Psychic Force FAQ v 0.6 December 9, 1996 This is my attempt at writing a FAQ for Psychic Force, Taito's first entry into the 3d fighter genre. Psychic Force has a lot of original ideas as well as some great character designs, music, graphics, and wonderfully cheesy storylines. It also plays like no other fighting game. A few random comments. I'm using the feminine pronoun in this FAQ just because I used the masculine throughout my last one, the Vampire Hunter FAQ. Replace with "he" if they offend you. ^_^ (On that note, Emilio is in fact, male. ^_^) The format for the special moves might look weird but it saves me a lot of time and aggravation to do them this way. If you "close off" the box on the right side, you have to insert a whole bunch of spaces after each line and it's a huge pain in the butt. Hope it doesn't bother anyone too much. It probably takes me 1/3 or 1/4 as much time to do it this way. About the term "psychiker." It's a common Japanese-English expression that means, "someone with paranormal abilities." Even though it sounds weird, I'm using it here because "psychic" means something else. This FAQ isn't finished yet. Right now, I just have some very basic gameplay info. I wanted to get this out because the PlayStation version is out. In the near future, I hope to more detailed character backgrounds and more about the system. Hope the information in this FAQ is helpful. As usual, my main reference is Gamest magazine. Version History (Who cares? I dunno...) v0.5 Basic controls Special moves for each character v0.6 Added character profiles and stories Added detailed damage / timing date for special moves Fixed Keith code, throw command, and some typos This FAQ is copyright 1996 Kenichiro Tanaka. It may be distributed freely provided it is kept completely intact. You may not publish it in a commercial publication without my permission. Kenichiro Tanaka ( ============================================================================== Table of Contents ============================================================================== I. Basics A. The Display B. The Environment C. The Controls 1. Close Range Attacks 2. Long Range Attacks 3. Special Attacks 4. Defense 5. Movement 6. Etc. II. Characters A. Burn Griffith B. Emilio Michaelov C. Wendy Ryan D. Sonia E. Brad Kilsten F. Richard Wong G. Rokudo Genma H. Gates Oltman I. Keith III. The World of Psychic Force A. Background B. Interpersonal Relationships IV. Gameplay Notes V. Credits ============================================================================== I. Basics ============================================================================== -------------- A. The Display -------------- The display in Psychic Force is a little different from most fighters. In the main part of the screen are the two fighters, the background, and the magical field defined by a set of lines. At the top, in the center, is the time remaining. In each top corner are the fighters' names, and below that, along the sides, are the health meter, and the Psycho Gauge. ------------------ B. The Environment ------------------ All combat in Psychic Force takes place in a cubic space defined by a magical force field. The fighters float inside this space and are capable of movement in all directions. The gameplay is 2d. The walls of the force field play a big part in the strategy behind Psychic Force. Your character takes damage when she is forced into a wall by your opponent. You do not take damage, however, if you move into the wall yourself. If you take another hit as you bounce off from the wall, your character will become stunned and fall through the air. You are invulnerable while you're falling. As in most fighting games, the first character to win two rounds wins the match. However, you cannot win a round on time. i.e., if time runs out, neither player wins. Instead, you go to a sudden death round in which the space is much smaller and both characters have 0% psycho gauge. The first person to land an attack wins. When you are fighting the computer, however, the character with more health remaining at the end of the round wins. --------------- C. The Controls --------------- The characters in Psychic Force are controlled with an eight directional joystick and three buttons: guard, light attack, and heavy attack. The layout is as follows: O O O \ | / O- -O Guard Light Heavy / | \ O O O On the PlayStation, guard is square, light attack is triangle, and heavy attack is circle. 1. Close Range Attacks ---------- Light: A quick attack that does light damage. Heavy: A slower attack that does heavy damage. Light, light, light, light: "Combo quick." Light, heavy: "Combo short." The last attack can be interrupted by a special move. Light, light, heavy: "Combo medium." The last attack can be interrupted by a special move. Light, light, light, heavy: "Combo long." Guard + light: Throw. Officially, combo short and combo medium are called "Combo Special 1" and "Combo Special 2," respectively, when you interrupt the last attack with a special move. 2. Long Range Attacks ---------- Light: "Normal Shot." A projectile. Heavy: "Normal Shot." A projectile which will knock your opponent back if it hits. The shot can be aimed. 