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Can't really think of anything else to add to this FAQ now, so it's pretty much the final version, unless something really big pops up. For the latest version of this FAQ check http://www.gamefaqs.com To ask for permission to use this FAQ/Walkthrough either in it's entirety or in sections e-mail me - my e-mail is above. You can ask for help, tips, or give contributions through e-mail as well - but be warned, I may not have the time to reply you. And please, for once, if you're asking me a question, make sure you have the latest version of this FAQ and make sure the answer ISN'T ALREADY IN THE WALKTHROUGH! Thank you. ============================================================== ____________________________________________________________ / INTRODUCTION / /___________________________________________________________/ First, a brief review... From the quirky programmers at Atlus comes this equally quirky little adventure game. Dual Hearts is rather unique in that it combines some of the good bits of great adventure games (think Alundra series) and bits of other 3D-platform games, especially the maddening "gotta complete 'em all" sorta thing which is fairly addictive. While the game initially puts people off with it's somewhat dated graphics and pathetic initial stages, it becomes fairly addictive once you settle down and learn the mechanics. Too bad it got released at the same time as Kingdom Hearts, and the other Hearts title will easily over-shadow it. And yes, Kingdom Hearts is a better game overall (at least in my opinion). But comparisons aside, Dual Hearts is a good game overall. There are some minor complaints, of course. Camera angles in this game are rather messy and can cause various fatalities in the game. It's also fairly short - if you don't do much exploration you can finish the game in about 12 hours or so. And it's not difficult to finish either - there's nothing in the game that will get you stuck for hours on end unlike some other games I know. Well that is, if you don't want get 100% for all your dream worlds - that can easily take you 20+ hours even with this guide in hand. The story involves a famed Ruinseeker (the highest rank of explorers, apparently)... that's you... arriving on a small resort island of sorts named Sonno Island in search of the greatest treasure, the Dream Stone. Along the way you'll meet a bumbling dream denizen and together, you visit the dreams of the many people of Sonno Island in order to unlock the secrets of the Temple of Dreams, where the Dream Stone is held. While simplistic, the storyline is fairly well done, and it's fairly satisfying once you play and finish the game. Ratings Graphics - 7/10 Sound - 6/10 Music - 7/10 Gameplay - 8/10 Replay - 9/10 Overall - 7/10 Okay, reviews aside, now onto the walkthrough itself. Like I said before, it's not really hard to finish the game - when stuck, talking to your partner will often clear most of it out. And in Normal Mode, it's fairly easy. Oh yes, there are two difficulty options in the game, Normal and Expert. Expert Mode makes monsters harder to kill and stronger to attack. I strongly suggest finishing the game with Normal Mode first - Expert IS for experts. In Expert Mode, the toughest thing about it is the bosses - they all gain twice the life, and hit you for nearly 40%-50% of you life per blow. And let's not mention certain bosses (ahem... Cacey... ahem) that gains the annoying ability to kill you in one blow no matter how much life you have. In fact, it seems physically impossible to get 100% for a few dreams in Expert Mode. For one thing, Sarti's Back-to-back boss battle is, as far as I can tell, impossible to finish in 20 minutes. In Phoebe's dream the "Run Piggy Run" mini-game is impossible to win after a while since all the monsters there have twice the life. ============================================================== ____________________________________________________________ / CONTROLS / /___________________________________________________________/ There are two main control schemes - for your main character on foot, and on your trusty little piggy... - Walking controls - Dir Pad - Movement L Analog - Movement R Analog - Adjust camera angle [] Button - Attack with weapon/use equipped item () Button - Attack with weapon/use equipped item X Button - Jump /\ Button - Talk to Baku L1 Button - Lock-on to enemies R1 Button - Guard (once you have Defencer) L2 Button - Calls Baku to heal your injuries R2 Button - Ride your Baku L3 Button - Nothing R3 Button - First person view Start - Pauses game, enters Status menu Select - Pauses game, enters Status menu - Riding controls - Dir Pad - Movement L Analog - Movement R Analog - Adjust camera angle [] Button - Use Baku Rush ability (must learn it first) () Button - Use Baku Breath ability (must learn it first X Button - Jump /\ Button - Talk to Baku L1 Button - Lock-on to enemies R1 Button - Guard (once you have Defencer) L2 Button - Calls Baku to heal your injuries R2 Button - Get off your Baku L3 Button - Nothing R3 Button - First person view Start - Pauses game, enters Status menu Select - Pauses game, enters Status menu - Other Abilities - Walking - Jump and press [] or () to perform a spinning attack - Jump towards a wall and you may cling to the side - then press Up to climb up or X to drop down Riding - Jump then press () to perform the Megaton Buns attack (must be told about it first) - Jump and press X to perform Ear Flapping, which lets you glide slowly to the ground - Multiple Dash - After dashing once, once you hear a little sound, tap the stick or pad in a direction and Baku will continue dashing in that direction (this can be done infinitely) Swimming - You must learn this ability during the game. To swim, hop onboard your Baku then hit the water and press [] to dive. Apparently inside dreams you've got infinite oxygen so don't worry about drowning - You can paddle forwards with X - You can dash underwater with []; can't do it multiple times unlike the ground dash however Flying - You must learn this ability during the game. Then locate a fly pad and press X to fly. - You can air dash while flying using the [] button; again you can't do it multiple times - You will slowly lose altitude as you fly - press X again to regain some lost altitude. However, I find that air dashing upwards covers more height - For a quick landing press () for a mid-air megaton buns attack ============================================================== ____________________________________________________________ / EQUIPMENT / /___________________________________________________________/ - Holy Instruments - Throughout the course of the game you can get orbs which, in dreams, turn into Holy Instruments. These instruments can be weapons or items which allow you to obtain stuff from dreams you can't get previously. I've listed them in the order you will get them. Ragna Blade - Good weapon, fair damage but lousy range. To do it's charge attack press and hold the attack button and release. The charge attack knocks things away. Longinus - It only attacks straight ahead so you can't attack enemies on your sides. It does do good damage (more that Ragna Blade) and has great range. It's charge attack knock things up. Defencer - Strictly for defence. Once you have it, you can guard against almost anything right in front of you with R1. Draw Card - This instrument lets you draw in esamons to imbue it and the weapon on your other hand with the respective element. Red Esamons = Fire Element Blue Esamons = Ice Element Yellow Esamons = Lightning Element White Esamons = No Element Black Esamons = No Element You can also draw items into your card and keep it there for use later. Simply press the button again when you want to use it. You can store Tummy Ups, HP Ups, Dream Food, Health and all sorts of stuff in them for use later. Later in the game you can get more draw cards - up to three other cards can be claimed in certain people's dreams. Remote Bomb - Allows you to drop a bomb then remote detonate it from a distance. More for puzzle use that attacking. The bomb blast can activate switches. Does fairly good damage to monsters though. Arbalest - A good ranged weapon. It does very low damage, but the obvious usefulness is that it can attack from a distance. It's also semi-homing if you lock-on - it can move to hit opponents a little further off. Its charge attack allows you to pierce through objects (and unlucky monsters) and it's fully homing to locked on targets - no matter where the target is the shot will reach it. Snake Fang - Lets you pull things/enemies closer to you. Other than a few applications here and there and in some boss battles it's fairly useless. Gen's Hammer - A slow, clunky weapon. It's odd range means it's fairly useless against normal monsters, but it does have the added advantage of hitting flying monsters as well. It does however have the highest damage of all weapons. It's charge ability smashes things to the ground and flatten monsters. Gauntlet - Lets you carry heavy monoliths. You'll only encounter a few of those in the game, however. - Other Equipment - Mystic Hourglass - Allows you to flip from day to night and night to day. You can trade 20 gold esamons for it from the dream scientists. Esamon Hammer - Same as Gen's Hammer in every other way, but each blow creates one random esamon. You can trade 50 gold esamons for it from the dream scientists. Mystic Esamon - Turns into the Ultimate Esamon in the dream world. Equip it and throw it and your Baku will run over and gobble it up, restoring all his Tummy Points. Very useful, but by the time you get it you don't really need it anymore! You trade 100 gold esamons for it from the dream scientists. Bakuna Blade - You get this at the ancient cavern when you have 500 dream rings. You can turn Baku into a sword by rotating the left analog stick three times