__ ____/ \ /\ _____ _____ /___ \__// / \ ___ \|____| / / /_ \ | | \ || | / / ___\ \ | |__| ||___| / / /_____ \|_____||____| / / ___ \/__ ___ ___ ___ _ __ / / / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / V \ / / / ___// ___ // ___// __ // __ / / __ | /_/ / /___/ / _/// /___/ /_/// /_// / / / / \____/\___/ \____/\___/ \___//__/ /__/ STORY OF TAMAMYU MONOGATARI VERSION 1.0 ----------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ----------------- 1. Copywright info 2. ABOUT THE WALKTHROUGH (please read) 3. CHARACTERS 4. **WALKTHROUGH**(mostly complete wait for update) -Town -Beetle Forest -Back in town -Dragon Fly Forest -BOSS-KIKINAK(bird man) -Back in town -Spider Forest -Back in town -Moth Forest -Ancient Building -Alternate Beetle Forest -Back at the Ancient Building -Alternate Dragon Fly Forest(yet to be completed 5. GAMESHARK CODES(none right now but they will br added on when I find some.) --------------- COPYWRIGHT INFO --------------- I never put a copy wright on it use it as you desire. --------------------- ABOUT MY WALK THROUGH --------------------- This walkthrough will probably be up dated every two days. If i missed something please contact me(be specific) at azn_boy_@hotmail.com.This is my first walkthrough so sorry if it is a bit sloppy. ---------- CHARACTERS ---------- -Levant (or what ever you named him) The main character in the game whom is forced to become a cocoon master such as his father Rietz(something like that). This is your one and only playable character throughout the entire game(that sort of sucked!). Levant cares for his mother very much since his father had left on unexplained circumstances. -Mahbu Levants child hood friend also his destined wife by religion. She hates all of the religions that they must follow but does like Levant. She tames ,combines, spins, and equips your miniuns(animals). -Garia An old lady that you do not know much about but she took care of Mahbu since she was a child. -Lui The watch tower gaurd i suppose you can call him your friend. He has sworn revenge on the miniuns for killing his parents. -Phio Levants mom is a very sad woman who waits for Levants father Ricketz to come home but there is probably no chance of that. -Jibara Jibara is one of the more powerful people in the story she ends up screwing eevveryytthhiinngg up later in the game. -Kelmar Levants best friend he is the son of Yajako and Ada. -Grotta The Ruler of syrus he is not very important in the game besides to bug you with his ugly looks. -Blue Cocoon Master-KORIS The blue cocoon master is misterious but he is also not very important. -Forest People These little people open a gate for you in the spider forest so you can move on to the next forest. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- WALKTHROUGH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items ----- none (i think) First go to your house and go to sleep. You will have a nightmare and all you have to do is follow the path down until you reach the opening with the Dream Man. you will lose the battle there is no way you can win. You will wake up and you should go back to sleep again. You will have another night mare. You will lose once again. Go outside and then the city should be invaded by the Locusts of Apocalypse. You will see a chain of movies. Then you will be told to go to the beetle forest. First stock up on weapons and/ or supplies. Then head to the watch tower talk to Lui and go to the Barrier Gate. ------------- Beetle Forest ------------- Items ----- skeleton key scattered potions and such knowledge blocks 1,2, and 3. Beetle warp item You will never die so you do not need to many health restorers. The only way to gain money is to sell a cocoon that has been spun by Mahbu. Upon entering you will come across the blue cocoon master. You will battle his miniun. Just do what he tells you to. Proceed forward and there will be 2 wasps to battle. Throughout the whole area there are many other things so run through the entire forest looking for items. before you reach the Blue Cocoon Masters hut(it is the place that does not look like a forest but white steps. Before that go all the way to the right there should be a save. Continue and you will find the Beetle warp item. Do not walk into the transporter now go to the Hut. ------------ Back in town ------------ YYYAAAYYY!!! You finally get to mess around with your monsters. To find out the best matches combine ones with the same elemental power(fire, water, air, earth), second take the strongest one and see which other ones make it stronger, or train them to grow they look so much better as adults so try not to mix some.Have Mahbu spin some cocoons so you can sell them at the shop for cash. Buy what you need and proceed to the Dragon Fly forest. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dragon Fly Forest ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items ----- 2 Skelleton keys Larva key(unknown use) some sort of book scattered potions a secret to killing book(gets taken away by KIKINAK a thing to open up the gate Knowledge tablet 5 Dragon fly warp item YYYAAAYYY!!! You finally get to get a humanoid minion and a purple pot minion, a turtle minion, some sort of purple bird minion and also a brown bird minion. --------------------------- JUST PASS THE STUPID Level Head straight down until you reach an start from Down there but Intersection. Head left picking up everything. | you miss all of the Keep doing that until you reach stairs go | secrets. down open the chest go up and see the passage |-------------------------- behind the turtle follow it until you go |up a rock and grab an Item forgot what it was go down and head around |it to the right talk to the Dragon Fly symbol and it will light up. Now go |around the other side of the rock hing to go down stairs you will see a bug |minion fight it take the right path talk to the thing in the middle towards |the back of the room and take the middle path. Get the Secret of killing |book in the bottom right of the room and KIKI-something will come and take |it away.Do not go to the left it is a waste of time there is nothing in it |besides a bug and a teleporter which you cannot use yet. Head back to the ---------------------------------------------------------^ first intersection and go the rocky way continue straight until you fight birds. Take the path that is furthist to the left but is sort of straight get the thing that opens the door off of the wall and take the right path now. Do not go left unless you want to catch another minion. Go through the door. Just keep going straight. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- KIKINAK(bird man) do not worry about death in this game No real strategy just use an element that is strong against you opponents element throughout the entire game---Just use a fire minion. I forgot to equip a minion so I ended up killing him with my trusty stick--it only cost 2000!! So that is the strategy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- END OF BOSS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now you are friends with the stupid bird? Come back here later and go past where you fought the bird you will get the dragon fly warp item. ------------ Back in town ------------ Stock up on items, do stuff with your minions after the in-game movies and go to the SPIDER FOREST. ------------- Spider Forest ------------- Items ----- a pretty good spear. Other scattered items first take the left path then take the right there should be a spear against the wall. go take the left pathes until you have to walk around a bush and have to fight a humanoid minion that is in the way. First go straight down taking all of the left paths until you reach the warp item get it then now it is a good time to fight the poacher BEWARE THE POACHERS LAGOAT IS MUCH MUCH STRONGER THAN BEFORE!!!!!!! Now go to the screen right before the warp pad take the right. Then keep heading left until you reach the Forest person give him the ring and go back to town. Explore the town and then head back to the forest you should now have something valuable and he likes it better than the ring that only glows on your hand. Now keep going north take the upper path open the chestnow take the lower now the upper now open another chest take the lower get the key just north of the exit. you will fight trees so you need a minion with strong magic defence. Take the obvious path. Watch the in-game movie and head to mother Garias house. ------------ Back in town ------------ Stock up on supplies. Now stock up on weapons buy and sell everything in this fisrt talk because he won't let you buy after the first turn. Go to the Cheifs estate and talk to the gaurd. After the in-game movie go to mother Garias house and then to the next forest. ----------- Moth Forest ----------- Items ----- Scatered Items I strongly reccomend to save. Filter this entire forest. Then you will see a movie when you open the door and go through. ---------------- ANCIENT BUILDING ---------------- Stock up on supplies and weapons now head through the forest. ----------------------- Alternate Beetle forest ----------------------- items ----- none Same mapping different monsters and no items thoough. Catch alot of the blue 3-headed Dragons and combine alot of them because the boss is the Fire Boss. Go to Koris's hut and save near the transporer that does not work. Defeat the fire boss. Keep using the Magic atack that you get when you combine with the water monster it makes a circle of water and water shouts up in the middle. ---------------------------- Back at the Ancient Building ---------------------------- Stock up on items and continue into the Alternate Dragon Fly Forest. --------------------------- Alternate Dragon Fly Forest --------------------------- Have not been there yet Sorry.To be continued... --------------- GAMESHARK CODES --------------- NONE NOW</p>