===================================================================== 88 ad88888ba ad88888ba 88 d8" "8b d8" "8b 88 Y8, Y8, 88 `Y8aaaaa, `Y8aaaaa, 88 `"""""8b, `"""""8b, 88 `8b `8b 88 Y8a a8P Y8a a8P 88 "Y88888P" "Y88888P" ad888888b, ,a8888a, ,a8888a, ,a8888a, d8" "88 ,8P"' `"Y8, ,8P"' `"Y8, ,8P"' `"Y8, a8P ,8P Y8, ,8P Y8, ,8P Y8, ,d8P" 88 88 88 88 88 88 a8P" 88 88 88 88 88 88 a8P' `8b d8' `8b d8' `8b d8' d8" `8ba, ,ad8' `8ba, ,ad8' `8ba, ,ad8' 88888888888 "Y8888P" "Y8888P" "Y8888P" ===================================================================== 09/03/01 Format: N64 Version: Final Developer: Konami Janus Operative Publisher: Konami BRIAN@ayreb.freeserve.co.uk Genre: Sports ===================================================================== Introduction --- "The beautiful game" ===================================================================== International Superstar Soccer 2000 is the update of the Nintendo 64's best football game, ISS 98. It is the third in the trilogy of International Superstar Soccer games with the first one being the groundbreaking ISS 64. The reason it was so groundbreaking is the fact that it paved the way for ISS 98 and to a lesser extent ISS 2000. The new version may not be a huge update but it is still a great game and offers some exciting new features. The main one being the new Career mode. It is an RPG style quest which allows you to take a unknown football player to international glory. There have also been minor touch ups made to the gameplay. This FAQ will provide you with tips and strategies for each part of the game. From the on pitch action to the training fields of the career mode. Nearly everything is covered. ===================================================================== Updates: ===================================================================== 10/03/01: Erm. I do realise that the last version was meant to b the final one but there were a few nagging format and grammar errors that I couldn't let die. I can now safely say, this is the final version of the FAQ. 05/02/01: This version includes a FAQ section, so you don't need to email me about this game anymore :) I also tidied the look up a bit. It is hopefully easier to read. 01/13/01: Added some new sections which can be seen in the contents. I also added some tricks and more details for the teams. The new scenario section is also in this version. 12/31/00: This is the first version of the FAQ ===================================================================== Contents: ===================================================================== 1: Controls -Basic Controls -Advanced Controls -Shooting -Tips and Advice 2: Set Pieces -Free Kicks -Corners -Penalties 3: Tactics -Formations -Styles of Play -Substitutes 4: Team selection 5: Modes of Play -Career -Scenarios 6: Frequently Asked Questions ===================================================================== 1: Controls ===================================================================== The controls section is split in two. The first part being the controls that are easy to master. The second being the creative tricks that require a little more thought to pull off correctly. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Basic Controls -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- If you played ISS 98 or ISS 64 then you should be familiar with the controls but I will go over them again because I'm nice :) I am using the default controls (TYPE 1) Dribble -~-~-~-~ Control Stick Pass ~-~-~-~-~-~ A Button Shoot ~-~-~-~-~- B Button Through pass ~-~ Top C Button Dash -~-~-~-~-~- Bottom C Button One two pass ~-~ Right C Button Fly ball ~-~-~-~ Left C Button Tackles Charge ~-~-~-~-~- Without Ball Press A Sliding -~-~-~-~- Without Ball Press Left C Button These are the basic controls but to add some skill and excitement to the game you might want to use some advanced controls. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Advanced Controls (Skill) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- you will obviously want to add some skill to your game and look good in multiplayer against your mates. The skills in ISS 2000 are fairly easy to use and look good when performed in the right situations. Lifting........Press Left C Button when completely still. Useful for.....Absolutely nothing, sometimes you can keep the ball up going from one end to another without the computer touching you which looks good but isn't very useful. Heel Lift......While dashing press Left C Button. Useful for.....Looks very stylish but doesn't really have a purpose. Unless you count giving the ball straight to the opposition as a purpose. Stepover.......Hold A and Bottom C before the pass reaches you. Useful for.....Confusing the opposition. If timed well it can look very good, but make sure there is a player to receive the ball after the stepover. Quick Turn.....While dashing push the stick in the other direction Quickly. Useful for.....Losing your marker. It is very useful when you are running down the wing and are trying to get a cross in but there is someone blocking the ball. You can just turn sharply and find yourself in plenty of space to get the cross in. Feint..........Press Bottom C twice quickly. Useful for.....Confusing the computer. If you carry on tapping bottom C then you can continue performing the trick. Push the stick forward to feint while moving. Jump...........Tap Z twice quickly. Useful for.....Apparently you can leap past defenders but I haven't managed to do so yet. 360 Turn.......Rotate the Control Stick. Useful for.....Turning to avoid players because they can't tackle you while your back is turned. Don't use it to often though because I think it tends to slow the match down a bit. Trap...........While stopped press Left C. Useful for.....Controlling a lob pass so that you can bring the ball down to the floor without the usual process of heading the ball back and forth. Short Kick.....Press Z and Bottom C Useful for.....Kicking the ball in front of you? I haven't used this much but it is a skill in the game so I included it here. I think it is meant for you to kick it round a player while you catch up with it or something like that. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Shooting -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Shooting is not just as simple as pressing B and can be the hardest part of the game to master next to the unforgiving career mode. The strength of the shot depends on how hard you press the B button. If you're on the edge of the 18 yard box and need some power to get the ball in the top corner then hold the B button. But if you are on the end of a beautiful pass along the face of the goal then you may just want to tap B for a simple tap in. If you hold R when you shoot then you can control the height of the shot. If you lean heavily on the control stick while shooting then you will likely cause the ball to go over depending on whereabouts on the pitch you are. To smash the ball in the bottom corner slightly lean the stick. See how simple it can be!!!! If you practice you will get the hang of it. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Tips and Advice -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I think there is a weak spot on the pitch somewhere. It is a spot where nine times out of ten you will always score. I haven't found it yet but I think it is a fair way out from the goal and slightly on a diagonal with it. ____________________goal___ | | | | | |________ | | | | | |_______________ | | | | | | | | This is where I think | * one of the spots is, the | other is symmetrical to it | The furthest out from the goal I've scored is 40m and Joe Tutt has managed to score from 57m. It hasn't been proven but I trust him :) When tackling always time your tackles well especially when sliding. Make sure you can get the ball and don't tackle from behind or slide the keeper. Of course... you may want to use fouling to your advantage. You can nearly always escape with out a card if you foul from the front. fouls can also help in another way, if you single out the opponents best player with some crunching tackles from the front his stamina will decrease making him easier to mark. The fly ball is good for clearing the ball but you can also switch the ball from one side to the other. This is useful when you can't go forward because there is a crowd of players in front of you. Just turn and hit the ball to the other side of the pitch. ===================================================================== 2: Set Pieces ===================================================================== Set Pieces are easy ways to score goals. Well at least that is what everyone seems to think. However in my opinion they are the hardest part of the game to master. This section provides you with tips to get you started with the set pieces. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Free Kicks -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- (1) Make sure your best free kick taker is taking the kick. look for players with a high shoot and curve rating (2) To get a better view of the situation cycle through the views available with the Top C Button. Then you will have a more accurate shot. (2) You can score with a curling shot by holding Z and the direction you want to curl it after the ball has left your feet. Be careful not to curl it too much. (3) If the shot is on the edge of the box you can jump the wall by positioning the arrow slightly over the wall and kicking with the power bar only 40 or 50% full. (4) As with shooting the more you practice it the easier it will become. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Corners -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- (1) To score from a corner you must hit the ball to a position where the keeper can't get to it. Close to him is the obvious example. (2) You can always do a short corner to get a better angle for a cross. You should cross so that the ball is in the six yard box but not to close to the keeper. Headers from anywhere further back from around the six yard box are useless. (3) Don't try and score from a corner it is just a waste of time and if any do go in it is just a fluke. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Penalties -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- (1) Keep the blue aimer on. You stand less chance of scoring if you can't see where you are putting the ball. (2) Press A to place the ball for a more accurate shot. Use B to use more power. It's up to you which one you choose but I like to use a strong shot. (3) The art to penalty taking is to send the keeper the wrong way. To do this position the blue square to the right of the keeper and press B or A to shoot. Before the ball goes to far away from you switch the blue marker to the far left side of the goal. (4) Saving penalties is a different matter though. Use B and the D- pad to save. You can use the control stick but I find that you have more control if you use the d-pad. Wait until the ball has left the strikers feet before diving. You can some times tell what way the ball is going but it's usually down to luck. ===================================================================== 3: Tactics ===================================================================== Being a good tactician is the key to winning matches and the following guide provides you with an idea of what to do and what not to do at the tactics screen. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Formations -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ----- 4-4-2 ----- The 4-4-2 is the average formation your defense midfield and attack is strong but your midfield may be weak against a five man opposition midfield. That doesn't mean that a five man midfield will beat you because the tactics are only as strong as the team that plays them, or something like that. What I'm trying to say is that a four man Brazil midfield would easily beat a five man Liechtenstein midfield. ----- 4-2-4 ----- Basically this variation of the 4-4-2 turns the left and right midfielders into attacking wingers. But the wingers usually decide to stay up front which weakens the midfield and defeats the idea of this formation. The idea is that the winger are constantly making forward runs from midfield. ----- 4-5-1 ----- More of a defensive formation if you are going to play this formation you need a top class centre forward. This is good formation to use against world class teams if you are playing as a rubbish team because the five man midfield will give you a high amount of possession. ----- 4-3-3 ----- Pushing one midfielder up into attack creates a strong front line but no wingers means no crosses so it is best suited to teams like Brazil or Argentina. ----- 3-5-2 ----- This is basically a 3-3-2 formation with two wing backs that can be played in defence, midfield, attack or anywhere on the left and right side. It is a very solid formation and any team can play it with relative ease. ----- 3-6-1 ----- Pulling the striker back into midfield means you will enjoy most of the possession but as with the 4-5-1 you must make sure that the striker is very good. ----- 3-4-3 ----- Similar to the 4-3-3 you will need a good defence for this and again it is best suited to the better teams. ----- 3-3-4 ----- This is a very weak formation because with no wingers or full backs you leave your team open to attacks and crosses from the wing. I can't see why any team would want to play this formation. ----- 3-2-5 ----- See above. ----- 2-3-5 ----- Where do they get these formations from. If you wanted to push the forwards up then there are much better ways of doing it than this. ----- 2-4-4 ----- Another useless formation. The only way it would work is by pulling the right and left midfielders and strikers back a bit but that is the same as the 4-2-4. ----- 2-5-3 ----- This is a solid formation if you pull the wingers back a bit and let them run forward from the back. The two man defence may prove a bit weak against world class teams though. ----- 5-4-1 ----- This formation ruins the game because with nearly no attackers the match will just be a case of you defending with no attacking. ----- 5-3-2 ----- This is similar to the 5-4-1 and although it evens things out more the midfield is to weak to create any attacks and your forwards will just be chasing stray balls all the time. ----- 5-2-3 ----- I should have put this near the 3-2-5 because it is useless the defence is strong but two midfielders can not start a good attack and you will find that you have 3 strikers doing nothing. --------------- 1-4-5 and 1-5-4 --------------- These formations should only be used if you are losing 10-0 with two minutes to go. If you are going to lose then you could at least get one goal back. If you want to you could let your goalkeepers take the corners because as well as it giving you all of your players available in the box it also looks funny to see the goalkeeper sprinting back after you lose possession. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Styles of Play or Tactics -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Just one piece of advice here; (1) Turn it off There is no point of tactics in this game and if you really need to use them make sure you control them not the computer. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Substitutions -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The substitutions menu is probably the most confusing and the most informative menu in the game. You probably realise what he faces and the small green meter mean. They tell you the players condition and stamina ideally you want these to be perfect but should you sacrifice a striker with a overall rating of 90 for one with 83 just because they aren't as healthy as they could be? You should always keep your first choice keeper on and keep your strongest player from defence and midfield on despite their health. Although if it is really low it is probably best to rest them. The strikers are entirely different though. It is a good idea to change them at half time to bring on some fresh legs but it may be a good idea to keep a player like Vieri who is one of the best players in the world on. ===================================================================== 4: Team Selection ===================================================================== ---------------------- BEST ---------------------- Brazil 290 Holland 288 Germany 287 France 285 Italy 285 England 281 Argentina 270 Croatia 269 Denamark 267 Norway 266 Yugoslavia 266 Cameroon 261 Columbia 261 Russia 261 Uruguay 261 ---------------------- These are the totals when all the ratings are added up. I only added the results of teams with over 260 points. So the best three teams in the game are BRAZIL GERMANY and HOLLAND (Not including any all stars teams) ===================================================================== 5: Modes of Play ===================================================================== When I say "Modes of Play" I actually mean career and scenario because they are the modes that section 5 (this section) covers. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Career =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The following points are a guide. Not a guaranteed strategy for success. It doesn't matter what nationality you select, the difficulty level is the same for any team. Resting and fitness are important, Never let your health bar get too low. It is better to miss a week of training than a month if you get injured. Train your player in his key abilities (the ones in yellow print). These are the most vital ones and make sure they are high. You need a lot of stamina. You need to talk to everyone to earn respect and gain tips. It will help to write down any important tips or information. Enthusiasm is important. Take a change of scenery once in a while or get a girlfriend. To do this just keep talking to the same girl all the time. Always play your matches and treat them as scenarios. Go straight for the goal. No fancy tricks. Striker is the best position to play because you need to win matches not rely on defencive strength. Always train at training camp and don't rest. Rest for a week before it to get your health up. That is all the help I can give you. As I said before they are only tips and not a guaranteed guide to the national team. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Scenarios -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -------------------- GERMANY 0 - 0 Turkey -------------------- 3:52 second half Germany corner Easy. Its as simple as that just score from the corner and play a passing game to waste the time. You could also push all of you players up into a 1-4-5 formation for the corner just remember to change it back the second you lose possession. -------------------- Ukraine 0 - 0 FRANCE -------------------- 4:03 second half Ukraine penalty Keep restarting the game until you save the penalty. Then switch your formation to one with 3 players up front. Make sure your best player is in the middle of the front 3 and play through balls to him from midfield. ------------------------ Yugoslavia 2 - 2 CROATIA ------------------------ 4:11 second half Free kick Number 18 should be pushed up for the free kick as he is good in the air so just whip in a good free kick and score from it. If you don't score from it you should switch the formation to 4-3-3 and play through balls to the striker. --------------------- England 0 - 0 SWEEDEN --------------------- 3:55 second half Sweden throw in Switch your formation to 3-6-1 and you will win nearly every midfield ball. Set all the midfield players except the middle man to join the attack and play the ball to the striker and have him hold the ball until your midfielders join and support you. ---------------------- ENGLAND 0 - 1 Scotland ---------------------- 3:41 second half England free kick Again, push all your players up for the free kick and score by any means necessary. If you don't score keep trying until you do. Then change to a 3-4-3 formation and punish the Scottish with some great crosses. ------------------- ITALY 2 - 3 Denmark ------------------- 2:23 second half Italy corner As with nearly all the scenarios start with an attacking formation for the corner something like a 1-4-5 and then change it back to 343 after the corner. Not a very difficult scenario really even though you start a goal down. ---------------------- ROMANIA 1 - 1 Portugal ---------------------- 4:47 second half Romania freekick You need to make this kick count so pile every one into an attacking position and move most of them into the box with one player on each wing and one or two waiting outside the box for any rebounds. You can either pass to one of your wingers and get a cross in to your forwards or try to pass it straight to the forwards that are piled into the box. ---------------------- UKRAINE 0 - 0 Slovenia ---------------------- 4:22 second half Ukraine penalty This is easy. Chevchan (Shevchneko?) your number 10 is the best penalty taker you have so just score with the kick and hold onto the ball for the remaining time. Your superior team can add to the score because the Slovenia defence is easy to break down. Any sensible formation should work fine and note the sensible, no 1-4-5s or 1-5- 4s. ------------------ SPAIN 2 - 3 Cyprus ------------------ 4:30 second half Spain throw in Time is against you in this scenario but your superior side should be able to play a more attacking formation with little trouble. Try anything with at least two defenders because Cyprus are very weak and vulnerable to nearly anything. Their keeper is also weak against long shots so have lots of forwards ready to follow up any rebounds. --------------------- HOLLAND 5 - 5 Belgium --------------------- Second period of extra time Belgium corner Switch the formation to a 3-4-3 and if you successfully defend the corner try to break quickly down the wing. Hold the ball until the three strikers are supporting the attack and then whip a great cross in. Simple really. ---------------------------- CZECH REPUBLIC 1 - 1 Holland ---------------------------- 4:19 Second half Holland free kick Don't change your formation until you have possession of the ball or it has gone out of play. Holland tend to be very good at the free kick so be prepared to close in and win any rebounds. Once you have possession switch to a 3-5-2 and use a good through ball or a one two to cut through the Dutch defence. Remember that time is against you so don't do anything to risky. ----------------------- AUSTRAILIA 0 - 0 Brazil ----------------------- 2:59 second half Australia throw in Brazil start the match with a weaker than usual side and seem to be weaker on the left side so use lots of pacy attacks down the left hand side. You can even start by throwing the ball to the left side of the pitch if you use a long throw. Remember to try to prevent the Brazilians from making any substituions