3. Special Attacks ---------- The special move system in Psychic Force is interesting in that it doesn't matter which direction you enter the command. For example, Wendy's Air Crescent is: | \ -O + attack O O Not only can you do this motion regardless of which side you're on, you can also do: O \ -O / + attack O O O | / -O + attack O- / | + attack O O ...and so on and so on. 4. Defense ---------- Guard: A standard block. You will take block damage from special moves (but not from Normal Shots). Special moves will also knock you back Guard + 360: "Barrier Guard." Drains your Psycho Meter but you are totally invulnerable. You will not be knocked back by blocking a special move either. In fact, if your opponent touches you while you have your Barrier Guard up, she will be knocked back instead. O- -O + Guard: Evasion barrier. If you enter this command as you are being knocked into the magic field, your character will put up a force field and avoid slamming against the field. It uses 40% of your psycho gauge. The timing is tricky but you can avoid a lot of damage by doing this. 5. Movement ---------- Pushing the joystick in any direction will make your character move in that direction. Duh. Light + Heavy + any direction: "Normal Dash." Normal Dashes have a set distance and once you start one, you cannot do anything until you stop. You can buffer special moves though, so they come out as soon as you stop. Light + Heavy: "Quick Dash." You dash at high speed toward your opponent. During a Quick Dash, you have a barrier in front of you which cancels your opponent's Normal Shots. You can stop and attack during a Quick Dash by hitting an attack button or by entering a throw. Below are the speeds for all the characters: Move Dash Burn 46 80 Emilio 46 82 Wendy 48 82 Sonia 46 80 Brad 44 78 Wong 44 76 Genma 42 76 Gates 40 76 Keith 46 80 All characters Quick Dash at the same speed. I'm not sure what the units are for these numbers. 6. Etc ---------- Guard + Light + Heavy: Power up your Psycho Meter. You regenerate Psycho Power automatically when you're not doing anything, but pressing G+L+H charges your meter considerably faster. On the PlayStation, each character has four different outfits. Heavy attack selects the 1P color and light attack selects the 2P color. I'm not sure if the guard and start colors are original to the PlayStation or if they're from Psychic Force EX. Pressing start pauses the game. Pressing select while the game is paused will bring up a menu that lets you exit the game. Also, pressing select during training mode move the CPU character back to the middle of the field. This is useful for when you've wedged your opponent into the corner. ============================================================================== II. Characters ============================================================================== The layout for the special moves follows this format: .- Name of Move -------------------------------------------------------------- | | Joystick and button command | | Description of move. | | Psy: Psycho Guage used | Damage: Damage (duh) | Start-up: The number of frames before the attack regions appear. (Psychic | Force runs at 30 fps.) | Recovery: The stun-time after performing the move '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- A. Burn Griffith ---------------- Sex: Male DoB: July 26, 1992 Age: 18 Blood Type: B Country of Origin: USA Occupation: High School Student Hobbies: Football Psy Ability: Fire Personality: Very excitable. Burn is normally upbeat and a caring person. He can be very moody, however. Episode 1 --------- Genma: You--great power is a double edged not use your power! Burn: Can't do that. I...I have something I have to do. [...] Burn: I won't extinguish my flames until I stop Keith! Episode 2 ---------- Gates: Psycho sensor reading positive. Target confirmed...will eliminate. Burn: What? Damn...! [...] Burn: What're you, a robo...a cyborg...? Huh...don't underestimate me--my crimson flames are unstoppable! Episode 3 --------- Burn: This light...Emilio? Emilio: ...Burn...join us, or else... Burn: He's been brainwashed...damn! Can I stop him without hurting him? [...] Burn: Damn you, Noa! Episode 4 --------- Brad: He he he...the fire of your soul--I'll estinguish it right now. Burn: Come on, let's go, if you think you can beat me! [...] Burn: You can't even blow out birthday candles with power like that. Episode 5 --------- Burn: You're a psychiker...? Sonia: I won't let you get in Master Keith's way. No matter what the cost. Burn: Keith?! You're from Noa too...I guess I have to beat you... [...] Burn: I'm sorry...but I can't let Keith get away with this... Episode 6 --------- Burn: ...! Wendy: Burn, I...I...I'm sorry. Please don't say anything--just fight me! Burn: Wendy?! What's wrong, Wendy?! Stop!! Damn...! [...] Wendy: I'm sorry...Wong told me...he'd save my sister's life in exchange for yours... Burn: Wendy, I'm sorry...I... Wendy: Uh huh, it's ok...I...I'm glad... Burn: ...leave the rest up to me... Episode 7 --------- Wong: Oh plans are ruined because of you. You won't be bothering me any longer. Burn: Son of a...what do you think people _are_? Wong: They're just pawns in my game. What else could they be? Although these turned out to be useless. Burn: I'll kill you, you bastard...there won't even be any ashes left. [...] Final Episode -------------- Keith: Burn...this is the last time I'll ask--join us. Burn: Keith, you're wrong. Open your eyes! Keith: We are Fire and Ice...I suppose it was never meant to be. [...] .- Flame Shoot --------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O + light | | Burn launches a ball of flames at his opponent. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 230 Start-up: 11 Recovery: 22 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Exploder ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | O- -O + heavy | | Burn launches a group of fireballs at his opponent. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 120 x 6 Start-up: 13 Recovery: 24 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Triangle Heat ------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- / | \ -O + heavy | O O O | | Burn launches a magical seal at his opponent. If it hits, the opponent is | immobilized and vulnerable. Enter the command again to explode the seal. | | Psy: 40% Damage: 0 + 200 Start-up: 18 Recovery: 87 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Burning Trail ------------------------------------------------------------- | | -O -O + light | | Burn takes the form of a fiery bird and launches himself at his opponent. | | Psy: 45% Damage: 270 Start-up: 13 Recovery: 0 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- God Phoenix --------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O -O + heavy | | Burn creates a giant phoenix and launches it at his opponent. The phoenix | can hit the opponent during the start up animation as well as after | launch. | | Psy: 60% Damage: 340 Start-up: 8 Recovery: 32 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- B. Emilio Michaelov ------------------- Sex: Male DoB: February 21, 1996 Age: 14 Blood Type: A Country of Origin: Russia Occupation: Test subject for psychic experiments Hobbies: None Psy Ability: Light Personality: Introverted and gets picked on a lot. Low self-esteem. Episode 1 --------- Genma: Your power is too great...I'm sorry, but I can't let you go. Emilio: Please don't...I can't control this power... [...] Emilio: This power...this horrible power... Episode 2 --------- Gates: Target confirmed...this boy destroyed an entire city? Emilio: Don't! don't come near me! [...] Emilio: I don't want to fight...why...? Episode 3 --------- Wendy: Emilio...cursed cannot be allowed to live... Emilio: An illusion...? Why does everyone pick on me...? [...] Emilio: Why won't everyone just leave me alone? Episode 4 --------- Brad: Blood! Give me more blood! Aaaagggghhh! Emilio: He's just like me...he's being controled by his power. [...] Emilio: Why does it have to be this way? Episode 5 --------- Sonia: Psychikers can be saved if we follow Master Keith's dream. Why don't you see that? Emilio: That's...that's wrong... [...] Emilio: Why do we have to fight...? Episode 6 --------- Wong: You're a slight inconvenience to my plans. I think you'll have to die. Emilio: Just leave me alone. I don't want to kill anyone! [...] Emilio: I did it again...there's so much blood on my hands... Episode 7 --------- Keith: Your power...I'd hoped that you'd be useful to us but you're too dangerous as an enemy. You'll have to die. Emilio: I...I never wanted this power... [...] Emilio: It's all because of this power...because of this power...aghhhh! Final Episode ------------- Burn: Emilio! Emilio! Stop! Don't blame yourself! Emilio: This power...aghhhh...this power...aghhhh! Burn: Damn. He's out of control...I have to stop him some how... [...] .- Shining Arrow ------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O + light | | Emilio fires an arrow of light at his opponent. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 210 Start-up: 15 Recovery: 18 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Prism Reflector ----------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O + heavy | | Emilio creates a floating "reflector" in space. He can create up to five | reflectors. This move is used in conjunction with the Seeker Ray. | | Psy: 20% Damage: 0 Start-up: 6 Recovery: 5 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Seeker Ray ---------------------------------------------------------------- | | | \ -O + heavy | O O | | Emilio fires a beam of light at his opponent. If he has created Prism | Reflectors, the beam will bounce off of them before heading toward the | opponent. Hold down the heavy attack button to keep the beam from going to | the next reflector. (When there is more than one reflector.) The Seeker Ray | will first head toward the farthest reflector from Emilio. | | Psy: 40% Damage: 190 x n Start-up: 12 Recovery: 12 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Prism Seal ---------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- / | \ -O + light | O O O | | Emilio throws a giant crystal at his opponent, which imprisons her and | and explodes. | | Psy: 40% Damage: 260 Start-up: 12 Recovery: 82 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Arch Angel ---------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O -O + heavy | | Emilio summons a cross and fires a huge beam of light. | | Psy: 60% Damage: 25 x n Start-up: 14 + 3 Recovery: 0 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- C. Wendy Ryan ------------- Sex: Female DoB: January 15, 1995 Age: 15 Blood Type: A Country of Origin: Australia Occupation: High school student Hobbies: Collecting accessories Psy Power: Wind Personality: Upbeat and full of energy. Very easy going. B: 79cm W: 57cm H: 84 Episode 1 --------- Genma: That power. It can only result in suffering. You must not use your power! Wendy: What are you talking about?! Get out of my way! [...] Wendy: Right now, I need this power. Episode 2 --------- Gates: Psychiker located! Nothing personal, but you're going to have to die. Wendy: I move like the wind! Your attacks are too slow to hit me. [...] Wendy: Your weapons are meaningless if they can't hit me. Episode 3 --------- Wendy: Emilio, what are you doing here? Emilio: Oneh-chan,* let's go back to