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Dabilahro...................06.05 | | - Spear Gun...................06.06 | | - Unlabored FLawlessness......06.07 | | - Kitetsu.....................06.08 | | - Dark Dragon Blade...........06.09 | | - Lunar.......................06.10 | | - Plasma Saber Mk.II..........06.11 | | - Collectables Checklists...............07.00 | | - Lives of the Thousand Gods..07.01 | | - Life of the Gods - Normal...07.02 | | - Life of the Gods - Hard.....07.0H | | - Golden Scarab...............07.03 | | - Jewel of the Demon Seal.....07.04 | | - Spirit of the Devil.........07.05 | | - Golden Scarab Rewards.................08.00 | | - Normal Difficulty...........08.01 | | - Hard Difficulty.............08.02 | | - Item List.............................09.00 | | - Legal.................................LE.AL | |____________________________________________________________________________| |~\/~~~~~~~\/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\/~~~~~~~\/~| | || 01.00 || Walkthrough || 01.00 || | |_||_______||____________________________________________________||_______||_| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +--------------------------------- CONTROLS ------------------------ CN.TR --+ +--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------+ | X | Attack | |--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------| | Y | Special Attack | |--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------| | B | Projectile Weapon | |--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------| | A | Jump | |--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------| | Y + B | Ninpo | |--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------| | X + A | Wind Run | |--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------| | L | Guard | |--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------| | R | Centre Camera | |--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------| | Black | Display Map | |--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------| | White | Karma Window On/Off | |--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------| | Start | Bring up the menu | +--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------+ ______) (, / / ) / +-- (_/ HE WAY OF THE NINJA [CHAPTER 1] ---------------------------- 01.01 --+ You now take control of Ryu Hayabusa, one of the awesomest most ninja-badass killing machines you will ever meet. You can take a moment to familiarize yourself with his ninja abilities, but this will happen gradually anyway as you proceed through the game. Begin by interacting with the body of the ninja you just killed, by pressing the X button. This will get you an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE. Now make your way up the hill ahead of you, the ramp on your left. Jump up over the small ledges you pass by and soon enough some kind of flower-knife will be thrown you way. It's a mere single jump to get over the gap ahead of you, now simply walk up to the wall beside you and press the X button to examine the object which was thrown. The scroll explains you to in a lengthy fashion, that you have the ability to run up walls, and it's going to become a practical tool in just a second. Ahead of you there is a vertical wall. Jump straight at the wall and keep holding the A button to run up it and grab onto the ledge. Shimmy to the right by pressing the analog stick in that direction and then press the A button and climb up. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: The ninja you kill at the beginning of the stage still holds an Elixir of Spiritual Life on the hard difficulty, howeveras you make your way up the path toward the first treasure chest, you will instead find the Map of the Ninja Fortress. This is the first of what will be many treasure chests on this difficulty which have had their contents changed or otherwise removed when you open them. I will be sure to note each case in these little boxes. One other thing you will want to note before you continue is that in your inventory right now you'll find the Nunchukus, though you most likely never even touched them in the previous file, for the first couple of levels they will prove surprisingly useful, moreso than the level one Dragon Sword in many cases. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another scroll is thrown at the wall beside you, read it and the scroll explains that you can look around at your surroundings using the right analog stick. This will help in a moment as there is a not-so-obvious ledge above you. Before that however take a look on your right, there is a small box at your feet. Examine it with the X button to kick it open and acquire an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE. Opposite the chest, you can run up this wall and grab the ledge above. Climb to this higher area and proceed up the tree to the left, where you will be ambushed by two simple ninjas in brown clothing. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: It's not just treasure chests which have changed in the harder difficulties, enemies too are upgraded to be more difficult. In this situation for example you must challenge two White Ninjas rather than two Brown Ninjas. I would highly recommend you equip the Nunchakus as I mentioned before and use them in this situation, you will be surprised at just how well they actually work here. Blocking is still necessitated but using the Nunchakus you can really keep a group of weak enemies at bay simply by swinging and using the analog stick. When you run across the wall ahead of you after defeating the enemies, and open the chest on your left, you'll get an Elixir of Spiritual Life, a disappointing downgrade from the Great Spirit Elixir, but get used to it. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thee will be the first enemies you defeat, and certainly not the last. Their attacks are weak, and infrequent, basically they sit there and wait to die. This of course doesn't mean they aren't dangerous in the slightest, but still you should have any trouble defeating them. Simply angle the left analog stick in their direction and tap the X button to attack. Between attacks hold the L button to block anything they may try to do, the enemies should be defeated in a matter of seconds. A new scroll will appear on the wall, this one informs you that there is more than just one way to run on a wall. The gap ahead of you is quite large, stand back and run beside the wall, when you are about to go over the edge, jump and hold the A button while beside the wall to run along it horizontally, this should be enough to get you to the other side. Open the chest here on your left to acquire a GREAT SPIRIT ELIXIR. Now jump across the next gap and Ryu will grab hold of the tree branch sticking out, and spin around it. When you're ready, tap the A button again to swing off the branch to the other side. Examine the scroll which appears beside you to learn about the wall kick. Run up the wall on the left vertically and then before you reach your peak, tap the A button to jump in the other direction and land on the ledge above. Continue down the hall. Two more brown ninjas appear, at this point in the game simply tapping the X button should be more than enough to get you past them. Doing so will usually have Ryu end with a kick, this kick can hit both of them simultaneously so it helps out. Be careful as you make your way forward, before you reach the urns a third ninja will pop out of the hall on your left. Smash the urns and you should net some yellow essence. To your left is a dead end. Remember that wall jump you did a moment ago? Well you can keep doing that over and over if the wall is high enough, run up the wall and jump once, then again to get out. Welcome to the Ninja Fortress, two more brown ninjas are going to run out from here, by now you've already become accustomed to dealing with them. You can feel free to smash the torches for some more yellow essence if you wish. Follow the hallway up and then to the right where you will come across a door. This door leads int oa room with three of the default ninja enemies attacking you. The enclosed space will make blocking that much more appealing here. Let me give you a couple of other tips. Since according t othe control scheme, the attack button and interact button are one and the same, people have a habit of opening doors, treasure chests etc while in the middle of fights. Something like a chest should interfere too much but I still recommend you try to stay as close to the middle of the room as much as possible, unless of course your fighting style requires you to run wildly along walls, in which case please feel free. Once the enemies are dispatched, smash all the remaining urns for more yellow essence and then open the chest on the right to get the MAP OF THE NINJA FORTRESS. The door leading out of this room is actually a secret wall, on the upper left side of the entrance. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: When you reach the room with all of the urns, you'll be attacked by another group of White Ninjas, still no Brown Ninjas in sight unfortunately. The treasure chest in this room no longer contains the Map of the Ninja Fortress (since you have that already, but now instead just a normal blue essence orb. You collect it immediately as you open the chest, so don't even bother doing so if your health is full, perhaps you can come back later if you need it. In the next room the gate closes on you as it did before, and now you have to take on a large group of about one dozen White Ninjas, three at a time. At this point in the game you don't have a lot of technique options, but if you're using the Dragon Sword I'm quite fond of the X, Y, X, Y combination. It brings you into the air out of harms way, and will do quite a bit of damage to the enemies below you when you stab downward. