FAQ/Walkthrough for BloodRayne Version: 1.0.1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents ----------------- 1. About 1A. Introduction 1B. Version history 1C. Contact Information 1D. Copyright Information 2. General Information 2A. Story 2B. Controls 2C. Weapons 2D. Abilities 2E. Enemy Strategies 2F. Cheats 3. Bosses 3A. Queen of the Underworld 3B. Von Blut 3C. Kommando 3D. Dr. Bathory Mengele 3E. Daemite Kommando 3F. D. Mauler 3G. G. Gosler 3H. Mynce 3I. Hedrox 3J. Sigmund Kreiger and Simon Kreiger 3K. Beliar 3L. Jurgen Wulf 4. Act 1 - Louisiana 4A. Sanctuary 4B. City of the Dead 4C. Ghetto 4D. Town Hall 4E. The Hill *Secret Level* 4F. The Beauregard House 4G. Colonial Power 4H. City of the Dead 4I. Old Town 4J. Queen of the Underworld 5. Act 2 - Argentina 5A. Infiltration and Execution 5B. The Dock 5C. Communication Breakdown 5D. Thule Chapel 5E. The Barracks 5F. Lurking Underground 5G. Death's Quarters 5H. Hell Hall 5I. The Laboratory 5J. Hell Hall 5K. The Mill Mile 5L. Deep 5M. Deeper 5N. The Temple 5O. Temple Internal 5P. Temple Guardians 5Q. Daemite Chamber 5R. Dante's Inferno 5S. Walls of Jericho 6. Act 3 - Germany 6A. Emden U-Boat Station 6B. Red Summit 6C. Old Gaustadt 6D. Unholy Mecha 6E. Teachers and Traitors 6F. Nightfall 6G. Courtyard 6H. The Windmill 6I. The Bridge 6J. Doppleganger 6K. Of Wulfs and Demons ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. About ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1A. Introduction: ----------------- This is a FAQ/Walkthrough for BloodRayne, PS2 version, though most of it will probably hold true for all other versions of the game as well. Keep in mind this is a FAQ/Walkthrough, so spoilers (mostly small, but some a tad big) abound. Most of the information here you won't need as the game is quite linear and it is typically quite easy to tell where you need to go. I've tried to be relatively thorough, or at least as much as needs to be considering you have a nice blue sphere to follow, about how to get from point A to point B, but I don't spend much time on exactly what is between those two points. I've included a small section on how I dealt with each enemy type, so just apply that to any of them you stumble across while running about. 1B. Version History: -------------------- Version: .7 Release Date: 22.11.2002 Initial release of the FAQ/Walkthrough. All of Act I and II has been completed, and most of Act III as well. Boss section completed, and various other sections done. Version: .8.5 Release Date: 22.11.2002 Fixed formatting issues that I forgot to deal with before sending the FAQ in (sorry CJayC...). Also some more added information (controls, another two levels for Act III). Version: .9.8 Release Date: 23.11.2002 Corrections to spelling, grammar, word misusage, and general fixing throughout. Finished up Act III and rewrote the section on Wulf (I was wrong about him being able to block your attacks; I thought he could...oh well...). Only thing left, really, is the Characters section. Meh...apathy... Version: 1.0 Release Date: 25.11.2002 Some rewrites, reformatting, and typo fixes. Added a missing cheat and enemy type. Added The Hill, the secret Louisiana level. Decided screw it and tossed the Character section. I'm sure CJayC is sick of seeing this in the FAQ submissions. Version: 1.0.1 Release Date: 26.11.2002 Blargh! Fixed a mistake in the ToC. 1C. Contact Information: ------------------------ If you have anything to add to the FAQ, corrections that should be made, or questions NOT ANSWERED in the walkthrough (key words there), email me at zoips@eesoft.org, or, better yet, ask on the BloodRayne board at GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com) for the respective system. 1D. Copyright Information: -------------------------- BloodRayne FAQ/Walkthrough Copyright (c) 2002 Matt "zoips" Eberts (zoips@eesoft.org) You may use this FAQ/Walkthrough, all or in part, for your own works, private or commercial, as long as the above copyright information is reproduced and displayed prominently, verbatim, in the derived work. As such, feel free to post this guide where ever and use it for whatever purpose, as long as the above requirement is met. Note that updated versions of this FAQ/Walkthrough will only be sent to CheatCC and GameFAQs (unless you request to have them sent to you), so check CheatCC or GameFAQs for the latest version every once in a while. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. General Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2A. Story: ---------- From the BloodRayne Manual (Copyright (c) 2002 Majesco Sales, Inc): In 1932 an American teenage girl was apprehended in Europe after carving a path of destruction trying to track down and kill her biological father. The girl's name was Rayne and she claimed the people she killed, and her father who was still at large, were vampires. Before more information was attained, the girl disappeared. The girl is a Dhampir; a product of her human mother's rape by a her vampire father. Born with powers of a vampire without all of the weaknesses. She was taken in by an underground organization calling themselves the Brimstone Society - a top-secret fraternity that hunts down and destroys supernatural threats. Agent BloodRayne, as she is now known, protects humanity from things that ordinary people shouldn't have to deal with. In the years between the World Wars, Agent BloodRayne works as a killing machine for The Brimstone Society. Two missions, five years apart, turn out to be connected by one man. For years, this man has been searching the world for powerful occult artifacts to bring Germany into a new age of domination. Agent BloodRayne must face this man's elite Nazi army to prevent them from releasing creatures of unfathomable terror onto the world in their unwavering quest for the artifacts. 2B. Controls: ------------- D-Pad Up: Normal View D-Pad Left: Aura Vision D-Pad Down: Dilated Perception D-Pad Right: Extruded View L1: Normal Attack R1: Fire weapons L2/R2: Cycle back/forward through weapons Triangle: Blood Rage Square: Harpoon/Feed X: Jump Circle: 180 degree turn Triangle+L1: Rage Attack Start: Pause The default analog controls are as follows: Left analog stick: Forward/Back, Strafe Left/Strafe Right Right analog stick: Look Up/Down, Turn Left/Right 2C. Weapons: ------------ From the BloodRayne Manual (Copyright (c) 2002 Majesco Sales, Inc): Act 1 - Louisiana: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Ammo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- W&S M1917 Pistol 6 W&S Double-action pistol 6 Cole44 Pistol 6 Springbrook Rifle 5 Winkesler Rifle 16 Kennings Rifle 20 Breaning A5 Shotgun 5 Ethica 33 Shotgun 8 Double Barrel Shotgun 2 M1918GAR 40 Dynamite 1 Act 2 - Argentina, Act 3 - Germany: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Ammo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walthurm PP Pistol 7 Mauz 9mm Pistol 10 Leug PO8 Pistol 8 Lueg PO8 Artil Pistol 8 Greaser Sub Machinegun 30 SMP34 Sub Machinegun 32 Greaser Artil Large Sub Machinegun 50 SMP34 Artil Large Sub Machinegun 32 Bergstein MP28 Large Sub Machinegun 50 Blitzgewehr32 Assault Rifle 20 ZZG33 Assault Rifle 30 G33 Sniper Rifle 10 Ethica 33 Shotgun 8 Kaxik Mgo8 Machinegun Belt MG32 Machinegun Belt MGO6 Machinegun Belt Granatewurf Grenade Launcher 10 Panzerfaust Rocket Launcher 1 Panzershrek Rocket Launcher 3 Tatermasher Grenade 1 2D. Abilities: -------------- 1. Aura Sense: Aura Sense allows Rayne to see enemy health and attitude. Enemies in a relaxed state (patrolling, standing guard, etc), appear with a red aura. Healthy unaware enemies have a bright red aura, whereas unhealthy unaware enemies have a very dim red aura. A healthy, alert enemy has a green aura. As it takes damage, the aura changes to yellow to orange to red, then dims. Objectives will also appear in Aura Sense as a blue sphere. 