quickly. It does very high damage, around the same as that of Gen's Hammer. It drains gradually drains your Baku's tummy, however. Sage's Amulet - You get this at the ancient cavern when you have 1000 dream rings. It halves all damage you receive. Sword of Friendship - You get it after going through Toma's dream once. It has longer range compared to the Ragna Sword but does 50% less damage. Baku Diary - Just there to record all the different animations your Baku has. Doesn't seem to have much significance other than that. - Building Weapons - You can strengthen a weapon by using it to kill monsters. Each normal monster you kill with a weapon nets you one "experience" point for that weapon. Incidentally, whichever weapon lands the killing blow nets the experience. You can attack an enemy with a sword then finish him off with your arbalest and the point still goes to the arbalest. If you defeat bosses with a weapon (only a few bosses can be killed by weapons) you get 10 "experience" points instead. At level one, a weapon can only attack once. At level two you can do a two-hit combo. At level three you can do a two-hit combo followed by a charge attack from another weapon (which also must be level three). At level four the damage of the weapon doubles, and when your life is low it can shoot balls of energy. Incidentally, the Sword of Friendship and Ragna Blade share the same "experience", as does Gen's Hammer and the Esamon Hammer. - Pick Me Ups - Throughout the game you'll find various items lying about. If you pick them up their effect will come into play immediately, but if you have a draw card, you can store one item inside per card for use later. Full Hp Up - Your max HP goes up a full point when you pick this up. Only bosses drop these. Hp Up Fragment - Four of these equal one Full Hp Up. HP Restore - Restores two HP. Hp Restore S - Restores full HP. Life Stone - Rare item. They restore 1/2 your HP when you die. Life Stone S - Even rarer. They restore full HP when you die. Attack Up - Doubles your attack damage for 10s. Attack Up S - Doubles your attack damage for 20s. Defence Up - Doubles your defence for 10s. Defence Up S - Doubles your defence for 20s. Fight Up - Doubles your attack and defence for 10s. Fight Up S - Doubles your attack and defence for 20s. Full Tummy Up - Baku's max Tummy points go up by one. Only bosses drop these. Tummy Up Fragment - Four of these equal one Full Tummy Up Tummy Full - Restores all Tummy Points Dream Cake - Restores 20 Tummy Points Dream Donut - Restores 15 Tummy Points Dream Chocolate - Restores 10 Tummy Points Dream Candy - Restores 5 Tummy Points If you prevent your Baku from choking on a black esamon he may give you any of the above except Full Hp Up, Full Tummy Up, Tummy Up Fragment and Dream Food. That's right, he may give you HP Up Fragments - I've got 4 from him myself. ============================================================== ____________________________________________________________ / WALKTHROUGH / /___________________________________________________________/ Here be the main walkthrough. It's actually not all that hard to figure out where to go. Remember, when stuck, talk to your good Baku friend and he'll blatantly tell you where you should go next. Still stuck? Then you should check this section! ------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Prologue - At The Temple of Dreams -------------------------------------------------------------- You start of with some basic training bit. There's two switches you need to hit before the doorway opens. Check the map and orientate yourself. The left passage has a wall you can't climb and a block - push the block (with [] button) towards the wall. Climb up and stand on the switch. Next take the other passage. You'll learn to hop across a long and climb the staircase there. No sweat. Stand and that switch, then watch the cut scene. -------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Val's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Seriously, you shouldn't have any problems whatsoever here. Really. Climb up and stand on the switch to release that block. Drop down and throw it to the wall, jump and continue. In the next bit pick up that tile and drop it onto the similarly designed pedestal. Hop across, then just climb the wall on your left across to the other side. Next up, pull that block over onto the switch. No problem? Up next requires you to carry a small block over from the far left. Use this to play with your camera angles to get a feel of it. Don't worry, if you drop it another one will pop out in it's place. After climbing over the wall you'll find a rainbow block - these can be broken by picking them up and throwing them - usually contains health and other items. Proceed through the colorful doorway. After a cut scene you'll pick up your first two holy instruments, the sword Ragna Blade and the spear Longinus. Your first training in combat begins. It's easy; just flail away with either one of your new weapons and you'll beat Moneybag. Now chat with your new friend with the /\ button to learn about basic stuff here and there. Then climb aboard you new pig and hop up the wall. Now go explore the upper area. There's a few pitifully weak monsters, dream rings and esamons. Get used to feeding your new friend. Note that he doesn't eat esamons that drop on the floor. And why are esamons all different in color? Well, that will come into play a little later into the game... Eventually you'll bump into a sheep. He'll teach you how to charge-attack with your weapons. Try those out; one of them will release him. You'll end up receiving dream energy and a gold esamon from him; pretty much the only time in the game you'll receive those so easily. Locate the two switches, read the slab to get some hints on beating the boss, then enter. Boss : Moneybag Shouldn't be a problem unless you're playing on Expert Mode, in which he can kill you in two hits. Keep healing, hold down L1 to keep a lock-on to him, then use your spear (longer range). No problem. Once he's beaten, you'll learn even more stuff, and get to name your character and your new friend. For the purpose of the walkthrough, I'll stick with the default names, Rumble and Tumble. You'll also be able to check more stuff on your status screen now by scrolling them with L1 and R1. Now then, exit Val's dream with your shiny new Yellow Key. Oh, take a good long look at this dream because you won't have the chance to come back here for a LONG time... And don't worry about those missing items; dreams have a tendency to open up after you come back. -------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Behind the Yellow Door -------------------------------------------------------------- Puzzle bits ahead. Behind every one of these doors lie a few rooms with some basic tests. Don't worry, they aren't of the caliber of games like Alundra - you'll solve them easy. Yellow Door Challenge Doh. Push that block onto the switch. In the next room, pull the only available block out until you can reach and pull the other block imbedded into the wall. Then pull them onto the two switches. In the next room push the left block left and the right block right. After this you'll get your next holy instrument, the Defencer. -------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Sheep's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Every time you get a new equipment, you get a chance to try it out in Sheep's dream. For now you'll learn to use the Defencer and Tumble's Esamon Target ability. Just follow the instructions and you'll do fine. Oh, look around his world for stuff, there's quite a bit you can collect even without most of your abilities. Once you're done, exit his dream. A short intro scene later, and you'll be introduced to Sonno Town and it's rather quirky residents. Feel free to look around town, but your next destination is Florence's Dream. Locate her room in the hotel and hop right into her. No, not like that, ya pervert! -------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Florence's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Whoa, freaky! By the way, those tablets and that giant peach can be struck by your Spear's charge attack. After a brief battle (use your Defencer) you'll learn to use Megaton Buns (where do they come up with these skill names?!). Use it. There's another megaton buns switch above you, and one further on for a tummy up and HP up if you want 'em. Another two fights later and you'll reach a sheep switch - you'll need a sheep to activate it. Well, conveniently, one will appear. Once he activates it, three megaton bun switches appear behind you. You can only hit the ones with the big red circle in them. Run for it! You'll end up in a library next. Here you'll learn the essentials of tile-dropping - well, basically drop the right tile on the right platform. No problem. A new block will appear after all that's done to allow you to push ahead. Some nifty jumping and swimming later... Another sheep switch. Now you've gotta guide that sheep across all those cannons, so break out the Defencer. After that you'll meet Spikeys, who can only be killed by Tumble's Esamon Target ability. Ignore them if you want, then proceed. The next bunch of monsters you can't avoid, so take them out. More megaton buns switches to hit; the red circles in these move about so some timing is required. Once they're hit, you can proceed to battle the boss. Boss : Magdali Too easy. Just use your sword charge attack to knock him down, then block or hit him afterwards. You can only hit him when he's not spinning, but otherwise it's awfully easy. Pick up your rewards, and that Indigo Key. Well, with that Indigo Key, it's time to head back to the Blue Door in the temple. -------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Meet the Sonnos -------------------------------------------------------------- Well, there's