=============================================================================== --------------------------------- | Disgaea 2 : Cursed Memories | --------------------------------- FAQs / Walkthrough (ver SEP) =============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This guide is written and compiled by sephirosuy / Seph. You may not copy or reproduce it under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of the guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Let me know before you want to use it, I would like to know where would you going to use it. This is a FAQs/Walkthrough for the game Disgaea 2: Cursed Of Memories, based on Sony Playstation 2 NTSC/J version. I will not explain much about the events during the game, but still contain SPOILERs of the game. The lastest version of the guide will always comes to GameFAQs first. ______ ====/ \=================================================================== ---= Menu =------------------------------------------------------------------ ====\______/=================================================================== Press 'Ctrl' and 'F' keys together, fill in the codes for the topic you want to find, press 'Find/Find Next' to search the topic. Topic Codes ----------------------------------- - Guide Version ......... [gdvr] - Basic ................. [bsic] - Walkthrough ........... [wkth] - Darkness World ........ [dkwd] - Item World ............ [imwd] - Secret Matters ........ [scmt] - Contact ............... [cntt] - Credit ................ [crdt] _______________ ====/ \========================================================== ---= Guide Version =--------------------------------------------------------- ====\_______________/========================================================== [gdvr] - 0.1 - May 19, 2006 - walkthrough to Chapter 7. - 0.2 - May 29, 2006 - walkthrough to Chapter 9. - "Darkness World" section added. - 0.3 - June 06, 2006 - walkthrough to Chapter 12. - "Darkness World" completed. - "Item World" added. - SEP - June 26, 2006 - walkthrough completed. - "Secret Matters" added. _______ ====/ \================================================================== ---= Basic =----------------------------------------------------------------- ====\_______/================================================================== [bsic] < Control > L1 = Rotate camera view L2 = Zoom camera view R1 = Rotate camera view R2 = Change target during battle mode Square = Display character moving space Triangle = Option mode Circle = Confirm, Examine X = Cancal, Jump Left Analog = Move selection, Move character D-pad = Move selection, Move character < Save Game > Within the town, simply choose 'save' under the Option menu which will display when you press 'Triangle' button, then select which slot you will going to save. < Treasure Chest > Whenever you see the treasure chest in town, just go on and open it, thing that is inside the chest was random, but don't miss it. During battle mode, you have to hit the chest only you can obtain the treasure. < Status > HP = Hit Point SP = Spell Point POP = Population or the amount of specialist that can have in the item. MV = Moving distance. ATK = Attack power or damage. INT = Intelligence or spells power. HIT = Hit Ratio and affected damage of long range weapon. DEF = Defend point against normal attack. RES = Resistant or defend point against spells attack. SPD = Speed, agility. < Equipment > Each character can have four equipment shots, the upper slot was using for weapon equips, the rest are for armor or accessories equips. - Rare equipment shows as green colour name. - Legend equipment shows as gold colour. < Battle Stage > Within the town or village, speak with the girl with an 'arrow pointing up' symbol, you can select the stages which you want to go. From the option, the following stage with alwasys shows at the bottom, you will watch some scene when starting it, skip the scene by pressing 'Triangle' button when highlighting the stage. Besides, you can always re-enter to previous stages, means that you were free to choose any stages that have beaten, but some of them could have different enemies. Always back to previous stage to level up your characters and also to obtain some possible random items or HL. < Restoring HP > Beside using the recovering items or spells, you can always talk to the girl with a 'heart/love' symbol, and then spend some money to restore your character. _____________ ====/ \============================================================ ---= Walkthrough =----------------------------------------------------------- ====\_____________/============================================================ [wkth] < Chapter 1 > = ‘º‚Í‚¸‚ê‚Ì•½Œ´ = After the opening scene and some events, you will appear in the town. Go speak with the girl with an arrow symbol for starting the tutorials. There are four tutorial stages, each has three peguin enemies, they are very weak, nothing to worry about. - Stage 1-1, ‰SŽÒƒPŒ´ Defeat all enemies here, like tutorial stage, very easy. - Stage 1-2, …‹¾‚̐ò There is a +50% Enemy Strength Symbol here, and all enmies are staying inside the strengthen area. Destroy to symbol first, they will become easier. - Stage 1-3, •Î‹üŽÒ‚̉B‚ê‰Æ There is a +50% Exp Symbol here, you can throw it into the blue area, so when you kill enemies within the area you will gain more experience. Beside, the enemies probably can destroy the treasure at the upper area, to avoid this happen, first you can throw your character with gun to above, then use it to shoot the chest. - Stage 1-4, ŒÍ‚ê–؃PŒ´ Ignore the Dark Hero before defeat all other enemies, and the Dark Hero won't move until you're getting close to him. When fighting with him, don't let your sorceress stay around. His counterattack is quite stronge, finish off him with all your strongest skills in once. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Chapter 2 > = –‚‰¤ƒ[ƒmƒ“‚Ì‹{“a = - Stage 2-1, Žð’r“÷—Ñ‚ÌŠÔ Just left the +50% DEF Symbol beside your Base. Reach to the green area in the central so that you can have +50% Def. Focus to kill enemies one by one, beware of their spells. After defeating the enmies at two sides only come to the Ghosts. - Stage 2-2, ècŒ§Ù‚ÌŠÔ Only one enemy in this stage, but there is two +50% Enemy Strength Symbol effecting the entire location. Every turn characters' location will be change randomly. First, destroy the symbol as soon as possible, then only focus on the only enemey here. Its attack is stronge, cast Cool Down spell to weaken its attack power before close combat. - Stage 2-3, â‘̐▽‚ÌŠÔ The enemies at upside will come down in the first turn, they will team up with the Lady Fighters in the central. First turn you can just send your all at the side to lure the enemies go separately, kill the long range enemies, then follow with Lady Fighters whoever come close. - Stage 2-4, Š®‘S–³Œ‡‚ÌŠÔ The green area has +50% Def, +50% Enemy Strength and Move -1, destroy the them if you can. Kill all the enemies before focus on Dark Hero. For this stage, enemies have more advantages, better don't let any of your ally dies, have one character stay back to heal other. When battle against the boss, Dark Hero, cast Cool Down to weaken his attack, also cast Shield to you ally could helps lot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Chapter 3 > = ŽECŽÒ‚Ì•óŒÉ = - Stage 3-1, 峓ł̏À’n For this stage, you would only fight with seven Zombies, and all over 100HP, but they are located in separate places. Kill them one by one, you must beat them faster, otherwise the purple area with poison will increase, but you also can destroy the symbol to stop it. - Stage 3-2, ‹¶‹C‚̈À‘S’n›æ There is some good effective panels here, but the problem is they will move to different area, make sure stay at the effective area when close combat with enemies. - Stage 3-3, –S‚«Š[‚̉€ There is a special stronge enemy at the upper area, just ignore it before you have killed other. Heal your character after getting hits. Try don't stay too close to each other, enemies will always hit your characters in an area, and their attack can hurt further. Use more combo attack if possible. Now get the ßó from the Mail girl, put it into your inventory and go speak with the NPC opposite of the shops. Use ßó to enter the Item World. - Item World All you need to do is reach to the Judgement Gate at map 4. Each map for this world will be different, and has lot of enemies. Just move to the Time Gate will get to next map. In map 4, enter the Judgement Gate for some scene. After that, use ƒf[ƒ‹ that you get at the beginning of Item World to leave when you don't want to fight anymore. - Stage 3-4, —킵‚ÌŽSŒ€‹½ This stage is impossible to beat, just let them kill your ally. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Chapter 4 > = ƒ_ƒƒX‘å‰Í = - Stage 4-1, ŒŒõ‚ß‚ÌŸâ’J For this stage, enemies will not move until you cross the suspension bridge, but the red area seals your ally attack from further. The best way is destroy the long range sealing symbol at the enemies side, you no need to cross there, just use your character with gun and shoot it from your side. At the opposite side also got a +50% Exp Symbol, you can throw one of your character to there and use that character to put it into the red area. Have your sorceress follow at the back while crossing the suspension bridge, once enemies come to the bridge, you can cast spell to damage them in an area. - Stage 4-2, ¶–½‚ÌŒðŠ·ê The +50% ATK Symbol will keep changing area in each turn, step on the area when you going to attack. For safety, you can first destroy the panels, but no more attack power increasing for the rest of the battle. The chicken enemies can send stone status, prepare to cure it anytime, but chance of success was very lower. The bridge area is quite tough, some enemies are waiting you at the other side, don't cross it alone, they might kill your character in one turn. Let your gun and bow characters follow your close combat characters, you may sacrifice some HP or even one of two ally to cross the bridge. Before the last group of enemies, make sure heal all your ally and stay together, lure them with your long range weapon, then kill them with combo attack. - Stage 4-3, [g‚Ì‘ê‚Â‚Ú This battle is very dangerous, reason is the area with Enemy Lv Up 10% effect, means enemies in that area can auto level up 10% fro each turn from their current level. To avoid enemies' level getting more higher, let some stronger characters to destroy the effective panal as soon as possble, you can send your character to above by throwing technique. Once the panels has gone, you can slowly kill other enemies without worry anything. The counterattack of the cat enemies could be dangerous, recommend attack them from a distance. - Stage 4-4, –‚—³‚Ì‘åŒû Yellow areas were annoying, you can't step on it before destroy or move the panels. You have to throw one of your character to opposite side, destroy the no entry symbol to unseal the yellow area. But at least one character must be left on there, and there are some enemies, better you can send two character to clean up and throw back to join with the group. The two Heavy Knight at the central are also quite tough, spend some times to heal while facing them, make sure don't ever stay at -50% DEF area if possible. For the boss, you must lure him out from the red area to fight, means you have to send one of your ally to trigger him to attacks you, but sometime he will come out when your character is closing. Once he leaves the red area, you can defeat him easily. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Chapter 5 > = –‚‚Ì‘å‹ó“´ = - Stage 5-1, –OHŽÒ‚̃AƒMƒg The blue area in the valley will increase from time to time. +50% Enemy Strength and 20% Recover Symbol at both hills. Make sure destroy the enemy strengthen symbol before you go for the enemies in the valley. Firstly, ignore the group at the central valley, take down all nearer enemies, the Orc race seems weak against Ice element. Now you can use the blue area with 20% recover as helps, when you've prepared to the last group enemies, you can first destroy the 20% Recover Symbol if you want. Have you sorceress to keep casting spell to damage them in area, characters with higher defensive points storm to face them. - Stage 5-2, ‰i‹v‚È‚éˆÃ• At the beginning, strongly recommend put both increase DEF Symbol on the purple area, just send two of your characters to the right side and throw those symbol on the small purple areas, so that you could have more defends in your base. The enemies will always come in group, each group has three, avoid to fight them in short distance. Normally the group at left side will come after a few turns, especially when your weaker character shows up, the right central group will move when anyone is closing. So just focus on the left group enemies, have stronger character stand in the front, is better don't out from the purple area, use long distance attack to lure them come, then attack them all together. For the right side, if you have sorceress with spell could damage enemies in a line, now is the perfect chance to use it. stay further and cast spell to those three enemies at the right side, they won't come to attack if you're not close the them, so you can kill them without worry anything. For the last two groups, cast support spells on your own characters then go defeat them with the team together. - Stage 5-3, –SŽÒ‚Ì’f–––‚ There is a NPC stay on your side, but don't depends on him to win this battle, he couldn't help much. Red area was invincible, blue areas were blocking all your opponents, you must destroy the effective symbol before fight, recommend have at least two stronger character to this job, the symbols are at the right side. Also be sure to plan your character location before the enemies can move. Once you have unsealed the blue areas, the enemies will start attacks, don't even let them surround your team, their attacks are not too bad, better kill them one by one. If they stand in a group, perform any moves to damage them in an area. Have a healer to keep healing your characters for the entire battle. - Stage 5-4, ˆÅ‚Ì—ðŽjç‘ For this stage, you have to fight in the narrow place. First, plan to focus on the side enemies, defeat them to open up the ways. The middle way is a bit dangerous, but since there is a narrow junction, you can sent one of your stronger character to block it, split another group of your team go out from one of the side way. Remember your base panel can block the enemy from the other way. When the green demons getting closer, kill them with your sorceress spell or other long range attacks, otherwise they can heal your opponents. After defeating the first annoying group, heal all your characters before go on, cast support spells if you have enough SP. Take either way to face the remaining enemies, you can split you team to surround them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Chapter 6 > = •“¬‰ï = - Stage 6-1, ‘æˆê‰ñD Cast some support spell on your character before attack. Split with two team and attack from the side, reason is to lure them separate from the group, they will be weaken. Finish off the Lady Warrior and thief, then the captain in the central, the healers at the back shouldn't be a problem. - Stage 6-2, ‘æ“ñ‰ñD This stage was complicated, you have to go a big turning to destroy the red symbol for unsealing everthing. First of all, defeat the nearest enemies, all of them standing at the invincible area, you must lure them out and kill them. After that, start your route to the red symbol, send few character to do this. Because of the Not Entry area, you should go from left side, then to opposite, and eventually reach to the right central side. Have one sorceress or healer with your group is better, always step on the yellow area which is Invincible. When near the enemies, let the stronger character to lure it out from the Invincible, then blast it with your soceress spell for far, heal when necessary. Be sure your character with higher HP when you going to destroy the red symbol. After all, attack to old man in the central, you can let you soceress keep casting spell to him for further away until you have beat him, so better keep your soceress alive for the entire battle here. - Stage 6-3, ‘æŽO‰ñD Some effects from the symbols have covered the whole map, but not too complicated as the previous stage. The Warp area will randomly send you to other area, and it has cover most of the places, destroy the Warp Symbol to avoid it from bothering your stratergy. Enemies located at different area, you can focus one on of them first. You can have your long range weapon character stay at the side for helps, make sure you have destroyed the Warp Symbol. - Stage 6-4, ‘æŽl‰ñD For this stage, the blue area was Triple Enemy Strength, looks like terrible, but there is some little trick to beat them in just only one turn. To do this, send your character to the nearest enemy, stay in front of it and lift it up, then throw it direct to the other enemies behind, be sure throw it to five steps behind, so it should fall on the front of the enemies at the back. If you done correctly, the explosion from the first enemy will deal enough damage to the enemies at the back to explode, and the second explosion will finish off the rest. That's all for this stage. