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Email addresses are not posted in the FAQ, unless you specifically state that you want it to be. Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will find the most up to date version of this FAQ at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ http://www.cheatcc.com/ http://www.cheatplanet.com/ http://www.game-revolution.com/ Man, this game has some bugs. Still working at it, trying to get it done before the 14th. Obviously this thing contains SPOILERS. Even looking at the contents might give something away. So, be ye warned. You do not need to play Knights of the Old Republic 1 to enjoy this game. It doesn't load up any of your old saves, or use the data from the first game in any way. That said, I would recommend playing the first game as it is quite an enjoyable game. (Although I like this one more) KoTOR2 will ask you early on how your KoTOR1 game went, and you can set Revan as male/female and light/dark. Note: The game has gender confusion when Revan is a female. Many people, Vrook seemed the worst, will forget and call Revan "him". I haven't seen this happen in reverse. With Revan set to male, no one called him a "her." After a point, you can head to different planets in different orders. I picked one that I liked the best and used it for the walkthrough. Feel free to disagree and go to the others in any order you want. Bear in mind that the difficulty of the fights (from numbers of opponents, to Vitality levels of Bosses) is determined by your level. So, regardless, the game should stay challenging enough no matter which way you go. Quick Definitions: KoTOR2 - this game STR - Strength DEX - Dexterity CON - Constitution INT - Intelligence WIS - Wisdom CHA - Charisma XP - Experience Point. The basic economic unit of the RPG is these bad boys, not "credits." LSP - Light Side Point. Any action that moves you towards the light side is said to give you a Light Side Point. I use the abbreviation LSP. DSP - Dark Side Point. Same. INF - Influence. In the game you can influence your companions. It has two effects, first, there alignment gets closer to yours; and second, they will reveal more information about themselves and even give you bonuses. In my conversatin trees, I use +INF+ to note gains in Influence, and -INF- to note losses in Influence. DC - Difficulty Class. Basically a number you have to reach to do something. A lock might be a DC 15 lock, so your security skill has to be able to hit a 15. (All skill rolls get a +1-20 + your skill level to beat a DC) Also used for saving throws. Defense - How hard you are to hit. Starts at 10. You are hit when they "roll" higher than your defense. (Attacks are on the same 1-20 random chance, plus they add their attack modifier, if they get over your DEF, they hit) Armor and Dexterity improve this. Max Dex Bonus - in armor, how much of your Dex bonus will stack with the armor. An armor with a Max Dex bonus of +3 will allow only that. If you have an 18 DEX (+4), then only +3 is used, the rest is wasted. Note, however, that you still get your DEX for attack rolls (ranged and finesse only) and for Reflex saves. Critical Hit - in the "d20" system, attack rolls are figured by a 1 to 20 chance. If you get a "20" you get a critical hit. This usually does double damage (x2). However, Critical Hit chances can be changed, both by items and feats. Some weapons might have a Critical line that reads: 17-20 / x3. This means you critical on a 17 to 20 (a 20% chance), and do triple damage. Swag - another name for treasures, items, booty, shinies, junk, and other things that you'll pick up. Since most of the items you'll find are randomly determined by the game, and you'll get different things every time you play, I can't really say what you'll get (except in some specific instances). So, I use the old pirate terms. Arrh. This Document is Copyright 2005 by Dan Simpson. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is a property of Lucasarts, Bioware and Obsidian, and all related marks are Trademarks, Registered Trademarks, or Copyrights owned by the respective companies. All rights reserved. This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it. You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- __________________ Status, as of 0.6: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Sections Completed: Creating your Exile, Puzzle Solutions, FAQ, Cheats, Final Words, Walkthrough now completed through all areas of Telos, Dantooine (mostly), Nar Shaddaa (barely) Sections to Go: Companions (partial), Developing your Characters (some), Walkthrough (Most) Percent Complete: 50% For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end of the FAQ. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i. Creating your Exile ... Classes ... Stats ... Skills ... Feats ii. Companions iii. Developing your Characters ... Powers ... Leveling Up ... Prestige Classes iv. Power Playing Strategies Puzzle Solutions Frequently Asked Questions Walkthrough 1. The Prologue 2. Peragus 3. Telos - Citadel Station 4. Telos - Planetside 5. Telos - Hidden Base 6. The Ebon Hawk 7. Dantooine 8. Nar Shadda 9. Onderon / Dxun 10. Korriban 11. Onderon Finale 12. Dantooine Again 13. Telos - Hidden Base Again 14. Telos - Citadel Station Again 15. The Ravager 16. Malachor V - Endgame Tweaks, Exploits and Outright Cheats Bugs, Glitches and Other Terrors Final Words... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i. Creating your Exile ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The "Exile" is your character, in addition to whatever you name him/her. There are 3 main "classes" you can take, each with a male/female option. Jedi Sentinel makes for a good solid choice, good offense, lots of skills and decent feat and power selection. Jedi Guardian gets more vitality, but less skills and more feats, while Jedi Consulars get only Force Powers in any great amount. Now, for more details... Male/Female: In many games, this is largely an ascetic choice. What would you rather look at for a few dozen hours. However, in KoTOR2, there is one major effect of this choice, the difference in whether you can pick up the Handmaiden character or the Disciple character. If you are a male, you get Handmaiden, if you are female you get Disciple. There is no other particular change, besides who flirts with you, and Kreia's reactions to you, however. Note: There is one more character choice like this, but unlike this one, you can affect who you get after you start. You get Mira if you are Light/Neutral and Hanharr if you are Dark Side. Class: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jedi Guardian 10 Vitality / Level 1 skill point / level Bonus Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light) Armor Proficiency (Medium) Critical Strike Flurry Power Attack Power Blast Rapid Shot Sniper Shot Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Pistol) Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Rifle) Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber) Weapon Proficiency (Melee Weapon) Jedi Defense Force Jump Jedi Sense War Veteran Class Skills: Awareness Demolitions Persuade Treat Injury Level: Saves: DEF Bonus: Feats: Powers: F R W 1 2 2 1 2 1 2 2 3 3 2 2 1 1 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 4 4 4 2 2 0 1 5 4 4 3 2 1 1 6 5 5 3 4 0 1 7 5 5 4 4 1 1 8 6 6 4 4 0 1 9 6 6 4 4 1 1 10 7 7 5 4 0 1 11 7 7 5 4 1 1 12 8 8 6 6 0 1 13 8 8 6 6 1 1 14 9 9 6 6 0 1 15 9 9 7 6 1 1 16 10 10 7 6 0 1 17 10 10 8 6 1 1 18 11 11 8 8 0 1 19 11 11 8 8 1 1 20 12 12 9 8 0 1 ...etc. === 11 feats by level 20 Jedi Sentinel 8 Vitality / Level 3 skill points / level Bonus Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light) Critical Strike Flurry Power Attack Power Blast Rapid Shot Sniper Shot Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Pistol) Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Rifle) Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber) Weapon Proficiency (Melee Weapon) Jedi Defense Force Immunity (Fear) Jedi Sense War Veteran Class Skills: Awareness Computer Use Persuade Security Stealth Treat Injury Level: Saves: DEF Bonus: Feats: Powers: F R W 1 2 2 1 2 1 2 2 3 3 2 2 0 1 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 4 4 4 2 2 0 1 5 4 4 3 2 0 1 6 5 5 3 4 1 1 7 5 5 4 4 1 1 8 6 6 4 4 0 1 9 6 6 4 4 1 1 10 7 7 5 4 0 1 11 7 7 5 4 0 1 12 8 8 6 6 1 1 13 8 8 6 6 1 1 14 9 9 6 6 0 1 15 9 9 7 6 1 1 16 10 10 7 6 0 1 17 10 10 8 6 0 1 18 11 11 8 8 1 1 19 11 11 8 8 1 1 20 12 12 9 8 0 1 ...etc. === 10 feats by level 20 Jedi Consular 6 Vitality / Level 2 skill points / level Bonus Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light) Critical Strike Flurry Power Attack Power Blast Rapid Shot Sniper Shot Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Pistol) Weapon Proficiency (Blaster Rifle) Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber) Weapon Proficiency (Melee Weapon) Jedi Defense Force Focus Jedi Sense War Veteran Class Skills: Awareness Persuade Repair Treat Injury Level: Saves: DEF Bonus: Feats: Powers: F R W 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 3 2 3 2 0 1 3 3 2 3 2 1 2 4 4 2 4 2 0 1 5 4 3 4 2 0 1 6 5 3 5 4 1 2 7 5 4 5 4 0 1 8 6 4 6 4 0 1 9 6 4 6 4 1 2 10 7 5 7 4 0 1 11 7 5 7 4 0 1 12 8 6 8 6 1 2 13 8 6 8 6 0 1 14 9 6 9 6 0 1 15 9 7 9 6 1 2 16 10 7 10 6 0 1 17 10 8 10 6 0 1 18 11 8 11 8 1 2 19 11 8 11 8 0 1 20 12 9 12 8 0 1 ...etc. === 7 feats by level 20 Attributes/Stats: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The physical and mental abilities of your character. There are two numbers for each stat, the raw score and the modifier. The raw score starts at 8 for each stat, which means the modifier for each stat begins at -1. modifier = (raw stat - 10) / 2 The modifier is what we really care about, as that gets added to everything. Your stats at the beginning of the game are just that, the beginning. They get raised by you every 4 levels starting at level 4. Equipable items can also raise your stats, and items/force powers can boost your stats temporarily. Also, your companions can help you raise your stats, especially HK-47. When you get a "bonus" from a stat, it uses the modifier. So, someone with an 18 DEX gets a +4 to his stealth. You get 30 points to spend on stats. However, as your stat gets higher, it takes more points to raise the stat as indicated below. 18 is the limit at level 1. Stat Costs: 8 - 14 <-> 1 point = 1 stat point increase 15- 16 <-> 2 points = 1 stat point increase 17- 18 <-> 3 points = 1 stat point increase Note: Stat increases from level ups (at level 4, 8, 12, etc.) are not weighted. You can raise from 17 to 18 with one point then. But you must spend all your points at the beginning of the game. No saving them for the better rates later. Because higher raw scores are really point intensive, it isn't recommended that you go higher than 16 at level one. And if I did take a 16 (and I do) I would only take one, and keep the points for other things. You'll have higher total stats if you avoid really high numbers in any one thing. Here are the stats: Strength Affects only melee/lightsaber damage as well as ability to hit with same. That is all it affects. A must-have for light-side characters as they have very few damaging force powers (none if you aren't fighting droids). I'd recommend starting with 15. Then at level 4 put another point here. Dexterity Increases your Defense, ability to hit with ranged weapons (you can use your Dexterity in melee/lightsaber if you take a Feat to do so) and bonus to Reflex saves. Finally adds a bonus to your Stealth skill. Dexterity is useful, yes, but you don't need it. You're going to take hits, and a +1 or +2 bonus to defense isn't worth putting the points here. Besides, the best defense of all is killing them before they even hit you. I'd go with a 10 here. Constitution Gives a bonus to Vitality for every level you have, as well as a bonus to your Fortitude save. Also, new in KoTOR2, Constitution, rather than feats, determine what type of Implants you can get. To get the best implants you need an 18 Constitution. I'd start with a 14. You should get this to 18 by the end, by you can get most of the increase through companion dialogues. Note: If your Constitution is boosted by an item to 18 or more, you are still limited by your ACTUAL Constitution score with regard to what implants you can get. Oh well. Intelligence Bonus to many skills: Computer Use, Demolitions, Repair, Security as well as a bonus to the number of skill points you start with and get at each level. Also, there are dialogue options in the game that will only trigger with a higher intelligence. Unlike Constitution, you don't gain skill points retroactively when your Intelligence goes up, giving you more of an incentive to take Intelligence early. Finally there are fewer items that raise Intelligence than any other stat, thus, I would take a 16 here. Note: You do not gain more skill points/level with a BOOSTED INT, it only uses your ACTUAL INT. Dialogue options, however, will appear no matter how you got your smarts. No matter how low your INT, you will always gain 1 skill point per level Wisdom Bonus to Will Saves, Defense (if you get Handmaiden to train you), skills (Awareness, Treat Injury) and your Force Powers will be more difficult to resist. Additionally, there are dialogue options that only appear with a high Wisdom. At low levels, your Force Powers can really use the boost, however, at high levels, your Force Powers generally get more of a boost from levels than anything else. So, I'd skip it, and take a 10 here. Charisma Bonus to Force Powers (the same as Wisdom, and they stack), improves abilities with opposite aligned force powers (reduces cost), bonus to skill (Persuasion) and probably dialogue options, but I can't prove it. Decent to have, but again, you don't need it as much as you need other things at level one. I'd take a 10 here as well. So, if you followed my advice, you now have: STR > 15 > +2 DEX > 10 > 0 CON > 14 > +2 INT > 16 > +3 (or 14 INT) WIS > 10 > 0 (or 12 WIS) CHA > 10 > 0 (or 12 CHA) A straight up fighter should do... STR > 17 > +3 DEX > 12 > +1 CON > 17 > +3 INT > 8 > -1 WIS > 8 > -1 CHA > 8 > -1 Put one point into CON early, then STR the rest of the way. Of course, you'll never be skilled, and your force powers will be easy to resist. A Consular might try: STR > 12 > +1 DEX > 12 > +1 CON > 14 > +2 INT > 14 > +2 WIS > 14 > +2 CHA > 12 > +1 Skills: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basic abilities outside of combat. This involves using items like computer consoles, repairing droids and dialogue options. Even Repair can be a dialogue option. At level 1, you get (INT MOD x 4) + Class in skill points. So, our Jedi Sentinel with 16 INT gets 24 skill points, or enough to put the full 4 points into each of his/her six class skills. Class Skills are taking at a point for point rate, while all other skills are taken at a 2 point for point rate. Obviously not terribly efficient to go cross class. There are feats you can take to add class skills. Also, prestige classes, listed later, have different class skills. The maximum amount you can put into a skill is your Level + 3, so at level 1 you can only have 4 points in any one skill. For cross-class skills, the max is half that, or at level one, 2 points in any one skill. All skills except Persuade are useful in creating items from components or chemicals. The game uses the skills of whoever uses the workbench to decide what you can make. Repair is used to break down items into components, however, only the Exile (you) can do it. No matter who uses the workbench, it uses the Exile's abilities to determine how many components you get. In parenthesis, I put the stat involved with the skill. These stats boost your skill by the modifier. Computer Use (INT) The ability to "slice" computers, as well as diagnose problems relating to computers, and occasionally droids. Very nice to have, but you will usually have a droid or Bao-Dur around to handle this for you. I'd still keep it up, but not a priority. Demolitions (INT) The ability to set, disable, or recover mines. Very useful to have. Some doors and containers can ONLY be opened by putting a mine on them. Also, recovering mines gives you a small amount of EXPERIENCE. A moderate need, but I wouldn't go much past 10 or 12 points in it ever. Anything more than that is probably pointless. Stealth (DEX) Really only useful to avoid combat, so I typically avoid it. There are a couple situations that require stealth, but those can be handled by anyone, and some of your companions start with stealth. I'd avoid it. Awareness (WIS) Ability to spot Mines, as well as used in dialogues to notice something out of the ordinary. I've noticed that even at a very small level, I found most mines and still got the dialogue options. A small need here, but keep up with it. Persuade (CHA) The one skill that only the Exile can do, and it is a MUST have, unless you don't like talking. Even if I played a dumb as dirt, kill-em-all type, I'd still take persuade. The one skill to always keep up on. Gives more dialogue options than any single other thing, improves relations with companions, gives better rewards, and gets people to see things your way. Repair (INT) Used to repair droids, computers, and similar. Occasionally comes up in dialogues. For droids (not you), affects how much vitality they recover from using Repair kits. Also, as noted above, affects how many components you recover from breaking down items. This is important, as only the Exile can break down items. Technically anyone can use a workbench to do this, but it uses the Exile's skills. This is ONLY the case when breaking down items. When creating items, the skill of whomever is using the workbench is used. But when breaking down, the Exile's Repair skill is used. Trust me, you can get more than 1 component for most items. SPOILER The only time someone else can break down items is when the Exile isn't in the party. Such as the raid on Freedon Nadd's tomb on Dxun, or when T3, Mira or Hanharr are all alone. Although T3 is never near a workbench when alone. Note: I have heard from others that they don't get this problem, that the skills of whomever uses the workbench are used. Your mileage may vary. Security (INT) Ability to open up locked doors and containers. You can use Security Tunnelers on doors to temporarily boost your skill here. Very nice. Also, you get EXPERIENCE by opening doors/containers with Security, while you DON'T get experience by bashing/using a lightsaber. You really need this, that or keep someone on hand who can do it for you. Treat Injury (WIS) Increases amount healed from Medpacs, as well as some dialogue options (though not too many). Not critical, but if you're dark side you might consider this more than light side, as dark siders can't Heal as efficiently with the Force. Also, as with Repair, the Exile's skill with Treat Injury is used when breaking down items regardless of who uses the lab station. So, I created a Jedi Sentinel with a 16 INT, and came up with these skills: Computer Use: 4 points Demolitions: 1 points (cross-class) Stealth: 0 points Awareness: 4 points Persuade: 4 points Repair: 1 points (cross-class) Security: 4 points Treat Injury: 4 points --------------- 24 points total Feats ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The (mostly) combat abilities in the game. Although there are some that increase skill bonuses, some that make certain skills Class-skills, and some that just help out. Feat chains are feats that require that you take the first one to take the second to take the third. I list the second and third of these with a > underneath their original feat. I will *** the Feats that I would recommend that you get at level one. Several feats will be ***, however, you only get one feat. Choose depending on what you want your character to be. I'll list other good feats in the Developing Your Character section later. There are advanced feats that come from Prestige classes, and these will be listed in the Developing your Character section. Two Weapon Fighting - no requirements Reduces penalty to fighting with two weapons (melee, lightsaber or ranged, it doesn't matter) to -4/-6 > Improved Two Weapon Fighting - Level 4 *** Reduces penalty to -2/-4 > Master Two Weapon Fighting - Level 8 Reduces penalty to 0/-2 Armor Proficiency (Light) - no requirements Allows you to wear Light armors. The other feats allow the same. > Armor Proficiency (Medium) > Armor Proficiency (Heavy) Caution - no requirements Gives a +1 to both Demolitions and Stealth. To use a skill, you still need to put a point into that skill. Taking the next two feats in this chain increase the bonus to +2 and +3 respectively. > Improved Caution - Level 4 > Master Caution - Level 8 Critical Strike - Melee/Lightsaber only, no requirements When used, you take a -5 penalty to your DEFENSE, you get a doubled Critical Hit chance, and a chance to stun your opponent for 6 seconds (DC = Level + STR MOD). > Improved Critical Strike - Level 4 Same as above, but with a tripled Critical Hit chance. > Master Critical Strike - Level 8 Same as above, but with a quadrupled Critical Hit chance. Empathy - no requirements Gives a +1 to Persuade, Awareness and Treat Injury. The later feats in this chain increase this to a +2 and a +3 respectively. > Improved Empathy - Level 4 > Master Empathy - Level 8 Flurry - Melee/Lightsaber only, no requirements When used, grants an extra attack at a -2 penalty to Defense and a -4 penalty to all attack rolls (not damage). > Improved Flurry - Level 4 Same as above, but a -1 penalty to Defense and a -2 penalty to attacks. > Master Flurry - Level 8 Same as above, but with no penalties Gearhead - no requirements Gives a +1 to Repair, Security and Computer Use. Later feats in this chain change this to a +2 and +3 respectively. > Improved Gearhead - Level 4 > Master Gearhead - Level 8 Conditioning - no requirements Gives a +1 bonus to all saving throws. Later feats in this chain change this to a +2 and a +3 respectively. > Improved Conditioning - Level 4 > Master Conditioning - Level 8 Power Attack - Melee/Lightsaber only When used, increases damage by +3 while decreasing the attack chance to hit by -3. Also increases the critical multiplier by +1, and gives a chance for a Knockback (DC = Level + 2 x STR MOD). > Improved Power Attack - Level 4 As above, but increases damage to +7. > Master Power Attack - Level 8 As above, but increases damage to +12 Power Blast - Ranged only Exactly the same as Power Attack, but with ranged weapons (Blasters). > Improved Power Blast - Level 4 > Master Power Blast - Level 8 Rapid Shot - Ranged only Exactly the same as Flurry, but with ranged weapons (Blasters). > Improved Rapid Shot - Level 4 > Master Rapid Shot - Level 8 Sniper Shot - Ranged only Exactly the same as Critical Strike, but with ranged weapons (Blasters). > Improved Sniper Shot - Level 4 > Master Sniper Shot - Level 8 Weapon Proficiency (XYZ) - where XYZ is the weapon in question. Allows you to use that weapon. > Weapon Focus (XYZ) Gives a +1 attack bonus to hit with that weapon. > Weapon Specialization (XYZ) - Soldier, Jedi Guardian or Sith Marauder Gives a +2 damage bonus with that weapon. Jedi Defense - Jedi classes only Blaster Deflection becomes possible. Basically an opposed attack roll, where if you roll higher, you don't get hit by a blaster. If you beat their roll by 10 or more, you deflect the bolt back at them. Can only be done if you are holding a lightsaber. > Advanced Jedi Defense - Jedi classes only, level 4 Adds a +3 bonus to deflection rolls. > Master Jedi Defense - Jedi classes only, level 8 Adds a +6 bonus to deflection rolls. Replaces Advanced Jedi Defense. Toughness - no requirements *** Adds +1 vitality/level. Works retroactive too, so you can take this whenever and get the same benefit. > Improved Toughness - Level 4 Reduces 10% of damage, whenever you get hit for 20 or more. Which will be often. > Master Toughness - Level 8 Adds another +1 vitality/level. Force Immunity (Fear, Stun, Paralysis) - Jedi Sentinel ONLY, gained automatically at levels 6 and 12 Jedi Sense - Jedi only, gained automatically at level 1 Improves Defense by +2 every 6 levels. (7, 13, 19, 25, 31...) Prestige Sense - Jedi Master / Sith Lord automatic Improves Defense by +2 every 8 levels Greater Prestige Sense - Prestige Class, not Jedi Master or Sith Lord Improves Defense by +2 every 5 levels Dueling - no requirements Adds +1 to hit and +1 to defense when using only one weapon. Works with all weapons and forms of combat, including unarmed. The later feats in this chain increase the bonuses to +2 and +3 respectively. > Improved Dueling - Level 4 > Master Dueling - Level 8 Close Combat - Level 4 With a ranged weapon, you get +1 to hit at short range, while enemies in melee with you only get a +4 instead of the +6 bonus to hit. > Improved Close Combat - Level 8 You get a +2 to hit in close range, and reduce enemies chances to hit you in melee to a mere +2. Regenerate Force Points - Level 4, Jedi only Regain force points more rapidly. Regenerate Vitality Points - Level 4 Regain vitality more rapidly Class Skill (XYZ) - no requirements *** Turns a non-class skill (XYZ) into a class skill. Dual Strike - no requirements You get a +2 bonus to attack an enemy that someone else in your party is also attacking. This increases to +4 and +6 when you take the next two feats in this chain. > Improved Dual Strike - Level 4 > Master Dual Strike - Level 8 Finesse:(either Lightsaber/Melee) Use your DEX rather than STR in giving a bonus to hit. This does not affect damage, which always comes from STR. Stealth Run - Level 4 Run while stealthed. Beats walking. Precise Shot I - Level 4 Each feat in this chain provides a bonus of +1 damage with ranged weapons and reduces enemy blaster bolt deflection by -2. By Precise Shot III the damage bonus increases to +2 per each feat on this chain. > Precise Shot II - Level 8 > Precise Shot III - Level 12 > Precise Shot IV - Level 16 > Precise Shot V - Level 20 So, my Jedi Sentinel would take Class Skill (Demolitions) at level 1, and take Class Skill (Repair) the next time he gets a feat. Why? Skills are important. And taking Class Skill early is also important. A Jedi Guardian would probably want Two Weapon Fighting, while a Consular should probably take Toughness. That vitality adds up. Bear in mind, that even with "Two Weapon Fighting," you probably shouldn't use two weapons until you get "Improved Two Weapon Fighting"... you just won't hit anything. I would also avoid using any of the combat feats (Flurry, Power Attack, etc.) until later levels as you need every + to hit that you can, and you have none to spare. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ii. Companions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quick and Dirty: Kreia - Peragus Atton Rand - Peragus T3-M4 - Prologue, Peragus Handmaiden - Telos, Hidden Base - Male characters ONLY Disciple - Dantooine, Enclave Sublevel - Female characters ONLY Visas Marr - Ebon Hawk - after getting 1/4 to light or dark side, watch her movie with Darth Nihilous, then the next time you enter your ship, she'll be in the Starboard passenger compartment. Defeat her and she's yours. Mandalore - Dxun/Onderon G0-T0 - Nar Shaddaa Mira - Nar Shaddaa - requires that you be Light side or Neutral. If you get Mira, then you cannot get Hanharr. Hanharr - Nar Shaddaa - requires that you be Dark Side. If you get Hanharr then you cannot get Mira. HK-47 - Ebon Hawk - requires that you find 4 missing HK components, then repair. (This doesn't require lots of skill) In-Depth: Kreia -- Automatically joins at Peragus, after the Dormitory level. Jedi Consular -- Level 3 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 10 0 Vitality 36 Stealth 5 Burst of Speed DEX 16 +3 Force 49 Awareness 6 Energy Resistance CON 16 +3 Defense 16 Persuade 5* Force Camouflage INT 14 +2 Fortitude 6 Treat Injury 6 Fear WIS 16 +3 Reflex 5 Force Push CHA 12 +1 Will 6 Feats: Dueling, Class Skill (Stealth), Finesse (Melee Weapons), Mentor**, Force Chain*** * Kreia has Persuade, but it can't be raised ** Mentor increases experience gained while she is in party *** Force Chain shares force powers with the Exile Atton -- Automatically joins at Peragus, after the Dormitory level. Scoundrel -- Level 3 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 12 +1 Vitality 24 Computer Use 3 none DEX 16 +3 Force 0 Demolitions 4 CON 14 +2 Defense 19 Stealth 4 INT 10 0 Fortitude 5* Awareness 5 WIS 10 0 Reflex 8* Security 5 CHA 12 +1 Will 3* Feats: Sneak Attack I & II, Scoundrel's Luck**, Survival***, Spirit# * Saves listed here inclued Atton's bonus from his armor (+2) ** Defensive bonus, +2 at level 1, an extra +2 at levels divisible by 6 *** Increases Atton's saves as he loses Vitality # When knocked out of combat, there is chance that Atton will get back up T3 -- Solo missions in the Prologue and early Peragus, joins after the Harbinger events. Expert Droid -- Level 3 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 10 0 Vitality 30 Computer Use 6 none DEX 15 +2 Force 0 Demolitions 2 CON 14 +2 Defense 17 Awareness 2 INT 16 +3 Fortitude 3 Repair 6 WIS 10 0 Reflex 5 Security 6 CHA 10 0 Will 1 Feats: Gearhead, Caution Items: Whatever he had when you last saw him. T3 can make Computer Spikes forever, but will only make them if you have less than 11 in your inventory. Bao-Dur -- found after Telos Citadel Station Tech Specialist -- Level 6 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 14 +2 Vitality 48 Computer Use 9 none DEX 10 0 Force 0 Demolitions 9 CON 14 +2 Defense 10 Stealth 1 INT 15 +2 Fortitude 5 Awareness 8 WIS 14 +2 Reflex 4 Repair 9 CHA 10 0 Will 6 Security 9 Treat Injury 4 Feats: Gearhead, Improved Gearhead, Conditioning, Shield Breaker* Items: Nothing * Shield Breaker works to remove shields around opponents, when using no weapon (hand to hand only). Handmaiden -- found immediately after leaving Telos - Hidden Jedi Base, Male characters ONLY Soldier -- Level 6 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 14 +2 Vitality 78 Stealth 5 none DEX 16 +3 Force 0 Awareness 8 CON 14 +2 Defense 16 Treat Injury 8 INT 10 0 Fortitude 8 WIS 10 0 Reflex 6 CHA 14 +2 Will 3 Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Power Attack, Toughness, Improved Toughness, Conditioning, Echani Strike* Items: Clothing * Echani Strike is Handmaiden's special feat. It adds 1-4 damage to her unarmed melee attacks, plus a 10% knockdown chance (DC 15 + Level) Visas -- found after going light/dark when re-entering the Ebon Hawk Jedi Sentinal -- Level 6 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 12 +1 Vitality 30 Stealth 9 Energy Resistance DEX 18 +4 Force 24 Awareness 9 Wound CON 12 +1 Defense 18 Treat Injury 9 Fear > Horror INT 10 0 Fortitude 6 Shock WIS 12 +1 Reflex 9 Force Push CHA 15 +2 Will 4 Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Flurry, Weapon Focus (Lightsaber) Items: Clothing Disciple -- found in the Dantooine Enclave Sublevel, Female characters only Soldier -- Level 6 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 14 +2 Vitality 78 Stealth 5 none DEX 16 +3 Force 0 Awareness 8 CON 14 +2 Defense 15 Treat Injury 8 INT 10 0 Fortitude 8 WIS 10 0 Reflex 6 CHA 14 +2 Will 3 Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Close Combat, Toughness, Improved Toughness Items: Clothing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iii. Developing your Characters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leveling Up ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills...................................................................... If you can take a large amount of skills, take them all. Here's how I prioritize what is important. Persuade Repair Demolitions (stop taking at 10 ranks) Security (stop taking at 15 ranks) Awareness (used to find mines and in dialogues, stop taking at 15 ranks) Computer Use Treat Injury Stealth (Only take if you're going to be a Sith Assassin later) Note: I stop taking Demolitions, etc., because the difficulties of the tasks assigned to those skills don't go that high. Because of that I find that you can stop taking skill ranks there at these points and still recover all mines out there (or opening all Locked doors). This way, when I play Jedi Sentinal, my favorite class, I have to take the Class Skill feats to get Repair and Demolitions. Then I follow the priority list to put points in that order. However, despite being a lower priority, both Computer Use and Treat Injury will end out higher than Demolitions/Security/Awareness because those stop. Also note, if you keep up on all your skills (really only possible with an 18 INT) the only particular benefit is when Creating Items, but you can do that with anyone. Repair is needed for breaking down items, as has been noted before, only the Exile's skill is used when breaking down items, regardless of who uses the workbench. Skills on your other characters, I almost always just give them their class skills. There's no need for all of them to be able to do everything. (Except Bao-Dur who can do everything if you get his INT up to 16) Feats....................................................................... Here's the priority I take on Feats: Class Skill (Repair, Demolitions or Security) Two Weapon Fighting (and its upgrades) Flurry (and its upgrades) Toughness (and its upgrades) Weapon Feats (Lightsaber) Regenerate Force Points (only helps at low levels) Note: Even though various characters can become Jedi, it is sometimes better to keep them as Ranged weapon specialists. There are some really good blasters out there, and the Precise Shot feat tree gives good damage bonuses. Feats to Skip: Armor Feats (the best Force Powers can't be used in armor) Weapon Feats (Melee, Ranged) Dueling (the bonus isn't that useful, unless you are fighting Unarmed) Dual Strike (again, not that useful) Regenerate Vitality Points (you regenerate out of combat anyway) Combat Feats: On the three major combat feat front (Power Attack, Critical Strike, and Flurry), the absolute best of these is Flurry. (Replace with the Ranged versions if you are using blasters) Why? Because an extra attack is always more valuable than some minor extra damage to your existing attacks. This is more apparent at the higher levels when a fully upgraded lightsaber gets close to doing 100 damage per attack. Let's just say that you do 50 damage, however, and have both Master Power Attack and Master Flurry. This is an abstraction, not an actual damage comparison. This is just to demonstrate the differences between Flurry and Power Attack. Master Flurry: (1 Lightsaber) Master Power Attack: (1 Lightsaber) ============================= =================================== 50 damage, hit one 62 damage, hit one 50 damage, flurry ============================= =================================== 100 total damage 62 total damage Master Flurry: (2 or Double) Master Power Attack: (2 or Double) ============================= =================================== 50 damage, hit one 62 damage, hit one 50 damage, offhand 62 damage, offhand 50 damage, flurry ============================= =================================== 150 total damage 124 total damage Master Flurry, 2 Weapons, Master Power Attack, 2 Weapons, Master Speed Master Speed ============================= =================================== 50 damage, hit one 62 damage, hit one 50 damage, offhand 62 damage, offhand 50 damage, flurry 62 damage, speed one 50 damage, speed one 62 damage, speed two 50 damage, speed two ============================= =================================== 250 total damage 248 total damage You can see that in every situation, Flurry is better than Power Attack, even at the Master Level. Master Flurry has an unnamed -1 penalty to hit, and Master Power Attack gives you a -3 penalty to hit. So, Flurry is better. Critical Strike (and its upgrades) doesn't really strike me as worth it. It will increase the "threat range" and give a chance to stun enemies. First the stun is only useful at low levels. At high levels, my Master Flurry/2 Weapons/Master Speed setup kills almost all enemies in a single shot. As for the extra "threat range" it takes your weapon from getting a critical hit 5% the time, to 20% (or 25% with a "keen" weapon, upgrade). Critical hits typically do double damage, which is nothing to sneeze at, however, "double damage" is actually the same thing as an extra hit. With the maximum of four attacks you can get (2 weapons + Master Speed), and the maximum of 25% critical hit chance, you will critical hit once in there, for exactly the same damage you would have gotten with Flurry. And you take a -5 DEF penalty to do that. Prestige Classes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sith Marauder 10 Vitality / Level 1 skill point / level Bonus Feats: Weapon Focus: Lightsaber Greater Prestige Sense Increase Combat Damage Class Skills: Awareness Demolitions Persuade Treat Injury Bonus Powers: Fury - bonuses to STR, FORT, WILL and adds to damage for each kill Level: Saves: DEF Bonus: Feats: Powers: F R W 1 2 1 0 2 1 1 2 3 2 0 2 1 1 3 3 2 1 2 1 1 4 4 2 1 2 0 1 5 4 3 1 2 1 1 6 5 3 2 4 0 1 7 5 4 2 4 1 1 8 6 4 2 4 0 1 9 7 4 3 4 1 1 10 7 5 3 4 0 1 11 8 5 3 6 1 1 12 8 6 4 6 0 1 13 9 6 4 6 1 1 14 9 6 4 6 0 1 15 10 7 5 6 1 1 etc... Sith Assassin 8 Vitality / Level 3 skill points / level Bonus Feats: Weapon Focus: Lightsaber Sneak Attack I Greater Prestige Sense Class Skills: Awareness Computer Use Persuade Security Stealth Treat Injury Bonus Powers: Force Camouflage - use Stealth without a Generator Level: Saves: DEF Bonus: Feats: Powers: F R W 1 1 2 0 2 1 1 2 2 3 0 2 0 1 3 2 3 1 2 0 1 4 2 4 1 2 1 1 5 3 4 1 2 0 1 6 3 5 2 4 0 1 7 4 5 2 4 1 1 8 4 6 2 4 0 1 9 4 6 3 4 0 1 10 5 7 3 4 1 1 11 5 7 3 6 0 1 12 6 8 4 6 0 1 13 6 8 4 6 1 1 14 6 9 4 6 0 1 15 7 9 5 6 0 1 etc... Sith Lord 6 Vitality / Level 2 skill points / level Bonus Feats: Weapon Focus: Lightsaber Prestige Sense Regenerate Force Points Dark Side Corruption - Changes companion alignments Class Skills: Awareness Persuade Repair Treat Injury Bonus Powers: Crush Opposition - gives enemies negatives to hit and Will saves Level: Saves: DEF Bonus: Feats: Powers: F R W 1 0 0 2 2 1 2 2 0 0 3 2 0 1 3 1 1 3 2 1 1 4 1 1 4 2 0 2 5 1 1 4 2 0 1 6 2 2 5 2 1 1 7 2 2 5 2 0 1 8 2 2 6 2 0 2 9 3 3 6 4 1 1 10 3 3 7 4 0 1 11 3 3 7 4 0 1 12 4 4 8 4 1 2 13 4 4 8 4 0 1 14 4 4 9 4 0 1 15 5 5 9 4 1 1 etc... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iv. Power Playing Strategies ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Workbenches and Creating Items ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Perhaps the single best way to get items and improve the items you find, is by creating the upgradeables yourself. This is wholly dependent on skills, and the game uses every skill for this except Persuade. This gives you a good reason to have skills for the Exile, but you don't need it (although I'd still take Repair, as noted above). With Bao-Dur/T3 giving you the tech skills, Atton for Stealth and Kreia for Treat Injury you have all the skills covered. Every time you come across a workbench, get in the habit of checking out what items you can upgrade at that time, then go through the list of createable items to see what's good. A very good time to hit the workbench is right after creating your Lightsaber. In addition to the 3 crystals that can be outfitted on it, you can add Emitters, Lenses and Power Cells as well. So, get your Lightsaber, hit a workbench and make those 3 to place in it. It makes a huge difference. Use the Shields! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will get a lot of Energy Shields (and their upgraded versions, such as Arkanian Energy Shield) in this game. Use them. Not only on your character, but have your companions use them as well, as they won't do that on their own. Typcially you want to match the Shield to the job, if taking on a group of blaster wielders, or Jedi, energy shields work well. If you see monsters or vibroblade wielders, Mandalorian Melee shields are the order. Energy Resistance ALL THE TIME ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Force Powers such as Energy Resistance and Force Barrier provide a damage reduction to a damage type, such as energy attacks. Better still, these powers last a very long time, can be used in armor, and aren't that expensive to use. You will have recovered your Force Power spent long before the effect wears off. So, simply keep turning it on whenever you see a battle coming. Better to be safe than dead. Force Power: Energy Resistance + Mandalorian Melee Shield ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can't use two different types of shields at the same time, so you can either be protected from energy attacks or physical attacks. However, you can stack force powers and shields. So, take the Force Power of Energy Resistance and use that, then use the Mandalorian Melee Shield and you are protected from just about every form of attack out there. This works the other way as well, using an Energy Shield + Force Barrier. You can also stack the same type as well, such as an Energy Shield and Energy Resistance. Extra Items: Sell Vs. Breakdown ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are two ways to deal with clutter in this game, sell them or break them down. Unless you see something you want to buy, you will want to break these items down. Breaking down items depends on the Repair skill of the main character, so if you have no skill in it, all your breakdowns will give you 1 component. With a high repair, you can sometimes get hundreds, or even thousands of components for breaking down an item. Note: Be careful when using the workbench, it doesn't prompt you if you are sure you want to break something down, and does it right away. It would not be fun to lose a great item because you accidentally select the wrong one. However, I would only break down items when I know that there is something good and needed that I can make and that I need the components. This way you can save your items and decide whether to sell or break them down later, depending on what you need. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Puzzle Solutions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This game likes its number puzzles. Here are the solutions to them. Peragus Dormitory Puzzle: ... --> 3 -X.. --> 17 -.. --> 13 X --> 5 X.. --> 7 But to get the lift to work, you must enter the code in reverse: 7, 5, 13, 17, 3 Onderon Palace, Storeroom: Twice first key number exceeds value of its half by 99 ---> 66 Reversing second key's digits increases value by 1/5 ---> 45 Third key differs from the reverse of its digits by ---> 39 twice the product of its digits Nar Shaddaa, Vogga's Warehouse: 3 E 1 D must become 1 E 7 T L 7 T 3 3 L 3 D 1. Turn center counterclockwise. 2. Turn left counterclockwise. 