2. Extruded View: A first-person zoom/sniper view that Rayne obtains later in the game. Rayne cannot move using this view. 3. Dilated Perception: Dilated Perception expands Rayne's perception of time, making the world seem to move more slowly. Using this Rayne can more easily dodge bullets and enemy attacks. 4. Blood Rage: The world will take on a blood-red tinge, and everything will slow down a little, while Rayne will speed up. She has a new set of combo attacks in this mode, and she does far more damage. Your Bloodlust meter will slowly drain, and when it is empty, Rayne will drop out of Blood Rage. 5. Rage Attack: Rayne will consume about 1/3 of her Bloodlust meter and perform a strong attack. 6. Rebound kick: Rayne will jump at the target, then push off of it. If it is a breakable door or a weak spot in a wall, it will break. If it is an enemy, it will inflict damage and possibly knock it off of its feet. 7. Harpoon: Rayne will fire a harpoon (ala Scorpion in MK) and drag the enemy towards her, kicking them to the ground when they get to her. If it is an enemy you can feed on, she will jump onto them while they are on the ground and feed if you continue to hold down Square, otherwise they will be released. 2E. Enemy Strategies: --------------------- Louisiana: ---------- Mutate Shamblers: These guys are slow as molasses and not very tough. If you hit them with the harpoon and drag them to you, they won't be able to get up off the ground, so if you want, you can just ignore them. Armed Mutates: The armed mutates are quicker and stronger, but they are still easy pushovers. Feed on them, beat them up, or shoot them up, it's your choice. Maraisreq: I found that if you aren't in a hurry, the easiest way to take one out is to harpoon them and kick them. Just keep doing it until they die. If you don't want to do that, circle strafe to stay off to their side or back, and pound away on them. Argentina: ---------- Nazi soldiers: Three words: mobile feeding stations. Nazis by themselves are pushovers. In a group, they can hurt you, especially if you let them fan out and circle around you, but the chances of them actually being able to kill you are minimal. In large groups you may want to feed off a few of them to reduce their numbers, then take out the rest normally. They will also set off alarms, especially if you lop off an arm, so either kill the mortally wounded ones before they can set off the alarms, or take the time to destroy the alarms ahead of time so you can enjoy their screams of agony. GGG member: They can block your normal frontal attacks, so you either need to 1.)Shoot them to death, 2.)Use Dilated Perception to circle strafe behind them so that you can hit them with your blades, or 3.)Use Dilated Perception so you can circle strafe behind them and feed on them. They need to be standing, though; if they are kneeling, Rayne won't be able to jump on them. If they are kneeling, back up a bit so they stand up, then jump on them. GGG member in red (your targets): The Nazi soldiers on your target list can be treated the same as the GGG members. Bodiless Daemite: These guys are relatively easy to kill, though keep in mind that just because you've cut off their head or hacked off half of their body doesn't mean they are just going to lie down and die. Kill the little buggers, then back up so that they die before they can attack you again. Daemites with a body: Treat them the same as Nazi soldiers, and then once they are bodiless, the same as the above. Keep in mind that just because you lop off their head or both of their legs and/or arms that that doesn't mean they won't stop shooting you/attacking with their head (they are damn good shots without their heads...). Tentacle Demons: There are only two of these that you don't have to fight in the game, and I recommend running from them as they are an unneccesary waste of health, ammo, and your Bloodlust gauge. For the ones that you do have to fight, try to lure all of them together and then Blood Rage. Most of Rayne's attacks will hit all of them at once and do enough damage that you should be able to take them all out with a single Blood Rage. Heavy weapons, such as grenades and Panzershreks/Panzerfausts, are also useful. Germany: -------- Nazi soldiers: Same as before. Jetpack Nazi soldiers: The easiest way to take them out is to wait for one to come close enough, and then use the harpoon to drag him down to the ground. You can either beat the stuffing out of him while he's down on the ground, but you risk him getting away, or just feed on him (far easier). Be wary of the fact that they tend to explode after you kill them (if you didn't kill them via feeding). GGG members: Same as before. Vampire bats: If Nazis are pushovers, I don't know what to call these. One or two hits is enough to kill them. Vampires: These guys are easy enough to take out, but in a pack (or even alone) they can quickly waste you if you aren't careful because their attacks are extremely fast. I found it easiest to just feed on them rather than trying to take them out with normal attacks or with weapons. 2F. Cheats: ----------- These cheats are courtesy of GameWinners.com. http://www.gamewinners.com/playstation2/BloodRayne.htm There are two cheat menus: one in the pause menu and one at the main menu. To enter a cheat, scroll up/down to the word, and then either press right or press X. To delete a word, press left. Once all of the words have been entered, press start. Don't enter the last word, merely leave the selector over it. To active or deactivate a cheat once it has been unlocked, choose the cheat and, if applicable, choose "Yes" or "No" for the cheat (or in the case of Time Factor, choose the factor), and then press start. Note that cheats do not persist between game sessions. You will need to reenter the cheats if you turn off the system, reboot the system, or play a different game. TRIASSASSINDONTDIE: Unlocks God mode at cheat menu (Note: Doesn't work on Unholy Mecha level). LAMEYANKEEDONTFEED: Restore health. ANGRYXXXINSANEHOOKER: Fill Bloodlust gauge. NAKEDNASTYDISHWASHERDANCE: Unlocks Time Factor at cheat menu (can increase or decrease passage of time). ONTHELEVEL: Level select. Hold Circle and X at the main menu to display level selection screen (Note: Never gotten this to work). BRIMSTONEINTHEBAYOU: Unlock a Louisiana secret level. SHOWMEMYWEAPONS: Unlocks Show Weapons at cheat menu (weapons are visible on Rayne). INSANEGIBSMODEGOOD: Unlocks Gratuitous Dismemberment at cheat menu (more gibbing, enemies are easier to kill). JUGGYDANCESQUAD: Unlocks Juggy mode at cheat menu (Rayne's breasts are larger and jiggle more). DONTFARTONOSCAR: Unlocks Enemy Freeze at cheat menu. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Bosses ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3A. Queen of the Underworld: ---------------------------- Despite its size, it's really quite easy to take out. Blood Rage and attack one of its legs, and it will fall over. Pound on the torso for a bit, and then take out another leg before it has a chance to get back up. Rinse, repeat. You can just ignore any Maraisreq meandering about because they're likely to get chopped to pieces while you are in Blood Rage without you even noticing. 