Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- 1080 SNOWBOARDING FAQ GUIDE: THROUGH WALKTHROUGH BY: "TJames" CONTENTS: 1. INTRODUCTION-intro for 1080 2. CONTROLLS-in-depth usage for all controlls 3. RIDER-a modown for all noemal riders 4. BOARDS 5. COOMMANDS-detial for all menu commands 6. COURSES-the feature of this file 1080% of every level is described. 7. CHEATS 8. UPDATE!!!-more screw-ups from Jason Griffith( Southern Illinois University 9. ENDING 1. 1080 Snowboarding introduction: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1080 is an extremely fun and long lasting game which will keep you playing for a good while. And if you don't have it, GET IT! As you have abvously have seen, 1080 is a snowboarding game that is extremely realistic and rendered well. In the game, there are 6 long courses and also a traning course with a LONG half pipe and lots of jumps. There is also a half pipe course and a "air make" course which is one big jump and you do as many tricks as you can before you land. There are 5 snowboarders and 3 secret ones and 8 boards with one secret one. All and all, this is a big game that will keep you playing. 2. Controlls: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The controlls in this game are great, but I think they could have put more camera angles as they did. Control stick: move The control stick works extremely well in this game. The basic controlls are left and right (of course) which makes you turn. To brake: press the stick in the lower left or right positions, eventhough it may slow you down, you can use it for really sharp turns. At any time that you are in the air, the stick will change your attitude and rotation. When in the air, press forward to make the front of the board go down and back to make it go up. And press left or right to change board angle. You would want to do these things to level the board with the ground for an easier landing. And at any time when you are stopped or almost stopped press up to get a boost of speed (espiacally at the stare of the race after the announcer says "go") Z button: tuck. When you press Z it will make your rider tuck, therefore reducing air drag and increasing speed, but it makes you steer differently and can be a bit hard to controll and go straight. Also you cannot hold Z forever because it drastically inhibits steering. Pressing Z helps landings. If you do a trick off of a semi or big jump, without pressing Z will result in you falling and busting your butt. But if you press right before you land, and your board is level with the ground your almost garaunteed a safe jump. Also when you push Z, it stableizes you and allows you to go on rocks and other hazards without falling if you did not press Z. C UP: change view. Pressing C UP changes your view to one of three: just behind rider, behind and up, and rider cam. C DOWN: Backwards Looks behind you, up the mountain. C RIGHT: Turn ghost on or off (if appacapliable). A Button: jump When jumpping the longer you hold the button down the higher you will jump. You actually jump when you let go of the buton. You would want to jump to get over ledges, logs, and gain heighth when on a ramp or a half pipe. When jumpping of the ramp, to get the maximum height, press A a little bit before you get to the top of the ramp and let go of it just before your board would normally leave the ground and you will soar through the air. NOTE: don't hold A too long, your rider will get tired and not jump when you let up. B Button: trick. The trick button lets you do tricks (go figure). You can only do board grabs with it. Go to traning to find out what does what. NOTE: A common mistake is that you cannot do a trick while holding the Z or A button and you can do tricks only after you JUMP by pressing A. You can do trick without jumping, but with an extremely low success rate. R Shouler: Rotation trick This button lets you to the all famous 1080, but it is extremely hard to do at first. You can do a 180, 360, 540, 720, 900, THEN 1080. Use this chart. RT=complete rotation from any point, if there is two or more rotations in one trick, rotate in the Same direction. 180----------R+Left 360----------R+RT 540----------R+RT Then R+Left 720----------R+RT Then R+RT+B 900----------R+RT Then R+RT+B Then R+Left+B 1080---------R+RT Then R+RT+B Then R+RT+B+Z You can't do a 1080 by just pressing buttions or for that fact, any of them. When you do manage to do a 1080, you will get 3,000 points in trick mode. 3. Riders: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Kensuke Kimachi This is the most all around rider which is a good beginner rider. Dion Blaster This rider is the fastest of the normal riders but has poor controlls, stumbles, and can't jump worth crap. But his speed makes up for all of that. Bob Haywood Although a little slower than Dion, he has a lot better control, balance, and jump. Ricky Winterborn This is a poor downhiller, but has exllent controll, and jump. This makes him the stunt man of the team, but he is the slowest of them all. Akari Hayami To me, this is the most useless rider. One thing she is slow, but faster than Ricky, she has the best balance which is her best attrabute, is still not worth picking. 