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Also, what does Black Dragon Shield do? I have yet to see an effect of that one. From the name it sounds like a defensive spell, but so far it has been less than effective in protecting the party from anything. Answer (courtesy of Vic @ Working Designs): Red Dragon Anger and Black Dragon Shield are pretty useless compared to other magics you could use instead. All dragon magics are 99 (unless you have the Snake Ring, which makes them 49), regardless of their power. Black Dragon Shield is supposed to protect you from magic attacks, but it never worked that well for me. And, as you stated, Red Dragon Anger is too expensive compared to other "regular" magics. Trick (courtest of Here is a cheap trick I've found to get some quick cash in certain areas of Lunar: Eternal Blue. Just before leaving the tower of Azado, have Leo give everything he's carrying to Ruby. No one in your party can equip his sword, but you can sell it, and the other stuff is quite useful. Leo will then leave your party for a while, and when he comes back a bit later, he has all new gear. You can rip him off in this manner at least two more times in Pentagulia, just before freeing the last member of your party from the towers, and just before entering the second floor of the Pentagulia shrine. He doesn't seem to mind, and keeps getting new gear each time, but I almost felt guilty about taking advantage of him like this... Question: I'm having a really hard time beating Zophar in his final form. Anyone have any tips on beating him? Especially regarding that annoying Hell Wave attack? And I thought Borgan was hard! Answer (revised with how I did it): OK, there were older instructions here, but I didn't use them to beat Zophar myself, so I figured I'd use my own instructions as I have used them myself (not that the old ones didn't work though). First of all, it helps to load your characters up with as many Silver Lights as possible going into the final battles with Zophar. Also, make sure Hiro has the Phoenix Mail and someone other than Ronfar has the Phoenix Ring if you got it from the Dragon's Nest. These items provide the wearers with Revive Magic, which can bring back the dead (Ronfar can cast it without needing anything special equipped by this point in the game). Angel Tears, which also revive the dead, could be useful too, but I didn't use them myself. This said, here's how I beat Omni-Zophar: Hiro: Poe Sword Zophar's right arm (the one at the bottom of the screen) until it dies, then go after his head. Occaisional Starlight/Silver Light, and use Revive Magic to bring back the dead if needed. Leo: Flash Blade Zophar's right arm until it dies, then go after the head. Occaisional Starlight/Silver Light, and if he has the Phoenix Ring, Revive Magic as needed. Ronfar: First round use Althena Litany, every round after that use Tranquil Litany. Watch his MP closely, if it drops below 45 (w/o the Snake Ring) use a Starlight or Silver Light on him immediately! If needed, have him cast Revive Magic on any dead, but only do this if no one else in your party can. Jean: Blue Dragon Vigor/Attack the right arm, then go after the head like with Leo and Hiro. Also occiasional Starlight/ Silver Light and/or Revive Magic if she can cast it. Lemina: Pressure Cooker constantly on his head. This lowers its level, making it easier to finish off when you get to it. Lemina was also my first choice to use a Starlight or Silver Light as Pressure Cooker does the the least amount of raw damage of all the spells here. The Revive Magic rules also apply to her, in the same way as for the Starlights/Silver Lights. OK, now that you know what spells to use, the final problem is the infamous Hell Wave. What you do is look for a little dark shadow on the ground, which is usually accompanied with a forboding sound as well. This shadow shows where Zophar is going to cast Hell Wave. If it appears near his head, run away using the DFND option on the battle menus. If it appears far from his head, have everyone attack the head with their weapons. Sometimes your characters may not get away though. This is where Revive Magic comes in. However, most of your characters should be able to escape. At one point I lost all my characters except Ronfar, and I was able to still defeat Zophar thanks to Revive Magic. Information (courtesty of Mike Reynolds,with a small correction by me): People seem to be confused about Lucia's Tear. Lucia's Tear is in the Dragon's Nest, I think the confusion is because it doesn't show up until the Epilogue. If you go through Dragon's Nest during the normal quest you can get Phoenix Ring. Go back to Dragon's Nest in the Epilogue and you'll find Lucia's Tear in the chest the Phoenix Ring was in (the one surronded by gold and jewels). Similarly, you can get a Snake Ring from Lion's Head during the normal quest. But if you go back during the Epilogue you can get the awesome Dimension Ring, which lets you attack 2 more times than usual. Equip the Dimension Ring and Lucia's Tear to the same character (preferably Leo or Hiro) and get ready to kick some serious butt! Equipping the Dimension Ring, Lucia's Tear, and Althena's Sword (duh) to Hiro makes the fight with the Star Dragon a cakewalk, since you can take around 2000 hit points off him in one round if you get some heavy attacks. Just use Althena's sword to heal when necessary. So it pays to do the Lion's Head and Dragon's Nest in *both* quests, even though the Dragon's Nest is a b***h the first time around. Question (more on Zophar): Ok folks... this is just too much. I hear all these complaints about the _second_ time you have to fight Zophar... well... HOW THE HECK DO YOU KILL THE FIRST!? I personally do not see the possibility in it. I have to use ALL of my Starlights and all by one Silver Light to regain everyones magic (and Ronfar's isn't even completly full)! So, if nothing else... I don't see how it is going to be possible for me to win the second time -- unless I am healed after the first fight! So, I have two questions... (1) Do I even have a chance? If not...I'm not going to bother -- I'll just start over (not something I am particularly found of, but what choice do I have). (2) If I do have a chance... How the heck do I kill Zophar -- the first time!? He always casts his BAD DREAM right off, and I don't have time to heal or WD Protect before he hits me again -- so I lose one Angel Ring (on everyone but Hiro)! Then I keep hitting him with Poe Sward, Leo's first attack and BD Vigor/ATK -- with Ronfar healing constatly and Lemina casting WDP every other attack. I know that it takes more than three rounds to kill him -- but that's how many chances I have with WDP and even then, Zophar will attack 2 people so it is a waste to cast WDP again -- so two people die when Zolphar attacks again! Answer: Oh yea the one in Zophar's lair at level 43! (hehe) Hiro should be a lot higher than that. I'd say about 45. And... even though Lemina's Magic Shield doesn't compare to WD protect, but it works. That saved me even on the SECOND Zophar many times. Here's how I did it, but you seem skilled to be able to weasle by the bosses and go to there at level 43! Hiro: level 46, Poe Sword every time, occasinal Starlight/ Silver Light on others. Also had the Snake Ring and cast WD Protect whenever you see a "halo" or "disco ball" near Zophar's head (these tip you off to his nastiest spells, Bad Dream and Ultra Vortex). Ronfar: level 44, Althena Litany 1st turn, Tranquil Litany every other turn after. Jean: level 43, Blue Dragon Vigor, fighting, and occaisional Starlight/Silver Light. Lemina: level 44, Pressure Cooker and occaisionaly Starlight/ Silver Light. Leo: level 46, Flash Blade and occaisional Starlights/Silver Lights. Question: Ok...I finally beat the Sentry and I got the Dragon Eye, but where is the second one? Hiro's father said that I have seen it before somewhere (or so it seems), but I do not remember it! Is it already at the Star Tower, or out in the world somewhere? I would appreciate any help! Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): One eye is in the Dragon Ruins from the beginning of the game (the one Hiro didn't get before he fell), the other is in the Sunken Tower Nall tells you about near the White Dragon's cave. Question: Where is the Black Dragon Cave? Borgan said it was in the Zaback Mines, but I searched around the mines attached to Neo-Vane and didn't find anything. Could someone please direct me to this cave? Answer (courtesy of Nicholas Pappas): It is on the level just under/over the first level you appear on when entering the mines from the Neo-Vane Transport City. I do not remember if the stairs take you up or down, but take the stairs and then the door to the Black Dragon Cave will be _immediatly_ to your left (in the next corridor), you just have to get there. The door doesn't show up very well, which is probobly why you didn't see it. I didn't know that a door was present until I was right on top of it (I thought I had hit a dead end at first). Good Luck! (Stock up on Dover Nuts!) :) Question: Can some kind soul (hello Vic) please tell me how to kill the Snow Mongrels? These bastards always ran away. Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): You need pretty high levels and the luck of an attack advantage (it'll say "ADVANTAGE" when the battle starts, that gives you first crack at them). IF you get that, use Poe Sword and whatever the strongest attack spells everyone else has to take as much damage on ONE as possible (group spells only dispel the attack and will pretty much guarantee you won't kill one). Equipping a Shiro tail might help. They're worth it, though. GREAT experience. Question: I can't find the port town to take me to Pentagulia. When I leave western Nota (the side without a temple to Althena) Ronfar says we need to head north to a port town called Azado that will. Anyway I leave and head north up this little pass through the moutains. I come to a cave and inside is a town named Zulan. Then I killed the missing link and I am now very stumped! I've walked around for literally hours looking for the way on but there is none. I can't go back south because I've already been there and there is no port town there and I can't go north because the trail stops there. Nobody gives me clues except for Ronfar saying lets go north when we leave Nota for the port. However that is impossible because there is no port town. I've even explored the entire snow cave complex in hopes of finding a way through to continue north. Answer 1 (courtesy of Vic @ WD): You're looking for Azado. The Snow town you're in is Zulan. IF you finished off the Missing Link, there should be a cave passage open just Down and to the Right of the cave entrance that led to the Missing Link. Some kids were blocking it before. Answer 2 (courtesy of Nichoas Pappas): You are on the right path! You need to kill the Missing Link (save the city) and then you need to head out of the city via the WESTERN exit! There are a total of three exits from the city. The first is where you come in, the second takes you to the mountains, the third takes you towards Nota. Head out that way and you should be able to get to the city as long as you follow the paths. Question: How do I beat the Star Dragon? I can't seem to heal myself fast enough, and I'm running out of Dover Nuts fast. Answer (courtesy of David D'Auria): Ok, I guess you forgot about the same thing I did. Do you remember Althena's Sword? You know that it can be used to heal you in battle, right? Basically, use the sword to heal and attack when you have alot of HP. Since you can use it with out limit there's no point in using nuts. Question: How can I get the Lunar art book? Answer (courtesy of Phil Theobald): The ISBN # is: ISBN4-89052-662-5. The title is mostly in Japanese, but the English part is called Lunar I/II The Silver Star & Eternal Blue. The publisher is Softbank Books. This book is frickin' beautiful. I paid $60 for it, and it's worth every penny. I really don't feel that I have to praise this book. Any true Lunar fan should be more than willing to drop sixty bucks on this thing. Get it! You shall not regret it. Question: After winning the tournament, I pushed the buttons a little too quickly and missed the directions to the Blue Dragon Pagoda. This was complicated by the fact that I missaved while trudging back to the dojo city... I tryto keep a slot or two saved before some of the cooler cinemas to show off to my friends - dumb, in a practical sense i know but the aesthetic must win out sometimes even in video games. Anyway, can someone give me the lowdown on the pavilion location? I've tried around the river, on the island and even everywhere the Destiny can take me and no immediate signs... help me or Zophar may win!!! Answer (courtesy of Nichoas Pappas): The Blue Dragon Cave is _directly_ North of the Hidden City -- but you have to take the Destiny, since it is across the sea. Head back to the Destiny and get back onto the Sea (at the city you first arived at) -- head SOUTH-EAST. There are few areas that the Destiny can get through, so it is just a matter of finding the right path out of the two or three available. There is a way there -- so make sure that you weasel your way through those tight fitting spots! Also -- the Fiend is an effort to defeat... you may want to visit Meribia before you head in! Question: Could somebody tell me what the four dragon spells do? Answer (courtesy of Nichoas Pappas): Yes... again. The Red Dragon Anger will damage everything on the screen. While useful against bosses who have multiple "parts" to them -- the 99 magic points that it costs can be used much more effectivly in some other way. So, all you wanted to know was what the Black Dragon Shield spell got all the others down. :) The BD Shield spell is almost as useless as RD Anger. It acts kinda like Lucia's Soul Rush -- but costs 99 Magic Points. It only works on "normal" enimies, which makes it really ineffective since you can cast Hiro's Dark Sword spell (for 30) and do the same thing for less. Question: Where is the Epilogue? Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): It sounds like you've missed the Epilogue entirely. After the credits roll and the game resets (or any time after you've beat the game), select "CONTINUE" from the title screen and you'll have a NEW option called "Epilogue" that will let you wander the countryside and tie up all the loose ends from the story. If you check out everything, it adds 4-6 hours to the game, and you get another end anime and new credits (longer, more complete) with the outtakes coming up after "THE END" has been on the screen for 2 minutes. Question: Sorry if this has been asked already. I am in the Forest of Illusion. I have made it to the clearing and found the traveling carnival. Now, however, I can't go any farther because of a thicket of thorns and a hole in the floor of the next opening. I've talked to everyone in the carnival & know that there is something in the woods probably about to attack. Is there another path past the clearing or did I miss something I needed to advance? Any hints or help will be gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance. Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): You've probably already figured this out, but talk to EVERYONE in the group at least twice, both inside and outside the caravan coaches. Then, try to get in the tree at the top right. Question: I'm trying to find the children after meeting Nall. I think the right way to go is going in the sewers and that's where I am. When I save it says (something) Sewers 2. I need help desperatly. ThanX! Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): You're in the right area, just keep exploring. Question: BTW I wonder if anybody was as surprised to learn about Althena's suicide as I was. Huh? What Suicide? Answer (courtesy of David D'Auria): Well, It all depends on your point of view. (Of that particular part of the plot Lunar:EB.) In general it could be said that any goddess choosing to become mortal is an act of suicide. Remember that Althena chose to remain as Luna. As Althena she was a goddess and immortal. As the human Luna she was quite mortal. Her decision to become truely human had one irrevocable result, she died. When I think of suicide I think of an act that results in the death of the one doing the action. In effect, by becoming mortal in the first place she allowed herself to die. (If she hadn't made herself mortal she would still be around.) So, from a particular point of view a goddess deciding to become totally human and also gain all human weakness is, in effect, suicide. Question: Help! I've cured Mauri but don't know where to go next. Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): Head into the door behind her in the Palace. That's the Red Dragon's cave. Information (courtesy of For all you people who have been posting about having blown through the epilogue in an hour, be warned, you are missing out on some cool items. Many of the chests in the game reset in the epilogue. Aside from the things in the Lion's Head and Dragon's Nest, I stumbled across something called a Sinistron in Zaback Mine, which can be used as a weapon by Ronfar and casts some kind of meteor shower spell. After finding that in such an out of the way place, I had to back up and start searching all the other little treasure troves in the game. So far, I have come across a Mystra Bracelet in the treasure cave near the Haunted Mansion which works like the Snake Ring for Lemina, and I plan to go back through the dragon caves next. If any of you come across any other cool hidden items out there, let me know. Question: Well, i just finished the epilogue for Lunar II and heard the outtakes, they are pretty funny. It makes me kinda curious as to the whole voice casting process. I mean, how do you choose voice actors? How long did it take? Also, the voice actor who played Ghaleon was the same who played Galem, no? It HAS to be, I'd recognize that cunningly evil voice anywhere. Seriously, the guy who playes Ghaleon is really good. Kinda reminds me of the guy who played Kagato in the English version of Tenchii Muyo... hey... *wonders* Also, Vic, have YOU ever played any parts? *grin* And, are any of the female characters in L:EB from previous games? I haven't been able to recognize any, and when I went back to check out CF2, I couldn't recognize exactly Laura's voice as being anyone else's. Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): Ghaleon and Galem were played by two different actors, though I use them both quite frequently. Actually, the actor that did Galem did Borgan on LUNAR:EB. And you're right, gotta love that Ghaleon. It was a BREEZE writing his parts because I identify with his character so much. I have done a few characters, but they were *always* uncredited, and shall remain so. :) My primary vocation is writer/director, definitely NOT actor. Hehe... Question: Where are the four ice chests in the White Dragon cave? I can't find the one in the SW cave, the one with the teleporters. Answer (courtesy of Nicholas Pappas): This is a tough one, and I really can't help ya out by saying -- "go here, here and here" -- since I just used the teleports until they took me where I needed to go! :) I can tell you that they do not always take you to the same place. If memory serves there are two teleports that you need to re- enter after you exit them. Exactly where they are, I can not remember (sorry). One thing that helped me were Dragonfly Wings. I got about 6 of those and whenever I got the chest I left! Didn't want the pain of finding my way back out of any of those places. :) Question: When traveling through the mountain caves on way to Nota, something weird happened a few times. During battles, one of my characters took a hit of 999, yet did not die, nor lose any of his/her hit points. I don't think I'm at a level to withstand that force . Answer (courtesy of It's a bug... Reported as well (Vic knows about it but I don't think it is corrected in the 1.01 disk fix). It happens with a 'Banshee Foul' (or monster of the same type) does it's attack where it shoots it head at a party member. If it does a -critical- hit (shows the stars) it will hit for 999, but your character will -gain- 1 hit point (even above max HP). I had this happen to Hiro in my game; he had 90/89 HP after that. :) Question: Are the Dragon Ruins that Hiro starts the games in the same as the Star Dragon Tower? Grandpa Gwyn says that the Star Dragons Tower is int he Salayan Desert, but the only notable feature there is the Dragon Ruins. Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD) The Salyan Desert extends beyond the Dragon Ruins past Larpa and Dalton. The tower is NE of Dalton. Question: Hey, Vic, any chance of having a music player or a Lunar 2 music CD? Answer (courtesy of There are already 3 music CDs of Lunar II. The First one is called 'Prelude' which has released even before the Game! It consists of two songs (one by Goddess Althena and the other by Lucia) and mostly Japanese drama (sound drama of course). The second one is called 'The Eternal Blue' which consists of two songs (one by Hiro and one by Lucia) and mostly BGM in the game. The third one is "Lunatic Paradise I" which consists mostly drama and songs by Lemia and her stepfather, the Black Wizard. I strongly recommend the second one. (though I have got the all three!) Question: I've gotten to the point of the game where Ghaleon has turned Hiro into a giant crystal. Everyone keeps telling me to go to the Blue Spire, but how do I get there? Ronfar suggested going to Dalton to rent a boat, but no one in Dalton is saying anything they weren't saying several hours earlier in the game. And once I figure out how to get there, which direction is it in? Answer (courtesy of Bob Tomasevich) Use the ship you got from White Knight Leo to go to the Blue Spire and attempt to park the ship right in front of the Spire. The plot will go on from there. If you do it wrong, Ruby will say "But Lucia, Hiro's still on the ship and you shouldn't go on," or something to that effect. If you look at the map in the game manual, look at where Hiro's house is. The Blue Spire is north of his house. Note