============================== Fantavision FAQ/Guide/Whatever Ver. 1.00 August 20, 2000 By: Pnut Email: Pjeff27@hotmail.com ============================== COPYRIGHT THIS FAQ TO ME AND ONLY ME, Pnut Fanatavison etc belongs to their respectful owners if you would like to use this FAQ for personal use go ahead but if you wanna put it one your site just ask first. ============================== Table of Contents ============================== 1. About this FAQ 2. Controls 3. Game System 4. Tips 5. Stage Descriptions 6. Secrets 7. Credits ============================== 1. About this FAQ ============================== Well welcome to my FAQ. This is my first FAQ so please ignore any errors. Fantavision is a unique and fun game that allows you play the role of that guy who blows up the fireworks. I never thought that their job would be that great but it turns out its a lot of fun. This guide was made for all the people who imported a great game but don't know squat on what to do and just smash the buttons wildy and watch what happens. 8-23-00 = finished FAQ. VER 1.00 ============================== 2. Controls ============================== Menu Controls Directional Buttons = Move cursor Left Stick = Move cursor Circle = Select Normal Game Directional Buttons = Highlight shells Left Stick = Highlight shells X = Select shells Circle = Detonate shells / let go Triangle = Let go of last selected shell Start Button = Pause game and access menu Note - if you are using the analog you will not be able to use the directional buttons Replay Controls Circle = Camera 1 X = Camera 2 Square = Camera 3 Triangle = Camera 4 Left = Camera 5 Right = Camera 6 Up = Camera 7 Down = Camera 8 L1 = Toggle Effects ( Snow x, Rain x) L2 = Toggle Minimap / Chain Combo Display R1 = Toggle Effects ( Normal, Overlap, Mist, Mood, Soft distance, Soft all, Pychadelic 1, Pychadelic 2, Pychadelic mirror R2 = Toggle Auto-Select / Colorful fire Camera 1 = Does a Zooming 360 to the right on explosions Camera 2 = Does a Zoom forward and through the explosions and outward to its left Camera 3 = Zooms out and does a 180 to the left of the explosions Camera 4 = Move Cam. on op of the explosions spiraling down and to its left Camera 5 = Pans to the left while zooming in o the center of explosions Camera 6 = Zooms out to an overhead shot while moving in to the right Camera 7 = Cam. does a overhead flip strait into the explosions (cool) Camera 8 = Cuts to the most exciting explosions first, then other while rotating to its right Snow x = Snow starts to form and fall down Rain x = Rain starts to form and fall down X = is the variable that controls its intensity Normal = View is like normal gameplay Overlap = the explosions overlap your screen Mist = A mist envelopes the screen Mood = All the lights become a Red/Orange/Yellow hue Soft distance = Background becomes blurry as if seen from afar Soft all = everything becomes blurry Pychadelic 1 = everything streaks to the upper left corner, leaving color Pychadelic 2 = Everything streaks from the center outward Pychadelic mirror = Mirrors explosions while adding streaks -NOTE Pychadelic 1,2 and mirror can cause nauseousness and irratate the eyes due to its vivid colors. Just be careful! ============================== 3. Game System ============================== The object of the game in Fantavision is to keep the orange bar in the down left corner full as possible. I call this the fan Bar it keep shows how much your fans are enjoying the show, hehe. The fan bar decreases only when you miss a shell. It increases when you start using combos, chains and other fancy stuff. Shells = Are the fireworks that you must detonate. You require 3 or more of the same color shell to detonate, this would be called a daisy. Shells come in green, blue, or red and the rainbow. Daisy = A succesful explosion of 3 or more same color shells Rainbow shell = A rainbow shell is the one that you see changes colors, it could act as a colorless shell or be a link to any other shell. It is the start of a 2 daisy. EX. Lets say you have 2 reds a green and a blue and a rainbow Red Red blue green rainbow You could select the 2 red and the rainbow for a daisy Red red rainbow \ / \ / \ / DAISY!! (Pls. excuse my crappy pics) 2 Daisy = 2 daisy of different colors link together with a rainbow shell or 2 linked shells EX 1. Red Red Red Green Green Rainbow \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / DAISY! DAISY! it would be like this on screen Red Red Red Rainbow green green \ / \ / \ / \ / 2 Daisy!! EX 2. Red red red blue blue blue \ / \ / \ / \ / 2 DAISY!! 3 Daisy = Same as 2 daisy with 3 different colors. DUH!! 4 Daisy = A 3 daisy with a another color at the end EX. Red red red green green green blue blue blue red red red this is a 4 Daisy which means its just 3 different color with a daisy at the end that does not match the last daisy. The reds at the end could be green but not blue. Get it? B Shell = its a any color shell that when used it gives bonus points and adds up the Fan Bar. S,T,A,R,M,I,N,E shells = Letters that when used in a daisy will allow you to go to the bonust starmine stage!! Starmine Stage = A bonus stage where your bombarded with so many shells!! enuff said ============================== 4. Tips ============================== - Be patient if you can't get the right combo or if your missing one - If you have a 3 daisy blow it don't waste it for the 4 daisy it extremely hard to do it. - keep your "Fan Bar" above the S mark on it at all time just to have backup if you screw up - Be careful when selecting Shells you might not want to use those shells so press triangle to let go of the unwanted shells ============================== 5. Stage Descriptions ============================== I'll add more descriptions in future versions. 1. Night of the South Island 1st stage its simple they wont confuse you with that many shells so just relax. there is only about 6 daisies where you would have to hold back to get them all. Nice Stage remind me of New York with the statue of Liberty and everthing. 2. City Lights 2nd stage its simple they wont confuse you with that many shells so just relax. there is only about 9 daisies where you would have to hold back to get them all. Its Seattle BABY!! 3. Into the Space 3rd stage is easy just dont be afraid when the shells come out from your left or your right sides We are floating into outer space.... =) but how do we detonate Fireworks?? 4. Shooting Stars 4th stage gets a little tricky, I keep confusing the comet for a shell... +they really want you to hold back so be careful. Stage look great focusing on the stars etc and all. 5. Moon City Same as 4th stage but looks WAY BETTER Makes me think if it will really look like that 50 yrs from now....^_^ DAmn it look great. 6. Snow on the Moon Nothing really has changed but they shells come out faster now so be wary. Ahh we start our trip back to earth.... 7. Unknown Space Shells come out everywhere And a little more faster They also make you wait some so be sure you have everything before you detonate on long combos this stage is freaky. 8. Beyond the Infinite Almost The EXACT same THING but different colors. Now I'm dizzy.... ============================== 6. Secrets ============================== Beat the normal stages and get the Extra stages I haven't tried em out so I'm sorry Thats all for now! ============================== 7. Credits ============================== I wanna thank God, Jaleco for such a innovative game You for reading CJayC for posting it up Any comments, thoughts, info E-mail me at Pjeff27@Hotmail.com Thanks !! Adieu</p>