SYPHON FILTER: DARK MIRROR (PSP) FAQ/Walkthrough by King_Lueshi Hey guys... This is basically going to be a walkthrough for Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror for the PSP. Let's get FAQing. ***IMPORTANT*** If at ANY time reading this guide, you find that you know more than me, please send me an email. I don't care if you've found an error, some hidden evidence I don't know about, a typo, whatever... Just send it in, please. I want this guide to be the best it can be. I will give you credit in both the section that your info pertains to and in the Thanks to... section. Just email me at KingLUEshiFAQs [at] gmail [dot] com with "Syphon Filter FAQ" in the subject. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - VERSION HISTORY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - v1.15 May 7, 2006 -Redid format entirely -Confirmed and clarified an unlockable on 7-4 -Added the last environmental kill for 1-3 -Added some stuff to general tips -Added some more weapons -Added the last stealth kill in 1-1 -Added a tip to 6-2 and 7-2 -Completed B-2 and B-3 in story mode, THUS FINISHING IT OFF ENTIRELY!!! WOOT! Notes: -I totally redid the formatting. Hopefully, it'll be pretty easy for you guys to figure out what's what. -Also, I'm getting so many reader tips at this point that I'm having trouble keeping track of everything in terms of when it was submitted, so there's probably some more stuff I've added that I haven't mentioned here. -I guess now is a good time to thank everyone that's contributed to the guide. I've gotten tons of tips emailed in from a bunch of people, and I really appreciate all you guys have done. v0.95 April 22, 2006 -Completed B-4 and B-5 in story mode -Completed 1-3 and 1-4 in mission mode -Added an unlockable to 4-3 in story mode -Altered the format of mission mode to get rid of some unneeded stuff -Redid version history to be more concise (twice) -Started an FAQ -Added how to unlock the M4 Silenced and AK-47 -Added to weapons -Added an "unlocked:" segment to weapons v0.85 April 9, 2006 -Completed 6-2 through 7-4 and B-1 in story mode -Completed 1-1 and 1-2 in mission mode -Added to weapons -Removed spoilers -Rewrote 5-2 in story mode v0.65 April 2, 2006 -Completed 4-3 through 6-1 in story mode -Updated 1-3 and 1-4 -Added to general gameplay tips -Added a to-do list v0.56 March 31, 2006 -Completed 3-1 through 4-2 in story mode -Updated 2-1 and 2-4 with reader tips -Updated 1-2 and 2-2 -Moved weapons section -Updated allowed sites with 1UP and Neoseeker v0.30 March 26, 2006 -Started guide -Completed controls and legal/etc. -Completed training 1 through 4 -Completed 1-1 through 2-4 in Story Mode -Started weapons and gadgets -Started general gameplay tips - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TO-DO LIST - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Complete the stuff that isn't complete, like multiplayer, secrets, etc. -Organize weapons better... Either by awesomeness or alphabet, I can't decide. -Organize story mode by checkpoints. I CURRENTLY NEED HIDDEN EVIDENCE IN: B-1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Controls I. Menu controls II. Standard (free aim) III. Advanced (free aim) IV. Classic 2) Training mode I. Training mission 1: Basic Movement II. Training mission 2: Basic Combat III. Training mission 3: MB 150 Rifle and darts IV. Training mission 4: Multiplayer 3) Story Mode I. Episode 1: Fire and Ice a) Part 1: Insertion Point Alpha b) Part 2: Red Jack c) Part 3: Finding Freeman d) Part 4: A Man Without Power e) Part 5: Freeman's Files II. Episode 2: Blood and Oil a) Part 1: Under NORAD's nose b) Part 2: Security Section D c) Part 3: Kreisler's Garden d) Part 4: Freeman's Answer III. Episode 3: Ancient History a) Part 1: Old Friends b) Part 2: Memories IV. Episode 4: Saving Private Janzen a) Part 1: Forged Under Fire b) Part 2: Traitor in our Midst c) Part 3: The Ultimate Sacrifice d) Part 4: The Trojan Horse V. Episode 5: Root of All Evil a) Part 1: Fist Full of Rubles b) Part 2: Blood Money VI. Episode 6: Touchstone a) Part 1: Meeting with Fate b) Part 2: Into the Abyss VII. Episode 7: Singularity a) Part 1: Red Section b) Part 2: Drowing c) Part 3: Event Horizon d) Part 4: Matter's End VIII. Bonus a) Part 1: Goodnight Sweetheart b) Part 2: c) Part 3: d) Part 4: Birds of a Feather e) Part 5: Jimmy Zhou's Army 4) Mission Mode I. General Tips II-IX [same order as story mode] 5) Multiplayer 6) Weapons and Gadgets I. Special II. Back III. Sidearm IV. Auxiliary V. Grenade VI. Gadgets 7) General gameplay tips I. Cover II. Gadgets III. Radar IV. Dealing with mines V. Enemies 8) Frequently Asked Questions 9) Legal/etc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Controls ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Syphon Filter has some controls that honestly took me awhile to get used to, considering I'd been immersed in SOCOM: FTB just hours before I got the game. Anyway, although there are three control schemes, there is only one set of menu controls: *note: I'll assume that you have Target Lock set to "enabled" (it's in options somewhere). This basically enables lock-on. If you don't do this (or if you're playing multiplayer), then you will kinda sorta zoom in a little when you press the lock-on button. It'll slow down your sensitivity a little, so it'll be a bit easier to be precise with your shots. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MENU: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - D-PAD: Menu navigation [X]: Choose selected item/skip cutscene [TRIANGLE]: Previous screen [L]/[R]: Cycle through online menu screens [START]: Open pause menu - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - STANDARD (FREE AIM): - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - D-PAD [UP]: Interact (jump, crawl, etc.)/Zoom in D-PAD [DOWN]: Crouch/Zoom out D-PAD [LEFT]: Use selected gadget D-PAD [LEFT] (HOLD): Gadget selection screen D-PAD [RIGHT]: Cycle through weapon firing mode (change ammunition or firing type) D-PAD [RIGHT] (HOLD): Weapon selection screen ANALOG STICK: Move forward or backward/strafe [L](WITH SCOPELESS WEAPON)(HOLD): Lock on to target (press it again quickly to switch to another target) [L](WITH SCOPED WEAPON)(HOLD): Enable zoom (press up or down on the D-Pad to zoom in or out) [R]: Fire [X]: Aim down [CIRCLE]: Aim right [TRIANGLE]: Aim up [SQUARE]: Aim left [START]: Pause [SELECT]: Command (when you have a teammate in combat with you, use this to issue orders like "follow me", "take cover", etc.) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ADVANCED (FREE AIM): - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - D-PAD [UP]: Interact (jump, crawl, etc.)/Zoom in D-PAD [DOWN]: Crouch/Zoom out D-PAD [LEFT]: Use selected gadget D-PAD [LEFT] (HOLD): Gadget selection screen D-PAD [RIGHT]: Cycle through weapon firing mode (change ammunition or firing type) D-PAD [RIGHT] (HOLD): Weapon selection screen ANALOG STICK: Aim [L](WITH SCOPELESS WEAPON)(HOLD): Lock on to target (press it again quickly to switch to another target) [L](WITH SCOPED WEAPON)(HOLD): Enable zoom (press up or down on the D-Pad to zoom in or out) [R]: Fire [X]: Backpedal [CIRCLE]: Strafe right [TRIANGLE]: Move forward [SQUARE]: Strafe left [START]: Pause [SELECT]: Command (when you have a teammate in combat with you, use this to issue orders like "follow me", "take cover", etc.) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CLASSIC: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - D-PAD [UP]: Interact (jump, crawl, etc.)/Zoom in D-PAD [DOWN]: Crouch/Zoom out D-PAD [LEFT]: Use selected gadget D-PAD [LEFT] (HOLD): Gadget selection screen D-PAD [RIGHT]: Cycle through weapon firing mode (change ammunition or firing type) D-PAD [RIGHT] (HOLD): Weapon selection screen ANALOG STICK (RIGHT/LEFT): Turn ANALOG STICK (UP/DOWN): Move forward/backward [L](WITH SCOPED WEAPON)(HOLD): Enable zoom (press up or down on the D-Pad to zoom in or out) [L](WITH SCOPELESS WEAPON)(HOLD): Do the kinda sorta zoom I mentioned earlier [R](WITH SCOPELESS WEAPON)(HOLD): Lock on to target (press it again quickly to switch to another target) [X]: Fire [CIRCLE]: Strafe right [TRIANGLE]: Snap to wall [SQUARE]: Strafe left [START]: Pause [SELECT]: Command (when you have a teammate in combat with you, use this to issue orders like "follow me", "take cover", etc.) As for what I use... Currently, I'm just using the standard aim, but with time, I think I'll switch over to advanced. Ummm... Classic sucks. I tested it out for the purpose of this section of the guide, and it might've been fine if they hadn't wonkied out half the buttons on the damn PSP. Seriously, strafing and firing becomes needlessly difficult with classic, so don't use it ever. *final note (this is important): to get your back against a wall, walk straight up and face the wall. Stop. Now, walk into it a bit more, and your back should go up to it. Since the various control schemes mess with stuff from this point on, I won't go into specifics. *nevermind, that wasn't the final note: if you walk off something somewhat off the ground, like a pile of crates, and hold [DOWN] on the D-pad, you will do a barrel roll. As far as I can tell, you can do this to avoid falling damage, although you won't roll if you don't have space. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Training Mode ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right now, you may be thinking, "WTF? Why's he doing a walkthrough for training?" I'll tell you why: reaching certain goals in these things will yield positive results. *note: I'm going to assume that you've already run through these, so you know what you're doing. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TRAINING 1: BASIC MOVEMENT - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GOAL: COMPLETE IN UNDER 1:35 This level is simply an obstacle course, no shooting people required. You'll be making use of your RTL pretty heavily. First, follow the blue path and go over the small obstacle and then the large wall. Here, break away from the path and go left. Turning left will reveal some crates on which you can climb. The crate that you first climb on is kinda hidden behind another crate, so make sure you don't miss it. Climb up to the very top and use your RTL. Go across and make sure you land on the tallest crate. If you go to the very end and just drop to the ground, you will die. From the tallest crate, drop. You might lose a little health, but that doesn't matter. Follow the path until you reach the door and keypad area. To your right are some crates that you can climb up. To the southwest are some more wooden crates. Go around behind them and climb up them. Use your RTL and drop yourself right near the end. Assuming you didn't get up to get chips without pausing or something, you should've beaten the record time. UNLOCKED ITEM: SP-57 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TRAINING 2: BASIC COMBAT - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GOAL: COMPLETE IN UNDER 3:00 This training mission is pretty straightforward, so I don't think I'm going to be able to help you. To be honest, it's all just based on your skill, although it won't take much to clear within the record time. As long as you know what you're doing, I think you'll be able to beat this in under three minutes. Remember that you can press [X] to skip cutscenes if you get impatient. UNLOCKED ITEM: FAMAS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TRAINING 3: MB-150 RIFLE AND DARTS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GOAL: WASTE NO AMMO (don't miss any shots) This is honestly the easiest goal to complete. Get out your rifle and press [SELECT] to start target practice. The first goal is directly in front of you, shoot it. The second is to your left, on the very top of the canyon. Strafe to your left a little ways and you'll see the third target. Once you've shot all three (without missing any shots of course), switch to EDT darts. Press [SELECT] again to send the trainee out. He doesn't move fast at all, so it'll be an easy kill. Send the next four out. If you want to practice, I guess you could shoot them as they run, but they all just run to one spot and stop, so why bother? Shoot them as they stop at that spot. Next up, S34 gas dart. Again, the trainees will stop at the same spot. Shoot a dart in between them and release the gas. For the final section, shoot a dart right between the four stopped trainees. Extra points if you make them all land at the same time. UNLOCKED ITEM: UNP .45 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TRAINING 4: MULTIPLAYER - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GOAL: - This is another straightforward one, and I don't think there's even a goal to accomplish here. I'll let you handle it on your own. UNLOCKED ITEM: - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story Mode ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- *note: I'll probably be writing this walkthrough mostly in Normal mode. If you're doing hard mode, you're probably going to be good enough to deal with any enemies that I don't mention in here anyway. *another note: At the bottom of every walkthrough will be how many HIDDEN EVIDENCEs I've found... I'm sorry that I'm not terribly good at finding them, but if you want to contribute what I've missed and help out, I'll give you credit. *a third note: The AI in Dark Mirror is fairly random: they won't always do the same thing. For this reason, when I say something like "two enemies will rush you and one will stay at the end of the hall" or something, that might not actually happen with you. *damn, this note stuff is getting out of control: I've MAX CAPS LOCKED all mentions of hidden evidence, so it'll stick out a little. Hopefully that'll help if the hidden evidence is all you're looking for in this guide. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EPISODE 1: FIRE AND ICE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Episode 1 places us into the Kanuti Mountains of Alaska. Gave and Lian are seen flying in on a plane, and next thing you know, Gabe is manning the Snowcat's turret and kicking serious ass... What a surprise. On with the gaming. -----------------------PART 1-1: INSERTION POINT ALPHA----------------------- The first level begins with the death of a refinery worker at the hands of the local sniper. After the first guard shows up, hide behind the wall and in a little. He'll walk towards you, but you can remain unseen pretty easily. Crouch and sneak up behind him and melee him, you'll stick a knife in his head. Now turn around and then kick the sniper's ass for killing an innocent with your MB-150. One headshot will be an instant kill, so you'll obviously want to go for the head. If you took out the guard without him noticing you, you won't have to worry about the sniper shooting you or ducking or anything, so it'll be easy. So that takes care of that objective. Walk over to around the soldier you just killed and pick up his key card, and pick up a Spectre. Switch to said Spectre (you should be using this gun for a lot of this mission). Next, to your right behind a fence will be a barrel. Stand back a little and shoot it and you'll blow a hole in the fence (zomg, you're taking a superdupersecret alternate path!) Go through and deal with the ensuing enemies by ducking and taking cover behind a crate. After you've eliminated them, turn around and look up and to the left. On the wall up a little will be a ladder, but it isn't down close enough for you to reach. Activate your EDSU goggles and you'll see a little yellow thingy. Shoot it to get the ladder down. Go up the ladder and follow the path until you are given the option of using your keycard. Use it and activate your NV goggles. Go inside. You'll find a bunch of wonderful stuff, like an M1 Super 90 and some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. When you go back outside, there will be two enemies on the walkway in front of you. Take them out. Walk back to the corner which you came from. Use your RTL to go across the way. You'll drop in front of a small building or something. Go around the corner and look up. There's a gap in the fence. Position yourself below the gap and climb up. Go up the ladder and examine the dead body to get more HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Go back to where this all began by walking east (there's a compass on your radar, FYI) and going down the ladder. Walk over to the northwest corner of this area and jump up onto that crate that's against the wall by walking up to it and pressing [UP] on the D-Pad. Jump again so that you're hanging onto the building. Shimmy to your left around the corner and over a fence or two until you can shimmy no further, and then drop. Shoot the lock on the fence (activate your EDSU goggles if you can't tell for sure where it is). Walk through the opened gate and go down the ladder into the distillation pit. As you hit the bottom, you'll see that on the wall directly in front of you is a health pack and a flak jacket. We'll grab those in a second, but first, we have to deal with a terrorist. Turn around and go to your right. Duck and take cover behind a block or crate or something and kill the incoming terrorist. If he isn't close enough for you to shoot at, wait until he runs at you (he will eventually). Go back to the health and shields. If you're low on shields (the blue bar), pick up the flak jacket. If you're low on health, pick up the health pack and use it (press [L] in the gadgets selection menu). If not, pick it up anyway, it could come in handy later. Finally, go a little to the right and there will be some HIDDEN EVIDENCE (pick it up!) Go up the ladder on the other side of the big ol' oil tube thing. Once you're up on the next level, turn to your left and follow the path until you encounter an enemy shooting at you from a doorway. Take him out, and follow the railing around until you find the next ladder up. At this level, there will be one person firing at you from slightly above you and to your right. Shoot him through the fence. There will also be someone shooting you from a rooftop a little in front of you. Equip your Mark 23, back up and lock on to him, and kill him easily. Go up the next two ladders and trigger a quick cutscene. After it's over, go the rest of the way up the ladder and pull the lever (and don't dawdle or you die) to stabilize the pressure. Now for the final phase of the mission. As soon as you can, get out your MB-150 and switch it to regular 6mm bullets. It's sniping time. Lian will need your support as she traverses the relatively short way over to the tower. Don't worry about keeping to cover yourself, I've never had any of the enemies shoot me. Take care of the person you see shooting Lian off in the distance (if you don't know where that is, use the radar.) Before you tell her to advance, go to your left and replenish the ammo for all of your weapons (you'll have to take out each individual weapon to get ammo for them all). At this point, you'll not only have the MB-150, but a Dragunov SVD for double the sniping action. If you're having trouble sniping the moving targets, you'll probably be fine if you just let them stop moving and then shoot them. Anyway, go back to where you were covering Lian, and tell her to move by pressing [SELECT]. Take out the three or four enemies that attack Lian (including the one that drops in by zipline) and advance her again. Kill off the next few enemies (be sure to check your radar to see where they are) and advance Lian. She'll go up the ladder. After you take out the final wave of three enemies, Lian will go up the tower. One guy will pop out and try to shoot