plenty of distractions before you can reach the temple - you'll meet more of the game's eclectic cast - Chiffon, Phoebe, Abbas, Old Man, McTuve and the Dream Scientists. You'll also have a chance to go into the pooch Parfait's dream. This one is strictly optional, but if you want to go in, go ahead. Next you'll meet Lilian and Hannah in the forest. There's nothing in Sonno Beach so turn right into the temple area. Another cut scene occurs, and then you'll finally get to the temple. -------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Behind the Indigo Door -------------------------------------------------------------- More puzzle bits ahead. This one is all about pushing ice blocks around, but it's quite easy, none of that totally impossible Alundra-style variations. Indigo Door Challenge In the first room push the ice block onto the sun-spot to get the key. Easy! In the next room push the block Up, Right, Down, Left, Down (assumes the camera angle doesn't change). The third room now. Whoa, looks like a little gray cell is required. First push the ice block without the key Down then Right. Then push the ice block with the key Right, Down, Left and Up. Again, this assumes the camera angle doesn't change. The Indigo Orb nets you the Draw Card ability. That sheep will appear to give you the optional tutorial. It is advisable to take the tutorial since you will need to use the draw card immediately after this. And you get a HP Up Fragment during this tutorial as well. After you're done, go out and tackle Yuri's dream next. If it's not daytime, wait around until it is. Approach the tent and a cut scene will occur, eventually leading you into Yuri's dream. -------------------------------------------------------------- 8. Yuri's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- You'll need to play bat-the-rock to break the wall here. It's easy. On the next contraption use your spear charge attack repeatedly. In the next room, beat the monsters and get a bit of training on Black Esamons. By the way, if possible, let Tumble eat a Black Esamon if you spot them. After kicking it out, he will sometimes give you HP Up fragments. Well, do what the sheep says and bring him over to the X mark. Play bat-the-rock again, then use your draw card to light the unlit torch. Lots of floor cracks here. Put Tumble's Megaton Buns to good use. You'll eventually find a secret room with a strong monster and learn permanent lock-on (about time). A small tile will appear after its defeat. The big tile it goes with his hidden in a crack - you know what to do. Note that the pattern on the big tile changes; some timing will be required to drop the tile on the right pattern. A switch (and some monsters) will appear after this, use the spear charge again to flip it, light the torches, then head to the next BIG area. Lots of stuff here, most of which you can't get until you get more holy instruments and baku abilities, unfortunately. Just follow the path. Oh, if you're wondering, it's not your eyesight - the blurring is there to reflect Yuri's own eyesight problem! To your right you'll see a torch; light it to continue. You can cool down burning platforms using the draw card + blue esamon. When you reach a switch and an unlit torch, be prepared for a little obstacle course run. You probably won't make it in time the first time round, some just collect stuff along the way. You'll encounter a new contraption along the way - the colored switch. Hopping on it changes it's color; just match up the color with the ones on the other side. Next hop over to the switch to activate an ever-changing-width bridge. Pass that, some spike balls and you'll reach the temple door itself. Assuming you can get here from the switch in one minute, you're ready to face the boss. Boss : Lizardman Heed the sign; he's weak against lightning. Have a draw card with a yellow esamon (there's plenty around here) in one hand and a choice weapon on the other. He has three main attacks - he'll rise up in the center and spit water balls at you (easy to dodge), rise out by the side and poke at you with his trident (block it, counterattack) or jump out of the water and attack (just wail at him with your weapon). Keep circling to avoid his spit and jump attacks, and keep him locked on at all times. This way you can tell he's going to approach you for that poke attack. He hits pretty hard, especially in Expert Mode, so be careful. Once you're done, Tumble will gain the ability to dive underwater. You can now explore the other half of Yuri's dream if you want, but for now let's grab that Blue Key and move on. -------------------------------------------------------------- 9. Behind the Blue Door -------------------------------------------------------------- The plot thickens! Ahem. Behind the blue door you'll find, of course, the blue challenge. Blue Door Challenge It's all about dousing torches. To douse a torch just throw that pot-full of water at it. In the next two rooms you need to fill up empty pots with water droplets from above - a full pot is three droplets. Dodge the spikes and toss a full pot at the torch. It may take a few tries, especially in the last room. The Blue Orb will turn into the Remote Bomb, which is used fairly often in puzzles, especially timed ones (you can flip switches for a distance with a remote bomb. Well, doesn't require much to learn how to use it, but you should enter the sheep's dream to get the stuff in the pool now that you can swim. After you leave the temple, head over to Sonno Beach to get introduced to Gregor, Toma and Emma. Now I strongly suggest dropping by the Dream Scientist's place to pick up the Mystic Hourglass; it let's you flip from day to night and vice-versa - VERY useful. You should have at least 5 gold esamons required for the trade by now. Along the way you'll find a bag - it belongs to the old man you met in Abbas' Cafe. He's at the hotel. Say... you don't think...? You'll meet Penne the racing freak at Cafe Abbas but you can't enter his dream yet (though I'd bet you can figure out what his dream is about...). Go after the old man - he's asleep during the day at the beach house. His dream is next! -------------------------------------------------------------- 10. Santa's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Holy cow, he IS Santa! Okay, time to put those remote bombs to good use. Detonate the nearby cracked ice wall and hit the switch there, then light the torch. Up next you've got to help a sheep locate her three children. Along the way, make sure you pick up green hats that you'll find mostly in plain view. First take the middle path leading upwards. At the top, push the little snowball until it's fairly big, then push it down the slope to release the first sheep. Before you go down to meet him, locate three color switches nearby and flip them to their proper color to get a green hat. Now drop down and talk to the sheep. Follow the path and you'll reach a switch - it creates a bridge above you. Well, try as you might, you won't reach the bridge in time, so set a remote bomb, climb up to where the bridge will appear, then detonate. At the top you'll meet the second captive sheep. Defeat the monsters in there. Now head back down and take the only path you haven't taken. The third sheep is behind a cracked ice wall. After that you'll reach a frozen river. Climb up the cliff at the end of the river and break the icicles up there for a green hat. Drop back down to the frozen river. A little further down you'll see a tree on the right bank; another green hat is behind it. At the end of the river you'll meet those darn sheep again; you should have all three hats for them as well. Light their candles then proceed into the cave. Nothing much here. Use your remote bomb to open up fishing holes then start batting fishes into the ice door's mouth. The first door requires 3 fish of any sort, the next one wants only red fish. There's two cracked walls with goodies in them, don't miss those. Another timed switch up ahead, use the remote bomb trick again. And after that... Boss : Snowman Have a remote bomb in one hand and a flamed draw card in another. Stay away from when he starts breathing ice, then when he stops detonate a bomb by his feet. When he's down, light the fuse on his head. Hop onto Tumble and run like hell! Rinse, lather, repeat. Once he's down, pick up the goodies. Tumble's breath attack will be enhanced. After that, you're free to return to Santa's newly de-iced dream. Anyway, nab that Purple Key. Incidentally, you'll need 10 dream energy to open the portal to the purple door. If you don't have that many, revisit some dreams until you get that many. Once you leave Santa's dream you'll meet Gregor, who'll show you his new dig. Can't enter his dream yet however. For now head over to the temple with that shiny new key of yours. At the temple you'll bump into Toma, nothing much else. -------------------------------------------------------------- 11. Behind the Purple Door -------------------------------------------------------------- Simple approach the big floating "10" in the temple to open a new area that contains two doors. Approach the purple one to get... Purple Door Challenge Not technically a puzzle per se, just some simple jumping challenges. Drop crates into the water to provide additional steps. No real challenge here, nothing you'll need help with. Claim your Purple Orb, which turns into another fairly well-used holy instrument, the Arbalest. Do training if you want, then leave the temple for a fairly pointless cut-scene. Upon leaving, you're now ready for Toma's Dream. -------------------------------------------------------------- 12. Toma's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Head into the tent at night to get Toma's Dream. Watch the long scene that unfolds. The end bit will then keep repeating itself... until you put a stop to it, of course. Simply climb onto Tumble and