that you can make it to the tower with Leo's ship, the path is just convoluted. Question: I have heard these two things mentioned before, and have found them both in the game -- but have yet to figure out what they are for? Am I sent to these places at a specific point... or do I have a choice as to if I want to go in or not? I tried them both -- only fought once in LH, wasn't too bad, but Dragon's Nest SUCKS! I hope I don't need anything in these places for a LONG time -- so I can build everyone up. Are they worth the hassel? I am in the Lion's Head right now and am not enjoying myself very much. :) I am just wondering if my effort is worth the result... Do I get something REALLY usefull, or is it just something neat? Answer (courtesy of Yes it is -very- useful and helpful. Just stick it out and you'll be glad you did. Question: This may have been asked before, but I'm in need of help on Lunar, so here goes! I'm in the Haunted Mansion. I've passed all the enemies that were defeated by using wind magic (the Imps). I go through the door that is now able to be opened. They talk about closing the shutters and something about the soul. Anyway, when I fight the Susie Deaths I can't take any damage off of them. I've tried looking around and everything, but can't figure this one out. Someone help me... please!! Answer (courtesy of Lemina Ausa): Oh them! They're Mega-easy! Just use sleep (Herbal Breeze), then kick them while they're down! Now you shouln't be in such mega-big trouble and you can meet ME!... _IF_ you pass a tiny test with a creature programed with an age old spell. TROUBLE BUBBLE Question: Where is Althena's Sword? Answer (courtesy of Althena's Sword is given by Nall in the Epilogue. Find Nall in the "Big Tree." Question: I need some help on the Zaback Mines. I have passed through the mines to the town of Zaback, but where do I go next? The people in the town talk of the Lion's Head in the west. The guy by the Althena Statue tells you to go East. There is also a transporter to Neo-Vane in the town. The mountains block the way west. I don't have the key to open the Black Dragon's Cave. The sea blocks the way East. The Destiny has been disabled by the blast from Neo-Vane. When I transport to Neo-Vane, Jean and Ronfar get thrown because they do not use magic. Answer (courtesy of Go to Neo-Vane. Let Jean and Ronfar get tossed. Go into Neo-Vane and talk to everyone. In the north west of the town there are stairs leading to the slave mines. Jean and Ronfar will end up in here. Pick them up and then talk around to find out what to do. Question: Could anyone tell me exactly where Dragon's Nest is? I can't seem to find it. Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): Dragon's Nest is near Raculi. The path to it is just below the start of the path to Serak Palace. Information: If your fighting mummies, the easy way to get rid of them is to attack the "head mummy," which is in a different color than the rest of the mummies. Once he's dead, the rest of them follow. Question: Hi. I need help with Lunar II: Eternal Blue. I am stuck in the mountain temple/fortress on the east side of the carnival site. i.e. the characters crash landed there. Please help me get through. BTW, the blue warp passages work, but the red ones don't work. (Do I need a key for these?) Answer (courtesy of Nicholas Pappas): The temple is a treat. What you need to do is find the correct combination of warps to get you out! Someone warps don't always take you back to where you came (if memory serves you have to enter two different warp you exited from two time) -- so you really have to remember where you've been. The red gates are EXITs -- you can't do anything with them. Question: Hey Vic, something has been bugging me about Lunar II. Currently, I am just past where I revived the Black Dragon, but I remember passing a tower waaaay back near the Illusion Woods. The door looked like the one on Lucia's tower, but I couldn't retrieve the Dragon Gems from the earlier one to open this one, and I never got into it. At the point where I am currently, it doesn't look like I will be going back that way, and I have the feeling I missed something. Will the plot ever take me back there, or should I try harder the next time around? Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): Remember where it is, you'll need to go back there in the Epilogue. Question: This is something that I've been wondering about. Lucia's background wasn't gotten into as much as I've liked. Who exactly is she? It points to her being Althena's daughter but then why didn't she know about love, etc. at the start of the game? Any ideas? Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): It was left ambiguous on purpose. She may be her daughter or her sister. Perhaps LUNAR 3 will say.... :) Question: I have found Lucia's Tear... but what do they do? The "explaination" is "???," which isn't much help. Answer (courtesy of When equiped, Lucia's Tear will cause damage done halved and applied all enemies. (ie, if Hiro attacked and hit for 300 to one enemy, each other enemy will get hit for 150). Question: Have reached the top of mountain (north of Zulan) and released the big snow ball down the mountainside. Can't seem to find creature responsible for weather. Returned back to town, but no help there. Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): There are TWO blockages and TWO snowballs. Walk back down the mountain and cross the area now smoothed over with snowball splat and find the other snowball (at the top right), then drop it and cross into the area with the boss. Question: Hey guys... Wondering where to go after finishing the White Dragon Maze... It seems the Dragon didn't melt anything for me... Answer (courtesy of Go just south of that island (in the Destiny). You'll pass between the ice island on the left and dry mainland on the right. It's a tight fit but you can't miss it. Question: Ok... I had to take a week off and go on travel and I forget what I'm supposed to do specifically in the first (white) Dragon Cave... There are four corners, but do I have to get something specifically? Part of a key? Those battles in the White Dragon cave are pretty fierce relative to everything else I've done... Answer (courtesy of Cpt. Blake): You have to find a white chest in each of the four corners so the door to the White Dragon's Lair will open. Question: How do you get past Zophar's Palace? I've been down every possible path and they all just dead end, is there something I'm missing? Answer (courtesy of Cpt. Blake): Theres a couple of switches you have to throw. Also when you get to the "tubes" part you have to find 4 more switches. Keep trying paths and keep an eye out for "flickable" looking things. Question: I am getting my butt kicked by my Dopples! Any suggestions? They seem to always attack first. Should I equip my group with Shiro Tails? Answer (courtesy of "Rand"): Dopplegangers are the worst aren't they? A very creative enemy though, I must say. They don't copy things you have equipped, so if you equip Hiro and Jean with Plasma Rings (agility +10, you should have 2) and a Shiro Tail (agility +20, should have one) they should go first. Use Dark Sword or Battalion Sword followed by Blue Dragon Chop, this will kill every Dop (great for when there are 4 of them). Question: I couldn't find Leo anywhere during the epilogue, so I finished it without him. For sake of closure, if he is available to join the party again, could someone tell me where to find him? I imagine he's gotta be around somewhere since 1) Mauri mentions him and 2) Leo is one of the Dopplegangers in the party at the top (or is it bottom?) of Dragon Ruins. I'm sure he's somewhere obvious, and I just missed him... Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): Leo is in the Mystic Ruins. Question: I've beaten Lunn, beaten the Blue Fiend and freed the second Dragon power. The only question I have is where to head to next, since all the towns and sites I've visited offer either old news or useless news. Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): Explore to the SW area of the map. You should find Zaback Mine and be on your way. Question: Ok... Got everything taken care of in the Red Dragon Cave and I am wondering where do I go!? Ronfar's grandpa says that Pentagulia is "Across the ocean." What direction is that... exactly!? I've found that the only place I have not been is south and west (which is just the Lion's Head) -- but a waterfall blocks my way if I try to go south!! Answer (courtesy of Kural): Pentagulia. This was a big pain. Leave from the port east of Raculi, and head north along the western coast. You should come to an inlet that leads further north to Pentagulia (the town that Leo took you to in the Destiny, remember?) It's in the sea south of Vane. (The one with the directional compass on the map in the instructions.) Question: How the heck do I beat Borgan? Answer (courtesy of Nicholas Pappas): First Round: Ok. First thing is first. When Borgan raises his arms he is going to cast Gravity Bomb. This is your queue to cast White Dragon Protect with Hiro -- this will protect the party from that attack. Cast Blue Dragon Vigor with Jean. Cast Preist Litany with Ronfar (or whichever gives health back after each round) and have Lemina use a magic attack on the Left Hand Ball. Note: Some may say leave this ball alone. It hurts you... I don't see why you would want to keep it around! Second Round: Have Jean go balistic on the Left Handed Ball. With any luck she will kill it on this turn. If not, the thing will be dead by the end of the third round. Have Ronfar heal (whatever you feal is needed) and have Lemina attack again... the Rear Ball. Have Hiro attack the Rear Ball too. You can have him attack the Left, but if Jean kills it Hiro will attack Borgan himself (and Borgan will heal the next round... so it is wasted). If you need to cast WDP, do that instead! Remaining Rounds: Cast BDV with Jean as often as possible. You can use a Starlight or two with her, if you really want her to kick butt! Have her get rid of the Left Handed Ball First, then have her go after the Rear Ball. Lemina... At this point I used Lemina as a Starlight user. If Hiro drops below 99 MP have Lemina use a StarLight on him IMMEDIATELY! If Borgan pulls a Gravity Bomb when you are under 99 MP, your history. Have her attack whenever possible. Ronfar... Keep on healing. He can't attack very well, so just keep him healing everyone else! Have Hiro attack with Poe Sword as often as possible. Starting with the Rear Ball and then going to Borgan. If you need to cast WDP, do it... Keeping everyone alive is more important then hurting Borgan just a little more this round! Note: Leave the Right Hand Ball alone. This is a magic shield -- does nothing to you directly. It does slow down how quickly you can kill Borgan, but the time you spend on killing it is not worth the added convienence! One of the most important point (IMO) is keeping Hiro above 99 MP. Do the math EVERY round... If he is going to drop below 99 have someone use a Silver Light or a Starlight on him, just keep him above 99! Once the Left and Rear Balls are dead, start in on Borgan. Have Jean go crazy on him and attack with Hiro and Lemina whenever you can. Once you get a pattern down you should have much less trouble killing him! Question: I'm fighting Blue Master Lunn right now, but whenever he turns invisible he nails me and there's nothing I can seem to do about it. How can I counterract this move of his? Answer: If you've powered up your dance magic enough, use the 4th dance spell (Dopple Dance, Punk Dance, or Slam Dance, depending on Jean's Dance Magic level) whenever he turns invisible. The "shadow" will nail Lunn even when he's invisible. Be sure to make sure you have enough Dover Nuts to heal yourself just in case he gets a couple vicious blows in too. Question: OK, I'm near the end of the Epilogue, and I'm trying to find the Star Dragon Tower. I've had no luck yet, so can anyone help me find it? Answer (courtesy of Nicholas Pappas, with a few minor corrections): It is Northeast of Dalton. If you head WEST Northwest from Dalton to Azado and them head EAST from there you will find a single path that will take you to the Star Tower. It is a narrow fit, and you have to wiggle through (with the Destiny) so make sure you try *every* opening. One path will take you to the Illusion Woods, if you get here you went North too early... Keep going east for a bit longer. Question: Lord Leo just captured Lucia near the beginning of the game, and I don't know where to go from here. Answer: You gotta board the Destiny and rescue here. Stock up on supplies, and the easiest way to get by Leo's guards is to use Hiro's Boomerang. Question: I got Lunar 2: Eternal Blue for X-mas and have been playing it almost non-stop since. That was until I got stuck. I am in the tunnels under Pentagulia. I've got all my characters back and I'm searching for the secret exit. But I can't seem to find it. I've been searching for like 2+ hours, and it's getting quite frustrating. Any help would be appreciated. Answer: There's a place where all the paths to all the towers meet and there is a space on the North wall with 2 statues between it if I remember correctly. The secret entrance is there. Question: Is there any connection betweent he Dragon Helmet, Armor, and Sheild you find late in the game and in the epilogue, and the original Dragonmaster Items? Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): Yep, they are either the genuine article, or replacement articles made after the originals were lost. Depends on the specific item. Check out LUNAR: Eternal Blue Director's cut for details... :) hehe... Question: Help, I'm lost in the frozen caves outside Zulan! Answer (courtesy of Vic @ WD): Get to the top, push the snowball, walk to the bottom, cross the crevasse plugged by the pushed snowball, go to the next top, push the snowball, go down, cross the next crevasse, go to the top to the boss. This is one of the most tedious areas in the game, as far as I'm concerned. The game REALLY rolls after you pass it. Question: How do you get to the Red Dragon Cave after freeing the Black Dragon? Answer: OK, hop back on the Destiny and head east across the sea. You'll eventually make landfall and after passing through a large tunnel of sorts, keep heading east until you reach the village of Raculi. Once there, you'll find out about the Serek Palace, which is where the doorway to the Red Dragon Cave is. Before hitting the Palace though, stop by the Lion's Head (somewhere south and east of Zaback Mine Town), a rather easy (if you know the trick to beating the enemies) treasure cave, and the Dragon's Nest (there's a path to it just past the "tunnel" leading to Raculi), which is a real pain in the butt to get through but they do have some