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Chapter 7 > = •“¬‰ï = All stages in this chapter are same as chapter 6 location. - Stage ??? This stage is not like the other stages, you have to speak with the girl that you fought in end of chapter 3, and you will be bring into this stage. That girl is located around the central aura. This stage has only one enemy, she was level 28, not too stronge, but some panels affected the area make this tougher. Always remember your damage would be diffused, or it can say the amount of your HP different will send to other character separately, also means if you heal your character, the ally around can also get some cure. Because of the Evasion effect, sometime you do have to pray for some lucks. Don't recommend to go with a group, you can split out your characters to few team, always attack from a distance if possible. - Stage 7-1, ‘æŒÜ‰ñD Five enemies start at different areas, but if they group together can bring you some problem, defeat one of them as soon as possible. The first at left is your starting point, kill him faster when you are in the red area. After that, stay on the green area as your station, heal and cast support spells on your close combat character, then go for next enemy. For the second left enemy, you can lure him comes from the opposite plaform with your long range weapon or spells, but sometimes he won't come, if this happen, just repeat to damage him until he dies. When you reach green area, the enemy at right side might come to disturb, with all your teamate, blast whatever to him to defeat he faster. After killing one of them, heal your character and then go for next enemy until the last. - Stage 7-2, ™Ã™rŸD All ninja enemies and boss fight, their moving range is quite long, also becareful the female ninja, they will randomly send Sleep and Numb bad status to your character, recommend defeat the female ninja for first. Check their states before anything, find the enemy with weakest defend points, then send most of your character to fight with them, but don't find the group around boss area. Once you beaten one group of ninja, keep defending that area. The enemies will come to attack your team very fast, be sure always keep your close combat characters in higher HP, use them to block the enemies, protect your long range weapon character, also have a sorceress helps at the back, use the spell to damage them in an area to defeat them faster. Prepare your team well for the next stage, now you will go through two stages in once. - Stage 7-3, ™rŸD Because of the no entry area, your team must storm in the central to fight. The Gunner enemies at two side will only attack the straight line, but you can't reach their platform, so you need long range attack to finish off them. For the Heavy Knight, you can attack them with your gunner or sorceress, but since sorceress can be more useful later, just keep some SP for now. Finish off the Archers and Magic Knight while reaching to central. You can have some rest at the central, heal your character and cast support spell before go on. Two more Gunners at the corner in front can be ignored for a moment, remember they can only attack the straight line, be sure you don't stay at the line that can be spotted. The boss has special skill which can reduce the power of human form character, close combat isn't a good idea. Now is the time to use your sorceress, spend all her remaining SP to cast the strongest spell on the boss to beat him. Last targets are the remaining Gunner, you can first destroy the No Entry Geo, so that you can directly close to the Gunners to fight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Chapter 8 > = ƒRƒƒVƒAƒ€’n‰º = Right after stage 7-3, you will come to this stage directly with previous states for all characters. Before you clear the whole chapter 8, you've not be able to select any other stages. - Stage 8-6*, “¬‹Zê’n‰ºÕ’d *This stage will be listed at the bottom, but you will come to this stage at the beginnig of the chapter, so I just name it Stage 8-6 which is the last stage for this place. Three Ghouls at both left and right side, two more at the back and a Dragon in front, all are pretty stronge enemies. The Dragon is immune to fire, means you can't damage it with any fire elemental, fighting with it could be tough, but it won't move in the few beginning turns. First of all, group your team to attack the two Ghouls at the back. After defeating them, send your characters to there as your base. Have long range attack to the nearest side enemies, of cause you can have close combat with them, but since they won't notice you if you're staying at a distance. When the Dragon is coming, don't move your characters to close with each other, because it has a skill can damage all targets in an area, and that skill will also decrease your DEF point. Since the fire spell from sorceress doesn't work for the Dragon, just spend the SP to decrease its attack, cast Cool Down on the Dragon before close combat with it. Have two or three characters who are good in DEF point to block the Dragon, so that you can use much more combo attack. Heal them whenever they were left in lower HP. After that, kill the remaining enemies to finish this stage. - Stage 8-1, ‰©ò‘—‚è‰ñ˜L This stage has a Stage Clear Symbol, go forward from your base until the end will see the green area, there is the Stage Clear area, when you step on it, you will clear the stage directly in next turn. There are two groups of enemy at the sides, they're quite stronge for now. Defeat them if you can, if not, just send off the best moving and best defending characters to the stage clear area. The beginning area could be tough, you have to destroy those no entry areas immediately, if the enemies from both side come and gang up your team, it can be very dangerous. You might need to sacrifice one or two characters to block them for awhile, then send your best characters to destroy those no entry symbol. All you need to break are three symbols to unseal all no entry area, but before you have done unsealing the second area, you will probably get some damage, that's why you need a good defending character. Also don't forget you can throw your teamate for moving faster, get to the Stage Clear area to finish this stage. When you're stronge enough only back here for more training. - Stage 8-2, ”sŽÒ’fßê Much more easier than previous stage, all you need to worry are only your magic defend, Res. The no entry symbol will keep changing area every turn, you do have to plan well when sending off your characters, make sure to raise up your characters RES states by using support spells. Enemies would only use magic to attack, you will get some damage before you can close combat combat with them, have a healer for healing behind. For the no entry area, you can move one character to the area before there has been sealed, and left him/her there. When the no entry symbol seals that area, you still can pass it by using lift and throw technique. Maybe you're confused? 2 ==C== <- no entry area 1 Example, use your character at 'C' to throw other character from 1 to 2. It's just only a little tactic to move your team faster, your objective is to clear all enemies. - Stage 8-3, Œã‰÷‚ÌŒê‚è•” Buy some healing items before entering to this stage. The whole stage were covered by Silence effect. Besides, the place also has Enemy Lv Up 10%, and there are ten enemies here, you have to finish this battle before anythings get nasty. The only place's free from the effecting area is your base, plan is either leave your sorceress or healer at the base, make sure first to send out everyone that you want to use for this battle, the healer or sorceress just put her out and leave on the base. Because of the enemies will rush to your base, so your can just group your team around the base. If you've decided to put your sorceress at the base, wait until most of the enemies had come closer, damage them with your strongest spell that you have. All enemies are good in attack but not in defend, you can probably kill few of them in each turn. - Stage 8-4, ŸŽÒˆÃŽEê First of all, defeat the first enemy at the right side, following the left one who's standing on the enclosing wall as well as the further one together. The leften Magician can be ignored for a moment. Now ready to face the Dragons at the central, remember you can't deal damage to them by fire. Cast some support spell on your characters who will going to close combat with the Dragons, use more combo attack while fighting with them. The characters at the back such as healer, gunner, sorceress or etc, don't always close to each other, reason is the Dragon knows to damage all targets in an area with DEF down effect. After you have finish off them, go for the remaining enemy. - Stage 8-5, •…”s‚·‚éR”»Žº Quite tough for this battle caused of Double Attack and 20% Recover in red areas, and enemies will only stand on the red areas while fighting. Your team must have enough strength for this stage, otherwise your may sacrifice some of your characters. First of all, focus on the two archers at the side, either left or right is up to you. Remember they can attack you twice for one turn, blast everything to one of the archers to kill her faster. After killing one of them, move a character to the red area for recover some HP, you action can also become double while staying on the red area. Then clear two more archers at the opposite side. While doing so, you can shoot those Heavy Knights by using your gunner, reason is the healers behind them will heal them after they get enough damage. If you repeat shooting Heavy Knights, their healers will keep spending their SP to heals until their SP was empty. Now have your long range attack to the archers behind the Heavy Knights, if anyone of your team get hits, return to the red area for heal. To avoid them from 20% Recover, you can perform Adel's first skill to knock them out of the red area, so you can finish off them faster by outsiding them from the red area. If your HP is not that much and no SP or items to heal, just damage them with a distance, since the enemies don't like to rush at your team, so you can kill them slower but safer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Chapter 9 > = ƒAƒ‹ƒPƒVƒeƒB = - Stage 9-1, ‘‚¿‚½‰h“s Recommend