Noa. Wendy: Nice try. But Emilio always calls me "Wendy." Emilio: Damn! But I have all his powers--do you really think you can beat me? [...] Wendy: If his power was as weak as yours, he would be living happily right now... * "Oneh-chan" is a term used to refer to older women whom you are very familiar with. Literally, "big sister." You'd normally use it for your actual sister or a childhood friend. Episode 4 --------- Brad: Soooooo, how do you want to die? Should I tear you to pieces? Or crush you to death? Wendy: You're crazy. Why don't you get some air and cool your head? [...] Wendy: I wonder if my "treatment" was too rough. Episode 5 --------- Sonia: Follow Master Keith or be destroyed! Wendy: Do you think your methods are helping psychikers? You're wrong. [...] Wendy: What...? She called my name at the end... Episode 6 --------- Burn: Wendy...? It can't be... Wendy: Don't! I have to save my sister...don't stop me! [...] Wendy: I'm sorry...But I have to save my sister no matter what... Episode 7 --------- Wendy: Keith! Tell me where my sister...where my sister is! Keith: There are things which are better left unknown. If you insist on knowing the truth, you must defeat me. Wendy: I'm going to hold you to that promise! [...] Keith: What, you want to know about your sister? Wendy: Please, let me see her! Keith: You've seen her already--Sonia. Wendy: Sonia...? No! Keith: Yes, Wong re-made your sister into a combat bioroid--Sonia. Wendy: No...NOOOOOOOOOO!! Soniaaaaaaa!! Final Epsiode ------------- Wong: He he how does it feel to have killed your own sister? Wendy: Wong....Wong! Give me back my sister!! [...] .- Air Crescent 1 ------------------------------------------------------------ | | | \ -O + light | O O | | Wendy fires a blade of air at her opponent. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 210 Start-up: 10 Recovery: 22 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Air Crescent 2 ------------------------------------------------------------ | | | \ -O + heavy | O O | | Wendy fires a blade of air at her opponent. Air Crescents 1 and 2 differ | in where the Crescent appears. Also, you'll notice that Air Crescent 1 | starts quicker but has longer recovery. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 210 Start-up: 12 Recovery: 18 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Silpheed Dance ------------------------------------------------------------ | | O- -O + heavy | | Wendy summons a group of whirlwinds. Her speed is increased while the | whirlwinds are around her. They go away after a certain amount of time has | elapsed or if Wendy takes a hit. | | Psy: 35% Damage: 0 Start-up: 0 Recovery: 29 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Vortex Stream ------------------------------------------------------------- | | -O -O + light | | Wendy creates a huge tornado in front of herself and launches it at her | opponent. | | Psy: 45% Damage: 280 Start-up: 14 + 3 Recovery: 22 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Earth Gale ---------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O -O + heavy | | Wendy summons a huge gust of wind to knock her opponent into the magical | field, then bombards her with flying debris. | | You probably will not hit with all eight objects that are launched at | Wendy's opponent. | | Psy: 50% Damage: 100 x 8 Start-up: 15 Recovery: 61 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- D. Sonia (Chris Ryan) --------------------- Sex: Female DoB: 2010 (specific date unknown) Age: 17 (?) Blood Type: Unknown Country of Origin: None Occupation: Artificial lifeform Hobbies: Playing cards Psy Ability: Electricity Personality: Kind motherly-type. Sonia doesn't like fighting but has a stubborn side to her. B: 86cm W: 60cm H: 87cm Episode 1 --------- Burn: You know Keith, don't you? I think you're going to take me to where he is. Sonia: Ok...but only if you manage to beat me... [...] Sonia: It's too bad...Master Keith could have used that power of yours... Episode 2 --------- Genma: Girl, you're not human, are you? Sonia: Do you mean to fight me? Do you think your little tricks will work against me? [...] Sonia: No matter how hard humans try, they'll never be able to beat us. Episode 3 --------- Gates: Target confirmed. Say your prayers. Sonia: I don't care who you are--you're not getting in Master Keith's way. [...] Sonia: You really thought you could beat someone fighting for their convictions? Episode 4 --------- Brad: He he he he...I'm going to tear your face apart!! Sonia: Calm down,'s me! Don't you recognize me?! [...] Sonia: Brad...did your life have any purpose? Episode 5 --------- Emilio: Are you going to pick on me too? Sonia: That hidden power of's dangerous. I must eliminate it. [...] Sonia: Everything I do is for Master Keith...but what is this empty feeling inside me? Episode 6 --------- Wendy: I won't give up until I get my sister back. Sonia: This girl...have I seen her before...? [...] Wendy: Aaaahhhh! Chris, help me!! Sonia: This voice...Wendy?! Wendy: Ch...Chris...where are you? I...I can't see... Sonia: We...Wendy? Wendy: Oh're...still...alive... Sonia: Wendy?! Nooooooooo!! Episode 7 --------- Wong: It seems as though your memory has returned. Sonia: Wong! Wong: In order to complete the combat bioroid "Sonia," we made use of the consciousness of one of the developers--you. Sonia: What...? Do you mean that even my loyalty to Noa is artificial? Wong: You worked well for us. But I don't think you'll be useful much longer. Sonia: won't get away with this!! [...] Sonia: What was the purpose of everything I've done...? Oh, Wendy... Final Episode ------------- Keith: I knew this would happen sooner or later. Do you want to pledge your loyalty to Noa again? Sonia: Your Sonia is dead. The person in front of you is Wendy's sister, Chris. Keith: I see...then as the leader of Noa, I must fight you. I will not pull my punches. [...] .