dash into Toma. Okay, it's boss time. Boss : Statue Knight Equip the Ragna Blade and the Arbalest for this one. Lock on to him and wait for his eye to turn red (usually after he attacks). Hit him with a charged Arbalest attack and he'll turn to stone. Well, even stonier, at least. Then use the Ragna Blade's charge attack to knock him down. Defend right as he goes down to avoid getting nailed by debris. Pick up the red orb and dunk it into the water. Repeat ad infinitum. Sometimes he'll do a body splash attack that immediately shatters him - just stand in the water and he'll splash right into it, immediately damaging his core - less work for you! He'll gain a few new attacks as he's about to croak, but those are fairly easy to avoid as well. Nab the rewards you've earned and you can leave the dream now. You'll also get a nifty new sword; you can explore the rest of his dream later. Now I suggest you revisit his and other dreams to gather dream rings - you should easily get 500 by now. This allows you to net a fairly powerful new weapon in the ancient cave. To get to the ancient cave, go to Meg/Hannah/Parfait's street. Next to their house is a small empty stable - there's a ladder on the outside of it. Climb it to get to the back yard of the houses; the cave there will lead you to the ancient cavern. Go in and get the Bakuna Blade, which lets you turn Tumble into a sword by three quick rotations of the left analog stick. It's fairly powerful, but it drains esamons while you're using it, so be careful. You next dream forage is into Lilian, so go to Sonno Forest to look for her. -------------------------------------------------------------- 13. Lilian's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- You job here, as corny as is sounds, is to gather the Six Powers of Nature. You can find the first three by looking for three plots of green on the floor. Talk to them and defeat the monsters, and they will produce a power of nature each. Shoot them down with your Arbalest to claim them. Next talk to the fish flopping about in the dry river bed. Then use a remote bomb on the rock further up. Claim another power of nature. Now go to the spot where there's a big crack on the floor with what looks like lava underneath. Now claim yet another power of nature from the mountain. Lock on to the mountain and press X to talk to him. He'll sent fire to the forest. Now talk to the cloud. Now use an iced draw card on the sheep and watch the rest to gain the final power of nature. Now go use your spear's charge attack to open up the door to... Boss : Cacey Not tough, but quite tedious. Cacey has four main attacks indicated by the orbs that circle around him. White orbs signify that he's going to do a dive attack. Yellow orbs mean he's going to throw a tongue of lightning at you. Red orbs mean he's going to throw a delayed-blast fireball at you. Finally blue orbs mean he's going to drop icicles on you. To beat him, you must first attack him with an arbalest charge attack + draw card attack that matches his element he's currently using. So Arbalest + no draw card for the white (non-elemental) orbs, Arbalest + lightning for yellow orbs, Arbalest + fire for red orbs, and Arbalest + ice for blue orbs. Once the three orbs have been taken out, he'll crash land. Get near him and hit 'em with your best attacks. Repeat. It's pretty tough to draw the right element while he's trying to kill you, and if you collide with him while he's diving/crash-landing it's serious damage (in fact, in Expert Mode those hits kill immediately). Have patience, and lots of it. Once he's downed, Tumble will gain the ability to fly - that means you can now collect most of the items you've missed in previous dreams. Grab those pretty lil dream rings up there and nab that orange key to move on. Time to once again head back to the temple. -------------------------------------------------------------- 14. Behind the Orange Door -------------------------------------------------------------- After a little cut scene, you're off to the... Orange Door Challenge Though "challenge" may not be the word to describe this. Climb up while avoiding falling rocks and such. Hop from wall to wall and sometimes drop down to get higher. God forbid you actually need help with this. The Orange Orb nets you the Snake Fang, which is used to pull objects closer to you. Fairly well used. Take the training if you want. Yet another cut scene awaits you. Once you leave, check with Tumble and he'll clue you in on the big bridge. It's the other exit out of Sonno Hill. So go take it and see what happens. Hey look, it's Fei from Xenogears after going on a hamburger diet! Just kidding. Proceed along the path and you'll eventually reach Sonno Town. Go look for Chiffon in the hotel. After a little scene, you'll be off to... -------------------------------------------------------------- 15. Chiffon's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Your main job now is collecting nine notes. Just locate a bell, ring it, then use your snake fang to nab the notes that come out of it. And repeat after me - Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. This is the order you need to step on when negotiating the colorful flying platforms that pervades this area. First up, an introduction to the Nightslayer, the tougher cousin of the Nightstalker. Defeat the other weaker enemies first. Then step on those notes to open the wall. Another new monster up next, and some more of those musical platforms. Unfreeze the sheep above and pierce his target to release your first bell. Get over there using the musical platforms and get your first notes. After this, another forced battle and you'll unlock another set of musical notes which also act as a shortcut. Take those up. More fights, then spike some more targets to reveal the second bell up above. After fighting your way to it's notes, go back down and you'll spot the third frozen bell. Nab it's notes as well and return to the sheep at the start to open up the fly pad. Head up to Chiffon and then... Boss : Dark Mist Fairly easy. Block teddy's attacks until he falls down, then attack. Defend again. After a while the dark mist will appear; use Snake Fang to draw him out, then Arbalest him. Repeat. What, no rewards? Anyway, at Sonno Town, talk to Florence to unlock a new area in her dream. Now proceed to Sonno Beach and talk to Chiffon. That's right, back to her dream again! Whoa, big difference here. Your job is same as before though, collect nine notes from bells. So do so. Once you've gathered them all, go talk to Chiffon in the now-unfrozen upper garden and you'll restore her singing. No problem. Unless you want to check out the secret room (blow up a cracked wall nearby) you can now leave her dream. Leave the hotel and talk to McTuve to enter his dream. -------------------------------------------------------------- 16. McTuve's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- The moment you start you'll end up facing a boss. Boss : Dream Copy Horribly easy. Just locate Cloned Rumble, defend against his attack. He'll be stunned; now counter-attack. No problem. After that, McTuve will reveal your destiny. Well actually he just replays the intro. Now feel free to explore his dream - most of his stuff are in plain sight and easy to obtain. In fact, you can get 100% before you leave. McTuve will now act as a convenient dream nexus - he can link you to all the other character's dreams - handy. Re-visit a few dreams if you wish. Once you're done, head over to Sonno Beach and chat with Chiffon again. Now head over to Meg's house. Now proceed to Meg's dream. -------------------------------------------------------------- 17. Hannah's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- No, the title isn't wrong. From Meg's Dream (or lack thereof) bust all the crates until you find a storybook. That will lead you into Hannah's bizarre dream. What, stuck already? Shoot the birds carrying the sheep and the tile first, then talk to the sheep. Drop the tile on the platform when the appropriate picture is flashing, then Snake Fang a caterpillar and grab it. No stand under the X to get to the next area. First locate the sheep - the fences here can be broken with any weapon attack. The sheep will ask you to bring him a tangerine - there's one in the trees at clearing area near him; use Snake Fang to nab it. Give it to him and you'll proceed to the next page. Follow the sheep's advice and pull out that platform with Snake Fang. You've got plenty of time to make it over. Above, grab that red star tile and go left until you're right above the red star platform - drop it on the right pattern to make a bouncy flower platform appear above you - you can then hop to a ladder from it. Above, do the same and drop the yellow moon tile on it's respective platform when the right pic is flashing. That will allow you to reach the fourth page. Now move carefully to the castle doors. Do what the sheep tells you to do and ram it with Tumble. Uh uh. Time to put your Arbalest to good use. In the next battle, focus on the monster generators (that's the two floating blob things) first - use the Arbalest. Then defeat what troops remain, and then it's off to... Boss : Deimos Equip Snake Fang in one hand and a choice weapon in the other. Draw him out from the background (he may appear in any of the three positions) then hack at him with your weapon. Since he is made of cardboard, fire works fairly well, but you need to keep Snake Fang at all times to get him close enough to attack so don't bother. Once he's down, pick him up and toss him to the wall of flames behind you. He's not all that hard; most of his attacks do poor damage anyway. Green key in hand, move your butt over to the temple pronto. Incidentally, you'll need 20 dream energy to access the green door - if you don't have that many go revisit a few dreams and gather some. After a fair bit of distractions, you'll