good treasure there as well. Question: I am stuck in the Zaback Mine looking for the Black Dragon. Anyway, I am lost as heck, and any tips on finding who I'm looking for and getting out would be greatly appreciated. Answer: Have you been to Zaback Town yet? In the South Eastern part of the Mine's 1F you'll find a spot that's brighter than the rest. This is a door that takes you to Zaback Town. From there, you eventually head to Neo Vane and take out Borgan before trying to free the Black Dragon. Question: I have noticed a castle/town between the Lion's Head and Raculi just south of the large cave that we drive the ship through. I have been trying to get into that structure but I can't find any way of doing it. As I see it, if this place is not just for looks, then there must be a warp zone or something that will take us there. I am now doing the Epilogue for the second time, so I have a pretty good grasp of the game (although I am learning new things every day). Answer: Yeah, actually this place is Neo-Vane after it crashed. You can get to it still by using the teleporter in Zaback Mine Town. Question: How do you get around in Lionhead? I've searched high and low but have found no Snake Ring, nor any Dimension Ring in the epilogue. I've only gotten to the point of the third room where there are two buttons... Answer: Hmm, well you do have to play around with the buttons a bit up at the top of the Lion's Head, and if you wait too long before leaving the rooms I think the platforms switch back, but eventually you should be able to reach the outside of the Lion's Head, right near the lion's face. Question: How do you beat Ghaleon when you face him in Vane after Zophar's return? Answer: First make sure your characters have a few Dover Nuts handy. Second, the first time through (when you have no magic), just keep attacking, though you may want to keep Lemina fleeing (her attack isn't that strong. Once you get your magic back, use Hiro's Poe Sword, alternate between BD Vigor and Attack for Jean, Leo's Flash Sword, Ronfar use Althena Litany first round and Tranquil Litany each later round, and Lemina use Pressure Cooker (if you don't have Pressure Cooker try your best Ice spell). You might want to have White Dragon Protect handy for those times when Ghaleon is about to cast a spell (watch for a color change or something). Question: Where is Ronfar in the Epilogue? Answer: Ronfar is in the village of Raculi. Question: How do you beat the Phantom Sentry in the Sunken Tower 7th Level? Answer: He's not that hard to beat. Just make sure you save up spells and beat up on him like you would on any other Boss. Also keep an eye on him, after seeing him for a while you'll know when he's gonna cast a particularly devastating spell and for you to use WD-protect. At this point I had also gotten Hiro the Dimension Ring, Lucia's Tear, and Althena's Sword. Here's how I beat him: Hiro: Just use regular attacks (4 hits add up to more than 1 Poe Sword blast from what I've seen though I could be wrong), healing occaisionally with Althena's Sword if needed, or giving a Silverlight or Star Light to someone if needed. If you don't have the Dimension Ring and Lucia's Tear, use Poe Sword. Jean: BD Vigor/Attack constantly Lemina: Pressure Cooker constantly w/ occaisionaly Silver/ Starlight Ronfar: First round use Althena Litana, then after that use Tranquil Litany every round, or perhaps Althena's Love (the Goddess Crest spell) if you have the Snake Ring equipped. Leo: Flash Sword constantly, with WD Protect on occaision and occaisionaly Silver/Starlight. Question: Are the Mystic Ruins the same as the Dragon Ruins near Gwyn's House? Answer: No, the Mystic Ruins is that cave with all the mirrors you first met Ghaleon in. Question: How do I defeat the 5 dopplegangers in the Dragon Ruins? Answer: Here's what I did to beat the Dopplegangers in the Dragon Ruins: Hiro: If you have the Dimension Ring and Lucia's Tear, just regular attack constantly, occiasionally healing with Althena's Sword or using a Silver/Starlight on someone else. The 4 attacks and hits on all enemies these items give you add up to tons of damage, almost like a Poe Sword per enemy. I recommend you start the attack on "Evil Hiro" as his own Poe Sword can take out just about anyone you got in one hit. Jean would be the next most dangerous enemy, then Leo. If you don't have these items, use Battalion Sword constantly, though it's not as effective. Jean: Blue Dragon Chop constantly. Lemina: I had both Lemina's Ice and Fire spells fully leveled up at this point, but the Ice spells are more powerful, so I used her most powerful Ice spell that can hit everyone on screen, the Nitro Dagger I beleive it was called. Ronfar: Althena Litany first round, Tranquil Litany or Althena's Love (Goddess Crest spell, too much MP if you don't have the Snake Ring) every round after that. Leo: Grizzle Gash constantly. Question: Where in the Lion's Head is the Dimension Ring? Answer: It's on the top floor, though not outside. Check out all the rooms with the switches that rearrage the paths. Question: The FAQ says that there is a snake ring for Lemina in the Haunted House. Where is this Haunted House? I can't seem to be able to find it in the epilogue. Answer: The Haunted House is where you first met Lemina. It's not in there though, but it's actually in a cave near the Haunted House. Question: Who can use the Silver Sharion? Answer: Leo Question: Where is Jean in the Epilogue? Answer: Remember Nota, that desert trading town near the Mystic Ruins where Leo is? Head north of those Ruins and you'll find Jean's carnival more or less in that area. Question: Any good tips to build up to Level 99 in Lunar:EB? Answer (courtesy of Jason R. Warner): Building up to Level 99 in Lunar EB is actually pretty easy, provided you have a good technique down. Hey everyone, I'm Jason, and this is my first contribution to this list. OK, back to my little story. The best way to charge up in the game, aside from those mirror enemies, are beating those blasted Snow Mongrels. (They are found near the White Dragon cave area). These are by far the hardest regular enemies in the game to kill. They have 740 HP, and are incredibly resistant to almost all attacks, as probably all of you know. Beating them requires Level 30 Magic for Lemina and Ronfar, fairly high levels to begin with, probably more than 50, Lucia's Tear and the Dimension ring, and the bracelet that gives the Black Storm power to Jean...OK, here's what you do, remember to concentrate on just ONE! Hiro- Poe Sword (equipped with red dragon crest for extra attack power) Jean- use Black storm on Hiro, or, if the purple dogs show up with the Snow Mongrels, just attack the purple dogs and the damage will be enough so that one Poe Sword attack should finish the dog off Ronfar- Shining Litany on the dog Lemina- Cast Fire Bomb on the dog Leo- Use Soul Blade Combined, all this should put the dog away and net you over 13000 experience points and Magic Points! You don't get any money, but what do you need it for at that stage of the game? Eventually, you can kill 2 Ice Mongrels in one round, but only around Level 80 or so. Jean has to use her Blue Dragon Chop, Hiro use his Poe Sword, and the same attacks for the other three, but on the dog that Hiro ISN'T hitting! OK, I hope that helps you! Here are the bare stats: Hiro and Leo- Ronfar- Jean- Lemina- HP-963 872 888 775 MP-777 820 879 960 ATK- 255 192 192 112 DEF- 128 112 112 96 AGL- 124 115 135 108 WIS- 192 224 224 215 (I have Lemina's Wisdom at 270 with all the equipment on!) LUCK- 255 224 192 192 MAG ENDR- 96 128 112 133 # ATKS- 3 2 4! 