R E T U R N T O C A S T L E W W ooo l FFF EEE NN n SSSS TTTTT EEE III NN M W W o o l F E N N N S T E I N N N W W o o l FFF EEE N N N SSSS T EEE I N N N W W W o o l F E N N N S T E I N N N WWWWW ooo lll F EEE N NN SSSS T EEE III N NN FAQ by: TSROCKS (c)TSROCKS 2003 How to Contact Me: E-mail- aanextreme@aol.com drop me a line! Message Board- I can be found at the Castle Wolfenstein Message Board. About me: I've written 2 FAQS. The First one is for Timesplitters 2 and is at Neoseeker.com and this makes 2, this Guide can be found at GameFAQS.com, neoseeker.com, ign.com, cheats.de and cheatcc.com ONLY. The latest Version of this FAQ can be found at cheatcc.com and gamefaqs.com. Version History: June 3, 2003- FAQ started. Finished Egyptian walkthrough. More to Come. June 4, 2003- Went to a party, started Mission 2 Walkthrough June 5, 2003- Finished Dungeon Walkthrough and continued on other Level Walkthroughs. Also made a New Title June 5, 2003- Finished Wulfburg. Added Fire-breathing Zombie to Enemy Section. Also added some new weapons to the Weapons section. June 6, 2003- It seems to be a pattern. Every day I add something. Today it is Lieutenates and The Nazi HQ Walkthrough June 7, 2003- Added Panzergrenadier, Egyptian Sniper, Engineer and X- creature: Legless Prototype to Enemies and Worked on Bombed City Walkthrough. June 8, 2003- Finished X-Labs Walkthrough. Enemies and Characters are done. Fixed some controls. June 15, 2003- I added more secrets and other messages I got from contributors. Thanks you guys! CONTENTS: 1.0... What is Return to Castle Wolfenstein? 1.1... Controlling B.J. 1.2... The Characters 1.3... The Grunts/Henchmen/ Other things that want to kill you 2.1...Egypt- a. Ras-El-Hadid b. Courtyards c. Nazi HQ d. Ancient Ruins e. Burial Chamber f. Buried Alive g. Eye of Anubis 2.2...Escape From Castle Wolfenstein a. Dungeon b. Lower Keep c. Castle Keep d. The Tram 2.3...Wulfburg and the Catacombs a. Wulfburg b. Dark Secret c. Catacombs d. Crypt e. The Defiled Church f. Dagger of Warding- First Boss 2.4...Nazi Base a. Forest b. Forest Compound c. Missile Silo d. Radar Installation e. Air Base 2.5...Bombed City a. The Scientist b. Bombed Factory c. Trainyards d. Secret Weapons Facility 2.6... X-labs a. Ice Station b. X-labs c. Super Soldier- Second Boss 2.7... Operation Resurrection (Not Complete) a. Bradburg Dam b. Proderburg c. Downtown d. Chateau Shuffestau e. Back Wing 2.8 Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Not Complete) a. Unhallowed Ground- Sub Boss b. Return to Castle Wolfenstein c. Heinrich I- Last Boss Section 3.0 Weapons Section 4.0 FAQ a. Why use Stealth b. Why find Secret Areas SECTION 1.0: WHAT IS RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN? The Original Castle Wolfenstein Made History, as the First FPS! Return to Castle Wolfenstein came out on the PC a few years ago, and now makes it to the PS2. It combines Nazi Blasting with Zombie Blasting and should be in your Collection. The PS2 version has a mission not on PC, Egypt. SECTION 1.1: Controlling B.J. Castle Wolfenstein Has Simple Controls. Analog Stick, Left: /\ Move Forward-Back \/<>Strafe Left-Right Analog Stick, Right: /\ Look Up-Down \/<>Turn Left-Right R2- Kick Nazi's or Open Doors by kicking them R1: Shoot L1: Jump L2: Crouch/Sneak D-Pad- /\ Turn Immediately \/ Square, O- Change Weapons Triangle- Scope, Binoculars R2 (Right Joypad squeezed in) Reload X- Action/Use R1 with Knife Equipped and Knife Icon behind Nazi- Backstab- Kill Nazis in one hit, with Rewards and silence. Section 1.2: THE CHARACTERS B.J. Blaskawitz- I don't think I spelled his name right, he is the Guy you play as Agent One- Corney Name, He is the Guy you contact throughout the First Mission Kessler- Your Contact in Wulfburg. Partisan- Gives you a Sten Submachine Gun in Wulfburg. Doctor Zemph- Smart guy bullied by Helga. Afraid of Disturbing the Tombs Helga Burlow- Fat Crazy Lady. Wants to have a Zombie Army. Doctor Zee- Kills Agent One and wants to kill you Olaric- In the Mission where you are supposed to fight Helga, you fight him. A Demon that wants to rip your head off. Deathshead- The Head of the Secret Weapons division Marianna- A Skinny version of Helga. Also is a jerk and also wants a large army of Zombies. Heinrich I- A Demon from 990 AD or something around that line. Final Boss. Wants to rip your head off more than Olaric does. SECTION 1.3: Grunts/Henchmen/ Other Things that want to kill you Desert Nazi- Found in Egypt. Very Easy Egyptian Sniper- These Guys are in Egypt Only. They Usually are Snipers and are noticed by the Towel on their head:-). Lieutenates- Lieutenates can be found everywhere in the game. They wear different looking hats but are slightly stronger than Nazis. "Elite Guard"- Can be Dangerous. Found in Egypt and Wulfburg. Mummy- By Far the easiest Zombie to beat. Haunts the Egyptian Tombs Castle Guard- Guards Castle Wolfenstein, A little better than Desert Nazis. Winter Nazi- The Nazi of Wulfburg Engineer- Weak Nazi found working on various equipment throughout the game. Zombie- Haunts the Wulfburg Catacombs. Shoots out ghosts. Death Knight- Haunts the Wulfburg Catacombs. Hard Zombie to beat. They can deflect your bullets with their shield. Fire Breathing Zombie- Like in Tenchu 3. Very Annoying. So Far, I have only found one in the Game. Hardest Zombie to beat, spews fire like a Flamethrower. Best Countered with a Grenade. Nazi- Found in the Forest and bombed City Missions. Your Average, Run- of-the-mill Nazi Panzergrenadier- These guys are only found at the beginning of Mission 5. They wear bandages on top of their heads and like Explosive Weapons, like grenades and Panzerfaust's. Black Armor Guard/Paratrooper- I hate these guys! They use Paratrooper Rifles, and have a lot of health. They are very hard to kill and are best disposed of with a grenade or Panzerfaust shell. Venom Soldiers- Dangerous. Found in the Bombed City and After Missions. Uses a Flamethrower or Venom Gun. Counter with Grenade or Panzerfaust Shell. Arctic Nazis- These Guys are just like Black Armor Guards. They watch over the Ice Station. X-Creature: Legless Prototype- A Half Zombie-Half Robot enemy that has no legs. It is very easy to beat compared to the other X-creatures. In fact, the Other X-creatures fancy killing these:-) X-Creature: Armored Prototype- These guys are HUGE! They use a Venom Gun and are very hard to kill. Just Strafe and Jump left and right while shooting at it. Scientists- They work in the X-labs and use Lugers. Not too hard. Dark Nazi- You fight these guys at the end of the game. Hardest Nazi to beat, carries Paratrooper Rifles. Dark "Elite" Guard- By the last few levels of Castle Wolfenstein it ms like you killed all the male Nazis, as these are all you'll fight. They still use the Sten, but have more health than other Elite Guards. X-Creature: Super Soldier- More of a Boss than an enemy, I wish you luck. There is no real tactic for beating these guys! SECTION 2: THE MISSIONS SECTION 2.1: EGYPT a. Ras-El-Hadid Welcome to Castle Wolfenstein. You begin in the Egyptian Town Ras-El- Hadid. As soon as you gain control of B.j. Crouch and Equip the Knife. Sneak up on the Guard and Backstab him. Now continue until you hear Muttering. Look to your right to see a gate. Crouch and Walk in the Hallway. Look Left and you'll see a Room with a Nazi. Sneak up and Backstab him. Take his Luger as well. Continue Walking back on the Main Road until you hear a little Girl. Crouch and Turn the Corner to see a Patrolling Nazi. Backstab him and climb up the Stairs. ----WOLFENSTEIN FUN----- By the Last Nazi you Backstabbed is a Cart with Pots. Start Kicking them and eventually a Guy will yell at you and tell you to Shut Up ---------------------------------------- Continue up, crouching. Keep Going forward until you see a Garage with a Motorcycle in it. Look in and Shoot the Fuel barrel to Blowup the Nazi Inside. ----SECRET AREA ALERT!