Anywhere in either Guild Wars game, (Original or Factions)</p>

First, you will need to buy an IDENTIFICATION SET and a SALVAGE KIT. These two items have alterations, like the SUPER SALVAGE KIT, but if you are new these two will be the only ones available. These two items are the first items any new player should buy. You can buy them from MERCHANT npc. When you go out questing or on missions you will recieve items for defeating enemies, Sometimes they will be UNIDENTIFIED items. Double click your IDENTIFICATION SET and click on the UNIDENTIFIED item in your inventory. You may unlock bonuses for PVP, but we'll save that or later. If this is a GOLD WEAPON, you can keep it, and sell it to another player if you wish. Most GOLD WEAPONS sell from 1k-100k. Even 1k can get you alot in both Guild Wars. Next, We will learn about salvaging. Salvaging is a great way to get MATERIALS to make improved ARMOR. Starter armor is very weak,and you must go to an armor crafter to have new armor made. In order to make armor, you must have MATERIALS, such as WOOD PLANKS, TANNED HIDES, or BOLTS OF CLOTH. There are many types of materials in GUILD WARS besides these. The best way is to SALVAGE items you find. The next way is to buy materials from other players. The worst way to obtainmaterials is to buy from a MATERIAL TRADER npc. To get to new cities in either Guild Wars, there are two ways, One way is doing the MISSIONS. These missions can be done with 4-8 people in a group. If you do missions you get XP. Another way to get to the next city is hiring a RUNNER. These players run you to the next city, usually for a small sum of money. Either way you can get far in Guild Wars. Besides the story of both GUILD WARS games, there is PVP(player vs player). IF you make a PVP then it starts at lv 20, but you can only fight other players in arenas. In the story mode, you unlock items and skills for these PVPs. If you need to know mroe about the ame, join a guild, the people in guilds help their members alot. There is much mroe to both games of guild wars, but this is the most important. I hope this FAQ helped you out.</p>