reach the green door proper. -------------------------------------------------------------- 18. Beyond the Green Door -------------------------------------------------------------- You know the drill by now... Green Door Challenge In the first room use that block to climb higher. In the next room you need to stack two blocks such as they form steps; first block should be on the very edge of the higher area, second block should be on the very edge of the first block, forming steps towards the uppermost area. The third room requires you to stack a small block on a big block. Ignore the first three at the lower area (I'm not sure why they're even THERE) and get up to the second area. Push the big block towards the ledge facing the lower area. Then toss the small block up onto the ledge, then up onto the big block. Now pull the big block to the wall and hop up. There. The Green Orb nets you Gen's Hammer. It's fairly clunky as a weapon, but if you've got the patience to max it out you've got the single most powerful weapon in the game. As of now the only real use right now for this is to smash spikes with it. Take the mundane training bit if you want. Afterwards, head to the beach and watch the scene. You'll end up heading into Emma's Dream. Nothing much here except for a few collectibles, so dive into the ocean to get to... -------------------------------------------------------------- 19. Gregor's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Gregor's dream is basically a long tunnel of water. You have to visit side tunnels leading to dry areas that open up gates along the tunnel. In the first dry room, light up the place to see what you're dealing with. The monsters here keep coming until you take out the monster generator (that big flying blob). It's a great place to power up your weapons if you need to. Once you've cleared the area, the gate in the water tunnel will open, allowing you to head to... The second dry room. Here the main puzzle is a 3x3 switch puzzle - you have to make sure all the switches are down. Just use trial and error. Once you've done that, follow the water tunnel to the next dry room. The third dry room is blocked by a large boulder, if you can't find it. Here defeat the two Nightslayers and a whole bunch of spikes will appear. Using your hammer, nail the one right behind the sign, then go clockwise after that. A switch will appear above; hop from platform to falling platform to reach it. Now the water tunnels open up a little more, which lets you go to... The fourth and final dry room. Free the sheep first, then step into the portal he's standing on for... Boss : Kraken Easy. Equip the spear or hammer (sword can't reach him, arbalest does too low damage) and an electrified draw card. Hop around the three rafts topside until the kraken comes at you with it's rotating tentacle attack. Avoid those while nailing him with your weapon - his "shield" will eventually break; now climb onto Tumble, go down after him. Lock on to him and use the dash attack three times. Now get back up to the three rafts and repeat. If you run out of esamons, go into the water to locate a water tunnel leading to a dry area with some grass. Don't worry, the Kraken is pretty patient... Once he's bitten the dust, gather the stuff and move on. Yeah, the final key is yours! Red Key in hand, head over to the temple. -------------------------------------------------------------- 20. Beyond the Red Door -------------------------------------------------------------- And yes, it's... Red Door Challenge Hmm, the programmers must have played Alundra. This here is the "guide-the-fireball" puzzle. Here you must let a little fireball chase you to the torch without getting it snuffed out by obstacles. None of that pixel-perfect stuff of Alundra though; you can even let it hit you. So it's no sweat, nothing you can't do with a few tries. The Red Orb nets you your final holy instrument, The Gauntlet. It lets you pick up those huge black monoliths with purple writings on them (no doubt you've encounter a few of those). With this find you now have the tools to get 100% in all the dreams of the game - whether you have the skills to do so is another matter however. Do the training as you wish, then watch the little cut scene as you try to leave. You'll eventually be sucked into... -------------------------------------------------------------- 21. Return to Val's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Woohoo... felt like ages since you've been here, eh? Actually, I now strongly suggest you leave the dream and go to other dreams to gather 1000 dream rings. Visit the three other optional dreams as well - Penne and Sarti are sleeping during the day at the hotel, and Phoebe is sleeping there during the night. Once you have that many, visit the ancient cavern to gain an important item - the Sage's Amulet, which reduces your damage by half. NOW you can head back to Val's Dream. With Tumble around you can skip most of the jumpy-climby bits, so head over to the next area pronto. Well, some major changes here. First shoot out the target with your Arbalest (don't get to close or you won't be able to shoot it). Now climb the golden pillars with Rumble to get to the switch and hit it. Now talk to the sheep. Hmm... understand her feelings? Well, whatever you make of it, to continue, put a remote bomb at the cork on one side while in glittery mode. Get up to the top and switch to forest mode and detonate it. Now go into the cave via the underwater entrance and burn away the thorns. Val will now open up a new doorway - so go in there. You're now in a new cabin area. Now go play hide-and-seek with little Val - she's just hiding around trees. Find her three times and you'll open the last area. The final area consists of a very long path that you must clean out, section by section. In the first section kill everything that moves. In the second nail all the spikes (with Gen's Hammer, naturally). Third has more monsters to slaughter. Fourth is a monolith with a switch underneath. Fifth is more monsters. In the sixth shoot out the targets. You'll finally reach the gate after that. Well almost. A big hand will appear to knock you back. Just attack it with anything you've got and keep pushing forwards. Then... Boss : Queen At the start of the battle the queen can only be injured by Tumble's attacks (breath, buns, dash etc...). Once hit by any of those she becomes vulnerable to your weapons, so attack her with your best. When she becomes invincible again attack her again with Tumble. In the first phase she simply hovers about and attempts to smack you some. Knock a chunk off her health and she'll start phase two. Here she floats above you and chucks... well... eggs at you. Deflect those eggs with your sword's charge attack right back at her or pick them up and chuck it at her. She'll be grounded after getting hit by her own eggs; attack with your best weapon. In her final phase, three sheep will provide you a flypad to go up after her. Well, do so - lock on to her and air dash her till she falls. Victory! Well, not yet. After a brief chat with McTuve, haul your butt over to the temple. You final battle draws near. -------------------------------------------------------------- 22. Lord Nightmare -------------------------------------------------------------- Talk to McTuve and he'll open up the final crystal that let's you tackle the boss proper. Before doing so, I suggest going around and getting stuff from the other dreams; they're all conveniently around you. Raise some weapon levels as well. My best tactic to raise levels was to get 3 draw cards (extra ones from Phoebe, and one from Sarti). Fill it with Fire, Ice and Lightning. Now go to Sarti's dream and fight Cacey. He's now fairly easy to defeat with all three cards at hand, and the weapon that lands the final blow nets 10 points. Master the hammer first to be able to do big damage to Cacey and make leveling up even easier. You should have all weapons mastered in no time. Another good location for leveling up weapons is Santa's Dream - just run around with your choice weapon and a flaming draw card - there's plenty of weak monsters available. Fairly tedious though. All ready? Take that final warp, and you're off to... Boss : Queen Her again? This time your weapons do actually injure her, so beat her silly with it. You'll eventually lose all your weapons. Just run around for a bit and Tumble will save you. With all the weapons at hand, the REAL baddie appears. Boss : Nightmare 1 Easy. Block his attacks, then use the Arbalest on his ugly mug until you knock him out. Dark mist will pour out of his chest - use your Snake Fang to draw it out and that will damage him. Do enough damage and he'll suck you into... Boss : Dark Mist Here your choice weapon is Gen's Hammer since you can hit him while standing. Draw him near with Snake Fang and keep attacking until he falls apart. Bust the shards of crystal it drops with Gen's Hammer. He will return to life after a while with his remaining life in proportion to his remaining crystals. Repeat. Once all the crystals are destroyed you will be returned to... Boss : Nightmare 2 Pretty much the same as the previous Nightmare encounter, so follow the same tactics. He does have a few new tricks up his sleeve though, but nothing you shouldn't be worried about. After a while he'll suck you in AGAIN and now... Boss : Dark Mist 2 Probably the hardest phase. Two Dark Mists attacks you, so you really need to attack fast in order to get it done. Focus on one and defeat him first, naturally. Boss : Final Nightmare Believe it or not, this form is the easiest. Just take to the skies and air dash him till he falls. Congratulations! You've beaten Dual Hearts! Sit back and relax, there's a long ending sequence coming up... ============================================================== ____________________________________________________________ / DREAM COMPLETION / /___________________________________________________________/ You don't HAVE to get 100% in all your dreams to finish the game, and frankly, the rewards you get are rather... well... unrewarding. So far... 1500 Dream Rings - The final door in the ancient cavern opens up and you'll find a pool that can change Tumble's color. 