---- Go around back the Garage and to your right (From coming in the main way) You'll see a little Lattice. Break it to get your First Secret Area. ------------------------------------- Now go around the garage to a building with Red Flags in it. Kick open the Door and go over to the Little hole in the wall. Jump on it a crouch. Kick over the Vases and crawl through. You can go to the Hallway to the Right to open the door at the end and go to the one to the left continue. The guy up here is probly gonna see you so use your Pistol on him. Go to the Room he was in to get a Bottle of wine. Now go through the other door to claim some Binoculars. You can use them to scope out the Sniper) You may be able to kill him with your Luger but for now, I prefer heading into the Courtyard. The First major Gunfight! Gun them down and take the Ammo. You can go into 3 Different Rooms. The One under the Sniper is the exit to the Level. The one to the Right of the Stairway leads to a room with a Nazi. You can easily sneak up and backstab him. Also, break the poster for a secret area. The Last Room has a radio you have to destroy. Another Easy stealth Kill as the Guards back is to you ----SECRET AREA ALERT---- On the Balcony with the sniper is a box. Kick it open to get the Secret, a Chalice. ---------------------- There is one more guard. Gun him down b. Courtyards Crouch when the Mission starts and Waddle to the front of the Hallway, Stay inside and wait for a guard to walk by. Sneak behind him and gut him. To the Right is the Building with the Radio used to Contact Agent One. The Left Takes you to a Room with Music and Nazis. I prefer to clean out the Nazis to the Left Room. Don't bother with stealth, they'll easily see you. ---- SECRET AREA ALERT--- In the Room with The Nazis go behind the Counter with the Cooked Meal. Look at the Intersecting corner to see a switch. Press it and presto, a door slides open! -------------------------- ---- ANOTHER SECRET AREA ALERT--- On your way back to the Radio room, there is a Street to the left. It comes to a building with a Lattice at the Bottom. Break it and crawl in (Crouching) To find Health and Grenades. ------------------------------ Once in the Radio Room, Crouch and Back Stab. Be Quick, When he is done talking, the Nazi will Patrol and may see you! Contact Agent using the Radio. Now continue up the Steps and Open the Door. Shoot the Nazi or sneak up on him and backstab him or Shoot him. Jump down the Balcony and mow down the Nazi. Go through the Gate and hear the Nazi. Ohhh... Action Time! Jump out with your Mauser Rifle or Luger (If you didn't take the Snipers from the Last Mission) and kill the Nazi with the MP40. Throw a Grenade at the one in the Middle and Run to the MP4 dropped by the First Nazi. Take it and Gun down the One on top of the Stoop. Run up the Stoop and a Nazi will run down from the Hallway. Shoot him, or for more cleverness, the Fuel barrel on the Ground. Go back to where the Stoop was and look Right. There is a Room with a Secret Area on the Shelf. Just walk to the Back, crouch and kick it off. Go back to the Nazi you Blew up and go up the Hallway he came from. Go through the Door at the Top of the Stairs and Wave Bye to the Snipers as you gun them done with your MP40. Go into the Room the Nazi comes in from and take the Health. Climb down the Ladder. Gun down the Nazis and the Door will be gunned down. Kill the Nazis outside and watch one get shot off the Roof of a Building by Agent One:-). ----Secret Area Alert!---- Inside the Building was a Bookcase. Look for the Book Poking out and use it. A secret door will open and a Flak Jacket and MP40 are your Reward! ------------------------------------------ Inside the Building is a Cold Meal, should you need it, go through the Other Door and a Nazi will run in. Gun him down and continue to the Last room. Congrats! c. Nazi HQ This level is slightly harder than the Previous. I suggest using your bonus points to upgrade your Health (You have been reading the Secret Area Alerts, right?) When the Level starts SLOWLY Sneak down the Alley. A Nazi will walk by into a Winery, you know the drill, kill him. Inside is a cabinet between 2 Reservoirs. Break it for another Secret Area. Run down the Alley and kick open the Door. Gun down the Nazis, 2 More may run in, but if they don't sneak down the Hall straight Ahead and Stab a Dining Nazi. Leave this area and Kill the Patrolling Nazi. Stab him, shoot him, whatever you feel like doing. Go down and enter the Room. You can sneak up on and Backstab the Nazi. Then Contact Agent One. Leave and you'll hear someone say: "An American! Alarm! Alarm!" That's your queue to hustle, or Agent One will be killed. Run out and Gun down Nazis that get in your way. Run through the Gate and pass the Truck. Run into the Building and Gun down the Nazis. Rub up the Steps and deal wit two more, then a Sniper. Go in the Room Across the Hall and Kill the Guy in there. Now you can slow down. Turn around and go into the Room your Ran Past. Kill the Corporal and Take his Journal ----DOUBLE SECRET AREA ALERT!---- 1. Outside where you Ran has a Well cover with a Block of Wood. It is Breakable and Reveals a Secret Area (NOTE: Go For it after Agent One is Safe) 2. Inside, at the Room at the end of hallway inside is a Painting. Use it to push it over. Then pull the Switch, Revealing a secret Area in the Corner. Help yourself to the Treasures inside. ----------------------------------- Now Jump out the Balcony and Run down the Road. There will be an explosion, and Agent One to meet up with You. Congrats. You down with that annoying Town. d. Ancient Ruins Don't get too excited, you aren't at the Zombies yet. This is a Stealth Free Mission. Mostly Action. When it starts run forward and kill all Nazis in the Starting Area. Health and Ammo is abundant in this Area. Once done, Continue and gun down more Nazis. Once they are all dead, Run to the Room to the Left. You can Backstab the Nazi, or blow up the Fuel Canister. Either Way you'll blow up the Fuel, it makes a Secret Area. Then go into the other Building. Nazis will try to surprise you but if your reading this, your ready. Run up the Steps and Take a left. Going straight Results in a Dead End, And Nazis Throwing Grenades at you, not fun. At the Top of the Ramp, to the Right is a Breakable Wall. Continue to the Outside, Kill all Nazis and End this short, Action packed level. e. Burial Chamber Zombies? No. Not yet. More Action. When the Level starts Run Forward and Climb up the Ladder. Get the Treasure and Snipe the Nazis. Go down and go to where they were. Go to where one of the Nazis Came from and follow it. Kill the 2 Nazis in this Area and enter the Tomb. Ooooo... spooky Fog, but no mummies to compliment it. Go down the Hall and Kill 2 Nazis; Don't bother Sneaking up on them. Then you'll enter a huge room with tones of Nazis. Take a stand and bring them down. In the Surrounding Hallways are 2 secrets. In the Hallways by the Front is a Room wit a Breakable Wall. Break it, press the switch and take the Treasure in the New Room. Another Hallway Has a Ladder. Climb up, kill the Nazi and Take it to the End. To the Left is a panel you can press. Press it to open another secret. Go to the Main room and kill all the Nazis. The Elevator will come up wit a Nazi on it. For some reason when I shot him he blew up. Well, step on and get buried Alive f. Buried Alive. Rejoice! Rejoice! Zombies! The Elevator Cable will snap Halfway down. Well, no turning back. Kill the 2 Nazis here and take Health and Ammo. Head to the door with the switch by it. Pull it and hear a Zombie groan. Run through and jump down the Ladder. Speed down the Hall and Watch a Nazi Shoot at a mummy