have at least two healers character for this stage, reason is to cure possible bad status sent by the female ninja. The yellow area have 50% extra enemy strength effect, fight with enemies in yellow area could be really pain. Enemies on the rooftop will down to attack your team at the beginning, try fight them outside the yellow area, although there is very little space, but you still can lure and block them outside the yelloe area. Be very careful of the papet enemies, they will perform their skill which can deals heavy damage on one target, fortunately they won't come before your team is near to them. The enemy strengthen symbol is at the right end corner, if you wish to destroy it, send the best speed and moving character and go through the rooftop, reason is enemies didn't like to fight at the rooftop area, also rooftop area was free from enemy strengthen effect. But before that, you should also defeat the enemies at the right side between the two building for easier your route. Once you have destroyed the symbol, gang up the rest. Same time cure if anyone get the bad status. - Stage 9-2, ˜B‹àp‚Ì•æê Around your base got two group enemies at left and right side, both staying on the +50% Exp panels. Three treasure chests were located at the end of the map. First focus on one side, recommend kill the magician or sorceress behind the Magic Knights. You can easily defeat few of them since they're in a group. After that, cast some support spell to increase some RES on your team, then go for the next group, use the exra 50% Exp as well to get more experience point. Don't forget to get all three treasures before end the battle. - Stage 9-3, ‰ü‚´‚ñ‚³‚ꂵŠX Most of the area affected by Diffuse Damage, means one ally get damage or heal, a small amount of the damage taken will be sent to other ally. Most of the enemies here can damage more than one target in once, better don't always stay close to each other. Clear up the enemies near your base for first, keep some SP for your sorceress at the beginning. Since there are some Diffuse Damage, you can throw an enemy to the affected area, then focus to attack him, reason is the damage can send to other enemies as well, it's possible to finish off other enemies. But make sure you can kill the enemy in one turn only choose use this tactic. When you're crossing over the path in the middle, those Mystic old man on the rooftop will attack you by spells, now you can have your sorceress to counter them. Go up to the small block beside rooftop, just cast the greatest spell to attack them, don't bother with damage them in once, remember the area can diffuse damage, so if you deal damage to anyone of the Mystic on rooftop, other Mystic will get damage too. They will heal each other after getting enough of damage, be sure focus one them before they heal. You should always have your healer to support your team. After all, continue the path until backyard, defeat the remaining enemies. Out from the narrow path for fight can be more easier. - Stage 9-4, ‰å‚ð‚Þ‚­–‚“s The only enemies type for this stage is penguin, which can be killed with lift and throw technique. Their level are not that bad, also with 50% strengthen effect, they become more stronger. Suggest use throw to kill those at the bottom, then move up to right side rooftop and destroy the enemy strengthen symbol to easier the rest of the battle. This stage has duplication effective panels, they are red and blue colour. If you character stand on the duplication area, you will see a clone of the character appear next turn. Another problem is the two penguins at the back, they are standing on those duplicate area, so they clone more enemies when the turns are running. Finish off the two penguins at the back to stop them from spawning more, then only finish off the clones. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Chapter 10 > = Žr‚̍r–ì = - Stage 10-1, ‹€‚¿‰Ê‚Ä‚½‘å’n Because of the no entry area covered of most of the stage, so you must plan to use lot of long range and spells attack. The No Entry Symbol was located at the left end, you can either go from central or left path if you want to destroy the panel. The central route can reach to the No Entry Symbol more faster but dangerous, left route will reach slower and less enemies can attack you. First you need to defeat all closer enemies, otherwise they will attack your team. Their skill can damage all target in an area from further away, caused of the no entry, you have to fight with them by only using your longe range attack. Later on, throw your characters over the well and continue the route. Once you have destroyed the symbol, finish off the rest from everyway. If you're successfully storm from the central well, you might probably defeat most of them when you reach to the symbol. - Stage 10-2, ˆ«–‚‚Ö‚Ì—U‚¢ For this stage, the Evasion, Warp and 1 Hit Kill panels are covering off everyway, the only area free from these panels is the base. Since they are the penguin enemies again, you can kill few of them in once by using throw technique, also you can kill them with normal attack, but don't forget there is an Evasion effect, you might miss your 1 Hit Kill attack. For safety battle, you can destroy the 1 Hit Kill Symbol when your character did warp closer to the symbol. Another way is you can have a character wait at the base for one or few turns, when enemies warp to the close area, move on and attack, but in the enemy turn, this character probebly would be killed. - Stage 10-3, ”½‹t‚·‚鐸—ì This stage even tough, reason is No Lift using and Merge effect. You must finish off them as soon as possible, otherwise they will merge with other one by one, in the end will become level 400 enemy. Although they are penguin again, but you can't lift them and throw anymore, you have to fight them with you normal attack and spells, especially combo attack and area spell could help lot to finish off them faster. If the last merged enemy stronge until you can't defeat it, you can send your character to the back and destroy No Lift Symbol to unseal lift technique, be sure you are faster than your opponent. Once you did it, throw the enemy to clear this stage. - Stage 10-4, Ž€ŽÒ‚Ç‚à‚Ì‘§ Another boss fight stage here. Besides the boss, the other opponents are also good in attack, but they weak in magic defend RES. You will start at the beam, and all the beams were covered by warp and extra 50% attack, stand on the beam to attack is not a bad idea. At first, take down as many enemies as possible, and don't ever go near to the boss. Becareful when you're going to send your character to the lower beam, because if your character is not good at moving, he/she can never go up to the upper area anymore, however, if the warp effect is still here, you can wait until he/she get warped to the upper beams. The boss has a very dangerous move which can attack one target twice with heavy damage, when he comes, normally will initiate this move on your team. If he comes with his team to make sure send your stronge character to face him, and defeat other enemies faster. At last only focus on the boss, same time also cast some spells such as Armor Break, Cool Down to reduce his states. If you really hate the warp effect, just destroy it whenever your team character has been warped to the Warp Symbol area, but if you do so, the +50% ATK will be destroy too. If you want the +50% ATK but not the Warp, you can just throw the Warp Symbol out from the panels. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Chapter 11 > = _—†‚Ì“ƒ = - Stage 11-1, Œ«ŽÒ‚Ì’§Dó There are lot of No Entry Symbol blocking your way, you must destroy all of them before you can clear the stage. The Priest in the central with invincible, she will heal or increase the enemies status around, don't bother to do anything on the Priest now. First, clear the no entry area at left side, also defeat those beasts that are in front. Always focus on one target, at least kill one of them before the Priest can heal them, or you can lure them leave from the pillars, so the Priest can't heal them. Beware of the cat enemies at the back, their counter attack is quite stronge, also they have a skill can damage all target in a line. Once you have beaten all enemeis and destroyed all No Entry Symbol, throw your characters to the central and move away the Invincible Symbol, then finish off the Priest. - Stage 11-2, ’mŒb‚­‚ç‚× This stage has a Silence and Double Attack Symbol which will keep changing panel every turn, also each corner has also the elemental effects symbol. Because of enemies can attack from further, so don't close to the first group enemies before you have fully prepared you team. Remember pay attention to the Double Attack Symbol, when it's moved to the suitable panel, stay on there and cast spells to attack all enemies in an area, you can also attack with normal attack if you want, but since if you have move can damage more than one target, just use it. After that, cast support spells on you team, then go for the following group until the end. - Stage 11-3, ’ú‚ß‚É‚ÍŽ€‚ð For this stage, you can see a Damage Reverse and two Mana +50% Symbol in the same panel, they're covering the whole enclosing wall at the side, and all of your