100 Dream Energies - The warp at the temple will take you to a new area where Baku learns Bakuna Shield. When riding him hold down X to become invincible. You can even run into enemies for good damage. However, it does eat esamons like crazy. 100 Gold Esamons - You can exchange for a Mystic Esamon. In the Dream World it becomes the Ultimate Esamon. When you equip and throw it, Tumble will chase after it and eat it, restoring his tummy to full. Can be used as many times as you want. Powerful enough to unbalance the game, but by the time you get it, you don't really need it anymore... And yes, I've checked - there's no alternate ending if you have all dreams cleared 100%. If you are a perfectionist, here are the locations of all the items you'll need to get that 100%. Oh, I'm not going to list the locations of all the dream rings however, I'll just give tips on where the most hidden rings are. The Tummy Up and HP Up written below are actually Tummy Up Fragments and HP Up Fragments - I'm just saving some space. -------------------------------------------------------------- Val's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x1 - Get it from the rescued sheep Gold Esamon x8 - Get it from the rescued sheep - Switch to forest mode in the second area then go back to the first area - it's in a box - Bomb a tree stump in the entrance to the cabin area - On top of a tree in the cabin area - Bomb a tree stump in the cabin area - Activate the red tile platform that keeps moving in the final area - Hit the three megaton buns switches in the final area - After the queen is defeated it appears where the entrance to the boss area used to be Others x7 - Tummy Up - Top of the second room - Tummy Up - First area, in forest mode - Tummy Up - In the river, cabin area - Tummy Up - On top of a tree in the cabin area - HP Up - Bomb a tree stump in the cabin area - Tummy Up - At the end of the rotating platform with spikes at the final area - Tummy Up - In the final area, shoot an electrified arbalest at the bulb in the distance (must aim manually) then hop over to it Dream Tips - You can't get anything else other than the few dream rings, one dream energy and one gold esamon until you re-visit the dream at the end of the game - The second area has a switch that turns the first and second area into either the glittery version or the forest version - There's 40 rings in the first and second area, 20 in the cabin area and 40 in the final area - You can climb trees in the cabin area. Don't forget to blow up tree stumps -------------------------------------------------------------- Florence's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x9 - Spear flip the red star tablet (at the start) - Spear flip the peach at the start - Spear flip the yellow sun tablet (near the three cannons) - Spear flip the blue star tablet (at the end) - Shoot the target in the first area - New area, eastern path, take the flying platforms - New area, eastern path, hit the blue umbrella with the spear charge hit - New area, above the clock - New area, fly through the three rings for it to appear Gold Esamon x8 - In an apple on the top of the mosaic mural in the first area - yes, the mural can be climbed - Under a bomb-able pyramid in the first area - drop down and hit the switch and move the platform at the right time to avoid the spike - Under a bomb-able pyramid in the first area - drop down and ride the platforms while blocking the cannons - Under a bomb-able pyramid in the first area - drop down and hit the switch, then follow the path - New area, where you encountered the second sword, use your megaton buns on the crack on the floor - New area, western path, at the floating blocks area - New area, eastern path, in a floating apple - New area, in the skies, near the piano area Others x9 - Tummy Up - Climb the first crumbly wall you see and megaton buns to reveal platforms to reach it - HP Up - Third Megaton Buns switch will extend a narrow platform out to it - Full Tummy Up - Defeat Magdali - Full HP Up - Defeat Magdali - Tummy Up - In the water of the first area - Tummy Up - New area, Southern path, hit a sword and it will appear above it - Tummy Up - Western path, near piano - Tummy Up - Eastern path, hit the large fork - Tummy Up - New area, under the clock Dream Tips - Don't miss the stuff hidden in apples - The mosaic mural can be scaled. There's a hard-to-spot, even harder-to-reach step on the side of the mural facing the three cannons - Missing just one ring? There's one ring right behind the last melting clock, very easy to miss - A whole new area opens after her artwork is smeared by Hannah's crayons, it's right behind you when you enter her dream - In the new area you need to fix the clock by locating six cogwheels. They are... 1) In the apple just as you start, 2) In an apple not far from no.1, 3) In an apple on the western path (near the piano), 4) In an apple on the western path (floating blocks area), 5) In an apple on the northern path (first three O switches area), and 6) On the northern path (second three O switches area). - Once you have access to the eastern path you can reveal flypads and collect the remaining stuff -------------------------------------------------------------- Yuri's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x9 - In the room where you beat your first Night Stalker - In the floating temple area, left of the entrance. Step on the small platform to activate the X and O platforms; step only on the O platforms. - In the floating temple area, past the colored switch bit, on some size-changing platforms - Near the temple door entrance, in a box - Bust a crack in the ceiling of the first room with the Arbalest; will need to stand on a block in a hidden room nearby (which in turn requires remote bomb to break open) - Also in a crack on the ceiling, second room - Dive into the pool to the left of the start point - In the new wing, the room with broken pillars and rafters, crack in the ceiling - In the new wing, activate the blue star platform in the "maze" room Gold Esamon x8 - First room, on top of a pillar - will need to stand on a block (in a nearby secret room which requires the remote bomb to open up) to reach the ladder on the side of the pillar - From the X and O platforms of the floating temple (where you got the second dream energy) drop down and you'll see a small platform with it - In the pool where you fought the Lizardman boss - Appears after you shoot out all the targets in the floating temple area - Fly through the three rings in the sky of the floating temple area to make it appear - At the very top of the floating temple - In the new wing, secret room in the first area, a sheep gives it to you - New wing, past the second pool and timed puzzle area, defeat all the monsters Others x9 - Tummy Up - In a floor crack (break with Megaton Buns) in the first big room - Tummy Up - In a floor crack in the second room - Tummy Up - In the floating temple, cool the burning platforms to reach it - Full Tummy Up - Defeat Lizardman - Full HP Up - Defeat Lizardman - Tummy Up - In the skies near the floating temple - Tummy Up - New wing, colored switch room - HP Up - New wing, second pool area - Tummy Up - New wing, past the timed puzzle after the second pool area Dream Tips - Look for cracks on the wall and the ceiling - In the first room you enter a remote bomb can break a weak wall on your left. After hitting the right switch, a block will appear, which allows you to get your hands on a Gold Esamon and a Dream Energy - Look to the skies in the floating temple area - There's plenty of stuff top of the floating temple itself - To get a flypad you need Snake Fang - You can get to a new wing of the dungeon via the pool to the left of your starting position -------------------------------------------------------------- Santa's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x9 - Get it from the rescued sheep - Get it from the rescued sheep - Get it from the rescued sheep - Behind a cracked wall in the Snowman's Lair - Red balloon above the snowman - Do the "follow the sheep" mini-game - Light up the Christmas tree (use electric draw card) then fly into the big star that appears - Appears once you light the candle - In a balloon near the candle Gold Esamon x8 - Get it from mama sheep after rescuing her children - Behind a cracked wall in the Snowman's Lair - Frozen in an ice block - Hit the four megaton buns switch (with the rotating O) - Win Santa's first race - Win Santa's second race - Win Santa's third race - Given by Sheep after you clear the third fish-eating door (need Gauntlet to access it) Others x7 - Full Tummy Up - Defeat Snowman - Full HP Up - Defeat Snowman - Tummy Up - Frozen in an ice block - Tummy Up - Inside a rock in the river - HP Up - In the Snowman's Lair, in an icicle - Tummy Up - In the Snowman's Lair, in an icicle - Tummy Up - Win Santa's first race again - Tummy Up - Win Santa's second race again - Tummy Up - Win Santa's third race again Dream Tips - To make the big candle appear, talk to him while he's sleeping at the beach - if he mentions cake, then the candle will appear - Missing lots of dream rings? They're probably up in the sky. Activate the fly pads first - Wanna build the bridge? There's two in the river, two in plain sight top-side and one on top of the snowman - Once the candle has appeared swim up to the switch there to produce flypads. Now fly to the top and light that candle - Trouble with race no.1? Remember to dash and multi-dash all the way. Also remember the shortest distance between two points is a straight line - Trouble