3B. Von Blut: ------------- Hide behind the pillars about two or three away from him and wait until just before he has to reload. Run out, and run toward him and jump over his head, doing an aerial 180, and come down behind him firing. Follow him all the way to the other side (he won't spin around until then if you keep shooting him), then duck behind a pillar. Rinse, repeat. If you get hit, chomp down on one of the mobile feeding stations that pop in every once and a while. 3C. Kommando: ------------- Right in the beginning take out the GGG members and the Daemites so that they won't bother you while you are fighting Kommando. Don't worry about leaving some of the GGG members to feed on if you get hit, because they are more likely to hurt you than Kommando is. Kommando is pretty easy. The best way to kill him is to Blood Rage and attack using Dilated Perception. He can block frontal attacks, so circle strafe to stay behind or off to the side of him. Don't waste your ammo on him, you'll want it for the next boss fight which happens not too long after. After taking some damage he'll toss a flashbang, the room will go bright white, and your radar will go screwy. Just meander around until you can find him again, and beat him up some more. There will be some mobile feeding stations after killing him, so don't worry too much about taking damage, which, if you do take some, will likely be very little. 3D. Dr. Bathory Mengele: ------------------------ This fight was crazy difficult for me. She's essentially Rayne with a skin change and the added ability to block frontal attacks. Annoying. Right in the beginning dump everything you have into her (weapons wise) to try and keep her off balance, then Blood Rage and hope you can take out the rest. Every once in a while she'll run to one of the control consoles and open up the floor. You will want to be standing on one of the crossbars, but not directly in the center of it because an electrical spark runs along it. 3E. Daemite Kommando: --------------------- Barely worth mentioning because he's such a pushover. Blood Rage and pound on him; you're likely to knock his head off long before you bring his health down. Either way, piece of cake. 3F. D. Mauler: -------------- Despite his size and air of formidability, he's a pushover. Blood Rage and use Dilated Perception, and stay to his sides and back, which shouldn't be difficult because he's rather slow, and pound on him. He hits pretty damn hard, so try not to get in front of him. Mobile feeding stations pop in every once in a while, so if you do get hit, chomp down on them. 3G. G. Gosler: -------------- Ug. To be honest, I really don't have any advice. Take him on like you take on the other mecha: keep moving, keep shooting. Try and stay out of his line of fire, and especially try and dodge his rockets. Keep firing your chain gun, and launch grenades and rockets as fast as possible and hope that you hit him more and faster than he does you. 3H. Mynce: ---------- Don't waste your Blood Rage in the beginning. Instead, unload all of your weapons into her, and if you run out of ammo, just attack her normally. After a bit, she'll retreat up the stairs. Follow her up, hitting her if you get the chance. At the top there will be a short cutscene. Now use your Blood Rage. You should be able to waste her easily with just one Blood Rage. 3I. Hedrox: ----------- Key word for this fight: pacifism. Don't attack Hedrox, you'll only make things worse. If you look around the floor, you'll see wooden supports connected from the floor to the wall at an angle; you need to destroy those. This is easiest if you switch to Dilated Perception and run to each one and attack it; they usually take three hits to destroy. If you are lucky, Hedrox will hit one instead of you, speeding up the process. After taking out all of them on the first level, the floor will drop out and you'll fall down to the second level. Rinse, repeat. 3J. Sigmund Kreiger and Simon Kreiger: -------------------------------------- This battle isn't so much difficult as it is an exercise in frustration. There are two enemies, though you only need to focus on one (you'll see why when you kill one). So, pick one, either one. Essentially all they do is hide behind the two columns in the room and throw a boomerang type weapon at you. As long as you keep moving, your chances of getting hit are very minimal. What you need to do is wait for one of them to throw their weapon while they are out in the open. They wait for it to return before starting running again, so as soon as you can, start blazing away with your guns as you run at them. Hitting them with bullets should keep them from running again, and, if you can, use Blood Rage and pound as much as you can on them. Be prepared to do lots and lots of chasing of the bastards around the columns. Depending on which one you attack, the battle end cutscene will be different. I kind of prefer the one one you get for attacking Simon (and therefore killing Sigmund). Don't ask me how to tell them apart, I'm not sure. 3K. Beliar: ----------- To kill Beliar, you need to hit his heart, which is in the center of his chest. You'll need to use Extruded View to aim and hit it after his first growth. When you hit it, Beliar will freeze momentarily, so if you can keep hitting it, you can waste him really quickly. There is a limit on how much time you have to kill Beliar, so you really want to not waste time and ammo. 3L. Wulf: --------- Blood Rage and attack him. It helps if you can get him trapped between you and a column, which will prevent him from running away. If you can't take him out with one Blood Rage, use Dilated Perception and attack him (it'll be much easier to prevent him from running using Dilated Perception). Rinse, repeat. If you haven't killed Beliar, don't waste ammo on Wulf because the amount of damage it deals is insignificant, and the weapons are a requirement for taking out Beliar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Act 1 - Louisiana ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4A. Sanctuary: -------------- This level opens up with an in-game cutscene of Mynce and Rayne in a boat. After the cutscene, either go into the church or meander about a bit, though there are no enemies at the moment. After the next cutscene in the church, the mutates show up. Nothing difficult. Either take them out with your blades and/or guns, or go the easy route and just feed on all of them, or, even easier, ignore them. Once the mutates are dead (or otherwise), head to the glowing blue sphere on the radar and in aura vision. Another cutscene will follow. After the cutscene turn around and you'll see a powerline. Jump on it and head towards the sphere on the radar to advance to the next level. 4B. City of the Dead: --------------------- Hop down off the powerline and kill or ignore any mutates you encounter on the island. You'll reach the end of the island as you head towards the blue sphere. You need to hop from gravehead to gravehead to avoid the water (standard platformer fare). As you pass a building, a small cutscene will show you the first Maraisreq, three in total. You can either stop to beat them up, or just continue by. Continue on towards the glowing sphere. You'll encounter a couple more Maraisreq and some more mutates. As you reach the glowing sphere, a cutscene will show the biomass. Simply Blood Rage and waste it, ignoring any Maraisreq. Another cutscene, then go to the blue sphere to move onto the next level. 