her, but he sucks so much that you practically don't have to worry about him. Lian will zoom around on her zipline and shoot one up to you. Get directly below it and press [UP] on the D-Pad to get down to her. Mission over, hooray for making it through the first mission! HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 -----------------------------PART 1-2: RED JACK------------------------------ You start up against a wall again. If you go back where you should've come from, you'll find a health pack and flak jacket against the wall again, so grab either if you need them. Take out the enemy that's across the way on a railing with one of your snipers, but be sure to stay out of the way of the turret. Once he's dead, focus on the turret. Position yourself so that the truck is in between you and the turret. Take out your Spectre and shoot the truck's tank until you see serious fireworks and a burning man lying on the ground. Go back to where you started; directly in front of you, you'll see a zipline. Walk up to it and zip across. About halfway across, a guy will pop out at you. Keep moving across, but lock on and shoot him. When you arrive at the platform, hop off (press [DOWN] on the D-Pad if you're stupid like me), and go around the corner. Inside the dark doorway, there's some HIDDEN EVIDENCE! Yay! Anyway, grab whatever health or flak jacket you may need and take the other zipline. When you land, you'll hear a guy say "I'll go check it out." He'll run up to you, and you'll let him walk past you so you can knife him. Go down the ladder and move north. Once some guys see you, turn around and go back to the turret. Use it to kick their asses. Once that's done, go back to your previous action. Head to the fence that is pretty much due north of the cab of the truck. To the left of the fence on the building wall is a pole that you can use to shimmy across the fence, so climb up to it and get shimmying. Go to the end of this area and you will find a dead guy on the ground. Pick up his key card and the HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Next, go back across the fence and go straight south. There's a door that requires a card to open. Darn. Oh wait, you just got the card! Pizzowned! Go in and pick up the flak jacket and HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Now, head back up that laddder from awhile ago. If you need it, there's some medkit over by here. Walk west down the walkway and turn. You'll see a door, but you won't go in. No, you'll keep going to the Magical Bucket o' Ammo (I'm sooo trademarking that). You know what these do, take out all your weapons and fill 'em up. Go back to the door and open the door (do not kick it open). Crouch and pull out your knife. Walk up behind the closer guy and kill him, and then kill the other guy. Once you've taken them both out, go over to the computer and access it. That doesn't work... So do what Teresa says and turn on your EDSU goggles and walk backwards a little. You'll see a line on the floor. Follow it to the override switch. Flip the switch, and then turn and shoot an explosive dart right at the door, and then go back to the computer. This will trigger a scene of men rushing at where you are. Take cover behind the wall, not behind the table. Two men will rush in, but you'll be able to kill them easily by pressing [R], since you just planted an explosive dart at their feet. There's more freaking flak jacket and medkit here, if you want some. Be wary, as there is a sniper on the building that you found the HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Take him out, and backtrack to that tower. Once you get there, there'll be an enemy on it, so have your Spectre ready. Zipline back to the spot you started the level in, and go down the ladder. There will be an enemy directly to your left, so take him out. Take some cover and kill the other two people firing at you. Once that's done, go up to the elevator switch and activate it. OH **** ITS REDJACK AND HES GOT FLAMS THAT GO 20 FEET. Sorry, inside joke. Anyway, he's got teh hax, so your bullets won't affect him. What will affect him is shots that hit his backpack. When he first rushes at you, move to the left and try to get around behind him to shoot at him when he stops to reload. If you can get up the ladders, you can try to rain death down on him, but that doesn't always work. Just try and circle around him whenever possible, and you can make it a quick battle. If you get like a single shot back there, you kill him and clear the mission. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 --------------------------PART 1-3: FINDING FREEMAN-------------------------- You'll see a guy working on some circuits or something in front and to the right of you. Pull out your knife, crouch, and walk up behind him. If you don't crouch, he'll hear you coming. Anyway, heed his words and flip the switch. Walk over so that you're in front of the first flame and find the zipline. Use it to cross the first flame. In front of you will be a flame that bursts out and then doesn't and then bursts out, etc. It's a fairly cliche'd puzzle in FPS gaming, you know what to do. Anyway, this one won't try and trick you or anything, so wait for it to go away and then quickly cross. Fly to the end of the hall... a dead end. Not to worry. Switch to your EDSU goggles and fire a few shots at the thing that is all glowy and vibey. That'll knock the vent down and allow you to crawl in. Turn on your NV goggles and crawl to the end of the vent. You'll reach a bit of a scary situation - there is a giant flame right in front of you. Shoot the switch that is a little to its left to make the flame go away. With the flame goes the light, though, so again, use them NV goggles. Once you're out, go back over to the switch and turn the light on again, so you don't have to use the damn goggles anymore. Over behind the pipe from which the flames are spewing is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Climb up to the next vent. In a little bit, there will be two fans, and only one of them will be rotating. Go over to the one that isn't and shoot the switch on the other side. Crawl to the end of the vent... You'll see a slightly humorous situation that we've all experienced at one time or another... Except probably not as a terrorist inside an occupied oil refinery. Whatever. Alright, this is pretty easy here if you maintain stealth. First, when you come out of the vent, crouch immediately and get out your knife. Kill the guy at the vending machine from behind. Keep moving. Stay out of view of the two enemies by the TV (which isn't hard), come up behind them, and do the knife. After this, a final enemy will come out. If you hide below the window/gap thing that looks into the hall, he shouldn't see you. Let him walk past and then crouch up behind him and attack him with your knife. He'll be carrying a key, so pick it up. Over on the couch in front of the TV is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE, so grab it. Now, head down the hall that the guard came from. The lockers have some stuff like a medkit in them. The code for the one that needs it is 938. Open it for some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Keep going and use the elevator. Teh mission ends. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 ------------------------PART 1-4: A MAN WITHOUT POWER------------------------ This mission opens with a guy directly in front of you. Shoot him. As you leave the elevator, there will be someone a ways down the hall, so kill him, too. Anyway, in front of where you started, there's a grill-looking thing. Go up to it and you'll find some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Huzzah. Anyway, the hall is now filled with fire. Activate your EDSU goggles and you'll see a switch at the other end of the hall. Shoot it and the flames will taper off. Run to the end of the hall and take cover. A burning man will run at you - MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T TOUCH YOU! You will lose massive health if you come in contact with the fire. Anyway, a guy will zipline his way over to the walkway. Shoot him. The walkway on the other side of the room will have two guys on it. I suggest going back down the hallway you're in so you can have a bit of an easier time shooting them. While you're over here, shoot the switch so that it turns red and the burst of flame stops. Go back down to the end of the hallway and go out the door into the room that is like half on fire. Use your RTL to go across the zipline. Once you're across, I suggest picking up a Galil AR, since I was out of ammo in my Spectre at this point. Go west to the area that was previously cut off by flame and pick up the HIDDEN EVIDENCE in the refinery worker's body. Go east. The doorway to your left contains a flak jacket if you need one, as well as more HIDDEN EVIDENCE way at the end of it. Go back out and up the ladder. Take out the two men who will see and shoot you, and climb into Freeman's office. Turn on your EDSU goggles to find the flak jacket and M1 Super 90. Pick up the M1 Super 90, you won't regret it. You'll also notice that the painting is glowing yellow, but don't worry about it yet. The next little while will be pretty dark, so equip your NV goggles and go out the door. Two enemies will come up the stairs, so shoot them with your shotgun, it'll be a one hit kill for each. Go down the stairs a little until you hear an enemy yell that they see you, and then go back up the stairs and wait for your enemies to come up behind you. Again, shotgun = instant win. Go down the stairs. There's a health pack on the farthest western wall. On the wall to the east is a vent, and while you can't go through it, you can shoot the lock off. You'll be glad you did. Go out the northwest door. Go through the next two doors and down the stairs. You will hear the terrorist getting pissed off at the refinery worker. There is a gap in the wall between you and him, so shotgun him. That's what he gets for cussin. Now, it's time to help the electrician out. Turn on your EDSU goggles and go up to the three yellow objects and perform whatever action it is that you do. When it's lever time, tap up on the lever once. He'll say "ready?" and do the countdown. I actually messed this up a few times on my first try. Sad. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 --------------------------PART 1-5: FREEMAN'S FILES-------------------------- The final mission of the episode. Yay. First thing you should do is run up to the radio and use it. After that, go back out the door and up the stairs. Remember that the electrician will be following you around. If you want him to take cover, press [SELECT]. You'll hear two enemies arguing. Instead of going through the door, shoot the lock on top of the vent (if you don't know where that is yet, use your EDSU goggles to find it). Go through the vent and take out the two enemies with sneakery. I suggest using some of the special darts of the MB-150, like the gas or explosive ones. Come back out into the room. Below the stairs is a flak jacket. The northern server- looking things has some HIDDEN EVIDENCE, so grab it. Have the electrician open the door... Okay, that didn't work. Go up the stairs and back into Freeman's office. The flak jacket and M1 Super 90 will be there whether you picked them up last mission or not, so stock up on shields and ammo. Go up to the painting and move it. Open the safe (I don't know if the codes change or not, mine was 539). Grab that Desert Sniper, because a sniping pistol is badass. Go back down to the door and have your companion open it. As soon as he opens it, go west. Back in here is a medpack and some more HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Inside the next room are two enemies. Once you've eliminated them, go up to the computer. You won't be able to access it. Go stand in front of the engineer/electrician/whatever and boost him up into the ceiling. Now then, there are three rows of servers with a switch at each end, making six switches total. Activate your IR goggles and take out a Spectre or other machine gun. Whichever switch the guy in the ceiling is closest to is the one that you activate when he says "try this one" or something. After you've flipped three switches, the server is going to cooperate again. However, don't turn off your IR goggles yet, two guys will appear up in the ceiling and shoot your buddy. Shoot them through the ceiling (I have no idea how this works). Now that he's back on the floor, use the computer. Hey, Lian is back! Anyway, tell your buddy to open the door, and then take cover. In the room in front of you, there is a pipe in the back. Shoot that pipe until it explodes and takes out the two enemies. Go down the stairs, to the right is a switch. Hit it to make teh flames go away. In the northeast corner of the room behind the crates is a Magical Bucket o' Ammo, so stock up. In the southeast corner is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. From here, go tell the technician to open the door, then have him boost you up, etc. Episode clear. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 OVERALL EPISODE HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 15/15 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EPISODE 2: BLOOD AND OIL - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Episode 2 sadly doesn't get a big ol' intro movie like some of the episodes do, but who cares. Let's mosey. ------------------------PART 2-1: UNDER NORAD'S NOSE------------------------- WTF? Why am I playing as a girl? With all jokes aside, let's begin episode 2. To start things off, there is one enemy to the north. Pull out your VSS sniper rifle and headshot him as soon as he stands still (which might take a while, but it will come). There's also one to the northwest, do the same to him. For general strategy in this level, be careful where you go, as there are lots of explosive barrels scattered around. Anyway, at this point, the enemy will be alerted to your presence, and two men will rush at you from the northwest. Take them out. Another one will come, take him out. Use radar to help you locate your enemies. Once you've taken them all out, go around the northwestern end of the plane. Go to the glowing red thingy in front of the nose and look northeast; you will see a rock. Behind that rock is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE, so go grab it. From here, turn on your EDSU goggles and look southeast. You'll see an item that looks like a slab on top of some crates. Climb on top of them and open them to find one of the drives. Jump down and take cover behind the crates, because two men will come out of the forest to attack you. Eliminate them and then move east, using your EDSU goggles to guide you to your next objective. Open the next crate you find, and then take out the next two enemies. Go around the plane to the west. Near the nose cone is your final drive. Along the way, there's a bunch of stuff like a flak jacket, a medkit, and a Magical Bucket o' Ammo if you need anything. After you get the last drive, you'll see a cutscene: a guy in big armor is coming to get you. Two shots from the sniper will do him in. Take the key card that he drops. To take care of the guys inside the plane, go as far back as you can while remaining within view of them, then snipe them while they attempt to use their low-accuracy weapons on you. Inside the plain is a bunch of stuff, like more health and flak jacket, another Magical Bucket o' Ammo, and a Dragunov SVD and USAS-12. Take the USAS-12 and whatever else you need, and access the computer. After the little chat, an enemy will sit on top of the plane and fire down the ladder. WTF CAMPER!!1!!1!!!shift+1!1!. Anyway, you have two options: 1) Shoot up the ladder and lose a lot of health 2) Go around outside and snipe him without losing any health Pick whichever one you want. After you're done, go up the ladder and get on top of the plane. One person will come up after you, and two will snipe you from the forest. Take them out. Three more snipers will pop out... take them out. Turn on your EDSU goggles and go over to the wings. Lift up the flaps on both wings and pick up both sets of HIDDEN EVIDENCE (thanks to Scotty for this info). Plant the C4 on the tail end of the plane by walking up to the objective point and pressing [UP] (I only mention this because I was confounded by this objective for like five minutes). After you do this, punch yourself in the stomach. Why? Because you left the god damn keys in the snowcat and you didn't lock it! At this point, snipe the guy in the Snowcat's turret, and then snipe the guy that comes up the plane's ladder. Go towards the ladder and another guy will pop out, so kill him. Take out your shotgun and go down the ladder. There will be three enemies waiting for you, but you've got a mother****ing shotgun, so kill 'em. Three more people will shoot at you from outside of the plane, so switch to your TEK-9 and take them out. Time to kick some ass. Get on the turret and blow some heads off. After you've taken out the enemies (there are a fair amount of them, but you've got a turret), you see a cutscene of Lian doing the whole action movie "walk away slowly with explosion in background" cliche. Next mission. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 ------------------------PART 2-2: SECURITY SECTION D------------------------- Oh god, this level is a nightmare. So many ****ing laser mines. Dammit, this is gonna be one tough walkthrough. Alright, let's get down to business. Open the door in front of you quietly and sneak up to the guy in front of you while crouching. Get out your shotgun and boomstick that foo. Take some cover and get out a longer-range weapon to deal with the other terrorist. As a general FYI, quickly read over what I have to say about mines in the General Gameplay Tips section (the gist is: use only one bullet to take out a tripmine). Anyway, turn on your EDSU goggles and find the mine and shoot it to blow it up. Go up the stairs and flip the switch that's by the other stairs. Then go into the next room and open the door into the hallway. Turn on your EDSU goggles and you'll discover another tripmine in your path. Take it out, but keep your EDSU goggles on. Look into the first door to your left, but don't go in yet. You see where the tripmine is? Off to the right a little? You don't want to be near there. Run straight out the door and take cover behind the crate that's sitting there all by itself. Five or so soldiers will attack you, including one from the roof of the building in front of you. If you're lucky, they might trip one of the mines and kill themselves. Anyway, after calm has been achieved, locate the one or two tripmines in the room (well, outside courtyard, I guess) that you're in and eliminate them safely. Next, go up to the big pile of crates in the courtyard, specifically the easternmost crate in the pile. Climb up it. Keep climbing until you're on top. Now, pick up the HIDDEN EVIDENCE that's up there with you. At the end of the hallway that you're next to will be another enemy, so kill him. By where one of the flame jets were is a flak jacket. Continue down the hall and around the corner so that you're on top of the stairs. At the bottom will be an unsuspecting enemy, so take advantage of your badass sniping pistol and headshot him. By his dead body is another tripmine, so take it out. On the wall to the left of the stairs is a switch, so hit that to make the flame go away. It's ammo time. After you've stocked everything up, go into the vent and keep going until there's a fan next to you. Get out your tazer and shoot the center of the fan with it, which should slow it down/stop it. Now, it'll be easy to shoot what you need to shoot: the guy and the switch. Don't hit the switch yet, though. After you've killed the guard in there, go down the vent some more and you'll find some HIDDEN EVIDENCE in the next fan to your left. Now, go back and shoot that switch (make sure you make it green and don't hit it back to red). Now that you've burnt through all this ammo, you can go back to the Magical Bucket o' Ammo if you want, but you don't have to. This next part can be difficult, so get ready. If you're low on shields, pick up the flak jacket, but if you're going to, make sure you don't leave the vent! When you do, you'll trigger a countdown, and you don't want to waste time picking up a flak jacket. You can just pick it up while you're inside the vent. Anyway, do your thing, and when you're ready, come on out. Looks like you've got three minutes or you're blowed up. Not only will there be a bunch of enemies, but you've also got to deal with a bunch of tripmines scattered all over the place. This part could take some practice. You'll have to be quick and aggressive. Take out the guys in front of you and run to the edge of the walkway. Down and to the right will be a tripmine, so turn on your EDSU goggles and take it out. If you don't already have one, the doorway to your right contains a medkit. Take the RTL across the way. Three guys will attack you as you are touching down, so take care of them. Over by them is another tripmine, so eliminate it. In the doorway by them is a flak jacket, which I suggest you grab. Go down the ladder and quickly take cover. Two enemies will rush you and one will stay in the back behind a crate. Use a shotgun or something to take care of the first two and your badass sniper pistol for the third. Go a little ways down the walkway and turn on your EDSU goggles. Look across to the walkway on the other side; you'll see another tripmine. Take it out. In the doorway at the end of the walkway you're on is an ammo box, but I wouldn't suggest using it, since there's plenty of ammo to just pick up anyway. Take the RTL at the end of the walkway across and shoot the two enemies that you encounter. Follow the walkway down and pick up the flak jacket. Go down the ladder and duck into the room with the blue glow. If you need it, there's a medkit in the back, but hopefully you don't. Shoot who you can from in here, but if time is low, just rush out and take some cover behind the railings or some crates. There are five or so guys that will attack you here; if they get close, use the shotgun to your advantage. There's a final tripmine around by the ladder up to the bomb, so equip your EDSU goggles and take care of things. If you've got time, there's some crates in the back of this room area, across from the blue room. If you hang off the edge and move behind those, you'll find some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Anyway, go up the ladder and defuse the bomb. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 ------------------------EPISODE 2-3: KREISLER'S GARDEN----------------------- This level has what I think is the coolest environment so far. You start out with the objective of saving Kreisler... We'll see how that works out. Don't even bother going through the door, there's a vent to the left of where you start out, so shoot the lock and crawl through it. Next, go climb up the wall to your right and get into the Kriesler zone. The console will be locked, so you won't be rescuing him that way. Turn on your EDSU goggles and look up. Shoot the large yellow squares. Go back to the console; this time it'll work. Then, go up the ladder to Kriesler. Watch the cutscene; how what a nice thanks he gave you for saving his life. Two men will run in the room, but just like Star Wars Episode 3 taught us, it's over, because you have the high ground. Go back down the ladder and go underneath the platform that Kriesler was on. You'll find a dead body carrying a flak jacket and a key, so grab them both. Go up the stairs to the small platform that the console was on. To the left will be a Spectre and some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Also, one of the two guards that you just killed had a key card, so find their dead bodies and pick that up. Go down the stairs and use the key card. As you enter this hall, there will be two enemies to your right and some flak jacket to your left. Take care of business first and then engage in pleasure, so eliminate your opponents immediately and then grab the shields. Next, turn on your EDSU goggles so you don't run into the tripmine in the hallway - take it out. Walk a little ways down the hallway (past the switch) and then turn your ass around and run to the back of the hall and take cover. Three enemies will run in. If you want an environmental kill, turn on your EDSU goggles again and shoot the little yellow pipe. It'll cause one BIG explosion, (but bye bye framerate) and will hopefully kill all three hostiles. Go around the corner. At the end of the hall is a tripmine that is begging for you to shoot it, so fulfill its greatest wish. Then, get on the rather rickety-looking elevator and activate it. The elevator will lurch once. Stay on. When it stops the second time, jump off and take cover. If you don't jump off... You be dead. Anyway, deal with the two enemies (if you're lucky, one of them will run into the fire and kill himself), and then go into the door to the right just before the flame column. There's an M4 Carbine in here (don't pick it up yet, though), as well as a switch. Hit the switch and you won't have to worry about the flame no more. In the southwest corner of the room, there's a medkit and some HIDDEN EVIDENCE, too. Go back out and around the corner. As soon as you here "freeze!" back the **** up (but not too far or you'll fall down the Elevator Shaft... OF DOOM), it's another special kevlar-protected pyro like Red Jack, the first boss you fought, so you'll have to shoot him in the back. I suggest using the shotgun here, since a decently close shot will knock him over and allow you to run behind him. Be warned, however, that when you blow up his pack, it can blow you up, too, so keep your distance. After you've killed him, go back to the previous room and pick up that M4... You'll thank me for this. Go through the door. At the end of this room is a flak jacket, but unless you have almost none left, I suggest you leave it be for now and run and get it when it's lower, because you'll want everything you can get for the next part. There will be one enemy shooting you, so take him out. As you leave this room, you'll see stairs to your left. What you won't see is the tripmine guarding them, so turn on your EDSU goggles and doublecross that tripmine. Now, quickly run out into the main room and run back in for some cover. Five enemies will appear, and they will be fairly far away. Pull out that M4 I told you to get. I'd suggest setting it to semiautomatic right now. When I played this part, one guy rushed my position, three stayed within range of the M4, and one was WAY in the back. If you have guys that are out of range, don't be afraid to pull out your sniper and scope in, since they're going to be too far away to hit you much anyway. Once you've taken them all out, either go down the stairs or go around to the ladder on the other side of the room and descend to the ground floor. Turn on your EDSU goggles and hunt down the two tripmines and take them out safely. Also, near the southwest corner is more HIDDEN EVIDENCE, so use your goggles to find that. When you've got sufficient evidence and ammo, go up to the research lab and scan your palm. That won't work. Take cover, because four enemies will pop out to attack you. The first one I got was one that came down the ladder, so be wary of someone coming from there. Halfway through, Teresa will turn on the misters, which will only screw you over, since it makes visibility MUCH lower. Now would be a good time to make use of your IR goggles. Take care of the enemies and enter the research lab. You'll see a medkit, a flak jacket, and a Magical Bucket o' Ammo. You'll see in a little bit why that ammo box won't be so useful, though... Your only real option is to use it now or never. Access the computer to complete the objective. Alright, take some cover. Specifically, take some cover to the far right, right by the edge of the window. Again, be using your IR goggles for this part. If you're to far to the east, you'll be grenade fodder, but for some reason, when I go right here, grenades are never a worry. By my count, there were nine enemies, but I don't know how accurate that is. There probably weren't more than three at once, though. If they ever hide so that you can't shoot them from your current position, leave your cover and try to shoot them from a different angle, or at least lure them out, then run back to cover again. Periodically, an enemy will run up to grenade the research room, but you'll be out of the way. Take them out to end the mission. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 ------------------------EPISODE 2-4: FREEMAN'S ANSWER------------------------ This mission was, for me at least, the first fairly difficult mission in the game. You start off pinned down by turret fire. Take cover behind the railing, and get out your sniper. Carefully aim (but don't zoom in or leave your cover or anything, that'll get you killed) at the turreter's head, and shoot. If you hit him, immediately jump up, press [SELECT] to have Lian cover you, and go over to the RTL and get to the next walkway. Another person will run in to replace the dead turreter, so do the exact same thing you did last time: headshot the turret, have Lian cover you, and escape. Go down the ladder and duck behind the railing next to it. There's a medkit down here to the west, but there's also four enemies shooting at you. Grab the health if you need it, and then take care of the enemies. Run up to where they were and go in the doorway to your right. The back wall says "Dark Mirror will kill us all"... At first, I thought it was in blood, but as Scotty pointed out to me, it's only grafiti. Boring. There's also some HIDDEN EVIDENCE back here. Go back out and back to the ladder that you came down. Go back up. Walk forward and there will be a door to your right. Open it, and you will find an EMP grenade, a flak jacket, and some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Go back down the ladder and around the corner, and duck behind a crate, because two enemies will run out. Kill one and a third will show up. Kill the remaining two and advance to the next room. Duck behind the platform and kill the next three enemies. In the room you're now in is some health and a flak jacket, so grab both and move on. Snap to the wall and shoot the lock off the gate from around the corner. One guy will peak around from behind some pipes, so shoot him, and then move into the next room. This part is kinda annoying, since I couldn't seem to snap to any of the pipes, so I had to pop up and down manually, which is far more dangerous. Take care of the four-ish enemies in here and move to the end of the room. Note that some of these soldiers will drop a Galil AR, which, while being a good weapon, is not as good as the M4 in my opinion. However, it's up to you which one you want to carry. There's a trip mine in the hallway; try to time things so that you shoot it right as the next enemy passes it, so he dies. Take cover and take out the remaining soldier. Advance a little and you'll have a similar situation; use the tripmine to eliminate a soldier or two, and take out the rest. Go down the hallway and take the little offshoot nook to the left. There's a tripmine in there, so take it out, and then grab the flak jacket and HIDDEN EVIDENCE. This next part is pretty simple, but it's easy to mess up. One thing that can really make things easier is that EMP grenade you picked up earlier - if you place it right, you can take out four of the five detonators right then and there (thanks to Hippl Five for that tip). Run around dodging Black King's bullets and go up to the remaining detonator(s) and disarm them. If Black King ever gets close, press [SELECT] and run off somewhere else. DO NOT SHOOT BLACK KING UNTIL ALL THE DETONATORS ARE DISARMED! If you need to figure out where the detonators are, use your EDSU goggles. Once they're disarmed, kick Black King's ass. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 OVERALL EPISODE HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 12/12 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EPISODE 3: ANCIENT HISTORY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Episode three is only two parts long, but they themselves take FOREVER. Urrgh, it's also a kind of annoying episode, due to the... characteristics of the gameplay. You'll discover what I mean soon enough. Hey, the episode opens with a very cool intro movie, though. We actually get some story going now. --------------------------EPISODE 3-1: OLD FRIENDS--------------------------- For this mission, I suggest using the Mark 23 until I tell you not to; it'll make stealth a whole lot easier. Also, for a good portion of the mission, I'll be writing this guide assuming that you've maintained stealth, so if you lose it, you're out of luck. Alright, start off on a high note by peaking around the corner and headshotting the guard stealthily. Don't shoot the big tank under him or you'll blow your cover. From there, stand up and turn around. There's a crate behind you that you can climb up, so do so, and then climb onto the roof of the building. Without climbing up to the next roof level, go to your right and headshot the guy on the ground to the northeast. Then, go to the west side of the roof and, while crouching, climb up to the next level. Take cover behind the barrels and headshot the guy in the turret on the ground. Go back and drop to where you started and go around; there's a flak jacket by the turret. Next, creep up to the two barrels stacked on top of each other in the middle; wait there for another guard to come out. When he stops moving, look around and pop him in the head. Run back to that rooftop you were on earlier. This time, look for a rope leading east. Get under it, and climb up to it. Shimmy across. Over here, there's a door, but it leads to an unpassable gate. Go out and around the corner. To your right is a vent. Shoot the lock and crawl through it, using your NV goggles if you need to. When you get out, you'll here a bit of a situation. While crouching, sneak around to where you can headshot this guy. Kill him, and grab the HIDDEN EVIDENCE over by his body. Go back the way you came and go back across the rope. Go down and around to where you had been. This... pathway between buildings. Yeah. At the end of it is a Magical Bucket o' Ammo, so stock up on your Mark 23, since you should be using it a lot this mission. Go through the door to your right and creep around it until you trigger the cutscene. As soon as you have, take cover behind a wall. Try and headshot the guy up on the balcony. I know it's hard, but if you don't you can always just shoot him a second time to kill him. Creep up as fast as you can to the next doorway to your right and crouch and take cover in it. Silently take out the guy that comes up. Now you're free to run around without crouching. Follow this road/pathway/alley/whatever until you reach a dead end. To the south is a bunch of crates. Climb over them to find one of Hargrove's men and some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Time to go rescue Hargrove. Just as a side note, I believe there's a way that you can go to a spot that you'd normally visit later now and snipe Black Viper from there using your IR goggles to see him through the curtain, but I haven't tried. Anyway, climb up to where Black Viper is by climbing the two crates, then onto the roof and to the balcony. Turn on your IR goggles and shoot the person standing up with the gun, although make sure that you're shooting him through the curtain. Go up and open the doors to trigger the cutscene. And yes, Addison remains that annoying for the rest of the episode. Okay, there are three enemies out in the alley, so take them out. I honestly couldn't find any half-decent cover, but deal with it. Follow Addison to where she goes next. There are like seven guys who attack you here, including one from a balcony to the right. This is where you'll probably start to notice how annoying Addison is, since she is really bad at using cover and complains whenever she gets hurt. You'd think the gaming company world would realize that escort missions suck. Anyway, behind you is an ammo box. After you take those guys out, a few more will pop out as you move down the street. One will try to get in the turret - take him out first. If you want, you could probably use the turret on the other two, actually. Behind the turret is a flak jacket, unless you already took it. As you turn the corner and return to the area you started in, on the wall to the left is a fire extinguisher. Pick it up and keep moving. Go over to Addison and climb up. Inside this room behind you is a flak jacket if you need one. Otherwise, move the cabinet to reveal a vent. Doesn't make much sense to cover a vent with a cabinet, but whatever. You'll hear a guy on a radio. He'll say a safe combination, one that you better memorize. I believe they change, but the one in my game was 694. After he's said that, sneak out of the vent, switch to your Mark 23 SD, and headshot him for yet another stealth kill. Leave the vent and trigger another cutscene. Awesome, time for more stealth kills. Oh wait... Addison, being a dumbass, blew your cover. Argh. Anyway, after you take out the two (?) enemies on the opposite side of the alley, look around the room. There's a medkit, a flak jacket, and a safe. Use the combination given earlier to open the safe and find some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Now that you've got that... You will hear the sound of many enemies. Climb out of the room and down. Three enemies will attack you, so take cover and deal with them. After that's done, you'll move. Three more enemies attack, you kill them. At this point, like seven attack, and half of them are on the balcony above and to your left. At this point, go Rambo- style, since it's almost the end of the level. Also, since there's not any decent cover, Addison will die if you aren't quick. Take care of them and the level's over. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 ----------------------------PART 3-2: MEMORIES------------------------------- The good news is: this is your last mission where you have to tail around Addison and save her ass. Let's go. Things look good; it's time to, as Halo 2 would say, turn on turrets. I have no idea how many ****ing enemies rush Addison, but it's a lot. Note that you can use barrels to kill multiple pretty easily and enertainingly. That's pretty much all the advice I can give you, sadly; for this, all that's needed is raw skill. Go for headshots, and make sure Addison stays alive. Also, this is turreting 101, but be sure to not overheat the thing. Anyway, once you tell Addison that you'll come get her, leave the turret. On the wall behind you is a medkit, and inside is a Dragunov SVD. Climb down the ladder, and look at the fire to your east. Get out the fire extinguisher (its [L] in the gadget selection menu) and clear a path to the dead body in the back. Go up to it and observe teh hax: HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Next, in the east side of this whole community square thing, you'll see a fire extinguisher on the wall. Grab it, and take the opening to your right. In here is more HIDDEN EVIDENCE and a flak jacket. Finally, go over to Addison. You'll now have to deal with a turret as well as two enemies on the ground. Take out the ground people and deal with the turret... I'd suggest sticking an explosive dart to the part of his body that's exposed. Now, leave your cover. Behind you in this room is a flak jacket and a Magical Bucket o' Ammo, so stock up. As you leave this building, there's also a medkit on the outside by the door. Go up to Addison and three more enemies will rush you. Take them out and follow Addison. When she stops, take out the two enemies behind you first and then deal with the third. Follow her over to the ladder and go up. I suggest waiting for the ensuing enemies to come up the ladder, since you will be able to easily dispatch them that way. Take the AZL. Two enemies will pop out from a little way down the path you're on now. A third enemy will wait a little back. Advance and take him out, but grab the flak jacket and medkit on the way. Now, you're going to have to deal with snipers attacking you from all sides. Fortunately, they all suck, and they go down in one shot from the Dragunov, no matter where it's placed, so don't bother getting headshots, they're just a waste of time right now. Take everyone out. Follow Addison around, but don't go into the building just yet. Climb onto the box by the window, and then climb again. Shimmy around and drop onto the wooden box. Pick up the HIDDEN EVIDENCE and then climb/shimmy back around. Go back in and open the cabinet. Mission over. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 OVERALL EPISODE HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 6/6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EPISODE 4: SAVING PRIVATE JANZEN - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Best episode intro movie right here, hands down. Check out them textures! On with the show. -------------------------PART 4-1: FORGED UNDER FIRE------------------------- Okay, this first part is kind of annoying. Headshot this guy quick or you start over. Alright, looks like you'll be defending this Janzen kid. However, he's far less annoying than Addison, since he actually takes cover. Move up to that crate in front of you. There are two enemies right here, but you can take one out pretty easily by shooting the DU thingy to the right of the crates (use your EDSU goggles to see what I'm talking about). Turn back around and go to that hole that you entered this area through. Walk up the rubble a bit until you can climb out of the hole. Shoot the tripmine and gather the HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Go back to where you were, and follow these instructions: as you enter the warehouse, take a right and go around the crates. You should now be facing south. Take your second left (you obviously don't want to touch the green stuff) and go around... You should now be facing south again. There's a flak jacket here. Climb up the pile of crates to your right all the way to the top and pick up the HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Climb down the way you came. Go back around the corner (you should be facing west) and go back out into the big middle area. I would suggest pressing [SELECT] now to move Jensen to this point. Still facing west, take your last right. Go straight and climb up the crate in front of you. You can now jump for this crate to the crate to the east by simply running straight off the edge of your current crate. If done correctly, you'll be hanging from the other one, so climb up. If done incorrectly, you be dead. Climb up to the top of these crates and take the RTL across. Drop yourself on the crates on the other side of the warehouse. Now, a bunch of bad guys will run in. Defend Janzen - have him take cover. Pin the enemies down behind crates and you should be okay even though you don't have much cover yourself. Now go down the ladder. Turn on your EDSU goggles and you'll see a shell. Shoot it to get the debris out of the way and call Janzen over to you. Crawl through and take out the two people you see, preferably by stealth. In this room is a medkit, and M67 grenade, and a bunch of DUs. Take out the DUs safely and grab the medkit and grenade. Go over to the pipe on the opposite side of Janzen and move it. As soon as you can, tell Janzen to take cover. Shoot the steady stream of guys that will flood you; don't worry about the fact that the friendly soldiers get killed quickly, that's their fault for running into a fleet of bad guys. To the south is an ammo box, so use it if you run out of Uzi ammo. Just as a note, the enemies can walk across the green stuff, since they have big ol' suits on and stuff. Also, they're immune to your S34 gas darts. Anyways... take out the few waves of enemies chasing UN soldiers, and then stock up on ammo and stuff. Now, climb onto the barrel on the north wall, and then climb up to the pole and shimmy across. Take some cover, because two enemies will attack. At this point, go into the room. Don't install the frequency hopper, but instead, turn on your EDSU goggles and take out the final DU thing and the tripmine to the west. Behind the tripmine is a medkit and some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Go back to the radio and press [SELECT] to have Janzen install everything. Mission over. Not much like for Gabe, eh? UNLOCKED ITEM: M1 SUPER 90 HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 ------------------------PART 4-2: TRAITOR IN OUR MIDST----------------------- As soon as the level starts, tell Janzen to take cover, since there are enemies that will shoot him. Two will pop around the hall to the east. Behind them is a DU container that will make a very nice and deadly explosion when shot, so do it. You should have eliminated both enemies with that. In front of the crate Janzen is hiding behind is a flak jacket. Down the hall is a pit of chemicals with a small bridge over it. Use your NV goggles to cross. There will be another enemy now, so take care of him. Once you cross, there will be yet another enemy, but if you hide, he won't see you coming, so you can get him from behind. Once you've taken out all the enemies and are across the chemical pit, call Janzen to you. He won't be able to see, so turn on your PID and point it at the bridge. Go around the corner and up the stairs. At the top is another chemical pit, so make sure you cross using the bridge. Now, call Janzen up and guide him across the bridge. Go into the room and have him install the frequency hopper. Again, no luck for Gabe, you guys get shelled. Drop down if you haven't already and defend Janzen from the two guys that come down the hall. Follow the hall (on your left is a medkit) until you reach the vent. Shoot the lock off and go through it. Get out, crouch, and get out your Mark 23. You can get a stealth kill off the guy right around the corner and the one further down the hall, close to the fire in the background. Kill them both and call Janzen to you. A third person will pop up back by the fire, so take him out. In the back of this hallway to the north is a flak jacket. Anyway, head towards the fire. To your left is a little doorway area with a trashcan and a dead body. Pick up the HIDDEN EVIDENCE on the body and go up to the wood blocking your path to the fire area. Kick it. There will be a guy in this hallway that you can take out via stealth pretty easily. Kill him and Gabe should say "area clear", which means that this would be a good time to move Janzen up. At some point, you should've picked up an AK-47, so use it, and don't drop it for the FAMAS that the guard just dropped, the AK owns it. Move through the hallway; to the path on your left is a DU container and to the right is a hole in the roof. Press [SELECT] here to climb up with Janzen. As soon as you get the chance, tell Janzen to take cover. Climb up. By where the two enemies are is a shell, so lure them to it and blow it up. This shell will also make a previously uncrossable path crossable. To your right is the third DU and to your left is a flak jacket and where you will go next. There's a hole in the floor from which many people will shoot you. Shoot the shell on the ground near them (you'll have to leave cover to reach it) to kill two or three of them. I think there's four enemies total, so once you've taken them all out, go down the hole (this is a perfect place to practice the barrel roll technique by holding [DOWN] on the D-pad while falling) and call Janzen down, too. Follow this hallway to the two soldiers. Take care of them. Two more will mention how dark it is - that's your cue to sneak up on them and take them out. To your right is a vent, so go through it. As you leave, stay down and prepare to shoot the DU to kill both enemies. Over by where the DU was is a medkit. Once you've reached the doorway blocked by wooden planks, call Janzen to you and kick them down. There's a hostile around the corner to the right and a flak jacket in front of you. Go up to the plank and help Janzen move it across. Cross the new bridge and go out the door. The cutscene shows the terrorists shooting captives... Time to kick ass. The three enemies in here are pretty difficult to take out without anyone noticing, so don't bother too much with stealth. If you want to, the final DU container is inside the base thing, and you can kill some people in the ensuing explosion. By the two crates that you start out behind is some AK-47 ammo and a Magical Bucket o' Ammo. Once you're ready, climb up the two crates to the north and head up the ladder. Once you're up, two people will show up on the catwalks. Eliminate them and move on. Three more will show up, kill them. Once you zip down to the base, Janzen will come running out of where he was, with two enemies very close behind. Incidentally, they will try to shoot you and not Janzen. Once you're done, advance Janzen and shoot the three people that run out after him. Once he makes it to the zipline, something like five Red Section elites show up. Kill all of them as they go up the ladder, it's some easy kills. If you ever need health/ammo/etc., it's all in the UN base. Once that's done run around behind the UN base and pick up the HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Next, run over to the ladder and go up. Utilize that technique you learned in 4-1 to get to the next item: go around the catwalk so you're looking north off a gap between two parts of the walk. Run straight off and pray or something and you should've grabbed onto the other side. Pull yourself up and grab the HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Go back and into that room and have Janzen install the frequency hopper. In my game, the code was 541, FYI. Go back to the UN base and enter the code. UNLOCKED ITEM: M16A2 HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 ----------------------PART 4-3: THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE----------------------- Okay, to start off, I'll be quite honest with you: I am not too good at this level. With that said, let's go. To start off, turn on your EDSU goggles and look to the left through the bars. Move around a bit until you see the DU container in the back. Shoot it. Turn around and head down the path. Go through the door, down the stairs, and open the door. Quickly, backpedal, take out your sniper, and zoom in over the pipe. If you're fast, you can headshot the enemy on the other side of the pipes before he turns around and sees you. Anyway, take him out. I will write this guide assuming you didn't manage to maintain stealth, since I had a hard time killing him before he saw me. Anyway, a guy will show up about where the first enemy was, and another will come around and pretty much run right up to where you are. Take them both out and move on. Be careful where you step, since in this level, there are a LOT of shells lying on the ground. Take advantage of this as you go around the first set of pipes. Above you on the walkway to the west is a guy shooting you (it's weird though, sometimes he wasn't there), and there happens to be a shell near him. Of course, there's a shell near you, too, so be wary. Keep moving until you reach the other side of the warehouse. You will go up a ladder, but first, shoot the shell up there. You'll be glad you did. Next, go east of the ladder. Around the corner from it is another DU container. Shoot it and go up the ladder. When you do, two guys will pop up, but near them is a shell for you to shoot. Now, I could be wrong, but on the other side of the blockade of planks near you is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. I say I could be wrong because I kinda found it before I went through and wrote this guide, so when I went back to writing, the evidence was gone, so I'm having to go off memory. It's on top of one of those circular thingies, I think. Anyway, go around to the objective. Right by it is a flak jacket and a medkit. Also, if you climb up on those barrels, you can mess with the camera and see outside the level a little bit. Take care of the objective... Dammit, Kress is the mole. When you can move again, get away from your current position and move to the crate right next to you. This will give you much more protection, although you will be popping up instead of to the left or right. Something like seven or eight enemies will rush at you via zipline. Once you take them out and head back a little, two more enemies will come down the zipline and one will pop out on the ground. Take them all out and go down the ladder. Go back around the pipes and two enemies on the ground will come out and one on the walkway above will shoot. Some of these battles will be tough since there isn't much cover here. Anyway, go back to the UN tent. From where the game puts you next, go and open the door, then take cover by it. A few enemies should pop out, and I would suggest shooting them from afar. After that's done, climb over the wreckage to the west of you and follow your path until you get to the conveniently-positioned ramp. Go up and two more enemies will pop out. Shoot them. Now, go over to them and turn east. Go to the very edge of the walkway and pick up the HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Go back and through the doorway. There's a flak jacket on the crate. Around the corner is a crate with a medkit on it. Continue down the hall and open the door. There are three enemies out here. See if you can lure them close to the shells and blow dem up. Eliminate them or whatever and move into this new area. There's a Magical Bucket o' Ammo right in front of the door, so take advantage. Behind a crate to the north is a DU container, so take it out. Move along. Once you get to the second huge crate, two ground enemies and one walkway enemy will show up to have you kill them. Now, turn around and shoot the DU container that's sitting by the door to the north. JAdvance a little more and two more people will pop out, shoot them. Now, again to the north, there's the final DU container. Shoot it. Go up the ladder and shoot the guys that come out of the door to the east of you. Go down the path a little until there's an RTL line above you. Use it to cross, and shoot the two guys that attack you. Now, go to the next RTL line and cross, and shoot the three (?) guys that jump out at you, including one out of the door due east of your position, from which you have no cover, so be ready to shoot him. Crouch and cross the plank. Over here is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE on the guy's body and a bad ass gun of some sort (the AU300 H-BAR, which I strongly advise you to pick up). Go back and go around north. Once you're there, turn right (you probably won't want to be turning left) and climb up the crate. Now, face the wall and climb again. Shimmy to the right around the corner. Drop and go through the door. There's a medkit on the crate around the corner. Continue down the hall, pick up the flak jacket, and go through the door and down the stairs. Level clear. UNLOCKED ITEM: M4 CARBINE HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 SECOND OBJECTIVE: There's another objective you can fill on 4-3 on hard mode: blow up all those shells/mini-warheads/whatever you want to call them. I won't fill you in on their exact positions, since they're all pretty easy to find - just use your EDSU goggles often. Thanks to daBIONICredneck for this info. UNLOCKED ITEM: SMAW ANTI-TANK -------------------------PART 4-4: THE TROJAN HORSE-------------------------- You start the level crouched behind a crate, but you have cover and the two idiots in front of you don't use theirs. That, and they positioned themselves next to a pile of bang. Shoot the shell in between the two and make them fly. Hey, you destroy two DU containers in the process. Take out the next wave of two soldiers. The next group will be three-strong, but as long as you're patient and stick to the one spot you start in, you'll be fine. The next two have ****ing rocket launchers, so this will be interesting. From the spot you're in, you can have a shot at the one to the east's head, so take it. To get the other one, I suggest getting a fully automatic weapon and pretty much locking on and shooting him, but go out in the open and remain moving. If you're patient, I also think you can make him run out of rockets. Next up is Kress. Take out that bigass gun you've had and empty it out on him. It shouldn't be too hard, he sucks. Next up... Aw ****. Yeah, this can be interesting. Turn around and haul ass into the truck bed. In here is a SMAW Anti-Tank. Hey, you're fighting a tank right now... This could be useful! Now, I could be wrong, but I think the truck bed is essentially a magical safe zone, so if you need to catch your breath, here is the place. Turn on your EDSU goggles and check out the tank. There should be three big yellow spots: one on the front and one on each side. I suggest first rushing to the right, taking careful aim (you can zoom in with [L]) and shooting the weak point on the tank's east side. Now, you're out of rockets. Fortunately, there's an (Especially) Magical Bucket o' Ammo in the truckbed. Stock up, and then rush out to the left and try to shoot the tank's west weak point. Run back to your truckbed. At this point, I think that two enemies will show up. Pick your bad ass sniping type gun up and back up a little. Make sure that you still have the truck in between you and the tank, and then zoom in and kill the two enemies. If you want to risk it, there's some health and flak jacket off to your left, but I would focus on the tank, personally. Pop out and take out the front weak point of the tank (I saved it for last because it's the easiest), and the mission is done. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: N/A OVERALL EPISODE HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 9/9 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EPISODE 5: ROOT OF ALL EVIL - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------------------------PART 5-1: FIST FULL OF RUBLES------------------------ Note that the loading screen mentions an MI6 agent with the last name of Powers... Heh. Also notice the prostitute being led into the building... Double heh. Alright, on to business. Wait until the guy further away is turned away and the guy closer to you is out of the spotlight and then headshot. Next, run up and take cover behind the big statue in the middle of the courtyard. Wait for this guard to be out of the spotlight and then headshot him. Now, turn around and look east and way up. Shoot the spotlight. In the northeast corner of this courtyard is a dead body with HIDDEN EVIDENCE. In the southeast corner is a ladder. Go up it when the light's not on it and jump to the balcony. Go to the other end and get Lian into the security system. This is handy. Wait for and use your chance to go back down the ladder and into the building. Close the doors behind you. Be warned: this level has a fair amount of tripmines. Anyway, pick up the health pack by the desk and shoot the tripmine at the top of the stairs, and then go up. A guy will come around the corner, so shoot him. Another one will follow him into death. Leave this room. To disable the metal detector, turn on your EDSU goggles and shoot the switch that's on the far wall. Go through the now-disabled metal detector and into the big stair area. Back out and take cover, because no less than four guards will attack, and two more will show up after them. Take out the entire troop by using cover. Go around to the hallway behind the stairs and you'll find some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Also, on the north side of the stair is a flak jacket. Go up the stairs until you hear the sound of troops and then get the hell back down and take some cover. I believe a total of five enemies will attack, with three rushing and two staying back. Once they're done, then you're home free for a little while. Go up the stairs and through the door to the northeast. Go through another door and shoot the man waiting for you. Now, take cover and peek around the corner with your EDSU goggles on. There are three enemies, but you can take out two (maybe three) of them simply by shooting the tripmine that they happen to be standing near. There are two tripmines in this hall, so make sure they're gone before you advance. Go past the former mines and into the room. Behind the pillow on the west side of the bed is a Bad Ass Sniping Pistol, a weapon that you would do well to pick up. In the next room, there's a medkit on the north wall, and a fingerprint sample on the laptop. Head back through where the tripmines were and take the door on your left. Go through, and pick up the HIDDEN EVIDENCE between the dresser wardrobe thing and the cabinet. Outside on the balcony is the security chief and a guard, but both are taken down with easy headshots. Go out on the balcony, pass the prostitute, and go in the window. Inside are a medkit, a flak jacket, and that security card you've been looking for. Go through the door. You're back in the mined hallway. Go back to the big stairway area. As you enter this area, there's a guy opposite you that will be an easy kill. Go down the stairs and use the keycard on the door. As you do, the bad guys kill an innocent. In retaliation, Gabe publicly embarrasses them by doing a simple roll technique and shooting them both. No more mission. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 ----------------------------PART 5-2: BLOOD MONEY---------------------------- *note: this mission confounds me greatly. When I play it in Story mode, I start with a million people shooting at me, but in Mission mode, I start with stealth and no one aware of my position (well, sometimes I start with the enemies alerted to where I am. It's weird). Anyway, I'll try to accommodate both sides here. If you see a path that doesn't apply to you, just skip until it says REJOIN or something. PATH A: YOU GOT STEALTH YAY Alright, you're going to patiently wait in your current position without peaking out or anything for a little while. One of the two guards will walk over to near you, but they won't find you unless you peak out, so don't. Once he stops like a foot from where you are, pop his head with the Mark 23. Now, aim carefully at the other guy and take care of him. Go into the library area and pull out your gas darts. Look into the hallway using your IR darts and you'll see a guard. Strafe around until you've got an angle, and then shoot him. Alright, things are now awesome and happy. Look at the third bookcase from the left on the west wall. Notice how there's a gap between it? Yeah, you can open it and sneak up behind Yavlinsky. However, sometimes I can't seem to find the command to open it. If you have the same problems, then... SUBPATH 1: AWESOME YOU OPENED IT Go through this room into the room with the big table and the flies. On this table is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Grab it and move into the next room. Dispatch Yavlinsky quickly, because that man's gun will cause some serious damage. Pick it up after he's dead, it's going to be better than anything you've got right now. Alright, now go back out into the library. From here, go out the door into the hall. There are three tripmines in this hall. If you want to move down it at all (which you do) then disarm them. I suggest doing so by walking right up to them (obviously to the side, not through their trip wire thing) and doing the subsequent command to disable them. Note that an enemy will come out when you approach the third tripmine. Go back to the beginning of the hall by where the first tripmine was, and skip over subpath 2 until we get back to where the paths rejoin. SUBPATH 2: YOU'RE ONLY HUMAN, YOU COULDN'T OPEN IT I'm totally serious when I say some days I just can't open this freaking secret door, so don't worry if you're the same. Go out into the hall. There are three tripmines here, as well as one Yavlinsky waiting for you to walk past so he can shoot you (I'm hinting here: after you disarm the first tripmine, get ready for a quick firefight). If you want to move down it at all (which you do) then disarm them. I suggest doing so by walking right up to them (obviously to the side, not through their trip wire thing) and doing the subsequent command to disable them. There, no shots taken, and now you've got a few tripmines to have fun with. Anyway, once you've disarmed the first, snap to the wall and move towards the door to the north. Yavlinsky is in here. Use your IR goggles to determine exactly where if you need to. Anyway, a headshot will kill him, so go for that. Inside here is the command center kinda thing. Pick up Yavlinsky's gun and head through the north door into the next room. On the table is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Now, head back out into the hall that you started in and disarm the rest of the tripmines, taking caution that a guard will come out when you get close to the last tripmine. Once that's done, go back to where you disarmed the first tripmine. SUBPATH 1 AND 2 REJOIN Alright, from here, move down the hall again. Keep going until there's a window type thing to your left. Around it is an enemy. Kill him and climb over. In one of the coat's pockets is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Go back to where that first tripmine was. PATH B: WTF HOW DID THEY KNOW YOU WERE THERE Considering how this one starts, I get the feeling that stealth kills will be rare. Anyway, there's two guys kinda close to you and one farther back, but they're all easy kills. After you go in the library room, another guy will pop out from down the hall, but he's still pretty sucky. Leave the library and run look around the corner with your EDSU goggles. There are two people here that are close to tripmines, so shoot the mines and kill them. Move forward - to your left is a security room. Yavlinsky is in it, and he has a good gun. Peak around and headshot him before he can damage you with it, and then pick the AU300 up. Go into the room that the security room connects to and pick up the HIDDEN EVIDENCE on the table. Turn around and head back out into the hall. There's another tripmine and an enemy to your right, so take them out (maybe both at once hint hint hint). Keep going until you hit the coat closet-looking area to the left. There's a guy here. Climb over into the coat area and kill him. In one of the coats is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Now that you've got that, go back to where the first tripmine was. PATHS A AND B REJOIN Over here is a door locked by a keypad. The code is 415. That should be the only code, it's the only one I've ever seen anyone get for this, and I've played through this level a lot. If it somehow doesn't work, to get the right code, play through on Mission mode and make sure you start out with and maintain stealth. When you approach Yavlinsky's office, you'll hear him say it. Anyway, go through the door, through the hall, up the stairs, etc. until you've got a door to the west and a safe to the east. The code for the safe is 919 (that one's found on a calculator in the room Yavlinsky was in. Yeah, stupid, I know). Get the HIDDEN EVIDENCE and go through the door. In here is a medkit and the listening devices - grab them and open the other door (the one that you didn't come in). Alright, there's a guy right by you. If you've kept stealth this far, I wouldn't expect to keep it. When you first get up top, I counted around six enemies. Once you go downstairs, three or four pop out, including a few on the level above you. Once you've dealt with everyone, turn on your EDSU goggles and follow the pulsing items to find the MI6 devices. Grab them and go back to the room where you killed Yavlinsky and complete the objective at the laptop. Once that's done, you'll find... trouble. These guys in suits are pretty tough. DO NOT AIM FOR THE HEAD! They don't take damage from headshots. Aim for the legs if you can; if not, aim for the chest. Just don't waste your ammo trying to shoot them in the head. Anyway, you'll start with two of them alerted to your presence. Look around the statue thing and kill them both. I don't think you can headshot them, just so you know. Anyway, I suggest using the AU300 for this part. Leave this hall and two more will attack. Kill them and move past the coats into the main grand hall thing. Go in and back the **** out again, because four-ish enemies will start shooting. Body shot them all and go to the front door to the east and leave. Mission over. Thanks to Vienc Samsuki for a whole lot of help in identifying the hidden evidence that I was missing in this mission. HIDDEN EVIDENCE: 3/3 OVERALL EPISODE HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 6/6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EPISODE 6: TOUCHSTONE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - *Note: I said this before, but it bears repeating: the guys with helmets on their heads will take no damage from headshots. Also, they wear flak jackets, so they won't take much to the chest. What does this leave? The legs, of course. Always aim at the legs with those guys. If you see a regular joe enemy, still go for headshots, though. -------------------------PART 6-1: MEETING WITH FATE------------------------- There's a sniper directly in front of you on the rooftop way far off, so shoot him before he can do much to you. Next, to the southwest on the roof above you is another sniper. Go down the ladder. To the west is a Magical Bucket o' Ammo, but I don't know why you'd need it. Anyway, just to warn you now, this is probably the hardest mission in the game. To the east is a little gate thing. Shoot the yellow lock and go down. Head north along this to the very end, and there'll be some HIDDEN EVIDENCE to your left. Now, head all the way south on this little outcrop of the building and follow it around the corner. You'll reach a dead end where the stairs cut you off... or so you thought, but we'll get to that. First, take out the enemies that rush out below you - I suggest using the explosive darts on the MB-150, since the enemies have a tendency to clump together. Now, basically walk slowly backwards off the edge and you'll be hanging. Now, shimmy along to the south until you get to a square section with a worker in an orange suit's body on it. Get up there and pick up his key card and flak jacket. A guy will pop out to the west on the path below you, but you've got the higher ground... Yeah. Don't go down the ladder; instead, follow the path you're on and climb over the pipe. Keep going until you hit another turn; now, there's another sniper shooting you. He's up on the tallest part of the building northwest of you. Shoot him, and then shoot the two people that show up below you. If you can't get an angle, wait and they'll come out to where you can hit them. Now, stay where you are... There's a corner cut out of the wall behind you, and in it is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Go back to the ladder that you didn't climb down and this time, do climb down. Go west and around the corner until you're off that suspended pathway and onto some solid ground. You should've picked up the Sweeper 12-gauge. This weapon is a scary-good shotgun. Alright, in front of you are two guys that are resistant to headshots, but not to body shots from a huge big powerful shotgun, so shoot them. Next, behind you and WAY up is a sniper, so kill him and you won't have to deal with any more. On the north wall is a medkit. Go around the corner and to the north you'll see a ladder. Go up it and jump onto the yellow platform. Face east and climb up to the next platform, and then to the pole thing. Shimmy to the right and around the corner, and then get off. Go around to the east and you should see some crates that appear to be in a perfect climbable position. Back up a little and look up with your EDSU goggles. Behind the railing is some thing that sticks out. Shoot it. Now, go up the crates and through the newly-opened gate. Turn back around, because three anti-headshot enemies are attacking you. Snipe them or something and then go back to business. To the north is an M67 grenade and a medkit. Now, at the farthest west point in the railing on the level you're on is a gate, so shoot the lock off and go down where it leads. Head to the farthest west point on the... thing you're on and pick up the HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Go east and jump down to the yellow platform and head down the ladder. This next part is kinda lame and annoying, FYI. Have your crosshairs at a position ready for a headshot and strafe around the corner. The cutscene will happen first, but do it once it's over. Aim carefully for the captor's head, but don't get too close or take too long. This is hard and you will probably fail a few times. Here's a tip: go around the corner quickly but don't get close. The enemy's head will pop out from behind the hostage's and pop back in. Aim where the head was, and shoot it the next time it comes out. Once you've succeeded, use the keycard to open the door. Another tip, submitted by L3TUC3, is to use your EDT to shock the hostage (make sure it actually shocks him though, pulling back early will be useless). The enemy will drop the hostage and rush at you. He's got a Sweeper, so I hope you've got a good way of countering that. I would only suggest this if you can't use the first strategy, since you can lose a sizable amount of health with this method. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 SECOND OBJECTIVE: Get 15 headshots on hard mode to unlock the AK-47 for mission mode. Thanks to Neoomegakupo for this. UNLOCKED ITEM: AK-47 ---------------------------PART 6-2: INTO THE ABYSS-------------------------- Alrighty, you start out hiding, with no enemies alerted to your presence. Take the time to use the IR goggles to observe where your enemies are (especially the one to the east and up). Stay exactly where you are and check the enemy movement. If one is walking towards you, wait until he walks as far as he goes and then turns around, and then jump out with your knife and kill the guy that's been right by you the whole time. Then take cover again, because you probably will blow your cover here. Actually, what I did here was pull out my MB-150's explosive darts and land one right by where the two enemies had converged... I'd suggest that if they happen to be right next to eachother. Anyway, on that south wall, there's two tripmines which you could easily use to your advantage if you need to. If you can't count, when you start, there should be exactly three people on your level, plus one that is behind a wall and a ways off. Once you alert the guards to your presence, one more will pop up on the level below you and the one above you will start shooting. Take out the three on your level first. Next, I'd suggest leaving your cover a little and shooting the one that's through the window to the east of where you started. If you've been following my guide perfectly, you should have a Sweeper 12-gauge, which is what I would suggest using for this kill. At this point, take out the guy below you, which will be easy. Now, for the guy above you... He can be hard, so I propose that you take the easy way out and shoot an explosive dart up there that'll hit him. Now, once you've gone all the way over to where the tripmines were, a final guy will pop out on the other side of the level you're on. Kill him and advance out of this area and into a hallway type thing. In here, you'll face two more helmeted enemies. One rushed at me, but that might not happen with you. At this point, they shouldn't be a problem. Now, keep going until THE FLOOR EXPLODES IN FRONT OF YOU BAM. Ummm, yeah. When this happens, run over to the ledge and from there to the ladder. Go down the ladder and shoot the lock on the hatch of the elevator. This next HIDDEN EVIDENCE is tough, and you probably won't survive the run to get it, but oh well. Drop down into the elevator pod thing, it's in a corner. Use your EDSU goggles if you need to. Try and climb back out, but I doubt you'll make it. Anyway, if you do survive (or if you grab it and die), then just get back on top of the elevator and get off at this next stop. Once you're back on safe ground, take care of the guy that's probably shooting you. There's a bunch more where he came from. Around the corner is another two or three enemies, and (this was weird, okay?) it seemed like more would just pop out the door every time I killed one. Note that one of the enemies will drop a Desert Sniper, so pick that up. However, don't use ANY of the ammo up, save it for the later fight. Also, the door in this hallway that goes north (not the one that the tourists went into, the other one) has some HIDDEN EVIDENCE and an M67 grenade. Look at that urinal, thing's made out of stone or something. Anyway, leave the bathroom. Open the door to the south and get ready for a stream of around seven or so enemies, including two that shoot from the next level up. Conserve ammo and use cover and you'll take care of it. Also, abuse the IR goggles to know when there are more enemies coming. Take them out and move into the big area with the large ceiling. Yeah, you were at the top of this earlier. In the plant closest to the door you just came out of is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Pick that up and leave this area. In this first corner of the hallway, there's only two enemies. However, once the hallway turns to the east again, you'll face another steady stream of five or so guards. Once everything's clear, keep going. Before you leave the hallway, grab the medkit and flak jacket near the end if you need either. Alright, it's boss fight time. This fight can take a little while. First of all, you don't have a sniper rifle, and he does. However, remember that Desert Sniper I told you to grab? Yeah, use it. One tip that I received from Jethro1984 was... Hell, I'll just quote it directly. He says: "I did however, find a good way to put Touchstone's body armor to almost 0 right from the beginning. Take the M67 grenade you grabbed in the bathroom (provided you still have it) and huck it at the door area on his platform while he's nearer that end. Touchstone will run toward the grenade and it will explode, removing almost all of his body armor." It's a good idea, I'd suggest following it. Anyway, there's a medkit and a flak jacket in the back corner and a flak jacket under one of the platforms that Touchstone stays on. Every now and then, the gondola will come around, and there will be two enemies on it. They'll alternate between carrying SSP 90s and Sweeper 12 gauges. Obviously, you'll want to keep appropriate distance from the Sweepers. Anyway, my only suggestion is to use cover and eat down Touchstone's health and shields until he's gone. However, whenever a new gondola of soldiers arrives, make them your top priority, since they can hurt you pretty bad if left unnoticed. Also, stay moving, because every now and then, Touchstone will fire one of the special darts, and it could kill you if you're not careful. Anyway, good luck. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 OVERALL EPISODE HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 6/6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EPISODE 7: SINGULARITY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This is the final episode. You know what that means: serious business. *note (important, thus justifying caps): DON'T USE EDT DARTS UNTIL YOU REALLY NEED TO (you'll see what I mean) ----------------------------PART 7-1: RED SECTION---------------------------- Start the mission by following Lian. When you reach the forklift, go over to the cab thing and raise it. Now, climb up after Lian and up to the top of the truck. Boost Lian up. This next part is actually fairly exhilarating. Basically, there will be a bunch of people shooting at Lian, and you are tasked with killing them. It's very hard to keep all of this action straight in a walkthrough, but it's not terribly difficult to figure out anything. Know that no enemy will shoot you unless you shoot them first, so headshots will be handy. A few enemies will pop out on the ground level, but that just makes them an easier kill. I guess you could use darts here if you want, it's your call. After you've taken everyone out (which takes a minute or two), then you're on your own again. Look to the south and you'll see a number - this signifies an objective (the number refers to how far away you are). Go over to this guard and pick up his key card. Now, go back to the forklift from earlier. East of the forklift and a little north is another truck. There's a small space between the truck's wheels and a crate - a space that you can crawl through. Once you're on the other side, you'll see a door in the truck that's wide open. In here is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Now, go back out the truck's main doors and head east to the guard station. Use the keycard to open the door and grab the grenade on the desk. Now, activate the crane with the switch on the wall. Go over to where the crane is and grab on. Use [SELECT] to move the crane, and then drop onto a safe spot on top of the crates. From here, use the RTL to get to the truck. Go down in the hole and go to the objective. Alright, when they come out, climb back up through the hole in the truck that you came through. From here, the enemies won't see you as long as you stay crouched and don't make loud shots. Pull out something silenced and take out the two enemies closest to you. For the third, if you need to, don't be afraid to go all out as long as you kill them quickly. One of them is carrying a Sweeper 12 Gauge, and I recommend you grab it. Once they're all down, go to where they came from and go up the ladder. Now, get behind a crate. If you're good, you can pull a stealth kill here on this guy. If it isn't stealth, then only one more guy will come at you, no biggie. Note that shooting these wooden crates kinda destroys them. Now, go over by the door, but don't go through it. The wooden crate to the north is covering a vent. Now, for the purpose of air circulation, blow that crate to pieces. Now, shoot the lock off the vent and go in. When you leave the vent, the first inlet to your right contains HIDDEN EVIDENCE, and the second contains a Magical Bucket o' Ammo and a switch. Use both. Go back out the vent and into the door. To your right are two fans: one that's broken and one that's turning very slowly. Crouch and crawl through without getting SLICED UP BY THE DEADLY FAN ZOMG. When you get to the other side, run to the crate thing as quickly as possible and pull out your Sweeper. Six or so enemies will run at you, but you have a shotgun and cover and they don't. Kick their asses. If you need some environmental kills, a little down the hall is a switch. This switch will turn their favorite camp point into a death trap. Shoot it for sexy results, but make sure to hit it again when you want to cross. Go out the doors until you hit the outdoors and turn on your EDSU goggles. See that thing on top of the crates? Note its position. You're going to be grabbing that soon. Go down the AZL. This boss can be easy, but you've got business to attend to first. Run around the truck (obviously away from the boss). There's a pile of crates on the other side. Climb up and grab the HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Now, climb back down and go around to within attacking range of the boss. First, shoot him with an EDT dart and use it. When he freaks out and falls over, pull out your Sweeper and kick his ass with it. Rinse and repeat if needed. Once he's gone, mission over. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 -----------------------------PART 7-2: DROWNING------------------------------ Wow, another mission as Lian. This'll be different. Anyway, start the mission on a high note by knifing the three guards here and taking their Desert Snipers. Head out the door and around the hall and shoot the two enemies to the west. I'm not sure how to get stealth kills on them, since all of your weapons up to now will be unsilenced. I guess you could do it in Mission Mode. Grab the flak jacket if you need, and keep going until you trigger the cutscene. This is part can be one hell of a challenge. Alright, you've got to not only be careful, but thorough and quick as well. First, take care of the two enemies to the northeast and the one down to the northwest. Now, drop onto the walkway and run across. Once you're a little past half way across, two enemies will come out of the door on the other side. There are two explosive canisters by them; if you shoot one, it will probably kill both. Get over there and climb up. Through the doorway-type thing here on the back wall is a medkit which I suggest you grab. Come back out and take the AZL down. When you touch down, go through the door. There is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE on both computer desks, and there's a flak jacket in the corner. Grab it all and go back out. Run to the northern edge of the platform and take the RTL to the other side. As you're going across, an enemy will come out in front of you, but you can probably take him out before you even hit the ground again. Touch down and take out the enemy to the north and the two to the south. Then, go down the ladder. Head around to the other side of the pool type area and descend. Once you get to the bottom, follow the wall around to the two pumps. Turn them off. Alright, now, take out the guard that's behind you first. On the other side of the stairs that Blake went up is a flak jacket if you need it. I reccomend running back up the ramp as fast as you can instead of sitting at the bottom here, so run up. Try and take out the people you get close to, but don't zoom in until you're out of the pool area and on equal ground with the enemies, since zooming will just slow you down. Head around to the northern edge of this big circle once you've killed everyone and go through the doorway. There's a medkit and a flak jacket here. However, if you run to get the flak jacket, you'll trigger the enemies-coming-out part, so be careful. There is a guy with special magical armor and a bunch of grunts. I suggest taking the grunts out until the special guy is all alone, then slamming him with EDT darts and the Desert Sniper. I learned the hard way that explosive darts won't damage him even if his armor's gone, FYI. If you run out of EDT darts, there's also a Magical Bucket o' Ammo and some EMP grenades if you move up a little (ammo on the left, grenades on the right). Move on when you're ready. This part of the mission follows the classic "if you shoot the monitor, the whole computer's blowed up" video game cliche. Take out the computers up by you, and then shoot out the window at whatever else you can before the enemies start assaulting you. If you're feeling lazy, you can just chuck an EMP grenade or two, that will incapacitate a large portion of the computers, just be sure to not use up too many or you might have trouble with the enemies with the special magical glowing purple armor things (thanks to Kevin Guan for that EMP tip). If you can, leave one computer near you for later, you'll see why. Just so you know, up by your position is a flak jacket, a medkit, and more EMP grenades. Only four or so enemies will attack, and as long as you use cover appropriately, you'll be fine. If you're having trouble picking out the enemies among the scenery, use the IR goggles. Anyway, start shooting the rest of the computers once it's clear, but try to do so from the safety of the top room, because once you've shot all the ones in this room (leaving three), two more enemies and one more EM armor guy will run in. Again, stay up above. This time, you'll probably have to use EMP grenades, but there's a stock up here, so you'll be fine. Once that's done, run to the farthest-north computer on the bottom level; there's some HIDDEN EVIDENCE on the desk. Now, go through the doors and take out the final computers. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 ---------------------------PART 7-3: EVENT HORIZON-------------------------- Alright, immediately crouch and move to below the window. Stay out of sight of the guy in the other room. As soon as you're given the option, press [SELECT] to have Lian attack him and then move to the back of the hallway you're in so there's no chance of the guard seeing you. Once Lian's opened the doors, snap to the doorway and peak around into the hallway. There should be a guard that comes out. Take him out stealthily. Now, on the computer terminal-looking thing to the south is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Okay, turn on your IR goggles. You should see a guard a little ways down the hall and around a corner. Snap to a wall and wait for him to stop within range of you, and then strike. Take him out. Again with your IR goggles, spot the next guy. Sneak up to striking range from him and kill him. You should be maintaining stealth still at this point. Head west to where that last guard was - to the left on another computer thing is more HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Get into the elevator and activate it. Alright, the guy in front of you is best taken out by meleeing him. Specifically, melee him from behind and see what happens. Let this be a warning to you, alright? Now, you're going to have to run out as soon as the centrifuge passes and sprint to the right until you reach a notch in the wall that you can hide in. Continue around in this fashion until you reach a door. Note that the last two runs can be very difficult, and you'll have to start running the millisecond the centrifuge passes and run in a straight line to the next notch. Anyway, once you reach the doorway, go in. Three enemies will run at you from the ramp to your right. However, remember that you should have a Sweeper 12 Gauge and they don't (you'll have it if you've been following the walkthrough, at least). Now, pull out a precise weapon like the Mark 23 and get ready for another hostage situation. Down the hall to the right at the top of the ramp is where the hostage is, and it's Blake. Same game plan as last time: wait for the hostage taker's head to pop out to the left of the hostage, and shoot the face off him. Once that's done, a cutscene will trigger. God, Blake is annoying. Okay, this part is weird, and I can't really figure out if there's any rhyme or reason to things. You'll have to figure out which server to put Blake at and which to put yourself at. I just had to do trial and error, but it might be useful if you use your EDSU goggles... I don't know. I'll just put what worked for me. First, walk up to the server things on the right of the main console and use [SELECT] to order Blake to press it. Go to the servers on the other side and activate them. Now, on the back wall is basically the same setup, so do the same thing. Robot-voice will tell you that the controls are active, so go up to that main console and use it. Now, you have to defend Lian from an onslaught of Red Section baddies. Now, there will be three or four waves of baddies attacking Lian, so pull out your sniper and kill them. After that's done, wait until she says she's out of the blast zone and turn the centrifuge back on again to splatter two Red Section guys. Now, time things so that the centrifuge is right by where Lian was at the exact time that you press [SELECT]. Once that's done, in the back of this room, there's a flak jacket and M82 BFG, two items that you should grab. Go back out into the centrifuge area and go over to the end chunk of the centrifuge that blew off. There's some HIDDEN EVIDENCE here. Now go through the hole that was once a door. You'll see a ramp; take cover to the left right before it, by the chest. In that chest is some EMP grenades that you will want. Now then, time to take care of the two (!) EM armor baddies. Use the grenades to take their shields off when you run out of EDT darts. DO YOUR BEST NOT TO LOSE HEALTH. Anyway, once you've taken their shields off, pull out the M82 and you should be able to kill in two shots per enemy. Grab the keycard off one of them and use it to go through the door to the right. Cheesy dialogue time, and then the mission's over. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 ----------------------------PART 7-4: Matter's End--------------------------- Alright, final battle FTW. This battle can be tough, but it'll provide you with good practice with the SSP 90. Just as clarification, here's the weapons I hope you have: -Mark 23 SD -M82 BFG -SSP 90 -MB-150 -EMP Grenade -also, I suggest having the IR goggles on pretty much the whole time -finally, you might want to turn your sensitivity down a little You're going to have to get good at peaking around corners to headshot enemies for this battle. Also, hopefully you'll have a lot of health and flak jacket, because you will be taking a fair amount of damage throughout the battle. I suggest putting the SSP 90 on single-fire mode and then taking cover behind the pillar farthest to the left. You will be fighting Singularity, who has EM armor and a good gun, plus a bunch of Red Section soldiers. However, these soldiers are not the kinds that have helmets, so you'll be able to headshot them. Basically, take cover and pop out to headshot people. Do not pop out unless you're going to kill someone, alright? Occasionally, an enemy will run at you. Let them. If he makes it across without getting run over by a train, then get out of your snap to pillar (but still stay behind it so that the enemies on the other side of the station won't be able to harm you) and kill the guy that ran up to you, preferably with a headshot. The reason you want them to make it to you is they provide much-needed ammo and flak jacket. Picking this stuff up is the only time you should be out in the open right now, although you can use trains as cover for you to go get the ammo/shields if you want to. Anyway, after a while, the enemies will stop coming after you kill them (I'm told that there are only 25 enemies, which seems right, but I haven't confirmed that number exactly). Once you've killed them all, Singularity will become a lot less aggressive, and won't shoot as much. Now that you've killed them all, time to grab the goods. At the north end of your side are some EMP grenades - pick them up, bar none. On the east wall is a flak jacket. Once you've grabbed everything you need, it's time to cross to the middle platform. Dodging trains shouldn't be a problem - they alternate and come about once a minute, so you've got time to cross. Anyway, I suggest crossing to the north side of the middle platform. By the way, the cover that you'll be using here are the three signs that appear to be displaying the train map or something, plus a ticket counter-thing. I hope you know what I mean here. Anyway, at the north side is a chest that will give you the C11, a gun more awesome than the M82 BFG. I would say it's like a fully automatic M82, actually. If you need it, there's a Magical Bucket o' Ammo at the other end of this platform. You're going to be taking down Singularity's shields with EDT darts and EMP grenades, and then shoot him with the C11, got it? Just be sure that you don't take down his shields right before a train comes, that would be a waste. Once you've killed him, the final cutscene will show and the credits will roll. Hint: watch the entire credits, there's a little treat afterwards. SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Just get ten headshots on hard difficulty and you'll unlock the M4 Silenced. UNLOCKED ITEM: M4 SILENCED OVERALL EPISODE HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 9/9 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BONUS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------------------PART B-1: NARBONNE - GOODNIGHT, SWEETHEART----------------- First, look around your room. To the east is an ammo box, down the hall is some ammo for Stone's Rifle, and in the bathroom is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE and a medkit. Now, you're going to shoot the three guards in the order of how far away they are. First, to the northeast, there's a guard. You'll have to stand on the balcony to get an angle on his head. Next, the guard on the roof to the northwest. Make sure you shoot him when the third guard, who is down on the street by the door to Mara's place, is looking away. Take these two out. Next, there will be a bit of a commotion. Elsa, the scientist or whatever, is going to walk a little and then stand still. Don't shoot her, it's not a good idea. Mara will be pacing around. Set up your rifle for a clean headshot on her. Once that happens, Elsa will sprint out the door and down the street... to where she gets run over. Owned. For the other pieces of HIDDEN EVIDENCE, I think you're going to have to play on hard mode and stealthily kill all three of the guards, which is achieved by shooting the first (the one closest to you) through the curtain or something, shooting the second when the third isn't looking, and then shooting the third. I'm not sure, I just noticed once that I'd suddenly gotten the final pieces of evidence. (Hippl five just informed me that that is the case, you'll have to kill them stealthily.) HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 -----------PART B-2: KEMSYTH TOWER - UP A COLUMN WITHOUT A PADDLE------------ This level is very straightforward, so it'll depend less on me telling you what to do and more on your skill. If you're having trouble seeing enemies, use the IR goggles. The level starts with two enemies on the ground, and a third runs in after you kill one of them. Take them out. The next wave is to the east on a platform. Two will run out, use an explosive dart to kill them both. A third will run out through the door facing you. The next