4. Boards: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This is an easy choice, always pick the Tahoe 155. Almost any other board is not worth picking unless you are board. 5. Commands: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Match Race: You race agianst the computer You first start on normal and have to win in four courses, Crystal Lake, Crystal Peak, Golden Forest, Mountian Village, Dragon Cave (hard), and Deadly Fall (expert). Time Attack: Another name for time trial. You race the tracks by yourself and try for time. Great for pratice. Trick Attack: Run the courses for pionts. You do tricks to get points. If you do two or more tricks in one jump, you get combo bounses starting at 500 and going to 30,000 (8 tricks). When you do rotation tricks higher than a 360 you get combo points for each rotation and the last half rotation, when you do a 1080 it counts as a 360,720, then 1080 which gives you 3,000 points and a 1,500 bonus resulting in 4,500 points if you just do a 1080. NOTE: if you do a trick, but do not land it, you get no points. Contest: It is like a trick attack with saloms in it. In contest mode you go through 5 stages, Crystal Lake, Air Make, Crystal Peak, Half Pipe, and Golden Forest. When you do either of the three courses, there are saloms in it and you get a 2 second bonus and points starting at 100 and progresses to 500 by each flag you pass and it stays at 500 untill you miss a flag, then it starts over. If you run out of time at any point the game is over. At the end of the game, it counts up all of your points and gives you your total. 2P VS: You and a friend race agianst each other in time trial mode. Training: (guess) In this mode you have three choices, you can go left to a really long half pipe, go right, center for a lot of jumps or follow the trial to the right for manuvering pratice. In the upper left corner is the trick counter, it shows you a trick and moves to the next one when you complete and successfully land the trick. NOTE: press C RIGHT twice for the trick list. Move to the trick that you want to do and press A. If a trick is red, you have already done it right. If it is white, you have not done it. Options: Everything is self-explanitiory execpt replay, it lets you view the ghost that is saves in the game pack. And you can ONLY have one at a time (BUMMER). 6. COURSES ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Crystal Lake This is the first and easist of the 6 tracks. It is pretty straight through and simple. TIME ATTACK: The best route for this track is obvously not to take the two jumps at the beginning and when you get to the first dropoff, don't jump and try to get a good landing. Then proceed along the course untill you see the house on the right and take the ramp that is on its left side. Press Z and aim a little off to the right and make sure the board is level with the ramp and go over it and then land in the snow behind it. Make sure you don't hit the fince to the right. Stay on the ground untill you pass under the Bit TV and take the pass to the left and stay to the left untill you pass the finish line. This is a course that you can hold Z practicly the whole time. TRICK ATTACK: The first thing that you want to do is take the first two jumps and after the second, at the top of the next hill, get to the far left, but not to hit the rock and jump high and do a trick or two. If you are using Ricki or gold man you should be able to jump over the helicopter. Take all jumps and take the normal route (not over the ramp by the house) and creep up both of the right banks and make high jumps there. Jump a lot and take all ramps untill the finish line. MISC. AND SCREW UPS: You can jump through the helicopter on the jump off the side of the hill, the Big TV shows through all of the fog, when you take the path by the house you can ride on the rocks easily. You can cross paths from the right one to the left (piontless). Crystal Peak I think that this is also one of the easier tracks in the game and it is also pretty simple. TIME ATTACK: When you start out, don't forget to press up to make you hop to go faster. Don't take the first jump, and when you get to the first fork-jump where the path goes stratght to the right and there is a jump to the left, take the right and when you get to the little ledge by going straight, jump to go over and stay to the right on the snow (don't take any jumps). And when you get to the part to where it gets curvy, switch to the rider-cam view for eiser manuvering. When you get to the tunnel go back to the third-person view. The next fork is up to you because the left is harder and shorter, but the right is easier and longer. If you go left, hang on to the left side and go over the ice and when you get close to the wall, take a very sharp right, but don't brake, and then turn left to get through. Hang to the right side, but don't jump on the upper part right when you get out in the clear. Then stay to the right. When you get to the bumps, hold Z and be sure that your board is lined