desperiratly for his Life. Feel free to be a nice guy and help. He will then turn around and go after other Zombies. But this one isn't dead. Zombies don't die until you explode their Body. Kill the Nazi and the zombies and Press the Switch where the Nazi-attacking Zombie Came from. Another Groan, and another Door opens. DO NOT RUN DOWN THE HALL! THERE IS A SPIKE TRAP! INSTEAD JUMP OVER THE STAIRS! Once past that Trap you'll go into a room with a Nazis and 2 Zombies. Kill them ----SECRET AREA ALERT---- There are 2 odd looking Panels in this room. Press them to get a secret area. -------------------------------- Continue into the Next Hallway. Zombies will burst out of the Walls so be ever alert. At the End is a Nazi that will attack. Little does he know there is a Zombie behind him:-). After he is gone, go into the Room with 2 Nazis and 3 Zombies. Let them settle their differences then deal with the Survivors. Once they are all gone, go to the next room with a Nazi. ----SECRET AREA ALERT---- In the 3 Zombie-2 Nazi room look for a cracked picture on the left Wall Thanks to Jguy for this secret area ----------------------------At the Front of the Room is a Switch which opens a Secret, and a coffin with one angry Mummy! Continue into the Next Hallway BUT DON'T RUN UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE B.J. KABOB! Step on the Weird looking tile and Spikes shoot out. Jump over them after they shoot out to get past it and hit the switch in the next room. 2 more Zombies bust out. Jump down and run through the Now opened gate. Get the Stuff you need before proceeding, you can't turn around. The Door Slams behind you in the Next Room. Pretty Much run around killing all the Zombies. Once they are all dead it will feel an earthquake. A Door opens with 2 Nazis, and the End of this Level ----SECRET AREA ALERT---- There should be a hall leading out of this room which is also the scene at the begging of the level with Helga. There is a breakable wall in here. Thanks to Shoalin Player for this secret area. ------------------------------------------ G. Eye of Anubis Well, this is the Last Egyptian Level. And this one has puzzles a plenty. When the Level Starts Run Forward, But don't turn left and run. A zombie will come running and step on a trap, trigging Spikes. Jump over them and continue to the next room, which houses 2 Zombies. When they are dead, a Nazi Runs in. Kill him and go to where he came from. Kill his Friend and press the switch for a secret Area. Now go back to the last Room. Go into the only other room you haven't been in. (Clue: It is a hallway which takes you to a room with 2 Anubis Statues in it. Kill the Nazis and look for a switch on the top floor, which reveals a secret area on the bottom floor of this room. Go down either Dark Hall down here, Both are home to a Zombie. They take you to a hall with a switch. Give it a push, and go back to the Anubis Room and Press the switch on the Bottom floor there, rising the Gate up top. Go through it and kill the Zombie, and a Sniper that Runs across the Bridge on top of you. Move forward. And you here a Nazi say "Let's get outta here, this place is a mad house!" Follow and kill him and his friend. Then jump down to where you found him and break the wall for a secret area. Then Continue up to a Cat Walk with a Sniper. Kill him and Walk across. About he Middle Zombies Burst out so kill them, DO NOT JUMP OFF THE CATWALK! AT THE END IS A SWITCH! Press it, jump down and kill the Nazis. The Switches openings a Gate in here, and this is the First room in the Level so by process of elimination you can tell where the gate was. ----SECRET AREA ALERT!------------ Before entering the Catwalk, you should pass through a little room. On the right should be a Danger Sign. Break it and the Boards behind it. You should see 4 switches. Hurry and press them in the right order which is Dog-Man-Jackal-Bird. If you don't do it fast enough you get burned alive. Thanks to iidalV for this secret area --------------------------------------- Go through it into the hall. At the Middle, where it intersects is a Nazi and A Zombie. Continue across the bridge the Hall takes you too. Kill the Nazi and go to the Room at the End. 2 ""Elite" Guards are here so be careful! They can easily kill you! In the Front of this room is a Switch . Press it to open up a staircase. Go down it and straight into a room with a "elite" guard. Now go down either Hallway, It doesn't matter because you just completed Egypt! SECTION 2.2 ESCAPE FROM CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN a. Dungeon When the level starts, take the Luger and proceed done the Hall until you reach a barred door. Docter Zee will think you are a guard and tell you to shackle BJ the wall. How wrong he is. Backstab him. Then exit the Lab ----Wolfenstein Fun---- You will see a switch on the Wall. Press it and lightning will shoot on Agent One's Body. Then Smoke will be everywhere. Kinda Funny, actually. -------------------------- When you are done, sneak up the Stairs to the left and backstab the Guard. Then climb back down and take a left into the second Lab. Run through, get the Armor and Health should you need it and run through the door. Head down the Stairs. You should see a hole with wooden boards. Break them with your knife, or kick them and drop into the sewers. Run through the Sewers until you find a room with 2 Nazis and a guy with his head chopped off. It will be hard to backstab them, so equip your Luger and shoot the first in the Head, then the other and take their Guns, MP40's I believe. Continue up the Stairs. You will probly get spotted, no biggie, just gun the Nazi's down wit your MP 40. When they are dead, jump into the hole they were in a go through the door. Climb up the Stairs until a little Flat area. Then Crouch and climb up the next set. Their should be a Guard. Kill him, sneak into the Cafeteria and kill the guard in there. Then continue down the Hall. Don't bother Backstabbing this Guard, his Friend will easily See you. Just get rid of them with your MP40. Crouch, and crawl to the bottom of the Steps. Wait for a Nazi to walk by, then backstab him, and the Nazi by the Radio. After they are dead, run to the end of the level, all Nazi's are gone. b. Lower Keep When this Mission Starts sneak into the room up ahead and backstab one of the Nazi's. Gun down the other. Then go up the Steps. Cross the Bridge and go into the Next Hallway. The Nazi in there is going to see you, so gun him down. The Alarm will almost surely go off. Just run up the Stairs to the Roof and kill the Nazi up there. Look for odd looking Floor and break it to drop into the Alarm room, which also contains the Radio you need to destroy. You can get binoculars in here, too. Also, destroy the Bulletin Board in here for a Secret Area. Don't go outside yet, go down the Hall. One last thing you can do is break the Alarm so the Nazi's can't sound it again. ----SECRET AREA ALERT---- Once back on the Spiral Stairway, take it all the way to the bottom and bust the boards to Reveal a secret Area. -------------------------------------- Climb up the Stairs to a open able doorway. Then go through it. Kill the Nazi in the Courtyard and Head Across the courtyard to the Door at the other side. Watch out because another Nazi may be out there! Go into the Room with the bunks and take the Ammo, Grenade. Between the 2 middle bunk's is breakable floor to get you another secret Area! Head back to the Alarm room and go outside. Take care of the Sniper, Up close if you prefer and go onto the bridge he was on. Go into the First Room on the Left and kill the Captain start Walking around the Room and Nazi's will shoot the Floor out. Through a Grenade through the hole they made then throw yourself down into it! Go through both doors, one will take