opponents are located on the enclosing wall. There are lot of tactics to beat this stage. Although that's Damage Reverse, but Poison status can still decrease target HP in each turn, use it as well if you have any skill can sned out Poison. At the beginning, finish off the enemies behind your base, but make sure you use healing spells for attack. For more easier, suggest to use healing spells to defeat all enemies. Same time, throw up your all to the wall and hit the chests for some treasures. If you insist of fight, just move closer to the enemies and prepareto attack, when your other teamate has destroyed the symbol, blast them whatever you can. - Stage 11-4, –`“ÀŽÒ‚Ì–ìS For this stage, recommend prepare more longe range attack character, because your opponents can attack from further, plus lot of no entry areas affecting by few symbol in different part. Send one character to destroy the No Entry Symbol on the rigth side, then focus your team to the right side enemies. After that, move your team to the left platform, destroy the symbol and attack them, defeat all of them before go for the next group of enemies. For the highest are, you can't deal damage to the Sage before you close to him, but he can damage many time when you're going to there, better to have a healer to support your team while going through. Once you have reached to the highest place, destroy the symbols and close combat to the Sage if you want. - Stage 11-5, Ž×‚È‚é—U˜f This stage has a lot of different panels and symbols, the symbols will move to other places each turn. Things that you have to worry are the Ally Damage 20% and Warp Symbols, but they will move around every turns, you can't figure out where are their next destination, if possible, destroy this two symbols. Since all four dragons here will come to attack automatically, better you can defeat the nearest dragon before other come to join with it. Send Sleep and Poison to all of them if you have, cast some negative spells like Armor Break and Cool Down to them before close combat. Fire element spells and skills are not that useful for this stage, just avoid to use them. Try to stay on the support panels when attack. - Stage 11-6, ‚䂪‚ñ‚¾’mŽ¯‰Q Four sorceress in the central and four beast type enemies in the different corner. Problem is the sorceress are covering by No Entry panels, and they're standing on the Invincible area, same place included Warp effect also. Ignore the panels problem at the beginning, all you need to do is throw your stronger characters in close combat to the corners beside your base to face the beasts. After defeating them, throw as many characters as possible to the corners, because both corners are also out of the sorceress' magic range. If you close to the central block, those sorceress will cast 'Omega' level spells to damage you, beware of it. Later on, you can either defeat another two beast at the back corners or defeat the sorceress. If you want to finish off the remaining beast, just use the same tactic. As for the sorceress, send your ally to the side and throw the Invincible Symbols away from the panels, is better let your close combat characters to do this job, reason is some of the sorceress might been warped to the side panel, if this happen you can just attack her with your normal attack. Without the invincible effect, attack with you long range weapon if you haven't clear the no entry area. If you destroy the No Entry, you can stay on the central block and throw back the Invincible Symbol to the panel, so you can have invincible effect to face the remaining enemies. - Stage 11-7, _‚ÌŒðM“ƒ For the first half battle, just let your team get killed by the level 1200 enemy. After a scene, Rossary will become level 1900 character. Although she has no more gun to use, but you can enjoy dealing a tons of damage to the enemies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Chapter 12 > = ƒ[ƒmƒ“é‚Ö‚Ì“¹ = - Stage 12-1, –‚‰¤‚ÌŸ†”z The panels are not that complicate, but the ally 20% damage effect almost cover the entire stage. Recommend at least two characters know healing spell to support, also try to plan your team to stay at the non-effected points. If your team get lot of damage after facing the enemies that are nearest, you can send them to the green point fro restoring some HP. Also don't forget throw the extra experience symbols to the panel before fight. Later on when you have reached to the end of middle part, you can see the Ally Damage 20% Symbol. If you have throw in the purple symbols at the beginning, and you want to destroy the Ally Damage 20% Symbols, be sure your characters are no standing on the affected panels, once it's exploded, everything on the panels will gain lot of damage. You can try this tactic to damage the last group of enemies, although not more extra experience, but you don't need to worry about ally damage effect anymore. - Stage 12-2, –‚…»‚Ì–À‹{ Some enemies are around your base with +50% Enemy Strength Symbol effects. You can use lift and throw technique to send off one of your character to the green symbol which is +50% Enemy Strength, then throw it to the green area for a moment, so now you can defeat those enemies around easier. After that, throw a weaker character to the right corner which contain Triple Enemy Strength Symbol, you must destroy it before go for the Bone Dragon in the green area. Then cast support spell to all your close combat character, also make sure you destroy also the +50% Enemy Strength Symbol if it's still here. Bone Dragon has great defend points, send it few times Armor Break or use more on magic to attack it. - Stage 12-3, _”é‚Ìã© Also a Triple Enemy Strength Symbol here, but it will reach to the panel after five turns. The enemies around are not too stronge before they have been strengthen, better get this chance to defeat some of them within five turns. The Corpses at the left side and the Watchers at right side will come even if you ignore them, means you have to finish off them before face to the middle enemies. Beware of the three Assasin Dolls, they can deal large damage on your character, recommend initiate with longe range attack, they won't notice you if your team are further enough. For the Orc enemies are not bad at all, just don't fight them in group. Destroy the Triple Enemy Strength Symbol when your character can close to it. - Stage 12-4, —x‚é‹ðŽÒ‚½‚¿ Defend your base at first and don't lure too much enemies to fight, most of them can attack form far. Pay attention to your opponents' states before performing any attack, make sure cast spell to the enemies who are low in Res, close combat and physical attack to the enemies who are low in Def. Don't disturb the advanced sorceress and ninja before have taken all other enemies down. Later on, lure the ninja further from the sorceress and finish off her. When you close to them panels area, the sorceress will probably cast 'Omega' level spells to you, same time she's standing on the evasion panel where covering by no entry and invincible areas. Anyway, she's not with invincible, you can try use longe range attack to reduce some of her HP. Another way is throw the Warp Symbol to the panel, she will be warped to another panel that's near your base, be sure stand by a character around there to throw her out from the evasion panel, so that you can defeat her more easier. - Stage 12-5, Ž€_‚Ì‚ ‚¬‚Æ Another stage with lot of bad panels, ally damage 20% and long range attack sealed effect are the trouble. Begins your team with the strongest character and defeat those three Destroyers who are guarding on the warp panel, all weak against magic. After that, send out your Healer to cure your characters, then move a good close combat character to either red or yellow panel and wait it warps your character to the other side, recommend take the red panel since you can hit the symbol before facing the enemy. Once you have destroyed the symbol, the explosion of the panels could probably destroy another bad symbol too, it may also damage your character, make sure heal up them when they low in HP. Next step, take the pink panel and wait it warps to the right end corner and destroy the No Entry Symbol, beware of the magic from the Sage while going through. Without no entry effects, you can storm in the front, suggest to deal some damage to them with your longe range attack before close combat. Don't worry for the swordman at the left side first, he can't attack you and he will never take the warp panel to join the group, so you can just ignore him for awhile. The enemies in the central are staying in a group, you can cast some stronger spells to damage them all together, suggest kill the Sage first. - Stage 12-6, ƒ[ƒmƒ“éé–å Area panels not that complicated, only problem is the triple enemies strength effect in the central. Before that, prepare your team in the first turn to face the dragon enemies in front. Those Death Dragon and Bone Dragons group are very stronge in Def, but weak in Res, that's mean magic can kill them faster and easier. The second group are not as stronge as first group, just watch out their special move. While facing the Priests and Snipers, you can use long range attack of spells to damage them, if you stay further enough, they can't hit you. Problem is the triple enemies strength effect supporting them to be stronger, if you can destroy the symbol that's behind the bosses, just do it, it's quite dangerous. If not, just take down the Snipers, focus to kill one of them before the Priests can heal them. The two bosses are more tougher. The one at the left side immune to physical attack and stronge in ATK, reduce his RES and cast magic to damage him, also try to reduce his ATK if possible. The boss at right side immune to magic attack and stronge in INT, reduce his DEF and close combat with him, reduce also his INT if possible. Do not fight the bosses together. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Final Chapter > = ƒ[ƒmƒ“é = - Stage 13-1, –‚‰¤_‚Ì‹¶‰ƒ First of all, finish off the ninja on one side around your base. Although they are standing on the pillar with evasion effect, you still can damage them with your skills and spells, if you're stronge enough. Second turn the ninja will jump down to attack, so in the first turn don't send out all your characters, use them to attack after the ninja enemies were left the pillar. After that, use long range attack to lure the swordman one by one, kill him when he leaves the evasion panel. If you're stronge enough, you can just storm to the swordmans area and fight, but the male ninja enemies will join with them. As for the make ninja, they are not weak in DEF and RES, good in SPD, you can kill them easily as long as you hit them. Prepare your Healer as well since they can deal great damage anytime. - Stage 13-2, ŽŽ—û‚̍ Recommend train up your team over level 75 before enter to this stage. The enemies are normal, but with the Triple Enemy Strength Symbol and you can't use lift up technique in most of the places, this battle became very tough. Here is a little trick might helps for this battle. Each enemy has one random element weakness, so you can first read their element weakness, see whether you have those element attack or not. Let say if most of them weak against Wind, but your team are good in Fire and Ice, just give up the battle then load back the game and enter to this stage, you can see their element weakness were changed. Repeat until you satisfied, be sure save your game before you do so. Also save your longe range attackers alive for the entire battle, they can helps lot when fight with the Wood Golem. Once you have ready, take down the nearest sorceress for first, then go to the beam where the sorceress by and take down two other sorceresses with your long range attack. When going to face the enemies in the central, make sure raise up your states with support spells. Lure one of the cat enemies out from the group to fight, remember their counterattack will become stronger and stronger, close combat isn't a good idea and don't even fight them in group. After you have taken down the two cats enemy at the side, use your sorceress to destroy the No Entry Symbol at the right end. Ignore the Wood Golem before finish off the other cats, beware of the flower enemies at the back, they can attack from further and their attack can damage all target in an area. After that, sen your team to the left side, on the way make sure tight to the central beam area to avoid Wood Golem. On the beam you can lift and throw a few of your characters to the left side faster. Now just up the left higher area and throw down the Damage 20% Symbol to the panel, you should send the character with shoes equipment to do this. Once the panels had Damage 20% effect the fight will become easier, make sure your character are not in the panels. Wood Golem can restore his HP each turn, if he's standing on the Damage 20% Panel, don't need to worry about it. Beware of its special move which is attack twice on one target, he can kill your character in one turn. Another way is lure out the Wood Golem from the panels to fight, without the Triple Enemy Strength effect you can deal more damage to him, make sure focus to killing him before he can refill more of his HP. - Stage 13-3, –‚‰¤ŽE‚µ‚̉ñ˜L The enemies are not too stronge here, but they will gain 10% level up for each turn from the symbol effect. To stop them from getting higher level, destroy the symbol at the right end corner. The NPC could helps lot on the battle, he can handle most enemies from left side, send a few ally to help him. Focus to beat the gun enemies at right side. After that, send your chracters to the right end to face the Sages, at least one of them with shoes equip. Lift up few characters in once, throw to the Sages area, so that you can close to them in one turn. When you have closed to the Sages, they will do their physical attack which is very weak. Now destroy the symbol to stop enemies leveling up, then defeat the two Sages there. Because of the higher beam was blocking in the right area where the symbol by, character without shoes couldn't leaves here, so what you can do is throw all of them to the opposite side, but make sure the Wood Golem has left his possition. MOst of the enemies are weak in RES, cast spells to deal larger damage to them. - Stage 13-4, ÅŠú‚Ì™rˆÓ Most area covered by the purple panel with no effect at the beginning, but will be affected by the four Ally Damage 20% Symbols start from the 8th turn. The symbols will get to the purple panel one by one, after all of them have reached to the panel, the purple area becomes ally damage 80%! To aviod this, you must reach to the four Ally Damage 20% Symbols at the back within 8 turns. First of all defeat that two enemies in the central, same time you can try damage the enemies at the side with the No Entry Symbol. Then throw your character to the sides to beat the enemy and destroy the symbol. You may also pay attention to the Death and Holy Dragons in the corner, the Death Dragon will probably comes to attack initially, just focus to kill it before Holy Dragons come to join the fight. Remember the dragons are weak against magic, but also don't forget the Holy Dragons immune to fire elemant. After clearing the No Entry Symbols, if any enemies're never move to attack your team, just leave them for a moment. Now you have to send your team to cross the central before the 8th turn. Send Sleep status to the two giants guarding on the central, but if you don't have it, you can try lure or throw them out from their possitions, then move your best moving characters to the inner area and destroy Ally Damage 20% Symbols without luring the Vakier there. Once you have done clearing all the symbols, you can slow down your battle if you want. Defeat the remaining enemies without worrying any ally damage effects. - Stage 13-5, ƒ[ƒmƒ“é‰yŒ©‚ÌŠÔ Here is only a boss battle, no other enemies, no panel and symbol. The boss is on level 90, but his states are almost like the level 110-120 enemies, HP over 20000. Go to level up your team somemore if your characters can't survive from a hit. The boss normal attack can hit from far and near, his special move can damage all targets in an area. Raise up your team attack and magic power before close to him, flee and heal whenever your character get hit. Don't bother to reduce his states, because mostly you will miss it, unless your states are high enough. Recommend don't attack from his back, he seem can deals larger damage with his counterattack when you hit from the back. The boss is the only enemy, so just blast him with all strongest skills that you have. After this battle, you have beaten the game, enjoy the ending and congratulation~! ________________ ====/ \========================================================= ---= Darkness World =-------------------------------------------------------- ====\________________/========================================================= [dkwd] < Starting > Find out five invisible objects in the village and check on them. Below are the locations (angle from the default camera view): - Left corner, behind the fallen pillar. - From the T junction at right side, find the left path and check on the broken part of the enclosing wall. - Behind the double storey house, there is a lower part area, check on the window by the lower area. - Behind the house with a zombie in front, go from the right side. - Right bottom corner, under the tree. After all, a shadow NPC appears around the right bottom. Speak with her four times and then choose the first option twice for a battle. < Battle > Your only opponent's level is 100, HP over 2000, but she can be beaten with low level team. Make sure you have Female Ninja and Theif. For the Female Ninja, she must knows Sleep skill and recommend she's good in HIT states. For the Thief, even if only level 1 also can be very useful. If your Female Ninja has both Sleep and Poison skills, then Thief is optional. - Tactics Send out some characters to the well area and wait for her, same time cast support spells on your main battle members. When she comes, she might kill one of your characters in once. Now send your Female Ninja to perform Sleep. Once she got Sleep, don't attack first, perform the second skill which can decrease target SPD to 1. Now send your Thief and perform the Poison skill to your opponent. Then you can relax for a feww turns, the poison status will reduce her HP every turn. When she's awaken, perform another Sleep skill again to keep her in sleep. After all, you see the shadow NPC beside the traveling NPC, talk to her will get in to the Darkness World stages selection. The stages are same as the main story, but you have to get certain requirement(s) from the Normal World stages to unlock the Darkness World stages. < Unlockable Stage > =============================================================================== | Stage | Name | Requirement(s) | =============================================================================== | 1-1 | ‰SŽÒƒPŒ´ | Exist automatically. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 1-2 | …‹¾‚̐ò | Kill more than one enemy in once. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 1-3 | •Î‹üŽÒ‚̉B‚ê‰Æ | Get 0 damage from any enemies. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 1-4 | ŒÍ‚ê–؃PŒ´ | Defeat the green sorceress. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2-1 | Žð’r“÷—Ñ‚ÌŠÔ | Clear stage in 2 turns. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 2-2 | ècŒ§Ù‚ÌŠÔ | Clear stage in 1 turn. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 2-3 | â‘̐▽‚ÌŠÔ | Clear stage within 3 moves. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 2-4 | Š®‘S–³Œ‡‚ÌŠÔ | Use 'Lift Up' technique. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 3-1 | 峓ł̏À’n | Clear stage after 11 turns. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 3-2 | ‹¶‹C‚̈À’n›æ | Destroy GEO Panel. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 3-3 | –S‚«Š[‚̉€ | Use 'Lift Up' technique up to 5 people together. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 3-4 | —킵‚ÌŽSŒ€‹½ | Clear stage without using 'Lift Up'. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 4-1 | ŒŒõ‚ß‚ÌŸâ’J | Destroy red colour GEO Panel. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 4-2 | ¶–½‚ÌŒðŠ·ê | Merge up 5 enemies. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 4-3 | [g‚Ì‘ê‚Â‚Ú | Merge up all enemies. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 4-4 | –‚—³‚Ì‘åŒû | Clear stage after 30 turns. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 5-1 | –OHŽÒ‚̃AƒMƒg | One character KO. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 5-2 | ‰i‹v‚È‚éˆÃ• | Clear stage with only one character. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 5-3 | –SŽÒ‚Ì’f–––‚ | Use 'Lift Up' technique up to 8 people together. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 5-4 | ˆÅ‚Ì—ðŽjç‘ | Clear stage without Attack, Skill & Counter. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 6-1 | ‘æˆê‰ñD | Use 'Lift Up' technique up to 10 people together.| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 6-2 | ‘æ“ñ‰ñD | No damage clear/Do not destroy any GEO Symbol. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 6-3 | ‘æŽO‰ñD | Merge up 5 enemies. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 6-4 | ‘æŽl‰ñD | Explode all penguin (Prinny). | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 7-1 | ‘æŒÜ‰ñD | Clear all GEO Panels. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 7-2 | ™Ã™rŸD | No damage clear. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | *7-3 | ™rŸD | Lift and merge the enemy before throw away. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 8-1 | ‰©ò‘—‚è‰ñ˜L | Destroy GEO Symbol to chain off all GEO panels. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 8-2 | ”sŽÒ’fßê | Destroy all GEO Panels. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 8-3 | Œã‰÷‚ÌŒê‚è•” | Clear stage by only using normal attack. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 8-4 | ŸŽÒˆÃŽEê | No damage clear. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 8-5 | •…”s‚·‚éR”»Žº | Bonus rank 4 or higher. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | *8-6 | “¬‹Zê’n‰ºÕ’d | Lift and merge the enemy before throw away. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 9-1 | ‘‚¿‚½‰h“s | Move to the highest rooftop at point 64dm. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 9-2 | ˜B‹àp‚Ì•æê | Clear stage in 2 turns. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 9-3 | ‰ü‚´‚ñ‚³‚ꂵŠX | Bonus rank 2 or higher. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 9-4 | ‰å‚ð‚Þ‚­–‚“s | Move to the highest place at point 84dm. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 10-1 | ‹€‚¿‰Ê‚Ä‚½‘å’n | Merge up 4 enemies. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 10-2 | ˆ«–‚‚Ö‚Ì—U‚¢ | Destroy GEO Symbol. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 10-3 | ”½‹t‚·‚鐸—ì | Deal over 1000 damage. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 10-4 | Ž€ŽÒ‚Ç‚à‚Ì‘§ | Bonus rank 3 or higher. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 11-1 | Œ«ŽÒ‚Ì’§Dó | No damage clear. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 11-2 | ’mŒb‚­‚ç‚× | Destroy all GEO Panels except yellow. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 11-3 | ’ú‚ß‚É‚ÍŽ€‚ð | Deal over 1000 damage. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 11-4 | –`“ÀŽÒ‚Ì–ìS | Clear stage with only one character. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 11-5 | Ž×‚È‚é—U˜f | Clear stage by using normal attack. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 11-6 | ‚䂪‚ñ‚¾’mŽ¯‰Q | No damage clear. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 11-7 | _‚ÌŒðM“ƒ | Clear stage without Attack, Skill & Counter. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 12-1 | –‚‰¤‚ÌŸ†”z | Merge up all enemies. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 12-2 | –‚…»‚Ì–À‹{ | Clear stage in 2 turns. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 12-3 | _”é‚Ìã© | Use 'Lift Up' technique up to 9 people together. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 12-4 | —x‚é‹ðŽÒ‚½‚¿ | Use 'Lift Up' technique up to 3 people together. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 12-5 | Ž€_‚Ì‚ ‚¬‚Æ | Clear stage with only one character. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 12-6 | ƒ[ƒmƒ“éé–å | Deal over 1000 damage. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 13-1 | –‚‰¤_‚Ì‹¶‰ƒ | No damage clear. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 13-2 | ŽŽ—û‚̍ | Deal over 1000 damage. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 13-3 | –‚‰¤ŽE‚µ‚̉ñ˜L | Clear all GEO Panels. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 13-4 | ÅŠú‚Ì™rˆÓ | Deal over 1000 damage. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Stage 7-3 & 8-6, send two characters, each lift up an enemy, then one of them throw the enemy to the other, so the enemy will be merged before you throw away. ____________ ====/ \============================================================= ---= Item World =------------------------------------------------------------ ====\____________/============================================================= [imwd] < Basic > The NPC with a 'curved arrow' symbol who's located at opposite of the shops in village, she is the one who can bring you to the Item World. After stage 3-3, you will be bought to Item World for the first time, but it's just the story requirement. If you want to challenge this world later, you can put one of your item to enter. The levels of any item were limited at map No.100, but the different item that you use to enter will affect the enemies in the Item World. Basically if the higher level of item, the stronger enemies will appear in the map. Once you have passed every single map, that item will be increased a level, that's mean enemies level will also increase when you're getting to the higher level map. Other than defeat all enemies, you can also reach to next map by entering the Time Gate. As for leaving the Item World, you can either use ƒf[ƒ‹ (Deal?) or by taking the Innocent Town at each ten maps for return to the village. Deal can be obtain when you begin to the Item World or defeat the enemies in No.10 map of each ten maps in Item World, that's mean the last map in each ten maps. < Secret Room > While going through the Item World, a yellow gate will randomly appear in the map, enter to this get will reach to the secret room. Inside this room you can find some special NPC which are not exist in the town. Below are the list of the NPC: ============================================================================ | NPC | Special | ============================================================================ | Prinny Merchant | Selling many types of mobile phone. | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Undead Merchant | Selling items for using in the conference. | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Green Mage Merchant | Selling Mana Potion. | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Puppet Merchant | Normal shop, but might got Rare and Legend items.