up right for landings. The rest is straight forward if you stay to the left. TRICK ATTACK: When you start out, take the first jump and then go to the left side and take that jmp, but veer to the right a little to get on the other side and then go up the middle to get to the bigger jump. When you get to the fork, go right and do as many tricks down that straight path and take all jumps to you get to the yellow pass over. Here, take the first jump, but not the second. The third is a 3 in 1, take the far left one. MISC. AND SCREW UPS: This course and the previous course end in the same path, right before you get to the yellow gate, look back and you will see the other course. The snow stops at the tunnel. And again, the TV showes through all the fog. Golden Forest: This is a rather difficult course for begginers Because it has plenty of sharp turns. TIME ATTACK: When you get to the first fork, go RIGHT even though the path to the left you will loose time. When you take the fork, don't hold Z the whole time because you will end up way up the bank on the right side. When you get to the opening stay to the far right where the good snow is because the thick snow slows you down. Then jump over one of the two logs that are there and when you get to the next fork go left and stay in the center so that you don't hit your head. Then jump over the log at the end of that way. Then go either to the left or the right of the big log that sticks out so you can stay on the ground. When you get to the stream, follow it because it is faster and when you get to the drop-off be sure not to hit the rock that is in the center of the fall. Then avoit all rocks and walls untill the end of the course. TRICK ATTACK: Same as above execpt be sure to jump at the top of every hill and also to take the big log and the waterfall to do tricks off of. MISC. AND SCREW UPS: When you go under the log that is across the path, when using a tall person that is riding the pinguin board, you will almost always hit your head. The reflection in the water is not a reflection when you use ice or gold man, instead it is a shadow. Mountian Vllage: This is one of the more fun courses because you go through unique things and has plenty of different ways that you can go. TIME ATTACK: When you start out at the first part, it is possibe to hold Z the whole time and stay on the snow, but is it difficult. Then when the path opens, stay all of the way to the left and fall onto the rocks and stay to the left all the way to the tunnel. When you get to the tunnel take the fork to the right and watch out for the walls when the fork comes back together because you will be going very fast. And when you get to the next fork go right, but hug the right side as much as you can so that you go left instead of down the hill. And besur to jump over the two logs and go down the hill side past the road. Don't jump on the big pile of snow or the ramp to the top of the green thing, instead stay to the left side. And when you get to the black and yellow jump, go to the right of it and then go straight onto the sidewalk and try to stay on the sidewalk untill you get to the finish line. TRICK ATTACK: For tricks follow the path above untill you get to the lodge to get the bonus five points. Go into the lodge so that you get a big jump. And then go to the right, left, then make a small jump onto the last big rock to get a good jump off of it (be sure to hold Z while doing this). Then Follow the same path until you get to the pile of snow, jump off it and go up the ramp and stay on the left side of the pipe. Then try to get the black and yellow jump in. Then follow the path and jump off the hood of the red car and then avoid the other jumps untill the end because they are not real jumps. MISC. AND SCREW UPS. You can do jumps off the cars. After the pipe, go right to go on top of a bunch of houses. Dragon Forest: This track is easy and hard at the same time, it has two really big glitches in it stated later. This is also a fun track. TIME ATTACK: This is kinda a straight forward one, when you start off stay on the snow. The bridge is extremely hard to go on so don't be discouraged at first. When you get to the first fork go left then left so that you can jump into the tunnel and stay in the tunnel as long as possible. Then follow the track the best that you can, and when you get to the house, everyone will tell you to go in it, but rather, go to the right of it for the fastest route. TRICK ATTACK: When you get to the fork, go right then right. Even though this route is a little harder, it is better for jumping. MISC. AND SCREW UPS: First of all, in this course there is the biggest jump in the whole game. When you see the first pionting neon light, go as fast as you can and jump off of it for A VERY LONG AND BIG JUMP! Glitches: 1. Before you get to the very first turn, get a big jump to the left off of the rock that is on the curb of the turn and you will hit an invisible wall. What's up with that? 2. Remember the big jump? Well if you do it perfictly, with gold man, and with the pinguin board, and if you go fast enough, and jump high enough, you will look like you will land on the snow at the bottom of the mouton without actually hitting the mountian,(very hard to do) right before you land, you will be slam bam smack back in the center of the course that you are supposed to be on execpt you take a really hard fall on the ground and you can resume the course like you never jumped off the cliff.........WEIRD!!!!!!! 