4C. Ghetto: ----------- Leap frog from the truck to the islands until you are at the one with houses. You'll encounter a couple mutates and some Maraisreq will pop out of the ground, nothing serious. The order in which you visit the different objectives doesn't really matter. There are four houses. The one second from the right, on the right side, has a weak wall that you can kick through. Inside is a shambling mutate, a Maraisreq, and a biomass to take out. To get to the biomass, enter the first room and you'll see a weak spot in the wall to kick out. Blood Rage and take out the biomass (piece of cake). There isn't anything but some Maraisreq in the far left house. Run through and kill them. The house second from the left has some Maraisreq and a survivor, Kazi, on the second floor who advances the story a bit. The house on the far right has another survivor. The easiest way to get to him with the least damage is to jump on the roof of the house on the far left, and then jump from roof to roof to the house on the far right. At the back-right corner you'll see some stairs if you look down. Hop off the roof and on to those. Kill the Maraisreq, bust through the walls, and watch the cutscene. If you head out the front, a Maraisreq will pop in through the wall. Out front there will be some more mutates, all easy pickings. Head to the next area. 4D. Town Hall: -------------- You'll probably want to skip the first blue sphere and move to the second one (you'll see why in a second). Head around the back of the next building, taking out the various mutates and Maraisreqs you see. On the back side you'll see a boarded up window on the second floor. Jump up and kick it out and enter the building. Head downstairs (more mutates, more Maraisreq). The door on the left has a Maraisreq and a mutate. On the right is a weak section in the wall you can kick out. Kick it out, watch the cutscene with Deputy Gorham, and then go pick up the weapons. You'll get two sticks of dynamite (ahh...). Now head back to the other building. No way about it, you'll have to walk through water to get in to the other building. Walk in through the double doors and into the other room. Hop up on the gantry, and take out the Maraisreqs and the mutate. Now toss the dynamite at the biomass, which should take out most of its life. You should easily be able to shoot it to death now. Or, conversely, you could just Blood Rage and waste it up-close and personal, but you are bound to lose a little more life this way since you have to stand in the water. Doesn't really matter, because outside you'll find some more mutates to munch on. Proceed to the next level. 4E. The Hill: ------------- This is the secret level that is unlocked by using the cheat BRIMSTONEINTTHEBOYOU. To get to this level, merely enter the cheat before finishing Town Hall. There's nothing special here. The first three houses hold Maraisreq and mutates, the last a nest. To get into the first two houses, jump up onto the second story balconies. To get into the third, there is a weak spot in the back left side, if you are facing the front of the house. The fourth house's back door is open, and the nest up on the second floor. 4F. The Beauregard House: ------------------------- Head straight, wasting Maraisreq and mutates as you find them. When you reach the house, jump up onto the second floor balcony and waste the two mutates. The door on the right is locked, but the door on the left isn't. If you go in the left door you'll find some shiny dynamite. Jump from the balcony up onto the roof. You'll see a chimney, into which you should drop down. Use your physical attack to break through the chimney once at the bottom and then slaughter Maraisreq and mutate to your hearts content. Upstairs you'll find two...err...one...survivor. There are four doors in the corridor: the one you came upstairs through, two on the left wall, and one at the far end of the hall. The first one on the left is locked, the far one at the end of the hall leads back outside. Enter the second one on the left and kick through the wall, watch the cutscene, etc. Downstairs you'll find a lift (beware the toilet monster!!) and hear some complaining about batteries and such. Head outside and go into the door on the ground floor of the other part of the house. Grab the battery (behind the car, next to the barrel). Take the battery back to the lift, and head downstairs, where you'll find another biomass. There really isn't a dry place to stand here, other than on the bricks right in front the biomass, so the dynamite isn't exactly helpful. Blood Rage and waste it. You'll find some easy-pickings mutates to munch on on the way to the next level. 4G. Colonial Power: ------------------- On the roof of the building you'll find some more (very useful) dynamite, if you don't have dynamite left over from the last mission. Head to and in through the front door, killing Maraisreq and mutates as you go. Once inside, Maraisreq will pop out of walls and barrels and possibly try and kill you (omg, really?). Head upstairs into the control room and hit the switch next to the now dead (or at least he will be in a minute) mutate. Now head out of the control room and hop down to the wheel thing nearest to the biomass, killing Maraisreq and mutates as you go. Toss the dynamite at it, and then shoot it up. Tada! Cue cutscene and gratuitous jiggles! 4H. City of the Dead: --------------------- Cutscene! You can kill the Maraisreq that are still hanging around and then pick up the leftover weapons inside the mausoleum, or you can head straight through the hole in the wall to the next level. Your choice. 4I. Old Town: ------------- This mission's basic premise is easy: follow the Maraisreq. It plays out a bit harder than that because you can't get too far behind or ahead of it or you lose it, and you need to stay on those damn powerlines! Jump from roof to roof, and run along the powerlines. Don't stop to feed and don't stop to beat stuff up or you'll lose the Maraisreq and have to start over. 4J. Queen of the Underworld: ---------------------------- Another easy mission: follow the blue dot. You'll find some mutates to munch on to restore any health you lost on the last mission, and on an island on the far side of where you started you'll find some dynamite (which isn't helpful). Jump from boat to boat until you get to the one with the objective. Cutscene, followed by a monster freaking boss that wants to have you for dinner. Cue cutscene and end of Act 1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Act II - Argentina ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5A. Infiltration and Execution: ------------------------------- Ah, the real start of the game, and now the fun begins! Head towards the blue dot, killing the mobile feeding stations as they come to be harvested. Take your time to meander and beat the Nazis up. Your target, Braun Mekay, can be found by heading out from the starting point and hugging the right wall. When you reach the open area, jump up to the third level and run to the door on the left side. You may want to pause before busting through the door to listen to the joke being told. You have three options for beating Braun (which are the same for all of the other targets): 1.)Blood Rage and waste him, 2.)Shoot and dice him up, 3.)Use Dilated Perception and feed on him. Rayne is the fastest being (pretty much) in the game; she can circle strafe far faster they anyone else can pivot, so it's a simple matter to get behind him and then feed on him. After you take out Mekay, you have three choices. Although you really don't have to do them in any order, you'll probably want to do The Barracks last, otherwise you'll miss a cutscene that only seems to happen there that, though not too terribly intrinsic, will make Rayne's line after killing the last target make sense. At some later date I'll give the paths to each area, but I'm as confused as you are about the exact path, I imagine. Just follow the blue spheres. 