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Upon entering this next room, the gate drops down and from that you can really tell something is afoot. There are ninjas everywhere in here, countless ninjas, and each time you defeat one more appear! Fortunately no more than three can appear at one time, and they do eventually stop. Be sure to make good use of the block button (the L button) while fighting in here to maintain your health, and try combinations of the A button and Y button with your attacks to end up with powerful combos, there still aren't really that many you can perform at this point in the game. Head through the door which unlocks after all the enemies are defeated. Make a right and defeat the three ninjas here. After doing so turn around and approach the suit of samurai armour at the end of the hall. You're free to examine it but there is nothing you can do with it right now. Instead what you simply want to do is examine the shelf on the left, and the wall opposite the armour to get an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE, and another ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE. Turn around and run all the way to the end of the hall, go through the white double doors here. Another bunch of brown ninjas attack Ryu in this room, by now if you're an inexperienced player your health is likely waning. When all the enemies are defeated open the treasure chest at the side of the room to get the LIVES OF THE THOUSAND GODS [001]. This special item is used in the menu and designed to increase Ryu's maximum health a little bit, you had might as well go use it right now. After doing do feel free to use a normal healing item if you need it, always keep track of your health, I can't predict when you're going to be hurt and when you aren't. Return to the game and take a look at the wall scroll behind the sword rack, chop it once to reveal a hidden door out of this room. Head through this path and prepare yourself for battle once again. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: After the hallway with the two Elixirs of Spiritual Life (both of them are still there in hard difficulty by the way) you'll reach that room with the single treasure chest in the middle. Defeat all of the White Ninjas which drop down from the room above and then open the chest to get your first Lives of the Thousand Gods [001]. Now as you look over at the wall scroll you are supposed to chop you should notice something in the urn next to it. The Lunar has been moved from the second stage to the first in hard difficulty, not a big transition but helpful nonetheless. Take the weapon and proceed. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's time to be introduced to a new type of enemy, the white ninja. His power is far greater than that of the brown ninja and he is far more aggressive. I will note of course that fighting the enemies in this area is totally optional, but often the white ninjas drop health essence, so if you can manage to defeat them without taking too much damage yourself, then you're probably in pretty good shape. When they are defeated notice that up the small steps, there is a slightly off coloured panel in the ground. Stand on it and you'll drop through the floor in a secret area below, the Underground Storehouse. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: You should be so lucky as to encounter those White Ninjas at this point, unfortunately what the game throws at you is much more difficult. Black Spider Ninjas are jumping out of the walls in this room, and despite your limited inventory, you're expected to take them on without uttering a word. The Dragon Sword combo I mentioned earlier isn't even enough to kill them in a single combination, I cannot stees enough my recommendation of the use of the Nunchakus, they seem to work flawlessly at keeping the Black Spider Ninjas away. As they jump at you, sword flailing, the Nunchakus can club them right out of the air. They don't help too much when it comes to avoiding the Incendiary Shurikens, but it's always been up to you to dodge those things anyway. There are only three of them at this point, and keep in mind the fight is still optional, you're free to take the trap door. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This whole area is populated by bats, which when given the chance will really syphon the ealth out of you. Don't give them that chance, forget the sword they can be eliminated easily simply by throwing your Shurikens. Be sure to wait near the corpses because they almost always drop health essence. After the bats are taken care of, check behind where you fell to find a number of urns, when they are smashed it reveals a chest behind them containing a GREAT SPIRIT ELIXIR. Proceed up the hall and stop in front of the torches, examine the chest to the left of them to get FANGS OF THE SAMURAI, the use for this item will become clear to you very soon. Break the torches down and follow the path out to the edge, and then up the ledge on your right. Examine the scroll which is thrown in front of you and then jump up the grab the ledge. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: When you land down in the Underground Storehouse, the chest behind you after breaking all of the urns still contains a Great Spirit ELixir on the hard difficulty. Make your way up the path to those torches and glace at the chest beside them. On normal, this chest contained the Fangs of the Samurai, an item required in order to complete the level. Now when you open it up, you'll be swarmed by a group of bloodthirsty bats, don't say I didn't warn you. The Fangs of the Samurai will be found soon, don't worry about it too much. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This outer walkway leads you back around (past a couple of the brown ninjas again) into a small room with a hole in the floor. Before doing anything, open the chest beside you to acquire the TALISMAN OF REBIRTH, a special item which will bring you back to life with full health when you are defeated, not something you want to pass up. After you get it, drop down the hole in the middle of this room and turn around. Head through the door on the northeast side leading south (according to your map). This will take you back to the hall with that suit of samurai armour. Approach it and interact with it to place the Fangs of the Samurai in the mouth. The hand opens and Ryu acquires the KEY OF COURAGE which you will be needing soon. Backtrack through this hall to the room where you just came from, and from there go through the hidden door into the room with the white ninjas and trap door in the floor. Once again you can feel free to fight all the enemies but you do not need to, jump over the trap door and slash the wall scroll, there is another hidden door here. Head through it and take a look between the door and the stairs. This is a save point, if you think you are doing well then you will want to save. If you are doing poorly then perhaps not. Saving records the exact state of your character, meaning that if you have wasted all your health potions already, loading your game won't get them back, it would be easier to simply start the mission over again. Either way, save the game and head up. At the top of the stairs on the walkway you will be confronted for the first time by two white ninjas simultaneously. Take extreme caution when battling them, but note still there are far more difficult challenges to come. Examine the scroll which is thrown ahead of you, it describes the rolling ability, you may already have figured out which is performed with the L button and analog stick. At the end of the walkway, use the Key of Courage on the large door which opens up the way toward the Inner Sanctum, and to a dangerous fight. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: The door locks behind you as always, but now you must face the most difficult challenge of the level so far. At least three Black Spider Ninja swill be attacking you at once in this room, and in case you've forgotten, you've got no Ninpo and very few weapon techniques you can use to hold them back. Make absolutely certain you equip those Nunchakus and get swinging like mad. Always keep moving unless you are sure that you've got them all included in your combo, otherwise you'll have Incendiary Shurikens lodging themselves in your sides left and right. After defeating the enemies, if you feel you're ready to take on Murai then head through the door to trigger the scene. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Immediately when you enter the room you are ambushed by three of the white ninjas at once, this makes for a difficult fight. Try to position yourself if possible so that you don't have all three of them coming as you at once, which means standing perhaps near the opposite door, or on the stairs or something. When one enemy is defeated, before you collect the yellow essence, if you hold the Y button you can absorb the essence into yourself and release a very powerful attack that might help out very much here. Although you don't actually collect the essence you absorb, the resulting yellow essence that comes out of the enemy you defeat is increased. When you think that you are adequately prepared, then it is time to proceed to the boss battle. ____________________________________________________________________________ |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | [NORMAL] +-- M U R A I --+ [NORMAL] | |____________________________________________________________________________| |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Prepare yourself for one of the most difficult first bosses in the history | | of video games. Murai is a nunchaku wielding death machine, and he's only | | supposed to be testing your ability! There are literally over a dozen | | things to keep in mind during this battle, so listen up, I'll try to cover | | everything that I can. First of all we'll begin by running to the | | opposite side of the room, there is an urn there you can break and inside | | the urn is an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE. It will come in handy for this | | battle. Now you're going to have to approach him, you don't want to try | | fighting him from a distance by throwing Shurikens, he'll just use his | | nunchakus and deflect them back at you, hurting you instead of him. | | | | Approach the boss and prepare for battle, blocking is extremely important | | during this fight. The boss' basic attack is just swinging his nunchakus | | around, an attack which you can block quite easily. His next favourite | | attack happens to be a kind of charge up attack, it has good range and | | while it's true that you can block it, it actually throws you off balance | | temporarily, so be careful when he uses it. Next, Murai has a normal kick | | attack, nothing special there. Here are the ones you have to watch out | | for. First of all, the block button is not going to act as your | | "invincibility button" for this fight, quite the contrary. In fact you | | are not going to want to block at all when he is close to you, instead | | hold the block button and tap the analog stick away to roll. The reason | | for this is that when you are standing directly beside the boss and | | blocking, he will do a grab attack where he knocks you down and lands a | | really powerful kick to your body. Only block from a distance. | | | | Attacking the boss isn't a means to avoid damage either, not only is he | | fast enough to attack between your attacks (the reason why you have to | | block between attacks), he is also capable of grabbing your arm in the | | middle of a combination and knocking you to the ground like a throw. This | | is frustrating, but it basically just means that using the normal | | combination over and over isn't going to be very effective. Secondly, | | while attacking every once in awhile the swords will clash and you will | | get into a little stand still where you have to tap the button as fast as | | you can to knock the boss back. This gives you an advantage since his | | defense is temporarily lax, however if he wins then you yourself will be | | temporarily off balance. Just be sure not to lose, they aren't too hard. | | | | Now that all the other stuff is out of the way, let's look at attacking | | the boss himself. Like I said before, the default combo isn't very | | effective, not only because he grabs you but also because he blocks every | | hit in the combo virtually every time; meaning of seven attacks, you | | usually only hit him without about one of them. Most of the other kinds | | of combinations you will try out will likely be pretty inneffective too. | | | | The most widely accepted and used tactic for defeating this boss is the | | downward strike from the air, called the Helmet Splitter in the technique | | menu. Basically it consists of your jumping up into the air and pressing | | Y to do either a downward stab or a downward slash. While this is | | effective there is an even better way to do it. When pressing the Y | | button after jumping off of a wall, the attack is even more powerful. | | Lure the boss close to a wall and run up it, then come down with a Helmet | | Splitter for massive, unblockable damage. Don't try running back up the | | wall immediately or you will be hit, instead wait for him to do the charge | | attack which leaves him off balance for a moment, at which point that is | | the best time to try it again. Of course the boss is perfectly beatable | | with normal combinations and skillful blocking, but for those who find him | | to be the most difficult enemy ever, and there are some who do, at least | | this will give you a chance to defeat him, and progress on with the game. | |____________________________________________________________________________| |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | [HARD] +-- M U R A I --+ [HARD] | |____________________________________________________________________________| |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | If you're anything like most people you'll wonder what happened, and what | | the developers were thinking, making Murai so much easier in the hard | | difficulty. Well the answer is that he isn't easier, not at all, it's | | just that after completing the normal game you come to realize how simple | | this fight really was in the end. Of course if you're still going to try | | and face him head on then sure, you might get your ass kicked, but | | assuming you continue to stick with downward stabs, you'll waste him. | | | | The most notable difference in this battle by far is the addition of the | | White Ninjas by his side. He will start out with two of them at the | | beginning of the battle, and when you kill them they won't respawn. | | Knocking Murai down to three quarters of his health triggers another two | | White Ninjas, then again at half and once again just before he dies at 25% | | for a total of eight White Ninjas. Given how easy they are to defeat, not | | only will the fight remain at about the same difficulty, but they actually | | make it somewhat easier. If you're able to kill them without being hit, | | which hsouldn't be too hard with the Dragon Sword, they almost always drop | | blue essence for you to collect. Do this instead of wasting items. | | | | Speaking of items you may have smashed that urn and noticed there was no | | elixir inside, well that's just another fact of life when playing the hard | | difficulty. Anyway if you've fogotten how to kick the crap out of Murai | | without fail, here's a little reminder. All you have to do for the entire | | battle is stand back, jump toward him, hit the Y button to do a downward | | slash which will almost always hit him, and do quite a bit of damage. | | When you land, roll away from him to avoid attacks, possibly jumping away | | as well after the roll, then repeat the process until he dies. In a best | | case scenario you should be able to accomplish this without being hit. | |____________________________________________________________________________| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______) (, / / ) / +-- (_/ HE HAYABUSA NINJA VILLAGE [CHAPTER 2] ---------------------- 01.02 --+ As this level begins you appear in the same room where you just fought the boss battle, Muria is happy to give you a few pointers on how to fight and utilize a couple of techniques, but I've already covered them so there shouldn't be anything new to learn. Basically what you're trying to do now at this point is simply get back to the very beginning of the game. Remember how at the very start you went up the sloping ramp and climbed toward the Ninja Fortress, well this time follow the ground level path around and it will take you to a door which was locked before. The door is no longer locked so you can proceed through it. Here you will find THE ART OF FIRE WHEELS scroll. This is your first Ninpo magic spell, go to the menu and select this scroll, now when you return to the game you can press the Y and B buttons simultaneously to use the ninja magic. Below your health bar that is where you can see how much ninja magic you can use. Refill this with items and such. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: Just a couple of pointers when you're running out of the ninja fortress. First of all Murai isn't really interesting in teaching you anything on the hard difficulty, so don't bother asking. On the way out you'll encounter a group of Black SPider Ninjas in that room where you were trapped on the way in. This fight is optional and doesn't yield any rewards besides the yellow essence they normally drop. Just make your way out of the fortress normally. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Behind where you found the scorll there is a kind of elevator, stand on this and press the X button to make it drop down. When you reach the bottom there is a secret treasure chest behind you which contains an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE. Make a right when you come out of the cave and stay close to the wall on your left, jump beside it and run along the wall to get across the gap. On the other side there is a very conspicuous chest which contains a SMOKE BOMB. This is a special weapon you can equip as a projectile, you don't have an infinite number of them. If you're playing the original then this chest will contain an Elixir of the Devil Way, which refills your ninja magic. Continue forward and you will encounter some new enemies, the samurais. They have a habit of blocking much more than previous enemies you have faced, but you'll find they aren't too much more aggressive. You have to take on three of them at once here. After they have been defeated, then continue to make your way down the linear path. At the end you will begin sliding down the slope, just before you hit the water press the jump button to grab onto a tree limb above. You can swing from tree limb to tree limb and eventually land on the other side. If you happen to fall into the water accidentally (or on purpose) then note the following controls. Press and hold the A button to dive underwater, move about with the analog stick. Up on the analog stick means you will go up and vice verse, it's not inverted. When you reach the other side tap up on the analog to climb out of the water. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: You will encounter your first Magician here like you did in the normal difficulty level. All enemies in hard mode so far have had their difficulty levels slightly increased, but this is the first enemy who truly acts different. You need to watch out because now, his magic energy blast attack no longer shoots a single fireball, but rather three fireballs at once. This makes it harder to dodge, so make sure you're moving around when he fires it. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here you will face not only two more samurai but a new enemy as well. The magician has the ability to attack and cast magic as well. He can also teleport which makes him especially dangerous. He will cast magic from a distance, a ball of energy he fires at you, and then teleports up close to attack with his sais. While fighting other enemies, if you see him charging magic in the background get ready to roll out of the way while blocking, sometimes he teleports right into a combo you are doing, which always helps, but most of the time you'll just have to wait for him to appear and attack, then attack him yourself. Just a little bit forward there is a ladder leading up to the top of a tower. Here you will find a chest with a MAP OF THE HAYABUSA VILLAGE inside it. Drop down and follow the path forward. When you arrive at the broken bridge, jump into the water and swim to the southeast platform. Here you will find a flower scroll on the wall that tells you how to run on water. Turn around and run into the water, the second your foot touches it keep tapping the A button to run along it. If you move straight across you should be able to run all the way to a ledge on the other side which you cannot reach otherwise. Here you will find a chest containing LIFE OF THE GODS [001]. This is a special item, different from the one you got the first time. You need to collect nine of these before Ryu's health total can be increased. Go to the menu and use it, one of the Japanese characters at the top will light up each time you use one, when all nine light up, your health maximum increases. Cross back over to the other side where you found the scroll and run vertically up the wall here. At the top take a look on your left for a chest which contains an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE. Now go back over and use the statue in order to save your game. Now ascend up the stairs. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: When playing in hard mode, there are a lot more Life of the Gods items than there were in normal difficulty, and a couple less Lives of the Thousand gods items. The majority of the original normal mode locations for Life of the Gods should be the same, but remember to keep track of these little helpful notes to make sure you find them all. When you climb out of the water and look beside the save point, this chest doesn't contain an Elixir of Spiritual Life but rather a whole pile of yellow essence, just as good I guess. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Make an immediate left in your village and go around behind the house here, there is a corpse on the ground and when you interact with it, you get an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE. Head back to where you entered the village and go straight down the path this time. You'll be attacked by quite a few samurais here, the camera in the middle of the path can get a little awkward, so you might want to run down to the bottom and face them there. Once all of the enemies have been eliminated, take a look in front of the house at the bottom of the hill and you should see some weird stone object on the ground. Examine it to get the STATUE HEAD. Head back up to the top of the hill again and place the head on the decapitated statue near the entrance, this will get you another LIFE OF THE GODS [002]. Near the bottom of the hill on your left is where you have to go, note a very low rooftop onto which you can jump, but wait a moment. For those, at this point who are playing Ninja Gaiden Black, you will find inside the golden urn a new weapon called the LUNAR. This is a long staff which you can spin around quite spectacularly a-la Kilik from Soul Calibur or perhaps to a lesser extent, Donatello from Ninja Turtles. Either way your goal is to jump up from here onto the roof and go thorugh the window. If you are playing Ninja Gaiden Black then there is a scene here where Ryu obtains the BOW. If not, then all you have to do is drop down the hole and examine the Bow on the ground beside the door to acquire it. After dropping down into the place below, turn around and exmaine the statue of the old man. This turns out to be one of the game's numerous shops where you can spend your yellow essence like money. I would recommend you purchase The Art of Inferno for sure, since new magic is always good. Beyond that it's basically spend at your discretion, there's no harm in saving up as much as you like for later. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: When checking out Muramasa's shop one of the first things you are going to notice is the difference in price. This is the hard difficulty so you're going to have to be ready to accept the fact that things cost more. Keep in mind that it's chapter three where you first get to upgrade your sword, if I were you I'd maybe pick up The Art of Inferno, and then hang onto all the rest of the yellow essence until at least that point. After shopping there is yet another thing you will notice, the are no signs of normal's Elixir of Spiritual Life and Elixir of the Devil Way on the nearby shelves. Too bad for you. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When facing the exit door, on the shelf to the left you can find both an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE and an ELIXIR OF THE DEVIL WAY. Upon leaving this room you will be attacked by not only a few samurai, but a number of magicians as well. If you're playing Hurricane Pack or Ninja Gaiden Black, this may be a good chance to try out your Lunar, but I find the Dragon Sword seems much more effective most of the time. When all the enemies are defeated, examine the corpse beside the house on the left side to find some ARROWS, there are an infinite supply of arrows in this guy's body so stock up. Note that there are some kinds of targets over the fence. What you will want to do is run as far away from these targets as you can and equip the Bow. Hold the B button and move the left analog stick to aim. If you can get a perfect bullseye on the left one, then it will start spawning blue essence, a perfect bullseye on the upper right one nets you yellow essence and a perfect bullseye on the lower right one gets you red essence. They are just small but with an infinite supply of arrows nearby, you are free to do this as long as you like. When you're ready, head in the opposite direction from the targets and make a right when you reach the wall. Here the wall will crumble down behind you and you'll be trapped. Two hosrse riding enemies appear, one with a spear and one with a bow, both of them are really going to get on your nerves. The one with the bow will be firing at you from a distance the whole time and the one with the spear will be constantly charging. Always be blocking the spear attack because when it connects, there's a good chance the spear guy will drag you all the way around the field for quite a bit of damage. There is a corpse here with an infinite supply of arrows, I think ideally the best best is to try and hide and use the Bow to fire arrows and knock the enemies off the horses. Personally I'm an awful shot, so I like the more offensive approach. Chase after those damn horses, run and jump and do the X button attack in mid air to knock them off and then kill them before they can even get up. There are about two or three of each type to defeat, shouldn't be too bad. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: What you do here is still relative to what you feel comfortable with. WHen I first played through the game on normal I remember using the Bow here used to be quite difficult, but now I find that simply aiming up without zooming in and firing a quick shot at the rider makes it quite easy to knock them off. There are other ways of course, approach them and do jumping Y button attacks. Casting The Art of Inferno is a personal favourite, it will always knock them off the horse. Whatever you feel works is fine, it's no harder than normal. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After they are dead, the fire goes out on the other pile of wreckage, jump over that one. Here you will find a save point and beside it, a dead ninja holding a GREAT SPIRIT ELIXIR in his hand. There is an optional area if you go left, it takes you up to the Graveyard. It's optional because there is absolutely nothing for you to do there at the moment, your real destination lies to the right of the save point. Taking this bridge will lead you to the boss battle. Before you go there make sure you've saved, and also make sure that you have a full complement of arrows. When you're ready, then proceed. ____________________________________________________________________________ |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | [NORMAL] +-- M A S A K A D O --+ [NORMAL] | |____________________________________________________________________________| |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | The enemy you must face here is just a much more difficult form of an | | enemy you have faced already. He's a spearman riding around on a horse, | | except he cannot be knocked off, his attacks are much more powerful and he | | has a lot more health. Also you must deal with the fact that there are | | many respawning magicians that move around the field two at a time. There | | are a couple of different ways to fight this boss, both of them effective. | | | | The slower but more difficult way is as follows. Forget the magicians for | | the most part, you'll only want to kill them if they get in your way. The | | Bow is the weapon of choice here, it does good damage against this boss. | | Stand in a corner and wait for the boss to attack, block it and then when | | he runs away, whip out the Bow and aim it toward him then fire. The | | reason you have to aim instead of just tapping the B button is because you | | will most likely end up auto-targeting one of the magicians instead of the | | boss otherwise. The magicians can be killed in a single hit by the Bow, | | so if you're aiming at the boss and see a magician casting a spell, feel | | free to pick him off. Another benefit of taking them out is that they | | usually drop blue essence, and every once in awhile they drop red or | | yellow essence. If they drop red essence then you can use the Art of | | Inferno for a strong magic projectile attack. If they drop yellow essence | | then you can try the charge up Y button attack, it's quite powerful. | | | | The other way takes slightly longer, but is also relatively safe. It | | relies on the fact that the magicians do not respawn forever, there are | | somewhere between ten and fifteen of them, but no more than that. For | | this reason you are going to want to take out every single one of them. | | Given that they drop blue essence, it only reinforces the statement that | | this way is slightly less difficult. Once all of them are dead, then you | | are free to tap the B button quickly and fire auto aimed arrows at the | | boss, regardless of whether you are actually looking or not. They are | | strong enough so that fifteen will be able to take him down no problem. | | | | Finally you will want to note that the boss' attacks are quite powerful, | | and regardless of which method you choose you will always want to be | | careful to be blocking all the time. Magicians will not use magic while | | they are off camera, but the boss has no qualms about appear for a charge | | attack even from off camera so always be ready. Magic projectiles cannot | | be blocked so be ready to roll at any time as well. If all else fails and | | you run out of arrows, magic and sword attacks work well on the boss, it's | | just a bit more difficult because the closer you are the more likely you | | are to get spear'D or possibly horse kick'd in the process. | |____________________________________________________________________________| |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | [HARD] +-- M A S A K A D O --+ [HARD] | |____________________________________________________________________________| |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Well just like the first boss battle, this one is fought with a number of | | enemies at the boss' side. There difference is that there were already | | there in normal mode anyway, in fact, it really isn't much different at | | all. Most players wouldn't be able to discern this fight from the normal | | one. The boss takes slightly less damage and you take slightly more, but | | it ends about there. Regardless there are a couple of this to note. | | | | Just like in the normal mode, I think the best way to win this battle is | | to eliminate all of the Magicians before going after the boss himself. | | The Magicians will really get in your way, and killing them off will allow | | you to colelct lots of blue and red essence if you happened to come into | | the battle with very little of each. The best ways to kill the Magicians | | are as follows: immediately after one of their sai combos, or just as they | | are about to use a magic spell. They seem to go down so eaisly in hard | | mode, that pretty much a single X button combination is almost enough to | | take them out. With all of them dead you can then focus on the boss. | | | | Any Ninpo you have should now be used, specifically The Art of Inferno. | | Before you risked accidentally aiming at the Magicians but no longer. | | Arrows are still almost as powerful as they were on normal mode (which was | | pretty damn powerful) so stick with those. For the most part you don't | | even have to aim manually with these, just rol around while holding the | | block button and when the boss stops for a moment, let loose a couple of | | arrows for massive damage. Repeat this pattern for a surefire win. | | | | Now here is the primary difference, when you defeat this boss in hard mode | | you will not find the Counter Attack scroll, you will instead find one of | | the new LIFE OF THE GODS [028] items. Pick it up and go through the gate. | |____________________________________________________________________________| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With the boss dead there is a glowing item on the ground, interact with it | to pick up the TECHNIQUE SCROLL: COUNTER ATTACK. This will allow you to | counterattack by pressing the X or Y buttons while blocking enemy attacks. | After you have picked it up, examine the door to trigger a cutscene. | ______________________________________________________________________________ __ (__/ ) / ) / +-- (_/ KIES OF VENGEANCE [CHAPTER 3] ------------------------------ 01.03 --+ __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: There are no items in the room where you start this time, however if you go across into the opposite room you'll still find an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE on the table there. Once you open the chest to get the airship map you'll be introduced to both the White Soldier and Grey Soldiers simultaneously this time around. Remember this is where enemies start using throws, and dangerous ones at that. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Right at the beginning of this level there is a save point beside you to use. On the table next to the save point be sure to pick up the ELIXIR OF THE DEVIL WAY. Leave this room and head straight across the hall into the next room, there on the table is an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE. Leave this room and make a left, then another left into the first room you pass here. There should bea trasure chest on the ground beside the bed in this room, open it up to acquire the AIRSHIP MAP. The instant you try to walk away, suddenly two enemies will break in through the glass. Both of them are new enemies, so let's take a look at how they fight. The white soldier is more common and has less health, the grey soldier has better defense and fights slightly better. The white solder however is the one you have to watch out for, unlike the grey soldier he has the ability to use a throw move where he grabs you through your block and attacks, never block when right beside a white soldier. The grey one also has a throw where he knees you in the face, but seems to do it less often. Either way you should be careful when blocking near both of them will defend with his shield quite often but if you jump and attack downward, that should be reasonably effective. When both enemies are dead, leave the room. All you will find in the room across from you is another one of those flower scroll tips, no big deal. LEave this room and go up the hall, there is one more door on your right, there you will find an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE on the table. Leave this room, turn right and make your way to the end of the hall where a few enemies appear. Same idea as before, grey soldiers and white soldiers to eliminate. Be careful because they are equipped with projectile weapons as well, so it's a good idea to always be blocking even when they are off screen. When all of them are dead there is a shining object on the ground, this is the WING KEY and it's used to open the door in front of you. In this room you will see staircases on your left and on your right. Jump down the stairs on your left to find another of Muramasa's shops at the bottom. Forget everything else, what you really want to do is upgrade the Dragon Sword to the second level here, that is the most important thing. It __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: It is just as important if not moreso that you upgrade your Dragon Sword on the harder difficulties at this point. As you know the enemies are only going to get harder, and the need for extra items will be balanced by your ability to avoid taking damage in the first place (due to your awesome quick killing skills.) Unlike in normal mode, he does not carry the Izuna Drop scroll after you upgrade your weapon, so don't worry about that ability quite yet. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ will not only increase it's power but unlock some brand new attacks as well. Once you have done this turn around and climb back up the stairs again. At the top head over to the opposite side of the room and run down the other stairs. Both doors at the bottom happen to be locked, but there is a save point there which you can use if you need to save your game again. Note something I neglected to mention before, check the shop after you upgrade your sword and a new item appears in the inventory, the Technique Scroll: Izuna Drop, so you'll definitely want to pick that up. Climb the stairs again and face the direction opposite the way you came in, there should be a large set of double doors which you cannot pass through. Go left of these doors and head through the door there to wind up in the kitchen. Open the box at your feet, inside is a LIFE OF THE GODS [003]. Leave this room and go over to the right side of the double doors this time, it will lead you through a room to the Crew Compartment where a number of enemies attack you. This room is small, so the close quartered fighting might seem a bit difficult, but it's a great chance to use your charge up Y button attack, do so after killing an enemy to absor the essence and let loose. There's nothing really to be found in this room so once the enemies are defeated, head thorugh the door on the left. Make a left in this hall and interact with the door here to unlock it from this side. Turn around and go back through to the hall again. Proceed through the door on the left, opposite the one coming from the crew quarters. This takes you into the into a nice office-like room. Laid out on the desk is some form of memo, most likely worth reading. Beside it is the more important MAP OF TAIRON rolled up, you'll definitely want to pick that up. Before leaving this room there is one more thing to do, check the windowsill behind the desk and you should come across a glowing object. Pick it up to acquire your first GOLDEN SCARAB [001]. This is one of many special collectables that you can exchange with Muramasa the shopkeeper in order to get some great stuff. When you're ready to go, step into the elevator located on the side of this room and press the button to descend. There's not much to do here so make your way around this part and take the next elevator going down. At the bottom you will encounter a number of normal white soldiers, you can take them on one at a time fairly easily. Once all the soldiers are eliminated, a grey soldier is going to come down on the elevator. As usual he's a bit more difficult, but not by much, Your reward for defeating all of these enemies is the ID CARD, a special item which will get you through most of the locked doors now. Before going back up the elevator again, enter the room beside the elevator and kick open the chest to acquire another LIFE OF THE GODS [004]. Leave this small room and take the elevator back up again to the floor above you, where you came from originally. This time take a few steps and head through the door on your left, it can be opened now that you have the ID Card. Inside this roo mare a couple of white soldiers, be careful because there really isn't any indication that they are coming after you. Follow this hallway to the dragon statue where you have been before. Save your game and then keep going in the same direction, through the opposite door. Cross the walkway and enter the large cargo hold. Near the large door at the back there is a crank, turn it three times and you'll be ambushed by a number of white soldiers. Dispose of them easily, feel free to break the nearby crates and use the essence to power up your sword attacks. After doing this, turn the crank a few more times and the door will be down. Before going any further make sure to equip the Bow, if you need Arrows, an infinite supply can be found in the tub back near the entrance to this room. When you're ready, go back to the large door you just opened. Above you on your right is a long wire you can grab onto, but wait a moment. Stand at the edge and face across to the other side, hold B to pull out the Bow and move the analog stick to aim. Take aim and fire at the two white soldiers who appear on the other side, you will definitely want to defeat them before you go any further or they will shoot you off mid-way across. Jump up and you'll automatically grab the wire. You can shimmy across using the analog stick and when you reach the end, press down and the A button to drop. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: Be extremely careful with this Grey Soldier on the outer walkway, whether by being thrown, or jumping yourself, the different ways to end up other the railing are plentiful in number. Kill this guy as much as you can on the ground to avoid the risk. Around the corner you'll remember that chest at the end, it no longer contains an Elixir of Spiritual Life, but now instead holds a whole pile of large yellow essence orbs. Breaking through the window works the same. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you run down the walkway be prepared to take on a Grey Soldier when you come around the corner. I recommend extreme caution in this battle, believe it or not the first thing which happened to me was have him grab me, knee me in the face, and launch me over the railing. Instant game over, you don't want that. Kick his ass any way that you can and take a look at the door. It's locked still unfortunately. Follow the walkway to the end and open the chest to get an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE. Turn around again and look at the window on your right, now very ninja proof. Jump and slash to break the glass, then jump through it. Feel free to go nuts in this room with your sword, destroy all of the machinery, that's your primary goal here. Doing so will unlock virtually every single door on the entire ship. Now head back the way you came, across the wire and through the cargo hold to the save point. After saving your game, go up the stairs and make your way back all the way to the beginning again. Go thorugh the door at the other end of the hall this time and it will lead into a room with many crates. Your goal here is to get to the back of the room, it isn't going to be too difficult to do. Simply run and jump over crates, running up walls and grabbing edges where appropriate. At the back of the room you will find a chest containing THE TALISMAN OF REBIRTH, a chest containing ELIXIR OF THE DEVIL WAY and in between both chests, a GOLDEN SCARAB [002]. At this point you basically want to turn __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: When you arrive in this little "bonus room" as they say, you'll still find the second Golden Scarab as well as your first Talisman of Rebirth. The Elixir of the Devil Way found in normal mode has been replaced by a pile of large yellow essence orbs. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ around and go straight in the other direction, through the living area, through the part after that wit hthe two staircases, through the next hall and you will reach a staircase leading to a couple of easy-to-kill white soldiers. Make a 180 degee turn on your left and run up the wall here to reach the upper area above the stairs where you came up. There are two white soldiers and a grey soldier to kill here before you can proceed, watch out for the obstacles in the middle, they may impede some of you combos. Before you go any further you'll want to turn around and jump on top of the box behind you. From there you can run up the wall and do the wall kick to land on a super secret upper walkway. All that you find up here is a GOLDEN SCARAB [003] but I'd say that's a pretty worthwhile reward. Drop down again and continue along the path, you should pass on your right, a chest with a GREAT SPIRIT ELIXIR in it. Run across to the platform on the right and jump to the platform on the left, if you fall you'll simply have to try again. There are a few soldiers on the other side, nothing too dangerous here. Jump up onto the crate and from there, run up the wall and jump backward onto the walkway above. Once again there are two more soldiers to kill here. Head forward until you reach the ladder, don't climb up it but instead run up the wall on either the left or the right of it, and wall jump up until you land in a secret hallway. At the end of this hallway, pull the lever and drop back down to the bottom of the stairs again. Once again don't climb the ladder, turn around and run to the end of the catwalk where you will find a Dragon Statue. Note that you will only find this statue if you are playing Ninja Gaiden Black, it does not appear in the original game. I gues you're free to backtrack and find the other most recent statue if you wish. Either way save your game here and then, only then, should you turn around and ascend the ladder to the boss. ____________________________________________________________________________ |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | [NORMAL] +-- D Y N A M O --+ [NORMAL] | |____________________________________________________________________________| |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Prepare yourself for a battle against some kind of super human hybrid | | robot monster thing. He's got just about every attack you would expect | | something of this size to have, from a powerful robo-punch, to a machine | | gun laser cannon. Defeating him however shouldn't be as difficult as you | | might expect if you've got the right tactics, and perhaps a few extra | | healing potions on hand. We'll begin with the boss' attacks. | | | | He only really has three basic attacks, and a fourth that he uses | | extremely rarely. The first is the most common, he begins to charge up | | his laser cannon and then fires a number of laser bursts in your | | direction. If you are moving perpendicular to him the whole time then | | this attack cannot hit you under virtually any circumstance, mostly it | | seems to hit Ryu when he is changing direction or moving to attack the | | boss. Secondly, when you get close the boss wil use his other attack, a | | very powerful elbow-wrist drop on your head. This attack can be blocked | | (unlike the laser blast) but leaves you disoriented for a moment, and | | vulnerable to the boss' third attack he likes to use right after. | | | | The third attack is a grab and throw attack. After using his punch, if | | you block the attack and don't move right away he will grab hold of you | | and put the alser cannon right to your chest for massive damage. Do not | | let this happen under any circumstance. Fianlly we have the additional | | rare attack he hardly ever uses. He jumps into the air and creates a | | protective barrier around himself, this barrier disappears momentarily so | | there is really no reason to worry much about it too much at all. | | | | When it comes to attacking the boss, personally I find that the best | | attack by far (I don't know the name), is the attack which requires the | | Dragon Sword to be upgraded to level two. The attack where yu run at the | | boss and jump, and while you're flying through the air you press the Y | | button. Ryu executes a very fast and very powerful slash through the | | boss' body and comes out the other side with plenty of time to move out of | | the way. The problems come when the boss blocks this attack, he has a | | habit of punching your immediately so always be ready to block. In order | | to connect with this attack you absolutely must hit him head on, if you're | | on even a slight angle the boss will block the attack and retaliate. | | | | This strategy should be enough to get you through the fight, provided you | | are skillful enough to use it. Some other strategies that work well are | | of course the Inferno fireball magic spell, the running double X button | | slash (requires Dragon Sword level 2) and to be honest, the good old | | fashioned normal ground based combo. Sure this leaves you open and | | vulnerable to almost every one of his attacks, the the damage is quite | | high if you connect, and it makes for a great offensive last resort. | |____________________________________________________________________________| |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | [HARD] +-- D Y N A M O --+ [HARD] | |____________________________________________________________________________| |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Having those two White Soldier lackeys alongside him actually makes Dynamo | | a fair bit more difficult than before. Fortunately however they also give | | you an advantage of which I'm sure you're aware. Any enemies capable of | | dropping essence are enemies capable of speeding up your Ultimate | | Techniques. Use the Flying Swallow attack (jump at an enemy and press the | | Y button) to decapitate them with almost a single swipe. I find it's very | | difficult to prepare the right circumstances for a second level charge | | Ultimate Technique on this guy, but nevertheless it's very possible. | | | | If you're looking for a more practical way to defeat hard mode Dynamo, | | then give this a try. Forget second level Ultimate Techniques, if it's | | all that's available then the first level will more than suffice, just | | make sure you get close to the boss otherwise it will miss. I would | | highly recommend against using the Flying Swallow on him, yes it will hit, | | but he will block it the vast majority of the time, and often when he | | does, he'll baseball you out of the air and shoot you before you even hit | | the ground. There are more effective ways than that of course. | | | | The most effective way of beating Dynamo I find, is approaching him as he | | is charging the gun, and doing the X, Y, Y combination which will let you | | attack, upward slash, and downward stab. As you land make sure you're | | blocking. He'll try to hit you and knock you back, do not try to attack | | again after this, he often follows an attack with a throw attempt and this | | is not blockable and will hit you every time if you're too close. One | | more tip is to always kill the enemies when they respawn, they will get in | | your way and just frustrate the hell out of you, even if you aren't trying | | to use Ultimate Techniques just get them out of your way whenever you can. | | | | Generally I would say the overall idea of this battle is as follows: kill | | the enemies quickly, but don't bother much with Ultimate Techniques. | | Forget Flying Swallow, go in close and use a normal combination as he | | charges up. Finish everything with a backward roll to minimize the amount | | of times he grabs you. Run in circles around him (not rolling or jumping) | | at a distance to avoid the laser fire. Hopefully this helps you out. | |____________________________________________________________________________| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ______________________________________________________________________________ _____ (, / / ___/__ +-- (__ / MPERIAL CITY INFILTRATION [CHAPTER 4] ----------------- 01.04 --+ __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: Right away you'll be introduced to two new types of enemies I call the Grey Crystal Soldiers and the Black Crystal Soldiers. They are upgrades to the White Soldiers and Grey Soldiers of the previous level. Basically they have the same type of moves, except these ones are move aggressive and have added an impressive backflip kick to their arsenel. Either of the soldiers is capable of attacking your to knock you off balance and then backflip kicking you through your guard, basically meaning that they can damage you while blocking not only through throws, but normal attacks as well. Be careful. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Save your game here, using the Dragon Statue directly beside you and then jump over the edge down onto the street. Jump down and face off against the three white soldiers that are waiting for you down below. It's a pretty linear path on your way down through the city, when you see a scroll thrown in front of you, read it and learn about Han's Bar. Make an immediate left when you enter the Twin Serpents Plaza and go thorugh the gate to find a chest containing a GREAT SPIRIT ELIXIR. The path leading to the right just takes you to a locked gate, so follow the centre path down the road to encounter some enemies. Just another bunch of three white soldiers, the thin alley gives you a great opportunity to run up the wall and use the jumping Y button attack which should pretty much eliminate them in a single hit. Once the enemies have been taken care of, approach the gate and open it up. Check immediately to your left where you will find a dead ninja, on his body is the TECHNIQUE SCROLL: GUILLOTINE THROW. Approach the opposite side of this area to spawn a number of enemies, including one equipped with a grenade launcher. This sounds like it would be a perfect time for you to try out that new Guillotine Throw, jump toward a nearby enemy and tap X and A at the same time while in the air to perform the throw, it should kill most easy enemies like this instantly. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: You're going to be disappointed to hear that the body of the dead ninja in this area doesn't hold the Guillotine Throw Technique Scroll this time, in fact he only holds a pathetic Elixir of Spiritual Life. Unfortunately you'll have to find alternate methods of killing the enemies that attack, at least for now. You'll encounter another new enemy here, basically he's the same as all the other crystal enemies, except he's got a grenade launcher (just like the Grenade Soldiers you first fought when you came here on normal.) ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check the upper part of this area to find a ninja with Arrows in his back, you can refill your supply as much as you like here. Now head through the gate with the orange orb on it. Immediately when you enter the next area you'll be attacked by three white soldiers, don't let them catch you off guard. Follow the path straight ahead and around the corner to the right, there you will find the STONE TABLET [TOP] on the ground. Turn around and go back, surprise surprise, some more enemies have appeared while you were gone. Decapitate your foes and take the path to the right, going down the stairs this time. At the bottom of the stairs make a right and run along the path until you find a flower scroll directly in front of you. Read it and them whip out your Bow, there are two enemies across from you in this area you need to kill using the Bow, do that now. Once you've done that head to the stairs leading down and note the blue pipe running along above the stairs. Run vertically up the wall here and Ryu should grab it when you do. Now you can shimmy along to the left and drop down on the platform. Jump once again and this time, grab hold of the wire that runs across the top of the square. It will take you over to the other side where you can find a chest with LIVES OF THE THOUSAND GODS [002]. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: When you climb across the wire in this area and open the treasure chest, you'll be disappointed to find the second hard mode exclusive LIFE OF THE GODS [029] rather than the normal Lives of the Thousand Gods. Better luck next time I guess. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After acquiring this item, a couple new white soldiers will appear on the platform across from you, quickly dispatch them with your Bow once again. Return to where you first read the flower scroll and run off the edge right there, since there is a blue rail running along the side you will cartwheel and grab hold of it. Make your way to the right and then when you reach the end hold up on the analog stick and press A to climb up. Inside this chest is a LIFE OF THE GODS [005]. Now drop down and follow the road to an enormous gate with two yellow orbs on it. Open this gate and proceed forward. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: Examine the corpse of the ninja where you originally found the Nunchakus and this time he'll have an Elixir of Spiritual Life. Technically since you already had the Nunchakus, you just got an extra healing item that you didn't even get in normal, that doesn't happen very often, you should appreciate it. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What you want to do here is go straight, and then when you reach a wall the path forks, take the right fork and examine the body of the dead ninja to acquire the NUNCHAKU, a brand new weapon. Head back to where you first entered this area and now take the first fork leading right. Just past a small cutscene where it shows you the door of a building, some gates will close and some enemies will approach from behind. You've got a couple of white soldiers, at least one grey soldier and a guy with a grenade launcher. Either way it should be too difficult for you at this point, remember the power of the Guillotine Throw. With the enemies defeated then you need to turn around and go back to that door it focused on, enter Muramasa's Shop. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: Things are obviously more difficult to afford on the hard difficulty than on normal, so you kind of have to pick and choose. At this point I would say it's a toss up between the Armlet of the Sun, and the upgrade to the Lunar (which truly does start kicking serious ass afer it has been upgraded at least once). Perhaps if you're really been keeping busy, you'll have enough for both. Don't forget to give Muramasa your Scarabs, at this point in the game you should have three of them, and on the hard difficulty that will get you the Technique Scroll: Counter Attacks, which the second boss didn't have. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are a couple of things to do here. If you're playing Ninja Gaiden Black, then you are free to upgrade the Lunar to the next level, it looks far cooler when you do. Also don't forget to pick up the Technique Scroll: Izuna Drop if you haven't already, as well as the Guide Map to the Capital of Vigoor (it's extremely cheap). Now leave the shop and make a right, then an immediate left through the small blue edged door and up the stairs. On the way up the stairs you'll encounter a couple of normal enemies, they shouldn't be too hard to defeat, the upgraded Lunar works exceptionally well here. Once you reach the top, prepare yourself for some new enemies. The __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: Following with the same tradition as normal mode, at the top of the stairs in the previous paragraph, instead of being introduced to Black Spider Ninjas (whom you've already fought many times) the game will introduce you to the Cat Demons. These are some of the nastiest little things you will ever face. First of all the Cat Demons are extremely fast so in order to avoid their attacks, you have to move just as fast yourself. Their attacks are so quick that blocking will only protect you from the first hit, all subsequent attacks will damage you. They have a throw which they can use from a distance, they jump and grab Ryu by the neck. For this reason you are never safe when standing still and fighting Cat Demons. Your best bet is to get close to one where it lands, and use the Dragon Sword to do the X, Y, X, X, X, followed by X or Y combination. Take them out one by one. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ black spider ninjas are extremely dangerous, much moreso than any other type of enemy you have faced so far. Not only are they extremely fast and flippy with their swords, they drop inconspicuous grenades or even go so far as to attach them to your body. The explosions from these weapons cannot be blocked by any conventional blocking technique, so it would be a good idea simply to keep dodging. Kill them the same way you would kill any other enemy and be on your way. Through the door at the end here, inside the chest is a SPIRIT OF THE DEVILS [001]. This is a special item which increases your maximum ninpo magic slots, meaning you can now cast two magic spells without replenishing (once you actually use the item that is.) Head back to the street now. Make a left from the shop this time and pull the lever to the right of the door to unlock it, then proceed thorugh. When you enter this area, another Kunai scroll will be thrown. Read it to learn more about those damn spider ninjas, not much more however mind you. To the left of where you came in your should see a glowing aura in the water fountain, examine it to get another GOLDEN SCARAB [004]. Turn around and return to the previous area, now enter Muramasa's shop. Speak to Muramasa and choose the "talk" option. He will tell you that in exchange for those Golden Scarabs, he is happy to give you special items. At this point you should have about four of them, so pawn them all off to get a LIFE OF THE GODS [006]. Leave the shop and go left. Back in this are again what you want to do is make a right this time, at the first fork. Ignore the cracked wall on your left, at the moment there is nothing that you can do about it. When you come to a short alleyway, note the platform up above. Run up the wall opposite it and jump backward to land on the platform here. In this room you have to fight back three Black Spider Ninjas, but your reward for doing so is the treasure chest in the corner. No special item awaits you in there, just a stash of many orbs of all colours, quite worthwhile for the minimum of trouble you went through for it. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: It's no longer a minimum of trouble here, once again you can forget the Black Spider Ninjas, you've got to kill three Cat Demons in this very awkward-camera-ish, pillar filled room which can prove to be quite difficult if you aren't prepared. Remember the reward is still only orbs, you don't have to do this! ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Head back once again to the entrance of this whole area, you can unlock the gate from this side by the way to get out. Instead of taking the right path this time, keep an eye on the left side for a small staircase leading up. Head up the stairs and go around the path to the left, you'll have to fight off a couple of Black Spider Ninjas along the way. After defeating the two enemies, note the very small alley where one of them came out of. What you want to do is run up the wall and jump from wall to wall to reach the rooftop above. Jump across to the next platform from here, then to reach the one after that you're going to have to do a horizontal wall run to make it. This leads you through a door to the body of a ninja, examine his body and read SUKE'S DIARY he seems to have in his hand, it's full of ninja secrets. After this be sure to pick up the GOLDEN SCARAB [005] as well from the ground __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: Once you find the fifth Golden Scarab, jump right over the railing where you found it and you'll land in front of Muramasa's Shop. Go in there and give him the fifth one, your reward on this difficulty is the Technique Scroll: Izuna Drop. Be extremely careful on your way back, three new Cat Fiends spawn near the fountain in the area just outside of Muramasa's shop and to the left. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ in front of you. At this point I would recommend you turn around and go back to Muramasa's Shop. In exchange for the fifth Golden Scarab he will give you THE AMULET OF POTENCY. This item (when equipped) will mean that your throw attacks and your kick attacks do more damage than normal, perhaps it might not be too helpful, but every bit counts especially in a game like this one. Return back up to where you found the dead ninja and where you found the most recent Golden Scarab. Continue further and after a mere few steps you will come across a chest which contains a GREAT DEVIL ELIXIR. To your right you __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: Instead of a Great Devil Elixir, on the hard difficulty this chest contains an Elixir of Spiritual Life. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ will find another lever, pull this lever and then drop down. The large door is now unlocked so you are free to head through it. Follow the path until you reach Han's Bar and then watch the scene when you arrive there. It seems you are not allowed to attend this party which is unfortunate, but no matter, there are always other ways. What you want to do is make a right and read the Kunai scroll which gets thrown directly in front of your face. After reading it, continue along the path to the Dragon Statue and use it to save the game. Turn around and head back to the fork, when you do you should see a Kunai scroll thrown again the wall here. Read the scroll and then note the alley beside it. Run down to the end of the alley to find GOLDEN SCARAB [006]. After you have found it, return to where you found the Kunai scroll and look closely. See those blue lines above it? Remember that blue means secret? Stand back and run horizontally along the wall on these lines, jump before you fall and run along the next set of blue lines, jump from these to the third set of blue lines and from those to the ledge at the end. On the final jump I would recommend you add an additional X button attack just to get that bit of extra height you need. Here is where you will find the WINDMILL SHURIKEN as well as some kind of X pedestal which refills your health back to the max. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: On the hard difficulty, the Windmill Shuriken is not here. Don't worry about it too much, you'll find it soon enough. For now you can just enjoy the free health restoration. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Backtrack to the previous area and enter Muramasa's Shop. There is now some kind of promotional deal going on where you get a ticket to the party with every purchase. For this reason all you need to do is open the shop menu, buy anything and leave and it will get you HAN'S BAR PARTY TICKET. With this item it's obviously time to return to Han's Bar. On your way back you'll be attacked by three dangerous Black Spider Ninjas, dispose of them as you see fit and then approach the bar. When you do a cutscene will trigger. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______) (, / / ) / +-- (_/ HE CITY OF FIENDS [CHAPTER 5] ------------------------------ 01.05 --+ Right at the beginning of this level you start beside a chest, kick it open to acquire the LILY KEY. We'll put that to good use later. Be sure to use the Dragon Statue on the other side of this rooftop, once you've saved your game then read the Kunai Scroll which landed right at the start. Now beside the trap door there is a low ledge, jump over the side and when you land, open the chest beside you to get an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE. Go through the door now, ignore the ladder on your left (it just takes you back up thorugh that trap door) and begin down the stairs. There are a couple of white soldiers and a grey soldier to take out in this stairwell. At the bottom you'll find another chest on your left, this one containing an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE as well. __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: Inside the chest at the bottom of the stairs on hard difficulty, instead of an Elixir of Spiritual Life you will get a bunch of large yellow essence. Don't at the very bottom, past the arcade machine (which you cannot use at this point, even if you unlocked the game in another file, you will find the map on the bar but the Elixir of the Devil Way which was there before is now gone. You may have noticed there hasn't been a single Devil Elixir in the entire game so far. Seems they want you to look to alternative means of restoring Ki. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Continue down the hall, defeating all of the soldiers which appear and attack you as you go along. At the end of the hall is another staircase which leads down uneventfully. You can feel free to examine the arcade machine at the bottom, however there is no game in it. Don't worry, you'll be able to get in some classic Ninja Gaiden goodness at a later time. Check the bar on the other side to find an ELIXIR OF THE DEVIL WAY sitting there on the counter. There's also a MAP OF DWORKU to be found on the other end of the bar. The exit to the bar is located opposite where you found the map, when you get outside you'll have to take on five or six of those white soldiers, and a grey soldier as well. Keep killing them and they'll keep dropping into battle. Fortunately it really doesn't make any difference how well or how poorly you perform in this fight for one reason. After they are defeated, run along the wall horizontally on those two blue lines again and jump back and forth to reach the area with the giant X. This statue still refills your health back up to full like it did before, so be sure to take advantage of it. Drop back down and go in the other direction, toward the Dragon Statue and save your game there. Now you're ready to leave this area, head for the exit gate. When you leave this area, go straight ahead toward the door with the two yellow orbs on it, and go thorugh that door as well. Be careful of enemies using firearms from up above. Before going up any staircases, on your right you will find a door with a Lily emblem on it. Use your Lily Key to unlock this door and head forward. There are three normal soldiers to take out in this alley, nothing you haven't seen a hundred times before. The alley itself leads to a dead end, but you should come across a Kunai Scroll which will give you a helpful hint. What you need to do is move to the area just before the alley curves left and face the end. Run foward and jump to run horizontally along the wall on your right, before you reach the other wall, jump and run horizontally along that wall, then jump again to get over the fence and land beside a treasure chest. Inside this chest you will find an ELIXIR OF SPIRITUAL LIFE. Continue down the road to encounter some Black Spider Ninjas, __________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDITIONAL HARD DIFFICULTY INFORMATION: Not in hard mode you won't, inside this chest is the third of the unique-to-hard LIFE OF THE GODS [039]. Down this path you'll want to be careful as well. Immediately as you round the next corner you'll be ambushed by a bunch of those damn Cat Demons. ____________________________________________________________________________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ they are extremely dangerous so be sure to always stay moving like usual, or you'll end up being raped by the explosives. The path from this point is quite linear, it will take you past a gate which you cannot open and eventually to a large door with red orb shapes in it. Pull the switch beside this gate to open it up, now you are free to return to Muramasa's Shop if you like, this acts as a shortcut. When you're done looking around, return here. Use the Dragon Statue which just happens to be right beside the lever. After doing so you'll want to start ascending the stairs opposite the statue on the other side. The path takes you up and out to the drawbridge square, where you are challenge by a couple of normal soldiers. Turn around and face the direction you came from, but look a little bit to the right, there you will see a door with a blue orb in the middle of it, this is the door you want to take. It leads to a long alley where a number of soldiers, including one with a grenade launcher, are</p>