3. When you are on the pole when you go through the house, your shadow appearse out of nowhere. Deadly Fall: This is the best course of the game because it is not a course at all, rather it looks like a actual mountianside and there are so many places that you can go. TIME TRIAL: I have done this course many many times and I have found the best route. First, go as straight as possible at first (then you may want to go around the first bumps after a while) and you should see a HUGE rock with a snow ramp that lets you get on it. Go up it and you would have to jump at the top of it to get across. While on top, go up a little and you will see a nerrow path to the right, go across. If you keep going straight, you will go over 2 cliffs, and then you need to stay on the good snow that is to the left of the big ice trench. At the end of that trench there is a path that looks like it goes left, don't follow it, instead, go off the cliff that ends right at the rocks. Before you go off, veer to the left a little and then go off. Try to go in between the two rocks. Then you should see three different paths, go center. Then go as far left as possible to go around the really tall rocks and there is the finish!!! This is the best way to go in the whole level. TRICK ATTACK: There are a lot of big jumps, but you have to find most of them. All I can really tell you is to stay to the right and at the end of the level, in the middle of the four tall rocks, is the only actual ramp. MISC. AND SCREW UPS: This is a well made level and I found no screw ups, but there are a lot of rocks that you can go up by first pressing Z and keep tapping up to climb. 7. CHEATS ----------------------------------------------------------------------- And now what you have been waiting for!!!! (yea!) PANDA BEAR: Beat all of the times in time attack and trick attack for each level that came with the game and get the first three for the contest levels. After done all that, hilihgt Rob Haywood and press C RIGHT while you press A to confirm. With the Panda and Panda only, you can do the back and front flip, one-foot, and Panda Tweak(Go to traning mode). ICE MAN: Same as above execpt you have to beat match race on expert and select Akari Hayami and press C LEFT as you press A to confirm. GOLD MAN: The best of all of everything. Same as above execpt you have to beat expert with ice man. Select Kensuke Kimachi, press C UP as you confirm. PINGUIN BOARD: Do all tricks in traning mode. Select the far left board, press C DOWN as you confirm. It is the best of all boards. EASY WAY TO GET PINGUIN BOARD Select a real easy trick that you have already done and do it and just before you land it, press C RIGHT to bring up the list and select something you can't do and land. It will count the harder as if you just did it. INVISIBLE JUMP IN THE HALF PIPE LEVEL Just as you start, go as far left as possible and jump, you would be shot way up in the air to do tricks. 8. UPDATE!!!!-more screw-ups from Jason Griffith( Southern Illinois University the river of ice on mountain forest - it is blocked off at the end by a series of boards that don't come together correctly - meaning you can see the river continuing into the distance as you pass. that bugged me, so I tried and tried to get over the wood. catch this, you can't. it's an infinite plane and you can't jump over it. so if you board down a little further, then jump on the left edge of the course, cut back towards the camera and push forward repeatedly, you can cut back along the mountain between the planks of wood and where they are nailed onto the mountain. this allows you to snowboard for the rest of the river (about 10 seconds),then you drop off of the face of the earth and land back in the middle of the course. same thing in a different level - mountain village, when you get into the village, stay left, you will see a big stone building. past the building is a cross street heading left and uphill, hang a left and repeatedly tap up on the analog stick and it will take you to the top of the hill, if you are on the sidewalk, you can go out a ways then you fall off of the earth. and on the training level, you can literally start at the bottom and heft your way to the top of the route by pressing up on the analog joystick. 8. ENDING ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I really appriciate you reading this faq file and I hope that it really helpes you. I sure did spend plenty of time writing it and it will be better than anything you find (hopefully). Do not distrubute thid faq file without "Tjames" or my E-Mail address on it. And if you find anything wrong (hevan forbid) in it or something new OR have questions E-Mail me at *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>