5B. The Dock: ------------- When you enter there will be a guard-station on your right with some Nazis in it. They may decide to set off the alarm, or they may just die quietly. If they do, feel free to bash it. You have your choice of targets and routes you can take from here, which I've (conveniently) given an arbitrary number system and a spiffy ASCII state diagram (0 is the starting point, and I know I've missed some connections, these are damn hard to do in ASCII...*is finished with the diagram*...odd...looks like an airplane...). 1.)Behind the guard-station is a door, and at the end of the hallway is another door you need to bust through. You'll get a short cutscene, and then you'll be in a wide open room. On the third floor gantry to your left will be Stefan Gustafson. Waste him. There is also a lovely Panzershrek here, and you might be able to get to it before that fool wastes all of the ammo! 2.)At the end of the room, next to a tank is a door. Take that out and you'll be at a sub dock, and in front of you will be Nicholaus Reinhardt. Waste him. 3.)In between where you entered and where you wasted Gustafson is a door you can bust through. Bust through it and you are in a hallway type area with doors and rooms off to the sides with plenty of Nazis to take out. At the end is a door leading out to the second level of the sub dock. Read 2.). 4.)Facing the water in the sub dock, there is a door to your right and a door behind you. If you take the door behind you, read 3.) backwards. If you take the door to your right, read 5.) 5.)You'll enter a hall that goes in either direction. If you go left, read 6.), otherwise read 7.). 6.)Long, long hallway that dead ends. At the end on your right is a door that leads to a second level gantry. Hop down to the first floor, and take the door on the other side and go up the stairs. Read 7.) backwards. 7.)Long hallway with room offshoots with on each side with plenty of Nazis to waste. Take a right at the next hallway and run into the bathroom at the end. If you don't raise much ruckus, Timitheus Tischler will be in on the pot, otherwise he'll be out running about the bathroom. Waste him. If you've taken out everyone, head back to where you started, otherwise, read 6.) backwards if you haven't dealt with 2.) yet. /--1 / | / | /----6 0-----3---5-| | \ | \----7 \ | \--2 5C. Communication Breakdown: ---------------------------- Pretty straightforward, just follow the blue sphere. After a bit you'll see a cutscene of your target going down on an elevator and a guy taking the battery. Enter that room, go in the door on the far end at your right, and up the stairs. Go through the next room and out into a hallway; take a right. Go in the door on the right, and the guy with the battery should be in there. Waste him, get the battery, and go back to the lift and take it down. Go through the door and straight through to the next one and you'll find J. A. Cotter too busy to pay attention to the fact that he is about to die. Waste him. For an interesting easter egg, if you haven't already been in there, after taking out Cotter, take the other door out, and then go in the door on the right and you'll be in a room with a crate and a shovel. Break open the crate to see the Ark of the Covenant. Now, head back upstairs and take a left at that hallway and enter the door at the end. Don't worry about the room on the right, you'll be coming back to that in a bit. For now, jump to 5D., then come back to here. Now go into that room. In the guard room on the other side is the communication center you can use to contact the Brimstone Society. After doing so, you are told to destroy it. Head back out and take a left in that hallway. Go all the way down to the end and you'll see a weak spot in the wall, kick it out. The dynamite is on the second shelf (easy enough to see by the blue sphere). Take it back and blow up the communication center, then head back. 5D. Thule Chapel: ----------------- Follow the blue sphere; it's a one way path to the chapel. Once finished with Von Blut, head back the way you came, and back to where you left off in 5C. 5E. The Barracks: ----------------- Run down to the end of the hall. There will be a quick cutscene, and afterwards, take a right. You'll see two doors. You can either take the left or the right door, though the right one is quicker. Assuming you take the right door, you'll enter another room with some Nazis. Down at the other end is a door on the right that leads to a hallway and at the end, a mess hall type area. You'll see two Nazis run in through a door on the right. You can go in either and inside you'll find Ruprecht Reiner. Waste him. If he is the last objective from Infiltration and Execution, you'll get a turnkey off of him for the door, otherwise you'll get it off one of the other guys. If you got the turnkey off him, go to the locked door, otherwise head back to where you came in. You'll be back here later. Once down in the basement, take a right and run down to the end of the room, then another right (two cutscenes in here). Follow the truck out. 5F. Lurking Underground: ------------------------ Follow the truck down the hall, and enter the room at the end. On your right will be some windows, bust one out and hop through. Do the same with the other set of windows in the room you end up in. As you walk out, there will be an explosion on your right, and some windows up above a door will shatter. Jump through them. As you enter, on your right will be a guard room with a locked door. One of the windows will be a type you can bust out and get through. Cue cutscene. After the cutscene, hit the switch, and go through the door that just opened, and then down the lift on your left. 5G. Death's Quarters: --------------------- If you are in need of some weapons, spend the time to bust open some of the boxes as some of them contain weapons. Now head down the hallway and bust through the door. Head down to the other end of the room (some Daemites will pop out of the vents), and take a right, and you'll be able to get the drop on a Daemite with a body. Head through the door and into the next room (more Daemites, with and without bodies). You can find some more weapons and some grenades in the locker area on the left at the end of the room, otherwise, head through the door. Cutscene! Now waste what was R. Wauher. Head down to the end of the room, take a right, then a left (it's all pretty linear, you can't miss it, and neither can you miss those pesky Daemites). Eventually you'll get to a door you need to bust through. You'll see a room in front of you filled with water, and if you walk up to it, it'll show you where you need to go. Go to the door it showed, cue another cutscene. Now walk into the water and the floor will fall through. At the bottom, off to your right, will be a gantry, and in front of it a weak spot in the wall. Bust through the weak spot and head up the stairs to your left and watch all of your pretty guns go bye-bye (*sob* goodbye Panzershrek with still three shots!! I barely knew thee!). Take a left at the top of the stairs and down to the lift and the end of this level. 