3. Turn right clockwise. Freedon Nadd's Tomb, Vault 1: One of the sectors is faulty, all six show different "faulty" circuits. The answer is C. Freedon Nadd's Tomb, Vault 2: (6 _ 2) _ 8 _ 9 _ 1 = 13 Fill in the missing operators: Now, both (6 * 2) - 8 + 9 / 1 = 13 and (6 * 2) - 8 + 9 * 1 = 13 work. However, when you play the game will decide that it will take only ONE of these answers. It could be either. So, SAVE it before you try it, then do one. If it doesn't work, reload and try the other. Korriban, Sith Written Test: Sith Lord not on Korriban --> Freedon Nadd Present LEAST appropriate for a Sith Lord --> Gizka If at 6 and opposite 16, how many --> 20 Sith Code --> ...victory NOT a Paradox --> I always lie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frequently Asked Questions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A full walkthrough is currently underway, you can see it below. But for now, feast on these FAQs: General Q - How do I stop party members from running into mines when they spot an enemy? A - Set them to the "Stationary" AI and they'll plant themselves. If you see a mine near enemies, you can always send a Stealthed character to Disable/Recover the mine safely. That or use an Energy Shield and work fast. Q - Where is the option to turn on "Feedback" so I can see what the rolls are in battle? It certainly wasn't in the "Feedback" menu! A - This is buried in the Journal tab of the START menu. Go to the Journal tab and press (X) to bring up the Messages console. You can read back old dialogues here, check all the messages given to you (such as Light Side gained and XP), Combat, which shows both to hit rolls as well as enemy defenses and effects currently on the party. Q - What do you do with "Broken Parts"? The game tells me I can do something with them. A - When you find a workbench, you can use the "Create/Breakdown" items option. Press (X) to enter the Breakdown screen, and from there you can turn the broken parts into Components. Press (X) to look at the Item Creation screen. Everything there requires components to be built. The higher your skill, the better things you can make. You get more components from items if the Exile has a high repair. (Or your leader on Dxun, or Mira/Hanharr later) Q - Where do I find the XYZ weapon/armor/lightsaber? A - In many cases, these great items are randomly determined by the game. Thus, one game you might get a dozen Double Bladed Lightsabers, and in the next, nothing but Short Lightsabers. Some items, however, are specific, and will be indicated as such in the walkthrough below. Q - How do I open this (Locked/Sealed) door? A - Either Security, Lightsaber/Plasma torch or bashing. Also, if you get the *Impossible* message, give up, you ain't getting through. Many doors will give a dialogue box that tells you that you need to find another way to open that door. Using Security gives experience. There's no set amount, you get more XP as you gain levels. Q - How do I gain influence with XYZ without gaining Light/Dark side points? A - Most times, you just have to grin and bear it, and try to figure out how to get back what you lost later. For instance, most influence gains give you Light Side. Why? Because you're being nice to them! So, if you want to be a Sith Marauder, you can't have that, it'll delay your prestige class later. Put off all conversations with companions until after your prestige class, if you're that paranoid about it. And SAVE before talking to anyone. Q - Where can I get Pazaak cards? And who can I play? A - Pazaak cards are bought and won. You can buy them on Telos, from the first Duros merchant, and Mebla Dule, the woman in the cantina. You can buy them on Dantooine from the Ithorian at the dock. You can also buy them from the Twi'lek woman in the Pazaak Den on Nar Shaddaa. You can play Pazaak with Atton, Mebla Dule at Telos, Nikko a man in the cantina on Onderon, the four players in the Pazaak den and the Ithorian at Dantooine. As far as I know, that's it. All the players who bet will eventually stop once you win a certain amount of credits from them. However, they only keep track of your WINNINGS, not your LOSINGS. Thus, if you lose 4500 to someone, but win a certain amount, even though you came out behind, they'll claim to be out of money and stop playing. Once they stop, they may still play for fun, but never for credits. You can win the Double card from Mebla Dule, the woman in the Telos cantina, and the Tiebreaker +1 card from the Champ in the Pazaak Den on Nar Shaddaa. Note, due to a bug, you can play Mebla Dule in the Telos cantina forever for money. Simply ask her some "questions" and she'll reset back to a playing mode. However, she'll stop after one hand and bug you about it again. I hate to do this, for one thing it's only 40 credits. Sure, it's an easy win, but you can't use (A) to skip her dialogue like you can with everyone else. Q - Is treasure really random? How can I get something else? A - Random treasure is, indeed, in the game. In fact, almost everything is randomly determined. One game I never got a normal or double lightsaber (besides the one I made, of course) but had a half dozen short lightsabers. So, you might get something you really want and can use, or you might get a lot of Light Combat Armors. The randomization table is set upon ENTERING AN AREA. So, reloading before opening a locker won't help, but reloading BEFORE entering the area will. Of course, is it worth it to reload an entire area to get one better item? Also remember that ALL the items in that area will be randomized. Q - What are the requirements for Prestige Classes? When can I get them? Which ones can I take? A - You must be: Level 15 Far to the Light or Dark Side Have Visas Then talk to Kreia on the Ebon Hawk, she'll instantly talk to you about it being time to get more power, and you pick a class. You choose which of the prestige classes you want. So, although a Jedi Weapon Master is really just a Jedi Guardian with extra feats, even a Consular could become a Weapon Master. Kreia will only offer Light classes if you're light sided and Sith classes if you're Dark. However, after becoming your prestige class, you don't lose it if you change your alignment. Although some of your powers might not work. Q - What are the perks for getting Light Side, or Dark Side Mastery? A - Mastery occurs when you are PERFECTLY in the Light or Dark. You get a bonus: Jedi Sentinal > +3 CON Jedi Guardian/Jedi Weapon Master > +3 STR Jedi Consular/Jedi Master > +3 WIS Jedi Watchmen > +3 CON Sith Marauder > +1 to 8 extra damage Sith Assassin > +3 DEX Sith Lord > +50 Force Points Bonuses from original classes stick around after you get your prestige class. So, a Guardian > Weapon Master has a +6 STR bonus. It won't SAY that you get a +6, you still see "+3 STR", but you get the full +6. Q - What is the highest level you can get in KoTOR II? A - The game limits you to 50, but you'll beat the game long before then. Typically people win it around levels 23 to 28. The only way to get to level 50 is to use of the several infinite experience glitches in the game. The most potent of these is the infinite Hssiss spawn point in Korriban (see the Cheats section). Q - Where are all the HK-47 parts? A - HK Vocabulator - HK droid, Peragus HK Control Cluster - HK droid, Telos Plateau - Sullustan merchant, Dantooine Q - In a dialogue with HK-47 he mentions that he can help you find the HK-50 factory. I finished the game, but didn't see it. Where was it? A - The HK factory was removed before the game shipped. They actually built a lot of resources for it, areas and dialogues, but never finished it. I have heard that it will not be added for the PC version either. Prologue Q - Do I get anything for completing the Prologue? Can I skip it? A - Although it shows that you get XP for doing actions in the prologue, none of this XP carries over to the Exile when you finally get control of him/her. I think it's a neat sequence, however, and worth going through, at least the first time. Trick: If T3 chooses to Skip the Prologue, any equipment in his inventory is retained by the Exile when he/she wakes up in the medical bay. Normally his inventory is cleared, but if you run around and gather up all the stuff you can with T3, then head back to the cockpit to skip the Prologue, it transfers over and isn't lost. Generally you will end up with some parts, computer spikes, mines, droid equipment, and a Field Blaster. (from Steven K. Snyder) Q - How do I repair the Hyperdrive? A - Get parts, use the Hyperdrive and you're done. It takes 5 parts, as soon as you have that many, head over to it and fix it. To get to the Hyperdrive, you need to exit the Ebon Hawk and grab a mine from the Proton Missile on the ship. That's all there is to it. You don't need to repair the other droid, or even enter the garage if you don't want, all the parts you need can be found up the lift on the exterior of the Ebon Hawk. Peragus Q - I get the option, after looking up patient treatment, to slice the system to trace the source, but I don't have any spikes. Where do I get some? A - You'll come up with some later. Just don't forget about it, and come back once you get them. Then once you've sliced the system, use the console on the HK level for another experience boost, as this is what you traced the signal to. Q - What do I do here? A - Your goal is to contact T3 on the comms, but to do that you must rescue Atton. In the "security" room (the one before the three droids, where you will likely level up), use the Security Station and watch the holovid where he tells you how to override the comm station. Go to the comm station (at the large room, by the big window), use it to free Atton. Enter Atton's cell, talk with him, then back to the comm station to talk to T3. Q - If Revan's sex and light/dark sidedness is determined by my answers, is my lightsaber also determined by my answers to Atton? A - No, you decide what you want when you build it, although you do see the old one in cutscenes. Q - How can I get T3 to open the Hangar door? A - That comes later, after the Exile and T3 have met up again. For now, open the fuel doors, and follow that through until you can open the turbolift doors on the administration level. Q - Where do I get a mine to use on the Container/Door I found? It won't open with bashing or security. A - Although T3 can find some mines, the Exile must Recover mines that are littered around the place. Hope you have some demolitions. Q - I found a broken droid on the fuel containment level, is it worth it to repair it? A - This droid, if repaired all the way, will wipe the floor with the other droids here, so yes, it is worth it. Also, repairing the droid will give you an experience bonus for using the Repair skill. So, if you have the Parts on hand, do it. Q - This HK droid tells me that I can't get any farther without a voice imprint... how do I get it? Do I trick him over there? A - No, go to the opposite room and open the locker there to get the voiceprint sensor. Walk back and persuade him to tell the code to you while using the sensor at the same time. If you're not persuasive, you can also just destroy the console to open the door. You get more XP for doing it the subtle way, however. You can also run around the entire base with the Sonic Sensor. Get the dying message from HK, the maintenance log from the Security Desk on the main level, and the final log from the console that unlocks with the sonic sensor later. Q - I thought his name was supposed to be HK-47...? A - Different droid. A knock-off, if you will. Q - Can I turn off the Plasma, when I'm in space? A - No, but you can reduce the damage if you use Energy Resistance (Force Power) or the Telos Energy Shield BEFORE you leave the base. You can also walk along the edge. Q - There's poison gas in the dormitories, and I don't have the skills or spikes needed to turn it off, now what? A - Ignore those for now, and go on a little ways in the other direction. Just up from the next large room will be a medical supply room with a lab station in it. You'll also find a bag with a Breather mask. This makes you immune to poison. Q - In the dormitory, is there any point to watching all the Holovids? A - Not as I can tell, although you find out what happened here. More importantly, the administrator gives you a code you'll need later. Watch his, he gives 3 numbers out of 5 of the code. Then view the transmission to see the code. With a good intelligence, your character will figure this out, otherwise you have to. ... --> 3 -X.. --> 17 -... --> 13 X --> 5 X.. --> 7 You don't need to do this, actually, you can manually enter the code later, however, HK reversed the code, so you actually must enter: 7, 5, 13, 17, 3 The Harbinger Q - Any point in watching the Holovids? A - You get some XP for watching them in the briefing room. Otherwise it's all plot development. Q - Kreia just left! Should I reload, and remove all her items? A - Nah, she'll be back. Peragus Again Q - The console won't let me turn off the containment field, it claims there are mines about... but didn't I get rid of that one? A - There are two mines that it looks at. One is the mine you find right after getting T3 back. The other is actually just down the ramp, then to the right of the ramp is a small passage to a door, open it to find the mine. Q - Besides Light/Dark side, any consequences to firing on the asteroids? A - No. You'll get blamed, then cleared either way. Q - I'm firing the turret at all the Sith Troopers, is it really good to get them all? A - No, in fact, you should PURPOSELY MISS ALL OF THEM. They'll all board the Ebon Hawk, and at 150 XP each, you'll get 3750 experience, which is a big help. You even get time to "buff" up with stimulants and energy shields. Then stalk about the ship until there aren't any left. Telos Q - Who do I side with? Is it as simple as Ithorians = Light Side, Czerka = Dark Side? A - It pretty much is that simple. Work for one side or the other, do what they ask, then go through their quests to get a shuttle to the surface. Q - While working for Czerka, I get the option to do an arms deal. They tell me to come alone, so I enter SOLO mode and go to where they tell me. They say I'm not alone, what gives? A - You need to actually kick Atton and Kreia out of your party. START > trigger over to party selection screen, they de-select Atton and Kreia to remove them. Q - How do I get my lightsaber? Atris has it! A - You never get that one back. You'll make one later. Once you're away from Telos, Bao-Dur asks you about it, and you can follow that dialogue to start the Lightsaber Gathering quest. You need three pieces, you already have one (you get the first when you finish the Ithorian/Czerka quests). Once you have at least 2 pieces you can ask Bao-Dur about it, but you need all three to build it. Despite what he says, you don't need to be near a workbench. Q - I left the Hidden Base, why didn't Handmaiden join up with me? I'm as Lightsided as it gets! A - Handmaiden will ONLY join a male character's party. Q - Which planet should I go to first? A - I usually like Dantooine, Nar Shadda, Onderon/Dxun then Korriban. Dantooine first because you will build your lightsaber on the first planet you come to, and Dantooine has the best source of crystals in the game (including your "named" crystal). Nar Shaddaa next to get Mira early enough to turn her a jedi later (or get Hanharr if you're EVIL). You can also finish HK-47 after Nar Shaddaa. Onderon/Dxun because you have to come back to it later, and Korriban last because of the potential for exploiting the game. You know you want to. Dantooine Q - What's with this fake Holocron this scavenger wants to sell me? A - It's fake, call him on it. He'll tell you that he bought it, and now wants to pass the misery on to others. Great potential for Dark Side abuses... And no, you never find the original of this. (Despite how Disciple hints at this) Q - Where is Disciple? A - Get permission from the Administrator to enter the Enclave, enter the sublevel then follow the passage around to the opposite side. If you look at the map, he's in the room at the far right, the library. If you're a female character, he'll offer to join, otherwise he'll go to Khoonda. Q - Where is the Crystal/Kinrath Cave? A - Head out in the opposite direction from the entrance of Khoonda (such that it appears you are going "right" on the map). This will lead to a small valley. The cave is straight ahead, and a little to the right in the corner. Q - This militiaman just asked for atmospheric sensors, but Bao-Dur thinks that something is up. What do I do with them? A - Once you find the sensors (in the Crystal Cave), have Bao-Dur look at them (or do it yourself, with a high repair) to find the hidden surveillance devices. It's neat, and can be used as evidence (see the other militaman in Khoonda, then talk to the administrator) against the current head of the milita. This is neither light nor dark, so you don't get much out of it. However, you can sell them for 3000 credits to the guy, 4000 with persuasion or 5000 if you point out that they are bugged. Q - Is there any point to delivering the message to Dopak? A - Not really, although Dopak will turn in "battle" if you do. Q - I explored the sublevel, didn't find Vrook. Where is he? A - As the datapad states, he's in the Crystal Cave, follow the left path up to the large room on the left, fight through the mercenaries to "free" him. Then kill him or talk to him. Your choice. Q - What are all the things I can do to affect the battle? A - Recruiting (Suulsta, Dillan), Repairing/Sabotaging the Medlab Droid (north end of Khoonda), Repairing all the droids, rewiring the targetting mechanism of the gun turrets (for either side), recovering or setting mines and sealing/opening the small exterior door of Khoonda (not the garage door). Note that it doesn't really matter where you place the mines... just somewhere around the ones already placed. Use your cheapest mines. Once you've set enough, the game will stop you. Nar Shadda Q - What's the best/easiest way to get rid of the Toydarian dock manager? A - Persuade him that the Exchange sent you, if you're persuasive, or just pay his 50 credit fee. Also note that this brings up the Red Crescent ambush later. After a bit, you'll see a cutscene of the dockmaster being accosted by a couple of Trandoshians (the lizard men). Then, when you next return to the Ebon Hawk, you have to fight through them. The fight continues ON your ship, so be aware of that. Finally get the last guy in the Security Room (by the cockpit) to end this. You can either enslave the slavers (dark side) or tell him to give up the slaving, at which point he attacks, and dies (light side). If you enslave the slavers, they'll pay you every once in a while if you talk to their representative in the cantina here. Q - Kreia gets mad at me if I help, or chase off, the beggar. What do I do? A - Try acting indifferent. Q - In the Serroco section of the Refugee area there is an Airspeeder that says that it is broken beyond all repair, how do I fix it? A - You must fix it BEFORE meeting with the Exchange and going to Goto's ship. Afterwards it will be disabled, whether you have fixed it or not. You can fix it yourself, or have Bao-Dur do it for you once you find all three parts for it. Q - In Atton's fight in the cantina with the Twin Suns, I keep getting whomped. He just isn't good enough at melee to compete with them. How can I win this fight? A - There's always the cheap way... The first time I played, Atton creamed them easy, the second time I wasn't so lucky. So here's what I did. I started just running around the cantina to try to buy time, and ended out behind the bar counter, if done quickly enough, they'll still try to get to you at a straight line, but are blocked by the counter. Don't get close to them, they can still attack across. Stay back, use guns, and finish them off. And basic battle tactics... If you can reload to before going to the cantina (before the Exchange message) you could always Mine the cantina. Then when the Twins go hostile, that should take them out. Also if you can reload, give Atton better equipment. Buy/make/transfer from better equipped party members, whatever. And make sure he has the best upgrades you have or can make. If simply hitting is a problem, give upgrades with Attack +1 instead of Damage +1 (better is always better). Beyond that the main problem is one of numbers. It's a 2-on-1 battle and Atton (probably) isn't a Jedi here. Use the Mandalorian Melee/Power Shield, but that only buys you time, you have to hurt them. Q - How do I get Mira/Hanharr? A - This is part of the main plot, you'll get them on your way. You need to get the notice of the exchange until you get the message that they want to meet with you in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr. (A Breather, immunity to poison, is helpful, but you won't need it) Q - How do I enter the Pazaak den? A - Force Persuade works fine, no Dark Side points. Q - I keep losing/winning in the Den? How do I make the hurting stop? A - Either win against everyone there three times, or you can get rid of each player in a different way. For the droid, you can repair it, although you have to badger it a bit for that. The Twi'lek girl is easily dispatched by having Atton in your party, and talk to the goon outside the den, then "invite" the third player out to see him... and he dies. Once they're all out of the way, you can meet... the Champ. Beat him three times and you're done with it. Q - Just how do I got about meeting with the Exchange? I've already killed their leader in the Refugee sector! A - Generally speaking, I've always had the Exchange message arrive just after dealing with the Red Crescent Slavers on the Ebon Hawk. However, you may still not have done enough to get the Exchange mad at you. (or to like you, however you like it) Find the little squeaky guy outside the Cantina/Pazaak den, and give him 2000 credits to bump up your reputation. You should get the message soon. Q - How do I get anywhere in this maze? I don't have a map! A - Just follow the right wall and you'll get through quickly enough. There are a few corpses that you can find and search here, if you don't mind getting lost for a bit. Your goal is a security door. Q - What should Mira/Hanharr do to get the Exile in? A - You only need to open the escape tunnels, and that's it. Find that, and open it. If Mira/Hanharr's security is better than the Exile's, I would open all the lockers/doors first. If the Exiles security is better than Mira's/Hanharr's, then I would just run away and let the Exile deal with it. Q - Who should go to rescue the Exile on Goto's ship? A - Just think of it like a regular party, and try to get everything. Mira is handy to have as her ability to walk through mines without triggering them will come up. Beyond that, just make sure you have people who can do a lot of fighting (with droids) and the working of machines. Q - OK, I'm done with Goto's ship, why won't it let me out? A - The basics of Goto's yacht is: 1. Retrieve the main character (the Exile). 2. Head to the bridge and disable the power system, by setting all systems to secondary power on the LEFT console on the bridge, then turning that off the power from the RIGHT console on the bridge. 3. Fight your way back through bounty hunters to the Ebon Hawk. Dxun Q - There is a big sealed door here, called a weapon's Cache, that asks for Military Grade Explosives to detonate. Where do I get it? A - The Korriban Sith Academy has some, but that's not until later. You will find another of these doors later, and that one already has its explosives there. So, come back later. Q - What are the ways that I can impress Mandalore? A - 1. Win all the battles in the battle circle, which requires number 2. 2. Help Kelborn defeat the Onderonians in the Jungle. 3. Detonate the permacrete on the sealed weapon's cache. 4. Defeat a Zakkeg and take its ear (for the Gate Guard Captain) 5. Find the lost Mandalorian (for the trainer) 6. Repair the transponder (for the tech by the broken wires, at the gate) Q - After I split the party, and send a group to Dxun, when they return I ask them about it, is this important? Does this lead to something? A - Any of the people who can be "squad leaders" will get this dialogue, and depending on whether they went through Light or Dark, you get the "you look calmer" or "you look unsettled" options. That's all there is to it, they don't get any powers, and you don't get any influence. Onderon Q - Where do I get an open starport visa, and who should I give it to? A - You'll get two before this is over, and who you give them to depends on whether you want Dark Side, Light Side or neither (but credits are fine). One you get when you are attacked (the second time, not the first). This starport visa must be cracked by Kiph in the cantina to be usable. The second you get from the Beast-rider thugs after freeing Dhagon. You can give them to: The Captain, at the entrance to the cantina, Light Side, 500 credits The Republic Spy, at the back of the cantina, Light Side, +INF+ with Bao-Dur The Smuggler, side of the cantina (although you have to Force Persuade to learn she's a smuggler) for Dark Side and 5000 credits or a lightsaber crystal (only works with Dark Siders, so there)* The Trader, at the entrance to Onderon, neutral, 2000 credits or 3000 with persuasion The Family, at the entrance to Onderon, Light Side *Note: This crystal is quite powerful and can in fact be used by Lightsiders, but you must have "YOUR" Crystal installed in your lightsaber to do it. (TennisBoy and JJ) Q - Everyone's shooting at me, but I still didn't really talk to Master Kavar. How do I meet him if Mandalore tells me to leave the planet? A - Don't worry, just go, you'll come back later. It's as good a time as any to hit another planet. Q - In the palace, I'm trying to get into the throne room by running past the Drekh Larva, but everytime I get halted and told that I'm not ready to leave battle. What do I do? A - You have to fight the Drekh. Confusing, I know, since you hear that you should ignore it and run into the throne room. Plus everyone else just runs right by it. But, no, you have to stop and defeat the beastie first. Korriban Q - Any penalty to searching the bodies? Kreia seems pretty set against it. A - Not really, so long as you don't lose influence with Kreia, who cares? Q - There's this sealed door... when I use explosives to open it, the Sith Holocron is unreadable! How do I open this door? A - The Holocron is only usable in a game where you set (waaaaaaay back) Revan as a Dark Lord of the Sith. So, if Revan is all Dark Sidey, then the Holocron will have Bastila talking about Revan. Malachor V Q - How do I defeat Darth Sion? He keeps getting back up! A - You defeat him in conversation, actually, killing his shell doesn't do much. Keep persuading him on the wrongness of his position, and eventually he'll die. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Walkthrough ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the step by step through the game. The stickiest points in KoTOR2, in my opinion, are the Dark/Light side options and the Influence options with companions. So, I'll be working mainly on those with full-on dialogue trees listed in the walkthrough. Dark/Light Side Points (DSP and LSP) are somewhat weighted. A LSP gained while you have Dark Side Mastery will pull you farther on the spectrum than an LSP gained while you are very far along the light end. So, all I can say when you get a LSP or DSP is that you get one, not how much it's worth. Note: Enemies and battles scale to your level. So, a boss might have 700 vitality if you go at level 30 and 1400 vitality if you go at level 40. (just an extreme example, as you can't get that high in level without the Korriban Cave Exploit) Note: In the walkthrough, I list the "base cost" of parts and spikes. For every 4 points in the repair and computer skill that you have, this cost is reduced by 1. The game looks at your TOTAL skill (including bonuses) not just how many points you've put into the skills at level- up. There are technically 4 main ways to play the game, LS-Male, DS-Male, LS- Female, DS-Female. To write this walkthrough I played concurrent games with a LS-Male and DS-Female, which should get most everything covered. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The Prologue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Prologue is played with JUST T3, although you do get to see yourself. And hey, isn't this the Ebon Hawk? Huh. Wonder where that "Revan" character wandered off to. Anyway, to skip this, just select SKIP. If you don't skip now you can skip it later as well. XP Note: I list the XP you get from opening doors/containers with Security. This is the only section I'll do this. You get an amount of XP based on your level, higher as you go up in levels. You also gain XP from Recovering mines. Ebon Hawk, Interior .--. | 1| /2|_ 1. Cockpit / /|3| 2. Galaxy Map | __| 3. Security Room | | 4. Main Hold/ Security Console .--. | |_ .--. 5. Medbay/ Exile |S | / S| _ |9 | 6. Cargo Hold/ 3C-FD | |.___/ 4 .|E|_| | 7. Lift \____ _ __ ___/ 8. Garage/ Workstation | | |5 || | 9. Starboard Dormitory | 6 | \ |7|| 8 | 10. Engine Room \ - - / S. Sealed Room \ /\_ _/\ / E. Exit (Under Normal Circumstances) \/ || \/ |10| |__| The goal is to fix the ship. While doing this, we learn about the game system, and maybe a little about ourselves. Trick: If T3 chooses to Skip the Prologue, any equipment in his inventory is retained by the Exile when he/she wakes up in the medical bay. Normally his inventory is cleared, but if you run around and gather up all the stuff you can with T3, then head back to the cockpit to skip the Prologue, it transfers over and isn't lost. Generally you will end up with some parts, computer spikes, mines, droid equipment, and a Field Blaster. (from Steven K. Snyder) Editor's Note: This only counts for items in general inventory, so if you want the Field Blaster, don't have it equipped on T3 when you Skip the prologue. Cockpit: Nothing to see here, although you can look at the Galaxy map. Move out to the security room, ahead and left. Open the Plasteel container, get the Spike and use the Communications Console. Slice the system and open the door to the Main Hold. Go to the Main Hold Main Hold: Immediately turn right and open the Footlocker. It's locked, but our Security isn't up for it, so we have to bash. This should get you 2 Spikes. Left of the locker is a broken droid with Parts. Left of that is a body (Kreia) with a Locker Key and another broken droid with more parts. Go to the center, and use the Security Console. Slice the system (2 spikes), but there's nothing to do with it yet, so leave it. Medbay: Open the Low Security door just down from the security console (12 XP), then ahead and right through the Low Security door (12 XP) into the Medbay. Ah, there you are. Open the Medical Storage Bin with security (12 XP) and get the Medpaks (3). "Dialog" with your character, then Treat Injury to use the Medpak. (100 XP) Leave the Medbay and turn right. Ahead is the sealed door to the Engine Room, which requires that you find a Mine to open it. Back out, and go left (from the engine room) then open the Low Security Door into the Cargo hold. Cargo Hold: Here you find 3C-FD another Astromech droid. Talk to him to repair him. Invite him into the party. (210 XP) Open the Locker to get some Droid parts and armor. Equip it if you want. Also in here are a couple of Plasteel containers with parts, security tunnelers, computer spike and components. Finally, if you want, you can use the Metal Box - Combat Training box in the center of the room. You don't get XP for it, but you do see what droid combat looks like. (12 XP for security on the box) You also get a Field Survivor Pistol. If you do the combat, it's actually easier to use the Droid Shock Arm (push RIGHT on the D-pad) as it always hits. Ebon Hawk, Exterior: _ | | /^\ | |____ 1 - Lift Control | | | ] 2 - Starboard side | |/ | 3 - Port Side | 5 2 | 4 - Proton Missile . 3 1 | 5 - Quadlasers \ _/ \ 4 | . | -u_u Time to head out. Go to the Lift right by the Medbay. We're here primarily for an explosive device (there are several out here) and to get Parts. Go straight ahead, and down the Starboard side. Right to the sparking wires, and plunder some parts. There is also an open hatch right there with more parts. There are two more open hatches with parts. Slide to the "front" of the ship and select the Exposed Wires to open the Starboard Dormitory (takes 1 Part). Past that is another Open Hatch with more Parts. Up the ramp, and over to the Port side of the ship. You'll see two mine bubbles. Get close, and select "Recover Mine" (100 XP). You could just "Disable Mine" (Up on the D-Pad), but it's always better to Recover. Recover the other mine (36 XP). Also here is a Proton missile. Search it for more Parts and another Mine. Slide close to the ramp, then left and down to the Quadlasers for the last of the Parts. Back to the lift and into the ship. The Garage: Getting to the garage requires using the Solo mode. Enter Solo mode by using the BACK key. Change characters to 3C-FD, and send him to the center security console in the Main Hold. Now switch characters to T3 (Black button) and send him to the Inner Garage Door such that he is right next to it (the Inner Garage door is right by the Engine room). Switch back, use the console access the security doors and close the outer garage door. This shuts T3 in a little space. Open the Inner Garage door now. Log out and switch characters with the Black button. You are now in the garage. (50 XP) Nice hull breach there. The voiceover tells you about the workbench. Go over and use the workbench. You want a Repair Kit, which has a cost of 1 component. You should have that. If not, you can break down (X) any other items you want, such as the Broken Items you got when you bashed the locker earlier. Create the Repair Kit, (100 XP) then use it on yourself, either straight from Inventory, or from the main screen, D-Pad right to repair kit, select it and select T3. Head up and right and into the Starboard dormitory (only if you opened it while you were outside the ship). There are two footlockers in here with Parts (4) and a Droid Flamethrower. To get out, slide back to the door, switch droids and have 3C get you out. End Solo mode. The Engine Room: Time to blow this sucker wide open. Head to the engine room, go near the door, right on D-Pad to select Mine, and Mine the door. And get out of the way. Go up to the Hyperdrive and Rig the Hyperdrive (5 parts needed). (500 XP) With all that, you should have gained about 1000 XP total, not enough for a level, and it won't matter once T3 joins the Exile anyway. End of Prologue: Back to the cockpit, and hit the Galaxy Map on the left. Move over to Peragus and we're done! Whee. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Peragus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Medical Wing ___ K - Kolto Tank, where you start ( K ) d - door | | ___ __ D - Door Opened by Medical Console ---|d|-- __ | d__ A L - Lab Station |x__D |CLD_M| |_ _| C - Medical Console | d__| d S - Sealed until later ___|p|_ | | | | s - Security Desk __S |_ ---_ ----_ ---S-_-d- A - Administrative Area | _d _d _d _ s | M - Medical supply room |___| --- ---- ----- --- x - Morgue p - Door opened by Plasma Torch The Exile's back, baby! Finally get to control the character you created. After waking up to the mysterious voice of an old woman, you get control. You have no items. No experience. No Force. Just some ugly brown "underoos." Head down and through the door. To the right is the MORGUE DOOR, which you can't open directly. Ahead and left through the door. Open the Plasteel container and get the swag (Medpacs, probably, dang random items). Note the Lab Station in here. Right now all you could do with it is reduce your Medpacs to Chemicals. Not what we need right now. Use the Medical Computer. Medical Computer............................................................ . Access medical logs . . - Access Log 253-12 - Holovid of woman logging in the Ebon Hawk . . - Access Log 253-15 - Holovid "could be a Jedi" . . - Access Log 253-18 - Holovid "droids acting oddly" . . - Access main console options . . Access patient lifesigns - shows list - returns to beginning . . Access patient treatment - shows treatment - returns to beginning . . - [Treat Injury - 1 REQ] Check the Last treatment request . . - [Computer] Attempt to track the treatment request [Base Cost: . . 1 Spike] . . Access medical bay functions . . - Access medical bay camera - shows medical bay . . - Access morgue camera - shows morgue . . - Unlock door to morgue - opens door to morgue . . - [Computer] Unlock medical storage room [0 Spikes] - opens door behind . . you - returns to beginning, removes "Access medical inventory" . . - Access medical inventory . . - Access main console options - returns to beginning . . Log out . ........................................................................... Use the medical computer to open the two doors, one to the morgue and the other to the storeroom. (110 XP for the morgue door, 50 XP for the storage room) Checking the last treatment with a [Treat Injury] is worth 50 XP. You can't track it down until you get a Computer Spike, so keep that in mind. Exit. Enter the storeroom, and search the two Plasteel containers for Medpacs and Chemicals. If you want, you have enough Chemicals to make another Medpac at the lab station. Leave and head into the Morgue. Two bodies in here. Search the one at the back for a Plasma Torch. At that, the other body, Kreia, gets up and talks to you. Note: I don't transcribe the conversations verbatim, I use ellipses (...) to shorten their quotes. There should be enough to get a general idea of what is going on. Dialogue trees start with the quote of who you're talking to and a code. Then a list of your possible replies, followed by where that reply will take you in the tree. Any consequences of a particular phrase will be listed before that dialogue option with a LSP, DSP, +INF+ or -INF- for Light Side Point, Dark Side Point, Positive Influence and Negative Influence respectively. Kreia....................................................................... . K1: Find what you're looking for amongst the dead? . . - I thought you were dead. > go to K2 . . - Your voice -- I heard it as I floated in the kolto tank. > go to K3 . . - Who are you? > go to K4 . . K2: Close to death, yes, closer than I'd like...how do you feel? . . - A little disoriented...was it your voice I heard in the Kolto tank? . . > go to K3 . . - The kolto tank left me a little drained...who are you? > go to K4 . . - Enough with the false concern -- what do you want? > go to K4 . . K3: I hoped as much...trained for such things? . . - Just stay out of my mind in the future. Now what do you want? > K4 . . - Slept too long? You looked dead when I came in. . . > go to K2 . . - So you can touch minds... and feign death. Who are you? > go to K4 . . K4: I am Kreia, and I am your rescuer...what happened? . . - Last thing I remember, I was on board a Republic ship...what happened . . to it? > go to K5 . . - I'm the one asking the questions. How did I get here? > go to K5 . . K5: Your ship was attacked...Jedi training, no doubt. . . - If you think I'm a Jedi, you're mistaken. > go to K6 . . - I am no longer a member of the Jedi Order. > go to K6 . . - How do you know I was a Jedi? > go to K6 . . K6: Your stance, your walk...that weights you down. . . - The Jedi Order and I have a ... troubled history. > go to K7 . . - That is no business of yours. > go to K7 . . - Let's deal with the now. What is this place? > go to K8 . . K7: So it would seem...let us focus on the now. . . - What is this place? > go to K8 . . - All right - what's going on? How did we get here? > go to K8 . . - Very well. How do we get out of here? > go to K8 . . K8: I do not know...we should recover it and leave. . . - Why do we need to leave? > go to K9 . . - Care to explain why you're in such a hurry? > go to K9 . . - "We?" Why do you think we are together in this? > go to K9 . . K9: We were attacked once...find us easy prey indeed. . . - [Awareness] You seem nervous, worried. Is something wrong? > K9a . . - We'll see. There's got to be someone left alive around here. > K10 . . - I'll go look for our ship - and some weapons. > K10 . . - Is there anything else I should keep an eye out for? > K10 . . K9a: ...we will need to depart as suddenly as we arrived. > K9 . . K10: You may wish to extend your search for some clothes... . . - [Persuade - 2 REQ] The patients in med bay were killed by a lethal . . dose of sedatives. Any idea how that happened? > go to K10a . . - [Persuade/Intimidate] The miners in the med bay were murdered. Know . . why? > K10a . . - Are you well enough to travel? > go to K11 . . - LSP - I'll return soon to make sure you're all right. > go to K12 . . - DSP - Just stay out of my way, or you'll end up like these corpses. . . > go to K13 . . K10a: I do not know, why did they spare you? . . - They didn't. I got the same dose, but survived. >K10b . . - I am trained to resist poisons of the body. > K10b . . - Maybe I'll ask the killer when I find him -- or her. > K10 . . K10b: It would prove lethal to those untrained...most curious. . . - You seem to know a lot about Jedi techniques. > K10c . . K10c: ...among them, finding our new enemy. . . - Maybe when I return you'll actually answer my question. > K10 . . K11: I'm not offering to help you... > back to K10 . . K12: ...attempt to center myself. > Gain Light Side Point (LSP) . . K13: ...attempt to center myself. > Gain Dark Side Point (DSP) . ........................................................................... This conversation gives you your first Alignment Shift (LSP for light, DSP for Dark, see above). Based on the last thing you say to her, you either become more good or evil. This is common, and generally the only way that this happens is through dialogues. So SAVE before every dialogue. Also, you don't have to worry about it yet, but Influence will become a big concern when talking to party members. Some things that you say will make them like you more, or gain you some Influence with them. Conversely other things that you say will make them like you less and you lose influence. Most positive Influence dialogue options are Light Side oriented, but not all. You can talk to Kreia immediately again, but to no point. Head out. Turn right and go up to the damaged door. Press start to get to your inventory screen, and equip your new PLASMA TORCH. Bash the door. (100 XP) A Droid Infested Administration Level Search the corpse for a Vibroblade, and equip it. A broken droid will have some swag (Optimized Droid Interface). Take the left door to the hallway. Two droids to fight here. Attack one, the second it is dead I typically use the Trigger (left or right, though try to go in the direction of the next baddie) and attack number two. This becomes a handy practice for later when you want to chain together Master Flurries. Also you need to wait a second to see if your defeated foes leave behind Remains (Mining Laser). I also use the triggers when I'm near corpses to check for loot. Note: If you are in combat with multiple foes, you will automatically attack the next foe using the DEFAULT combat action, normal attack. Since that isn't always the best thing to do, I got into the trigger happy habit. Master Flurry > Kill > Trigger (pauses) > Master Flurry > Kill > and so on... Onward through the next door. Two more droids. Take them out and through the next door. The Broken Droid sometimes has some loot. Check the Emergency Hatch to the left to get a psychic message from Kreia. (dialogue doesn't matter here) This is where we need to go next, but it is closed. Open the other door to the Security room. There is a Corpse here with Loot, and a Locked Locker. It's better to use Security than bashing, but do what you must. Use the Security Desk, access the logs and check "Administration console 'maintenance.'" Log out. Open the next door, and Kreia will psychically warn you about the droids in the next room. You also gain the Force Power: Precognition. (110 XP) Take out the three droids, and you should have enough to gain a level. Kreia will reintroduce you to the Force at this time, and you also gain Force points. The two force powers that are really handy right here are either Stun Droid or Energy Resistance. Shock if you're going Dark Side is also good. Note: You will gain a level in this room, either after killing 2 droids, (if you followed this walkthrough and used Security in the previous room) or after 3. When that happens, you can either level up immediately or wait. This brings up this fact: Leveling up heals you completely. Not much to it now, but later you can hold your levels until you need healing. This is only worth it in the thick of battle, as being one level higher is very valuable. Also, at this level up, I'd take the Force Power, Energy Resistance. It provides some protection from energy based attacks, like the droid's blaster fire. Watch as their puny weapons no longer harm you! There are two locked Footlockers here. Security or Bash them open. You will find a Stealth Field Generator and some Loot, Ion Grenades and Medpacs. Ion Grenades will take out droids in a single shot, should you need it. I'd keep them for the T3 segment coming up. You can use the Stealth Field Generator to sneak past things should you so desire. Administration Center ___ / \ A - Atton --| | S - Sealed Door |A S | c - Console, opens sealed door --| | | R - Ramp, some treasures _| | |____ _ d - door that opens later Enter_ | ___d_ F F - To Fuel Depot | _ _ | | | \ \ / / c \ \ / / \ \_/ /\ \_---- Dock \____/ \____ R | --- Head through the next door to the Administration Center. There are six droids scattered around this giant mess of a room. Now, either kill them all, or sneak over to the console first and use the Override. If you use the Console then the droids lose their drive to kill you (400 XP) and can then be scavenged for parts. You get more XP for killing them, then using the console just to open the door. If you did kill them all, then head down to the computer and use it. Your character will find the override switch that releases a force field on a door behind you. (100 XP) There are also a couple of plasteel containers on the small level below you, each with a Medpac. There are a couple more droids up the lower right rampway, plus a plasteel container. Once that is all done, head over to the formerly sealed Door. Kreia gives you another vision, and shows you Atton Rand. He might yet prove useful... Atton....................................................................... . A1: Nice outfit...while I've been in here? . . - Who are you? > A2 . . - FEMALE CHAR - I'd keep those eyes up, and tell me who you are. > A2 . . - MALE CHAR - You got a name? Or just a big mouth? > A2 . . - Care to explain why you're locked up? > A3c . . - What is this place? > A3 . . - This facility's deserted. What happened? > A4 . . - I don't have time for this. Tell me what happened here. Now. > A4 . . A2: Atton... Atton Rand... only causes mild electrical burns. > A1 . . A3: You mean you didn't come here on purpose?...blowing yourself up. . . - Blowing yourself up? > A3a . . - This facility doesn't sound too safe. > A3a . . - Who are you? > A2 . . - This facility's deserted. What happened? > A4 . . - I don't have time for this. Tell me what happened here. Now. > A4 . . A3a: Yeah... look like a kid's pop detonator. . . - Peragus II? > A3b . . - How big of an explosion are we talking about? > A3b . . - Who are you? > A2 . . - This facility's deserted. What happened? > A4 . . - I don't have time for this. Tell me what happened here. Now. > A4 . . A3b: ... turn the entire colony into a thermal detonator. . . - So you're not a miner. Who are you, then? > A2 . . - Is that why you were locked up? > A3c . . - This facility's deserted. What happened? > A4 . . - I don't have time for this. Tell me what happened here. Now. > A4 . . A3c: ...they stopped feeding me. Now that's criminal. . . - Maybe I could help if you told me who you are. > A2 . . - So you're not a miner. Who are you, then? > A2 . . - What is this place? > A3 . . - This facility's deserted. What happened? > A4 . . - I don't have time for this. Tell me what happened here. Now. > A4 . . A4: You mean before or after...ask a bunch of questions. . . - There's a bounty on captured Jedi? Why? > A6 . . - The Exchange? > A5 . . A5: The Exchange is a big crime outfit... bounties on Jedi. . . - Why would they offer a bounty on Jedi? > A6 . . - The Exchange is trying to kill Jedi? > A6 . . - Were the Jedi interfering with the Exchanges operations? > A6 . . A6: ...wouldn't surprise me if the bounty's pretty high . . - Not many Jedi left? What happened to them? > A7 . . - Did the Exchange wipe them all out? > A7 . . A7: ...not even a Jedi council anymore, but who knows? . . - I had heard rumors of a war -- but a war between Jedi? > A8 . . - The stories I heard were of the Sith, not the Jedi. > A8 . . - Was it caused by the Mandalorian Wars? > A8 . . A8: Yeah, Revan, Malak...where've you been? . . - I've heard a few rumors, but little else in my travels. > A9 . . - I've been... away since the Mandalorian Wars. > A9 . . - Just tell me what happened next. > A9 . . - What happened between Revan and Malak? > A9 . . - I couldn't care less about Revan's fate. I had other questions for you. . > A12 . . - I've heard enough. Let me ask you about something else. > A12 . . A9: Well, I wasn't there...after they turned on the Jedi, of course. . . - The rumors I heard said Revan defeated Malak, then went to Korriban . . to unite the Sith against the Republic > sets Revan to Dark Side . . > A10 . . - I was led to believe that Revan saved the Jedi -- and the Republic . . > sets Revan to Light Side > A10a . . - I couldn't care less about Revan's fate. I had other questions for you. . - I've heard enough. Let me ask you about something else. . . A10: That was the rumor...grand crusade finally consumed her. . . - How long have you been in that cage? Revan was a man, not a woman > . . sets Revan to Male > A11 . . - I am not surprised... Revan lived for battle. She could not easily . . turn away from war -- or death. > sets Revan to Female > A11 . . A10a: I guess... there's rumors... you know women. > A10 replies . . A11: Maybe you're right... . . - I had some more questions for you. > A12 . . - This discussion about Revan is pointless. I need to know what happened. . here. > A12 . . - Enough history. Let me ask you about something else. > A12 . . A12: ...Where is everybody? . . - I don't know -- this facility seems abandoned. > A13 . . - Don't you know what happened to them? > A13 . . - Stop playing dumb -- you must have seen what took place. > A13 . . A13: The miners can't all...I've gotten out of trouble countless times. . . - [Persuade - 1 REQ] Tell me your plan, and we can go from there. > A15 . . - How can you help? > A14 . . - I don't think so. > A14 . . - Seems to me you were locked up for a reason. > A13 again . . - How could you possibly be of any use to me? > A14 . . A14: ...but nothing'll stop this place from going critical. . . - Do you have some plan for getting out of here? > A15 . . - Somewhere in your idiotic rant, you failed to explain how you can be . . of any use to me. > A15 . . A15: This facility isn't a military...and then we fly out of here. . . - [Persuade] One thing first... the patients in the medical bay were . . killed with a lethal dose of sedatives. Know anything about that? . . > A15b . . - [Persuade/Intimidate] The miners in the med bay were murdered. . . Know why? > A15b . . - Why don't you tell me what to do, and then we'll see. > A15a . . - I might be able to fly a ship out of here without you. > A15 again, . . remove first two options . . - LSP - I trust you. And if we work together, we may be able to get out . . of this mess. > Light Side Point > A16 . . - DSP - I'll switch off the cage, but if you try and run, I'll cut you . . down without a second thought. > Dark Side Point > A16 . . - All right, I'll let you out. > A16 . . A15a: No deal. If I'm not leaving, you're not leaving. . . - No, I don't think so. > A15 . . - LSP - I trust you. And if we work together, we may be able to get out . . of this mess. > Light Side Point > A16 . . - DSP - I'll switch off the cage, but if you try and run, I'll cut you . . down without a second thought. > Dark Side Point > A16 . . - All right, I'll let you out. > A16 . . A15b: Huh? What are you talking about? . . - Wanted to know if you knew anything -- and you don't. > A15 . . - Never mind. Just checking. > A15 . . A16: Great, now to business. Let's get to the command console. . . - All right, let's go. > A17 . . - Just stay ahead of me and don't make any sudden moves. > A17 . . A17: ... cancel the emergency lockdown and HEY! . . - What's wrong? > A18 . . - Sounds like you're about to tell me something I don't want to hear. . . > A18 . . - If I hear any more bad news, I'm going to get violent. > A18 . . A18: This system's been severed...it's been cut clean. . . - [Repair - 1 REQ] That wouldn't be standard procedure in an emergency . . lockdown. > A19 . . - Is that part of the lockdown? > A19 . . - Did someone do it on purpose? > A19 (with different Atton line) . . A19: No, someone tried to lock down...and leave us here. Trapped. . . - Is there anything else we can do with this console? > A20 . . - There must be some way to end the lockdown from here. > A20 . . A20: I doubt it. All we have is communications... . . - Can we contact the miners? > A21 . . - Let's see if we can try and reach someone on the comm. > A22 . . A21: We could try...a friendly call is going to wake them up. . . - Let's see if we can try and reach someone on the comm. > A22 . . - Maybe there's something logged in the terminal that can give us some . . answers. > A22 . . - Cut the backtalk and let me check the console. > A22 . . A22: ... the comm's all yours. > END . ........................................................................... Only three things to do in Atton's conversation, besides learn recent history. Set Revan's sex and alignment and get a Light/Dark side point. Generally speaking, all lines about "I trust you" give light side points and eventually positive influence as well. Dark Side points are more elusive. As you can see on the dialogue tree, you only have the chance for one DSP, however, you can say a number of mean things. Generally statements of hate and manipulation are the only ones that lead to DSPs. As he said, the Comm's yours. Activate it. The logs just show you some Holovids of the station manager dealing with your arrival. Use the comm system and talk to hangar 25 and T3. What you say specifically doesn't matter, you switch to play as T3. T3's Grand Adventure ___ | _ | S - Sealed Door (Mine only) || || + - Door || ||_---___ 1 - T3 begins here =2_||__+ 1 S_| 2 - to Fuel Depot Sublevel, for Parts and a Mine |_+_| 3 - Console to open 4 | | 4 - Door to Fuel Depot __/ ||| 5 - To Fuel Depot / 4 3 6 6 - Door we can't open until later / /----- / / | | Ebon Hawk __ + 5=__+_| Make sure to equip T3 with any items you found earlier, then start exploring. There are three doors in this room, one we can't open, one that leads nowhere and our eventual goal. First, open the two Footlockers and search the Broken droid for some shinies. Using the map to orient you, open the "left" door. Fight the two droids, get the remains and go down the ramp. Use an Ion Grenade if you spot a droid at the bottom of the ramp. Works like a charm. Note: Grenades are only really useful at the beginning of the game. After a point they just don't do enough damage. So, no point saving them. There's another droid at this level, and a plasteel container with loot. Continue to the bottom and open the door. This leads to... The Peragus Fuel Depot, T3 Rolls On... Search the Broken Droid for components, open the door, slide through, open the next door and fight some more droids. The corpse ahead has a datapad, an Ion Striker (equip it, and use it on droids) and best yet, MINES. Next, search the Broken Droid for precious Parts. Back to the ramps. T3 Saves the Day Watch the cutscene of droids returning to the ramps, and powering up their shields. Bullies. Roll up the ramp and take them out with Ion grenades or your new Ion Striker. At the top, set a mine on the Sealed Door. Hey, there's 3CFD... he don't work no more. Oh well. Search the two plasteel cylinders and the footlocker for treasures. Now for the lower door. Open it and slide through. Cutscene as we look at a somewhat repaired Ebon Hawk in the docking bay. Go up the ramp, and take the items from the two footlockers. Use the Console. [Repair] Replace the missing parts with the parts you found down the other ramp. Now, you can access the Hangar Logs for more background on this place, you can also try to use the comms or even upload a map (not needed and it costs you a Spike). Access emergency control commands, run a diagnotic, check status of emergency systems, then [Computer] Open blast door to the fuel depot, using a Spike. You can't open the door to Hangar 25 yet. (160 XP) Also check the Hangar Logs to Access docking and takeoff procedures. Attempt to get the data, but you fail. (50 XP) Slide down the ramp, and into the now open door to the fuel depot. Use the Ion Striker on the droids in this hallway, one shot will kill them. Three dead and through the next door. The Broken Droid here has some droid items. Hope you get something good. (Random) Open the door to the right and kill two more droids. The Striker rules. There is a footlocker immediately to the left, get the stuff and go through the next door. Straight ahead, then left and use the Fuel Control Station. Looking at the System log shows you how this lockdown got started, but we really only need to hit the emergency system schematics, then open the emergency hatch on Peragus Administration level. Log out, and watch T3 get his ... reward. Our Hero Female Exiles get an interesting exchange with Atton here, then Atton asks about that droid when you find the door opening. In this small exchange with Atton, trying to force him to go down the fuel level gives you a Dark Side Point, while nobly telling him that you'll do it because the life of a Jedi is self sacrifice you get a Light Side Point. (250 XP) Wander up the lower right rampway, to a small room with two droids. You can examine them with [Computer] to try to learn why they're acting up (60 XP) and can also [Computer] change their settings to defend organics, or [Repair] scavenge them for parts. Or [Detonations] blow them up. A plasteel container here has components. Head back down. T3 opened the emergency hatch where we had our first vision from Kreia at. It's roughly "left" of your position, back through the hallways. Head that way to the Peragus Mining Tunnels. Peragus Mining Tunnels __ ___ _--\ |+ ---- ---- + --\ F - Fuel Pump > h__---| F -__ | C - Console | | / _ / \ \ / \ S - Security Door / | \/ |+| | \| F | + - treasure | F| _ - | / m - mines -- +| \ \__ | +__ \ h - heated tunnel, use Telos Shld | |_ | F /\\ \ \__ b - broken droid, repairable |+ \ /+___ | +C | F+\ \/\b\ _/+\/ \ \__\\ __/ _ \ / \ / +/ | F | \ / \\_/m/ / __m\ \ / | F | /+/ \+| | F | /m _ \ / / _ / _ \__/ / \+ \_ \/ \+\_ S/ \ ___ / | F \ | F | \_ Exit /m/ \+\ || - \\_ |_ \ |+| Go forward, and Atton will contact you via the Comms. What you say to him doesn't change Light/Dark side, and won't Influence him. He simply gives advice on what you should be doing here... which is what I'm doing. You can tell him to shut up at any time and he will stop bugging you. I, however, will continue to bother you with incessant advice. Through the door we find a barrel full of swag: Miner Uniform, Survey Gear, Telos Mining Shield, a Safety Harness and a Medpac. Equip everything you got. The Broken droid will also have some items. Next door, and another door to the next room. There is a large, orange fuel pump in this room, and three more hallways shoot off from it in each direction. Two are dead ends, so we want to go right to the first dead end. There are two sonic mines here. Try to recover them, for XP (about 30 XP each, or 20 XP for disarming, again this goes up as you gain levels) and to use them later. Behind the mines is a broken droid. Search for more items. Back out of this dead end, go right and into the next dead end. (Despite the door, you can't go any further this way) Search this broken droid as well. Back out and up the last hallway. There is a damaged mining droid here that you can [Repair] if you have the skill--and parts--for it. (30 XP for shield, 30 XP for targetting, 60 XP for patrol mode) If you can, and need the help fighting, it makes a good ally, even if it won't go very far. The [Demolitions] commands destroy it, but you get nothing for it. Head through into the cave and start fighting droids. When you see "Maintenance droids" be sure to target them first, from a distance if you can. These guys will heal the other droids, and when they die, they explode. A little ways up will be another broken droid to search. Continue up the cavern. Remember to use your grenades and force abilities to help out. There will be another orange fuel pump to the right, with a Corpse that you can search. Straight ahead from that will be another corpse at the top of the cave. Now, either use a Telos Mining Shield, or the force power, Energy Resistance, and go through the steamy right passage. The Telos Mining Shield won't last the entire length, so you'll either take damage, or be forced to use it again. These things aren't worth much, so do it. This leads to a mine (Recover it for XP, by this point I'm getting 45 XP per mine) and more droids by another orange fuel pump. This fuel pump also has two dead end hallways on it, go over and search them. The first one on the right has nothing, the second is double mined and hides a Corpse with treasures. Head out the right cavern. There is a Broken Droid here with treasures, followed by some more lively droids, including another Maintenance Droid. If you keep your energy resistance force power up, their flame throwers will be useless. You can also use the Telos mining shield again. Forward a little farther to the Fuel Containment area. Fuel Containment There are two droids here, one to the right one to the left. Once they're dispatched, search the Corpse on the pathway for treasures, head to the center, search the plasteel (locked) for more treasures, then use the console. Quite a number of things that we can do with this console, depending on our skill set. In the camera mode, is a holovid of Coorta's conspiracy. Interesting... The only thing that you must do here is in the containment fields section, and shut down the containment fields. This opens up the way out. Most useful of all are the Droid Commands. With [Computer] and Spikes, you can do: (Based cost, 2 spikes) "Add other droids to attack protocol" "Cancel all droid mining on organics" - 900 XP and they stop attacking you, if you do this, then you can't kill them for XP later, but it is about the same amount you would have gotten by killing them. If they get in your way you can dialog with them to [Repair] Scavenge for Components and [Demolitions] Blow them up, but you won't get XP for it. Only the droids in the containment fields are affected by this, ones you encounter shortly won't be. "Reassign droid mining protocols to mine sealed doors." - do this if you don't have Security high enough to open a High Security door, otherwise skip it. Check droid schematics - If you have a high INT you can recognize a weakness in their design, and with [Computer] and NO Spikes, raise the temperature causing the droids to ignore you. Personally I prefer this action, as the Remains left behind are often better than a single Component. Then go around to each of the four fuel pumps, destroy the droids, search remains (if any). The "left" fuel pump has a broken droid near it with loot. The "right" fuel pump has a corpse with loot. Once you have cleared this part of enemies and items, go to the "bottom" fuel pump. The bottom-left passage has a High Security Door (I got 15 XP for opening it, it will already be open if you set the droids to "mine doors"). Go that way first to another fuel pump. This lower left fuel pump has three dead ends, the two straight halls on the sides have broken droids with loot, the third, a cavern has a mined passage that leads to a corpse. Recover mines and loot. Back up to the last fuel pump and take a right. Atton should contact you to tell you that by shutting down the fuel containment, you are about the blow this level up. Don't worry, you have unlimited time here, and you're almost there. The droids here will be hostile again if you changed their orders earlier. (But they still won't attack you if you changed the temperature) Recover the two mines and head on. There's another Maintenance droid here, make sure to pop it from a distance, they explode. Kill the droids and search for remains. The "top" dead end here has a mine and a "damaged" plasteel container. You have to use a mine on it to open it, which is really convenient that there's a mine right there. Any mine will do, so use a "minor sonic mine." There's some basic treasure inside (random). The only way to go is right. Search the corpse, then fight the droids. If you've done everything so far, you should be level 4 by now. Though just barely. At level 3 I made Repair a class skill, so at level 4 I dumped all my skill points into that giving me 6's in all skills except stealth. But that was for a Jedi Sentinal. A Guardian, who gets a feat at level 4, will probably want something in the "Improved XYZ" category, where XYZ is a combat feat. Like Flurry. Of course, if you haven't been Recovering Mines and using Security, you won't be level 4. Well that's it for this level. Onward and upward. Maintenance, Peragus Fuel Depot Enter ___| |___ HK - HK-50 |+++d d + | d - door ___ T ____|W | |HK | D - Damaged Door | c+d | | |___d d___| W - Workbench __ __|___| |_|s_D_|___| |_______ C - Containment Field, Impassable Exit A__d__S__d___d_________________ | s - Security Door to |C| c - Console Space! Area where + - Treasures T3 got S - Sealed Door (use Console) Fragged A - Airlock Outer Door, to SPACE T - Turbolift to main level We enter, and watch a cutscene of ourselves walking up to the former Maintenance officer before talking to HK-50. Most his dialogue options also give the option to "ask other questions" and "enough. bye." You get 200 XP for learning what happened to you at the Harbinger and the Ebon Hawk. There are two Light/Dark answers as well, depending on whether you want to help the miners or kill the miners. One you get by asking about the hangar, the other by following his main line of recent history. Ask about the body to learn that he can mimic voices, you can even hear him mimic the code if you're persuasive enough. Then stop talking to him. HK-50....................................................................... . HK1: Greeting: It is a pleasure...How may I be of assistance? . . - How do you know me? I'm not your master. > HK2 . . - Tell me what you're doing here before I turn you into slag. . . > available only the first time you talk to him > HK2 . . - What are you? > HK2a . . - Have you seen a T3 unit? > HKT3a . . - I'm looking for a way into the Peragus hangar bay. > HKHang . . - What's that body there? > HKBody . . - Never mind. I'll be going now. > END . . HKHang: Pitying Answer: Oh that is unfortunate, master... . . - What about override codes? > HKHang2 . . - Then how did the T3 unit get through it? > HKHang1 . . HKHang1: ...the automated systems most likely have corrected. > HKHang . . HKHang2: Only the Peragus administration officer... . . - Is it possible to contact him using a commlink? > HKHang3 . . - There must be another way to reach the dormitory. > HKHang4 . . - If I crawled through mining tunnels to get here, there's likely to . . be other tunnels. > HKHang4 . . HKHang3: Apology: Unfortunately, communication with the...and terror. . . - There must be another way. . . - Satisfaction? > HKHang3a . . HKHang3a: Rapid Retraction: Why, yes, satisfaction...ship arrives. . . - We don't know what happened to them, so we need to find out. > HKHang4. . - There must be a way to reach them. . . HKHang4: Theory: You could walk across the surface of the asteroid to... . . - LSP - Those miners could be hurt or in danger -- we need to make sure . . they're all right. > HKHang5 . . - DSP - I only want the codes those miners have -- and when I have the . . codes, I'll dispose of them and leave this rock. > HKHang5 . . HKHang5: Warning: Master, continued...as we continue this pointless... . . - I'm going to find those miners, and you're going to help me. . . - Another suggestion like that, and I'll turn you into scrap. > HKHang6 . . - I'm your Master, and I'm giving you an order to assist me. > HKHang6 . . HKHang6: Weary Resignation: Very well, master. But there is very... . . - All right. SO how do I get the code to the airlock? > HKHang7 . . - This just keeps getting better and better. Who's got the damn code? . . > HKHang7 . . HKHang7: Correction: Oh, I already possess the code, Master... . . - What do you mean? > HKHang8 . . - I'll be the judge of that. > HKHang8 . . - If you have the code, then give it to me. . . HKHang8: Condescending Explanation: Master...as the rest of the organics. . . - Voiceprinted? > HKHang11 . . - You said you already have the code? > HKHang9 . . - But you do know the code. > HKHang9 . . HKHang9: Condescending Explanation: Oh yes, Master...it is useless. . . - Then how can I bypass the voiceprint? > HKHang10 . . - If the maintenance officer is dead, how can I get him to speak the . . code? > HKHang10 . . HKHang10: Answer: Master, you cannot. You are trapped here... . . - You can mimic voices. Can't you speak . . the code? > HKBody2 . . HKHang11: Explanation: Yes, Master. many consoles have voice... > HKHang8 . . HKBody: Answer: That is all that remains...piece of asteroid rock. . . - Screams? > HKBody1 . . - Did he say anything at the end? > HKBody1 . . HKBody1: Recitation: Oh yes, master...to beg for his life. . . - Wait -- if you can playback . . his voice, can't you speak the voice code? > HKBody2 . . HKBody2: Objection: Master! To commit such an act would be in violation.... . - Believed to possess? > HKBody3 . . - [Persuade] The fact you can mimic voices is pretty impressive. What . . would it sound like if you did speak the code to the console? . . > HKBody4 . . - [Persuade] I understand if your limited functionality prevents you . . from mimicking the maintenance officer's voice accurately. > HKBody4 . . HKBody3: Irritated Statement: Master, if you insist on echoing... . . - > back to HKBody2 . . HKBody4: Proud Answer: Master...was that sufficient master? . . - Can you follow me and say that again? > HKBody5 . . - Tell me again about the voiceprint protocol. > HKHang8 . . HKBody5: Alarmed Objection: Oh, Master, no...a trait I'm not proud of . . - Looks like I'll need a to find some way to carry your voice there, . . or record it. > HKBody6 . . HKBody6: Confused Query: I am sorry, Master. Were you... . . - Tell me again about the voiceprint protocol. > HKHang8 . . HKT3a: Hesitant Answer: Ah. A T3 utility droid...place to look. . . - The unit was last seen near the hangar. > HKT3b . . HKT3b: Answer: Ah... then that would explain why such a T3... . . - Then maybe you can answer something else for me. > HK1 . . HK2: Answer: I am a survivor...the only organic which I may now serve. . . - Who was your previous Master? > HK3 . . - How did you get here from the Harbinger -- and how did I? > HK4 . . - Tell me everything that happened between the Harbinger and now. > HK4 . . - I had some other questions I wanted to ask you. > HK1 . . - I've heard enough. I'll be going now. > END . . HK2a: Proud Answer:.....from irony to veiled threats. . . - What's a translation droid doing on Peragus? > HK2c . . - Veiled threats? > HK2b . . HK2b: Clarification: Oh, yes, Master...stubborn of negotiations. > HK2a . . HK2c: Irritated Explanation:... disaster area as quickly as possible . . - What have you determined? > HK2d . . HK2d: Answer: It is only a matter of time before a ship or freighter... . . - Wait all you want, but I'm getting out of here on my own. > HK2e . . - I never said you were coming with me. . . HK2e: Condescending Retraction: I believe you will do your best... . . - Leave "condescending" out of your speech conditionals from now on . . or else. > HK2f . . HK2f: Placating Answer: Oh, of course, Master... > basic questions only . . HK3: Answer: The captain of the Harbinger...we did not arrive... . . - What happened? > HK4 . . - other answers from HK2 . . HK4: Irritated answer: Oh master...to our current situation. . . - Why don't you tell me anyway? > HK5 . . - For a droid, you don't take orders too well. Now tell me what . . happened. > HK5 . . HK5: Hesistant explanation:... the cascade failure that disabled the ship.. . - How come I don't remember any of this? > HK6 . . - And where was I when this was taking place? > HK6 . . HK6: Speculation: It is possible you were...master. . . - Incapacitated? > removed as an option > HK7 . . - Locked? > HK9 . . - But how did I get from the Harbinger to here? > HK10 . . HK7: Clarification: Yes, master... you could not awaken. Most curious. . . - Drugged?! What do you mean drugged? > HK8 . . - Maybe you better explain the "stupor" part. > HK8 . . HK8: Placation: Merely a turn of phrase...securely in the cargo hold. . . - Locked? > HK9 . . - Care you to explain how I was locked in the cargo hold? > HK9 . . - So I wasn't sealed in the cargo hold -- someone locked me in. > HK9 . . HK9: Clarification: By locked, I meant "sealed," Master... . . - Fine -- what happened next? > HK10 . . - But how did I get from the Harbinger to here? > HK10 . . HK10: (100 XP) Recitation: Following the...have survived, master. . . - Any idea what had attacked the small freighter? > HK11 . . - What was this freighter that the Harbinger brought on board? > HK12 . . - Why would they take me aboard? > HK12 . . HK11: (100 XP) Evaluation: Master, I do not know...to be sure. > HK10 . . HK12: Explanation: I believe it was a smuggler's...rob me of my bounty. . . - Bounty? > HK13 . . - And the Ebon Hawk came here? > HK14 . . HK13: Clarification: By bounty, I refer to your life... . . - And the Ebon Hawk came here? > HK14 . . - Why did the Ebon Hawk come here? > HK14 . . - But why would that ship have taken me off the Harbinger? > HK14 . . HK14: Apology: My memory core cannot provide... became much clearer. . . - How so? > HK15 . . - What happened once the ship arrived? > HK15 . . HK15: Explanation: Despite my market value...because you were a Jedi. . . - How did they find out I was a Jedi? > HK16 . . - Why would someone want me captured? > HK15a . . HK15a: I do not know, Master. I found it curious as well... > HK15 . . HK16: Surprised Answer: Why I told them...notoriously spotty. . . - 'Unpleasantness?' What are you talking about? > HK17 . . - That information wouldn't have been in coreward databases... only in . . Jedi archives. > HK16a . . HK16a: Indignant Excalamation: Master, I am only a protocol droid... . . - Potential hostilities? > HK16b . . - So, what happened with the miners when we arrived? > HK17 . . HK16b: Quick Clarification: Apparently, my vocabulator has suffered... . . - I see... go on > HK18 . . - So, what happened with the miners when we arrived? > HK17 . . HK17: Answer: All that has happened, has been...other group opposed this. . . - Then what happened? > HK18 . . HK18: Three standard hours after the division... . . - So what happened to the rest of the miners? > HK19 . . HK19: Many miners began to join you in the medical bay... . . - Sadly enough? What do you mean? > HK20 . . HK20: You see, the explosions had damaged specific sections... . . - Are there any left alive? > HK21 . . - Are you responsible for all this? > HK22 . . HK21: Answer: I do not know, Master. Ironically enough... . . - LSP - Then I need to get there to rescue them. > HK21a . . - DSP - Forget them, then. I need to get into the hangar bay and get . . off this rock. > HKHang . . HK21a: It is unlikely any miners remain alive. As I said... > HKHang2 . . HK22: Defensive Answer:...fashioned from proton missile cores. . . - I think you are responsible. > HK23 . . HK23: Admission: I cannot and will not attempt to change your mind... . . - Do you know . . who administered sedatives into the kolto tanks in the medical bay, . . killing the incapacitated miners? > HK24 . . HK24: Conjecture: The administration of a large dose...quite inventive. . . - Inventive?! Those miners were murdered! > HK25 . . - Is that pride I hear in your voice? > HK25 . . HK25: Answer: I was merely...the highest form of hypocrisy. > basic Q's . ........................................................................... Search the maintenance officer for some loot, then leave the room and enter the room across the hall. There are three Broken Droids here you can search for components. Best yet, however, is the Plasteel container with the Sonic Imprint Sensor (and a Datapad explaining it, 50 XP). There's also a workbench in here. You have components as well, and if you have any skills you can fabricate items. I would recommend upgrading your Miner's Outfit and any weapon you can. Make items to upgrade them with if you can. Note: Although the Miner's Outfit can support upgrading, it isn't actually "armor," so most upgrades won't work with it. What will work, however are the Environment Underlay and the Biorestorative Underlay. I'd do the Environment Underlay Mk I or II if you can. As you'll be confronting some Cold weapons very soon. As for weapons, anything that works against Droids works well here. Make sure to take note, some upgrades add requirements to the weapon you add them to. Most noteably the Vibration Cell requires that you have the feat Weapon Focus (Melee) to use the weapon with it attached. Head back to HK, armed, so to speak, with the Sonic Sensor. Do the first [Sonic Sensor] option, you don't need his "last words," but it gives 50 XP. Follow the lines from Hangar to Voiceprint to Code to Mimic Voice, and then [Persuade+Sonic Sensor] to trick him into giving you the code. (250 XP) If you don't get this option, you don't have enough Persuade. I know you need more than +1 with it. Don't worry, there's another way to do this for you non-Persuasive types. Head down the hall to the next door. There are a couple droids to the left, which dead-ends, and a couple droids to the right. Go right. As you go near the door, it opens, revealing the MkII droid, a slightly nastier droid. Kill them, then turn back to look at the two doors to the right. One is locked, and can be opened with Security. The other is damaged, and must be opened with Bash (Plasma Torch works well). Remember you get XP for Security but none for Bashing. There's one droid in here. Nothing else, so leave that room, and enter the one at the end of the hall. More droids in and around here. There is a closed door ahead, and an open passage to the right, go that way. Straight ahead is a Turbolift back to the main level. If you got the message from HK and already accessed the medbay computer, you can skip this, otherwise, go up the Turbolift. Head straight back to the Security Desk, watch the Logs, and select the [Sonic Sensor] option to record another message. (50 XP) If you have a Computer Spike, skill in Computers and Treat Injury, now you can head back to the Medlab computer to start tracing who ordered the druggings. (150 XP) Once that is done, head back down the Turbolift (it's the one on the "right" side of the administration room), then enter the small room immediately to your right. Use the Maintenance station here. Check the System ID signature to figure out that the druggings were ordered from here. (100 XP) Use the [Sonic Sensor] to log in, then Open Door to airlock. (750 XP) If you didn't get the Code from HK-50, you can [Destroy the Console] (250 XP), which also opens the door. Or if you got the [Sonic Sensor] options of the Dying Message from HK, and at the Security Desk, access the logs here and use [Sonic Sensor] to record the last message. (50 XP) Now, if you didn't get the code from HK, you now have enough messages on the sensor to log in, and can open the door. (you get the same 750 XP like you would have with HK's message) There is a locked Plasteel cylinder in here as well with some swag. Exit this room, right, then right to the Door. Get some ranged attack ready, then open it and blast the Floating Mines away. They explode, so don't get close. A blaster works just fine, though I prefer the Force. (Stun Droid, Shock) Go through, open the Airlock Inner Door, search the Storage Locker for the Space Suit, use a Telos Energy Shield or Energy Resistance, then exit the Airlock Outer Door... to SPACE! Space... The Current Frontier Just walk across the platform until you get stopped by Atton's comm. If you don't have some protection from Heat on, you will take damage from the plasma vents. You can just try to stay to the outer edge of the scaffolding, or either the force power energy resistance or the Telos Mining Shield works OK. Tell Atton your plan, then watch the Harbinger arrive. Hmm... that can't be good. That unpleasant fellow meditating in the midst of all the corpses would be Darth Sion. Lovely chap. The Dormitories _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ d - damaged door (mine) | || || || | | || || ||d| * - Locked Down Door ( west dorm ) ( east dorm ) c - Console (opens Locked Down Door) |d|| || || | | || || || | D - Doorway - - \ \ - - / / - - B - Breath Mask \ \______/ / h - corpse with special datapad \_D_*__D/ w - workbench ---- ---- ___ / _c_ \ (B_ ) |_D_/ \_D_| / \ _| |_ _| |_| |_ |_ _|_ _ h _| |_D_| |_D_| |_ _| | | |___| _|| | D |___Exit |-D-| |_w_| We've got company, so time to get cracking. Head up through the Airlock door, kill the two droids here, open the Plasteel container, get your swag, and go through the next door. Another Droid to kill, and another corpse to loot. Open the security door at the "lower" end of this room. Open the 4 lockers (2 are locked) for some shinies. Then, if you have an environmental underlay, be sure to Upgrade your Miner's Outfit with it. You'll be facing Cold Turrets (Called Automated Fire Extinguishers), and the droids in this area all have Cold attacks. In addition to the damage, Cold will also freeze your for 3 or so seconds. Head out and up through the next door. The Cold turrets can be taken out at range. If you stay past the door they can't hit you. Ion Grenade or Blasters work here. Two dead end passages here, right (Broken Droid with shines) and left (mines and a Corpse). Head out and up through the next door. Note: Even if all the damage from a Cold attack is removed, there is the chance of freezing. Freezing not only stops you for a few seconds, it removes your attack actions. Don't forget to attack again once you thaw. Here you see the Fire Suppression Droids. They use a Cold attack as well, and are harder to take out at range. Go to the right, clear out any droids around, then use the console opposite from the door, the "Shift Assignment" console: (pick one) [Repair] Reroute the main console (60 XP, base cost, 1 part) [Computer] Slice the system (60 XP, base cost, 1 spike) [Destroy] the Console to open the door (250 XP) At this point, I had so many more Parts than Spikes, but mileage may vary (depending on whether you repaired the Broken Droid at the Fuel Containment Level). Once repaired/sliced, "End dormitory emergency lockdown" to open the door to the dormitories. Once done, access the Camera controls, and look at either of the Dormitories: [Computer] Shut down dormitory ventilation (210 XP, base cost 1 Spike) It is now safe to breathe in there. If you don't have the spikes for it, you can find a Breather mask in the medical bay supply room in the "right" part of this map. If you [Destroy] the console, the Dormitories will still be poisoned. Head up and into the Dormitories. Go right first, and take out the droid. Go up and into the Dorms. Search the Broken Log Terminal with [Repair] to salvage some components. Then start at the first room to the left, and work your way around the Dorm, opening locked lockers, and searching corpses in each one. In the second room, search the refresher for the Mine Foreman Log. You'll find the Dock Officer's log on a corpse near the fourth room. The fifth door (damaged) can only be opened with a Mine. Once you have all the shinies, back out and over to the next dorm. Take out the second MkII droid, and into the other Dorm. This log terminal does work, but ignore it for now. Go around the rooms again gathering all the items from the footlockers and corpses. Once that is done, return to the log terminal. The last datapad is on the corpse right near the Log Terminal. Use the Log Terminal and insert the three datapads. Watch the Administrator's holovids, then the Check the transmission option will appear. If you have a high INT, your character will decode this for you, otherwise: ... [3] so, a . is equal to 1 -X.. [17] then a - is equal to 10 -... [13] and an X is equal to 5 X [?] X.. [?] The missing digits are 5 and 7, for a code of 3, 17, 13, 5, 7. This is the code needed to open the turbolift off this level. You can watch the other holovid logs if you want, but you don't get anything out of it. Getting Out of the Dormitory Level Back out of the Dormitories, and now continue along the horseshoe shaped room. This next room has more Cold turrets, and more droids that shoot you with cold rays. Fun. A dead-end to the right has a damaged plasteel cylinder, mine it to get the goodies. Then straight ahead into another droid filled room. There are a couple of locked lockers in here. Get the swag, leave and go into the "right" room (as seen on the map). Take out the three droids in here, then search the corpse in the center (he has an interesting datapad), and the two scattered survival kits around the room. There is another corpse to search on the right side. Then hit the room to the top for four more scattered survival kits and one Storage Canister (with the Breath Mask). Survival kits have chemicals, which you can use at the nearby lab station. Head back to the eastern (or right) dormitory, and go to the very upper right room. You can now spot the "hidden compartment" at the lower bunk. Search it for a real Blaster Pistol, some grenades and a medpac. Leave, and go through the lower door. Well, there's Coorta! Guess, his evil scheme to sell you to the Exchange won't pan out. Search him and his two cronies. He has a datapad on him that you can plug into the Log Terminal back in the Dorm, but you don't get anything for it. Use the Terminal here. With a high INT, you will be able to automatically enter in the code, otherwise you have to do it manually. Either way it won't work. Well, that's odd. As always, there's the [Destroy] option if you want, but you get no XP for it. Despite the option for it, you can't slice the door. At this point you can watch the log to see what happened to Coorta, thus showing you to enter the code in reverse. If you have a high INT, your character will do this for you, otherwise: 7, 5, 13, 17, 3 Opening the door this way is worth 250 XP. Enter the turbolift and head out. The Administration Level Again Walk forward, the door will open like MAGIC, and Kreia will join your party. The option "then let's go" appears in most branches of this tree. There's the option for a Dark Side point in her dialogue, but no Light Side. Call her a scow if you get the opportunity. Sure glad influence hasn't started yet. Kreia....................................................................... . K: I have felt a disturbance... our enemy is here... . . - Enemy? > K2 . . - "We?" There is no "we" here. > K3 . . - Then let's go. > K1 . . K1: We need to make our way to...escape on the ship... > JOINS, END . . K2: The one that fired upon the Ebon Hawk as we attempted to rescue... . . - So what? If he's willing to bleed a little, that's more entertainment . . for me. > K5 . . - Wait -- who is this enemy? > K6 . . - If he didn't bring an army with him, then he's the one in trouble.