you to the courtyard you were in earlier, the other will take you to a hallway with Suits of Armor, and Lot's of Nazis, and secret Areas! Kill the One in Front of you and his bud's that run in. Then go into the Hall on the Right. First, go into the Room on the Right. Kill the Nazi and Look for a Tilted Candle Stick. Use it to Open up a Secret area by the Fireplace. Take the Treasures. Also note you can destroy the Dresser for Health and Grenades, but not a secret area. Now go to the room on the other side of the Hall. Kill the Nazi's inside and Break the Painting of Hitler on the Hall for a Secret Area with Treasure. Then exit. ----Wolfenstein Fun---- You can kick over he Suits of Armor. You can even die if you kick it and it lands on you. Can we get a maid in the Lower Keep? -------------------------------------------------- Enter the New Hall and Notice 2 Panels on the Right Wall. One is Locked. Press the other to open it, and a gothic secret area! Then proceed to the end of the Level. c. Castle Keep Here comes a Long level. Hope you packed underwear. When you begin, open the door on the immediate Right and backstab the Nazi. There is a secret Area in this room. Move the Picture and press the Switch. Then put a Chair on the Table. Jump off the Chair on top of the Fire place and kick the Cloth revealing a secret! It may take a bit of practice, but you will get it. Then crouch and waddle down the steps. Backstab the Nazi, too. Go down the stairs and go down the Hall to the Left. Sneak into the Room and backstab the 2, Stupid Nazis. Then go back to the main room and go Left, under the Bridge with the Patrolling Nazi. When in the Courtyard, kill the Nazi and enter the Room down the Steps. Go straight through the Hall and sneak up on the Nazi. Backstab him, cross the Bridge, destroy the Alarm and Enter the Room with the Radio. Destroy it. The Switch in here opens up the Armory at the start of the Level. Turn around and Cross the Bridge again. Go into the other Room and kill both Nazi's. There is also a Cold Meal in Here. Go back to the courtyard. Kill the Guard and the Sniper and go up to the room up the Steps. Go into the Room on the Right and past there. Climb down the steps, into the Winery(The Room on the Right at the Bottom of the Steps). Backstab the Guard, Kill the Other. Look between 2 of the Reservoirs and press the switch to open a secret area with Free Wine! Another Guard may come. Now continue across the Hallway. You will be spotted. An Alarm will go Off. Just Run and Make Mincemeat out of the Nazis with your MP40. One Guard Lobs a Grenade so Be Careful. ----DOUBLE SECRET AREA ALERT---- There are 3 Posters in the room with the Cold Meal. Break one of them to reveal a Breakable Wall. Breaking that Reveals a secret Area. Also, there is a Fuel Can in the Room at the Back. Shoot it till it Blows up, Revealing a Secret Area. ------------------------------------- Then continue through this Area until a guard runs out. Kill him and go through the Door he came from. You will be in a courtyard. Run right off the Balcony into the Room on the Left. Take the Health and Ammo then run back out. Snipe the Guards on the Bridge. Then Run all the Way back to the Courtyard at the Beginning of the Level. Watch out for Nazis! Head through the Tunnel, Cross the Bridge and go through the Mini-courtyard and end this level! d. Tram A Short little Level. When you start, sneak down the steps and backstab the engineer. Then destroy the Alarm and kill the Nazis. Another one will come. Kill him and go through the door he went through. Get ready for a gun fight! Kill the Enemies and flick the Switch to restore power to the Tram. Head back to the Tram Station. Remember the First Engineer? Jump up to where he was working a crawl to the back. You can open up a secret Compartment with Treasure! Then Board the Tram and Head Down. Equip your Binoculars. Scoop out the Building Ahead. Notice Guards. Snipe as many as you can. The Tram will stop. Get off and kill the Guards in the Area. Then Climb up the Ladder, Down the Next one and open the Hatch. Kill the Nazi and Press the Switch. Head back and board the Tram. Once again, equip the Binoculars. Scope out the Station which should be coming into view. After the Tram has Stopped, get off and greet the Nazis in this Area with a Hail of Bullets. Go into the Next door and greet more. Open the Cage door and drop into the Maintence Room and the Right Corner is a Cabinet you can open for a secret area and treasure. To the left is a Vent. Break it open and crawl through. Just obliterate all the Nazis in the Next Area. Then go through the Double Doors and make contact with Kessler. Well done! You escaped from Castle Wolfenstein... but you aren't done with the Nazis... SECTION 2.3: WULFBURG AND THE CATACOMBS a. Wulfburg When the Mission Starts, Take the Thompson and Sniper Scope, also, eat the hot meal if you are hurt and follow Kessler down the steps. He opens a secret passage. Jump through into the Wine Cellar of the Restaurant. ----Wolfenstein Fun---- Inside the Wine Cellar is a Drunk Nazi. Have Fun.:-) --------------------------------------------- Once in the cafe, Pick off both the Nazis and run outside (There are meals in here should you need them) Turn left on the Sidewalk and gun down the Nazi, and run straight ahead, into the Building. Run up the Stairs and kill the Nazi. One or 2 of the Nazis from the outside may try to follow you in. Head to the Room at the End of the Hall and Kill the Nazi. Use his stationary gun to kill all the Nazi's in the Courtyard Below. Then go down to it and into the Tunnel where are all the Nazis came from. Run through the Courtyard and crouch through the Next Tunnel. Backstab the Nazi at the End and equip your Sniper Mauser Rifle. Shoot the Snipe. Turn the Corner and kill the next 2 Nazis. A door will open and a man will step out. Do not kill him. He is the Partisan Contact. Follow him in, eat the Meal if you need to and He gives you a Sten Submachine Gun. Equip it and Leave. (There is also a Flak Jacket in his Closet). Leave and turn right. Walk across the Bridge, jump off and crawl under it. ----SECRET AREA ALERT---- On the Other side of the Bridge (From crawling under it) there is a door. Go through and look to the left. Press the switch on the Lamp to open up a secret area Thanks to iidalV for this secret area ------------------------------------ Walk down the street and look Left. Kill the Nazi and proceed through the Gate. Kill the 2 Nazis, don't try backstabbing and enter the Bar. Kill the Nazis and what do you know? A Bookshelf. Find the book sticking out (It is on the bottom Shelf), and stairs come out of the Floor. Go down into the Winery and take the Treasure. I find it odd there is a skeleton down there but oh well. Head back up and into the back door. You beat the Level! b. Dark Secret Sneak down the Stairs and outside. Backstab the Nazi and Head Forward. Look Right and kill the Nazi. 3 More will run out of the Building. Kill them, go inside and kill the other Nazi. Across the street is a bar. Open the door and fire warning shots. Close the Door and let the Nazis come to you. Like Pizza delivery. Go in and head up the steps. Kill both snipers in both rooms and jump out one of the Windows onto an awning. Walk across it to the Next open window (Across the Street) and jump in. open the door and kill the Nazi. Feel free to take the ammo and health. Jump out of the Window and Run down the Tunnel and into the Park. Kill the 2 Guards and shoot any loud gun. Equip your Sniper and look Ahead. A Nazi will come out from the Fence. Kill him and proceed to the door in the right. Run down and kill the 3 Nazis in this Room. Exit and look left for the *Gulp* Cemetery. Go in a kill the Last 4 Guards. Head behind the Mausoleum and take the Dynamite. B.J Throws it like a grenade and you need one stick for later so take a few steps back from the Entrance and throw it. YOU WANT IT TO BLOW UP IN ONE SHOT. YOU SHOULD RESTART IF It DOESN"T GO UP IN ONE DYNAMITE! Go into the Crypt, if you dare... ----MESSAGE!