5H. Hell Hall: -------------- After coming out of the lift, take a left, and then another left and go down to the end of the hall and through the door. Take a right, and then cue cutscene. Hit the switch, then go through the door to your right and into the door that just opened. Now, when she says time to run, she really means it. If you stay and try and fight, it'll turn into one big bloody mess, with most of the blood being yours. Don't stop to hit someone, don't stop to feed, just keep running. After the cutscene, follow the Daemite with the grenade launcher. DON'T go the other way, across the hallway, not because of the machinegun bullets (which probably won't even hit you), but because you'll end up in one giant Daemite tentacle demon mess, and as exciting as that may sound, it isn't. Hit the switch to stop the grinder (or whatever the heck it is), and go across and up the stairs. When you finally get to the Daemite, hit him, and he'll fall into the grinder, grenades and all, which conveniently somehow make it through undamaged. Head back down, and grab the grenades. As soon as you are across, hit the switch for the grinder thing again, and you'll waste some of the Daemites that came down the stairs after you. Head back to the hallway with the machinegun nest and toss one of the grenades into the hallway. After the explosive mess, head down the hallway and into the lift. 5I. The Laboratory: ------------------- As soon as you can, run to the windows and start pounding on one of them. It'll probably take three to four hits to destroy it. After the gas goes in, wait a moment for it to dissipate before jumping in to turn off the alarm (which, consequently, opens the door that closed earlier). Head through the door, and hop up onto the second level gantry. Hit the switch, and then head through the door it opened. At the end of this room, you'll see a cutscene. After the cutscene, head to the door on the left side of the room. On your right you'll see a weak spot in the wall, bust through it. Head straight into the room with the Daemites and on the right you'll see a weak spot in the wall, bust through it. At the end of the room on the right there will be some windows you can get through. Once through, head back up the hallway and on your left will be another set of windows you can get through. At the other end of that room will be a weak spot in the wall, bust through it. Head to the door on the left side of the room and go through it, and then go down the hallway. Cue cutscene and your fight with Kommando. After beating Kommando, jump up to the second level gantry (if you aren't already there) and hit the switch. Hop up to the third level gantry and go through the door. Go into the door at the end of the hallway, cue cutscene. Same as before, take out the glass and the gas will kill P. Eckstein. You'll move directly on to the fight with Dr. Bathory Mengele after this. 5J. Hell Hall: -------------- Yes, it's named the same thing. After beating Mengele, jump down into the pit. Head down the hall, and take a left in the room. At the end of the room some Daemites will pop out of a shaft. Hop down the shaft. 5K. The Mill Mile: ------------------ If you look up and to your right you'll see a little ledge up above you. Jump up to it (jump on the machinery next to you and then up to the ledge), and then head down to the end of it, where you'll find a window you can bust through. On the opposite side of the room, about the halfway point between the other two walls, you'll see a switch. Hit it, and it'll start the crushers on the conveyor. Run over to where the crushers are and hop up onto the conveyor. Switch to Dilated Perception so you can get through (you have to run underneath them). Hop down into the room, and up onto the first conveyor on your left, and head through the wall. Head through the conveyor hole on the left side of the room. At the end of the conveyors in this room there are drop bin type things. Unless you want to start the level over, don't fall/climb into them. On the right side of the room there is a switch, hit it, and head through the door it opened. Head to the lift in the next room, and Rayne will complain about a battery, which can be obtained from the fork lift at the back right of the room. Head down the lift. Follow the blue sphere, and at the end you'll find two nice, big tentacle demons (dunno what their actual name is...>_>). Blood Rage to take them out. After you kill the two you have to, another one will bust through the wall. I recommend just running from it, through the hole it just made in the wall. In the next room, on the opposite side on a third floor gantry is a switch. Hit it, and it'll bring the lift up. Jump down to the lift and to the next level. 5L. Deep: --------- Head straight ahead and into the room at the end. On the back wall, towards the right you'll see a weak spot in the wall, bust through it and go into the next room. Look to your right and you'll see two doors, one with boxes in front of it. Destroy the boxes and then bust through the door. Head across the room and into the hallway; go all the way to the end of the hallway and bust through the door on your left. Inside you'll find J. Ecker, waste him, and get the detonator off of him. Head back out and go back up the hallway. On the left you'll see two doors, go in either of them. Go through the double doors at the end of the room, and then go through the doors on your left. Take a right and head down to the end of the hallway. On your left you'll see a door, go through it, and at the back of this enclosure you'll find a switch. Hit it, and it'll open a door; go through the door and down the hallway. In the next room you'll find the dynamite. Now, you can either go back the way you came (if you want to avoid enemies for some bizarre reason), otherwise follow the blue sphere and it'll take you to where you need to use the dynamite. Set the dynamite, then head through the hole it opened. Head down the right side of the shaft, and through the doors to the next level. 