with race no.2? Go right from your starting point and dash up the slope - you should be WAY ahead of him - Trouble with race no.3? Take snowman-tree-candle route. Remember to air-dash repeatedly and make sharp turns at each ring - The third fish-eating door is a nuisance, but equipping the Sword of Friendship and positioning yourself carefully allows you to bat the right fish in without moving a step -------------------------------------------------------------- Lilian's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x9 - Bomb a tree stump in the boss area - In a star at night - Inside a star - Solve Fish Trivia #1 - Solve Fish Trivia #2 - Solve Fish Trivia #3 - Solve Fish Trivia #4 - Solve Fish Trivia #5 - Cloud drops it, must dash to get it Gold Esamon x8 - Bomb a tree stump in the main area - Bomb a tree stump in the main area - Bomb a tree stump in the main area - Boss area, in the sky - Grow the sapling - Grow the sapling - Grow the sapling - Grow the sapling Others x9 - HP Up - Bomb a tree stump in the boss area - Tummy Up - Bomb a tree stump in the boss area - Full Tummy Up - Defeat Cacey - Full HP Up - Defeat Cacey - Tummy Up - Inside a star - Tummy Up - Inside a star - Tummy Up - Inside a star - Tummy Up - Inside a star - Tummy Up - Inside a star Dream Tips - In the main area all the rings are in plain sight. In the boss area there's a few on the ground and a lot in the sky - Bring the sapling to the hole in the river and then hit it with the charge attack of spear, spear, sword, sword, spear, sword, spear, sword to make it grow - At night stars will fall; there's goodies in them. Keep looking for stars until the green plots quit talking about them - Fish Trivia #1 - Forest, Rock, Mountain, Sun - Fish Trivia #2 - Beauty, Mean, Cute, Smart - Fish Trivia #3 - First, Third, Second, Fourth - Fish Trivia #4 - Clumsy, Elite, Happy, Regular - Fish Trivia #5 - One, None, One, Two -------------------------------------------------------------- Hannah's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x9 - After you rescue the sheep in Pg.1 - Stand on the outermost gray floating platform in Pg.1 and shoot it off a passing bird. - Pull a platform near with Snake Fang to reach it in Pg.2 - After you give the sheep tangerine in Pg.2 - On a rotating platform in Pg.3 - On a bouncy flower platform in Pg.3 - Under a bomb-able pyramid in Pg.4 - On a rotating platform in Pg.4 - Get it from the sheep after you make juice for him in Pg.2 Gold Esamon x8 - Stand on the outermost gray floating platform in Pg.2 and shoot it off a passing bird. - On a rotating platform in Pg.4 - In Pg. 4 shoot the bird with the yellow moon tile (appears somewhere in the center of the walkway) then carry it to the respective platform - In Pg.4, on a rotating platform. You'll need to pull out an unseen Snake Fang platform to reach it - Appears after you bring Hannah a crayon in Pg.1 - Appears in a pool after you bring Hannah a crayon in Pg.2 - Appears after you bring Hannah a crayon in Pg.3 (the flypad is above you) - In the skies of Pg.3 Others x9 - Tummy Up - In a corner of Pg.1 - Tummy Up - In a corner of Pg.2 - Tummy Up - In the sky of Pg.3 - Tummy Up - In the sky of Pg.3 - HP Up - In the sky of Pg.3 - Tummy Up - In the sky of Pg.3 - Tummy Up - Left of the entrance of Pg.4 - Full Tummy Up - Defeat Deimos - Full HP Up - Defeat Deimos Dream Tips - This area is separated into pages. First area (field) I'll call Pg.1, second area (forest) Pg.2, third area (mountains) Pg.3 and fourth area (castle) Pg.4. -------------------------------------------------------------- Gregor's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x9 - In the water tunnel, inside a boulder - In the water tunnel, inside a boulder - Second dry room, shoot all the targets - In plain sight along the water tunnel - In the fourth dry room, light up the bulb on the pedestal with an electrified draw card, then swim through all the hoops that appear - Extra area, in a water bubble - Extra area, in a water bubble - Extra area, in a water bubble - Extra area, in a water bubble Gold Esamon x8 - In the water tunnel, inside a boulder - Third dry room, in a floor crack - In the water tunnel, inside a boulder - Fourth dry room, in a floor crack - Extra area, in a water bubble - Extra area, in a water bubble - Extra area, in a water bubble - Extra area, in a water bubble Others x9 - Tummy Up - First dry room, in a floor crack - Tummy Up - Second dry room, in a floor crack - Full Tummy Up - Defeat Kraken - Full HP Up - Defeat Kraken - HP Up - Extra area, under a monolith - Tummy Up - Extra area, in a water bubble - Tummy Up - Extra area, in a water bubble - Tummy Up - Extra area, in a water bubble - Tummy Up - Extra area, in a water bubble Dream Tips - Bust the large boulders in the main water tunnels - some goodies there - 85 rings are in the main area; 15 in the dry cave of the boss battle - An extra area opens up after you've gotten the Gauntlet, basically a bigger version of Emma's dream - To flip three switches simultaneously check which one recoils the slowest, which one the fastest - Stuck on a flying platform? Don't forget your remote bomb -------------------------------------------------------------- Toma's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x5 - Activate the red star tile - Past the arbalest target locked room - In a red balloon - In a red balloon - Activate the blue star platform Gold Esamon x5 - In a red balloon - In a red balloon - Topmost room with the sheep - In the secret room with the blue star tile - Activate the blue star platform Others x9 - Full Tummy Up - Defeat Statue Knight - Full HP Up - Defeat Statue Knight - Tummy Up - Second propeller platform, can't miss it - HP Up - After the sheep gets the tile down - Tummy Up - Clear top room of monsters - Tummy Up - Clear top room of monsters - Tummy Up - Activate the blue star platform - Tummy Up - Activate the blue star platform - Tummy Up - Under a cracked floor Dream Tips - Use Toma to sit on the switch - Look out for wall and floor cracks, check suspicious areas of the map - Light those torches and shoot those targets! - Propeller platforms can be activated with sword charge - Can't get that tile down? Let the sheep do it for you -------------------------------------------------------------- Chiffon's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x9 - Above the tree at the very top of the first area - Crack on the floor (after un-freezing) - Secret room, roll the ball to the finishing point - Topmost center platform of the secret room - Topmost center platform of the secret room - One of the side pillars of the secret room - On one of the upper platforms of the secret room - On one of the upper platforms of the secret room - Appears after you do the sheep's archery test (pierce 27 targets in a row) Gold Esamon x8 - From a bell after you collect all it's notes - From a bell after you collect all it's notes - From a bell after you collect all it's notes - Appears after to finish the second set of musical platforms (after un-freezing) - Chiffon gives it to you after you give her the nine musical notes - Up in the sky in the un-frozen dream - Up in the sky in the un-frozen dream - Appears after you do the sheep's archery test (pierce 9 targets) Others x7 - HP Up - In an icicle in the river - Tummy Up - In an icicle along the path - Tummy Up - In the river after it's un-frozen - Tummy Up - Crack on the floor (after un-freezing) - Tummy Up - Crack on the floor (after un-freezing) - Tummy Up - In the secret room, drop a remote bomb near the switch to the musical platforms. Get to the last platform then detonate the bomb - Tummy Up - Topmost center platform of the secret room Dream Tips - A lot of good jumping is required - You really need fast fingers to do the archery test. Keep the arbalest charged at all times and hit the lock-on button hard to make sure its a full lock-on. - The entrance to a large secret room is hidden behind a cracked wall in the upper gardens area - Trouble rolling that ball? If it's too near the edge, you can push it while jumping off - it's just one life lost, no big deal - To get further up the secret room you need to hit two switches at about the same time. Use a remote bomb - In the center of the secret area, after a tough battle you'll need to hit the floor switches in such a way that all of them are down. Use trial and error - To get to the flypad you need the Gauntlet -------------------------------------------------------------- McTuve's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x1 - On the tower pathway Gold Esamon x1 - On the tower pathway Others x7 - Tummy Up - On the tower pathway - HP Up - On the tower pathway - Tummy Up - Inside the tower - Tummy Up - In the sky - Tummy Up - In the sky - Tummy Up - Top of the tower - Tummy Up - Top of the tower Dream Tips - Everything is in plain sight. No problems here -------------------------------------------------------------- Parfait's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x5 - Win "Where's Da Beef" mini-game - Win "The Meat Collector" mini-game - Win "Where's Da Beef 2" mini-game - Win "The Meat Collector 2" mini-game - Win "Silence of the Hams" mini-game Gold Esamon x5 - Under the first hanging bridge, past the pond - Just past the sheep who wants to dive, to the right, off the path - Past the bugle-blowing sheep, at the end of the wooden fence - On top of the grassy tunnel - Under a bomb-able pyramid by the house Others x7 - Tummy Up - In plain sight on a wooden stump - HP Up - On top of the cupboard in the house, use the bed to reach it - Tummy Up - On top of the grass tunnel - Tummy Up - On the fencing that borders the house - Tummy Up - Under a bomb-able pyramid to the left of where you start - Tummy Up - Under a bomb-able pyramid out in the fields - Tummy Up - Near the above bomb-able pyramid Dream Tips - All of the rings are along the path, you can't miss 'em - In