---------------------- iidalV points out that you can just kick the wall down ------------------------------------------ c. Catacombs Wait for the Zombies to come after the Nazis. Then Jump down the Hole and hide on the other side of the Pillar. The Nazis and Zombies will kill each other. Then go for the Survivors. Proceed down the Hall and in the Next Room. Kill the Death Knight in Front of you and 2 more come behind you. Then continue down the Hall and 2 Zombies bust out of Coffins. Jump across the Pit and break he wall. Open entry, 2 Zombies bust out. Press the Switch and jump across the Pit again. Press the New switch and jump in the pit, the spikes are gone. But Zombies and Death knights will be down there so be careful. Go down the Hall and kill the 2 Zombies that bust out. Hit the Switch and continue. Climb up the Stairs and 2 Death Knights will attack you. Continue forward and the Bridge Breaks, dropping you into an area full of Zombies. Oh Boy. After they die a Death Knight busts through a wall, then another through the Locked Door. Kill them. Go down the Hall and Kill the Nazis. 2 Walking Challenged Zombies fall down from the Ceiling. That's a new one. Kill them. In this room is the Journal and Health. Bust the Cracked Walls and enter the Next room. 2 death Knights await you. Climb up the Broken Ceiling. Go down the Hall. Kill the Zombie Straight ahead of you. Go across the bridge and 2 Zombies fall down from the Ceiling. Kill them and continue into the Final Room. Go in and the Nazis will lock you in. Kill the 3 Zombies in there. Then look at the Campfire. A Fire-Breathing Zombie will crawl out. Grenade him before he can attack. One more Wall will break, Kill the Zombie, press the switch and finish this level. d. Crypt Listen to the Sounds of Dieing Nazis. Then the Door opens. Kill the Nazi and Zombie. Go through the room and kill he next Nazi. Go up the Hallway. Take the health and ammo. 2 zombies bust out and a Nazi Comes. Kill them all and continue. A Nazi will begin shooting at you. Kill him. Also, take care of his buddy, and the 2 death Knights. Break the Cross to reveal a Secret Area. Jump in and crawl through to get Health, Ammo and Grenades. Open the Door by pressing the Switch and Go back to where you where. Head through the Room and press the Switch. 2 Zombies will bust out of Coffins. Kill them and head back. A new door will open in one room. Take it. You will be in a small foggy room. Zombies come out of the Floor. Easiest Zombies to beat, just Grenade them. The door will open. Kill all the Death Knights in this Room and SAVE! Look for a Hallway with an eyeball. Slowly crawl in and a Trap springs. A swinging Piece of Wood with Spicks falls from the ceiling. Trigger it, then crawl under it and hit the Switch. Don't forge about it on your way back! Now look for the One with the Swan. Watch out for the Pit! Jump over it and hit the Switch. The walls will close in. For once, you'll use the D-pad Turnaround. Turn and run out, don't forget to jump the pit! No go in the Last one.. Avoid the Strange Tiles and press the switch go back and ride up the thingie. Press the Switch and Zombies will bust out of the Walls. ----SECRET AREA ALERT---- If you did the Traps in my order than you can go into the tunnels the Zombies make and get a secret ----------------------------- Go into the New room and take the Treasure on the Alter. Do not jump on the Alter as Spikes shoot out! Then 2 Death Knights will bust out, and the Faces on the Wall will spew fire. It doesn't take a Genius to know to avoid the Heads. Once they are dead, you will feel an earthquake. Hide in the Zombie hole if you are a Wimp. The Floor will break. Jump though and get out of that Mad House! e. The Defiled Church Walk forward until you hear chatting Nazis. Toss a grenade their way then deal with the Elite Guard. Go through the Door the Elite Guard came from. Kill the Lone Nazi in this Room. ---- SECRET AREA ALERT----------- Break the Box in the pile straight ahead for a secret area Thanks to Marcus Leonidas for this secret ------------------------------------ At the Back is Health, and I bet you need it. Climb up the Steps. 2 Elite guards want to surprise you. Put some caps in their faces and continue, get the health if you need it. Go through the Gate and sneak up the Steps. Hear Helga's Plan. Now you know, there will be a lot of Elite Guards ahead. Proceed through the Next gate. Open the Door to the Cathedral. Hmmm... Look to the Left column a Guard hides there. Put a Cap in her face and he others will probly jump out of excitement to shoot you. Kill them also. Go up the alter. A Elite Guard will attempt to give you a surprise Birthday by jumping out of the room. Give her the Invitation to Hell, a grenade. The Next Elite Guard is extremely Annoying. Go in the Room and Grenades drop form the ceiling. Climb up the Ladder and kill the Elite Guard. It may take a few tries so you should save before entering this room. Enter the Next Room. Kill the Elite Guard ahead of you and snipe the One on the Balcony to the left. Go through the next 2 doors and elite guard is waiting for you on your right. Give her some bullets. ----SECRET AREA ALERT---- I highly recommend you save before doing this. Go out onto the Balcony. Look Straight ahead and see another Balcony. Jump on it to get a secret Area. Just don't fall off! --------------------------- Head down the Steps. Try tossing a Grenade down as 2 Elite Guards await your arrival. Kill them and go down the hall. Enter the room and to your left is an elite guard. Kill her then open the gate. The next room with all those boxes looks too suspicious. Go towards them and 4 elite guards jump out. Kill them, grab health and Armor and Ammo, and brace yourself for the Boss ----SECRET AREA ALERT---- Look for the Right Wall and the bottom of the stairs. You should see a crate. Head around back of it and break it open. Thanks to Marcus Leonidas for this secret area. f. Dagger of Warding- First Boss Start walking forward and the floor breaks. You fall into a room backed with Ammo and Health. You'll need it! Save some for later and leave. There will be 6-8 Zombies in this Room. Kill them all. Then head across the Ruined Cathedral. Remember the Dynamite you've been saving? Head round the Corner to see the large boss behind a wall. Use the Dynamite to hurt the boss, and break the Wall. Upon that repeat my Strategy. Throw a Grenade, run to Health room. Repeat till he dies (NOTE: Olaric does not follow you to the health room.). Go into the Mausoleum and look at Helga's body. Not pretty is it. Well, I mean it was never pretty, but now she is just s bloody mess! SECTION 2.4: Nazi Base a. Forest The Next few levels have Medal of Honor: Frontline written all over them. Equip your knife and sneak forward. Climb up the Hill with the Sniper and sneak up on him. Backstab him, and backstab the Nazi at the bottom of the hill, too. ----SECRET AREA ALERT!