5M. Deeper: ----------- Head down the shaft and take a right at the dead end. On your right you'll see a bunch of boxes and barrels stacked up. Destroy them and go down the hall into the next room. At the back right there is another door; go through it and, even though you have no reason to, hit the machine with the flashing red light (doing this now saves some backtracking later) to activate a water pump. Head back out into the mineshaft and continue down. When you come to the junction, head down either the left or the middle shaft; they both end at the same point (the left tunnel has fewer Daemites to deal with). As you head down, you'll see a hallway on your right blocked off with boxes and barrels; bust through it and go through the door at the end of the hallway. Jump across the gap, and you'll find Otto Gottleib. Waste him and you'll get the detonator. Go through the door on the left and activate the other pump, then head back out to the shaft. Farther still down the rabbit hole. Go through the door and down the hall. Beware the Daemite with the Panzerfaust in the area at the end. He's to your left and on top of the building. Be careful trying to get it from him, as he's likely to blow himself and his comrade (and you) to smitherens if you get up close to him. On the right of where you entered this area there is a glassed in room. Bust through the glass and then out the door at the back. You'll see a building with smoke coming out through a hole in the ceiling; drop down through the hole. Go through the doors at the back left of the room and down the hallway and into the next room where you will find *gasp* Kommando! No, not really, just a Daemite using his body. Waste him and take his turnkey. Go into the room on the left at the end of this room and pick up the demolition charges. Head back out and out the door on the right. As you come out, the wall to your left will explode and there will be an opening, head through it (Daemite with a Panzerfaust). Head back up the hallway that is straight ahead and follow the blue sphere. Set the charges, and then head through the new opening. Now, thanks to the fact that you already activated the pumps, this room isn't filled with water like it was before. Note that there is an indention in the floor down a bit. If you walk across it the floor will collapse and you'll end up in a puddle of water, so hop over it. Go through the door at the end of the shaft, and hit the odd green eyeball plant head to proceed to the next level. 5N. The Temple: --------------- Go down the stairs and hop across to the next platform, and then jump down to the ledge. Run along the edge into the next room and jump up onto one of the branch type things stretching across the room. You'll see another branch with what looks like teeth. Jump over to it, and hit the eye plant above it to open it; drop down the hole and hit the next two eye plants you see, the second one is the end of the level. 5O. Temple Internal: -------------------- Turn to your left and hop across the water. You'll see a platform above you on the left, attached to the wall. Jump up on it and then jump from it to the other platform in front of it (if you can't make it, you can go the other route, which is to turn right and go through the tunnel; you'll just have to fight Daemites that way). Jump from here to the platform in front of it, then jump up to the bridge on the other side of the platform. Head up into the next tunnel. Essentially you just keep doing this. You can either head up through the tunnels (the easier route), or you can hop up the branch things (the quicker, but harder route, because Rayne often won't stay on the branch automatically). Once at the top, go through the hallway, and then hop down to the bottom of the pit. Hit the eyeball plant, and then the next one to move on to the next level. 5P. Temple Guardians: --------------------- Circle around to the other side of where you came in. You'll see a ledge up above you. Hop up to it (you'll probably need to use the rebound kick to be able to make it all the way over) and hit the eyeball plant, which will open a door up at the bottom of the pit. Jump down to the bottom of the pit. Grab the Panzershrek off of one of the Daemites, and then jump up to the first ledge inside of the column (don't waste ammo on the tentacle demon in there). Hop up each ledge to the top. If you can't make a jump for whatever reason, note that there are lights above each of the ledges that you can jump up on to to gain some more hight. At the top you'll find three tentacle demons you have to take out. Try to lure two (or all three) together and then use Blood Rage to pound on them. If you have the Panzershrek, feel free to use that as well. Use the assorted Daemites scattered about to feed if you get too badly damaged, but, more importantly, to refill your Bloodlust gauge so you can use Blood Rage again if need be. Once you've defeated the tentacle demons, hop up to the second level, and from there, take a look at the branches going across the room. You should see one that connects perpendicular to another one that goes up, from which you can jump up to the third level. If you don't see what I mean, wander about until you do or find some other way up (but stay out of the green gas). Once on the third level, hop over to the structure in the center, and then up to the door. Go through to move on to the next level. 5Q. Daemite Chamber: -------------------- There are two ways you can go. The first way is the way the level designers want you to go. The other way costs you a bit of life (since you have to go through some gas), but it's far faster and easier. Now, I only go the second way, so... Go to the left edge of the platform. Jump for the protrusion from the wall, though you don't actually have to get to it. You should be able to run along the wall because it is at enough of an angle. You have to go through gas, so don't dilly-dally. Once on the other platform, keep going straight. Again jump along the wall and run as fast as you can, staying as far up on the wall as you can (if you get high enough you'll be out of the gas). You'll get to a point with two branches. The closest one to you leads off to the core (where you want to go) so hop onto it and run along to the core. The hole is in the top, so hop up. After the cutscene, you'll be on a branch. Run to the end of it, then drop down onto the ledge with the Nazis. Take them out, then hit the switch on the left side of the driller. Run up into the cave, away from the explosion, and to the next level. 5R. Dante's Inferno: -------------------- The first part of this level is the deciding factor. If you make it past it, the rest is a cake walk. Run straight forward, trying to avoid any barrels. When you get to the truck, angle left. At the corner, angle right and head straight. You shouldn't have a problem seeing where to go from here. When you get to the end, jump up onto the truck, and then up again to exit the level. I've never actually stopped to see what the explosions look like. I guess I should sometime... 5S. Walls of Jericho: --------------------- Head straight through the door and down the hallway. On the other side is the next boss battle, with Mauler. After defeating Mauler, jump up to the door on the second level gantry (assuming the gantry still exists...). Run down the hallway and out to the sub dock and the end of the level. Make sure to save your game at the end of this level. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Act III - Germany ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6A. Emden U-Boat Station: ------------------------- Completely not-interactive level. Note that the game has a high probability of locking after that kick-ass cinematic. If it does, restart the PS2 and then when the cinematic starts, press X or start to skip it. 6B. Red Summit: --------------- The closest target, D. Von Haber, is off to your left. Jump up on the ledge and waste him. The next closest target is Heinrich Eberhard, behind the castle wall, next to the tanks. Waste him. After that, turn left and head up the path. You'll find a bridge on your right after a bit, or you can jump the chasm. You'll find Andreas Zahl on the other side. Once you've wasted him, head back to the gate that just opened up and to the next level. 