> K5. . K3: We are together in this matter, you and I... . . - DSP - I'm not letting some old scow hold me up -- I travel alone. > K4. . K4: I realize that you have traveled alone...both are trapped here. . . - As soon as we're off this rock, I'm going to find a nice little . . asteroid to drop you off on for the rest of your short life. > K1 . . K5: You know much of battle, enough to know that this is a battle... . . - We'll see. Where should we go? > K1 . . - Then you stay here and rot -- I'll take care of this "enemy." > K3 . . K6: The story is a long one, and time is short. Come -- we must go... . . - > K responses, but remove the Enemy line . ........................................................................... Kreia -- feats listed here are in addition to normal class bonus feats Jedi Consular -- Level 3 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 10 0 Vitality 36 Stealth 5 Burst of Speed DEX 16 +3 Force 49 Awareness 6 Energy Resistance CON 16 +3 Defense 16 Persuade 5* Force Camouflage INT 14 +2 Fortitude 6 Treat Injury 6 Fear WIS 16 +3 Reflex 5 Force Push CHA 12 +1 Will 6 Feats: Dueling, Class Skill (Stealth), Finesse (Melee Weapons), Mentor**, Force Chain*** * Kreia has Persuade, but it can't be raised ** Mentor increases experience gained while she is in party *** Force Chain shares force powers with the Exile Kreia should have enough XP to level up immediately. Decide immediately how you want to use Kreia. I typically use her to "buff up" the party, rather than offensive force powers. So, in my case, I need her to have more Vitality so CON is more important. However, if you want to use offensive force powers, then you should increase her WIS. I give her "buff up" powers as well, such as Force Aura or Force Valor. Check her equipment as well. She works well with any weapon. Then I would change her AI (use the D-Pad left once) over to "Jedi Support" and select that. Now she'll buff up the party when battle starts until she runs out of Force Points, then she attacks. Now with Kreia in tow, go straight ahead. You'll see a cutscene showing some Sith assassins following you. Yay! Bad guys equals XP! Keep going until you meet up with Atton. Talk to him how you want, it doesn't matter. Then you attempt to flee, when HK shows up and stops you. Talk to him and get him to admit to mimicking the voice of the maintenance officer for 500 XP (if you don't do this, you get 100 XP). You can listen to the rest, or... Fight! Atton -- Scoundrel -- Level 3 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 12 +1 Vitality 24 Computer Use 3## none DEX 16 +3 Force 0 Demolitions 4 CON 14 +2 Defense 19 Stealth 4 INT 10 0 Fortitude 5* Awareness 5 WIS 10 0 Reflex 8* Security 5 CHA 12 +1 Will 3* Feats: Sneak Attack I & II, Scoundrel's Luck**, Survival***, Spirit# Items: Atton's Ribbed Jacket > +4 DEF, +2 Saves * Saves listed here inclued Atton's bonus from his armor (+2) ** Defensive bonus, +2 at level 1, an extra +2 at levels divisible by 6 *** Increases Atton's saves as he loses Vitality # When knocked out of combat, there is chance that Atton will get back up ## Cross Class skill Level up Atton as well. Go with DEX all the way, and give him the skills that the Exile doesn't do so well. If you duplicate his skills, focus on the skills where his stat is higher than yours, which is probably stealth. Remember, even if you never sneak anywhere, stealth is used in fabricating items. I'd also start him on the Two Weapon Fighting path. Useful now and later as well. Atton does well with either Aggressive AI or Ranged AI. SPOILER Level Up Strategy: Atton can become a Jedi later, so if you want to not waste your feats, you can focus on feats that are always useful, such as skill feats, toughness, etc. Also, just because he can become a Jedi later doesn't mean that you need him to use a lightsaber. The high-end upgraded guns are pretty powerful in this game. Make sure that everyone has an energy shield, and use that early. The fight with HK is fairly simple. He brings up 4 floating mines, take these out at range, hitting one of the two in the center might take out all of them in the resulting explosion. Follow that up with a full assault on HK. When HK gets low on Vitality, he goes into self-destruct mode. Pull back so you don't all die when he explodes. If you want to hit him from a distance, see who he will shoot at, and have him or her use an energy shield. Also, HK will heal if you don't hurt him very swiftly. He dies, you win. Be sure to search him for the... HK Vocabulator! And some other items. Well, that's it for Peragus. We're going to go up the "left" (as seen from the map) rampway and onto the Harbinger. Harbinger N - Navicomputer, Bridge Enter___ __ d - door | d + d \ ___ + - container(s) _____| |___|__ |_| +| E - Escape Pod (unusable) _-- d | d | |N +|----------- ------ -__ d d | \____d + Exit -------|-d--_______ ---____ \ d + d + d E +| ----___ ----_____| Immediately on board the Harbinger, you get into a conversation with Atton and Kreia. This is the first conversation with Influence implications. In a Light Side game I find it harder to get influence with Kreia, so you should say the line that respects her. This one is more obvious than most on what gives you influence. Simply say whatever sounds positive towards the person you want to influence. Atton & Kreia............................................................... . AK1: Something is wrong...worst Jedi I've ever met! . . - Maybe you'd like it back in your cell? > Extra Atton Line > AK2 . . - It's not too late to dump you back in the security room. > AK2 . . - Atton's right -- we need to get off this ship. > AK2 . . - Calm down -- we need a plan, not accusations. > AK2 . . - There's nowhere else to go -- the facility is sealed off. > AK2 . . AK2: If the assassin machine was correct, then we cannot reach... . . - I saw this vessel dock -- when it did, a fuel pipe entered the fuel . . depot, behind the force field. > AK3 . . - We can bypass the force field to the hangar by getting to the engine . . room on this ship, then exiting through the fuel pipe. > AK3 . . - As long as the Harbinger is docked, we can use it to reach the hangar . . where the Ebon Hawk is. > AK3 . . AK3: Look, I don't mean...the shortest flight out of Peragus ever recorded. . - Then how did this ship dock here? > AK4 . . - Why don't we steal this ship? > AK3a . . - We survived Peragus -- we can take control of this ship. > AK3a . . - Well, if you've got an idea instead of another complaint, let's hear . . it. > AK3b . . Ak3a: Oh, you mean with the huge crew we brought... . . - Wait, how did the Harbinger get the orbital drift charts it would . . need to dock here? > AK4 . . - I don't want to argue, we need a solution. > AK3c . . - Oh yeah? Let's hear your plan. > AK3b . . - Do you want to die? If so, keep talking, smart mouth. > AK3b . . AK3b: The two of you, be silent! . . - He started it! > AK3c . . - I'd watch that imperious tone of yours -- I'm losing patience with . . both of you. > AK3c . . - Wait, how did the Harbinger get the orbital drift charts it would . . need to dock here? > AK4 . . AK3c: We need a course of action, not division in our ranks... . . - Wait -- how did this ship dock here? > AK4 . . - Well, this ship's not going anywhere, unless it's got the drift . . charts. > AK4 . . AK4: Well, of course, they have the asteroid drift charts in their... . . - So let's get their codes, then. Then we can worry about reaching . . the Ebon Hawk. > AK5 . . - Let's focus on the problem we can solve -- getting the codes. . . Otherwise, getting to the hangar means nothing. > AK5 . . - I think we can get there -- anybody see any problems with getting . . to the navicomputer? > AK5 . . AK5: Well, we'd have to get to the bridge... . . - +INF,Kreia+ Forgive me, Kreia, I was distracted for a moment. I'll be . . more mindful of the present. > END . . - -INF,Kreia- Watch that tone, old woman -- I will not be lectured by . . you. > END . . - +INF,Atton+ Atton's plan was a good one -- let's head to the bridge . . and get the drift charts. > END . . - -INF,Atton- I'm still debating about whether we should just leave . . Atton here or not. > END . . - -INF,Atton- Feel free to stay behind, Atton -- we could use someone . . to soak up some blaster shots from any more assassin droids. > END . ........................................................................... Now that we're off the Peragus station, our enemies will mostly be human opponents. So, if you were using an Ion type weapon, might want to switch. Also, these guys use Stealth to close in on you and hit at melee range, so you probably want everyone using a melee weapon... if you have enough. Go forward, then right, and through the door. This is the bridge, go all the way forward and use the Navicomputer: [Repair] Reroute the navicomputer (base cost 1 parts) [Computer] Slice the navicomputer (base cose 1 spikes) Do one. If you have no parts/spikes, you'll have to check the plasteel container at the back of the bridge first. Not that it matters here, but remember that you can have ANY character use the Navicomputer, and for every 4 points of skill (total skill, not just how many points you put in at level up) the number of parts/spikes is reduced by 1. Download the Drift Charts for 250 XP. Also, watch the first log for 100 XP. Go to the next door, to the lower right and open the plasteel container there for parts, spikes and a random item. Go through this door to the next door and through. The door straight ahead cannot be opened, so, open the door to the right. Around here you should be attacked by 4 Sith Assassins. You should notice the Xbox slowing down, when that happens, use the trigger to find the bad guy, once they turn red, attack them. They aren't too difficult. Through the door. Follow this hall to a room. Get the swag in the plasteel container and the footlocker (locked, but now you have Atton and he has security if you need help). Open the next door and go through. One Plasteel container and... some more Sith Assassins. Next door, next room, more Sith Assassins and one Plasteel container. Although there is an escape pod, it'd not exactly what we're looking for right now. We're not above Taris, we're in an asteroid field. Backtrack to where we started, and open the door just to the side of where we came in. (the other door you can see in the hallway is unopenable) It is a Low Security door. Immediately to the left is a plasteel container with loot. Ahead and to the right is a locked footlocker with more loot. Forward, unlock the next door and go through. This hallway curves right. When you hit the intersection you'll fight more Sith Assassins. Turn towards the stern of the ship (the back end), and go forward and through the door. There's a plasteel container in the back of this room, near the top of the map. And in the center, is the Briefing Room Console. Use it and watch the Holovids fly. You get 100 XP for watching the fourth log, Priority Override. Note: Depending on how you answered Atton when you busted him out of his cell you will see either Carth Onasi (Revan=Light Side) or Admiral Cede (Revan-Dark Side). If you didn't play KoTOR1, then you don't know this, but at the end of that game if you play as the Dark Side, you kill Carth. Hence he couldn't show up here. Go back to the intersection, and go down, towards the port of the ship. This hallway curves around to another doorway, go through. Another room with a Plasteel container and a Footlocker. And Sith Assassins. Kill the Sith, get the loot, go through the next door to the Harbinger Crew Quarters. (this door won't open until you have the codes from the Navicomputer) Harbinger Crew Quarters ______ C - Command Deck (entrance) / __|_ \ d - door / / \ \ D - Medical Droid | | |d| YR - Your Room |d| --- | |-- X - Storeroom | || || d r| S - High Security Door ---- ---- | d M || |-- r - Droid room | | | | | || ||d| l - Lab station ----d--- --S-----d|| || |-- C d d || D || d Exit ----d------d---|-d|| || |-- | | | YR | | ||_dld |___ --- ---- ---- \ \_| |/ d X | \______/----- --- Charge ahead, and search the rooms to the sides. Each room has exactly ONE container, either a footlocker or a plasteel container. When you reach the second set of doors, you find your room. In your room you find "NAME's" Armband (+1 CON), some loot and a datapad that tells you to report to the medbay for a checkup. Aye, aye. The room across the hall from yours may be too difficult a lock for Atton to break, even using a Security Tunneler. You may have to come back here later. My 16 INT Jedi Sentinel who kept up the Security skill had no such problems. (And my 8 INT Jedi Guardian didn't even bother trying) Ahead and through the next couple sets of doors. Once in the next room you'll be attacked by Sith. Search the corpse. From the doorway in, turn right, and walk down the hallway to the end. Search that corpse, then get attacked by more Sith Assassins. This dead ends, so back up to the last room, then up through the next doorway. Skip the medical bay for now and continue going up. Follow this to its dead end, search the corpse and get attacked by Sith again. Now go to the medical bay and enter. First thing's first, use the Medical Console, and [Insert Datapad] that you got from your room. This shows that you were drugged while on the Harbinger. But we knew that. You can also identify your kolto tank from here, which you can also use. (100 XP) You can also watch the logs to learn about what happened here, and watch the camera recording of the reawakening of Darth Sion. Finally with [Treat Injury] you can get some chemicals. If you don't have Treat Injury, Kreia should. There are 5 Plasteel containers in this room, two on the console side, three on the lab station side, located between kolto tanks. Search for loot! Next, time to repair that medical robot in the lower half of the room, this takes 3 parts and gives you 90 XP. Now as you go around this level, this droid will follow you and heal you if you get hurt badly. If you've kept up on Treat Injury, or had Kreia keep up on it, use the Lab Station and look into making yourself some implants. They're surprisingly affordable. A nice Strength D-Package could really hit the spot right here, and stacks well with the "NAME" Armband you just got. Go out the bottom and search the republic corpse here. Follow this hallway to the next door on the right. More Sith shall attack here. Careful, they will target your medical droid if it gets close to them. Enter the little storeroom here, search the three locked containers and grab the shinies. Exit, and go up the hallway. Skip the next door on the right, it leads out, and go through the next door straight ahead. One Sith attack later, and you can open the door on the right side to find the droid room. You can look at the protocol droid to see that SOMEONE tampered with it. That HK, was there anything he wouldn't do? Search the Corpse here for some loot, and a datapad exclaiming the mysteries of droids. The next door up dead ends with no lootables, so head down, and into the Turbolift. Engine Deck, Harbinger Before you can do anything else, Atton says that he has a bad feeling about this. How you respond to this affects your INFLUENCE with him. Follow "What's wrong" with "We'll be careful" for good Influence. Atton....................................................................... . A1: I have a bad feeling about this. . . - Would you stop *saying* that? > A3 . . - What's wrong? > A3 (slightly different dialogue) . . - -INF- Your "bad feeling" is going to be replaced by blinding pain if . . you don't be quiet. > A2 . . - Save your feelings for when we're out of here. > A2 . . - -INF- Just shut up and keep moving. > A2 . . A2: All right, but don't say I didn't...wrong about these things. > END . . A3: I can't help it -- don't you feel it? Something's gonna get... . . - How do you know that? > A4 . . - +INF+ We'll have to be careful, then. But we have to keep moving.> A2 . . - Save your feelings for when we're out of here. > A2 . . - -INF- Just shut up and keep moving. > A2 . . A4: You don't survive on the Rim as long as I have without knowing... . . - -INF- Cowardly intuition? > A2 . . - +INF+ We'll have to be careful, then. But we have to keep moving.> A2 . . - Save your feelings for when we're out of here. > A2 . . - -INF- Just shut up and keep moving. > A2 . ........................................................................... Both the side directions dead end, so head straight on. When you get near the intersection, everyone turns around, and sees Darth Sion coming up behind. Kreia pulls a Bastila and goes off to fight him alone, sealing the door behind her. She tells you to beat it. You are now facing backwards, so turn around, go forward and open the low security door. There are a couple containers in here with goodies, and a console: [Repair] Reroute the maintenance control system (1 part) [Computer] Slice the maintenance control system (1 spike) Use whichever you have more of. Open the door with the console and log out. (250 XP) If you don't have parts or spikes, you can find them in the next room. Leave that room. Go out, take a right turn and go up the hallway. Another low security door here to deal with, and a room with a footlocker of components and a workbench. Upgrade all your items with any new things you got, and if you have the skill for it, check out what you can make and try to create something good. Go back down to the intersection, then continue down the hallway. This hallway will curve around until you enter the engine room. Follow this for a while until you find the Main Ion Engine Control on your left. Use it, an Activate the procedures. Log out. (250 XP) Onward. As you get through the next door, Atton talks to you again. A good opportunity to get a LSP or DSP here. However, before you find out what you gained/lost with Atton, you get a cutscene with Kreia and Sion. Atton....................................................................... . A1: Tell me you're joking. We are not going to cross back into the... . . - It's the only way to get around the sealed door and into the hangar . . where the Ebon Hawk is. > Cutscene . . - LSP - Atton, you need to trust me. Come on. > Cutscene . . - The past few hours have been crazy, in case you were sleeping. Now . . keep moving. > Cutscene . . - DSP - Then stay here and die. > A2 . . A2: Ah, hell, better the death you know. I'm right behind you. > Cutscene . . Cutscene: (Kreia does her thing) Atton: What happened to you? . . - My hand... felt like it was being dipped in molten carbonite. > END . . - Kreia... I think she was wounded... badly. > A3 . . - I... don't know, but we need to keep moving. > END . . - Nothing - let's keep moving. > END . . A3: Huh? How do you know that? . . - I just do. > one more meaningless option, then > END . . - Call it an instinct reaction. > END . . - I... think it was through the Force. > END . ........................................................................... Ahead, left and out. Peragus Fuel Depot Well, hope you liked the Harbinger, you'll never go inside it again. Pressing on. Hey, that's T3! When you get close, he talks to you. You can both gain and lose Influence here, and for the first time, you can do both at once! He joins up with you. (100 XP) T3.......................................................................... . T3-1: Dee... reet. Dee... eeet? . . - I know - we ran into the "protocol droid" earlier, he attacked us, . . too. > T3-2 . . - Can you travel, T3? > T3-5 . . - Warm up your systems and let's go. > END . . - -INF- We may still have a use for you. Follow me. > END . . T3-2: Dee...dree...eet. . . - How did you survive? > T3-3 . . - +INF+ Don't blame yourself. If you hadn't gotten us out of the . . administration level, we'd never have made it this far. > T3-5 . . - > plus the bottom 3 options from T3-1 . . T3-3: Dee, dreeee-dee-deet. . . - He just dumped you into this fuel pipe? > T3-4 . . - > the options from T3-2 . . T3-4: Dee-deet. . . - Sounds like he just wanted to keep you out of the way until he could . . find a way off the station... with us. > T3-2, remove first option . . - Good thing your memory core is well-shielded. > T3-2, remove 1st . . - > the options from T3-2 . . T3-5: Dee - dreet. . . - Then let's go. > END . . - Come on, then - we have to hurry. > END . . - -INF- We may still have a use for you. Follow me. > END . ........................................................................... There's a quick bit of influence we can get by immediately talking to T3 again. Ask about his damage, how much damage, lost a lot of programs, and say to him that you're sure he'll be getting his skills back. Glad to have you along, and you get +INF+. ("Pray you don't lose any more," and you get -INF-) With skill in [Computer] or [Repair] you can offer to upgrade his memory core or do some routine maintenance. No influence is gained/lost doing these. [Computer] upgrade memory core, INFLUENCE CHECK, T3 gains +1 INT, 250 XP [Repair] routine maintenance, INFLUENCE CHECK, T3 gains +1 CON, 250 XP Note: Although you can see more of these skill options, your INFLUENCE with T3 won't be high enough to go any farther than that. For some reason, many of the T3 influencing items are Light Sided in nature. You can't get them yet. And if you're playing Dark Side and want to get a prestige class, put off talking to T3 again until after you get your class. Also, only the Exile can work on T3. T3 -- Listed here because he actually JOINS you here. Expert Droid -- Level 3 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 10 0 Vitality 30 Computer Use 6 none DEX 15 +2 Force 0 Demolitions 2 CON 14 +2 Defense 17 Awareness 2 INT 16 +3 Fortitude 3 Repair 6 WIS 10 0 Reflex 5 Security 6 CHA 10 0 Will 1 Feats: Gearhead, Caution Items: Whatever he had when you last saw him. T3 will immediately level up. Set his DEX up to 16 to get the even number there, or if you want to work on skills, start increasing INT. If you upgraded T3 earlier, CON and INT will also be odd, and increasing them will help out now. For feats, you probably don't need T3 to fight, so choose Improved Gearhead, or perhaps Toughness to keep him from dying. He can't take that many feats anyway. If you are increasing the INT, consider doing Class Skill (Demolitions). T3 can then do it all. Equip him with any new droid items you got. Note: If you talk to T3 again, you can get him to upgrade items for you, just like a Workbench. He can also make Spikes for you, but won't if you already have enough. Straight ahead is a Mine, and right next to that mine is a very important bit of technology, the concealed stash: Hangar 25 Control Conduit! Yay we can get the Ebon Hawk Grab it, recover the mine, and open the door. Be ready for droids. Although the droids will probably pull you over to the right, go back to the left (on the map it will look like you're going up and right) to get the plasteel container's goodies. Now go the other way, down-leftish and beat up any more droids you see. The small doorway will be mined. You might set this off while fighting the droids, if not, recover it. Go through. Don't miss the Plasteel container right by this door. There is a ramp up here, but ignore it and run along the side for now. This leads to a door with a mine inside. Recover it. Go through. Just a couple of MkII droids and a corpse to be searched here. Head back to the ramp and up. Use the console, Emergency Field Station, to shut down the field to the exit ramp. (110 XP) Log out. Up the ramp and into the passage. You'll be in the middle of four droids, they have you surrounded. This is where T3 was wandering around before. The console he got fragged at is over to the left behind two of the MkII droids. Here is where I finally started using Flurry (my Guardian had Improved Flurry and Two weapon fighting for 3 attacks per shot), which could take out a droid easily. Take out the droids, check for remains, then follow the pathway right to the Hangar Bay. Hangar Bay and Out Droids have taken over this level, so it's a firefight all the way back to the hangar controls. Check for remains and go to the Console. T3 says he can override the door. Despite saying that, he's no better at it than anyone. Access the emergency controls, then you should do both the [Repair] and the [Computer] options, then try to open the door, then replace the part, then the door opens. (50 XP for repair, 50 XP for computer, 60 XP for the door) Down the ramp, turn right, and you have to fight through more droids. Run all the way down this curved hallway to find a locked footlocker. Go back up and turn right. There's more droids, but at this point, easy pickings. The ramp downwards is mined. There is also a droid at the bottom. Melee characters will want to run down once they see this droid, so you could take it out long range with an Ion grenade, or target it with a blaster character. Then recover the mines and go down. Check for remains, then around and down the next ramp. This one is also Mined, so recover these as well. Take out the last droid, open the next door and through. Go up to the Decontamination Console. [Repair] Reroute the main console system (base cost 4 parts) (105 XP) [Computer] Slice the system (base cost 3 spikes) (105 XP) [Destroy the console] (no XP, and you get poisoned) Unless everyone is immune to poison, you want to either slice or repair the console, rather than destroy it. (which does open the door) Now HERE is where T3 will really do well. (Although my 16 INT Sentinal is almost as good at this) For him, if you kept his skills up, the cost in parts or spikes is 1. Use whichever you have more of. Then, access the cameras, decontamination room, and try to turn it off (base cost 8 spikes). (220 XP) T3 at this point should get it at 4 spikes. Finally open the door with the console and log out. Enter the formerly poisonous room, and follow it to a small room with a couple of metal boxes. And, hey, there's our ship! Before we get on, go left to find a locked footlocker and a cargo container. Around to the other side of the ship to find another locked footlocker with some random swag for you. Up to a broken droid next, then to a cargo container buried behind some boxes. Follow the wall around to another broken droid with droid items. That's it for items, on to the ship! Escape from Peragus! Now, Atton wants you to use the laser turret to take out the Sith Troopers. However, there's no reward for getting all of them. In fact, you only get XP from this when you kill them INSIDE the ship. So, let them board you. Once they're all on board, you'll have to fight them. However, it gives you time to use items to buff up. Have everyone fire up some shields, pop some stims. Then rampage around the ship taking out these nasty Sith. They stand grouped together making easy grenade targets. At this point they should be about 175 (Level 7) to 150 XP (Level 8) each, and with 25 of them on the ship you should get between 4375 to 3750 XP total. Totally worth it. Also, if you want to search for remains, you have to do it before the last one dies. Kreia reappears back on the ship, and you leave. Atton tells you that you're dead if things keep up. Your options are basically... Fire on the Asteroid - DSP Keep our Distance, and "no, someone might be alive" - LSP Keep our Distance, and keep evading - nothing Either way, the asteroids get blown, and you barely escape with your lives. Atton and Kreia will talk to you. For getting out of this you get 1000 XP. During the conversation, you can say "I've heard enough" at any time, this sends Kreia to the port room, and Atton asks you to look in on her. There are a LOT of LSP and DSP options in here, so the chance to get closer to Dark/ Light Side Mastery is great. No influence can be gained/lost here. Kreia....................................................................... . K1: The Republic warship was the Harbinger. It was seized on its way... . . - The Harbinger was on its way to Telos? > K2 . . - Why are these Sith looking for me? > K7 . . - How do we stop them? > K12 . . - I've heard enough. None of this interests me > END > to Atton dialogue. . K2: Yes... to aid in the recovery effort there... on Peragus. . . - How did you know I was on board the Harbinger? > K3 . . - Care to explain how you tracked me down? > K3 . . - Looks like I didn't cover my tracks well. > K3 . . K3: You were difficult to find...nearly destroying the Ebon Hawk. . . - How come I don't remember any of this? > K4 . . - That's an unusual set of coincidences. > K5 . . - How did we get to Peragus? > K6 . . K4: Whatever occured on board the Harbinger had rendered you... . . - > K3 responses, remove top response . . K5: True, but as one trained in the Force, you know that true... . . - > K3 responses, remove middle response . . K6: I do not know... (T3 chirps in) Be silent...! . . - He says he repaired the ship and got us to Peragus. > Atton yells at . . T3 > K3 + K1 responses . . - What part of 'silence' didn't you hear? > K1 responses, remove top, . . add in K3 responses remove last response . . - DSP - Another beep outta you, and you're scrap. > Atton line . . > K1 responses, but remove the top response and the END response . . K7: Because you are the last of the Jedi. Once you are dead, then... . . - I am not a jedi, not any longer. > different Kreia line > K8 . . - But I was exiled from the Jedi Order. > different Kreia line > K8 . . - DSP - The next time someone calls me a Jedi, they'll be lying in a . . pool of their own blood. > K8 . . K8: The Sith will dare to accuse you of such... . . - But... last of the Jedi? That can't be true. > K9 . . - What happened to the Jedi? > K9 . . - The Jedi Order can't be gone. > K9 . . K9: The Jedi Civil War destroyed the Jedi. By the war's end... . . - What about the Jedi on Dantooine? And Coruscant? > K10 . . - But those Jedi who survived - what happened to them? > K10 . . K10: The Jedi Academy on Dantooine...and the civil war that followed. . . - LSP - If any survivors still live, we need to warn them. > K11 . . - DSP - Then the Jedi are dead, gone... and good riddance. > K11 . . K11: Perhaps, but they are Jedi no longer... . . - Before, you said the Harbinger was on its way to Telos? > K2 . . - Then how do we stop the Sith? > K12 . . K12: That is not an easy question to answer. This threat is greater... . . - If we don't stop them, they're going to keep coming. > K13 . . - DSP - They're eager to fight us - I say we fight back. > K13 . . - So what do you think we should do? > K13 . . K13: (Atton line first, then Kreia) We cannot hope to triumph against... . . - What do you mean? > K14 . . - But we have no other choice. > K14 . . - Any enemy can be fought - and killed. > K14 . . - I will not run from the Sith, or anyone. > K14 . . K14: You fought in the Mandalorian Wars, and it cost you everything... . . - The Mandalorian Wars were my choice. > K15 . . - DSP - If these Sith threaten me, then they die. > K15 . . - LSP - This is self-defense, not war. > K15 . . - We must stop them. There's no other option. > K15 . . - Is there someplace we could hide? Or run to? > (Atton line) > K17 . . K15: You are not listening to me...nothing left to sacrifice. . . - I have nothing to lose now - how bad could it be? > K16 . . - I turned away from war once, I can do it again. > K16 . . - If I do not try, then we have lost anyway. > K16 . . - LSP - A Jedi's life is sacrifice - it is a small price to pay. > K16 . . - LSP - If evil is not fought, then we sacrifice the galaxy. > K16 . . - DSP - Only the Sith will pay the price - for crossing me. > K16 . . K16: Pah, like so many Jedi, you hear, but you do not listen... . . - K1 responses, remove third response . . K17: For a time, yes. Telos may be such a place - all our paths... . . - Perhaps with the right training, I can fight this threat. > K15 . . - That'll give us time to get allies on our side. > K15 . . - And we let them come to us, set a trap for them. > K15 . ............................................................................ She leaves, and before you can think, Atton talks to you. At any time say "I'll go check on her then" to end the conversation. Atton....................................................................... . A1: Look, uh, not like I care or anything, but you might want to go... . . - She seemed well enough for someone who had just lost her hand. > A2 . . - I'm sure she can take care of herself. > A2 . . - LSP - You're right, she may need help - can you handle things up here?. . > A1a . . - I'll go check on her then. > END . . A1a: We're on autopilot until we hit Telos. Until then, a droid... . . - What makes you say that? > A2 . . - If it'll shut you up, then I'll go check on her. > END . . A2: I think she was barely keeping it together - I'm surprised... . . - What are you talking about? > A3 . . - She didn't seem in pain to me. > A3 . . - LSP - You're right, she may be in pain - I'll see if I can go help. . . > END . . A3: Are you blind? ... especially in front of you. . . - That's odd. > A4 . . - That's a poor assumption to be making. > A4 . . - LSP - You're right, she may be in pain - I'll see if I can go help. . . > END . . - If it'll shut you up, then I'll go check on her. > END . . A4: Is it? In case you hadn't noticed, she won't say...until Telos. . . - When did you get so sensitive? > A5 . . - LSP - You're right, she may be in pain - I'll see if I can go help. . . > END . . - I'll go see her, then - if only to pass the time. > END . . - If it'll shut you up, then I'll go check on her. > END . . A5: Oh, don't give me that. All it takes is being around people... . . - > A4 responses, remove the first response . ........................................................................... Now as Atton suggested, go to the Port Crew Quarters and talk to Kreia. During the conversation you'll get the Force Chain ability. At least, the game finally tells you about it, it's been working since Kreia joined you. This dialogue has an unavoidable Light/Dark choice that is pretty obvious. Kreia....................................................................... . K1: Have you come for more answers? There is little more left to give. . . - When you lost your hand... I felt it, too. > K2 . . - LSP - Your hand - is there anything I can do? > (different Kreia line). . > K2 . . - If you refer to your hand, the choice was yours. (different Kreia line) . > K2 . . K2: That does not surprise me, any more than you hearing... . . - -INF- LSP - If I could, I would have protected you. > K2a . . - -INF- LSP - I'm sorry for your loss. > K2a . . - DSP - Then consider the pain a lesson. > K2b . . - If I felt the loss of your hand, what would have happened if you had . . died? > K3 . . K2a: Save your pity. I am here to save you, not the other way around. . . - Looks to me like you're the one who needs help. > K2b . . - Seems to me you need to learn to listen. > K2b . . - If we travel together, then we need to work together. > K2b . . - If I felt the loss of your hand, what would have happened if you had . . died? > K3 . . K2b: I do not need your condescension, nor your lectures. If anyone... . . - The pain I felt when you lost your hand, what if it had been more . . intense? > K3 . . - Then teach me to shut out your pain. Next time, it could be worse. . . > K3 . . - And what if you had died? > K3 . . K3: I do not know. I fear that... the consequences would have been... . . - More extreme? I felt like my hand was dipped in molten carbonite. . . > K3a . . - Like what consequences? Death? > K4 . . - Would it have been lethal? > K4 . . K3a: Then the sensation you would feel upon my death might be less... . . - Quicker? Would it have killed me? > K4 . . - Would it have been lethal? > K4 . . - Are you saying my life is tied to yours? > K4 . . K4: Possibly, yes, and I fear it works both ways. I would not... . . - LSP - What can we do? I don't want my actions to place you at risk. . . > K5 . . - LSP - Then we'll work together and try to be careful until we can fix . . this. > K5 . . - DSP - This link is a threat to me, and an inconvenience. We need to . . sever it, now. > K5 . . - DSP - But at your age you could die at any moment, especially . . considering the way you act. > (different Kreia line) > K5 . . - DSP - I will not allow my life to be tied to some half-dead delusional. . old woman. > (different Kreia line) > K5 . . K5: When battle is upon us, I suspect our minds are prepared enough... . . - How could this bond have happened? > K6 . . - Does our connection have any advantages? > K6 . . - I have never heard of a link like this before, in holocrons, or in . . the Jedi histories. > K6 . . K6: I confess its nature eludes me as well...it has its drawbacks. . . - So what do we do now? > K7 . . - I need to know more about the Sith hunting us. > K11 . . - When we were on Peragus, I could feel the Force again. > K15 . . - Can you tell me what has happened since the Mandalorian Wars? > K25 . . - I think I've heard enough. > K-END . . K7: I do not know... if you fall all the galaxy will echo it. . . - But there must be someplace we can go. > K8 . . - Is there any place where we can retreat to? > K8 . . - We can't keep running until they catch us. > K8 . . - There were other questions I wished to ask you. > K6 questions . . - I think I've heard enough > K-END . . K8: It does not matter where we go...bound for Telos, and that is enough. . . - Where are we bound again? > K9 . . - Enough for what? > K9 . . - There were other questions I wished to ask you. > K6 questions . . - I think I've heard enough > K-END . . K9: The planet Telos...echoes of their passing. We shall see. . . - And if we find no trace of Jedi teachings on Telos to help us? > K10 . . - That plan seems weak. > K10 . . - We don't have the time to scour an entire planet for Jedi relics. . . > K10 . . K10: Then I am left with nothing more than we had already... . . - There were more questions I wished to ask you. > K6 questions . . K11: These Sith... they seek the death of all Jedi. As have all the... . . - First split? > K12 . . - There was another Jedi Civil War? > K12 . . - The Sith were once Jedi? > K12 . . - There were other questions I wished to ask you. > K6 questions . . - I think I've heard enough > K-END . . K12: Yes... the Jedi Civil War is not the first one...as Malak did. . . - So these Sith continue the crusade? > K13 . . - But these Sith seem... different. > K13 . . - Are they following Malak's path? > K13 . . - There were other questions I wished to ask you. > K6 questions . . - I think I've heard enough > K-END . . K13: In a manner of speaking... the dark side shall reign, unchecked. . . - I've never seen Sith... assassins like those on the Harbinger. > K14 . . - If those Sith assassins are the best the Sith have to offer, we have . . little to fear. > K14 . . - The Sith on Peragus knew some Force techniques, but they were . . exteremely weak. > K14 . . - There were other questions I wished to ask you. > K6 questions . . - I think I've heard enough > K-END . . K14: I believe them to be the result of... the more will come. . . - There were other questions I wished to ask you. > K6 questions . . - This is a lot to take in at once. I need time to reflect on this. . . > K-END . . - I think I've heard enough > K-END . . K15: Indeed? And was it the same as before? . . - No... it felt... different. Faint. > K16 . . - It was like a whisper, at the edge of hearing. > K16 . . - There were other questions I wished to ask you. > K6 questions . . - I think I've heard enough > K-END . . K16: If my suspicions are correct, perhaps the damage the Jedi Council... . . - Wait... the Jedi did this to me? > K17 . . - If they were responsible, they had no right! > K17 . . - I don't believe the Jedi would do such a thing. > K17 . . K17: What did you believe? That you suddenly lost your connection... . . - It's not possible to cut one off from the Force. It's like deafening . . someone... or blinding them. > K18 . . - But to cut one off from the Force... it's like losing all your . . senses at once. > K18 . . K18: Indeed it is. It is much like...and exiled them as they did you. . . - LSP - I don't believe the Jedi would inflict such a punishment on . . someone. It seems... too cruel. > K23 . . - Then there must be a way to reverse what they did. > K19 . . - DSP - If the Jedi were not already gone and dead, I would end their . . lives for doing this to me. > K19 . . - There were other questions I wished to ask you. > K6 questions . . - I think I've heard enough > K-END . . K19: It is possible that such a thing can be undone... they yet live. . . - But you said it's possible. How? > K20 . . - Slim is better than none. > K20 . . - But the Force... I can feel it again, if only slightly. > K20 . . K20: Our link... may have other consequences... damage they have done. . . - But there are no more Jedi. > K21 . . - I will honor whatever training you wish to give me. > K21 . . - You? Train me? You can barely stand. > K21 . . - I am my own Master, I have no need of teachers. > K21 . . K21: Then I am your only hope, as you are mine... as it once did. . . - +INF+ LSP - I would welcome whatever aid you offer. > K22 . . - I accept you as a teacher... for now. > K22 . . - +INF+ DSP - If your training brings me power, then I will listen. . . - -INF- DSP - I have no use for mentors... but a servant, yes. > K22 . . - -INF- DPS - A long-winded scow in my thoughts is enough. Leave me be. . . > K14 responses . . K22: Then our training shall begin. Whenever I travel with you, I ... . . - > K14 responses . . K23: If not the Jedi then what did you think was the cause of such a loss?. . - In defying the Jedi Order to follow Revan to war, I thought I had . . somehow lost my connection to the Force. > K24 . . - I thought I had lost it by my actions, by forgetting my training and . . the teaching of the Jedi. > K24 . . - I had thought the Mandalorian Wars the cause... I did much that I am . . not proud of. > K24 . . - I believed that serving Revan had... corrupted me. > K24 . . - I thought that the war had driven me to the dark side, and severed . . me from my powers. > K24 . . K24: War leaves many scars...unless another factor was involved. . . - Can my connection to the force be healed? > K19 . . - I would do anything to restore my connection to the Force. > K19 . . - Can anything be done? There must be a way. > K19 . . K25: Much has happened in the galaxy in your absence, and since... . . - Tell me about the Mandalorian Wars. > K26 . . - What happened after the war? > K31 . . - I want to know about Revan and Malak. > K31 . . K26: It is a tale you already know well...begged the Jedi council for aid.. . - But the Jedi Council didn't help... only a few of the Jedi Knights . . did. > K27 . . - The Jedi Council agreed but did not move fast enough. So we had to. . . > K27 . . - But only some Jedi Knights answered the call... like I did. > K27 . . K27: Indeed. The Jedi Council counseled caution and patience to... . . - And Revan and Malak refused to wait. > K28 . . - I know this part. What happened after the war? > K31 . . - I want to know about Revan and Malak. . . K28: Two Jedi Knights, Revan and Malak... into the Unknown Regions. . . - Until we destroyed them... at Malachor V. > K29 . . - The Mandalorians fought savagely, to the end. > K29 . . - Even in that final battle, we almost lost the war. > K29 . . - > other responses from K27 . . K29: Yes, I have heard tales of Malachor V ... . . - Many Jedi died at Malachor V... and the conflict split the . . Jedi Order. > K30 . . - Malachor V is in the past - let it stay there, forgotten. > K30 . . - I asked you what you know, not what I know. > K31 . . - > other responses from K27 . . K30: ... in the Mandalorian crusade. But you know this. . . - I felt them fall - the war had consumed them. > K31 . . - But some battles must be fought. It was not Revan's failing. > K31 . . - And if I could, I would have followed them. > K31 . . - > other responses from K27 . . K31: Consumed? No... and turned them into a weapon, against the Republic. . . - And that was the Jedi Civil War. > K32 . . - What happened next? > K32 . . - Didn't the Jedi Order try to stop them? > K32 . . K32: Revan and Malak and all the Jedi that served them...bleed still. . . - How were Malak and the Sith defeated? > K33 . . - What happened to Malak? > K33 . . - The Republic is weak. They couldn't have beaten Malak. > K33 . . K33: As all Sith do, without a strong enemy, the Sith turned on each... . . - But what happened to Revan? > K34 . . - Does Revan still live? > K34 . . - Did the Jedi recapture Revan? > K34 . . K34: None know, certainly not I... where Revan wanders now, I do not know.. . - So Revan saved the Republic? > K35 . . - You're saying Revan abandoned the war? > K35 . . - Revan turned against Malak - for the sake of the Republic? > K35 . . K35: It would seem that way ...the Republic has the strength to survive. . . - LSP - Then we must do what we can until it has a chance to recover . . from the war. > K36 . . - DSP - If the Republic is weak, it didn't deserve to win. > K36 . . - DSP - Malak and Revan should have crushed the Republic. > K36 . . K36: Perhaps, it is sometimes difficult...Republic was never truly tested.. . - So? What does it matter? > K37 . . - The Republic won... that is the only truth. > K37 . . - Get to the point - if there is one. > K37 . . K37: A culture's teachings, and most importantly...Republic can survive. . . - LSP - Can anything be done to help the Republic? > K38 . . - DSP - The Republic has avoided its fate too long - let them burn. . . > K38 . . - Perhaps it is better the Republic stands on its own. > K38 . . K38: We shall see... It is aimed at you. . . - This threat is directed against me? > K39 . . - What do you mean? > K39 . . - Because I'm the last Jedi? > K39 . . K39: The Republic was never what was important... > normal questions . . K-END: I would see to that fool in the cockpit, and remind him... . . - LSP - The fool has a name. I'd like you to start using it. > END . . - He's not a fool, but he does feel odd to me. > END . . - Atton isn't so bad, just... well, maybe he is. > END . . - I'll crack his skull into the bulkhead if he tries. > END . . - Will do. I'll go see him now. > END . ........................................................................... That monster of a dialogue is over, head on back to Atton and talk to him. Only a couple things of note in this dialogue, so it's not worth mapping. If you say "Look, ease off the insults. She was wounded helping us escape, remember?" You get a Light Side Point (LSP). Atton will also ask about your old Lightsaber. You'll see this lightsaber come up later, but this dialogue doesn't affect your new lightsaber that you build later. Atton points you to the Galaxy Map near the cockpit, which you select when you want to go somewhere. Glitch: This one's fun. Save it in the cockpit. Reload. Talk to Atton and watch how he sits in the chair, it's just not natural. You can also talk to T3 and get some more options (unless you didn't talk to him again back in Peragus, in which case they're all new options): [Intelligence] How did you get here T3? > [Computer] You're deliberately avoiding answering - why? > [Computer] Check your core [Computer] memory core, INFLUENCE CHECK [Repair] more routine maintenace, INFLUENCE CHECK And if you missed them, the old options from Peragus: [Computer] upgrade memory core, INFLUENCE CHECK, T3 gains +1 INT, 250 XP [Repair] routine maintenance, INFLUENCE CHECK, T3 gains +1 CON, 250 XP T3 Note: Gaining T3's influence is easy to figure. When working on him, say you'll be careful and you gain. Say you will rip him apart, and you (may) lose. However, gaining influence with him also gives you Light Side Points (LSP). If you are playing Dark Side, you may want to put off the T3 upgrades until after level 15 and you get your prestige class. That way you hit Dark Side Mastery quicker and won't have to wait. Bao-Dur will have an option later to upgrade T3, and this is separate from your upgrades to him. Finally, you can open the security door in the main hold to find HK-47. For now all you can do is insert the HK Vocabulator we got off HK-50 back at Peragus. More parts will come later. Use the Galaxy Map, and travel to Telos. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Telos - Citadel Station ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Light/Dark Side Note: If you've been going full out for Light or Dark, very soon you will hit 1/4 to either. When that happens you get a movie and cutscene of Visas and Nihilous. This will place Visas on the Ebon Hawk when you get it later. She won't appear the first time you get in. A Warm Greeting Well, were you really expecting one? Regardless of what you want, say or do here, the Telos Security Force (TSF) will confiscate your ship and T3, then throw you into cells. You can be a complete jerk to Lt. Grenn and he doesn't even take it personally. He's quite a professional. I really thought you could get DSPs here, but you can't. While jailed, you see a Mysterious Woman in White sneak up to your ship. Things are all well and good until an assassin approaches and tries to kill you. Say what you want, it all leads to combat. (1000 XP) Good thing Jedi are good at fighting without weapons. And if you have Shock, this should be over really fast. Grenn reappears, you discover the assassin was a fake "Batu Rem" and they send you to your new, more luxurious cell... er... quarters. You and Kreia will meditate twice, getting interrupted each time by the Comms. The first to call are the Ithorians, the second is Czerka. Ithorians are peaceful, hippy types who live in-tune with nature. Czerka is an evil soulless corporation that wanted the Sith to win in the Jedi Civil War. Who you side with is pretty obvious, Light Side with the Ithorians, Dark Side with Czerka. Say what you want to them here, you can always change who you side with later (at least, until you agree to work for one of them at their own base later). Although you can skip listening to them, you may as well hear out the side you plan on following. After Czerka's call, Kreia and Atton have a conversation about the Force. Following that, Grenn returns and says that you are off the hook... even if you WERE responsible for blowing up Peragus. Sweet. We got away with Planeticide! He tells you to come by the TSF offices in the Entertainment module to retrieve your things. Atton thinks you should get out of Telos while you still can. Say what you want, and you're free! Sort of. You can leave your room, anyway. Residential 082 East ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A2 A1 A3 / \ W - To 082 West __ __ S - Shuttle to 081 | "A" block | ___ Entertainment | | | | |_____ _____| | | C - Czerka ------- E --------------- S ------- ---------|| \B1 E - Exchange | W | _______ _____ ______ ______ - "B" B2 I - Information | I - B3 Console ------------------ C -------------- ---------|| / (Fast Transit) | | | "C" block | |___| |__ __| \ / C3 C1 C2 Talk to Kreia. If you are strongly Light or Dark, she will want to comment on that. The only way to gain +INF+ is to "View my companions as disposable" but this also gives you a DSP. If you don't agree with her in this, you get a LSP and lose -INF-. This is the case whether you are Light or Dark (but what she says is different). This may happen now, or you can try again later. After that, ask her some questions... Your main goal is to get to her backstory, which requires either INT, WIS or positive INFLUENCE. If you gained influence with her in the last dialogue, and haven't lost any anywhere else you will have enough. You can also ask about the Force, but those options don't go anywhere yet. Also, if your INT, WIS and INFLUENCE aren't high enough, you can do this later when they are. Kreia....................................................................... . K1: Ask, and I will answer. . . - Kreia, what are you - are you a Jedi, a Sith? > K2 . . - Do you know anything about the Sith who pursue us? > INFLUENCE CHECK . . > SUCCESS, K4 > FAILURE, K5 . . K2: Does it matter? Of course it does, such titles allow you to ... . . - [Intelligence - 16 REQ] Then what were you? > K-STORY . . - [Wisdom - 16 REQ] To ally myself with someone without knowing their . . allegiance is unwise. > K-STORY . . - I want some answers, not more cryptic words. > INFLUENCE CHECK > . . > SUCCESS, K-STORY > FAILURE, K3 . . - Enough of these lies. Tell me what you are. . . K3: [Influence: Failure] Or what? Shall you kill me? Hurt me? ... . . - We will speak more of this, I promise you. > back to questions . . K-STORY: What do you wish to hear? That I once believed in the code ... . . - > Cutscene, 1000 XP > small dialogue, then back to questions . . K4: [Influence: Success] I know of them, yes... and how much like beasts... . - The one who bathes in pain - Sion. > line about Sion and back to here . . - Who is the betrayer? > line about trust, then back to here . . - And the one consumed by hunger? > line about staying away from him, . . > then back to here . . K5: [Influence: Failure] Nothing more than we already know ... . . - > Back to questions . ........................................................................... Atton has nothing to say here, unless you want to play Pazaak, so onward. There are a few things we can do in this area, however, you could just go straight to the Shuttle to Entertainment Module 081 to the TSF offices to get your things. We'll get there eventually. None of the "C" apartments are noteworthy right now, so leave this apartment. Take a right turn, and go to the next block of apartments, the mysterious B complex. You can't open B1, no matter how high your skill in Security, so don't bother. B2 has a Duros, Opo Chano, who thinks that you are from the Exchange to deal with him. You can ask him about it, but he's evasive. He sells droid parts, but right now you don't have a droid. He also has a Workbench in his room, but you'll have no items, so that doesn't help. Keep him in mind. You can't open B3 yet either. Out and over to C complex on the right. Apartment A1 has a Twi'lek named Harra, who gives you your first honest sidequest. SIDEQUEST: "High Stakes" - Ramana Enslaved by Harra Harra has a gambling debt, of a sort. He lost big in Pazaak and wagered his girlfriend. (How did he have the right to "sell" her anyway?) May as well agree to help him out. You need to find a Twi'lek named Doton Het in the Cantina out in the Entertainment Module. You can threaten to kill him, but that doesn't work, he has a tranceiver in Ramana that keeps her enslaved. You can [Persuade] him to 1500 credits, or bet 1000 credits and play him at Pazaak. If you do the Pazaak option, I would first go to the woman in the racing room, Mebla Dule, and buy a few of the +/- cards first. If you win against her three times in a row you also get the nifty Double card. Then play a friendly game with Atton to get used to the game if you don't know much about it. Finally save it and go back to Doton Het and play. Win or pay him and she's yours. Now you get to decide what to do with her, keep a slave, or send her back to Harra. Keeping her a slave is the easiest solution... if a little dark (350 XP, DSP). If you take her back to Harra, though, you can force her to get back together with him (or you'll sell her to Nal Hutta, 350 XP, LSP & DSP) or let her do what she wants with freedom (350 XP, LSP). You can also point out that she still belongs to you, and keep her (300 XP, DSP), or even extort money out of him for her freedom. He can't pay any amount you ask for, so don't bother. (300 XP, DSP) The best option for Dark Siders is to play Pazaak, win her (thus she's free), and keep her working in the cantina. Light Siders are stuck with taking her back, then letting her go there. Note: If you keep her as a slave, you can come back periodically and she'll pay you her "earnings." If she's making that much just dancing, then... um... Anyway, you can get quite a lot of money out of her. First 800, 1200, 1500 and 1800 is as far as I have ever gotten. If she has no money for you, you'll have to come back later. Despite what she says, she never can pay off her debt to you. You can get the 900 credits immediately. Also, if you do the next step below, you'll lose this source of money forever, however, if you don't do it, you'll soon lose this quest forever. 3500 Credits versus 2000 Credits and 250 XP (plus lots more DSP). This next part MUST be done before doing the Exchange part of the Czerka/Ithorian quests, or Luxa won't be around. I bet you're thinking that there was another way to do that, and you're right. However, due to a bug (I guess), you can do it both ways. If you keep Ramana as a slave, go back and talk to Harra. As long as you didn't take her back to him, he still won't acknowledge that anything has happened. He's in apartment A1, if you forgot. (You can also do this if you didn't win her yet, but you can't do it if you ever took her back to his apartment) You can try to hit Harra up for the 1000 credits needed to wager for Ramana, but he won't give you that. Better yet, tell him that you just weren't able to do it and he'll mention that Doton has some troubles with the Exchange. Interesting. Back to the bar! Talk to Luxa, the pink skinned woman at the bar. Talk to her about Doton and the Exchange, any line works, they all lead to him getting beaten. Now, at this point you can try to back down ("Is that necessary?"), but Doton won't give up Ramana with just the threat of an Exchange intervention (yes, you may have already won her, remember this is a bug). Better to just thank Luxa and let the beating commence. The dialogue options here are remarkably similar to the ones you get if you just bring Ramana here after winning at Pazaak, you can free her or not, or try to extort money from them. See above if you want to try out one of those options. So, tell her that you'll let her free for money and get 500 credits. But now you also have the new option of killing Doton Het. (DSP for even suggesting it) If you keep Ramana, Harra runs away and you get the option of deciding Doton's fate. Letting him live gets you nothing. You can take all his money, and then you can kill him anyway. (DSP for 2000 Credits, 250 XP, DSP for killing) If you got her as a slave, got her first payment to you, then did everything above, you can get a total of 3300 credits Now THAT's villainy! Be sure to check the remains as well. Despite still technically "owning" her, Ramana won't pay you after all this. Boo. In apartment A2, you get to loot a Footlocker, which may have something interesting inside (I've gotten everything from a Repeating Blaster, to a Bowcaster to a Powered Battle Armor here). The owner of the room comes charging in and accuses you, very rightfully, of theft: Neutral: Just looking around. > I'll be going now. > repeat DSP: Helping myself, what does it look like > If you're smart you will > I'm not going to take that from you > You're right. I guess I'll take your life too. > FIGHT You can steal from him without getting a DSP, you only get that if you fight him. One blast from Shock should kill him, unless he Saves. If you kill him, you get a small dialogue with Kreia. You will automatically gain +INF+ with Atton, and can talk to Kreia to determine her Influence. At best, you can gain and lose with Kreia at the same time. Generally she doesn't like you killing bystanders like this. (this appears for her whenever you kill innocents) Kreia....................................................................... . K1: Are psychotic urges all the drive you? ... I am not speaking to you.... . - I didn't see you holding back. > K2 . . - -INF- And what would you have done? > K3 . . - -INF- When I seek your opinion, I shall ask for it. Be silent. > K-END. . - -INF- I do not need your "advice"... or your judgments. > K-END . . - -INF- Keep pressing me on this, and I'll add your body to the pile. . . > K-END . . K2: When one of us is committed to battle, then all of us are committed.... . - > K1 options, remove top response . . K3: I would examine the situation as a whole, all of its ties to... . . - -INF- They inspire fear, and respect. > K4 . . - +INF+ Perhaps you are right. > K4 . . - -INF- When I seek your opinion, I shall ask for it. Be silent. > K-END. . K4: Perhaps... > K-END . . K-END: I grow weary of this... . ........................................................................... Alternatively, you could remove Kreia from your party before stealing the items from the footlocker, then you get a dialogue with just Atton. (If you don't know how, use START, then from the left it is the 5th icon, just go over to Kreia's portrait and press (A) to de-select her) Just tell Atton "Don't worry about it - we had no choice" to gain +INF+. Sweet, sweet, influence. Whatever you did in there, leave, and search apartment A3. There's another footlocker in here, but no one rushes to its defense. We're done with apartments for now. Wander up the area to the center and use the Information Terminal there. Download the map. You can try to go to other areas, but you must use the Terminals in each area before you can go to them. Now, you can just go straight to Czerka/Ithorian Compound, but as that is the last thing you need to do here, I'll cover it last. For now, head to the Shuttle to the Entertainment Module 081 Entertainment Module 081 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- | --------- ---| | ---- | | -------| |--| | | || | Shuttle to ------- |W | d ----- Residential East 082 |Cells| | | || | | | | | || | -----d| -------|EM|GM|| | W - Workbench |G | | | ------| | EM - "Evil" Merchant, Samhan | --| | H ----- | | GM - "Good" Merchant -|-d-|L| | d= | d - door | | dL| | x p S| | | G - Lt. Grenn | |R |L| | ----- | | L - Lockers | --d------ --d--I-------- | R - TSF Recptionist | | | | H - Doton Het -------- | | ----------------- S - Swoop Races | |------ | p - Pazaak player, Mebla Dule | | x - Exchange contact, Luxa --- --- | | Shuttle | to Docks | 126 ------- You're in a module connector room to start with, take a left and down the ramp. First door on the right is a Merchant, with dueling Duros merchants. The first guy, Dendis Dobo, sells ... well, nothing worth buying that I've ever seen. Pazaak cards you already own? Clothes? Great. The second guy, Samhan Dobo, sells better things, and has a workbench. You'll see more of him later. I'd tell you specifically what they sell, but it's random. Don't buy anything, you'll want to save your money for now. You can strip everyone of their Clothes and break them down at the workbench for Components if you want. If you're going Dark Side you might see the new "Sith Underoos" that the Exile will be sporting. Exit and go up the hall. Here you find a Sullustan being hassled by some Mercenaries. Pretty obvious Light/Dark choice here. Either let them kill him (DSP), or fight them. (LSP) After saving him, you can kill the Sullustan, but you still would have gotten that LSP from before. There's no peaceful solution. Check for remains of whomever just died. If you saved him, refuse a reward for another LSP (or kill him for a DSP). Now you could do the cantina right now, but I'd skip it, go along the hallway (make sure to get the map from the Information Terminal so we can transit here easily later), up the next ramp, through the room, up the ramp and into the TSF offices. Talk to the droid to learn that your ship is gone, your droid is gone, but your stuff is in the storage room opposite the droid. You can threaten all you want, but it makes no difference. (50 XP) Also, despite what the droid says (and your Journal as well) you can't work for the Exchange to get your ship back. You have to go through Czerka or the Ithorians. You will see the Exchange come up in both of those, however. The droid opens the door to the storage room. Now, your things are placed in the "Detainee" lockers, but you can loot all the lockers here anyway... so, you actually came out ahead from getting jailed. Equip up! Forward through the next door and talk to Lt. Grenn. Ask about how the station will survive without Peragus, and follow that conversation to get the New Fuel Source sidequest. Also ask him if he has any work you can do to get the bounties sidequests, Batono, criminals and Batu Rem. Ask about each of them to get your leads. You can slice the terminal behind Grenn for some information, but nothing important. When you're done with all the sidequests below, look below for the walkthrough to the Ithorian/Czerka quests. SIDEQUEST: New Fuel Source This one gets "solved" out at Nar Shaddaa, although you never really complete it. After returning from the yacht, you can negotiate with Vogga the Hutt to send fuel to Telos. SIDEQUEST: False Batu The lead for this quest sends us to the docking area, docking bay 3, which is the Czerka bay. Talk to the Duros at the counter, and ask about a passenger. He doesn't want to tell you. Your confidentiality is protecting a killer. [Persuade - 6 REQ] Don't worry...The killer is dead anyways. You'll help me if you know what's good for you. Whatever you do, the only option that works is [Persuade], and if you fail Kreia bails you out. Anyway, he'll still require a 25 credit bribe. Tell him it's Batu Rem to get the information that he came from Nar Shaddaa (no, this isn't followed up on that planet). Take the Shuttle back to Grenn for a reward, an item (Armorply Plating Mark II). SIDEQUEST: TSF Bounty, Escaped Criminals After getting this quest, the next time you go to the Czerka offices, you'll see the two criminals talking to Executive Lorso. You can't stop them here, they head down to the planet below. You do need to, however, try to stop them or turn them in. Eventually you'll get down there and will be forced to kill them. This quest MUST be advanced to this point before going down to the planet, or you'll never be able to do it. Telling Grenn before you kill them does nothing. Also, if you've started working for the Ithorians, this quest becomes unsolvable. You'll find these guys on the surface, just past the first group of mercenaries. If you didn't get this quest, they are replaced with 3 generic mercenaries. They want you for your bounty, and fight you. Once you get your ship back, return to Telos - Citadel station for 200 credits. SIDEQUEST: TSF Bounty, Batono has Vanished Batono worked for Czerka, but was snitching to the TSF, so that might make Czerka a good place to start. First, talk to the Czerka officer standing by the door at dock 3, area 126. Ask about Batono. You don't know? But he oversaw these docks. You're sure you don't know anything? (DSP) You can tell me what you know, or I can hurt you, and then you will tell me what you know. The first two options will get him to reveal that Batono is an employee, but that's it, unless you want the DSP, in which case you threaten to hurt him. (50 XP) Next go see Lorso in the Czerka offices and ask about Batono. She tells you that he spent a lot of time with the Ithorians. Agree to find him (100 XP). Off to the Ithorian Compound. Exit Czerka and turn left, straight ahead to the Residential West. If it's your first time here, hit the Information Terminal to get the map, and so you can easily come back here later. Enter the Ithorian Compound. You can tell the receptionist that you're here to see Chodo Habat (whether you're working for the Ithorians or Czerka doesn't matter, besides we are actually here to talk to Chodo). If you've been working for Czerka, he won't want to talk to you. Ask about Batono, tell him that Lorso said he'd been here, then you have to [Persuade] him to tell you (always succeeds). Once Grenn's name comes up, he gives Batono up. He gives you the passkey and tells you to go to apartment C1. (150 XP) If you use the (Lie) option you get a DSP. To Apartment C1! There are essentially only three ways to go about this, the light way, where we turn him in to Grenn, the neutral way where we take his money and forget all about him, and the dark way where we murder him. (500 credits, 200 XP for his payment, plus XP for finding him) If you take the Light way, you just have to convince him (which is pretty easy) and he automatically comes with you. Mercenaries from Lorso will attempt to stop you, but will have to be stopped. In the end, you get your reward. (300 credits, 200 XP, LSP) GLITCH - Now, if you took the neutral way above, or started the light way and (lied) your way out of it, you can go to Lorso and tell her all about Batono hiding in the apartments. From there you can offer your assistance in finishing the job. (100 XP) Now, even if you LIE to him about taking him to Grenn, if you lead him out of the apartment, you've actually just started walking the Light path. The mercenaries appear, and you end up fighting them and saving Batono. You're automatically taken to Grenn as above. If you really want to kill him and get your DSP, then the best way is to mention Czerka right away, say it only matters that you get paid, that Lorso will be happy to hear that you found him, and he fights you. You get about 200 XP for his death, another 100 XP on the quest and a DSP if you go and finish him off. Don't forget to search his remains. You can return to Lorso for another 200 credits and 100 XP. SIDEQUEST: Win the Pazaak Double Card! In the Cantina, Entertainment District, is Mebla Dule, the Pazaak player. If you want to win Ramana from the other Pazaak player here, you might want to buy cards off her. I'd recommend buying all her +/- cards in stock, but unless you really know what you're doing, avoid the Flip 3&6 and Flip 2&4 cards. Now you just have to beat her three consecutive times while betting 40 credits to win her Double Card. The only annoying thing is that you can't use (A) to skip her boring dialogue. Oh well. The deck I used here was: +/-1, +/-3, +/-4, +6, +5, +4, +3, +2, +1, -4 Not the best deck in the world, but it'll do for now. The rules are simple, if you've never played. Try to get a value of 20 on your side, either through dealt cards, or as a combination of dealt cards and a card from your hand. If no one gets 20, whoever has the highest total wins. It's a best of three match. She's not very good, so this should be easy. Note: Although she claims to retire once you beat her and take her card, you can play her again any time you want by "Asking some questions." This resets her to the "I'm only here to game" mode and allows you to play again. No, you can't win more than one Double card. Also, to get the Double card you must win 3 consecutive games, so no exiting conversation to save it. SIDEQUEST: Win the Swoop Race and Set the Record! Just what it says, win the race. Not much to say about it. You can [Persuade] to get him to waive the 100 credit entrance fee. Now, you can either race normally, by hitting the speed ups and avoiding the obstacles, or you can cheat. Simply aim for any obstacle in the first seconds of the race (those purple floaty things work, or wait until the short wall later), now pause with the WHITE button the instant before you hit the obstacle, and press (A) to "forfeit." The game will unpause for a second, and you crash. But you also just won, and it took your time from when time started again as the winning time. (500 credits) This works on every track. SIDEQUEST: Suspicious Goods (the Hold Out Blaster) If you take the modified hold out blaster to Grenn he gives you the quest to get to the bottom of this black market on Telos station. Sounds fine. There's only one person who even sells weapons here, so go to the Merchant in the same area, the Duros in the back by the workbench, Samhan, and ask him about the gun. He's remarkably forthcoming about it. Ask about the Black Market, and say that you'd like to get involved. (100 XP) If you're going Light Side on this, listen to his entire plan first, then once you know what he's after, go and report it to Lt. Grenn. (50 XP) He gives you a counter-mission, some fake goods (presumably) to give to Samhan and instructions on fooling him into making an illegal transaction. Back to the merchant. Agree to escort him to the docking bay, and you're transported to the Docks area. The deal doesn't go as Samhan might wish, so he goes hostile on you. Take him out. Once he's taken some hits, he'll surrendur. (500 Credits, 150 XP, LSP) Once he's in jail, Grenn thanks you, and you can say something. If you say it would have been better to kill him you get a DSP. But if you're going to say that, you may as well have worked for Samhan. And obviously, once in jail, you can't buy anything from Samhan again, and you never get access to his "special" shop. Although you do get a discount from his lousy brother's lousy store. And then there is the Dark Side path, which takes a bit longer to complete. Follow the dialogue options until you get the option to help with the smuggling (or that you "want in"). Offer to help and he gives you the first mission, he wants you to take some leaves from a plant in the Ithorian Vivarium. Agree, and head out (100 XP). The Plant The Ithorians are in 082 West, which is located just off the side of the residential module we originally came from. Go in there, you may have to talk to the receptionist. Enter the large room and take a left, and another left into the Vivarium. If you talk to the Ithorian you learn that they have a Security system. You can also get a [Persuade/Lie] to convince him that Grenn wants samples, then he'll shut the security off for you. Otherwise, use the console behind him, check the security, attempt to turn off the Security and you have to [Computer] slice it (base cost: 5 spikes). Once that is done, walk to the plant in the center, and take what you need. (50 XP) No matter what, the Ithorian here won't notice... or care. Also, if you just head to the plant first, you can attempt to get the leaf, and with a high [Awareness] notice the security system, for a [Security] check to disarm. (the same 50 XP) And if you can't (or won't) bother with the security system, you can set off the alarm, then either [Persuade/lie] (as above) or ask how he can keep you here, and you get the "if you stand in my way, I'll kill you" line for the leaf, a DSP (and 50 XP). Zip back to Samhan and give him the Leaf. He gives you the reward of 300 credits, (50 XP and a DSP) and will now allow you to access his second, "special" shop. Ask for more work, and he'll tell you about a prototype Ithorian shield located in docking bay 2. Sounds good. Head over there. The Shield Getting in to Docking Bay 2 might be tricky, but if you've already started working for the Ithorians, or more likely Czerka, then you should have Credentials. Go in, use the console to open bay 2 (if it says hallway doors, just use it again). Where we're going is the storage room, which is straight ahead in the dark corner of the bay. Open it and an Ithorian will bug you. Although you can simply tell him that this is a robbery and thus kill him, you don't get anything from it, not even a DSP. Or you can try the subtle approach, just say you're here for the shield and you can get an option to [Persuade/Lie] the fact that Chodo wants to inspect the shield. (isn't it weird how this guy doesn't animate that line? He doesn't move at all back there) All other lines lead to violence. Kill him, or not, then open the locked locker for the shield. (50 XP) Note: You can wear the Prototype Shield, it just doesn't do anything. Back to Samhan. He is in shock that you got that for him and so gives you more money than he had originally planned. (900 Credits, 100 XP, DSP) Ask for the next job, and he wants you to steal medical supplies from the medlab near the Ithorians compound. Why shouldn't the very wealthy who can afford to buy it from Samhan have all the best medicine? Sounds fine to the little Sith Lord in all of us. The Meds Back to 082 West, then enter the only other place here, the medlab. Don't mind the Onderon Diplomat, he's meaningless (despite being the ONLY person to ever be in here). Head to the back room. Our goal is the Console and Metal Box to your left when you enter. Use the terminal to open the box. It claims to use your Computer skill, but doesn't. Take the medical supplies (and a medpac!) from the box. As you leave, a TSF agent attempts to stop you. This can only end in violence, no matter what you say. With that fool disposed of, head back to Samhan for reward for your latest bit of ... anti-charity. (1000 Credits, 100 XP, DSP) The Last Mission He wants you to escort him to the docking bay. Easy. Things go fine until the TSF shows up. Ah well, nothing lasts. She attempts to arrest all of you and despite getting a [Persuade/Lie] Grenn Made Me Do It line, you're going to end out in a fight (she never buys it). Take them out. This is a really easy battle, one Horror got all of them looking, then I flurried to my heart's content. Samhan takes you back and dissects the experience. He supposes that he's out of the black market for a while. He could always take up adventuring. Or turnip selling. Reward time. (200 Credits, 250 XP, DSP) Working for the Ithorians ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the "Light Side" option in Telos. The Ithorians are in the Residential 082 West Module, which is at the end of the East 082 hallway. Enter their base, tell the receptionist you're here to see Chodo, then go up, then right and through the rooms to talk to Chodo Habat. He sensed your arrival with the Force, and wanted to meet you. He also will offer to "heal" you (raise your maximum FORCE POINTS) as a reward for helping them out. He tells you that since Czerka came to this station, bad things have been happening to their restoration efforts. One such was the loss of one of their droids. They have a new one coming in, but need someone -- you -- to guard it. (100 XP) Mission #1 - Get the Information Droid from Dock 2 Time to head out. The docking bays are in module 0126, which can be reached through the Entertainment Module 081, or via the Information Station transit system, but only if you've been to the area once before and used its station there. If you haven't talked to Lorso, you will be propositioned (heh) by a couple of men in Czerka uniforms. They want you to reconsider their offer. Last chance to do so, but Czerka is the Dark Side option. Turn them down. However you get there, talk to the Ithorian at the middle dock, and have him let you in. You actually belong here, so it isn't a challenge. Go through, use the console to open the bay doors. Stride boldly forward (after prepping for the inevitable battle) and you'll automatically get into a conversation then a battle with 2 melee fighters and 3 blaster wielders. Once battle is over, the droid brings you a Modified Hold Out Blaster. If you aren't proficient with [Repair] the droid tells you that it has been illegally modified and gives it to you. Agree to take the droid back. (500 XP) Check for remains first, then talk to the droid and take him back to the Ithorian base. The droid gets to work, and you get a reward. (500 XP, Infiltrator Gloves +2 DEX +4 SECURITY +4 COMPUTER USE) Mission #2 - Meet with Loppak Slusk of the Exchange Now Chodo would like you to meet with Slusk of the Exchange and attempt to reason with him, or something. Slusk, however, won't take visitors. So, you need to talk to Luxa in the Cantina to get a meeting with him. The cantina is in the Entertainment Module. Either transit there, or walk. She's the girl with pink skin guarded by Gamorreans. Ask her to meet with Slusk, and after a bit of an exchange, she'll let you see him if you agree to get rid of him. The Exchange offices are in the main Residential East 082 Module, the same one we came in from. Kreia will speak to you just before you get there, but it doesn't affect anything. Just talk to the guard outside, and tell him that Luxa sent you to get let in. (If you feel like getting a DSP, and I don't think you would, otherwise you'd be working for Czerka, you could kill this guard, then use the terminal to get in) Go on in. The receptionist will stop you and ask you if you're really supposed to be there. You can avoid combat in the next room with: [Force Persuade] There's no mistake. You'll open the door (only if you took "Affect Mind" as a power) [Persuade] Of course. Why else would I have been sent in? Perhaps the mistake is in the system. With these you can skip the first room of guards, otherwise she'll call them in to attack you. Gamorreans fall easily to Will saves, so powers like Stun and Horror generally work. Note: You can talk to Vula again at any time to get the dialogue option to kill her. This is obviously worth a DSP. Again, you should kick out Kreia, as you'll lose influence there, but Atton will gain Influence. There is an Ithorian in a Force cage in the room to the left, but our goal is the room to the right. Before opening the second door, be ready for a blaster fight (Energy Shields, or Energy Resistance). Open the door, and listen to Slusk insult you, he won't listen to you, then Benok and his goons attack. Once they're dead, search for remains (Benok's Blaster is nice). Then go through the next door. Talk to the Gamorrean Boss here to get the next door opened. Droids come out and attack you. Destroy them and you'll automatically go in. The LEAST violent solution here involves turning on Luxa when she enters, then making a deal with Slusk to keep him off the backs of the Ithorians (550 XP). There is no way to side with Luxa, she'll always turn on you. So, the path of "most XP" is to take out Slusk first with Luxa on your side, then kill her once she turns on you. (1300 XP) However you handle it, loot the office, use the security terminal to access cameras, holding cells and deactivate the cells. Back to the Ithorian compound for a justly deserved reward. Politely turn it down (don't worry) to gain a greater reward. (700 XP, LSP, Lightsaber Energy Cell Fixture, the FIRST PART OF YOUR LIGHTSABER! WOO!) If you take the reward you get the exact same thing, but without the LSP. Mission #3 Expose Czerka Now Chodo wants you to find some REALLY good dirt on Czerka corporation, but it can't just be garden variety, it has got to be good. So, he proposes hacking the main Czerka database, but that can only be done from the inside. The only lead he has is that an employee of Czerka hangs out at the local cantina. So, that's where we're going. Hit the transit if you can, then enter the cantina. You can't miss the guy, he's the only guy in here in Czerka colors, ugly and uglier. Corrun Falt is right by the dancer's platform. Talk to him. Ask about Lorso, and mention things that wouldn't look good public. You want some dirt so you need to get into the mainframe. He assumes that this is a joke. You will need either 1000 credits to convince him, or [Persuade] or [Force Persuade]. If your persuade wasn't enough to get it for free, you can try to reduce the amount. If you have Affect Mind, just use Force Persuade. He gives you the idea to steal B-4D4 to access the mainframe. To get B-4D4 you just need to get the credentials from Odo Chano. (100 XP) Go over to Odo Chano's office in the Residential East 082 Module, apartment B2. Odo would love to help you, except that he really needs the Czerka contract. Seems he has some debts with the Exchange, and just because you took out the local leadership of the Exchange, doesn't mean he gets off easy. You can try to teach him to lie, that his credentials were stolen or you can repay the credits, but it doesn't work. (You could also just kill him, but I smell the path to the Dark Side) His debt is no small sum, 2500 credits. He offers to repay you as he can, which you can refuse for a LSP. (100 XP) With credentials neatly in hand, run down to the Czerka offices, the one with the big red sign on the left, in and talk to the droid. Ask him to follow you and show him the credentials. He gets reprogrammed with some special modifications, and next thing you know... (300 XP) You're controlling B-4D4. Leave the Ithorian compound and head back to Czerka. Go in and talk to Lorso to get access to the mainframe. The droid's new abilities to lie comes in handy. Dash in and the astromech droid in there will bug you. Time to [Lie] again. No more options, just follow the thread. There goes a droid on a rampage... what a weird experience. Peace at last! Hit the mainframe. There are two options, Copy the data, and Erase your own existence within their files (may as well). Get it and get out. You can talk to Lorso on the way out if you want, it's amusing. Head back to the Ithorian Compound and talk to Chodo. And with that, a lying B-4D4 is let out unto the universe... You're back in command, talk to Chodo. He tells you where you are going next, who you meet next and what you should do next. You can also get your reward of +5 maximum force points. (500 XP) Mission #4 Save the Ithorians Well, on your way over to the docks, you'll be contacted on the comms by Moza, who begs assistance against the armed mercenaries invading his place. Time to head back. Once inside, the receptionist begs for aid. Kill the mercenaries and the droids. Finish off the first group and head to the next room and clear this one out as well. Next hit the Vivarium and talk to Moza there. Agree to help him. (150 XP) If you ask for a reward (see the Glitch below) and agree to help him you get a DSP as well. Glitch: If you ask for a reward, then tell him to fend for himself you get a DSP. Fine, makes sense. But you can do it again. And again. You can do this until you get tired of it. Infinite Dark Side points. Now that Moza gave you the key, head over to the main office to rescue their fearful leader, Chodo. The mercenaries take you a little lightly, so someone needs to put them in their place. Easy fight. Chodo and Moza will have a conversation (despite being in different rooms, and not using Comms). You can ask for a reward, repeatedly, for an extra 500 credits and a DSP. Normal reward is 500 XP and a LSP. Search all the mercenary corpses for treasure, and that is that. Once you're done here, head over to docking bay 2, and onto the shuttle. Be sure that you've done everything you want to here, you won't be back for a while. Also, if you haven't started the TSF Bounty: Criminals and seen them in the Czerka offices, you can't now. You can easily get them if you work for Czerka. It might be that you have to head to Czerka offices before starting the Ithorian quests. From here go to the section on Telos - Planetside below. Working For Czerka ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, you decided to head towards the Dark Side? Enter Czerka, get past that annoying droid, around the large room full of desks and into the executive office. Talk to Lorso, and ask about the work. Take the job. She offers you 250 credits, but with [Persuade] you can get a little more than that. (300 credits) She gives you the "Ithorian Credentials" and sends you to dock 2 in area 126. (100 XP) Mission #1 - Get the Information Droid from Dock 2 Head to area 126, and talk to the Ithorian. You have to show him the Credentials to get in. Whether you lie to him or just ask to get in doesn't matter. Go in, use the console to open the next door. You'll be getting into a fight soon, so if you need to prepare, do it now. Then run over to the Ithorian by the shuttle. The Ithorian seems happy to see you. Heh. He'll learn. You're attacked by Thugs, 3 with blasters, 2 with melee. They're too spaced to use grenades. They'll also attack the TSF guard, so I suppose you could let them kill him. After the battle, the Ithorian brings you a Modified Hold Out Blaster. With [Awareness] you recognize the modifications, otherwise someone mentions it to you. Then he gives you the droid. (500 XP, Hold Out Blaster) The Hold Out Blaster comes with its own sidequest, listed above. Yes, I'll get the droid back to the Ithorians right away. Actually, I'll be returning it to the Czerka Corporation. [Lie] Of course, I'll get him to Chodo right away. Talk to the droid, and tell him where to go. Since we're working for Czerka, that's where you want him to go. You can actually do either at this point, if you changed your mind on who to work for. Convince the droid of the rightness of your position. At Czerka, Lorso will have Opo Chano look at the droid, but if you have [Repair] you can volunteer to fix the droid... for a nominal fee of course. (50 extra credits) Note: If you come back and this room seems really crowded, then you just found the Escaped Criminals, see that Sidequest above. Also, if that happens, then the Droid will very often fail to make it into the Database room, leaving him stranded out here for all time. Not that he ever says anything. You get your reward: 200 (300) credits, 500 XP and a DSP She immediately offers you another job. Mission #2 - Kill Lopak Slusk of the Exchange Czerka has been having trouble with the Exchange lately, and Lorso wants to liquidate the deal. So to speak. You need to talk to Luxa in the cantina in order to get into the Exchange, and from there you will be able to kill Slusk. Before talking to Luxa, decide whether you want to use her to deal with Doton Het (see SIDEQUEST above), it does lead to a DSP, and can only be done now... When you first enter the cantina, Slusk's arrogant guard will hassle you, but pay him no mind. He dies later anyway. There's also an arguing Republic and Onderonian soldier in here. Pay them no mind either. Talk to Luxa. She's odd and complimentary. (You can also ask her about the hold out blaster, but it has nothing to do with her, see the Suspicious Goods SIDEQUEST above) Ask to speak to Slusk, and she'll want you to ... *sigh* ... prove yourself. Luxa, the Exchange and a Quarren Named Slusk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exchange Test #1 - The Weapon's Deal Whether you want to kill Slusk or not, you'll eventually come around to her way of thinking. Luxa wants you to work a weapons deal for her. No choice but to accept. You give them the weapons, they give you the money, you give the money to her. Simple. Very well. (50 XP) You are to go ALONE to the med bay. So, press START, go over to the party selection icon (5th from the left), and DE-SELECT both Atton and Kreia. You should now be alone. Simply going into "solo" mode is insufficient. The med bay is in the 082 Residential West Area, which is easily gotten to through the Information Station just outside the nearby door. That or walk all the way out there. In the med bay, the comms will start ringing. Answer it, and they tell you to head over to Apartment B3 back in Residential East 082. Head on over there. The "B" apartments are the ones all the way at the end of this really long hallway. Be ready for a fight before approaching the door. You don't have to use it, they see you and let you in once you get near it. Go in and wait. The deal goes through just fine, but then they realize that you are the reason they were buying weapons in the first place. Live Jedi being worth what they are. (500 Credits) Battle breaks out, and you're still all alone. In addition to the XP for killing them, you get 500 XP for completing the deal... somewhat successfully. The Trandoshian usually has a Bowcaster, a pretty decent ranged weapon, and not at all limited just to Wookiees. It's quickest to use the information terminal back to the Entertainment module, then right in the door to talk to Luxa once more. You can [lie] and keep the credits, or keep it and call it hazard pay if you want, she doesn't seem to care. (250 XP) If you pay you lose 250 credits. Exchange Test #2 - Opo Chano If you want to handle this one without gaining DSPs, you're going to need some credits, 2500 to be exact. Use the Information Terminal to zip it back to the Residential 082 East Module, and enter the B block of apartments, which is ironically where we just got shot at in the bad weapons deal. Ask Opo Chano for your money. He doesn't have it. If you want to buy anything from him, now's your last chance. Basic choice here: (there are other options that don't change the outcome) Neutral > That is not my concern. You've had more than enough time to get them. > What if I repaid your loan? > Yes, and I will take the credits to Luxa. Neutral: (but you get to kill Opo) - make sure Kreia is NOT in the party > Look, I need you to pay your debt to Luxa, or kill you, I don't have a choice. > Because if don't, she will not get me a meeting with Loppak Slusk. > Then I will just have to kill you. > I have no other choice. No matter what you do, Opo is gone for good. If you have Atton in your party, he'll gain influence by killing Opo. (But Kreia will lose Influence) Return to Luxa after whatever you just did. If you went Dark Side, you'll have to convince her that she can sell Opo's merchandise to more than make up the credits. (500 XP) Finish the Exchange Luxa now wants to make a deal with you to take out Slusk. She'll get you in if you agree to kill him. Sounds agreeable. And by that I mean you have to agree to it. Exit the cantina, and once more (that's three in a row now) take the Information Terminal back to the Residential 082 East area. Now we can hit up the Exchange area here. If you took the terminal, turn around and take the right side of the path. Bug? Glitch? Everytime I get here, Atton asks me about working for the Exchange, I reply a few times, then I'm forced back to the room we started this Telos adventure in. I don't get it. Anyway, on to the Exchange. You can tell the door guard that Luxa sent you to get in, or you can threaten to kill him if he won't open the door, then kill him for a DSP. Then use the wall terminal to page the receptionist and get in. Go on in. The receptionist will stop you and ask you if you're really supposed to be there. You can avoid combat in the next room with: [Force Persuade] There's no mistake. You'll open the door (only if you took "Affect Mind" as a power) [Persuade] Of course. Why else would I have been sent in? Perhaps the mistake is in the system. With these you can skip the first room of guards, otherwise she'll call them in to attack you. Gamorreans fall easily to Will saves, so powers like Stun and Horror generally work. Note: You can talk to Vula again at any time to get the dialogue option to kill her. This is obviously worth a DSP. Again, you should kick out Kreia, as you'll lose influence there, but Atton will gain Influence. Once inside, you can go left to find an Ithorian in a Force Cage. There's no Dark Side way to deal with him. Go across the large room, through the next door, and up the hall. Before opening this door, prepare for battle. Blaster fire mostly, so use energy shields or Energy Resistance. Once through the door, a cutscene where Slusk sets his captain on you. You get to reply to him, but nothing you say changes anything. Fight! It's just a large, mostly blaster battle. Nothing complicated. I took minimal damage with just Energy Resistance on, even charging ahead. Check Benok's remains to get his blaster, a mildly better blaster pistol. Give that to Atton. Use Security/Bash on the next door, then run up and talk to the Gamorrean boss to get Slusk to send out some droids. Once they're dispatched, you gain admittance to Slusk's room. Now, I know what you're thinking, that in this very large dialogue with lots of double dealings and whatnot, that what you say might change the outcome. Nope. In the end, Luxa enters, and you have to fight everyone. Yep. Everyone. True, you can side with Luxa at first, but she'll turn on you eventually. Your foes are Luxa and Slusk, Luxa's two Gamorreans and the Gamorrean boss and Slusk's two gun turrets. Take out Luxa first, then just catch as catch can. (1000 XP when it's over) Atton will pipe in about Nar Shaddaa not being the best vacation spot right now, what with killing an Exchange boss and all. Slusk and Luxa had items, and you can search a nearby Footlocker and Plasteel cylinder as well. Then if you want to free the Ithorian, you can do so from the nearby console. Now head back to whomever gave you this quest, the Ithorians or Czerka to get your reward. Czerka Finale When you re-enter Czerka, you'll notice that there's enemies here. All the Czerka mercenaries are testing the free agency waters, so to speak, and have taken up arms against their employer. Can't have that. Take them to task. There's quite a number of them, and you'll have to fight all the way through to Lorso's office. They all use energy weapons, and many of them use Sonic weapons or disrupting weapons. These aren't stopped by normal, or even most energy shields. Energy Resistance will reduce it all, however, but won't stop it. Head over to Lorso's desk to find the leader of the mercenaries in parlay with her. Without any fanfare, they attack. Once they're dead, you can ask Lorso for payment, and she agrees. (800 Credits and 100 XP) We also have business with her, so talk to her again. Tell her about the new state of the Exchange to get access to a Czerka shuttle to the surface. (150 XP) Whenever you are ready to leave Telos, head to the docking bay, bay 3 and talk to the Duros manning the desk there. You won't be back here for a while, but you aren't gone forever. That said, if you haven't picked up the Escaped Criminals bounty quest from TSF Lt. Grenn, now is your last chance to do that quest (see SIDEQUEST above). Talk to the duros to get your Shuttle. He gives you the: FIRST LIGHTSABER PART: Lightsaber Energy Cell Fixture And let's you into their shuttle bay. You can take it at your leisure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Telos - Planetside ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may see Carth or Cede, depending on how you set Revan back when you talked to Atton as he and Grenn talk via comms. The Republic has plans for you... Resoration Zone 0031 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ................|""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""/.. .. - impassable ..................\+ +/... Sh - Shuttle ... --------..\....\ |.... " - Beach ../ -- \...\ /..... x - Cache / |...| --- /...... M - Mercenaries | Sh /..../ |...| M \...... + - Treasure |x /...../ /.....| \.... Mn - Minefield | /...../ M /...../ -... | /....../ /......| Mn \.. | \.....| |......./ /----\ |.. | \.....| |.....| ---\ /......\ |.. .\ \....| \....| \-\ |....| |........| \. ..\ /..../ |....| x \.\|.....\ + |.........\ - ..\ M \---- |....| \........---|..........\ Exit ....------ /.......-----.......................--- ..........\--------....................................... Unsurprisingly you are shot down. No matter who you work for, Czerka shot you down. You wake up and talk to Bao-Dur, the one armed Zabrak (or Iridonian) Tech Specialist. Talk to him to learn that you were a General in the Mandalorian Wars, and that Bao-Dur really respects you. He has a plan to get out of here that involves heading to an old military base and using a console there to look for a way out. After the conversation ends (no chance for LSP, DSP or INF), he joins up. You need to take Bao-Dur in your party, which means that you only have room for either Atton or Kreia, not both. This isn't a permanent choice, you can change it at any time later through the party selection screen. Note: You'll probably get your first "Lightsaber Stance" here. This won't become useful until you actually get a lightsaber when you leave Telos. I'd take Kreia for her force powers, but Atton is fine (and has more to say here, but it's just for color). Bao-Dur Tech Specialist -- Level 6 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 14 +2 Vitality 48 Computer Use 9 none DEX 10 0 Force 0 Demolitions 9 CON 14 +2 Defense 10 Stealth 1 INT 15 +2 Fortitude 5 Awareness 8 WIS 14 +2 Reflex 4 Repair 9 CHA 10 0 Will 6 Security 9 Treat Injury 4 Feats: Gearhead, Improved Gearhead, Conditioning, Shield Breaker* Items: Nothing * Shield Breaker works to remove shields around opponents, when using no weapon (hand to hand only). You'll get to level up Bao-Dur right away. Put the STAT into INT when you get it, and keep his skills maxed out. Take Treat Injury before Stealth. There's no reason to make those Class skills, you can take them up as Cross Class just fine. Bao-Dur works best without weapons to let him use his Shield Breaker and later his Electric/Repulsor fists. So, to enhance his hand-to-hand you can take feats like Dueling, or Toughness as he really needs more Vitality quickly. His skills are already really high, so taking the bonus to skill feats isn't necessary right away. He gets feats too slowly for two weapon fighting to be a valid option, and his DEX is too low for ranged weapons to be really effective. Alteratively, used ranged weapons to keep Bao-Dur out of harms way. He won't hit well unless you add some feats to help him, but eventually he will be effective at it. Note: Bao-Dur is impossible to gain influence for if you want to be purely Dark Side. You can't gain influence with him just by talking to him, you have to have him see you do good works, which you won't if you're Dark Side. Also, you can talk to him all you want, but it doesn't lead to anything. This area has a number of monsters called Cannoks about, as well as some enemy mercenaries to take on. The first group of cannoks is just (using the map) up and right. Walk down along the side of the crashed shuttle, and Bao-Dur will point out the mercenaries. We'll get to them in a second, but first, go around the blast zone to just between your shuttle and the green force field. You'll see some mines. Bao-Dur tells you that this is one of two Weapon's Caches in the area. Disarm/Recover the mines and get the treasures. (It should be about 5 grenades) Now go straight over to the mercenaries, they use blasters, making them easy targets for those with Melee weapons, energy shields or the Force. Using Improved Energy Resistance should let you avoid all/most damage. Despite what it looks like, you can't use the Landspeeders. Continue down the path. There's another Sentry Droid here. Take it out. Some mercenaries are hiding behind a couple of mines here and will attack. If you don't want to set off the mines, you can either set your NPC's to stationary, and move them yourself in between the mines one by one, then set back to Aggressive or Jedi Support, or you can try to Stealth up to the mines and disarm/recover. It's next to impossible to recover mines in battle... someone always sets one off. Note: If you saw the Escaped Criminals back in the Czerka HQ, then the two of them will replace the three mercenaries. It's roughly the same fight. Remember to head back to Grenn at some point to get your reward for killing them (200 credits). This path leads down to a beach, with more Cannoks around it. Immediately turn left and go up the beach. Kill any Cannoks and search around the rocks for a bag with treasures. Go up the beach. Bao-Dur offers some advice about avoiding the next mercenaries, go up the beach, or along the cliffs. Say what you will it won't make any difference. Continue up the beach and search for a plasteel cylindar with more shinies. Now, if it's me, I go straight for the mercenaries in the center. They don't ever move to attack you unless you get close enough, so there is plenty of time to prepare yourself. Standard blaster battle affair. By this point I had Improved Energy Resistance, so they didn't even hurt me. (at least until they started using grenades, or switched to melee) Now we're going to cut back towards where we came in, then up the cliffs across a chasm to find the second weapon's cache. On the map you'll be going left then down. Recover the mines, get the swag (there's two things to search here) then go back. Now, follow the cliffs along and down to an area with some bones. There's a bag and a backpack here with more treasures. Now follow the cliffs along until you get the Minefield warning. There are a couple of turret guns past the minefield that will fire if you get close enough to the mines to recover them. Switch everyone to a ranged weapon, and take the turrets out at range. They can hit you as well, so use energy shielding if you don't want to take the damage. (It's not a lot anyway) Destroy them and clear the minefield. Head to the next area. Czerka Excavation Site ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our goal here is to get up onto the platform we see later, but for now we have to fight our way past the sentry droid just ahead. Keep going to find another Merc hiding behind mines and droids. She attacks. If you sneak up, fire from a range, or use nothing but force powers you can then disable/ recover the mines here. Go around and up the pathway. Now you're looking at the Czerka base camp. There are mercenaries crawling all over this thing, and if you aren't careful, your companions will run off and get themselves killed. Take it slow and cautious and this place is cake, but if your people get isolated, they are easy prey and you can quickly find yourself all alone. So, keep an eye on them and stay together. The first group of mercenaries is just ahead by some landspeeders. Move forward, and Bao-Dur will tell you that you have to fight, and the mercenaries will talk to you. What he says makes it sound like Czerka set you up, sent you down here, shot your ship down and planned to collect the bounty. Who knows. You can't bribe them, so time for battle. Standard battle tactics against a group of blaster wielders. They aren't bad at melee, and their leader also uses a Melee Shield. Now, if your people start running to the next battle, follow to keep your group together. They typically run towards the platform, which has a couple turrets and guards as well. It's an easy battle, but if Bao-Dur or Atton run up here all alone, they're toast. Once the platform is clear, you can go over to the Console and let Bao-Dur use it to locate your ship. He can't actually find it, but finds a blip in the power grid that he wants to look at. Then he mentions that you can find a shuttle in the military base here. Sounds good. There is also a plasteel container up here. Down the ramp, and to the right are some more mercenaries. The last group of mercenaries is on the opposite side of the ramp, near the mined entrance to the military base. Only after every enemy is dead would I start looking for remains and treasure. There is a plasteel container near the mines. Recover the mines and enter the base. Old Military Base ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entrance | | FF - Forcefield -FF- C - Console | | ID - ID Card | C | d - door | | W - Workbench -FF- L - Labstation | | S - Shuttle ------ | | Cz - Czerka Employee | | --- ---- . - Recharging Station | | | ID| Terminal ---dd---- --- ---- x - "Sublevel", but you | | | | can't ever go there | | | | HK - Damaged HK droid | |------ | | Cs - Codes | S || W |-------d------- | FF FF | | || L |------ ------ | |------ | | Reactor | | | | /----\ | | |__| / C \ --- ---| --FF-- |FF d C| | | --- ---- | | | | --FF-- | | | | ------| |--- ---- ----- | | | | ------- ---- ----dd----- | | ---------- | | | | ---| |--- | | ------d--------| ---- ---- |------- ---- | Cz FF d . d FF x| ----- --------| ----dd---- |------- ---- | | ---| |--- | | | | ----dd---- | | ---- |Cs| |dd| ---- | | |HK| ---- There are several annoying things about this base. First are the Poison Grates everywhere. See that indentation on the floor right in front of you when you walk in? Poison Grate. Whenever you step on one of these, you set off essentially a poison mine. They're everywhere. So make sure to walk on the "solid" ground to avoid this. Second, there are forcefields everywhere. So, walk up to the forcefield and try to do something about it. Bao-Dur will show you that he can deactivate any Forcefield in existence. Quite handy. He does so, and you can see the gun turrets in the next room. If you just run for the console in the center (thus getting poisoned), you can deactivate the turrets (with [Computer] or the ID from later). You could also try to Sneak over there, but you just kicked the door down, so to speak. And finally you can just fight the turrets. Since you get NO XP for doing this the non- violent way, and you DO get XP for killing things, you should probably just fight them. There's a Salvage Pack on one of the poison grates here. Head up to the next forcefield, switch to Bao-Dur and take it down. There's one droid in the hallway, and a couple more in the side passages ahead. Search the side passages for treasures, including an ID card. Go into the next room and through, avoiding the poison grates. There's a normal door here, open and go through. There are droids on both sides here. Kill them and get the salvage pack in the middle. Follow the dead end passage all the way down for a couple of metal cases. Once that is done, go back up and down the passage that ends in a forcefield. There are 6 droids/turrets in this room, arranged in two lines. If you are Dark Side, walk to the end of one of the lines, aim a Force Lighting at the turret at the other end of the line and you will hit 3 at once. Other than that, just a simple blaster battle. Energy Resistance and you'll be fine. Once that's done, be sure to hit the workbench. Bao-Dur has really high skills and can make some good upgrades/items for you. You'll be fighting droids for the time being, so you can upgrade with that in mind. When you're ready, have Bao-Dur take out the next Forcefield and be on your way. Here's the shuttle, but we can't use it yet. We need to get the codes to use the shuttle, and open the doors to get it out. There is a deactivated droid here, but you can't use it. Also note the giant doors at the top of this room. A giant tank droid will be coming out this way, so keep that in mind. I tried placing mines near the door once, but it didn't set them off. Note: You get healed when you get close to the shuttle. Down the lower passage, over the poison grate, (there's a safe path in the very center of it) through the forcefield to the left and use the Security Control to finally turn off all poison grates. Yay. Now we can walk with impunity! Search the four lockers here for some swag. The other room here is the bay control room, but we need to reactivate the reactor before we can use it. So, head through the lower Security Door and down the hallway. There will be a droid on one of the side passages that leads to a door you can't open. There's also a salvage pack there. Get some booty. There's a droid sharply to the left in the next room. Kill it and go through the Military Doors ahead. Here is a Czerka employee who wants you to either help lead him to the exit (he'll follow you out, I'd do this in Solo mode so your party members don't get in his way), or kill him on the spot (DSP). If you have him follow, go in straight lines, and wait for him to catch up or he might get caught on something and fall behind. Once you get to the very first room, he thanks you and leaves (LSP). Dark Side path > No, I'm not. > Why would I waste my time? > Yes, but I could just take that now. > Why don't I just help myself to whatever you've got. Note: You WILL lose influence with Bao-Dur if you kill him, and you can't remove him from your party here. However, you can select him, use solo mode to send him far, far away, then kill the Czerka guy. Your screen will *blip* black for a second while the game tries to get Bao-Dur to say his line, it can't find him and nothing happens. Sweet way to get a DSP. There's some loot at dead-end hallway that leads away from the droid here. You have to use a mine on the plasteel container. Now head over to the droid in the hallway. Behind him is a forcefield, and we can see more droids hiding behind that. Bash the forcefield with Bao-Dur, go through and bash the droids. The next room has even more droids, so be ready before opening the next door. There are two droid recharger rooms on the sides here, use the console near the closed door to overload the droid recharging station, destroying the droids there (500 XP). Through the next Security Door. Nothing in the next room so go through, and Bao-Dur bash your way through the next forcefield. A couple hallways to ignore here. However, if you want, turn right and go down the "lower" hallway, through the door and to the HK unit. Repair it if you want, it follows you then blows up near the intersection. The other hallway leads to a door to the "sublevel", but there's no way down there. Ever. Leave it, and enter the next room. Nothing here either so go on through. The small dead-end hallway to the left has some stuff in a metal case. Get it then go up to the forcefield. You can see more gun turrets/droids in the next room, but these ones WON'T be hostile until you turn the Reactor back on. (I once tried placing mines near the turrets such that they would explode once they went hostile. Didn't work, they technically never move over the mines) Pop the last forcefield, and go through to the reactor room. Use the console and start the reactor, but be ready to fight those turrets in the last room. The other two things you'll have to fight in this place on your way back is the Tank Droid (by the shuttle) and if you didn't overload the droid recharging station, those droids there. Go back to the recharging station, through the now open lower doors, and open the Security Door. Open the Footlocker to get the Datapad (Codes). There's also a Metal Box in here. Now go back to the Shuttle. You'll have to fight the Tank Droid here, but it isn't that big of a deal. Use Energy Resistance, if you can, then just hit it really hard. Once that is dead, enter the room it was housed in to find 7 highly lootable containers (one with the Jal Shey Neophyte Armor, typically. This is a great armor for Jedi who want to use Force Powers in battle, it can also accept decent upgrades like Strengthening Underlays). We're done with this place, so now, to leave, enter the small room by the shuttle, use the console to open the hangar doors, then go out and use the shuttle to head to... the Telos - Hidden Base. After you leave, the HK-50s make note of you leaving, and they send a few units to intercept you. And they do. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Telos - Hidden Base ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shot down, once again. What are the odds. Get up and confront those pesky HK-50 droids that are always messing with you. You fight this battle with Atton and Kreia, as Bao-Dur was knocked cold in the crash. The HKs use blasters and disrupters, so you can't depend on Shields to protect you completely. Be absolutely SURE to check their remains for: HK Control Cluster (part 2) Now, you can't do anything for Bao-Dur right now, so head towards the small door in the center of the plateau. Jedi Training Ground ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A group of handmaidens confront you and ask that you put your weapons away and come with them. You have absolutely no choice but to go with them. If you get angry and want to kill them, you get a DSP, if you put down your weapons immediately, you get a LSP. You get a cutscene showing Kreia and Atton, where she learns his deep, dark secret and uses it to manipulate him. A little background on Atris, she was one of those responsible for your "exile," mostly because she had looked up to you once. This Atris dialogue is interesting because no single line makes a difference with Light/Dark, the whole of your conversation is judged. This way it depends on how it ends out, rather than any single thing that you say to her. All these little things add up with her and give you the DSP or LSP ending. So long as you don't say anything too aggressive, and can make the Persuade check, you can get the Ligth Path. Feel free to say anything that fits your chosen alignment, you should be able to get where you want. As such, it doesn't need a dialogue map, but rather a general path. Neither of the two paths below will get her to show you your old lightsaber. You can't get it back from her here. Neutral Path > I am looking for my ship so I can leave Telos. > Look, do you have my ship or not? > When can it be returned to me? > All the miners were already dead! > The Ebon Hawk isn't yours, Atris. Return it. > I won't allow you to put me on trial again. > Just give me my ship, and I will depart. Light Path > Tell me what you've done with my friends first. > It was not my intention to come here, Atris - or see you again. > I'm not here to debate the Council's decision. > I am looking for my ship so I can leave Telos. > [Truth] Peragus destruction was an accident! Peragus' destruction was necessary. > Why don't you tell me? > Why is Telos so important? > But the Sith attacked me on Peragus - the battle destroyed the colony. > The Sith came for me on Peragus, to kill me. > I don't know. Perhaps they were. > If so, then I offer you my help. You'll need it. > [Persuade] But I always understood war. And that's who you need.* > I will see what I can do. * Even if you fail this, you're still technically on the Light Path, it's just that Atris won't trust you enough to tell you what to do. The Dark Path is pretty easy to figure. Just keep saying the most violent response, or about how you want to hurt her, finish with "you can't keep me from my ship" and she'll banish you. You can't fight her, and you can't get your Lightsaber back with violence. Once all that's over, you can see there were only 2 possible LSP/DSP situations, the one with Handmaiden when you entered, and the sum total of how you dealt with Atris. My Jedi Sentinal hit Dark Side Mastery after this dialogue. If this happens to you, skip talking to the Handmaiden until after freeing everyone, as you can gain influence with Bao-Dur but gain an LSP. The same is the case with T3, you gain influence with him at the same time you get LSPs. I was still short of Light Side Mastery with my Jedi Guardian, but he doesn't have the same problems a Dark Sider would have of being forced to take the opposite alignment points here. There are a few things to do here, and you won't be able to return here for a very long time, and when you do return things won't be the same. Make sure to search the place for treasures and fight the Handmaiden Sisters in duels (see SIDEQUEST below). First, talk to any of the Handmaiden Sisters and ask about your friends. She'll mention Atton having Echani training. Interesting, and something to ask about later. Also ask about them all looking alike, then about Handmaiden to learn that she has a different mother. Finally ask what Atris is doing here, and you'll learn about artifacts. Follow that up to learn that the "last" of the Handmaidens knows more about it. (requires a Persuade check) Now, go around the pillar and talk to "Handmaiden" on the other side. And although she joins you later (if you're Male), you can't gain/lose influence with her yet. Handmaiden.................................................................. . H1: You are the exile. The one Atris warned us about. . . - Are you the "last" of the Handmaidens? > H-R1 . . - I heard you know something of the relics Atris has stored here. . . - And what did Atris say? > H2 . . - Well, don't believe everything she says. > H2 . . - Atris is the one you should be worried about. > H2 . . - DSP - She was right - you're lucky I don't kill you all. > H18 . . H-R1: I am the last of the Handmaidens, this is correct. I train so ... . . - The others said you were easily distracted from your training. > H-R2 . . - I heard you know something of the relics Atris has stored here. . . > H-R10 . . H-R2: It dishonors me they would say such a thing to an outsider... . . - What do you mean? H-R3 . . - I'm not sure I understand. > H-R3 . . H-R3: There is much knowledge here, and only one of the Jedi remain... . . - LSP - Battle is not the truth of the Jedi teachings. I believe it to . . be the farthest thing from it. > H-R4 . . - LSP - Combat is not the Jedi way - and it is not my way. > H-R4 . . - Is this what occupies your thoughts? . . - To lose those combat techniques would be tragic, indeed. > H-R4 . . - DSP - When the methods to inflict violence on others is limited, it . . weakens us all. > H-R4 . . - And you would preserve it? > Handmaiden line > H-R3 responses . . - If you are afraid of the Jedi lore being lost, why don't you try and . . learn some of that lore? > H-R8 . . H-R4: I know your meaning, but I have not been clear on mine... . . - Devotion to their cause? > H-R5 . . - LSP - Combat is not the best way to communicate with others. > H-R6 . . - So you'd consider slaughter a means of expression? > H-R6 . . - DSP - I agree. It shows how far you are willing to go for your . . goals. > H-R6 . . - DSP - Devotion? I prefer obedience. To a cause... and a master. . . H-R5: Yes. The methods you use to meet your opponent speak truer than ... . . - > H-R4 responses . . H-R6: It was to the Jedi traitor Malak. It was to the Jedi traitor Revan. . . - > discussion on Revan > back to questions . . H-R7: If that is where one's devotion lies. When you risk pain or ... . . - > H-R4 responses . . H-R8: Even if I possessed the senses that the Jedi were said to have... . . - Watch the Jedi? > Handmaiden line > H-R8 responses . . - [Persuade] But how can you watch the Jedi effectively if you do not . . know their ways of battle, of offense and defense? > FAIL, H-R9 . . > SUCCEED, extra Handmaiden line, H-END . . - [Persuade] Watching the Jedi is not about solely watching Jedi, but . . examining their teachings, their training. One does not need to . . practice, but to watch. > FAIL, H-R9 > SUCCEED, extra Handmaiden line,. . H-END . . - There can be no harm in looking. > H-R9 . . - Research is no crime. > H-R9 . . H-R9: I cannot disobey Atris. My loyalty is to her, and to her word. . . - Of course it is. > Persuade options as H-R8 . . - Is Atris always correct? > Persuade options as H-R8 . . - Why does this Jedi knowledge interest you, if it is forbidden? . . > H-R3 . . - Then you are a fool. > Persuade options as H-R8 . . H-R10: I know a little of them, yes. Much Jedi knowledge is stored ... . . - Where is it stored? > H-R11 . . - Can you help me obtain some of these teachings? . . H-R11: The Jedi relics are kept by Atris, within the walls of her ... . . - [Force Persuade] But not to me - take me there, now. > FAIL, H-R11 . . - [Persuade] But surely they are not forbidden to Jedi such as . . myself. > FAIL, H-R11 (you can't succeed here, or above) . . - Where did these relics come from? > Handmaiden line > H-R11 . . - So you have never seen them? > H-R12 . . H-R12: I have seen a few of them, yes. They were not always in Atris... . . - Can you tell me about the ones you saw? > H-R13 . . - > other H-R11 responses . . H-R13: There were many relics... among them small cubes, warm to the ... . . - > Intersting lines if Kreia is in the party > K-R11 responses . . H2: She said you betrayed the Jedi by going to war when it was ... . . - Oh? > H3 . . - She's just teasing you. I'm really not a bad guy. (or "like a sister"). . > H3 . . - She's... exaggerating. > H3 . . - LSP - I went to war to protect others, not to fight. > H3 . . - Going to war was necessary. > H3 . . - DSP - There was glory in battle - and none among the Jedi. > H3 . . - I don't want to talk about it. > H3 . . - I would like to ask you something. > H13 . . - Never mind. I'll be going now. > H-END . . H3: That is not all she says. She says you know nothing of loyalty to... . . - And why was that? > H4 . . - What? Dark side? > H4 . . - (If Light Sided) I do not walk the path of the dark side. > H4 . . - I haven't completely fallen to the dark side - yet. > H4 . . - (If Dark Sided) Falling to the dark side came after. > H4 . . H4: Atris says that you fell to the dark side in the Mandalorian Wars... . . - So why didn't I keep fighting in the Jedi Civil War? > H5 . . - That doesn't explain why I stopped fighting after the Mandalorian . . Wars. > H5 . . - If that were the case, I would have fought in the Jedi Civil War. > H5. . H5: Atris says when the dark lord Revan returned to the Republic, you... . . - Anything else? > H6 . . - That is untrue, but Atris is entitled to her opinion. > H6 . . - The Force aside, I was tempted to attack the Jedi, but I didn't. > H12. . - I did not march with Revan because it was my choice. > H12 . . H6: I believe that is the extent of her expressed feelings toward you... . . - Expressed feelings? > H7 . . H7: Yes. It is difficult sometimes for others to truly speak their... . . - What do you think Atris' heart says? > H8 . . - So Atris does not know her own heart? > H8 . . - Are you saying Atris could be wrong about me? > H8 . . H8: Without having seen you and Atris fight, I cannot say... . . - LSP - Well, I have no wish to fight Atris. > H9 . . - If I fought Atris, then that might make the truth come out? > H10 . . - DSP - So if I crushed Atris' skull into the floor, that might get to . . the heart of the matter? > H11 . . H9: Then her expressed feelings will have to suffice. > back to questions . . H10: Perhaps. It may prove truer than conversing with words... . . - > back to questions . . H11: I do not think the battle would go as you describe, but in... . . H12: So it was a matter of choice, then. If Atris has erred in her... . . - Did Atris say anything else? > H6 . . - I'd rather jab myself with a Bothan stunner. What else did she accuse . . me of? > H6 . . H13: You may ask. . . - You said Atris warned you about me? What did she say? > H2 . . - You look... different than the other women here. > H14 . . - DSP - Why does Atris allow me to walk freely? I could kill you all, . . easily. . . H14: I honor the face of my mother. It is not something spoken of in... . . - So you have a different mother... but the same father? > H17 . . - LSP - I apologize. I meant no offense. > H15 . . H15: There is no need to apologize. You were merely remarking on... . . - Is it a sensitive subject? > H16 . . H16: It is not a sensitive subject, but a subject that requires trust... . . - > back to H14 . . H17: I do not wish to discuss it. If there is something else you... . . - LSP - I apologize. I meant no offense. > H15 . . - Is it a sensitive subject? > H16 . . H18: I am aware of this. I do not doubt your combat prowess, as my... . . - Your flattery means nothing to me. > H19 . . - Remember that if you seek to challenge me. > H22 . . - You are right to fear me. > H24 . . - Half-sisters? I thought you looked different than the other women . . here. > H14 . . H19: I did not mean to praise you with my words. Perhaps it is your... . . - Then you sought to insult me? > H20 . . - Perhaps you need to be put in your place. > H21 . . - Is it a fight you seek? > H21 . . H20: Again, you have twisted my words to attempt to provoke me. That... . . - > back to H19 . . H21: The Echani believe you cannot truly know the heart of another ... . . - > back to questions . . H22: I will, exile. In truth, I do wish to challenge you. . . - What? Why? > H21 . . - Did Atris put you up to this? > H23 . . H23: No, Atris has no bearing on this request. In fact, I think she ... . . - > back to H21 . . H24: I do not fear you. My words have been misinterpreted and need to ... . . - > back to H19 . . H-END: Before you go, exile... question for you, if I may ask it... . . - It is a difficult thing to describe. > H-END1 . . - I only know what its loss feels like. > H-END2 . . - I don't want to talk about it. > H-END1 . . H-END1: Please, I wish to know. . . - > Various similar options, Kreia can add information . . H-END2: Then tell me of its absence. . . - > Various similar options, Kreia can add information . ........................................................................... If you're male, then when you leave here, you'll soon find Handmaiden on your ship. If you're female she never joins you, instead you get the Disciple, who is found in the Enclave Sublevel, Dantooine. Time to bust our crew out of their current jail. Go out either door on the corners and take the path that leads over such that you are just "left" from Handmaiden (on the map). The second you open the door, Kreia initiates dialogue. Kreia....................................................................... . K1: Did you find what you came for? . . - [Wisdom - No REQ] - That depends. What was I supposed to find . . here? > K2 . . - A woman from my past has made this place her home. I did not expect . . to see her again. > K2 . . - Not exactly. We've been ordered to leave. > K2 . . - I think so, but we have to go now. > K2 . . - Yes, our ship will be returned to us. > K2 . . K2: There was something from your past here - something unresolved... . . - The woman here is a Jedi, Atris, one of the Council. > K3 . . - She was one of the Council who cast me out of the Order... and wanted . . to punish me even further. > K5 . . - DSP - She means me harm. I may have to kill her. > K4 . . - Well, I wouldn't exactly call her charming. > different line > K5 . . - Stay out of my head, or I'll remove yours. > different line > K5 . . - It's none of your business. > different line > K5 . . - Let's just leave. > K-ATTON . . K3: There is a Jedi here, in that you may be correct... . . - Atris plans to heal the galaxy, then rebuild the Order. > K6 . . - Aren't the Handmaidens students? > K7 . . - Those who cannot feel the Force? > K7 . . - DSP - She means me harm. I may have to kill her. > K4 . . - Look, we need to leave, so let's go. > K-ATTON . . K4: Ah, killing such a one could prove difficult and unwise... . . - How would you kill her, if you had to? > K9 . . - You're cunning. How would you end such a ... distraction? > K9 . . - Are you done? > K-ATTON . . - I've heard enough, let's go. > K-ATTON . . - Let's just leave. > K-ATTON . . K5: Ah, I see it now. The act has left its marks... the enemies we face. . . - The woman here is a Jedi, Atris, one of the Council. > K3 . . - Are you done? > K-ATTON . . - I've heard enough, let's go. > K-ATTON . . - Let's just leave. > K-ATTON . . K6: Plans are fragile things and life often... cannot feel the Force. . . - > K3 responses . . K7: (Yes...) No... her servants are not Jedi. Their minds are walls... . . - How do you know that? Were you reading their minds? > K8 . . - Did you try to use Jedi mind tricks on them? > K8 . . - > K3 responses . . K8: Invade the mind of another? It is not something done carelessly... . . - > K3 responses . . K9: Direct action is not always the best way. It is a far greater... . . - And what is her weakness? > K10 . . - Anything else useless to say, or are you done? > K-ATTON . . - Your doubletalk is starting to anger me. Speak plainly. > K10 . . - I've heard enough, let's go. > K-ATTON . . - Let's just leave. > K-ATTON . . K10: Why you, of course. You are the gravity around which all her... . . - I did not realize I had... affected her so deeply. > K11 . . - Anything else useless to say, or are you done? > K-ATTON . . - I will consider this. For now, let us go. > K-ATTON . . K11: Oh, yes. Natural leaders do such things to followers... . . - > K10 responses . . K-ATTON: Very well, let us depart. Atton: Enhhhhhhh... . . - Is Atton okay? He looks out cold. > K-ATTON2 . . - What happened to Atton? > K-ATTON2 . . - I'll shut down the cells and get you out of there. > K-ATTON2 . . K-ATTON2: He is only sleeping - it seems the journey here has fatigued... . . - He can sleep on the ship. Let's go. > END . . - All right, then. Let me free you. > END . . - I'll shut down the cells and get you out of there. > END . ........................................................................... Immediately, Bao-Dur gets up and talks to you. There is no way to avoid the LSP and get the +INF+ as well. Usually when that happens, I just take the Light. When playing Dark, there are always more DSPs to be found. Your conversation with Bao-Dur determines your party. Bao-Dur..................................................................... . BD1: I... am sorry, General. I must have lost consciousness in the crash. . . - +INF+ LSP - There is nothing to apologize for. Are you sure you're . . okay? > BD2 . . - -INF- DSP - I have no use for a soldier who falls at the first sign . . of combat. Be on your guard in the future. > BD2 . . - -INF- DSP - We could have used you earlier when we were ambushed. Do . . not fail me again. > BD2 . . BD2: (reply to BD1, then) What is this place? Where are we? . . - A Jedi academy - concealed on the northern pole of Telos. > BD3 . . - Not now, no telling who might be listening. > BD4 . . - Just get to the ship, we can talk later. > END . . BD3: This must be where I detected the energy readings before... . . - -INF- DSP - This'll be your new home if your wounds slow me down. . . Understand? > BD4 . . - Are you well enough to travel? > BD4 . . - Keep silent, no telling who might be listening. > END . . - Just get to the ship, we can talk later. > END . . BD4: Of course, General. If you wish, I may travel with you or join... . . - Come with me, then. I could use the help > END . . - -INF- DSP - Just go to the ship - I will deal with your failure . . later. > END . . - Meet me at the ship and prep it for launch. We're leaving as soon as . . we can. > END . ........................................................................... After the dialogue with Bao-Dur, my Jedi Guardian finally hit Light Side Mastery. You can also talk to Atton for a LSP and +INF+ (they can't be separated) if you already learned about his Echani training from a Handmaiden Sister. Talk to him once, but stop the conversation instantly. Talk to him again and say: Light Path > I would have thought your Echani training would allow you to recover faster. > When we met those Handmaidens at the entrance, you dropped into an Echani combat stance. Where did you learn that? > I was just asking - no harm meant. I just thought it could be an asset. Ironically if you use [Persuade] to say it, you gain and lose influence at the same time. The above lines are the only way to simply gain influence. You can also badger him further, or [Force Persuade] for a DSP and -INF-. Now you can search the plasteel container nearby for items. You can find the dorms by going through the lower passageway, there are some containers you can search there. There are also some containers in the small room connecting the top prison tunnel to the main hub. Your ship is reached by going up and left (as seen on the map). You'll find T3 held in a small Forcecage. T3, like Bao-Dur, will gain Influence almost exclusively with Light Side Points (LSPs). Or you can say mean things and just get DSPs (and occasionally lose influence). Even if I'm playing Dark Side, I'd just take one of the options that gives Influence and deal with the LSP. After asking how he is, you can pick one of these: > It wasn't your fault they took the ship, T3. (LSP, +INF+) > Look, I'm just glad I found you. (LSP, +INF+) > Then fight next time someone tries to take the ship. (DSP) > Don't waste my time with excuses. (DSP, -INF-) He also tells you that Atris had been downloading from his memory. Interesting... Search this room for treasures. There is a workbench and a Lab Station here. Make sure your items are all up to date, and that you have the best upgrades you can make. If you're done here, head right, down the ramp, search the bay around for containers with treasures, then onto your ship. SIDEQUEST: The Handmaiden Sister Battles Talk to any of the Handmaidens (except "The" Handmaiden) and ask to fight. You might think this leads to a fight right there and some darkness, but apparently they take it to mean sparring. You are taken to their dormitory, stripped naked (only armor is removed), and told to fight without a weapon. Jedi are pretty decent in hand-to-hand, but you can't use powers or stims either. Finally you can't leave the battle mat, if you do, you forfeit. First you fight one on one in hand-to-hand. Second you fight one on one with melee weapons as well. Third you can fight one on one with melee weapons and force powers as well. Fourth is a two one one battle with weapons and force powers allowed. Finally you can fight five on one with weapons and force powers allowed.