-------- At the bunker on the hill look for a pile of crates. Look for the one with the print on it. It is breakable and gets you a secret Thanks to Marcus Leonidas for this secret area ------------------------------------------ Then go down the path until you see a house by a lake. Scope it out with your Binoculars. You should see a guard. Run over to within about 20 feet of him, then sneak up on him and backstab him. Enter the house, still crouched and wait for the conversation to end. Backstab the Nazi, and the one outside. Cross the Lake and get the Supplies. Look across the lake, use your Sniper Mauser Rifle to Kill the Guards, then go to where they where. Use your binoculars ahead to see a guard patrolling behind some boxes. Get to him and backstab him. There is a Panzerfaust on the Boxes. Then look on the other side of the truck. Backstab the guard, enter the house and attempt to backstab him. A sniper may be shooting you at this point. you should have at least one Sniper Bullet left. Use it on the Machinegun Sniper and exit the House. Go down the road. At the End before the tunnel, look left. You should see a path up the hill. Go up it and kill the Nazis shooting at you. Should be 2 of them. Now climb up the Sniper tower and kill the Sniper. Take his Mauser Rifle and climb down. Snipe the last few guards, on the Main road and walk into the tunnel. Turn left and take care of the last Nazi. b. Forest Compound From what I observed, this tends to be the mission most people have problems with. Move forward up the hill and snipe both Guards in the Bunker. Run in and destroy the alarm. The Sniper in the Tower will probly start shooting you, so shoot him. Turn Around and run into the Forest. The Snooper Rifle drop Should be around here somewhere. Get it and the Thompson then go back to the bunker. Look towards the Tunnel and Snipe the Guard, fine if you use the Mauser Rifle. Now get up next to the tower. Snipe the Patrolling guard, and the one in the little tower. Enter the Compound. Climb up to where the second guy was and break the Alarm. (NOTE: Do not kill the Guy by the Truck) Now would be a good time to save. Leave the mini tower and enter the nearest house. Use the Sten on the Guard inside and exit out the Way you came in. Press into the opening between The Building and the Wall and go down. Climb up the Water tower and deal with the Sniper. Then go down. Head back out front and deal with the Nazi in the cargo area. Then board the Truck. The Mission should be complete. c. Missile Silo All Action. All the level. When the Mission starts, exit the Truck and go nuts with your MP40. Gun down everyone then climb up the stairs and cross the balcony to your right. Enter the Infirmary if you need health. Watch out, 2 Guards may be in there. Then press the Elevator Switch and get on it. Press the Switch and ride down it. You'll be in a warehouse. Kill the 2 Guards and look for a little Station. Press the Button on it and jump on the little Cart. Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride, exactly like the mine cart level in Medal of Honor: Frontline. Except Much Shorter. Kill as many Nazis you see as you ride and it ends at another Warehouse. Kill the Nazi and get on the Elevator, which comes down with 2 more Nazis. Ride it up. You come to another Warehouse. Kill the Nazis and look for a Ladder. Climb up it, kill the Nazi and enter the control room. Kill the 3 Nazis in here, go to the next room and kill all the Nazis. Look for a switch. Press it to blow up the rocket. Now climb back down that ladder. The Elevator will leave, but a new door opens. Kill the Nazi and cross the path. Kill the Next 3 Nazis and continue on down. Kill the Nazis on the bridge. About Halfway across look right. 3 Nazis will run across another bridge. Kill as many of them as you can. The survivors will attack you when you reach the bottom of the stairway ahead. Go down it and run across the bridge. Go down the Hall and kill the Nazis. To your right is an infirmary with Health and Grenades and Armor. Continue and a bomb will go off. Run across the Catwalk before it falls off and kill the Nazi ahead. Proceed into the next room. Kill the Nazi and continue. You will be in he First Room of the level. Take a left into the first room and kill both Nazis. Health is in this room too. Climb up the steps and continue your march. Kill he Last Nazi, cross the catwalk and break the Vent crawl in and end this level. d. Radar Installation It's Nighttime already? Break the Grate and jump out. The Base will explode. Kill the Nazis and Sniper, cross the Bridge and 2 More Nazis will run out. Kill them. In the Little house is Health. Enter the Concrete Facility to the left. Go through it and Climb up the Ladder. Control the Stationary gun and kill all the Nazis that come charging in the Main Road. Go through where they came. There is a Nazi at the end with a Panzerfaust. When he shoots, dive into one of the Holes. Kill him and the Nazis on the bridge above you. Then blow up the Search light. In the Next Area, dash for the Nearest House and Run in. Kill the Nazi and grab the health. Kill the Nazi outside the Window and Break the Window. Jump out and grab the Gun. Use it to kill the Remaining Nazis. Now go down the road some more. Gun down the First Nazi. ON the Balcony ahead, and the stairs to the left are Nazis. Snipe them and climb up the Steps. Enter the Nearest Room. Look around the Floor for a grate. Break it and drop down for a secret area. Note there is a Nazi outside there. Kill him and take the Goodies. Across from there is a room with 3 sticks of Dynamite. Take them and go down the hall. Climb up the Stairs and be ready for Nazis on both sides of you. Proceed Forward. A Nazi will run out of a room. Kill him. Inside his room are 2 hot meals and one cold one. Go down the hall to a door. Pen it and cross the bridge. In the Room with the Satellite, throw a stick of Dynamite and blow it up. 2 more Nazis will come out of another Building. Kill them and enter. Go down the Ladder. Kill 2 more Nazis. Open the hatch and press the switch to get a secret Area, Head back out, cross the bridge, a new Nazi will be in the Building. Exit the First Door on the Left to see a building with a Pole on it. Inside is treasure, and some radio gear you have to destroy. Head back down to where you were, go into the room with the fan, open the door and your done. e. Air Base If you knew how much I hate this level... errr... Anyway, you may notice it is morning all of a sudden, yeah, it confuses me too, anyway again, when this level starts run out of the Thing your in and look to a tower to the Right Run towards it. At the Foot of it is a grate you must destroy and drop down into. Grab what you need and kill the Nazi. There are 3 Nazis in the next room, eliminate them. Leave and head towards the Tower to the right, about half way there stop, and turn around. Use your Sniper Rifle and kill the Nazi in the distance. A truck will arrive with Re-enforcements. Snipe them and climb up the Tower. Kill the Guard and press the switch to open the Gate. Go through and kill both Nazis. Another with a Panzerfaust will shoot at you. Dodge and kill him. Note there is a Sniper up on the Big, construction site thing. Now enter the Warehouse and Wipeout the Nazis. Now is a Great time to save. Climb up the Stairs, across the Catwalk, open the Door and up the Next Stairway. Take a Right and open the Door. A Plane will drop off Paratroopers, the Reason I hate this level. Wait for them to run up the Stairs to you. Attempt to kill them. Once they are dead, enter the Room on the Right and Press the switch. Go to the Room in the Back, kill the Guards and press that switch. Now go back to the room where the Paratroopers came. Climb up to the top. Note a paratrooper drops down in this area. Go through the Hall and into the room. A Nazi hides behind the Boxes. Turn the wheel and Kill him and go back down to the room where you fought the Paratroopers. A Nazi will come out from a locked door. Kill him go up and kill the Nazis up there. Open the Door and end this mission! SECTION 2.5: BOMBED CITY a. Bombed City Finally! You get some useful equipment. Equip your paratrooper Rifle and go forward. The Panzer Tank will tell you to stop the Panzer Grenadier Team. Go Forward and Look up. Kill the Sniper in the Hole in the Building. Kill the 2 Nazis on the ground running after you, too. Turn into the Left alley, then