6C. Old Gaustadt: ----------------- Head off to your left and forward. You'll get your first glimpse of Vampires as one of them runs off with Hans Eldrich. If you look off to your right, you should see an archway; head through it and the one opposite from it. Take a left through the hole in the wall and head up the stairs. Go through the door off to your left, and then bust through the crates blocking the archway in the back right corner of the room. You'll find Demetrius Klaus, some Nazis, and some Vampires. If you hang back the Vampires will waste him for you, but then you have to deal with the Vampires. Or, you can help the Nazis kill the Vampires, but they won't be grateful about it. Once you are done, head back out. Off to your left you'll see some stairs, go up them. At the top, go forward a little bit and then look right. You'll see a door; hop up to the level above it, then up to the balcony on the building to your left, and then up again. After dealing with the Nazis, shoot the top of the bell, which will cause it to go crashing through the floor. Drop down and go through the opening that the cutscene showed you. Turn right and head to the back of the room. You'll see a weak spot in the wall. You'll have to rebound kick it a few times to bust all the way through. Head through the room, and take a left in the hallway (this should be painfully obvious, but for the sake of thoroughness...). You'll find G. Saxon in the room at the end. Waste him. Take a left out of the room. At the hallway you can either take a left and drop down through the hole in the floor, then backtrack up to the door that opened (faster), or you can take a right. If you take a right, follow the hallway until it leads outside. Drop down through the floor, and then head down the stairs. Go through the door, jump across the water, and through the door at the other end of the room, down the hallway, and out the other door. Look familiar? Head up the stairs, then the other stairs to your left, do a 180 at the top, go up the stairs, and then through the door on your left to the next level. 6D. Unholy Mecha: ----------------- And now for something completely different. This level puts you in the cockpit of a German supertank for the first half. I like to think I'm pretty good at mecha games, but man was this level difficult. The basic mantra for the mecha portion is this: keep moving, keep shooting. Try to keep out of their fire as much as possible (I mean, duh, but seriously). Keep your chaingun going at all times and launch as many grenades and rockets as possible. Try to use the columns for cover whenever possible. Once you've killed Gosler, head to the altar at the end of the room. There will be plenty of flying Nazis to take out. Once you've dealt with them, head up the gantry stairs (left of the altar when facing out). Jump up onto the column next to the gantry, and then keep going up until you reach the top. Head up the stairs. After the cutscene, take a right and head down the hall to the end of the level. 6E. Teachers and Traitors: -------------------------- Bust through the window and watch the cutscene, then take out everyone in the room. Beware of the chasm in the center of the room; if you fall down into it, it's game over. When you kill all of the guys in the room, three Nazis with jetpacks will appear. One of them has a Panzershrek, so be wary. Once you've beaten them all, the door to the room that Mynce entered will be open. Head through it. After the cutscene, you'll fight Mynce. After the fight, head through the hole in the wall she opened up, and down the hall to the next level. 6F. Nightfall: -------------- The first part is pretty linear. Just keep heading straight, and watch out for the vampires. Once you step outside, you'll see some vampires off to your right, as well as one of your targets. Turn around and jump up onto the archway above the door you just came out of and go through the window. Take a left and go up the stairs, and follow the hallway. At the end you'll end up in an a glass enclosed room. For goofy fun, jump up and rebound kick to try and kill the bats flying around. Hit the switch on the right and go down the stairs. Hit the next switch, and go down and waste C. Reichard. After you're done, return the way you came in. Go out straight and down the stairs. Turn right and jump down to the building hanging off the cliff, and go in the door on the backside. After the cutscene, follow Hedrox out the hole in the wall. Jump up the wall on your left, and jump from the top of it to the main ground, and head through the door after the Nazis to the end of the level. 6G. Courtyard: ------------- Turn right and jump out the window. Off to your left will be a Nazi with a Panzerfaust, so don't stand around waiting to get shot. Head across the courtyard, and jump over the chasm. In the center of the wall, on a second floor balcony you'll see a door, bust through it. Head down the hallway on your right, and then up the stairs to your left in the next room. Head down the hallway at the top of the stairs, and take a left in the next room and go up the stairs across the room. At the top you'll find Arno Samsa, waste him. Head back out the way you came in. As you come out the door, a custcene will show a bomb blowing a hole in a wall across the courtyard. Go over and into the room that was opened up, and up the stairs in the back. At the top there is an open window, and if you move out onto the ledge, it'll tell you to jump. Do so. It doesn't matter (I don't think) if you aim for the windmill or not, though I always do. 6H. The Windmill: ----------------- Battle with Hedrox. After the battle, follow him through the wall like the nice text tells you to. 6I. The Bridge: --------------- Like the good lady says, it's a mine field, so don't try and walk through it. Off to your right, you'll see a tank. Hop to it, and from there to the next building, and cross the mine field. On the other side will be some Nazis with Panzershreks, so watch out (like all good morons they're likely to shoot it off while you are right next to them, blowing themselves and you to hell). As you head up the stairs, a mecha will round the corner. It may be possible to take it out on foot, I don't know, I didn't have much luck the first time I tried, and haven't tried since. I recommend leading it down the stairs and then jumping over it and leaving it there. Head across the bridge. Be careful as you reach the other side, because portions of the bridge will start to fall out underneath you, first on the left side, then on the right. On the other side you'll find D. Traugott, waste him, then head through the door. 6J. Doppleganger: ----------------- Head down the hallway and to your battle with Simon and Sigmund Kreiger. After the battle, head up the ladder and watch the cutscene, after which use your rebound kick to destroy the gate. I don't believe it is possible to bust through the gate before Wulf leaves the room, though I keep trying. Head down the hall and to the end of the level. 6K. Of Wulfs and Demons: ------------------------ Head down the hall; don't waste ammo on these guys, just feed on them or take them out with your blades. Watch the cutscene, and the end battle ensues. I highly recommend taking out Beliar first because there is a limit to how much time you have to kill him. If you squander your time focusing on Wulf you may end up overruning the time limit and losing the battle. Plus, Wulf will split his time between you and Beliar, so at least he'll help you. After Beliar is Wulf, and there is no limit to how much time you can spend taking him out. End game. Halt. Power down.</p>