- Electrigger --------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O + light | | Sonia fires a bolt of electricity at her opponent. It takes a while to | to start up but once it is fired, the bolt flies across the screen almost | instantaneously. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 220 Start-up: 14 Recovery: 19 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Magnet Anchor ------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- / | \ -O + light | O O O | | Sonia fires a "tractor beam" at her opponent. Very cool attack in combos. | | Psy: 40% Damage: 0 Start-up: 9 Recovery: 3 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Gigantic Drill ------------------------------------------------------------ | | -O -O + light | | Sonia electrifies herself and drills into her opponent head first. This | attack goes through normal shots. | | Psy: 40% Damage: 250 Start-up: 9 Recovery: 8 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Tera Discharge ------------------------------------------------------------ | | O- -O + heavy | | Sonia creates a huge electric field around herself. The field cancels | regular attacks and projectiles. It can also be used as an offensive | weapon. | | Psy: 50% Damage: 120 x n Start-up: 19 Recovery: 0 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Execution ----------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O -O + heavy | | Sonia fires a bolt of electricity at her opponent, which imprisons her in | a field, then explodes. | | Psy: 50% Damage: 320 Start-up: 13 Recovery: 75 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- E. Brad Kilsten --------------- Sex: Male DoB: April 9, 1986 Age: 24 Blood Type: AB Country of Origin: Germany Occupation: Unknown Hobbies: Flowers Psy Ability: Gravity Personality: Brad has multiple personality disorder. One personality (the real Brad) is a regular person, the other is a cold-blooded killer. Episode 1 --------- Emilio: Are you still with Keith? Brad: Run away, Emilio! Before the demon inside me awakens... [...] Brad: Master Keith, is even your power not enough to save me now? Episode 2 --------- Genma: You look troubled. Brad: No...I don't want to kill anymore... [...] Brad: Ahh, I've killed again. Someone...kill me before it's too late.. Episode 3 --------- Burn: Come on, aren't you going to fight? I'll start this, if you're not going to. Brad: Listen to me...leave...or else I'm going to end up killing you. [...] Brad: *pant* *pant* This is it...I can't be myself any more... Episode 4 --------- Sonia: Brad, get a hold of yourself. It's me, Sonia. Don't you recognize me? Brad: Sonia...don't come any closer! I can't hold myself back any more! [...] Sonia: Brad! Brad:'m...I'm... Arrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh! He he one can stop me now. Episode 5 --------- Wendy: You look pretty strong. But you're no match for me. Brad: Shut up! I'm going to rip apart those pretty legs of yours, bit by bit. [...] Brad: What that all you've got? I haven't even made mince meat of you yet. Episode 6 --------- Gates: Don't bother. You can't even scratch my body with that power of yours. You will be deleted. Brad: What the hell are you talking about you useless monkey? I'm going to tear your face apart. [...] Brad: Ha ha ha ha! God, I love this feeling. Episode 7 --------- Wong: It seems that you are useless to us now. Brad: Stop acting so big. When I get through with you, even your parents won't recognize you! [...] Brad: You aren't so big now, are you, you annoying little insect! Final Episode ------------- Keith: It's too late! Even my power can't control him now. Brad: No one can control me! Die! Die! DIE! Keith: I guess I have no choice. I'll put you out of your misery now. [...] .- Meteo Hammer -------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O + light | | Brad summons two meteors which crush his opponent from either side. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 110 Start-up: 12 Recovery: 26 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Mega Pressure ------------------------------------------------------------- | | -O -O + light | | Brad charges toward his opponent and summons a giant black snake. If the | snake hits, it grabs her and slams her against the magic field. | | Psy: 40% Damage: 260 Start-up: 16 Recovery: 22 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Gravity Infinity ---------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O -O + heavy | | Brad creates a blackhole which sucks in his opponent. While the opponent | is immobilized, she is hit by debris which is also getting sucked into | the black hole. | | Psy: 50% Damage: 140 x n Start-up: 18 Recovery: 79 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Asteroid Belt ------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- / | \ -O + heavy | O O O | | Brad summons a group of huge boulders. Used in conjunction with the | Satellite Fall. The boulders can also be used as shields or as close | combat weapons. | | Psy: 60% Damage: 40 x 5 Start-up: 0 Recovery: 30 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Asteroid Fall ------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- / | \ -O + heavy (after the Asteroid Belt) | O O O | | Brad launches his boulders one by one. | | Psy: 0% Damage: 200 Start-up: 14 Recovery: 22 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- F. Richard Wong --------------- Sex: Male DoB: November, 1976 (exact date unknown) Age: 34 Blood Type: AB Country of Origin: Hong Kong Occupation: President of a trading company Hobbies: Chess Psy Ability: Time Personality: Always calm and collected. Wong is cold-blooded and will use any means necessary to get closer to his goals. Episode 1 --------- Gates: Noa member HRC7062 located. Will delete... Wong: Ah, so is this the military's latest weapon? How about if I test your abilities? [...] Wong: Huh...a sheep in wolf's clothing. You're less than a toy. Episode 2 --------- Emilio: You're mistaken, trying to dominate mankind. Wong: No, no. I'm not interested in dominating humans. I dominate time. [...] Wong: Time controls people and moves the world. How arrogant of you to think you could defeat me. Episode 3 --------- Wendy: Wong! Give me back my sister! Wong: Your sister? Oh, I'm terribly sorry but she's dead. She had an unfortunate accident. Wendy: won't get away with this! I'll avenge my sister. [...] Wong: People's lives are very fragile--there always comes a time when we must part. Episode 4 --------- Genma: Either seal your power or be destroyed. You decide. Wong: He he...I can't decide. You aren't capable of doing either, are you? [...] Wong: You underestimate your opponents too much. Episode 5 --------- Burn: You're the one! You killed Emilio and Wendy! Wong: Now now, don't get so excited. I'll turn you into a cold corpse in a few moments. [...] Wong: You don't even know your own limits--the difference between our power is as far as heaven and earth. Episode 6 --------- Brad: Wo...Wong! I can't stand it! Let me kill you! Wong: Oh dear, a broken clock just isn't much use, is it? [...] Wong: Don't you know? When something becomes useless, the only thing you can do is to throw it away. Episode 7 --------- Wong: ...yes, that's right. Sonia: Please, don't! You musn't fight Master Keith. Wong: I will not let even my family stand in my way--it's only natural. Sonia: So you were planning this from the start. Damn you--I won't let you get at Master Keith! Wong: that we have all the data we need, you're useless. I'll dispose of you right now. [...] Wong: Do you see? The flow of time is on my side. Sonia: I knew you were up to something, but I never thought... Final Episode ------------- Wong: My my, Master Keith himself has come to greet me personally. Keith: It was my mistake, trying to help someone without a soul. Wong: You're just in my way now. Keith: You think you can beat me? I don't think it'll be all that easy. .- Jigen no Matataki (Dimensional Blink) ------------------------------------- | | O- -O + light, heavy, or light + heavy | | Wong teleports. The button determines where he re-appears: | light = in front of opponent | heavy = in back of opponent | light + heavy = to side of opponent | | Psy: 30% Damage: 0 Start-up: 10 Recovery: 19 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Unmei no Sentaku (Choice of Destinies) ------------------------------------ | | | \ -O + attack | O O | | Wong creates a mirror image. The button determines which is the real Wong. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 0 Start-up: 12 Recovery: 49 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Kyokuu no Gen-ei (Empty Illusion) ----------------------------------------- | | -O -O + light (while getting hit) | | Wong teleports out of danger. This only works when Wong is being hit by | a close range regular attack. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 0 Start-up: 0 Recovery: 33 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Imashime no Senrei (Baptism of Warning) ----------------------------------- | | -O -O + heavy | | Wong summons a giant sword which impales his opponent. | | While the opponent is impaled, enter the following to summon 12 more | swords: | | O- -O -O + light + heavy | | Psy: 40% Damage: 200 + 10 x 12 Start-up: 11 Recovery: 22 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Kanzen na Sekai (A Perfect World) ----------------------------------------- | | 360 + heavy | | Wong stops time. His opponent is frozen while he can move freely. The | opponent is frozen for 45 frames. This move has no effect if your opponent | is also Wong. | | Psy: 40% Damage: 0 Start-up: 22 Recovery: 21 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- G. Rokudo Genma --------------- Sex: Male DoB: January 1, 1957 Age: 53 Blood Type: B Country of Origin: Japan Occupation: Priest (Genma is a demon hunter on the side) Hobbies: Watching sumo Psy Ability: None (magic) Personality: Genma is very hard-headed and stubborn. Episode 1 --------- Emilio: Are...are you going to pick on me too? Genma: I'm sorry...but your power is too dangerous. [...] Genma: This is all for the good of the in peace. Episode 2 --------- Wendy: If you get in my way, you're going to get it! Genma: Ah, what an energetic young girl you are. Don't be too hard on me now. [...] Genma: I can still feel the evil that engulfs the world. I've a long way to go. Episode 3 --------- Burn: Ha! You think you're going to use those little tricks against me? Genma: It's better for you if you don't underestimate my magic. [...] Genma: Beginner! You thought you were good enough to beat me? Episode 4 --------- Sonia: You're getting in the way of Master Keith's plans. You'll have to die. Genma: The path you're on will only lead to tragedy. Turn back before it's too late. [...] Genma: I can't have you sacrificing innocent people so that you can pursue your dreams. Episode 5 --------- Brad: He he he he...maggots... Genma: Have you no respect for human life? You won't be killing innocents any longer. [...] Genma: Think about what you've done in the afterlife. Episode 6 --------- Gates: You're not a psychiker. But if you get in my will be...deleted. Genma: We'll see how you do against my magic. [...] Genma: You won't beat my spells that easily. Episode 7 --------- Keith: I won't let anyone get in my way. You must die. Genma: You're the root of this evil, aren't you? I'll end your life right here and now. [...] Genma: Huh! Why? I can still feel an evil presence! Final Episode ------------- Wong: I'm impressed--you defeated Keith. I must thank you--you've saved me some trouble. Genma: Hrnn! So you're the source of this evil. Wong: Everything is going according to my plan. He he he he. Genma: What are you plotting? Wong: He he...there's no point in telling you. You will die in a few moments anyway. [...] .- Ren-enfu (Fire Talismans) ------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O + light, heavy, or light + heavy | | Genma scatters a group of flaming talismans. The button determines where | they are scattered. The talismans will linger in space for a few moments. | | Psy: 20% Damage: 200 Start-up: 9 Recovery: 10 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Onibi Tamashii (Spirit of the Will 'o' Wisp) ------------------------------ | | -O -O + light | | Genma sends a will 'o' wisp at his opponent. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 230 Start-up: 11 Recovery: 13 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Kouraiju (Prayer Bead Lightning Summoner) --------------------------------- | | O- | -O + light (, light) | O | | Genma throws his prayer beads at his opponent. Press light attack again | to summon lightning. | | Psy: 40% Damage: 220 Start-up: 11 Recovery: 48 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Fugojutsu (Protection Talisman) ------------------------------------------- | | O- | -O + light + heavy (while getting hit) | O | | Genma creates a shield with his talismans, then launches them at his | opponent in a counterattack. | | Psy: 50% Damage: 140 x 10 Start-up: 54 * Recovery: 21 | | * 14 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 1 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Jubakusatsu (Death Spell) ------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O -O + heavy | | Genma casts a spell which surrounds his opponent in explosions. | | If the Jubakusatsu hits, enter the following to increase the number of | hits: | | O O | | / -O O- \ | light + heavy, guard + light, guard + light + heavy | O O | | This shouldn't be done quickly--enter each joystick position slowly and | deliberately. | | Psy: 60% Damage: 70 or 380 Start-up: 12 Recovery: 7 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- H. Gates Oltman --------------- Sex: Male DoB: August 13, 1973 Age: 37 Blood Type: O Country of Origin: USA Occupation: Soldier Hobbies: The outdoors Psy Ability: None Personality: Gates is very straight laced and quiet. Beneath the hard exterior is a kind man who has a very strong sense of duty. B: 206cm W: 129.3 cm H: 164 Episode 1 --------- Wendy: Wha...who are you? What do you want? Gates: Psycho generator operational. Safety off. Commencing attack. [...] Gates: Target deleted. Sensors on-line. Searching for next target. Episode 2 --------- Burn: Are you a cyborg? I won't show any mercy if you get in my way. Gates: Target in sight. All systems go. Deleting enemy now. [...] Gates: Deletion completed. Analyzing data...modifying systems accordingly. Episode 3 --------- Emilio: You're the one who's! Gates: Target's psycho guage increasing. DANGER. Will delete now. [...] Gates: Target has stopped vital functions. Battle mode off. Episode 4 --------- Genma: I thank you for getting rid of so many of them. But if you want my life as well... Gates: WARNING! Target's power equal to psychikers. Delete immediately. [...] Gates: Battle complete. Checking systems for damage. Disabling system A2. Episode 5 --------- Brad: He he he...what's inside you? Oil? Let meeee seeee! Gates: Strong magnetic fields detected. Interfering with systems Raising reflector levels to 80%. Commencing attack. [...] Gates: Target deleted. Detecting anomalies in the airspace. Retreating. Episode 6 --------- Sonia: You're here...I'll dispose of anyone who gets in Master Keith's way. Gates: ...Sonia. Noa member TMD6392. Will delete. [...] Gates: Keith...I've finally found you. So you're the leader of Noa. Tina, Cheryl, I'll avenge you soon... Episode 7 --------- Wong: This is wonderful. Not only have you gotten rid of those pests, you're going to be a fantastic test subject. Gates: You're a member of Noa...? I won't allow any psychikers to live. I will delete them all. [...] Gates: I'll kill you...I'll kill you, Keith, Noa! Final Episode ------------- Keith: So I'm the only survivor... Gates: My body is the result of extensive research. You cannot win. Keith: Fool. I'll show you how worthless the military is, how worthless people are. Gates: I _will_ avenge my wife, my daughter...and me. You will be deleted. [...] .- Boost Arm ----------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- / | \ -O + heavy | O O O | | Gates launches his arm at his opponent. This move can be followed by the | Pile Bunker. Gates is totally vulnerable while he is retracting his arm. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 220 Start-up: 10 * Recovery: 245 | | * After the Boost Arm is fired, you have from frames 5 - 10 to input the | command for the Pile Bunker. '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Pile Bunker --------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- / | \ -O + heavy (after a Boost Arm) | O O O | | Gates pulls in his opponent and fires a metal spike into his opponent. | Input the command immediately after firing the Boost Arm. See above. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 360 Start-up: -- Recovery: -- '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Stun Collider ------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O + light | | Gates creates a cone of electric bolts. | | Psy: 40% Damage: 130 x n Start-up: 10 Recovery: 10 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Plasma Cannon ------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- / | \ -O + light | O O O | | Gates fires a ball of energy which immobilizes his opponent if it hits. | | Psy: 40% Damage: 0 Start-up: 0 Recovery: 0 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- All-Range Missile --------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O -O + heavy | | Gates fires a barrage of homing missiles at his opponent. | | Psy: 60% Damage: 140 x 8 Start-up: 35 * Recovery: 33 | | * 14 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------- I. Keith Evans -------------- Sex: Male DoB: February 14, 1993 Age: 18 Blood Type: A Country of Origin: unknown Occupation: unknown Hobbies: Reading Psy Ability: Ice .- Keith Select Code --------------------------------------------------------- | | Hold down Start + Guard + Light + Heavy until the character select screen | fades in. This only works in the arcade. To make Keith selectable on the | Playstation, you have to finish the game in story mode on at least HARD | difficulty with all the characters. Once you have done this, Keith becomes | selectable in the arcade, training, and vs modes, but not in the story | mode. '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Frigid Lance -------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O + light | | Keith sends a sliver of ice at his opponent. It hits multiple times when it | is blocked. | | Psy: 30% Damage: 230 Start-up: 11 Recovery: 20 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Frigid Spine -------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- -O + heavy | | Keith surrounds himself with a shell of icicles. | | Psy: 35% Damage: 270 Start-up: 3 Recovery: 9 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Frigid Prison ------------------------------------------------------------- | | O- / | \ -O + heavy | O O O | | Keith sends out a shower of ice. If the attack hits, the opponent is | trapped in a big ice crystal and is immobilized. | | Psy: 40% Damage: 0 Start-up: 8 Recovery: 27 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Frigid Shell -------------------------------------------------------------- | | 360 + light | | Keith creates a force field around himself. The field nullifies all | enemy PSI attacks and normal shots. A barrier guard or a close attack | (punch or kick) will cancel the field. The field will also dissappear after | ~17 seconds, game time. (300 frames: 10 seconds real time.) | | Psy: 50% Damage: 0 Start-up: 12 Recovery: 16 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .- Blizzard Tooth ------------------------------------------------------------ | | O- -O -O + heavy | | Keith sends out an ice dragon. It will home in on his opponent. 2 hits at | long range, 4 hits at close range. | | Psy: 60% Damage: 340 Start-up: 7 Recovery: 40 '----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================================== III. The World of Psychic Force ============================================================================== ------------- A. Background ------------- ------------------------------ B. Interpersonal Relationships ------------------------------ I bet this is hard to read. ^_^; It's the best I could do with ascii. hatred of all psychikers Gates--------.--------------------.--------------------. | | | | | | | v | | Genma | | | | | | | | .-----------------'-----------------. | | | considers evil | | | | | | v v v v .-- NOA -----------------------. .-- ANTI-NOA ------------------. | | best | | | seeks help | friends | | | Brad--------------->Keith<--------------->Burn | | ^ ^ | | | | | | | | | | manipulation | | | | someone he can talk to | | Wong-----------------' | | | .------------------Emilio | | | | | | | ^ | | |creator love?| | | | | | | | | | sisters | v | | | '----------------->Sonia<--------------->Wendy-----------------' | | | | like a big sister | '------------------------------' '------------------------------' ============================================================================== IV. Gameplay Notes ============================================================================== ============================================================================== V. Credits ============================================================================== Bibliography: Gamest Magazine and the Gamest Psychic Force mook, as usual. Gamest is a bi-weekly (2 times a month) arcade game strategy magazine put out by Shinseisha. ============================================================================== (c) 1996 Kenichiro Tanaka *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>