take 2 more lefts and go up the Catwalk. Avoid the Grenade and go into the building. Kill the 3 Panzergenadier team members in here. Head out and kill the New Panzergrenadier at the bottom of the Steps. Now head back out to the main road. Avoid the Sniper in the bell tower and take a right in the first alley. Wait for a Nazi to come, then open the gate. Run down and Snipe all the Nazis. Run in and MP40 the Rest. Not that there is Health and a Flak Jacket in the Hole to the left. Look for a window to a burning house. Jump through. Run and gun the Nazi. Take a Left and Gun the next 2 Nazis. Run through the Hole to the Bunker with the Allied Troops and the Scientists. Equip your Sniper Rifle and look to your Left. A Venom Soldier with a Flamethrower will come running around the Corner. Snipe Him. Then deal with the Rest of the Nazis. When they say the Scientist is Safe, head back to the main road with the Tank. Turn the Corner and Run straight to the Nazi with the Anti- Tank gun. Kill him. Then deal with the Other Enemies in this Area. Note there is a Venom Soldier. Try and hit him from a distance. The Tank will blow up the Factory door. Head in, kill all three Nazis, and the Venom Soldier. b. Bombed Factory Climb just barely out of the sewers. Snipe the Nazi In front of you in the building. Climb out. Kill the Nazi up the Tower Straight Ahead. Go Forward and Look Up-Right. Snipe the Nazi, If you can't see him, move forward. Now go under where the last Nazi was. Head the the Hole and Snipe the Nazi to the Left. Move Forward and Hug the Wall. Snipe the Panzergrenadier. Jump down turn around and look up. Shoot the Sniper. He will throw a grenade so be ready. Break the Grate in the Room with the dead Panzergrenadier and drop in the Sewers. Move Forward and look left. You will see a light Coming. Take a lot of steps back and equip your Panzerfaust or Paratrooper Rifle. When the Venom Soldier comes around the Corner Blow him to pieces or gun him down. When he is dead look right and kill the Panzergrenadier. Move Forward, look left and kill the Nazi. Then go to where the Venom Soldier Came from. (NOTE: There is health up the ladder by the Nazi) Head up the Ladder and dive to the Door on the Left. Kill the Nazis that run in from both sides. Talk about a Madhouse! Climb up the Stairs and Kill the Black Armor Guard. Go into the Next room and the room after that. Kill the Nazi. Go into the Hall, kick the door open to alert the Black Armor guard. When he runs into the Hall gun him down with your paratrooper Rifle, which should be the Weapon you use for this mission. Then slowly peak in the Next room. Run in and you will die form getting shoo in the Head. Look up and behind you. You should barely see a Black Armor Guard on the Balcony. Equip your Mauser and deal with him. Head up where he was and go through the door. ----Wolfenstein Fun---- As you run through the Door you hear a Nazi say "Cut the Red wire!" Then there is a Huge explosion. Get in the Room fast enough to see More Chunks of Nazi flying around then you ever saw. It is defiantly a Very bloody site. ----------------------------- Jump across the Hole made by the Explosion. Go through the Door and the next run. Run onto the Second balcony and kill the Panzerfaust wielding Nazi. Now kill the Nazi Across from you. Kill the Other One across left from you. Then poke out and you'll see a Machine gun zombie to the Bottom right Snipe him before jumping on the Stone and crossing the Gap, he will gun you to bits. Also note the Black armor Guard Next to him. He should go to. Also, on the Stone you have a good view of a lot of Enemies. Look around a snipe all you can. Cross the Gap and enter the Half blown up building. Head to the Desk in the Back and take the Venom Gun plans. As you leave the Desk, Snipe the Black Armor in the Distance. Head towards the Broken section where you entered from and kill he Panzergrenadier under you. He may not be there. Now slide to your right and attempt to jump on the Building one of the Black Armors where on that you Sniped Early. It may be tricky! Attempt to jump into the balcony with the Half wall. It also may be tricky. Head through the Door and end this level! c. Trainyards. I have no real Tactic for the start of the level. Just kill the guy to your right. Get the Health and Armor and the guy that comes from behind a fallen Girder thing. Also, Snipe the Panzergrenadier across the Trainyard from you. Climb down the Ladder. Go crazy in this area and kill all the Nazis that run in. In the Warehouse across the Ladder is Health and an armored Helmet. Once everyone is dead. Go through the open train door, and through the open warehouse door. Above you on the Catwalk when you enter is a Black Armor Guard. After he dies, another black armor guard will come running in. Sneak around the Boxes and shoot the Sniper on the Catwalk Ahead. Climb up the Ladder and cross the Catwalk. 2 Black Armor Guards may run in form where you came from. Kill them. Go down the Catwalk and kill the Guard in the Window. Then head back down to where you came from and go to where you didn't go early. 3 Black Armor Guards are in here! Be very careful, and I'd advise saving before entering this room! Open the First door on the Left and Snipe the Black Armored Guard (From Now on I'm calling them Black arms) Exit and go in the hallway. There will be a Black Arm to your left. Go to the room straight across from the Entrance. 2 your left is a room with 2 switches, 2 healths' and a Black Arm. The switches open 2 Doors. The First is right outside from that room. Climb up the Stairs it takes you too and go to the room on the right. Kill the Nazi. In the other room up here is a Flak Jacket, 2 Black Arms and... ----Wolfenstein Fun---- A Little swinging chalk board. Kick it and it spins --------------------- Now head all the way back to the "Danger Room/Hallway" Go through the other now opened doors. Kill the Black Arm straight ahead of you. Also note a Sniper on the Catwalk. 2 More Nazis will come out of a staircase to your right and a Sniper is on the Catwalk above you. Head forward and go to the room on the Left. It takes you to the Catwalks. Head to the Back, open the Wall and press he switch and bring up the lift to the secret Weapons facility. Go down and enter the lift. d. Secret Weapons Facility This is the Level where you first fight X-creatures, the Zombies Second Cousin on the Moms side. When the Level starts, enter the room on the Right. Backstab the Nazi and his friend comes to help. Kill him too and exit. Head through the next door and kill the Nazi. Then go down the Stairs. There will be 2 Nazis at the bottom so be ready! Go forward and sneak up. Backstab the Engineer and the Patrolling Nazi. Go down the Hole and Snipe the Panzergenadier. An Engineer will come to shoot you. To bad Engineers suck. After he is dead cross the Warehouse. Also, look out for a Sniper on a Catwalk to the left of the Entrance to this room. Jump on the Crates and kill the Nazis that come to the catwalk where the Panzergrenadier Formally was. Jump onto the Hanging crate, than onto the balcony. The Single Door straight ahead has health. Go to the Double door for away from you. A Nazi is on the other side. Down the Catwalk are 2 more guards. Press the Switch and a Window appears. Look through it to get a glimpse at an X-creature Running around. Open the Door and go down the stairs. THE X-CREATURE WILL BUST OUT! Kill him and head down the steps to get... the VENOM GUN! HALLELEUH! Head to the Doors in the Next room. Kill the X- Creature. Continue and kill the Next X-Creature. Press a Switch to open the Tiny Cell with the X-creature. Kill it and crawl through the hole for a secret area with health and ammo. Head into the other Room and kill the Nazi Hit the Switch. Leave through the other door