1 RANGE- 20 19 21 18 (With Hiro at Level 99 with the Dimension Ring and Blue Dragon Vigor casted, I can beat the Star Dragon in under 2 minutes... Question: Where are the secret rooms? Answer (coutesy of #1 has the Silver Sharion, and it's in sunken tower 2F, where you can see a room with 2 treasure boxes. You head straight down. #2 is NE of the Haunted Mansion, and has several things, most importantly the Mystra Bracelet, #3 is in the sunken tower. You know the two treasures next to each other (one is spiked jacket)? The room IMMIDIATELY before that is #3!!!! Question: Where is the Flame Fist? Answer: The Flame Fist if I remember correctly is in the Epilogue, in the Sunken Tower near Nall's cave. Question: Any tips to make Lion's Head battles easier? Answer: OK, here's what I did in Lion's Head. In Ruby's menu, change your alignment so that all your characters are bunched up next to each other at the top of the screen (don't forget to change it back to what you had before later). The Serpent Eye, which is the nastier of the 2 monsters can't move so you're safe here. Then just use Poe Sword, Haduken, Leminia's most powerful Ice Spell, etc, and just have Ronfar Shining Litany (the spell that drains HP from monsters and trasfers it to the party) himself. For the other monster, just pound on him. About all he does is turn your characters to stone, which you can defend yourself against if you have a tri-ring or something like that. ======== The following is an item list both me and I beleive Jason Hill ( have been compiling (I haven't talked to who provided this list in a while, and my memory fails me as to who it was). This current version is entirely by him, with a few minor changes by me. ======== I'm trying to get a good list (and maybe someday a walkthrough) of all the items and spells plus what they do together. I've gotten the list half-way done now, but it only has the standard info the EB displays (taken directly from the data file.. Thanks Vic for not compressing it). If anyone wishes to help and though effects data in (or even locations), please do.. Here is the list: **************************************************** -------------- Special Items -------------- Left Eye Jewel | Left Dragon Eye Jewel Right Eye Jewel | Right Dragon Eye Jewel Right Dragon Eye | Right Eye Jewel from Tower Left Dragon Eye | Left Eye Jewel from Ruins Mask | Masked Man's Disguise White Dragon Aura | White Dragon's Power Essence Blue Dragon Aura | Blue Dragon's Power Essence Black Dragon Aura | Black Dragon's Power Essence Red Dragon Aura | Red Dragon's Power Essence Entry Pass | Tournament Entry Pass Borgan's Key | Opens the Zaback Mine Door to the Black Dragon Cave Tears of Althena | Althena's Holy Power Lucia's Pendant | Lucia's Special Pendant Luna's Letter | Special Letter to Hiro White Dragon Wings | Reusable Warp Device (warps outside of caves) Special Wine | Special Wine to Deliver Delivery Receipt | Wine Delivery Receipt ------------- Unknown! ------------- Needles | ???? <- (Have no clue!) ------------- Shop Items ------------- Vitality Vial | Recovers from Disability Hern | Recovers a Bit of HP Dover Nut | Recovers a Lot of HP Star Light | Recovers a Little MP Silver Light | Restores MP Completely Angel Tears | Resurrects the Dead Holy Water | Restore Status to Normal Sprint Water | Heal Freeze Sunflower Seeds | Heals Stone Condition Purity Herb | Poison Antidote Dragonfly Wing | Warps Out of a Dungeon ------------- Rings ------------- Fire Ring | Decreases Water and Wind Atk Heal Ring | Recovers HP while battling Snake Ring | Reduces Spell Cost by 1/2 Angel Ring | One-Time Auto-Resurrection Fresh Ring | Defends from Frez, Pois, Slep Refresher Ring | Defends from Ston, Mute, Conf Plasma Ring | Reduces Eathe and Water Atk Tri-Ring | Defends all Status Attacks Heat Ring | HP Recovery Magic Enabler Phoenix Ring | Special Magic Enabler (Revive Magic) Illusion Ring | Special Magic Enabler Dimension Ring | Gives you double the attacks and teleports you around | the battle screen. ------------------ Special Equipable ------------------ Shiro Tail | Attack Agility Increases Lynx Tail | Range Increases in Combat Althena's Letter | Enables Clean Magic Spell Dragon Angel Crest | Defense from Dragon Breath Goddess Pin | Special Magic Enabler Love Pendant | Reduces Thunger and Fire Atk Wind Pendant | Fire and Earth Atks Lessen Earth Crux | Wind and Thunder Atks Lessen Lucia's Tear | Regular attacks damage all enemies Party Mask | Def +9 *Special Magic (Soul Swiper) White Dragon Crest | White Dragon Magic Enabler (White Dragon Protect) Blue Dragon Crest | Blue Dragon Magic Enabler (Blue Dragon Vigor) Black Dragon Crest | Black Dragon Magic Enabler (Black Dragon Shield) Red Dragon Crest | Red Dragon Magic Enabler (Red Dragon Anger) Goddess Crest | Althena's Magic Enabler (Althena's Light) ------------- Daggers ------------- Dagger | Atk Power +4 +1 Attacks Ancient Knife | Atk Power +16 +5 Agility Ritual Dagger | Atk Power +60 *Freeze Attack Silver Dagger | Atk Power +20 +2 Attacks Fabulous Dagger | Atk Power +80 *MP Absorb ------------- Swords ------------- Short Sword | Atk Power +26 Long Sword | Atk Power +38 Great Sword | Atk Power +50 *Blasts Enemy Iron Scimitar | Atk Power +67 Battle Shadow | Atk Power +80 +1 Attacks Flame Saber | Atk Power +86 *Tool Effect (Fire Magic) Platinum Scimitar | Atk Power +116 *Freeze Atk Platinum Blade | Atk Power +130 *Blast Enemy Dark Scimitar | Atk Power +140 *Kill Attack Wind Sword | Atk Power +150 +1 Attacks Onyx Sword | Atk Power +156 *Mute Magic Ice Blade | Atk Power +180 *Equip Effect Grim Saber | Atk Power +190 *Kill Attack Ghaleon's Sword | Atk Power +210 *Equip Effect Althena's Sword | Atk Power +230 *Equip Effect + Heal Magic White Fang | Atk Power +130 Battle Saber | Atk Power +140 *Equip Effect Blood Saber | Atk Power +200 *Equip Effect Grim Rapier | Atk Power +180 *Dragon Damag Silver Sharion | Atk Power +220 *Surefire Atk -------------- Fans/Fist -------------- Feather Fan | Atk Power +17 +1 Attacks Iron Fan | Atk Power +28 +1 Attacks Glass Fan | Atk Power +50 +1 Attacks Razor Fan | Atk Power +68 +1 Attacks Goddess Fan | Atk Power +99 +1 Attacks Atomic Punch | Atk Power +82 +1 Attacks Hell Spike | Atk Power +98 +1 Attacks Thunder Claw | Atk Power +116 +1 Attacks Kaiser Knuckle | Atk Power +180 +4 Defense Flame Fist | *Equip Effect --------------- Bows --------------- Bow | Atk Power +50 +Distance Atk Mystic Bow | Atk Power +60 +1 Attacks Dark Bow | Atk Power +80 +1 Attacks Fury Bow | Atk Power +145 *Kill Attack Immortal Bow | Atk Power +160 +1 Attacks --------------- Staffs --------------- Staff | Atk Power +4 +2 Wisdom Water Staff | Atk Power +14 *Equip Effect Thunder Staff | Atk Power +25 *Equip Effect Soul Staff | Atk Power +38 *Equip Effect Onyx Staff | Atk Power +54 *Equip Effect Dragon Staff | Atk Power +68 *Equip Effect Holy Staff | Atk Power +85 *Equip Effect Shaman Staff | Atk Power +130 *MP Absorb --------------- Blunt Weapons --------------- Mace | Atk Power +42 Flail | Atk Power +80 Battle Hammer | Atk Power +70 +1 Attacks Iron Mace | Atk Power +120 *Equip Effect Magic Rod | Atk Power +136 *HP Absorb Thor's Hammer | Atk Power +140 *Enemy Flip Pick Axe | Atk Power +150 +1 Attacks Justice Rod | Atk