| |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Item World Hospital | Restore HP. | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Chest Keeper | Speak then fight, so you can get Rare or Legend | | | item from the chest during the battle. | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 7 Same Type Enemies | If you beat them within 2 turns, you can get | | | triple Leveling up point for your item. | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Female Daemon Team | Increase Bonus Rank for next battle. | | | Choose 'Body Exercise' to halve your team HP, SP | | | or choose '10000 HIL' to reduce 10000 Hil. | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Divine Master | Proceed the divination to increase or decrease | | | the point of item's leveling up. | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rarity Room | After speaking gain the rare Innocent. | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Field Rogue > They are tough enemies and will randomly appear in the Item World. Totally 16 groups of the rogue, each of them holding a 'Map Shard', if you can collect all 16 Map Shards, you could get some hints to go Shinra Kingdom before the final stage and extra character join your team. If you equip the Map Shard, chance of the rogue appear will increase a lot, but some of the groups will only show at the higher level map. Below are the list of Field Rogue: =============================================================================== | Field Rogue | Group Member(s) | Specials | =============================================================================== | Animal Group | Beastmaster x1,| - | | | Wace Rugg x4 | | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Drift Group | Punisher x1 | Level around 8 times at opponents | | | | averange level. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Prinny Group | Prinny x1 | If it's self-destrust, the Map Shard | | | | will also disappear. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Dance Group | Archer x1 | If the item POP was not reached to | | | | the limit, one or two more Innocent | | | | will possible show up, defeat them to | | | | the extra Innocent. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Niwatori Group | Cockatrice x1 | Appears with some Rare or Legend | | | | level treasure chests. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Moji Moji Group | Sorcerer x1 | - | | | for all types | | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Muchi Muchi Group | Necromatar, | - | | | Alraune, | | | | Sakyupath? | | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Golden Group | Magic Knight x1 | Equip all Legend Equipments. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Gate Group | Dragon x2, | Gate shows up, can go to Secret Room | | | Holy Dragon x2 | or next after ten maps. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Orc Group | Orc types x5 | - | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Monk Group | Sage x1 | Has skill to eliminate bonus item. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Ranger Group | Niji Ranger x5 | - | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Hunter Group | Heavy Knight x1 | If the item POP was not reached to | | | | the limit, not more than 4 innocents | | | | will possible show up, defeat them to | | | | the extra Innocent. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Ninja Group | Male Ninja x1, | - | | | Female Ninja x8 | | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Red Group | Wood Golem, | All equiped shoes, | | | Dragon, Ghost, | great moving capacity. | | | Vakier, Zombie | | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Group Z | Chaos Soldier | Level around 30 times at opponents | | | | averange level. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < Secrets > - Special Prinny During the battle, you might encounter a special Prinny. After talking it requests to meet it again and again. By the 10th times you meet that Prinny, it will give you some items or equipments. - Front Attack With Back Attack Effect When you're going to attack an enemy from front, face to the same direction with the enemy facing after selecting attack. The damage effect will same as attack from the back. ________________ ====/ \========================================================= ---= Secret Matters =-------------------------------------------------------- ====\________________/========================================================= [scmt] < Hidden Stage > Besides Darkness World, there are some more special stages which can be unlock throw the Dark Conference after getting enough of requirements. Below is the topic list of conference before unlock the special stages. (stages translated by myself, they might not the actual names.) =============================================================================== | Hidden Stage | Conference Topic | How to unlock | =============================================================================== | Training Cavern |u—û•‚Ì“´ŒAƒw‚̃Q[ƒg‚ðŠJ‚­v | Have Mana over 700. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Male Arena |u’n‹…—EŽÒ‚ð•‚¯‚Ä!!v | After calling up | | | | Earth Hero by using | | | | phone 3 times, then | | | | attend to conference. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Nature Male |u‚Ü‚½’n‹…—EŽÒ‚ð•‚¯‚Ä!!v | Clear 'Male Arena' and | | Arena | | call Earth Hero by using| | | | phone over 6 times, then| | | | attend to conference. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Tragedy Of |u•Ê‚̃Q[ƒ€‚ÌŽålŒö‚ƝD‚¢‚½‚¢v| Second round game, have | | Heroine | | 33 Previous Offense. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Return Of |uƒjƒWƒŒƒ“ƒWƒƒ[Ä‚сv | After Chapter 12. | | Niji Ranger | | | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Beauty Baron |uƒGƒ“ƒfƒBƒ“ƒO‚ªŒ©‚½‚¢!v | Before Chapter 9, total | | | | play time over 20 hours.| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Degenerate |u‘‚¿‚½¹—‚Ì••ˆó‚ð‰ð‚­!v | Second round game, have | | Chita Saint | | 66 Previous Offense | | | | before Chapter 9. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Village Arena... |u•Ê–‚ŠE‚Ì–‚‰¤‚ƝD‚¢‚½‚¢!v | After Chapter 12. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Village Arena... |u–‚‰¤ƒ‰ƒn[ƒ‹‚ðŒÄ‚Ñ‚µ‚½‚¢!v | Attend to conference | | | | after Flone has joined | | | | the team. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Village Tragedy |u•Ê–‚ŠE‚Ì–‚‰¤‚ƂɃPƒ“ƒJ‚ð‚¤‚é! | Have over 5000 Mana in | | | | Chapter 1. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Dangerous Witch |u“ä‚Ì••ˆó‚ð‰ð‚«•ú‚¿‚½‚¢!v | Have 99 Previous Offense| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Strongest Devil! |u‰F’ˆÅ‹­‚Ì–‚‰¤‚É‚ ‚¢‚½‚¢!!v | Clear at least 10 stages| | | | in Darkness World. | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Middle Of |u’´–‚‰¤ƒp[ƒ‹‚É‚ ‚¢‚½‚¢!!v | Clear at least 25 stages| | Parl Town | | in Darkness World. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Previous Offense = ‘O‰È Mana = ƒ}ƒi < Ending List > ==================================================================== | Ending | How to unlock | ==================================================================== | Bad End 1 | Adel with over 10 Previous Offense, killed ally | | | over 50 times, then complete the game. | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Bad End 2 | Adel with over 99 Previous Offense, killed ally | | | over 99 times, Rossary formarly dead. | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Akutare End | Defeated by Akutare during the story. | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Etna End | Defeat Etna in Chapter 3, | | | awarded with 'Evil Spirit' title. | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Laharl End | Defeat Laharl in Chapter 11, or | | | in 'Village Tragedy' hidden stage. | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Tink End | Tink reached to level 1000 within 1 round game, | | | defeat the final boss with Tink, but don't | | | reach the Bad End requirements. | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Mid-Boss End | Before Chapter 4, defeat Middle Boss in | | | 'Beauty Baron' hidden stage. | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Normal End | Finish the game without any requirements above. | -------------------------------------------------------------------- _________ ====/ \================================================================ ---= Contact =--------------------------------------------------------------- ====\_________/================================================================ [cntt] Sephirosuy / Seph, sephiroth_y@yahoo.com here is my e-mail address, you can e-mail to me if: -feel that you want to use the guide. -question about the game, I'm glad to help if I know the answer. -suggestions or advices for the guide. -having the useful informations, if it does work well I will use it in the guide, sure your name will be credited. ________ ====/ \================================================================= ---= Credit =---------------------------------------------------------------- ====\________/================================================================= [crdt] Special thanks to: - Game Jester - Futantshadow - Choujin_Z - Piros *inform about some details of the game. - RogsR34UK *some special tricks for stage 9-3. - HolyLancer9 *inform about the secrets of the Prinny/penguin in Item World. - ChoHakkai *some translations of the game. =============================================================================== COPYRIGHT (C) 2006 by sephirosuy All Right Reserved</p>