complete!! Secrets section is around 70% done. Still late on the progress...But at least this is the the update. Well, I still need to work harder! ^_^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- END OF FAQ AND CREDITS Anubis: Z.O.E Walkthrough will never be completed without the help and support. Those guys on message board help me a lot! They are: Spenze ( -Being the one of the first three person who've played Anubis:Z.O.E on GameFAQs Message Board, and always willing to help people to solve any problems that newbies have. John Carter/Aumaan -The first person who've played the game. And the first person who've finished the game, All of the info's, secrets, ex-mission file location were all submitted by him! Without this guy. You won't have the list of the ex-mission file locations! I'll include more of his contribution on the next update. One of the biggest contributor of this FAQ. JL Lee - Also one of the first three person who've played and finished the game Thanks for his wonderful translation of Z.O.E Story between, and his info about unlocking Aumaan Anubis on the V.S mode, although I'm found it without his info. But he did provided the info of unlocking Aumaan Anubis on the VS mode. It helps a lot of players around. neojubei -Thanks for his corrections about the Japanese translations! Most of the Japanese words are corrected by him. Well done! and also thanks to : -GameFAQs's Administrator and Webmaster CJayC ( -Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa and other Konami Z.O.E staff members who did a excellent job of making such a great sequel! They hold the biggest contribution. without them, there will be no Z.O.E, thus no this FAQ will exist! -Every person in Z.O.E : The 2nd Runner message board who help providing informaion and tips to the newbies and players who don't know about the game. Special Thanks to: kTjun ( -My classmate and my best friend!! He provided the info of using Phalanx to destroy the train! A new found anyway, Thanks! If you have some contributions, feel free to e-mail me at : For the meanwhile! See you again! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Mieru! Kore ga Metatron no ishi ni!" - Nohman, Runner of Anubis Works of Luna Holybell Enzoera, Luna Art of One 2003 All Rights Reserved.</p>