Power +170 *Equip Effect Sinistron | Atk Power +200 *Equip Effect -------------- Armor -------------- Leather Armor | Def Power +5 Scale Armor | Def Power +7 Iron Armor | Def Power +10 Shell Armor | Def Power +12 *Anti-Poison Steel Armor | Def Power +13 Plate Mail | Def Power +16 Knight Armor | Def Power +20 +3 TRANSFER Lightning Armor | Def Power +24 +8 Agility Platinum Armor | Def Power +28 *Anti-Poison Thunder Armor | Def Power +32 *Anti-Freeze Onyx Armor | Def Power +40 *Anti-Mute Angel Armor | Def Power +45 *Anti-Breath Phoenix Mail | Def Power +50 *Special Magic (Revive Magic) King's Mail | Def Power +55 *Special Magic Dragon Armor | Def Power +60 Atk Power +18 -------------- Dresses/Wraps -------------- Pretty Dress | Def Power +8 Flared Dress | Def Power +10 *Anti-Sleep Aura Dress | Def Power +13 *Anti-Freeze Graceful Dress | Def Power +18 +5 Agility Battle Dress | Def Power +24 Atk Power +5 Goddess Dress | Def Power +45 *Counter Atk Seal Wrap | Def Power +28 *Counter Atk Eagle Wrap | Def Power +34 +10 Agility Tiger Wrap | Def Power +38 Atk Power +10 Immortal Wrap | Def Power +42 *Counter Atk Spiked Jacket | Def Power +48 *Counter Atk -------------- Robes -------------- Wisdom Robe | Def Power +9 *Anti-Sleep Judgment Robe | Def Power +16 +8 Wisdom Aura Robe | Def Power +20 *Anti-Freeze Blazing Robe | Def Power +24 +14 Wisdom Immortal Robe | Def Power +40 *Special Magic Ice Robe | Def Power +30 *Anti-Poison Flame Robe | Def Power +35 *Anti-Sleep Robe Of Eyes | Def Power +45 *Magic Absorb -------------- Clothes -------------- Cloth Tunic | Def Power +1 Peasant Clothes | Def Power +3 +5 Luck Priest's Clothes | Def Power +20 *Anti-Confuse Saint Clothes | Def Power +32 *Anti-Confuse Justice Clothes | Def Power +38 *Anti-Stone Gamblin' Suit | Def Power +45 *Counter Atk -------------- Shields -------------- Wood Shield | Def Power +2 Iron Shield | Def Power +4 Steel Shield | Def Power +6 Platinum Shield | Def Power +9 *Anti-Poison Thunder Shield | Def Power +12 *Anti-Freeze Onyx Shield | Def Power +15 *Anti-Mute Flaming Shield | Def Power +18 *Anti-Sleep Storm Shield | Def Power +25 *Anti-Confuse Dragon Shield | Def Power +30 *Counter Atk -------------- Bracelets -------------- Iron Bracelet | Def Power +3 Steel Bracelet | Def Power +6 Onyx Bracelet | Def Power +10 *Anti-Mute Aura Bracelet | Def Power +16 *Special Magic Goddess Bracelet | Def Power +20 +12 Agility Justice Bracelet | Def Power +15 *Special Magic Life Bracelet | Def Power +20 *HP Recovery Psycho Bracelet | Def Power +15 *Special Magic Mystra Bracelet | Def Power +20 *1/2 Spel Cost -------------- Helms -------------- Chain Helm | Def Power +2 Iron Helm | Def Power +4 Steel Helm | Def Power +6 Platinum Helm | Def Power +8 *Anti-Poison Thunder Helm | Def Power +10 *Anti-Freeze Onyx Helm | Def Power +12 *Anti-Mute Safety Helm | Def Power +12 *Counter Atk Pyro Helm | Def Power +15 *Anti-Sleep Dragon Helm | Def Power +20 *Special Magic ------------- Bandannas ------------- Bandanna | Def Power +1 LuckY Bandanna | Def Power +10 +20 Luck Studly Bandanna | Def Power +12 +5 Magic Endr Justice Bandanna | Def Power +15 *Special Magic ------------- Misc? ------------- Headband | Def Power +3 Pink Bow | Def Power +5 *Anti-Sleep Gold Clip | Def Power +12 Atk Power +4 Goddess Clip | Def Power +18 *Special Magic Wisdom Cap | Def Power +9 +5 Wisdom Wisdom Tiara | Def Power +10 +5 Wisdom Mystery Tiara | Def Power +16 +7 Magic Endr -------- Magic -------- Hiro Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Area Effect:Type ------------------------------------------------------+----------------------- Boomerang -> Multi-Boomerang -> Cross Boomerang | 1E:Boomerang Attack Squall -> Tempest -> Gale Vortex | AZ:Flip By Wind Rushing Breeze -> Force Wind -> Bladk Storm | EZ:Attack by Tornado Cyclone -> Super Cyclone -> Soul Blaster | AE:Attack by Causing | Tempest Learned Magic ------------- Poe Sword 1E:Jump Attack Sybillum Sword EZ:Split-Spirit Attack Battalion Sword AE:Fast Multi-Attack Dark Sword AE:Split Battle Mode Ronfar Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Area Effect:Type ------------------------------------------------------+----------------------- Heal Litany -> Recovery Litany -> Purity Litany | 1A:Recovers HP for 1 | Person Calm Litany -> Rest Litany -> Tranquil Litany | AA:Recovers HP for | Party Light Litany -> Bright Litany -> Shining Litany | 1E:Steals HP --> | Party Priest Litany -> Saint Litany -> Althena Litany | AE/AA:Goddess' | Assistance Chance Dice -> Lucky Dice -> Destiny Dice | AE/AA:Attack/Heal | Crapshoot Risk Roulette -> Sword Roulette -> Destiny Roulette | 1E/1A:Attack Same | Party Anger Flame -> Rage Flame -> Immortal Flame | 1E:BIG Damage | Crapshoot Hades Wager -> Recovery Wager -> Purity Wager | AA:Brings the Party | to Life Learned Magic ------------- Herbal Breeze 1E:Pleasant Sleep-Inducer Clean Magic 1A:Heals most Conditions Loki Magic 1E/1A:Uncurse Subject Revive Magic 1A:Wakes the Dead Jean Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Area Effect:Type ------------------------------------------------------+----------------------- Butterfly Dance -> Swallow Dance -> Vulture Dance | EZ:Poison Attack Needle Step -> Needle Kick -> Needle Chop | 1E:Freeze Attack Charm Dance -> Tempting Dance -> Fantasy Dance | EZ:Creates Confusion Dopple Dance -> Punk Dance -> Slam Dance | OS:Creates Ghostly | Sidekick Learned Magic ------------- Haduken 1E:Offensive Energy Ball Aura Wave EZ:Energy Shockwave Comet Tail EZ:Attack with Flying Kick Blue Dragon Chop AE:Quick Attack Skill Lemina Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Area Effect:Type ------------------------------------------------------+----------------------- Flame -> Flame Shot -> Flame Bomb | 1E:Throws Fire at | Enemy Fire Ring -> Hot Zone -> Burning Rage | EZ:Creates Deadly | Fire Ring Power Flame -> Power Factory -> Power Drive | 1A:Increases Attack | Power Pyro Pillar -> Pyre Pillar -> Crematorium | AE:Shining Flame | Attack Icepick -> Ice Arrow -> Ice Lance | 1E:Drops Ice on | Target Ice Wall -> Freeze Trap -> Freeze Claw | EZ:Cascading Ice Wall | Attack Ice Shell -> Ice Barrier -> Cryo-Shield | 1A:Increases | Defensive Power Blizzard -> Ice Driver -> Nitro Dagger | AE:Creates a Raging | Blizzard Learned Magic ------------- Spell Sucker 1E:Seals off enemy's magic Pressure Cooker 1E:Lowers opponet's level Magic Swiper 1E:Hijacks MP from enemy Magic Shield AZ:Barrier against attack Leo Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Area Effect:Type ------------------------------------------------------+----------------------- Rock Viper -> Rock Cobra -> Rock Riot | 1E:Attack by Dropping | Rocks Earth Spike -> Earth Knuckle -> Earth Fangs | EZ:Attack by Earth | Power Asteroid Break -> Comet Break -> Solar Break | 1E:Meteor Attack Crackpot -> Crack Point -> Crack Zone | AE:Earthquake Attack Learned Magic ------------- Flash Blade 1E:Sliding Blade Attack Buzz Blade EZ:Round Blade Attack Soul Blade 1E:Recover HP from Enemy Grizzle Gash AE:Multi-Enemy Round Blade Lucia Pulse Laser, Napalm Shot, Plasma Rain, Thunder Blow, Plasma Shock, Lightning Bomb, Spark Cannon, Soul Rush, Atomic Burn, Soul Finger, Iron Tiger, Mystic Defender, Althena's Love Crest Magic Red Dragon Anger AE:Damage to Enemies Blue Dragon Vigor OS:Additional Attacks White Dragon Protect AA:Negates Enemy's Spell Black Dragon Shield AE:Removes "Living" Enemies Althena's Light AA:Major Healing for Party</p>