so they can't bring their best players on. ------------------- GREECE 0 - 2 Norway ------------------- 3:17 second half Norway corner Norway have no real weaknesses so set your formation to 442 and try everything. Well I say everything but only try stuff that you can pull off. Through balls, one twos and crosses are fine. Winning possession from the corner and scoring from a quick break will help tremendously. ---------------------- Brazil 2 - 0 ARGENTINA ---------------------- 2:27 second half Argentina free kick A goal from the free kick would be the best start it would leave you with only a two goal gap between the two sides. Depending on if you score or not it is best to use a 3-4-3 if you can keep possession and not lose the ball to much in midfield areas. Even with their stronger team members brazil are still more vulnerable to attacks from the left side than any where else. If you find yourself running out of time foul a lot to add more injury time. -------------------- URUGUAY 0 - 3 Brazil -------------------- 0:53 second half Uruguay free kick There is enough time left to scrape to a narrow victory but you must score the free kick to stand any sort of chance. A 3-5-2 formation is best for this match. Concentrate on one twos, through balls and crosses. Especially down Brazils slightly weaker left side. ----------------- Italy 4 - 0 WALES ----------------- 3:17 second half Wales corner This is the hardest scenario in the game. Scoring from the corner is important. Switch to a 2-5-3 for the corner and make sure to clear up any rebounds well. Use a 3-5-2 formation for the rest of the match with the wing backs pushed back slightly to strengthen the defence. Try not to give the ball away too much and do what ever you can too break through the Italian defence, one twos, through balls, stepovers. Don't try anything that you can't do and don't try fancy tricks. ===================================================================== 6: Frequently Asked Questions ===================================================================== This section features some of the most frequently asked questions I have received about International Superstar Soccer 2000. If you have a question check this section first to see if it isn't answered somewhere below. --------------------------------------------------------------------- No Career? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Why does my version of International Superstar Soccer 2000 not include this career mode? Answer: Well it seems that the career mode was taken out of the American version for some reason. There is no secret way to get it and your best hopes is to get an imported PAL version if that is possible. --------------------------------------------------------------------- "Insert trick name here" --------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: I can do a trick called (insert trick name here) can it be posted in your FAQ? Answer: All the important tricks are located here and I have no desire to update this again, so no I can't post the trick. This may sound mean but I can't check the trick because my SNES is connected to the T.V and not my N64. I love those retro games :) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Editing --------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: How do you edit players oh great master? Answer: Here is what you do. Go to the OPTIONS menu. Then the TRANSFER menu. Now go to NAME EDIT and type in the name. Now select COMPLETE and save the changes. You do need a memory card to save stuff on this game. So if you want to change names you need to invest in a memory card. I recommend the official one. --------------------------------------------------------------------- "Help" --------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Can you help me in career mode? Answer: All the help I can give you is in the career section. I don't have any extra secrets that I kept to my self. ===================================================================== Conclusion --- "They think it's all over...It is now" ===================================================================== I hope this guide helped you with ISS 2000. It's a great game and I am glad I choose it for my first FAQ. It's the closest I've ever come to playing football on a console after experiencing the dismal FIFA series. If you own Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (GBC)don't forget to check out my guide to it :). It's my second FAQ but it is certainly not going to be my last. If any more ISS games come out on Gamecube or N64 you can rest assured that I will write a guide for them. ===================================================================== Legal Stuff ===================================================================== This guide is intended for personal uses only and is not to be publically broadcasted in any way either electronically or in any other format. No part of the document may be redistributed or modified without the author, Janus Operative's, consent or express permission. For more information on the use of this document, please contact Janus Operative at BRIANayreb.freeserve.co.uk The only sites permitted to host this FAQ or store it electronically in any form are: ∑GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) ∑GameWinners (www.gamewinners.com) ∑Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com) ∑Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com) ∑Cheat Planet (www.cheatplanet.com ∑Cheat City (www.cheatcity.com) ∑ISS Page (www.angelfire.com/fl2/iss98/) ===================================================================== This Document Is Copyright 2001 Janus Operative =====================================================================</p>