* * You can only do this last fight once, whether you win or lose. Basic Strategy: Don't bother using Force Powers or Stims before talking to a Sister, they won't last into the fight. Whether you win these fights is largely dependent on your character and his or her fighting abilties. If you are a Consular with 10 STR, DEX and CON, you should skip this. But a Sentinal or Guardian with at least 12 or 14 in these fighting skills should be OK. For all battles but the first, you can use a weapon. There is a workbench out near the Ebon Hawk that you can use to make a new weapon (such as a Vibro Doublesword) and upgrade a weapon as well. Also, they don't restrict other equipable items, such as implants, shields, belts, etc. Check to see if you have the best combat items equipped by removing them from your companions. Once in the battle, you can try using Melee shields, as this will keep their attacks from reaching you for a time. When they allow Force Powers, you can try using Force Barrier (if you have it) or anything in the Speed family to give yourself a bonus. Dark Siders can use Force Lightning, but to get the best effect in the final battle, you have to get them all on one side of you, and you will get hit while you move. If you have a good WIS and CHA your Force Powers that affect groups, such as Insanity/Horror and Stasis can help. Tips: The Echani Handmaidens also get disqualified if they step off the mat. Using this, at the start of the battle, immediately run around the small group of maidens and get up your melee shield. Now, there is a chance that the maidens in the back will bump into each other trying to follow you, knocking themselves off the mat, and out of the match. Note: You might think to plant mines around the battle mat to give yourself an edge. Don't. It does nothing. Once you win all the fights you get 750 XP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. The Ebon Hawk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once aboard the Hawk, you blast off from Telos. T3 reveals that he stole a copy of your sentencing from the Council, and you get to watch it in all its glory. That means you participate. Despite what you might think, there are no Light or Dark options here, so say what you want. Be defiant. After that, T3 shows you a list of the Jedi Masters, and their current known locations. Useful in either finding them to unite them back at Dantooine (the Light way) or in hunting down and killing them (the Dark way). At about this point, Male characters will have the Handmaiden show up to join you. To gain +INF+ with her (2 times) say these lines: > +INF+ I will take whatever help I can get. > +INF+ Look, forget Atton. Take the regular quarters, we have enough room. Handmaiden Soldier -- Level 6 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 14 +2 Vitality 78 Stealth 5 none DEX 16 +3 Force 0 Awareness 8 CON 14 +2 Defense 16 Treat Injury 8 INT 10 0 Fortitude 8 WIS 10 0 Reflex 6 CHA 14 +2 Will 3 Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Power Attack, Toughness, Improved Toughness, Conditioning, Echani Strike* Items: Clothing * Echani Strike is Handmaiden's special feat. It adds 1-4 damage to her unarmed melee attacks, plus a 10% knockdown chance (DC 15 + Level) Handmaiden is a Soldier now, but with the right Influence, could become a Jedi Guardian later. To get her to become a Jedi, you need Influence, but you also need to Spar with her at three different times (you need to gain a level). Also, if you spar with her and the battle never ends, then don't fight there. Go to another planet and fight there. Soldiers and Jedi Guardians are roughly equal in all respects, except Guardians, obviously, have the Force. Hold her level at 6 until you manage to get her turned into a Jedi. Then you can level her up just fine. After that (and another Load screen) Bao-Dur will offer to help you make a new Lightsaber, once you can get the parts to do so. There might also be exchanges between party members. This is actually a common occurrence, and happens almost everytime you re-enter the Ebon Hawk. This sometimes can have some benefits, such as letting Bao-Dur do some repairs on T3 (+2 CON). From here you can either talk to companions again, or head onwards to the next planet. I typically save Korriban for last, but other than that the order doesn't matter. I would absolutely NOT do Onderon last, as that might make your game difficult to complete. The walkthrough will be going to Dantooine first to build and upgrade our lightsaber, then Nar Shaddaa, Onderon and finally Korriban. Note: Whichever planet you choose, you will find all the Lightsaber parts there, and fairly soon. To me, the quickest is Dantooine and Nar Shaddaa, and then Onderon (Dxun). Note: If you killed the Escaped Criminals on Telos, you can go back to Grenn at Telos-Citadel Station for a 200 Credit reward. You can add the HK part we got at Telos to HK-47, but you still need two parts to finish him. Go talk to Kreia. Just an easy Light/Dark option here, but there will be a lot more with her later. You can also do her earlier dialogues (see the dialogue map at the Telos - Citadel Station section). You can also ask about her eyes, but this doesn't go anywhere until after Visas appears. If you are at or near Dark Side Master, talk to T3 before Kreia, do his upgrades (LSPs), then come back to Kreia to get the DSP. The first dialogue here doesn't always come up, if your Influence is too high it won't. Kreia....................................................................... . K1: How many more do we intend to gather to us? This ship is not ... . . - As many as want to come with us and help us. > K2 . . - Only as many as I need - and only as many as will sacrifice . . themselves to me. > K2 . . - It is not my fault if they follow me. > different line > K2 . . K2: Then prepare for an army, I think, for it seems many more will ... . . - I'm no leader. > different line > K3 . . - LSP - They're my friends, not my followers. > K4 . . - What makes you think they obey me? > K3 . . - DSP - I deserve such obedience - from them and you. . . K3: Because I am not blind, that is why. I see what they see, hear ... . . - Does the fact they obey me upset you? > K5 . . - Why are you angry? > K5 . . - How do you know that? > K5 . . K4: Do not cloak one word within another. Friends. Do friends not ... . . - LSP - They are your friends, too - maybe you could learn to see them . . that way, rather than as followers. > line > K2 responses . . - > other K2 responses . . K5: I know many things, and I know what I am not - I am no leader... . . - No, what? > K6 . . - I've noticed their behavior is changing - Atton, especially. . . > line about companions > K6 . . - Is something happening to them? > K6 . . K6: They echo you, either fighting or surrendering to their feelings... . . - LSP - They are my friends, not tools. > K7 . . - DSP - You have a point. I will reflect upon this. > K7 . . - And what about you? > line > K6 responses . . K7: I care not which of the words you use, as long as you make use of ... . . - What do you mean? > INFLUENCE Check > SUCCESS, K8 > FAIL, questions . . - I had other questions. > to general questions . . - I've heard enough. Forget this. > END . . K8: [Influence: Success] Have you never asked yourself how Revan took... . . - Because she/he was a leader? > K9 . . - She/He was a powerful presence - there was little one did not believe . . when she/he spoke it with conviction. > K9 . . - War makes bonds, it cannot be denied. > K9 . . K9: Ah, but to make officers turn on their own people, to bomb innocent.... . - They came from the Sith empire. > K10 . . - I thought teachings of the Sith came from Korriban. > K10 . . - I do not know, and I do not care. > END . . K10: Oh, did they? No, Revan met no Sith empire, yet she/he learned ... . . - Do you have any ideas? > line > back to questions . ........................................................................... Then talk to her again. Kreia....................................................................... . K1: Yes? Have you come with questions? . . - I want you to teach me more about the Force. > K2 . . - > other options . . K2: Very well. What is it that drives you? . . - I want to build a lightsaber. > K3 . . - > other options . . K3: Indeed? A Jedi tool - and a Sith weapon. And why do you need ... . . - LSP - To defend you and my allies. > K4 . . - LSP - Because I feel naked without it. > K4 . . - DSP - It represents power - and it can help me slaughter enemies . . quicker, faster. > K4 . . - (If Light Sided) LSP - The lightsaber is a symbol of the Jedi. It . . inspires others, gives them hope. > K4 . . - (If Dark Sided) DSP - A lightsaber is the most powerful weapon a . . Sith can wield - that is reason enough. > K4 . . K4: Then listen to me. There is much weight, much craving attached ... . . - But how do I make one? > K5 . . K5: The knowledge has already been imparted to you... . . - back to questions . ........................................................................... If you have good Computer and Repair skills, find and talk to T3. He moves between the Hyperdrive and the Security Room. Also to get him to let you do his repairs, you need Influence, and all his Influencing dialogues also lead to Light Side Points (LSPs). T3........................................................................ . T3-1: Dee-deet? . . - Could you please stop moving around the ship? It's hard to find you.. . > keeps T3 in one place, back to questions . . - How's the Ebon Hawk? > T3-2 . . - [Intelligence - 16 REQ] How did you get here, T3? > T3-3 . . - T3, can you give me a list of the Jedi Masters again? > shows Jedi . . Masters > back to questions . . - You look like you've suffered a lot of damage over the years. . . > T3UP1 . . - [Computer] I might be able to upgrade your memory core. > INFLUENCE . . CHECK > T3UP2 . . - [Repair] You look like you're in need of some routine maintenance. . . > INFLUENCE CHECK > T3UP2 . . - (Available after the first is done) [Computer] Mind if I try to . . - upgrade your memory core again? > INFLUENCE CHECK > T3UP2 . . - (Available after the first is done) [Repair] Ready for some more . . routine maintenance? > INFLUENCE CHECK > T3UP2 . . - (Available after the first two are done) [Computer] I'd like to . . upgrade your core again. > INFLUENCE CHECK > T3UP2 . . - (Available after the first two are done) [Repair] Maybe some . . advanced maintenance is in order. > INFLUENCE CHECK > T3UP2 . . - (Last one in the chain) [Computer/Repair] Do you mind if I try . . working on you one last time? I keep feeling like there's something . . I'm missing. > INFLUENCE CHECK > T3UP2 . . - > normal T3 options . . T3-2: Bee-reet, deet! Dee-ree-deet. . . - +INF+ LSP - Good job - glad to hear it. > back to questions . . - +INF+ LSP - T3, I really appreciate your help. > back to questions . . - -INF- DSP - Keep up the routine maintenance. If something goes . . wrong, I'll hold you responsible. > back to questions . . - -INF- DSP - Just be sure it stays that way, or we'll be using you . . for spare parts. > back to questions . . T3-3: Dee-reet? Deet? . . - [Computer] You're deliberately avoiding answering - why? > T3-4 . . - > other options . . T3-4: Dwoooooo. . . - +INF+ LSP - [Computer] Let me check your core. I'll be careful, I . . promise. > T3-5 . . - -INF- DSP - [Computer] That does it. I'm going to rip out your . . module and get some answers. > T3-5 . . T3-5: Beee-deet, bee-reeeet! Deeet, deet! . . - +INF+ LSP - I want to make sure you're all right. Just let me . . check, all right? > FAIL, back to questions > SUCCEED, CUTSCENE . . - -INF- DSP - I don't care what damage it could cause - I want to know. . what you're hiding. > FAIL, back to questions > SUCCEED, CUTSCENE . . CUTSCENE: (T3 now shows you a Holovid of either Bastila or Carth . . explaining what happened to Revan... and Carth if Revan was . . Dark Side) . . . . Female Revan > Carth . . Male Revan > Bastila . . - Friend of yours? > T3C1 . . - Is that message what you were trying to hide? > CUTSCENE responses . . - Who was the person the hologram was talking about? > T3C2 . . - So this help you came in search of - you came in search of me. . . > T3C4 . . - That message doesn't tell me where the Ebon Hawk came from. > T3C6 . . T3C1: Bee-deet. Dee... deet, dee-reeet, deet. Deet.... deet. . . - > brief dialogue, then back to > CUTSCENE responses . . T3C2: Bee-deet? Deet. . . - Another missing friend? > T3C3 . . T3C3: Dee... deet. Deet. . . - What happened to your old friend/master? Why aren't you with . . him/her? > T3 explains what happened, some responses > END . . T3C4: Dee, deet. . . - But why me? I was powerless, defenseless. > T3C5 . . - So you found me in my weakened state and placed me in danger. You . . could have gotten me killed. > T3C5 . . T3C5: Dee-deet. . . - +INF+ I'm honored, T3. I will do what I can to stop this threat. . . > CUTSCENE responses . . - -INF- When this journey is done, you will pay for what you have . . done, and for all you have put me through. > CUTSCENE responses . . T3C6: (T3 has deleted his own data, you respond a couple times, then) . . Deet. Deet. . . - +INF+ LSP - Don't be sorry - maybe you had a good reason, or were . . trying to protect someone. > CUTSCENE responses . . - -INF- DSP - Save your apologies for someone who cares. Just don't . . delete anything else unless I order you to. > CUTSCENE responses . . T3UP1: (T3) How much damage? (T3) So you lost a lot of programs in your . . behavior core - in addition to the damage to your frame? (T3) . . - +INF+ LSP - Well, I'm sure you'll gain that skill back. I'm glad . . to have you along. > creates first UPGRADE options . . - -INF- DSP - Pray you don't lose any more of your functionality, or . . I'll sell you for parts. > creates first UPGRADE options . . T3UP2: [Influence: Success] Dee... deet. . . - > If you skill is sufficient, T3 gains an upgrade, if not he makes . . a loud annoying noise. You can always try again later unless you . . lose Influence. . ......................................................................... The Influence checks are minor, having any should be sufficient. Assuming you can get them in the dialogue above, the T3 upgrades are: (what you say after choosing to upgrade, whether "this will be over quick" or "let's just tear off this panel" don't matter here, although they do matter when you do the INT check to get the hologram) [Computer, 1st time] +1 INT, 250 XP [Computer, 2nd time] +1 INT, 500 XP [Computer, 3rd time] +1 INT, +1 WIS, 750 XP [Repair, 1st time] +1 CON, 250 XP [Repair, 2nd time] +1 DEX, 500 XP [Repair, 3rd time] +1 DEX, +1 CON, 750 XP After all that, you can try to [Computer/Repair] one last time, but this one gives YOU the bonus: [Computer/Repair, final] Exile gets +1 WIS, +10 Force Points, 1750 XP When you're ready, head to the Galaxy map, and off to Dantooine! (or another planet) Visas. Whatever planet you go to, if you've seen the Visas cutscene, the next time you enter the Ebon Hawk, you will have to deal with Visas. So, before entering your ship, use an Energy Shield, then go to the Starboard Dormitory and there she'll be. She ignites her lightsaber and attacks. If you don't have good combat skills, this can be a difficult battle, but the best strategy is simply using the Energy Shield. Once she gets to about halfway, you "cut" her lightsaber and she drops. The conversation with her, Atton and Disciple/Handmaiden (if applicable) is loaded with Light/Dark Side Points (LSP/DSP) and Influence (INF) galore. You can't influence Visas from here, but her alignment will closely match yours anyway. Visas....................................................................... . V1: My life... for yours. . . - LSP - I will not kill you. > V2 . . - LSP - Arise - but do not attack me again. > V4 . . - DSP - And what have you to offer more than your life? > V3 . . - DSP - You pledge yourself to me? > V3 . . - DSP - I am in need of servants, not corpses. > V3 . . V2: You *must.* The alternative is only another death... . . - LSP - I do not kill a helpless opponent. > V3 . . - LSP - Look, you're wounded. Stand, let me get you to the medbay. > V3 . . - Yeah? I don't really care what you want, since you tried to jam a . . lightsaber into my skull. > V4 . . - DSP - You may still die at my hands if you don't answer my . . questions. > V5 . . - DSP - We'll see if you survive my interrogation. > V5 . . V3: I... have nothing to offer you. Your strength is superior... . . - > MED1 . . V4: *Kill* me, I beg you. I... it was not my wish to challenge you... . . - I will not kill you. > V3 . . V5: I will do as you ask... but I fear the answers you seek of me... . . - > MED1 . . MED1: Atton: Now I've seen everything. This woman... she's a Miraluka... . . - What's a Miraluka? > MED2 . . - Is her kind rare? > MED4 . . - LSP - Is she going to be all right? > MED7 . . - DSP - Will she recover? I have uses for her. > MED7 . . MED2: Atton: ... I'm not sure how you'd go about killing one... . . - Killing one? > MED3 . . - > other MED1 responses . . MED3: Atton: Just mentioning it - she looks like she's suffered enough... . . - > other MED1 responses . . MED4: Atton: I heard they had a colony on the Mid Rim, almost halfway... . . - Maybe she knows. > MED5 . . - > other MED1 responses . . MED5: Atton: Well, it *was* a planet of her people. If they see ... . . - See through the Force? > MED6 . . - That's a cheerful thought. > MED6 . . - I'm more inclined to think plague. > MED6 . . MED6: They claim to see on a higher plane than we do, you know, the ... . . - > back to MED1 responses . . MED7: Well, some of her wounds are pretty bad - looks like she was ... . . - LSP - If her condition changes, let me know - I didn't want to hurt . . her. > INT1 . . - Let me know when she awakens. I have questions for her. > INT1 . . - DSP - I only want her to live long enough for the interrogation. . . > INT1 . . INT1: (If Handmaiden is in party) She is a threat to us. . . - LSP - I won't harm her, if that's what you're asking. > line > END . . - -INF- I trust her more than I trust you. > line > END . . - -INF- She is useful, and I do not mean to kill her yet. > line > END . . INT1: (If Disciple is in party) You spared her. . . - LSP - I don't believe in killing prisoners - or the wounded. > line . . > END . . - -INF- I trust her more than I trust you. > line > END . . - DSP - She is useful, and I do not mean to kill her yet. > line > END . . INT1: (If neither is in party) > END . ........................................................................... After that, you actually get a Vision of Visas, whatever LSPs/DSPs you earned, some +INF+ with Visas and the: Lightsaber Emitter Fixture (part 2 of 3) So, you should now have two lightsaber parts, there are two more left to get, the crystal and the final part. Visas Jedi Sentinal -- Level 6 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 12 +1 Vitality 30 Stealth 9 Energy Resistance DEX 18 +4 Force 24 Awareness 9 Wound CON 12 +1 Defense 18 Treat Injury 9 Fear > Horror INT 10 0 Fortitude 6 Shock WIS 12 +1 Reflex 9 Force Push CHA 15 +2 Will 4 Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Flurry, Weapon Focus (Lightsaber) Items: Clothing Visas will immediately level up once you get outside with her. Visas should immediately start working on Security, as there might come a time when she needs it. I'd also stop working on Stealth and Awareness, but keep up Treat Injury. Visas isn't into strength, so the first feat she should take is Finesse Lightsabers. Now you just need to find her a Lightsaber. She's already started on Two Weapon and Flurry, so keep those up as well, then give her a double-bladed lightsaber, or two lightsabers as you find them. As for Force Powers, she will do really well with the Dark Side powers, such as Shock and Horror, so keep working on those if you are Dark Side. If not, you may have to start working on Light Side powers, but she'll be several levels behind having used up early level powers on Dark Side. Burst of Speed is a good choice as it is neither light nor dark. Now Visas has joined your party. If you are going Dark Side, put off talking to her until after you gain your Prestige Class, as everything in her dialogue that gains +INF+ also gives LSPs. If you are going light side, you will easily max out her Influence in one conversation. SAVE IT, then it is time to talk to her. Force Sight, 500 XP, +10 Maximum Force Points. Note: We save it because the chance to get Force Sight only comes up once. If you ask "How do you see through the Force" and fail the INFLUENCE check, then leave the dialogue, you then can't get it back. It only appears once. You have to increase your standing with Visas at least 4 times before she will teach you Force Sight. It does not all need to be in this dialogue, there are other ways to do it. Also note, if you do all the Light Side options in her conversation, it is enough to take you from Dark Side Mastery to not even showing the final stages of Dark Side (you lose the grey, ugly skin, but keep the "severe" look). Visas....................................................................... . V1: My life for yours. . . - +INF+ LSP - Are you all right? > V2 . . - How did you find me? > V6 . . - Who sent you? > V7 . . - I had questions for you. > VQ1 . . - Never mind. I'll be going now. > V-END (if INFLUENCE is high) . . V2: I am able to serve. If we enter battle, I will fight and die ... . . - That's not what I asked. I asked if you were all right. > V3 . . - > other V1 responses . . V3: I... I have not heard that question in some time. My flesh is... . . - +INF+ LSP - I didn't mean to hurt you. > V4 . . - +INF+ LSP - In medbay, I... we... noticed you have scars. Who hurt . . you? > V5 . . - > other V1 responses . . V4: I know. And I fear that others will see the mercy in your actions... . . - > V3 responses . . V5: The scars are many, and the causes equally so. It is of no importance.. . - > V3 responses . . V6: I... felt you, heard you, through the Force. It was like a sound... . . - > V1 responses, remove "Are you all right" . . V7: I serve my Master. I am an emissary, a scout.... . . - I need to know where I can find your Master. > V8 . . - > other V1 responses . . V8: You cannot. His vessel roams the borders of known space, and even ... . . - Ready? > V9 . . - You are in no position to "permit" anything. > V9 . . V9: If I bring you before my Master, untested, without your potential ... . . - I am ready to confront him now. > V10 . . - +INF+ LSP - My life is unimportant - your Master threatens more than . . just me. > V11 . . - -INF- DSP - I will decide when I am ready, and I command you to bring . . me before him. > V15 . . - -INF- DSP - I order you to take me to him. > V15 . . V10: You will meet my master. It is inevitable, I have... seen it. . . - Why are you doing this for me? > V12 . . - > other V9 responses + V1 responses . . V11: I cannot - I will not. I would die first, and gladly, to preserve... . . - LSP - If he is behind what has befallen the Jedi, then he must be . . stopped. > V10 . . - -INF- DSP - I need to find him and kill him before he is a threat to . . my power. > V10 . . - > other V9 responses + V1 responses . . V12: There is a... a greatness in you, a greatness that does not stem... . . - If your master has trouble detecting me, how are you able to do it? . . > V13 . . - > other V9 + V1 responses . . V13: There is much I see my Master cannot. I fear it is because of my... . . - Where are your people, your world, now? > V14 . . - > other V9 + V1 responses . . V14: They are... gone. There's nothing more that I can say. > V1 . . V15: It is a choice that can be made by neither one of us. . . - > back to V9 responses . . VQ1: I will answer what I can, but my answers may prove useless to you. . . - Tell me about your homeworld. > INFLUENCE CHECK > VQ2 . . - Was your Master the one sent to Peragus? > VQ14 . . - Was your Master behind the destruction of Peragus? > VQ15 . . - I have heard your species is blind. How are you able to see? > VQ16 . . - How do you see through the Force? > INFLUENCE CHECK (4 increases req.). . > VQ20 . . - Never mind. I'll be going now. > V-END . . VQ2: [Influence: Success] It is not a subject which I have spoken of ... . . - How did your master destroy your homeworld? To kill on such a scale.... . it's impossible. > VQ3 . . - Why did your Master destroy Katarr? > VQ4 . . - How was it destroyed? > VQ7 . . - I have seen similar acts of destruction... at Malachor. > VQ13 . . VQ3: It was not a thing done with machines or weapons. The Force is ... . . - Why did your Master destroy Katarr? > VQ4 . . VQ4: The Jedi, the last Council of the Jedi, came to our world to... . . - Why did the Jedi meet on Katarr? > VQ5 . . - He attacked it because the Jedi had gone there? > VQ6 . . VQ5: They hoped to see the threat that had been stalking them.... . . - > VQ4 responses . . VQ6: He cannot deny his hunger for long - and any gathering of Jedi... . . - [Wisdom] Or it may starve him... make him more desperate. > VQ4 . . - [Intelligence] Or it may starve him... and make him more desperate. . . > VQ4 . . - > VQ4 responses . . VQ7: The planet was not destroyed, it remains... it orbits, dead in ... . . - If your homeworld was destroyed, how did you survive? > VQ8 . . - > other VQ2 responses . . VQ8: I am not certain I did. I was there when the planet died... . . - ...as if everything suddenly went silent. > VQ9 . . - > other VQ2 responses . . VQ9: I imagine there are worse deaths, worse pain. But if there are... . . - You were the only survivor? > VQ10 . . VQ10: I still wonder what would have happened if I had died ... . . - He made you see? > VQ11 . . VQ11: To this galaxy, my world, absent the currents and spectrums ... . . - And why did your Master show you this? > VQ12 . . VQ12: He showed me to make me believe in his cause... . . - > VQ2 responses . . VQ13: I have heard tales of Malachor. It is said that many of my ... . . - > VQ7 responses . . VQ14: I am not familiar with the place you speak of - my Master has ... . . - What do you mean? > VQ15 . . VQ15: There are many factions within the Sith, all seeking to take ... . . - > back to questions . . VQ16: My people once had the power to perceive events, to *see* ... . . - You sound as if that sight is lost to you. > VQ17 . . - I understand. > back to questions . . VQ17: My sight has been... damaged. What I have taught you - it is not... . . - > INFLUENCE CHECK (increased 3 times) > FAIL, return to questions . . > SUCCEED, VQ18 . . VQ18: [Influence: Success] My master - when he showed me my world... . . - +INF+ LSP - When one endures, it gives hope to others - and themselves. . > VQ19 . . - -INF- DSP - There is no gift in pain - except the gift of strength. . . > VQ19 . . VQ19: Only when one suffers do certain truths become evident ... . . - > return to questions . . VQ20: [Influence: Success] If you wish to know, perhaps it is ... . . - > Teaches you FORCE SIGHT > back to questions . . V-END: Forgive me, but before you go, I must ask. Why do you do this? ... . . - +INF+ LSP - Because I believe you can be saved. > V-END2 . . - I don't really know why. I try not to think about it. . . - -INF- DSP - Why? It is only that a weak servant is no use at all. . . Surely the Sith has taught you that. . . V-END2: You must not do this. I cannot allow you to weaken yourself for me. . - +INF+ LSP - To help another is not weakness - it is strength to them . . both. . . - You have curious views for a Sith. . . - DSP - I do not understand where your power over the dark side . . comes from... you are too even-tempered and submissive for my tastes. . ........................................................................... Now, let's get some more personal upgrades from our companions. Go talk to Kreia. She isn't happy that you befriended the Seer. There's an obvious Light/Dark option here, but that isn't the interesting thing. With a high INT you can hit Kreia up for a DSP and infinite +INF+. Follow the dialogue until: (take this path, even if you are Light Side, it's even more valuable to you as it's even harder to gain Influence while walking in the Light) Dark Path > Because there is nothing to be gained by murdering her - yet. > If she threatens any of us again, I will deal with her, I promise you. > Ties to her master, perhaps. And I intend to follow that bond to its source when the opportunity presents itself. > Atton said her planet was wiped out, that it was the only colony of her people in this sector of the galaxy. > [INT Check] Well, if her people all see through the Force, then maybe someone wanted to blind them. > [INT Check]... END You can talk to Kreia about Visas' planet, and repeat the same answers over and over and over. Infinite Influence. You don't need to do this more than a few times, unless you are really in the Influence hole with her. She won't ever reflect your alignment. One last thing to do, go and talk to Kreia. Ask her about the Force, and then ask about what Visas did to your eyes, and she will have you stretch your feelings out through the ship. This has nothing to do with Force Sight, and you can do it whether you learned that from Visas or not. (There is some amusing stuff here if you have Computer Use or Repair) This gives you a +1 Awareness, and +6 Force Points. You can repeat this lesson later (try it, and if she won't do it now, come back in a level or two) for another session. Talk to Kreia again for a follow up lesson. This time she wants you to improve your weakest skill, and come back to see her when you have. When she asks for your "strongest" skill, ask for one that you want a bonus for later. If you're nice to her on this one, you gain +INF+. Technically, she will count your "weakest skill" as improved whenever anything improves it, so items work just fine. Find an item that helps your weak skill and equip it. Talk to Kreia again. (1000 XP, +6 Force Points) Note: Assuming your "weakest" skill was one you didn't have any skill ranks in, you might wonder why you can't see the "bonus" that she gave you. Some skills require that you have at least 1 rank in them to use them (such as Stealth). Now talk to Kreia one last time to continue the "Listening" lesson from before. There is a level check here, but I haven't failed it yet. You and Kreia listen in on everyone on the ship. Your character will be most amazed at the bizareness of Atton's thoughts. Make note of it. (500 XP, +6 Force Points) This is also worth a +INF+ with Kreia. Next, go and talk to Atton and ask about him playing Pazaak in his head. Then ask him to teach you to play Pazaak. You can gain +INF+ by apologizing for peeping into his head with Kreia. He basically tells you that he just uses fake pazaak matches in his head to keep out Force Users. +1 to Will Saves. Handmaiden. Like Visas, you only really want to start dealing with her once you hit a planet. Why? There's a bug, where if you spar with her in certain places, such as where you start, then you can't win at sparring and it will go on forever and ever. And ever. Until you get frustrated and break the rules. So, head to your first planet, then talk to her in the Cargo Hold. Whichever planet you head to, when you hit level 15 go back to the Ebon Hawk, and you can get a Prestige Class upgrade. (You also need Visas, and a clear Light/Dark alignment. You don't have to get Mastery to get a Prestige Class, but you need to be close) You get a free level with your Prestige Class, so try to do it the INSTANT you turn level 15. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Dantooine ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first planet you aren't shot down on, congratulations. The first time I played, I went through Onderon/Dxun first, where it looked like getting shot down would be a trend. Dantooine is a good solid place to start your wanderings, as it has the Kinrath/Crystal Cave with the best lightsaber crystal in the game. Also, you will build your lightsaber here. Dantooine has a very sharp Light/Dark split, to the point where the planet will be very different after you finish it one way rather than the other. If you came here from another planet, put your lightsaber away before exiting the Ebon Hawk. It disturbs the locals. Influence Gains/Losses on this Planet: (just a heads up, see below for specifics) Bao-Dur (Mechanic, Atmospheric Sensors) Kreia (Mercenaries, Vrook, Mechanic, Salvager) Handmaiden (Mercenaries) T3-M4 (Malfunctionig Droid) Visas (Salvager) Everyone (Akerre's Hydrospanner) Dantooine - Khoonda ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /-----\ |x x | To Enclave, | Ebon | Salvagers |M Hawk | | | | x| To Enclave, -- -----\ | xIp /---\ Mercenaries |--/ \--- | ----- ----\ | | | _____ \ \---- _ \ /---| |-\ \ kins | \ | / / \ \--/ \ \ -/ | | / T ----S -\ \ ---/ | ---- E| K |G \ |/ ------ T | |x --------\ kins | | ----- | \x \ | x / |At | --- / | \ | / | /|_|\_____ Cave \-----/ -----/ At - Militiaman, Atmospheric Sensor kins - Kinrath Areas M - Mechanic x - Containers Ip - Ithorian Pazaak Player G - Garage Door S - "Sealed" door E - Entrance to Khoonda T - Gun Turrets K - Khoonda A woman greets you right off your ship. If you have a lightsaber out, she's a lot less friendly. Just don't tell her you are a Jedi, ask whatever you want to know, then leave her. Also immediately off the ship is a Battered Protocol Droid, if T3 is in your party, he'll notice right away that this droid is malfunctioning. You can also get the [Awareness] This Droid is Malfunctioning line. Compliment T3 on recognizing this to gain +INF+ with him. Then do a [Computer] diagnostic on the droid and then [Repair - 5 REQ] Fix the memory unit. This will bring Tarn, the mechanic over, as the droid now calls you a Jedi. Deny this, either with [Force Persuade] or [Persuade] or he'll never talk to you again. Kreia will also be upset with you if you admit to being a Jedi. If you fail to Persuade him, then you lose -INF- with Kreia. There is an Ithorian Pazaak player a little over to the left (listed as a SIDEQUEST below), he also has a Locker filled with goodies. There are a number of other containers around the docking bay. Be sure to get them all. One has to be Mined open. Leave the docks and through the passage to the large building, Khoonda. The door we want is on the right side. (which is the "left" side if you look at it from the Map) Enter. A couple of women are gossiping about Jedi, and if you go up to them with a Lightsaber out, they'll shut up real fast. There's a receptionist with some useless information. Open the right doors and go through. Talk to Suulru to get a quest (see SIDEQUEST: Suulru's Vaporators below). Take note that if you complete his quest you'll get a guaranteed LSP. Go through the next doors, and the doors after that. Go up and talk to the Administrator, Terena Adare. You just need to find out about Vrook here, as well as get access to the Enclave Sublevels. You can talk to her for more information as well. You might think that she gives you a quest to get the people to like Jedi again, but it's really nothing. You can't ever complete it (and I've only seen one person that you can talk to about Jedi not being so bad: Berun). Leave her room, and go up the hallway to talk to Berun. He has some information if you want it, and a quest (see SIDEQUEST: Changing of the Guard below). Just behind Berun is a Rodian shopkeeper, who sells Lightsaber color crystals (Green), you will need at least one of these to make a Lightsaber, although you should get one later in the Crystal/Kinrath cave. Down the hall is the captain of the guard, Zherron. Go up to Zherron and talk to him. If you got Berun's quest, you can tell him about it, but it changes nothing. He gives out a couple quests if you want to try them (SIDEQUEST: The Kinrath Problem and SIDEQUEST: The Will). When you return later, he will have a mission to deliver a message to Dopak of the mercenary camp, which is easy and worth XP. The only other person to talk to in here is Gerevick, but he's rude and ignores you after a sentence. Leave the building. Time to hit the Kinrath cave, for both its sweet, sweet treasures and to complete a couple of quests -- SIDEQUEST: The Kinrath Problem and either SIDEQUEST: Changing of the Guard or SIDEQUEST: Atmospheric Sensors. The Kinrath Cave is "right" (from the map) of Khoonda, or just go in the opposite direction of the entrance. As soon as you can, turn right to talk to the militiaman there to get the Atmospheric Sensors quest (see below). It helps to have Bao-Dur for this quest, but isn't required. You'll have to fight through the Kinrath to even get to the cave. (The cave continues after the SIDEQUEST listing for this area) SIDEQUEST: Defeat the Ithorian at Pazaak Another Pazaak player, another compulsive gambler. Buy cards from him first to set your deck up. Get him interested in a game and he'll mention that he has Armor Components that he might be willing to wager, but not until you get all his money. If you play immediately, there won't be a wager. Throw the game quickly, then switch the wager to 750 credits, exit and save. Unlike the previous Pazaak player on Telos, you don't have to win sequentially, but you must win 3000 credits to get him to wager the armor components. Beat him then, and they are yours: Bonded Plates Mk II Environment Underdaly Mk II Armorply Plating Mk II Durasteel Underlay Mk III Heavy Bonded Plates Mk II Also note that you can lose thousands of credits to him, win the 3000 (meaning you still lose a lot of mone) and he'll still claim to be out of cash. SIDEQUEST: Suulru's Vaporators Inside the Khoonda complex, you'll find a farmer named Suulru who had some bad dealings with a Salvager. He accidentally left it behind and it got stolen. He had to buy it back from Joran, then when he did, found it was missing a part, that Joran would charge him another 500 credits to get. Offer to help. You find Jorran in the sublevel of the Enclave. You can either kill him on the spot (DSP) to take the Vaporator part, or talk to him again later back in the Salvager camp. Take the part back to Suulru. You can throw in 500 credits when you return the part for an extra LSP, otherwise you just get: LSP, 400 XP, Zabrak Blaster Pisolt, Mandalorian Ripper. Even if you killed Jarron, you can't avoid the LSP. SIDEQUEST: Changing of the Guard Berun, in the Khoonda Administration Center, believes that Zherron is doing too much to antagonize the mercenaries, and he wants you to find some evidence against Zherron. It's only a coincidence that Berun is next in line to get his job. Once you find your evidence you have to present it to the Admininstrator, not Berun, to finish this quest. The evidence is the Atmospheric Sensors that the militiaman near the Kinrath Cave asks you to collect. This quest is mutually exclusive with that quest. You can't do both unless you follow the Dark Path in that quest. (check out that SIDEQUEST below for more information on that) If I'm not doing the dark path, then personally I would rather get the credits and the same amount of XP from the militiaman than the paltry 500 XP from turning the sensors in and getting Zherron replaced. Note: Zherron will be put back in charge when the mercenaries attack later. Doing this will make it impossible to turn in the Kinrath quest for a reward, as well as the Will for that treasure. SIDEQUEST: The Kinrath Problem Zherron, in Khoonda, will tell you that they are having a problem with Kinrath running around the area. Agree to help him. Leave Khoonda and head to the cave (it's "right" on the map). Enter, fight your way all to the back (or get the Musk from the mercenary just inside) and kill the Kinrath Hive Mother. She is the only Kinrath that has to be dead. Return to Zherron for your reward. (2000 credits, 250 XP) Note: This quest cannot be completed if you have Zherron stripped of his command (see Changing of the Guard, above). SIDEQUEST: The Will Zherron, in Khoonda, will mention a problem with Gerevick and some salvagers. Turns out some salvagers died without leaving a good solid claim to their recent finds. Now, Zherron has to hold on to these items until a valid claim comes in. When you reach the Salvager Camp in the next area, the female salvager will ask you to search the Enclave Sublevel for the two Salvager bodies. This isn't out of the kindness of her heart, she just wants the swag. Once inside the Enclave Sublevel (see that section below), you will find both the bodies, and the Will. If you want the items from Zherron you MUST forge the will to give yourself the items. Return to Zherron to get the claim. (500 XP, DSP, Lightsaber*, Crystal*) * I think these are random. I got a Double Bladed and a Kasha Crystal. SIDEQUEST: The Atmospheric Sensors Near the Kinrath Caves you meet up with Saedhe, a militaman. Talk to him and ask what he is doing out here to learn that he is looking for some "atmospheric sensors" that are missing from this crashed speeder. He offers you a reward (and a "good one") if you can find them for him. He doesn't know where they are, but I do. Right inside the Kinrath/Crystal Cave is some "rubble" search it to find the Atmospheric sensors. He offers you 3000 credits for all 3 of the sensors (despite that, they are all one "item", so you don't have to search for three different sensors). Return to get your reward. Note that if you do this quest, you can't finish the Changing of the Guard quest above. When you show him the sensors, you can alter your reward with: > [Awareness - 8 REQ] It sounds like it's worth more to you than that. > (If you or Bao-Dur opened the sensors) Not so fast - we found a little surprise inside them. The first option gets you 4000 credits, while the second leads to 5000. You can turn down the extra amount, taking 3000 and gaining a LSP. If you don't want to be light sided, taking the 5000 credits is neutral. You also get 500 XP. There is a Dark Path here as well. Say these: > Not so fast - we found a little surprise inside them. > I'm sure that Azkul would be interested to know that you're spying on him. > I think I'll see what he'll offer for this information. > Do you think I care about your pathetic farmers? > You're a loose end now - time to take care of that. > COMBAT (DSP) Note: If you do this, you will have to deal with INFLUENCES of your companions nearby. Atton and Visas will gain influence, while all others will lose it. If you have Kreia plus someone who normally loses influence, Kreia will even out, while forcing the other companion to gain influence. (which, if you use the infinite Kreia Influence, works just fine) You can then search him for the 5000 and some odd credits, but you don't get the 500 XP (just the XP for killing him). However, you can use the Sensors as evidence in the Changing of the Guard SIDEQUEST (as above) for that 500 XP. The Crystal/Kinrath Cave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This place is pretty easy to figure out. When you first enter, you'll see a mercenary walking by unharmed by the Kinrath. If you are persuasive, you can get him to tell you the secret, and give you the ability to walk by Kinrath without getting into battle. But where's the XP in that? You get more by killing things than not, so don't bother with him. Find the Atmospheric sensors at the rubble just past a column near the entrance. Bao-Dur will talk to you about them, and you can follow up with: [Awareness - 4 REQ] Can you examine one of the sensors? or, if you want to do it yourself (whether Bao-Dur is there or not) [Repair - 15 REQ] I'll just crack one of these sensors and see what's inside. Succeeding at either of these will give you +INF+ with Bao-Dur and you learn something about these sensors. (500 XP) Search the caves for treasure! There are several passages, but only two things are here, really. There is the mercenary camp, currently abandoned up the first left tunnel, and the Kinrath Lair at the very end of the cave which has a whole load of Lightsaber Crystals. You'll have to fight through a boatload of Hive Kinrath, Hatchlings and the Kinrath Matriarch. (which, once dead, allows you to get a reward for killing it from Zherron, see SIDEQUEST above) (100 XP) Tip: Use Mandalorian Melee shields or Force Barrier to remove/reduce the damage taken from the Kinrath. Viper Kinraths can also poison you, so a Breath Mask can come in handy. (Although Force Power: Improved Heal cures poisoning) Kreia (whether she is in your party or not) will tell you that this Crystal Room holds memories in the Force, and that Revan came this way once. (Visas Handmaiden and Disciple can also feel it) What you say to her doesn't matter. She pipes up again when you find the very, very valuable "YOURNAME" Crystal. (insert your name, there) This crystal will give very good bonuses to attack damage, and best yet, to your stats. And it levels up, too. To level up the crystal, talk to Kreia, if she says that it isn't fully bonded to you, then remove it from the lightsaber, and have her re-attune it to you. Note: Destroying the eggs seems to do nothing. Take the crystals and go. There are four searchable formations, plus the remains of the Matriarch, with crystals. Once you've gotten your rewards from the SIDEQUESTS, head up to the only other area here. The Enclave Courtyard Area ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |--\ |E \ E - Entrance to the Enclave | | S - Sealed, former Entrance to the Enclave \ | | | _ /-----v-\ _ | | - -| | | - - - / | | -\ /----\ | -- \ | \ / Mercs\ -_- --| \ | |-v---/ -/ | |- \ \_| /-\ /\/ | | \ Salv / | || / / | | | ---- --\ | S_| | \ / | / / / | /----- | | ---/ | / \ | To Khoonda | | To Khoonda Go up the "right" (as seen on the map) entrance to the next area so you can start closer to the Mercenary base. The mercenaries are located just ahead and right. There are a number of things you can do here. If you have Mandalore with you, talk to the Leader of the Mandalorians here, Esok, who decides to fight rather than submit. Kill him and the other Mandalorians join Mandalore and go to Dxun. If you got the "quest" from Zherron to deliver the message to Dopak, you can do that now, but he's just confused by it. If you want an easy kill for some XP, or some DSPs, talk to Nallek. After he insults you, say one of these: > A mudlicker? Is that even an insult? > COMBAT Dark Path > You want to fight *me?