Parfait's Dream, you play a mini-game with him. You basically run around his dream locating meat for him, sometimes with a time limit. The trick is that you have to avoid waking Parfait up, so when his silhouette starts becoming solid, you know he's about to wake up. Then just stay still for a moment. Easy. Some sheep will also appear to make noise - just do what Tumble tells you to do in these cases. -------------------------------------------------------------- Phoebe's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x3 - Win "Run Piggy Run" for the first time - Win "Super Sucker-Upper" for the first time - Win "Catch Me If Ewe Can" for the first time Gold Esamon x3 - Win "Run Piggy Run" a fourth time - Win "Super Sucker-Upper" a fourth time - Win "Catch Me If Ewe Can" a fourth time Others x8 - Draw Card - Play the three mini-games once each - HP Up - Play the three mini-games once each - Tummy Up - Win "Run Piggy Run" a second time - Tummy Up - Win "Super Sucker-Upper" a second time - Tummy Up - Win "Catch Me If Ewe Can" a second time - Tummy Up - Win "Run Piggy Run" a third time - Tummy Up - Win "Super Sucker-Upper" a third time - Tummy Up - Win "Catch Me If Ewe Can" a third time Dream Tips - All the dream rings can be obtained by doing each of the three attractions - In "Run Piggy Run" just keep throwing those esamons at large groups of spikeys to rake up big numbers fast - In "Super Sucker-Upper" your biggest enemy is that annoying lock-on system. Note that the ones you want tend to come in a group most of the time - just stand near them and suck to save time - "Catch Me If Ewe Can" is probably the hardest. Run after the sheep and try to force him to run into a rock or into the wall. Use the multiple dash (dash once, then at the end of the dash tap forward) -------------------------------------------------------------- Penne's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x6 - Win the Normal Land Race - Win the Obstacle Course Land Race - Win the Normal Water Race - Win the Obstacle Course Water Race - Win the Normal Sky Race - Win the Obstacle Course Sky Race Gold Esamon x6 - Win the Normal Land Race a second time - Win the Obstacle Course Land Race a second time - Win the Normal Water Race a second time - Win the Obstacle Course Water Race a second time - Win the Normal Sky Race a second time - Win the Obstacle Course Sky Race a second time Others x8 - Tummy Up - Along the Land Race course - Tummy Up - Along the Land Race course - HP Up - Along the Land Race course - Tummy Up - Along the Land Race course - Tummy Up - Along the Sea Race course - Tummy Up - Along the Sea Race course - Tummy Up - Along the Sea Race course - Draw Card - Beat Penne in normal Land, Sea and Sky races Dream Tips - To get all the rings, you must pass each circuit once - You can cheat easily in the Land Race - once you see the first sliding ramp, you can immediately jump onto it and skip a chunk of the course - keep the pace and Penne will never catch you! - In the Sea Race, when you're jumping down from a great distance to a pool below use Megaton buns to fly right past Penne - The Sky Race is actually fairly easy once you know exactly where the rings are - Obstacle courses aren't that much more difficult compared to the ordinary courses - In all the races learn to constantly dash -------------------------------------------------------------- Sarti's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x8 - Fight weak enemies with a time limit - Fight a hoard of weak enemies - Fight weak enemies without Baku - Take the ultimate challenge - Beat Sarti (first time) - Beat Sarti (without Baku) - Win the Back-To-Back boss battle - Win the Back-To-Back boss battle under 20 minutes Gold Esamon x8 - In Magdali's battle, in the back - In Lizardman's battle, in the pool - In Snow Giant's battle, in a corner - In Cacey's battle, behind a rock - In Statue Knight's battle, by the wall - In Deimos' battle, in a corner - In Kraken's battle, in the cave - In Queen's battle, up in the sky Others x10 - Draw Card - Beat Sarti (first time) - Tummy Up - In Magdali's battle, in the front - Tummy Up - In Lizardman's battle, outside the pool - Tummy Up - In Snowman's battle, in a corner - Tummy Up - In Cacey's battle, near the tree - Tummy Up - In Statue Knight's battle, in the water - Tummy Up - In Deimos' Battle, in a corner - Tummy Up - In Kraken's battle, on the sea bed - Tummy Up - In Queen's battle, in a corner - HP Up - Clear Ultimate Challenge to raise the portcullis Dream Tips - Everything is fairly easy to locate. If you're missing one ring, it's behind the portcullis (with the HP Up fragment) - it opens after you clear the Ultimate Challenge. - To clear the back-to-back mode within 20 minutes, make sure most of your weapons are maxxed out to speed up battles some battles - In the Lizardman battle just attack with your Arbalest and electric draw card to end it fast - In Cacey's battle you can defeat Cacey after two crash landings using a maxxed out Gen's Hammer - In Deimos' battle fight near the wall of flames if possible, and hit him with a maxxed out Ragna Blade. This will be your most time-consuming battle - In Kraken's battle attack him with a maxxed out Gen's Hammer - once his shield is broken you can land a few more hits for big damage before he goes under - My best time for the Back-to-Back Battle (in Normal Mode) is 16 minutes, so it's entirely possible if you know the trick - If you're playing Expert Mode, tough luck - it's nearly impossible to finish the Back-to-Back battle since all the enemies have double the life - my best was 24 minutes -------------------------------------------------------------- Meg's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x1 - In a crate Gold Esamon x - Appears after you locate Hannah Others x - HP Up - Appears after you locate Hannah Dream Tips - You need TIPS for this?! -------------------------------------------------------------- Emma's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x2 - Hop around falling platforms to make it appear - Fly through the four rings in the sky and it will appear Gold Esamon x2 - End of the X's and O's platforms - hop only on the O's - In a water bubble in the sky Others x3 - Tummy Up - In a water bubble; fly into it or bust the water bubble and use a draw card to draw it in - Tummy Up - In a water bubble in the sky - HP Up - Fly to the highest island and defeat the monsters Dream Tips - Most of the stuff you can't get are up in the sky - come back later once you've got the Gauntlet -------------------------------------------------------------- Sheep's Dream -------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Energy x5 - East end of the wall that borders the north of the world - Top of the walkways above the pool - In the pool, requires swimming ability - Up in the sky - On the small island Gold Esamon x 5 - On the back slop of the mountain - In the pool, requires swimming ability - Up in the sky - On the small island - Get it during Tumble's Dash tutorial Others x8 - HP Up - On top of a pillar - HP Up - Top of the mountain - HP Up - Top of the walkways above the pool - HP Up - Get it during the Draw Card tutorial - Tummy Up - On top of a pillar - Tummy Up - Furthest left of the map - Tummy Up - One of the star platforms - Tummy Up - Dead end along the mountain path Dream Ring Tips - There's lots of stuff up in the walkways above the pool - Rumble can climb pillars - You can't get to the small island until Tumble learns to fly - There's some in stuff the sky, look around - To get stuff in the pool Tumble will need to learn how to swim first - The hardest rings to find are located on the mountainside; two in the back, two in the front - To get the Dash Tutorial visit the sheep at the Dream Scientist's house rather than when he approaches you ============================================================== ____________________________________________________________ / OTHER STUFF / /___________________________________________________________/ Miscellaneous thoughts, unanswered questions, that sorta thing occupies this section. Here goes... The Blacksmith A family of blacksmiths live in Sonno Town. There doesn't seem to be any significance to them - you can miss them completely and still finish the game. What on earth are they there for then? Sonno Stones and Flan If you give Sonno Stones to Abbas of Cafe Abbas, he'll reward Tumble with some Flan, which fills up his tummy. So far I've found three Sonno stones - one you get from trading your first gold esamon to the dream scientists, another one is in the blacksmith's house, and the third in the empty well in Sonno Town at night. Are there any other significance to these stones? Who knows, if you give Abbas enough he may give you something better than Flan? Ah, questions, questions... Baku Colors After getting 1500 dream rings, you open up the final door in the ancient cavern. And your reward is the ability to re-color Tumble. I mean, what kinda reward is that? Does the colors have any significance other than for looks? ============================================================== ____________________________________________________________ / ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS / /___________________________________________________________/ - To CJayC, who runs the site where all my FAQs are dumped into - GameFAQS Rulez!!! - To the good folk of the GameFAQs Board, who helped contribute stuff to this FAQ whether they liked it or not - Trunkz0r, Kesereti, Kashell Triumph, tenchi2004, CygnusXI and others I might have missed - Special thanks to tier jah and Hitpoint for helping me complete Florence's dream - To Atlus, for releasing quirky games that almost nobody will buy (their loss) - and still doing it after all these years - And to all gamers who support the games industry - you go boys and girls! ==============================================================</p>