and 3 More Nazis will come. Kill them. Then jump up the crates onto the balcony thing again. Cross the newly made bridge. Head through the Double doors and kill the Nazi in the Room across form you. Then head down the stairs and kill the Nazis down there. Head through the Next Double-Door and kill the Nazi. A Black Arm will come. Go into the Next room, The Sub Pen and kill all the Black Arms, 4 I believe. In the Back is a room with ammo, health and armor. Look for a door and go through it. Up the stairs, kill the Nazi and open the door on the right and cross the bridge. Jump onto the little Thing to your right and blow up the Fuel cans. The Door will blow up. Go up the Stairs. Kill the Black Arms and Go to the door on the Right. Head up and finish this mission. SECTION 2.6: X-LABS a. Ice Station Move forward and use your Snooper Rifle to bring down the first guard. Then go after the Other 2. Move forward and Snipe the Nazi. His Buds will come and an alarm will probly go off. Now equip your Paratrooper Rifle kill the Nazis in this area. Climb up the Stairs and go through the Upper door. Snipe the Nazis below you and you can climb down the ladder for health and ammo. Climb back up and go through the door. Snipe the Sniper. Snipe the Nazis below you and turn off the alarm in the Sniper Tower. Move forward and Snipe the guy in the Tower to your left. Also Snipe the Nazi and Venom Soldier on the Bridge. Climb up the Ice and down into the tower. Go to the Middle of the Bridge and Snipe the Nazi in he Tower. You can either go down the Bridge and kill the Nazis, or you can leave and go across the icy path for a more stealthy approach. Press the Switch in the building at the front and Snipe the Sniper. Enter the Building. Open the door to find a cold Meal. Go through the next 2 doors and you will be in a warehouse with 4 Nazis and 2 Venom Soldiers. Kill them all. Get the Health and ammo and leave through the door, or shoot the fuel cans and blow a hole in the wall. b. X-labs Go right and kill the Scientists. Flick both switches. Go into the Next room and kill everything. The First guy is a great sniping target... Go into the only other room you can go to and kill the Nazis. The Legless Prototype will bust out of the glass so be ready. Climb up the ladder and exit. Walk into the Catwalks for the Main lab and the Legless Prototypes will bust out and kill the scientists. Move through and look into the Window. You'll see a Legless Prototype kill a scientist and then come after you! Kill it and then head into that room. A scientist will get killed on the floor below you and his killer will jump up to get you. Kill it and save. Go to the Next room and take a left. Fight your First Armored Prototype BUT AVOID THE CATWALK! There is a legless prototype under there that will get you through the catwalk. Head into the opposite room now and get the health, armor and ammo. Go into the new door, which takes you too the second room from the start, now crawling with Legless Prototypes. Climb down the ladder and kill him. Go through the door with the hole to get to the main lab. Take the project book and leave. Now look around the labs until you get into a room with water. Swim into it. Swim through, there are oxygen holes for you to breath in. There is a secret area you can find. It will take y to health, ammo and dynamite. When there, look out the window to see a legless kill a Scientist, Then an Armored Prototype kills the Legless! He then blows open the door and tries to kill you. Kill him. Dive back into the water and look for another route. When you get out you see a legless run away. Than an Armored Prototype will start chasing it. Shoot at is until it dies because once it kills the legless, guess it's next Target. Kill the Legless and proceed to where the Legless was running to. ----SECRET AREA ALERT---- In the Hall where the legless is, look and see if you can find 3 shelves full of gold. It is a secret and is open or locked and locked. I am yet to find to which switch opens it. -------------------------------Run across the Catwalk and kill the Legless, and 2 Nazis. Open the switch and prepare for the hardest part of this level. There will be 2, TWO, two, 2!2!2! Armored Prototypes and both will be shooting you. Run around shooting and jumping like a madman. c. Super Soldier- Second Boss Open the door and kill the Armored Prototype. Then continue. Kill both Nazis in this area. There is a lot of Health and armor here. Take note of that. Go forward and kill the Venom Solder and Armored Prototype. A scientist may come so kill him to. MAKE SURE TO GRAB THE HEALTH AND ARMOR IF YOU NEED IT! Go down the Halls to the next room. It will be a huge room. Watch the cinema and look for the "Lean over and kiss butt goodbye button". Didn't find it? Neither did I. Oh well. Use my Run and Jump and Gun like a idiot strategy until your health is around 80. Then run off the Catwalks and grab health and armor, while shooting and jumping and running. B.J. must be very coordinated. When the Super Soldier is dead, kill the scientists. Don't forget to take the Super Soldiers Tesla Gun! Kill the Last few, brave scientists on the other side of the room do they really think they could beat someone that killed their beloved Super Soldier? Go up the Elevator and win the Games Shortest Mission. ---More Coming Soon--- SECTION 3.0 WEAPONS Knife TSROCKS RATING: * Don't use this, except for stealth. Colt .45 TSROCKS RATING: ** This weapon's ammo is hard to find. I don't recommend it except at the Start of the Game. Luger Pistol TSROCKS Rating: *** Pretty much a better Colt .45 MP40 TSROCKS RATING: **** This is a really good Machine Gun. Ammo is everywhere, and this can really mow down Zombies and Nazis. Thompson TSROCKS RATING: **** Just a MP40 that uses Uncommon ammo. Slightly Better, but the MP40 is better. Sten Submachine Gun TSROCKS Rating: **** It also uses MP40 Ammo. The Sten is very powerful, but it can over heat easily, be careful. One good feature is it is Silenced. Mauser Rifle TSROCKS RATING: *** Not very good until you get a Scope Sniper Mauser Rifle TSROCKS RATING: ***** The Best Sniper Rifle in the Game. Snooper Rifle TSROCKS RATING: *** My least Favorite Sniper Rifle. THE Night Version can make it hard to see sometimes. Paratrooper Rifle TSROCKS RATING:***** A Rapid-fire Mauser Sniper Rifle. Has Slight Zoom, Sniper Rifle Strength and Rapid Fire-ness. Panzerfaust TSROCKS RATING: ***** It's a Bazooka. What do you expect? Flamethrower TSROCKS RATING: * Can you believe it? Me, Giving the Flamethrower that rating? The Range is bad, you could get the Nazi, but he won't catch fire. The Only good thing is the Funny Scream. Very Enjoyable on a Saturday. Venom Gun TSROCKS RATING: ***** It's like the Minigun from Timesplitters 2. Best Weapon in the game. If you shoot enemies with it they explode. Tesla TSROCKS RATING: ***** Is it just me or do you not get the cool weapons until the end of the game? This can take down groups of enemies faster than you can say "Bye bye" Potato Masher Grenade TSROCKS RATING: **** Grenades are very useful and this is no exception. Pineapple Grenade TSROCKS RATING: **** Just a Rare Potato Masher Grenade SECTION 4.0: FAQ Q: Why use Stealth A: Stealth is a very useful thing. By backstabbing guards, you get bonuses Q: Why Find Secret Areas? A: When you find a Secret Area you get Bonus Points, which you can use to upgrade your character (Like XP from RPG's) MORE QUESTIONS COMING FROM YOU- THE READER SPECIAL THANKS Gamefaqs.com For being the Best Game Help site on the Internet Activision for this fun game Neoseeker.com for being another Great Game Help site. Ign.com for being yet another Great Game Help site Thanks to the Following people who contributed to this FAQ: Master Roshi iidalV Marcus Leonidas Jguy Shoalin Player</p>