* You're as dumb as you look. > DSP - [Force Persuade] Let's have some fun. Hand me your gun. > [Force Persuade] Now hand me your credits. And *never* speak to me again. > gain 275 credits OR > Your mind is beyond weak. Now let's fight. > XP for killing You also get: Argazdan Riot Buster Just beyond the mercenaries camp you can see the ruins of the old Starforge map temple. Head along the only path there is towards the salvager camp. Deraala there has a SIDEQUEST for you, to get the two bodies from the sublevel (see below), and also can be convinced to sell you Jedi items (after insulting you and telling you to get off the planet, of course). If you're lucky, she'll have the Zeison Sha Initiate Armor, which is an upgradable Medium Armor that Jedi can use without restrictions on Force Powers. She also sells Robes, Crystals and various Lightsaber parts. (not the kind that we use to build our Lightsaber, the kind we use later to upgrade our Lightsaber, however, I almost always just make these at a Workbench out of my old useless items) She'll give you the quest when you say farewell to her. Bug: Talk to Deraala for the first time, and get to her shop. Leave the shop. Talk to her, and she will think she already gave you the dead bodies quest. If you want, talk to the salvager, Ralon (SIDEQUEST below), otherwise just keep going to the Enclave. When you get closer to it, you get a cutscene showing the damage. Cross the bridge, and start fighting the Kath Hounds. To the left is the "old" entrance, which is collapsed. But go that way anyway to kill the monsters. Once they are all dead, head around to the other end, and watch as 4 salvagers exit the Enclave. There is no Light Path, you simply don't fight them. Otherwise... Dark Path > I want you out of my way. Now > You obviously have *no* idea who you are dealing with. > You've tremendously overestimated your pathetic abilities. > COMBAT & DSP Once past them, open the doors and enter the Enclave Sublevel. (listed after SIDEQUESTS) SIDEQUEST: Ralon's Fake Holocron The other salvager here, Ralon, is selling a fake Holocron. There, I said it. You can get a LSP by finding out it is a fake, then giving him 500 credits anyway after he tricks you. Yeah, gullibility is worth a LSP. The Dark Side option goes about the same way except that you take the Holocron off him for nothing. Path > Get to the point. > How much do you want for it? > Can I inspect the holocron? Maybe it's broken. > That *is* a remarkable fake, but it's not even worth the time you've wasted describing it. From here, either: Dark Side > Actually I *can* blame you. Violently. > (DSP) Give me the fake holocron. Now. Or: Light Side > That's all you can say? > So you didn't make this? > Wife and children? > How much money do you need? > (LSP) Here's 500 credits. Just try to do something worthwhile with it. SIDEQUEST: The Two Dead Bodies Deraala wants you to find the two dead bodies, for purely noble reasons such as burial, of course. She offers to pay you 500 credits for each body. With an [Awareness] you figure that she is being a little too generous, but she shrugs it off. Salvagers got to stick together, y'know? You'll find the bodies in the Enclave Sublevel (see that section below), when you do, you can come back and give them to her for 500 credits each. However, you can also, when you find the body with the Will, forge the Will and give that to Zherron for the treasure. (see that SIDEQUEST above) Forging the Will isn't Dark itself, but redeeming it for a reward is. Enclave Sublevel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------|--------v--------- S - Locked Door | ----S---- --- | ---S---- ---- | = - open passway ---| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Dr - Droids |J S |[ = B ]| | |[ = ]| | W - Workstation ---- | | | | | | | | | | | | ---- J - Jorran | ----| -- -- \ / -S------ |---- | D - Disciple | =(*) \--/ |Dr W| | | V - Signs of Vrook | | |------ _ ------- | |---| C - Destructible / \ | S | | | ----|--| | |---\ Console -/ /-\ \-----S--- -- | = S | D V \ B - Salvager Body G | | |C |--| S / G - Gerevick -\ \-/ /-----S--- -- | = = | |---/ (on exit) \ / | = | |_| ----|--| |---| X - Storage Door | |--------- -------- | | Y - Storage Room | = S | /--\ |Y X | | | | `------S-- -- / B \ ------S| |---' | ---- | | | | | | | | | | | | ---- | S |[ = ]| | |[ = ]| | ---| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ---- ---S---- | ---- ----S--- | ------------------|---------------/\- If you haven't gotten Visas by now, and have gotten her cutscene earlier (she's the woman who gets chocked by the masked caped dude in the ship that looks like a Star Destroyer), I would go back to the Ebon Hawk now to get her. She's handy to have, and if you are Dark Sided, she has an Influence option coming up. (I list Visas up in the previous Ebon Hawk section above) Also, if you haven't built it already, bring Bao-Dur so you can finish your Lightsaber early. You get 150 XP for just entering this place. The best way to go is forward, ignore the opening to the left, around the fountain, and through the door that was straight across from the entrance. Take out the two mines here, then forward. Be careful for Laigreks, although they aren't too big of a problem for you. Ignore the two side doors for now and charge all the way forward, killing any monsters around. Get the stuff in the Footlocker here, then back to the two doors. The opened door has nothing in it, so open up the Locked Door. Another locked door and footlocker later you get some items. Back to the fountain. We're going to be going "up" the next passage (as seen on the map). There will be Laigreks along the way. The first room you pass on the right, a little round room, has nothing in it. Pass it and keep going. The next room, however, has Jarron locked inside. You can't open the door, he must open it himself. If you're Dark Side, the absolute easiest way to deal with him is to [Lie] Yes, the Laigreks are all dead. This gets him eaten by monsters. Do this if you have Kreia in your party, she'll get +INF+, plus you get a DSP. If you've killed the laigreks around, then you obviously can't get that option. The more interesting Dark Side option is to let him out, give him the "Saving you. How quaint" line followed by "People think you're already dead. They're right." to kill him, get a DSP plus a INFLUENCE reaction from various party members, such as Visas and Atton. Remember you can only gain influence with one person at a time with things like this. If you're Light Side, you merely have to clear out the monsters here then let him out. You get: Lightsaber Focusing Lens (part 3 of 3) If you already built your lightsaber, obviously you won't get it here. You can't build more than one lightsaber. Now talk to Bao-Dur at any time to build your lightsaber. You MUST have a color crystal already (luckily we have at least one from the Crystal Cave). Decide on single or double-bladed. I always take double. (2000 XP) Now head back to the workbench from earlier and upgrade this bad boy with all the crystals you found. Then start creating Lightsaber parts to add to it. Very quickly you have a devastating weapon. If you killed him, also search his things for the Evaporator Module. (150 XP) If you did the Light Side, you'll have to get this off him at the Salvager Camp. There's nothing in Jarron's room, so time to move on. This passage turns right and goes across the top of this area. There will be a locked door, followed by an open door. These go to the same place. Skip the locked door and go into the open door. (this keeps the mine from going off later) Kill the laigrek and recover the mine. You will find the first Salvager Corpse. This is important for The Will SIDEQUEST from above. Open the locked door to the side, there's nothing in this room, then open the last locked door at the top (this is just for the XP of using Security). Keep going through the passage, it turns right to go down, through a small round room, nothing there (maybe a Laigrek), so back up into the next passage. This leads to another of the door-then-door situations, with the first door being STUCK, and only openable by bashing (or instantly using a Plasma Torch or Lightsaber). Just ignore the stuck door, keep going, then down through the open door. Nothing in the first room, so across to the other. Recover the mine, then through the Locked door at the bottom. Protocol Droids, lots of Protocol Droids. Reactivate the Droids (1 part) and send them on their way. (1 part) (280 XP) Do this for each droid for a total of 1680 XP. What this does is send walking explosives towards the Laigreks still in the passageways. You can watch the droid's progress on the nearby console, and every once in awhile, hear the explosions (it will also show the XP gained for the kills). There are also 3 Broken Droids, 2 Lockers and a Workbench in here. Once you've upgraded/created anything you can, exit these rooms, and continue on the passage. If you've activated all the droids, these hallways might now be clear (although you might still see a droid wandering about, or a laigrek that wasn't taken out). Continue along, then down the hallway. There will be a short circuiting conduit on your right, with some locked doors. You can sneak in, overload the circuits, then sneak out and watch it take out the monsters. Or, more likely, you kill the monsters, then overload the circuits afterwards. This takes [Repair] of 1 part, and [Computer] with one spike. (210 XP) Set it to 20 seconds and run away, every single conduit there is going to blow. Across the hall, and through the door into the library to talk to Disciple. A couple things to know about him. First, he will join if you're playing a female main character. Second, he'll return to Khoonda if you're a male character. Third, he's the easiest companion to convert to a Jedi. If you follow the dialogue map below, you can do it right here. Note: In his first dialogue, just ask him every question until they all disappear. To gain +INF+ with him, finish with either "We would welcome your company." or "We need all the help we can get. And he seems capable." Disciple Soldier -- Level 6 Stats Skills Powers ------------------------------------------------------------------- STR 14 +2 Vitality 78 Stealth 5 none DEX 16 +3 Force 0 Awareness 8 CON 14 +2 Defense 15 Treat Injury 8 INT 10 0 Fortitude 8 WIS 10 0 Reflex 6 CHA 14 +2 Will 3 Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Close Combat, Toughness, Improved Toughness Items: Clothing Disciple can become a Jedi Consular if you talk to him and gain enough influence (see that dialogue map below). However, Consulars gain fewer feats. So, if you want to gain a few extra feats, give Disciple a few (3 or so) levels more of Soldier. Otherwise, just hold off on leveling until you make him a Jedi. Don't level him up yet. Immediately talk to him again. If you are significantly Dark Sided, you instantly lose INFLUENCE with him. There is no way around this. Many of Disciple's Influencing dialogues are Light Sided, but some aren't. Also, not all Dark Side options lose influence, either. When this conversation ends, he'll watch your trial and comment on it the next time you talk to him. Once you discover his secret, ("You look familiar") which requires an Influence check (increased 2 times), (500 XP) you get the chance to train him as a Jedi, which requires another Influence check (increased 5 times). What you say once he agrees to train doesn't matter, although he calls himself a "Sith" in the dialogue if you are Dark Side, he'll still react as he always did. He can then level up to your level. Also, you'll want to talk to him once you get back to your ship, he's in the medbay to learn his Meditation. (500 XP, +10 Force Points, +INF+) Note: His dialogue after viewing the holorecording has no Light/Dark options or Influence. Disciple.................................................................... . D1: Yes? Is something wrong? . . - (if on the Ebon Hawk) What are you doing? > D-MED1 . . - I had some questions. > D2 . . D2: Of course. What did you wish to know? . . - (If you learn he was a Jedi Trainee) Tell me of your training on . . Dantooine. > D22 . . - What are your problems with the Jedi? > D7 . . - You look familiar to me. > INFLUENCE Check > FAIL, back to D2 . . > SUCCEED, D18 . . - What do you do again? > D17 . . - What are you doing for the Republic? > D14 . . - Tell me about the Republic. > D8 . . - Can you tell me what you were doing on Dantooine again? > lines > D2 . . - Do you know what happened to the Jedi? > D3 . . - What do you know about Force bonding? > discussion on bonds > D2 . . - Nothing. Never mind. > D-END1 . . D3: No. It is something of a mystery why they would exile themselves as.... . - Why do you think people hate the Jedi? > D4 . . - The Jedi never knew the common people - especially when the common . . people were dying at the hands of Mandalorians. > D4 . . D4: It is difficult sometimes for the Jedi to see such things, since ... . . - LSP - But Jedi have protected the galaxy for centuries, they seek . . peace, often through sacrifice. > D5 . . - Do you hate the Jedi? > D6 . . - DSP - You are right to hate Jedi weakness and hypocrisy. > D6 . . D5: Not always. Jedi often fall. They caused much harm on Onderon, for... . . - > D4 responses . . D6: Hate? No, I do not hate them. They only raise questions without... . . - What do you mean? > INFLUENCE Check > Fail, back to questions . . > SUCCESS, D7 . . D7: [Influence: Success] The problem is my own, I fear. I harbor... . . - LSP - I was one of those Jedi. I must accept part of that . . responsibility. . . - Do you blame the Jedi who turned - or the Council? . . - DSP - And they were right to turn on the Order, for the Order's . . cowardice and fear was to blame. . . D8: I do not know if you are aware of how fragile the Republic is at... . . - What would need to be done to save the Republic? > lines > D8 . . - Why Telos and Onderon? > lines > D8 . . - How did this happen? > D9 . . D9: The Jedi Civil War brought much suffering to the galaxy, and the... . . - What do you mean? > D10 . . D10: The war was costly, and it shattered the Republic. In time... . . - What worlds must be held? > line > D8 . . - +INF+ LSP - Then we must do what we can to defend the Republic. . . > line > D8 . . - So what? Does the Republic deserve to be saved? > D11 . . - -INF- DSP - Let the Republic burn for all I care. > D11 . . D11: It is strange that someone who went to war against the... . . - No, I simply believe the Republic doesn't deserve to survive. > D12 . . - I think the worlds the Republic control deserve their freedom. > D13 . . - -INF- DSP - The galaxy belongs to those who can hold it. Perhaps the . . Sith are a better choice. . . - What would need to be done to save the Republic? > lines > D8 . . D12: Does that mean that all who would die if the Republic collapsed ... . . - -INF- DSP - If they are that dependent on the Republic, then yes. . . > END . . - > other D11 responses . . D13: It would not be freedom for many. There would be economic ... . . - +INF+ LSP - I did not consider that - perhaps you are right. . . > line > D8 . . - -INF- DSP - The eventual independence would be worth it. > END . . - -INF- DSP - Then let them die. > END . . - -INF- DSP - I don't really care. > END . . - What would need to be done to save the Republic? > lines > D8 . . D14: (Different lines, sometimes, and 4th option not always available) . . Not much remains of the Jedi - I am trying to find what little ... . . - Why did they choose you? > D15 . . - Have you had any luck? > D16 . . - Do you know what happened to the Jedi? > D3 . . - Why do you feel that is necessary? > D23 . . D15: I know something of the Jedi. I have studied them for a good ... . . - > back to D14 . . D16: I do not think it is a matter of luck, or chance - only my own ... . . - > back to D14 . . D17: I am an historian and scientist working for the Republic... . . - > back to D2 . . D18: [Influence: Success] You are correct. I am afraid I have not been... . . - But the Force... the path of the Jedi? You abandoned it? > D19 . . - So you turned away from the Jedi - the Force. Because of me? > D19 . . D19: It is possible to forget the Force, you know - if you not have ... . . - I could train you to feel the Force again. > INFLUENCE Check . . - +INF+ LSP - I am sorry that my leaving for war had such... . . consequences on your future. > D20 . . - It was not my intention to leave, but I had to. > D20 . . - -INF- DSP - It is good you turned from the weakness and hypocrisy of . . the Jedi - as I did. > D21 . . - There is something else I wanted to ask. > D2 . . - Never mind. I'll be going now. > END . . D20: There is nothing to be done - and the past is the past. . . - I could train you to feel the Force again. > INFLUENCE Check . . - If you were once a Jedi, what are you doing for the Republic then? . . > D14 . . - So are you some sort of spy for the Senate? > D14 . . D21: Perhaps. I still harbor doubts about the path I walked. . . - > D20 responses . . D22: Many Jedi went to go fight in the Mandalorian Wars, and few ... . . - Do you blame the Jedi who left? Do you blame me? > back to questions . . - +INF+ LSP - I am sorry if my leaving ruined your chances of becoming . . a Jedi Knight > back to questions . . - -INF- DSP - Well, I doubt you could have completed the training . . anyway. > back to questions > back to questions . . - -INF- DSP - I really could care less. > back to questions . . D23: [Influence: Success] Because I fear that unless the Jedi ... . . - Do you have a problem with the Jedi? > D24 . . D24: No, not their lore, their histories - but their masters, their ... . . - +INF+ LSP - The Republic has also been saved countless times by . . these same Jedi, often through acts of sacrifice. > back to questions . . - -INF- DSP - It is the truth - the foolishness and arrogance of the . . Jedi has brought much harm to the galaxy. > back to questions . . D-MED1: I try to treasure these moments before the next crisis begins. . . - +INF+ Can you teach me to meditate? > 500 XP, increase Maximum Force . . Points by +10 > back to questions . . - -INF- I order you to tell me how to do the same. > increase Maximum . . Force points > back to questions . . D-END1: Forgive me, but there is something I must ask. In my study of ... . . - And why do you want to discuss it? > extra line > back to D-END1 . . - LSP - I left to protect the innocents on the Outer Rim. > D-END2 . . - DSP - Battle called, and I answered. > D-END2 . . - DSP - The Jedi held no truth for me - only war did. > D-END2 . . - I don't want to talk about it. > END . . D-END2: I see. And because you went to war they cast you out? . . - Yes, that is what they told me at the trial. > D-END3 . . - At first, I thought that was the sole reason. Now I am not so sure. . . > D-END3 . . - That was my belief, but recent discoveries seem to indicate there may . . have been other causes. > D-END3 . . - I don't want to talk about it. > END . . D-END3: Do you have a record of this trial? . . - [Lie] No, those records are lost, along with the others. > D-END5 . . - Yes, the droid has a holo-recording of it. > D-END4 . . - T3-M4 has a copy of it. > D-END4 . . D-END4: Perhaps I shall examine it when I get the chance - with your ... . . - +INF+ You are free to do so. > END . . - +INF+ I trust you - go ahead. > END . . - The record is personal. I would appreciate it if you would refrain . . from seeing it. > END . . - No, the records are not for you. > D-END5 . . D-END5: That is a shame - I feel nuances are often found when one pays... . . - Why do you want to know? > D-END6 . . - Perhaps, but not today. > END . . - Very well, I'll be going now. > END . . D-END6: Well, it is not solely professional interest - I confess I ... . . - I still do not want you looking at them. > END . . - Then the records exist, and you may see them. > END . . - In that case, feel free to examine them. > END . . - I doubt such things will be illuminating. > END . . - -INF- DSP - You waste your time on such things - such Jedi knowledge . . will only weaken you. > END . ........................................................................... Once you're done with Disciple, head into the room. You see three dead mercenaries with lightsaber wounds. Interesting... Search them to find the Datapad that links them with the outside mercenaries, and also mentions that Vrook is probably captured by Azkul now. (250 XP) Head out, and continue down the hallway. Kill the laigreks as you see them. Follow this as it turns back, then to a Stuck Door. You can Lightsaber this open, or skip it and enter the next, open door. There's nothing in the open room, go through to the stuck room. There's a datapad in the center here that tells you what to do in the next room, and some mines that guard it. Recover the mines, and go up to the next room. Kill the Laigrek, then you need to use the Computer Panel, and Overload terminal (1 spike). Set the time and run away. 5 seconds is plenty. Wait in the next room for it to blow, then return and enter the storage room for your prize: 7 containers of shinies! Return to the hallway to continue the circuit around the sublevel. The passage leads around and up to another small circle room, with the second salvager corpse, this one has the Will on him. Tamper with it (150 XP) to put your own name on it. Or not for the same XP (although you get a better reward later if you tamper with it). Almost done. Continue on through the next doorway, and through the halls. It turns again to another door-then-door setup. Predictably, the first door is again locked and the second door is wide open. Security open the first door for the XP, then charge over to the second open room. Kill any laigreks you find, then up and open the locked door there. Open the last locked door, and take a turn to the left to the hallways we just skipped. Last room here, and it's mined. Recover the mine, unlock the door, and go in. Three locked footlockers to search here. Take the booty and go up the rest of the hallways to the fountain where we came in. Oh, looks like someone came to meet us! Gerevick wants to steal your salvage, and brought some Goons to back him up. This will only end in violence, and what you say doesn't matter. Dark Siders can wipe them all out with a single Force Lightning. (unless they Save) Kill them, and check for remains. Time to go. If you are doing the SIDEQUESTS: Suulru's Vaporators, The Will or The Two Dead Bodies, you can now complete them. You can't do both The Will and the Two Dead Bodies, as they requir that you either did or did not alter the will. Return to the Crystal Cave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time to go get Vrook. Go back to the Crystal Cave, and go up the left passageway at the fork. Follow this up to the large room to the left. Here you'll see mercenaries guarding Vrook in a Force Cage. They immediately talk to you. Do these idiots not *see* your lightsaber? You can get 300 credits if you help them upgrade their Force Cage. Mercenary Captain........................................................... . MC1: Halt, settler. This is a restricted area. . . - LSP - I'm here to rescue the Jedi. > MC2 . . - Why are you holding Master Vrook prisoner? > MC3 . . - So the mercenaries are branching out into kidnapping now? > MC4 . . - That Jedi belongs in his cage. > MC5 . . MC2: We are highly trained veterans. And you're just a settler with a... . . - > MC4 . . MC3: He's a Jedi Master? Well, the bounty is going to be that much ... . . - > MC4 . . MC4: I'm going to say this nice and simple for your little kath ... . . - [Force Persuade] Open the cage. Let the Jedi out. > FAILS, COMBAT . . - I don't want to fight, but I can't let you take Vrook to Nar Shaddaa. . . > COMBAT . . - Can we work out some sort of deal? > line > back to MC4 . . - Defend yourself then. > COMBAT . . - Can I ask you a question? > line > back to MC4 . . - I'll just leave then. > line > END . . MC5: I know that you settlers have a score to settle with Jedi. Trust... . . - I can't let you take Vrook to Nar Shaddaa. > line > COMBAT . . - (Requires an 8 Awareness, even though it doesn't show that) You know, . . your cage won't hold him. He's an elite Jedi Master. > MC6 . . - I'm afraid imprisonment isn't good enough. He must die. > MC8 . . - Vrook betrayed me - I want him to suffer. > line > MC5 . . - I'll let you go about your business then. I hope he enjoys Nar . . Shaddaa. . . MC6: He's a what? It doesn't matter if he's a master. That forcecage ... . . - DSP - No, it won't. But if you let me make some alterations... > MC7 . . - So certain are you? Enjoy the consequences. > MC5 . . - DSP - That's the last insult I will take from you. > COMBAT . . MC7: (The Exile modifies the Forcecage) I have no idea what you did... . . - Now that Vrook is safely locked away, I can deal with you mercenary . . scum. > COMBAT . . - I'll be going now. > END . . MC8: I can understand how you feel, but he's worth a lot less to us ... . . - You have no choice in this matter. You're all dead. > COMBAT . . - > other MC5 responses . ........................................................................... Vrook gets out of his forcecage, and isn't happy to see you. If you answered the previous lines in a Dark fashion, this will be going to combat soon. There's really nothing in this dialogue, no Light/Dark options or Influences for any nearby companions. Ask him for everything, then he'll leave. If you have to fight him, he'll stun you and retreat. (500 XP) Search the remains, as well as some new metal boxes that appeared. Before you leave the cave, if you are siding with the Mercenaries (Dark Side) against Khoonda, take Handmaiden out. If you're siding with Khoonda and against the Mercenaries, put in Handmaiden and take out Kreia. If you're siding with Khoonda, strangely, you can gain influence with HK-47 so put him in. The Mercenary Attack ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit the cave, and you'll immediately meet with Azkul and his mercenaries show up. Azkul wants to offer you a job. This is the final Light/Dark choice for Dantooine, once chosen you can't go back on it, you become committed to either the Light or Dark path. That said, there's no reason a Dark Sider can't do the Light Path or a Light Sider to do the Dark Path. You just gain Dark/Light points depending on which you choose. If you side with Khoonda, tell him that you aren't interested, then "Die mercenary scum!" for a DSP and +INF+ with HK-47. Saying "Okay, I'll help you" is worth a DSP, while [lie] saying the same is not, and won't make the mercenaries hostile. The [lie] option allows you to delay and decide who to help later. Note: Kreia looks like she would gain Influence here, but she doesn't. Now, go back to Khoonda and talk to the Administrator to get the Security Key. If you had Berun replace Zherron, she puts him back in charge. Talk to Zherron to find out what you can do. He lists off a few things, recruit people into the militia, and repair a few things around the base. Note: Although you can go back after completing a few of the tasks and ask for a reward, you won't get one. There are a number of things we are told to do to affect the outcome. It doesn't matter what you do. Seriously. Do none of them. Do all of them. Do them all in favor of the wrong side. Whichever side you go with in the end will win regardless. Here's what you can do: Fix/Disable the Gun Turrets - In the security room near Zherron's militia room, use the console to change the turret settings. It doesn't help to have the guns target friendlies, if you're siding with the Mercenaries, but you don't get XP for simply Deactivating them. Either fix them to only fire on enemies, or disable them altogether. (320 XP for changing targets) Fix the Medical Droid - Located in the upper hallway. Requires 1 part, but no Repair Skill. Set to either heal the Milita soldiers, or incapacitate them (cost 1 Spike). (320 XP & LSP for healing, 640 XP & DSP for incapacitating) Fix the Sentry Droids - At the end of the upper hallway. Do this for either side, but then if you are going for the Mercenaries, reprogram the droids to get them to switch sides. (1 part to activate, and 1 more per each of its 3 systems, 240 XP each system for 720 XP total) You reprogram the droids all at once using the Console in the room. Slice it and reprogram it to do what you want (320 XP). The broken droids in this room also have great droid treasures. The droid in the corner also has Akkere's Hydrospanner. Something to take care of later... Open/Seal the Storage Room Door Outside - There is a small door facing the docks that you can either open (then go inside for some loot), or seal the door forever (and losing the loot). (1 Repair part to get 340 XP for sealing it, 0 Spikes to get 100 XP for opening it) The treasure is worth more than 240 XP, if you're wondering. Recruit More Soldiers for the Militia - This is only done if you are working for Khoonda. The people you can recruit are: Dillan (just outside Khoonda) and Jorran (Salvager Camp, unless you killed him). Akkere will also join if you buy his Thorium Charges (1000 credits lost), which are useful on Dxun. (100 XP for each person recruited) Plant More / Recover the Mines - When planting new mines, it doesn't matter the quality, or the placement, so long as it's close. Once you have enough mines, four, the game tells you that is enough. There are two minefields one on each side of Khoonda. You get XP for each mine removed, but none for planting them. So, to get the most out of this, regardless of what side you pick, do this: - Recover the Mines (XP for each mine) - Unlock the Door (treasures inside) - Fix the Medical Droid, then Incapacitate the patients (DSP, & more XP) or if you must, have it Heal them for less XP and a LSP. - Repair the Droids, and change their Programming - Recruit Dillan, Jorran and Akkere (then show him the hydrospanner and kill him to get your 1000 credits back) - Reprogram the Turrets for either side. Go outside and talk to Akkere about the Hydrospanner. If you have G0-T0, you can gain +INF+ with him by trying to turn Akkere in then killing him. (100 XP) You get a DSP only if you say "I don't care, I'm turning you in anyway." He's one of the "innocents" that you can murder in this game, so you will lose -INF- with T3, Bao-Dur, Handmaiden or Disciple if you kill him. Also, by killing him, you can get your 1000 credits back. You can also listen to his story, and not turn him in (250 XP, LSP) or even give him 500 credits to help him out (250 XP, LSP, more than the other option), or blackmail him for 500 credits (DSP). Kreia will freak out if you do the Light Path here, and you lose -INF- no matter what you say to her. Those who like compassion, Bao-Dur, T3, Disciple and Handmaiden will gain +INF+ if you help him out. Tip: SAVE HERE! Then, after getting your extra Lightsaber from Vrook, if you don't like it (such as getting a Short Lightsaber) you can reload. Also if you're on the side of the mercenaries, you must fight Vrook, and he's difficult. Once that's done, go back to Azkul/Terena and tell them that you are ready to proceed. Assuming you did these things, you will only have to fight one battle. Dark Siders get to fight a one-on-one battle with Vrook (a tough fight if this is your first planet, but not impossible, see below) or a general battle with Azkul's forces. Light Side, Siding with Khoonda ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will be fighting the much easier battle against Azkul and his mercenary goons. Basically a blaster fight. After the battle, Vrook will teach you his Force Stance (you can learn this on the Dark path as well), then answer any questions you want, before leaving. Dark Side, Siding with the Mercenaries ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're fighting Vrook (the line "you've lived too long" gives you a DSP), he is fairly tough for a 15th level character. I wouldn't even take him on without having first gotten your Prestige Class, which gives you a free level. Anyway, if you fight him, you instantly get an extra Lightsaber (the type is random) and 550 XP. Fighting Vrook at this point can be done with some minor amounts of strategy. First, use Energy Shields, while running away. Use your party members (they won't help you) as posts, and make a figure 8 around the place. You can also run behind the trees and desk along the wall. When you get any amount of distance between yourself and Vrook use an item or power that can help you. Ideally if you can get him to stop chasing you (not impossible, you just have to get him stuck in a corner then move away faster than he can follow, such as when he has to stop for a grenade attack or force power). Of course, if you're a straight up Guardian with all STR and CON, this shouldn't be too tough. And if you're here after hitting an earlier planet, this shouldn't be too tough. Another thing to try: Switch to Contention (Lightsaber Style). Then just hit him with Flurries and you're done. Tip: You can save in battles if you need to. When you get him halfway, Kreia will bring up a dialogue to teach you his fighting style. Charge Vrook again. Once he's dead, you absorb his life force (+25 Bonus to Force Points). Once that is over, Azkul offers you a reward. You could take it, but you can also [Persuade - 19 REQ] him to increase it 50% to 12,000 credits. If you have the force power Affect Mind, you get a [Force Persuade] option that doesn't work, however, with Dominate Mind, you can use that [Force Persuade] option to increase your reward to 12,000 credits. Otherwise you just have to take the 8000 credits. (750 XP, Random Lightsaber Part) He goes off and kills Terena. And that's that for Dantooine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Nar Shaddaa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Smuggler's Moon, the Gaping Hole of Nal Hutta, um, this stinkhole. After listening to Atton's colorful comments about this place, and asking whatever questions you want of him, and he lands the ship in the Refugee Sector. Once you land you have to watch a cutscene of Goto planning the capture of Jedi. This introduces both G0-T0, the droid behind Goto, and Hanharr the Wookiee, both who can join you (but Hanharr only if you are Dark Side). You also see the bounty hunters of Nar Shaddaa, whom you will be fighting later. Once actually on the planet, Atton bugs you again, and you can once again ask questions about your situation. Let's move out! Once you get past your own companions, a Toydarian, Quello, approaches and wants you to get off his landing pad. You can't Force Persuade him (which you'd know if you've seen Ep1), but you can [Persuade/Lie] The Exchance told me I could land here (DSP). Failing that, you can tell him his landing pad is trash or pay him 50 credits and he'll leave. But he tells you that someone else will be landing here, and you'll have to deal with them at that time. Finally we can move. Choose your party. Companions with Influence Checks (just a heads up, more information below): Atton (Reparing the Airspeeder, the Sick Man) Bao-Dur (The Sick Man, Repairing the Airspeeder) Kreia (The Sick Man, Guy Getting Mugged, Guy Asks for Credits) T3 (Droid Merchant) Visas Nar Shaddaa Main Area ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Be prepared for lots of muggings in this area. Forward. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. Onderon / Dxun ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9. Korriban ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10. Onderon Finale ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11. Dantooine Again ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12. Telos - Hidden Base Again ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13. Telos - Citadel Station Again ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14. The Ravager ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15. Malachor V - Endgame ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tweaks, Exploits and Outright Cheats ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Infinite Experience Exploit (OK, Cheat) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is exactly one enemy spawn point in the game, and fortunately (or unfortunately) the designers placed its power in your hands. In the Sith Tomb at the back of the Shyrack cave you will find a body of a Dead Jedi, surrounded by some columns. Every time you search the body, Hssiss will appear (both normal and the Dragon type). Kill them for experience. It really helps (and shows the power of the dark side) if you have Lightning Storm. It does 1-6 damage per level, save for half. Four to five shots of that could clear a room of anything at low levels, three to four at higher. Other things that help this are Death Field (you heal a lot if you fight more than 12 at a time), Force Barrier (to reduce their attacks) or a Mandalorian Melee shield. If you're Dark Side, select the body 20 times, if you're light side... um... six or so. So, search the body as many times as you want in a row, fight a dozen or more Hssiss and repeat. No limit. But boy is this a cheat. Found this my first time through the game and was all excited until I saw everyone already knew about it. Ah well. No secret for me. Lee Wallace has some thoughts about this cheat: One way for a lightsider to work through them faster using lightning - is if you have the drain force mastery, you can use power to drain force from them to get your Force back up to snuff. I played through this as a Jedi Master, and from almost no force I was able to refill my force bar no problem using this technique. The important thing is to use this before your first attack, as you will get very little force back from them as their health goes down. Force Wave can also be very useful here, as the ones closest to you are usually stunned, preventing the angry ones you missed at the back from attacking you. Infinite Experience, Nar Shaddaa (from James Uson): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Kill Serocco gang 2. Get quest from Hussef (middle of refugee camp) to persuade Exchange to lessen their pressure on the refugees 3. Find Geriel, talk to him bout his disease to get the journal entry "Plague Carrier" 4. Talk to Saquesh: a-->"There is a diseased refugee", b-->"[Persuade] Lessen your hold on them...", c--> "I do not have the means to cure him" d-->then pick fourth/bottom-most option to close the conversation 5. Get journal entry of completed quest: "You have given refugees some space by defeating the Serocco and persuading the Exchange... (paraphrase)", as well as 1000exp. 6. Repeat the whole conversation process right there on step #4 (you dont necessarily have to pick option 'c' as a response the next time around, you can simply pick the bottommost option to close the conversation) to get the ones on #5... NOTE (1): This works quite well and on par with the Korriban glitch. Since this trick doesn't have you using Force Powers, or even be in combat, then you won't be hassled by recharging FPs and losing time for that. Works well for LS, DS, NS characters. NOTE (2): Just keep Geriel uncured and Saquesh alive and you can keep doing this through to the end of the game when you cant go to different planets anymore. You can do this exp glitch, finish Nar Shadaa, come back, do this exp glitch, finish Dantooine, come back, do this exp glitch.. so on.. Double Lightsabers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another glitch with some deviously good benefits. Get another Jedi in your party and give them a Lightsaber. Hit the workbench and upgrade their lightsaber. Change the color crystal in the saber and press (X) to asssemble. Now select the saber again, go to the color crystal selection again, don't select one, just hit (X) again to assemble on the spot. You now have doubled that lightsaber. This trick cannot be chained together, you can't duplicate an infinity of lightsabers. Also, crystals removed from one of the duplicate sabers is removed from both. Finally the game tended to reset when I tried to upgrade these sabers. To duplicate the Exile's lightsaber, simply have your companion use the workbench and do the trick as normal. Infinite Money/Components, the Stripper Way (from Travis Roy) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you get Handmaiden, you have her teach you the first lesson. After you win, she still isn't wearing any clothes. Put clothes on the Exile and ask her to put some on as well, she says yes and puts robes on. Go into your inventory, and take her robes off, then ask her to put some clothes on again, she will put on another set of robes and you will have duplicates, repeat as many times as you want. These sell for between 1800 and 2200, depending on the shop. Editor's Note: A cheat only for Male characters. Also a good source for Components, as they can be broken down for 200 (with a good Repair skill). Infinite Money, the Slow and Pazaakful way ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At Telos, if you beat Mebla Dule in the cantina at Pazaak 3 times in a row, she'll give you her Double card and retire from Pazaak. Or so she says. Ask her "questions" and she'll play you again. And at 40 credits a game, you'll be raking in the creds... very, very slowly. Infinite Dark Side Points ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Work for the Ithorians (normally a Light quest) and in the last mission you do for them, you have to defend their base from Mercenaries. Go to the Vivarium (plant room) and talk to Moza there. Ask for a reward, then tell him to fend for himself for a DSP. This can be repeated forever. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs, Glitches and Other Terrors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glitch when Deleting Old Saves I was just doing some housecleaning, deleting old saved games from characters that I started then abandoned, and using (X) to switch around between them. When it got back to characters I had fully deleted such that there were no more saves for them, it started acting odd. When I switched back to my current character, the screenshots were all green, then the Xbox froze. Modded Xbox Problems I heard that modded Xboxes have trouble running KoTOR2 from the hard drive. They'll freeze in a black screen when trying to load areas. Level 50 Sith Marauders There is a slight glitch with Sith Marauders, as their Defense will go down 8 points from level 49 to 50. You can only get that high by using an infinite experience cheat. =============================================================================== < < < < < Final Words.... > > > > > =============================================================================== This FAQ was written entirely using the GWD Text Editor: (shareware) http://www.gwdsoft.com/ Special Thanks To: John Mills for Dark Side Mastery for Sith Lords Mike Ware sent in an INF for Bao-Dur when giving the open visa to the spy Travis Roy sent in an infinite money trick Justin Riggle for the Dark Side Mastery bonus for Sith Assassins JJ and TennisBoy for the tip to equip the "Dark Side" crystal with "YOUR" Crystal for lightsided Jedi Lee Wallace for a lightsided way to take out the infinite Hssiss Steven K. Snyder for the Prologue item keeping trick Ian Patterson for information on the false Batu quest Joe Blog tells of an increased bonus at Dantooine Kurt S for some error corrections James Uson for a cheat on Nar Shaddaa Astrakan added some ideas to the High Stakes sidequest on Telos JorDan for a correction on Masteries Robert Munro for an error correction on Handmaiden's mother GameFAQs, for finding this a home _________________________ Shameless Self Promotion: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ I am Dan Simpson (manymoose@hotmail.com) and have also written FAQs for: NES: Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom Final Fantasy -- Magic FAQ The Legend of Zelda SNES: Aerobiz Aerobiz Supersonic Utopia: Creation of a Nation Genesis: StarFlight PSX: Thousand Arms -- Walkthrough -- Forging/Dating FAQ PS2: Madden NFL 2001 XBOX: Star Wars: KotOR II: The Sith Lords -- Influence Guide PC: AD&D Rules FAQ, 2nd and 3rd Editions Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast -- FAQ/Walkthrough NPC List Creature List Baldur's Gate II & Throne of Bhaal -- FAQ/Walkthrough -- Items List -- Class FAQ -- Creature List Civilization III (incomplete) Colonization -- the Single Colony Strategy Guide -- the Cheat Guide Drakan: Order of the Flame Dungeon Hack Icewind Dale & Heart of Winter -- FAQ/Walkthrough Items List Kresselack's Tomb Map (JPG) Burial Isle Map (JPG) Shattered Hand Map (JPG) Icewind Dale II -- Items List Master of Magic (revision) Messiah Pharaoh (currently being edited by Red Phoenix) Planescape: Torment -- FAQ/Walkthrough Items Listing Rollercoaster Tycoon Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri The Sims Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar Ultima 7: The Black Gate Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle Ultima Underworld -- Keyboard Commands Ultima Underworld II -- Keyboard Commands -- Spell List All of my FAQs can be found at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/2203.html as well as ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/50670.html (for now) ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ________________ Version History: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 0.1 January 3, 2005 62k First version. Finished the FAQ section, Exile section, Puzzle section and made progress in Companions and Cheats. Walkthrough isn't even started yet. 0.2 January 4, 2005 156k Started filling in the walkthrough, currently almost finished with the Peragus section. Filled in the Puzzles section a bit better. Added new questions to the FAQ. John Mills sent in the Dark Side Mastery bonus for Sith Lords. 0.3 January 5, 2005 207k Added the Infinite money trick from Travis Roy. Justin Riggle sent in the Dark Side Mastery bonus for Sith Assassins. Added a note that adds the fact that you can upgrade a lightsaber with both the Dark Side crystal from Onderon and "YOUR" Crystal even when lightsided. Created a new section for some "Power" strategies. Created a new section for Bugs. Added more questions to the FAQ. Filled in the walkthrough up to Telos. 0.4 January 6, 2005 257k Worked mostly on the walkthrough, which is now finished up through Telos Citadel Station. Lee Wallace sent in an addition to the infinite Hssiss fighting trick, for Lightsiders. Added a question to the FAQ and some other changes as well. 0.5 January 7, 2005 318k Added Steven K. Snyder's trick for keeping items from the Prologue. Accidentally left out the last of the Ithorian missions last time. Oops. Also didn't have time to do maps or dialogues for Telos, which are now in. Now Telos-Citadel is complete! Telos-Planetside is complete! Telos-Hidden Base in complete! Added a new question to the FAQ. Some other small changes. 0.6 January 10, 2005 443k Finally started filling in the Power Strategies, and some more Cheats. Astrakan sent in a good idea about the High Stakes subquest, so that was re-written a bit. Began filling in the Leveling up your Characters section. Filled in some of the Prestige Classes. Added some number blocks for the main Jedi classes, and the Prestige Classes that I have. Added a new section for the Ebon Hawk in the walkthrough, but it's mostly dialogues. Filled in the Dantooine section, except for some Light Sided parts. Began the Nar Shaddaa section. Some other small updates, I'm sure. Stinger Kreia: I have had enough of this - I will be in my chambers. Atton: Yeah, me, too. I'll be in my chambers. But since I don't have any, I guess I'll just go to the cockpit like I always do. _______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ This Document is Copyright 2005 by Dan Simpson. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is a property of Lucasarts, Bioware and Obsidian, and all related marks are Trademarks, Registered Trademarks, or Copyrights owned by the respective companies. All rights reserved. This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it. 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