wave will be to your left, so go there and take the three out. The next wave is chaos - there's a bunch of guys and it's hard to keep track of them all. Some will climb a ladder, be wary of that. After them, run to the right to take out that wave - there's some guys on the very bottom, and you'll practically have to shoot straight down to kill them. There's one more wave, with the enemies on the same level as you. Kill them, and it's time for the (easy) boss. Just shoot the pack on his back to kill him. SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Beat this mission in under 2:42 to unlock the M249 SAW. UNLOCKED ITEM: M249 SAW -------------PART B-3: SANA YEMEN - TRAPPED IN THE HORNETS NEST-------------- Alright, you're playing as Stone. That means you get that awesome sniper. However, you have virtually no cover, and the only stuff up there on the balcony with you is some Stone's Rifle ammo and a flak jacket. Starting out, there are three enemies in front of you. Take them out. Next, there's a good six or so enemies in the windows and bridge behind where the first ones were. The next bunches of enemies will be to your left. The final group will be to your right. You should be able to get through everybody so far with relative ease, but the next part is HELL. Rockets. They have freaking rockets. You'll have to make rocket-dodging your first priority. The enemy on the left usually shoots first, so when he comes out, try and get a headshot, and then work on dodging his rocket, then dodging the other rocket. Once he's down, take the other one out. That's everyone. Because of how difficult this mission can get, I suggest you bring your best weapons available, like a Jackhammer HE, M82 BFG, etc. SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Beat this mission in under 3:39 to unlock the Shot Defender. UNLOCKED ITEM: SHOT DEFENDER ----------------PART B-4: BANGKOK PART 1 - BIRDS OF A FEATHER---------------- This mission is cool because it coincides with current events... plus it's a cool setting. Let's go. If you aren't doing it for the first time, be sure to bring lots of silenced weapons. Be sure to maintain stealth and watch radar to make sure that you're out of sight when you move (this can make playing through on hard mode difficult). First, turn on your EDSU goggles and look southeast. Shoot the little box thing and move south while staying out of sight and up against the wall. Once you're to the railing, jump up and shimmy west around the outside of the building. When you get down, pay attention to what they say - going too close to the pigeons will reveal you. Shoot an X34 gas dart into the cage - after a while, it should tell you that you've eradicated 5 birds, which is all of the ones in the cage. Note that the birds glow when you look at them with IR goggles, this will be handy later. You're now free to move about. First, move to the western edge of this area and headshot the guard closer to you. Then, turn on your EDSU goggles again and shoot the box to get an environmental kill on the other guy. Now, go and crawl under the easternmost part of the bird cage. Go up the ladder to your left and grab some ammo, and then use the RTL to go east again and drop down where the two guards were. Inside the doorway here is a medkit, which is always handy. Go and climb up to the walkway on the eastern edge of the big sign in front of you, and then fall back ASAP. For the next little while, you're going to be using stuff like X34 darts to take out enemies silently and IR goggles and radar to spot them. First, you'll be using the billboard for cover. Take out the one to the west by shooting him with a gas dart when he stops at the building corner and then detonating when the other guard looks away. Now, you're home free on the other one - just make sure you don't miss whatever shot you take. When he's down, go back up to the walkway and follow it, then take the RTL across to the other building. Now, duck down behind the chimney or whatever that is, and get ready to hit the guard to the west. Make sure that when you pop out and shoot, the other guard isn't looking - it doesn't matter when you kill him, though. Once that's done, wait for the other security guard to stop and kill him. Now, go back across the RTL path. Go to the edge of this walkway right before you drop back onto the roof and look directly north at the top of the building in front of you with your IR goggles - there's a pigeon, so kill it. Now, right behind the sign, on the farthest-east point is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Turn around and go to the back wall to the north. You see the little outcrop to the right, around the corner? Either do some slick running or some jumping from below to get up there, and grab some more HIDDEN EVIDENCE. Now, head east again and take that RTL you took from the ammo box, only this time, go as far west as you can go on it. Use your IR goggles to shoot the pigeon behind the sign. Head back to a safe landing zone, and go back across on that RTL that goes between buildings. On your way over, look at the top of the sign slightly to the left with the big smiling lady and shoot the pigeon on top of it. Drop down when you reach the other side and look west at the arrow pointing down and right. On top of that is another pigeon. On a balcony to the left and a little up from that sign is the final pigeon. Head over to the RTL at the end of this pathway. Take the RTL and instead of going across, look down and try to land on that balcony below you. Position yourself so that you're sure you won't miss, since this RTL is kinda funky and takes some tussling to work right. Anyway, drop and pick up the flak jacket, then climb up the wall and shimmy around to the left. Pick up the HIDDEN EVIDENCE and go back the way you came. Jump back up to the RTL and go down it. Go through the doors to end the mission. HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 ----------------PART B-5: BANGKOK PART 2 - JIMMY ZHOU'S ARMY----------------- First, headshot the two enemies shooting at you. Immediately after, run down the hall to the left - at the end is some HIDDEN EVIDENCE and a flak jacket, plus there's some Mark 23 SD ammo in the kitchen. Go back to where you started and turn on your IR goggles. By now, it's possible that an enemy will have advanced up to your position. Anyway, go through the door to the west. As soon as you do, look at the vase directly to your left - it's some HIDDEN EVIDENCE. However, if anyone shoots it, it's gone, so you better grab the evidence fast. Anyway, take some cover and prepare for an onslaught of five-ish enemies. One will be carrying a Desert Express, a gun that is INCREDIBLY powerful, so be careful. Moving along... In a doorway to your right a little ways up is a flak jacket. Keep going... Around the corner is another bunch of enemies. Grab the Desert Express and use it for instant kills, and when it runs out, go back and grab what you were using before. There are like ten people in total to kill in this portion. Once you get a checkpoint, you'll have reached the next phase. Keep going east. When you turn a corner, there's a guy with a ****ing chain gun. Take him out as quickly as you can, since that can do a lot of damage. Now, the first doorway on your right will hold some HIDDEN EVIDENCE (found on the elevator, actually) and another flak jacket. Also, grab the key from the guy with the chain gun. Head down to the end of the hall and use the IR goggles to spot through the door where Zhou is. Prepare for a hostage situation of three seconds. I can't really give you any advice apart from the standard "shoot his face when it pops out". HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 3/3 OVERALL CHAPTER HIDDEN EVIDENCE COUNT: 9/9 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission Mode ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- First of all, some general tips... they should be obvious, but I still will put them here. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GENERAL TIPS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1. ONLY USE STEALTH WHEN YOU NEED TO The only time you should ever go for stealth is if you're going for stealth kills (obviously) or if you're going for survival and won't if you unleash a torrent of enemies. When going for knife or dart kills or headshots, the more enemies, the better, since that just means more kills for you. In fact, I sometimes like to do something like miss a shot on purpose just to alert guards to my presence. 2. DON'T TRY AND USE LOUD WEAPONS STEALTHILY It won't work too well. The weapons you should be using are either the various silenced weapons (Mark 23 SD, TEK-9 Silenced, Silenced .44, and that one MDS variant, off the top of my head) or the X34 gas darts in your sniper, plus the K-BAR combat knife. 3. FOR HEADSHOTS, AIM WHERE THEIR HEADS WILL GO What I mean here is when an enemy is popping in and out around a corner, aim for where their head is going to go and then shoot when they pop out. After a while, you'll get to the point where you know where their head will go without needing to see it first. 4. FOR DART KILLS, MULTIPLE ENEMY KILLS = GOOD I don't ever really do this for gas darts, and for EDT darts this doesn't even work, but with explosive darts, you can and should kill multiple enemies with a single dart, especially if you haven't gotten the extra dart bonuses yet. Enemies like to clump together, and you should take advantage. 5. FOR ENVIRONMENTAL KILLS, EDSU GOGGLES ARE YOUR FRIEND Most things that you can use to kill someone environmentally will glow yellow through the EDSU goggles. If you're having trouble finding that last tactical kill, just run through a level with the EDSU goggles on and you're bound to find something. 6. FLARE GUN = CHEAP ENVIRONMENTAL KILLS I've read from a bunch of people that the flare gun will register as an environmental kill if the shot doesn't kill them but the ensuing burn does. Abuse this if you're having trouble. However, since I haven't actually unlocked this gun at the time that I'm writing this, I'll be writing assuming that you don't use it either, unless I specify otherwise. 7. PUSH PEOPLE INTO THE ABYSS TO GET ENVIRONMENTAL KILLS This is another handy method. In levels where there are spots where falling damage can kill you, use your melee attack to push people off the edge. This will register as an environmental kill. 8. IF YOU'RE GOING FOR STEALTH AND YOU'RE NOT CROUCHING, YOU'RE AN IDIOT If you run up behind someone, they will hear you and turn around. If you crouch up behind someone, they won't. Simple as that. 9. FOR SURVIVAL, REFER TO MY STORY MODE WALKTHROUGH I generally try to have the most survival-centric path in the story mode walkthrough, so if you're having trouble, refer to that. Alright, that's all for now. Onto the guides. I'm not going to be giving a total walkthrough, I'm only going to say "when you get here, kill this guy in this way." There will be parts that, since they aren't essential to the goal at hand, will not be mentioned. Also, if I don't even put a section in for something, then just follow the walkthrough and the general tips for that mission. I'm probably not ever going to list headshots and survival, so keep a heads-up on that. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PART 1-1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --------------------------------GENERAL TIPS:-------------------------------- At the very beginning, if you're going for kills, make sure that the guy near you knows that you're there and calls for help. That'll bring in two more people. Just make sure that the boss guy doesn't snipe you. Also, you probably know that just after that, you can take two paths: either run off to the left or blow up the barrel and go through the fence, allowing you to go up the ladder. Well, go both ways. First, blow up the barrel and face the two enemies over there. Next, go up the ladder (if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's in more detail in the story mode walkthrough). When you go through the door up here and come out again, you'll find two more enemies. Now, go back down and around and go through the path that you didn't take earlier. This will allow you to get the maximum amount of kills, if that's what you're looking for. ------------------------------STEALTH KILLS: 5/5----------------------------- At the beginning, let the guard walk past without seeing you. Crouch up behind and knife him. Now, take the path to the left. As soon as you hear someone crying for help, duck for cover. Sit there and wait... Eventually, some people will walk down. Try and shoot one without the other seeing, and then shoot the other. Now, take out the squad leader... stealthily. Once you head down the distillation pit, go counterclockwise around the column and hit the guard from the side before he spots you. ------------------------------KNIFE KILLS: 10/10----------------------------- Just be as gung-ho as possible. I recommend jumping out in front of the first guard to shoot the squad leader. This should mean that the guard will call for backup. Knife him quickly and knife the other two. From here on, just follow the basic tips that I laid out at the beginning. ------------------------------DART KILLS: 25/25------------------------------ See the knife kills part, only replace "snipe" and "knife" with "darts". --------------------------ENVIRONMENTAL KILLS: 4/5--------------------------- -On the northeast/right path at the beginning, one of the guys will sit right next to a barrel. -On the northwest/left path, you can get three people by shooting the two barrels that are near where the enemies run out of. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PART 1-2 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --------------------------------GENERAL TIPS:-------------------------------- If you're going for kills, then at the beginning, take out the enemy across the way and the turret guy, and then go down the ladder. Take out everyone down here, and then go back up the ladder that you went down and go across the RTL. Make your way across in this path. When you've gotten into the computer and are leaving to go to the elevator point, first, go down the ladder over by the turret and face all the enemies here. Then, go back up the ladder and RTL your way back across to find a few more enemies. -----------------------------STEALTH KILLS: 2/2------------------------------ When the guy comes out of the computer room to check things out, kill him quickly. Then, go into the computer room quietly and kill the two people in there stealthily - be sure to crouch. -----------------------------KNIFE KILLS: 22/22------------------------------ Follow the general tips for this mission. Make sure that when the guy comes out to check out the situation, you don't wait too long, because if you go to knife him when he's standing still, you'll push him off the edge. ------ENVIRONMENTAL KILLS: 2/2 -At the beginning, shoot the truck's tank until it explodes. -When the guy comes out of the computer room to check things out, wait for him to stop at the top of the ladder and then melee him. You'll push him off. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PART 1-3 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --------------------------------GENERAL TIPS:-------------------------------- Be sure to make everyone aware of you unless you're going for stealth or something. -----------------------------STEALTH KILLS: 4/4------------------------------ At the beginning, headshot the guard working on the power. When you get to the rec room area, use silenced weapons, crouch, and get headshots. You can get three stealth kills this way. ------------------------------KNIFE KILLS: 10/10----------------------------- Be careful, and make sure everyone knows you're there. ------------------------------DART KILLS: 10/10------------------------------ See above. --------------------------ENVIRONMENTAL KILLS: 2/2--------------------------- -At the beginning, press the button that the guy tells you not to press. -Wait for the guy at the soda machine to walk away. He'll go over to a pinball machine. Smash his face into it (thanks to Andy Auyong for that). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PART 1-4 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---------------------------------GENERAL TIPS:------------------------------- There's really not much to say here. ------------------------------STEALTH KILLS: 1/1----------------------------- At the end, there's a hole in the electric room that allows you to shoot the guy from outside the room. That's your stealth kill right there. -----------------------------KNIFE KILLS: 7/7-------------------------------- This can be tough, since most of the enemies are in groups. Get the one that ziplines over to you in the boiler room (at least I think that's what it is, it's the red room with all the fire), then get the guys that are in Freeman's office, and the four guys that run up the stairs to you after that. Those are the easiest knife kills. --------------------------ENVIRONMENTAL KILLS: 5/5--------------------------- -Let the first guard you see run away, and him and another guy will be blown up by the bomb -If you turn on your EDSU goggles, you'll see little rings on a pipe on the walkway on the other side of the big fire room... It's the side that you have to use the RTL to reach. Anyway, shoot those while enemies are near them for the last three environmental kills. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multiplayer ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [coming in a while] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapons and Gadgets ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dark Mirror has a ****ing lot of weapons. In this section, I'll do my best to give you the basic idea of what they are and how you should use them. For now, the listing will be kinda random, but after a while, I think I'll go through and sort them alphabetically or something. Here's what stuff means: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CATEGORY[COLOR][button that you press in weapon selection screen] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [weapon name] DESCRIPTION: Gee, what could this be about? (I just copied these out of the game, FYI) FIRE RATE: [I-V] How fast this gun will fire off a bullet. The higher, the faster. DAMAGE: [I-V] How much damage a bullet will do to a target. Note that this rating sucks, considering that it would indicate that an AK-47's bullet does the same damage as a Sweeper 12 or an M82 BFG. CLIP SIZE: How many bullets can be fired off before you have to reload. The higher, the better. CAPACITY: How many bullets you can carry with you in addition to the clip that you currently have loaded in. UNLOCKED: This is how you unlock the weapon for use in Mission Mode. NOTES: What I have to say about the gun. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SPECIAL[BLUE][X] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MB-150 DESCRIPTION: The MB-150 is the standard IPCA sniper rifle. It has the ability to fire specialized darts that can be triggered by the user at any time. FIRE RATE: I DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 10 CAPACITY: 30 UNLOCKED: You don't need to, it's already unlocked. NOTES: The various darts that it can fire are: -EDT DARTS: Shoot one of these at someone and press [R] again to activate it. Instant kill with 650 thousand volts of electricity, although not a very quiet one. -S34 GAS DARTS: Shoot one, press [R] to activate. Small area of effect, but it is possible to kill multiple enemies with it. On the bright side, it's a totally silent kill, so you can kill while maintaining stealth. -EXPLOSIVE DARTS: Shoot one, press... Bah, you know the drill. Make a big boom. It's pretty easy to take out multiple hostiles with this. All the darts kick ass if you use them right. Anyway, this gun is one badass sniper. VSS-DU DESCRIPTION: The VSS-DU is a prototype variant of the standard VSS or Vintovka Snaiperskaja Spetsialnaya (Special Sniper Rifle). This is the prototype that eventually lead to the development of the MB-150. As with the MB-150, the VSS-DU can fire specialized darts that can be triggered by the user at any time. FIRE RATE: I DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 10 CAPACITY: 30 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: Unless I'm mistaken, this is exactly like the MB-150. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BACK[RED][TRIANGLE] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - M1 Super 90 DESCRIPTION: The M1 Super 90 is a high-quality shotgun, available in numerous versions for both civilian, law enforcement and military use. Based on a system developed in the 1980's, which utilizes the gun recoil and inertia of the moving parts to operate the action, the M1 is simple and reliable in operation. FIRE RATE: I DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 6 CAPACITY: 18 UNLOCKED: Destroy all 5 DU containers in 4-1. NOTES: It's a shotgun. Use it like you would use a shotgun in any game: up close only. It s very useful in the fights against the guys that have armor and flamethrowers. Dragunov SVD DESCRIPTION: The SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova - Dragunov Sniping Rifle) was accepted by the Soviet Military in 1963. More recently, it's seen service during the Afghan War as well as many other local conflicts, including the latest Chechen wars. This rifle was widely used and copied across the former Warshaw pact countries and is still in service with the Russian Army and many Russian law enforcement agencies. FIRE RATE: I DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 10 CAPACITY: 20 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: The MB-150 is better, if that's what you're looking for. The MB has a larger ammo capacity and is much more versatile, since it can accommodate the whole explosive/poison gas/electrifying darts thing. However, this one is still a good rifle. USAS-12 DESCRIPTION: The USAS-12 shotgun, developed in South Korea in the 1980s, was intended as a special purpose, military or special operations close combat weapon with extreme firepower. FIRE RATE: IV DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 10 CAPACITY: 20 UNLOCKED: Rank 1 in environmental kills. NOTES: Woah, this gun kicks ass. Seriously. Close to close-mid range, use it. Galil AR DESCRIPTION: The Galil project began after the Six-Day War, and the design was selected by the Israel Defense Forces from two competing designs. The winner was based on the Finnish RK 62, a variant of the AK-47. The Galil was designed to be a domestically-produced, main battle rifle for the IDG, taking the best features of other rifles, such as the M16 and AK-47, and putting them into one rifle. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: III CLIP SIZE: 25 CAPACITY: 50 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: I don't like it as much as the AK-47, but it's not a bad gun. M4 Carbine DESCRIPTION: The M4 Carbine is a shorter and lighter version of the M16A2 assault rifle, achieving 80% parts commonality with the M16A2. As with many carbines, it is handy and more convenient to carry than a full-length rifle. While this makes it a candidate for non-infantry troops, it has also been used by United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and others seeking a compact weapon for close quarters combat. It is the preferred weapon of the U.S. Special Forces. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: IV CLIP SIZE: 30 CAPACITY: 60 UNLOCKED: Destroy all the DU containers in 4-3. NOTES: The first thing I thought when I saw this was "awesome, this gun kicked ass in SOCOM FTB". It kicks ass here, too. In Syphon Filter, it's a pretty strong mid-range weapon. I mean, look at its damage: you can get extremely strong power at a pretty good range. It's also fantastic for my tastes, since even when you set it to fully automatic, you can still manage to only fire single shots, if you're going for a headshot or a tripmine or something. FAMAS DESCRIPTION: Development of the FAMAS began in 1967. After several years of research and development, the FAMAS prototype was completed in 1971. French military evaluation of the rifle began in 1972, but was not completed until 1978 when the French military finally accepted the rifle as the standard French combat weapon. More recently, the FAMAS saw service in 1991 in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm and other various peacekeeping missions afterwards. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: III CLIP SIZE: 25 CAPACITY: 50 UNLOCKED: Complete training 2 in under 3:00. NOTES: I guess this is an okay mid-range weapon, but there are definitely better ones out there. Also, it doesn't work too well on long-mid-range, since there's no scope. AK-47 DESCRIPTION: The Kalashnikov assault rifle, also known as the AK-47, is one of the world's most prolific small arms. It has been used in hundreds of countries and conflicts since its introduction in 1947. This is a truly legendary weapon, known for its extreme ruggedness, simplicity of operation and maintenance, and unsurpassed reliability even in the worst conditions possible. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 30 CAPACITY: 60 UNLOCKED: Get 15 headshots in 6-1 in hard mode. NOTES: This is like the best assault rifle there is. Don't be afraid to use it. AU300 H-BAR DESCRIPTION: This is a modification of the standard AU300 rifle that has a heavier barrel for the light machine gun role. It has a flash suppressor that reduces recoil and rise during sustained firing. The AU300 H-BAR fires from a closed bolt position making single shots extremely accurate. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 30 CAPACITY: 60 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: This gun looks kickass, so it must be good. FYI - it is. SMAW Anti-Tank DESCRIPTION: The Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon fires an HEDP fin-stabilized high-explosive rocket. Agents are cautioned to be a safe distance away from the target to avoid becoming collateral damage. The SMAW Anti-Tank fires rounds specially designed to penetrate heavy tank armor. FIRE RATE: I DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 1 CAPACITY: --- UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: Use it in 4-4 to kick some tank ass. That's the only time I've ever seen it. Sweeper 12-gauge DESCRIPTION: The Sweeper is a lethal riot control device designed to take out a crowd of hostile individuals very quickly. It has a 12-round cartridge that is easy and quick to replace. All the user has to do to take out a rioting crowd is hold the trigger and sweep across the crowd. After a few seconds most individuals will flee the scene or be incapacitated. Due to its lethality and changing times, this weapon is no longer considered for riot control and is likely to turn up in the hands of organized criminals or terrorists. FIRE RATE: II DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 12 CAPACITY: 24 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: DAYUM. Excellent shotgun, probably the best. M16A2 DESCRIPTION: This is an improved M16A1 with a heavier barrel, built in flash suppressor, and is set to fire single shot and in 3-round bursts. The A2 is the current service model of the US military and it gave soldiers fighting the second Gulf War the advantage over the AK-47 because they could dig in outside the effective range of the enemy and pick them off with little fear of being hit by the inaccurate Iraqi weapons. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: III CLIP SIZE: 30 CAPACITY: 60 UNLOCKED: Destroy all 5 DU containers in 4-2. NOTES: I kinda prefer the M4 over this for the mid/long-range gun, but they're virtually the same anyway. One disadvantage of the M16A2 is its inability to function as a fully automatic gun, especially since the full- auto part of the M4 is my favorite. RPK DESCRIPTION: The RPK (Ruchnoi Pulemet Kalashnikova - Kalashnikov light machinegun) was developed as a light support weapon, and had been standard issue in the Soviet Army. It is essentially an AK-47 assault rifle with sturdier receiver, heavier and longer, non-detachable barrel, and re- contoured wooden buttstock. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 40 CAPACITY: 80 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: Holy crap, all the damn AK-47 clones are getting on my nerves. I guess this is probably better than the AK, though, due to its significantly larger clip size and ammo capacity. Calico HE DESCRIPTION: The Calico HE fires highly-explosive rounds that detonate upon impact with the target. Once detonation occurs, anybody caught within a 10 foot radius of the blast will take damage. FIRE RATE: I DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 10 CAPACITY: 20 UNLOCKED: Rank 3 in survival. NOTES: This gun pwns, quite simply. Not only is it a one-hit kill on nearly every enemy, it's a damage-spreading weapon, so you can take out multiple enemies with one shot. Add to that the fact that you don't have to lead the target or aim higher or anything, and you've got an incredible gun. Stone's Rifle DESCRIPTION: Now this here's a rifle. I've had this weapon, man and boy, for forty years. The scope's cracked, the stock's split, and it's showin' wear same as I am. But I wouldn't trade it in for one of them newfangled MB-150s if Gabe paid me to, which he's tried. Nope, I'll stand by this old girl. One of the few I've learned to trust. - Stone FIRE RATE: II DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 10 CAPACITY: 20 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: I actually like it, just because its scope allows you to zoom in however much you need to. Plus the description is awesome. It's a shame that I think you can only use this in B-1. Shot Defender DESCRIPTION: This shotgun is designed for a personal defense role and fires 12 gauge shot through a narrow choke. The narrow choke prevents the shot from spreading out too far so most of the shot will hit a single victim out to the weapon's effective range. The advantage to this is instant incapacitation due to the powerful force transferred from a close group of projectiles. The victim is usually thrown back quite a distance, which is very intimidating to any other enemies in the area. FIRE RATE: II DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 8 CAPACITY: 16 UNLOCKED: Complete B-3 in under 3:39 NOTES: It kinda threw me off at first how the gun doesn't spread too much. However, it does do a hell of a lot of damage, which is very good. M82 BFG DESCRIPTION: Also known as the 'Light Fifty', this weapon is semi-automatic and is equipped with a muzzle brake that reduces recoil by 65%. The .50 caliber bullet is close to 3 inches long and is one of the most powerful rounds available. FIRE RATE: I DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 10 CAPACITY: 20 UNLOCKED: Rank 3 in environmental kills. NOTES: ZOMG INSTANT KILL CITY. That's all I can say to describe this gun. C11 DESCRIPTION: This weapon is a product of decades of research and is one of the most advanced weapons ever made. The main demand behind its development was the need for a rifle with high hit rate. The C11 uses specially designed caseless ammo that consists of a ball round imbedded into a solid propellant. Because of this the C11 can fire a 3-round burst before the rifle has a chance to recoil. This ensures that the entire burst will hit their mark exactly where the user intended. The IPCA version of the C11 has an integral scope and has a 50-round magazine capacity. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 50 CAPACITY: 100 UNLOCKED: Rank 3 in knife kills. NOTES: If you thought the M82 BFG was good, your jaw will drop at this. The C11 is like a fully automatic BFG. Not only does it provide range, accuracy, and insane power, its clip size is huge. This is the best weapon in the game, period. M4 Silenced DESCRIPTION: The M4 Carbine is a shorter and lighter version of the M16A2 assault rifle, achieving 80% parts commonality with the M16A2. As with many carbines, it is handy and more convenient to carry than a full-length rifle. While this makes it a candidate for non-infantry troops, it has also been used by United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and others seeking a compact weapon for close quarters combat. It is the preferred weapon of the U.S. Special Forces. This version has been fitted with a silencer. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: IV CLIP SIZE: 30 CAPACITY: 60 UNLOCKED: Not totally sure, but I think you have to get all the headshots in hard mode in 7-4. I don't know, since when I unlocked it, I also got all the knife kills and environmental kills. NOTES: Wow, best gun evar. It's like my favorite non-cheap gun, the M4 Carbine, only silenced, expanding its awesomeness ten-fold. SMAW DESCRIPTION: The Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon fires an HEDP fin-stabilized high-explosive rocket. Agents are cautioned to be a safe distance away from the target to avoid becoming collateral damage. FIRE RATE: I DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 1 CAPACITY: --- UNLOCKED: Blow up all the mini-warheads/shells/whatever in 4-3. NOTES: It's a god damn rocket launcher. It's incredible. Note that it won't do you any good in 4-4 - you'll need the SMAW Anti-Tank for that. Chinese Type 56 DESCRIPTION: The Chinese Type 56 is a Chinese variant of the world-famous AK- 47. The design of the Type 56/AK-47 has proven to be very successful. This weapon is highly reliable and tolerant to the abuses of use in the battlefield. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 50 CAPACITY: 100 UNLOCKED: Rank 2 in knife kills. NOTES: I still don't know how this varies from the AK-47. MGL DESCRIPTION: The MGL (Mini Grenade Launcher, affectionately known as the Moogle), fires grenades that detonate on impact. FIRE RATE: II DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 1 CAPACITY: 4 UNLOCKED: Rank 4 in knife kills NOTES: It's a strong weapon, but it's kind of useless in most missions because of the lack of ammo. Jackhammer HE DESCRIPTION: The Jackhammer HE is a shotgun that fires highly-explosive pellets that detonate on impact with the target. Once detonation occurs, anybody caught within its 10 foot radius of effect will take damage. FIRE RATE: I DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 8 CAPACITY: 24 UNLOCKED: Rank 4 in environmental kills NOTES: It's like a Calico HE without a scope. I think it causes a bigger explosion, but I'm not sure. M249 SAW DESCRIPTION: This machinegun was adopted by the US military in the early 1990's and comes equipped with a 200-round box. The most significant difference between this and the M60 is the ammo size. It may pack less of a punch, but has greater accuracy and distance over the M60. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: IV CLIP SIZE: 200 CAPACITY: 200 UNLOCKED: Complete B-2 in under 2:42 NOTES: ZOMG. This gun is badass. HUGE ammo capacity and power. I love it. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SIDEARM[YELLOW][SQUARE] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Mark 23 SD DESCRIPTION: In August of 1991, a request was made by the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) for an offensive handgun. Termed the OHWS, for Offensive Handgun Weapon System, it was a pistol designed within certain specified parameters that would be sufficient for conducting "offensive" operations, as opposed to the more traditional role for the handgun, which was typically used for defensive operations. The result was the Mark 23 SD. The heavy .45 bullet, precision accuracy, and threaded silencer makes this weapon an ideal choice for the silent soldier. FIRE RATE: II DAMAGE: IV CLIP SIZE: 12 CAPACITY: 24 UNLOCKED: It comes unlocked by default. NOTES: When they say accuracy, they mean you can practically snipe with this thing if you don't mind the lack of a scope... I'm serious. Anyway, not much to say here. The Mark 23 SD is just your standard silenced pistol. TEK-9 Silenced DESCRIPTION: The TEK-9 is a very dangerous weapon that has a nasty reputation on the streets. Gangs and drug dealers favor it because of its relatively low cost, large magazine capacity and accuracy. The entire front end of the weapon is a compensator making the weapon easy to control while firing one handed. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: III CLIP SIZE: 32 CAPACITY: 64 UNLOCKED: Rank 1 in stealth kills. NOTES: Personally, I'm not a fan of the TEK-9, simply because it is an automatic weapon in a spot that I would normally use for something like the Mark 23 SD - a weapon that I can use for situations where accuracy is key. Generally, you'll already be carrying one or two automatics anyway, too. However, on its own, it's not a bad gun. MDS-7 DESCRIPTION: The MDS-7 essentially operates like a scaled-down assault rifle. It fires a specially designed round with a muzzle velocity nearly as high as the 5.56 x 45 mm NATO round used by many modern rifles. There is a drawback, however - the round is comparably smaller than a 9mm sized bullet, meaning less stopping power. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: III CLIP SIZE: 20 CAPACITY: 40 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: This one could stand up there with the big boys if its clip size wasn't so small. SP-57 DESCRIPTION: The 57 uses the same ammo as the SSP 90 and is destined to become a major service pistol throughout the world. The firing mechanisms are designed to balance the recoil with the forward friction and torque of the bullet. This creates a very unusual reloading cycle with very little recoil. The bullet cartridge is longer than most other pistol cartridges and the bullet is very thin, being only 5.7mm in diameter. FIRE RATE: III DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 10 CAPACITY: 20 UNLOCKED: Complete training 1 in under 1:35. NOTES: Desert Sniper .357 DESCRIPTION: The Desert Sniper .357 is a long range high powered sniping pistol with a 10 inch barrel extension and mounted scope. The .357 Magnum round makes this weapon difficult to handle for novice users, but with practice, the user can hit long range targets with deadly accuracy. FIRE RATE: II DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 8 CAPACITY: 16 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: Badass. That is all I can say about this thing. Well, that and this weapon isn't quite as cheap as it was in Halo 1. Sawed-Off Pistol DESCRIPTION: The Sawed-Off Pistol has a pistol grip and shortened barrel intended to increase its spread pattern. While capable of dealing massive damage at short range, its wide spread pattern renders it near-useless at distance. FIRE RATE: II DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 2 CAPACITY: 16 UNLOCKED: Rank 1 in survival. NOTES: Holy crap, the clip size is god-awful. That seriously makes this weapon suck, I'm not kidding. I guess this would be handy if you wanted something like the M4 so you wouldn't be able to bring a shotgun, but seriously, you're better off with the real thing, not some pistol wannabe shotgun. Jerico-41 DESCRIPTION: The Jerico-41 is more commonly known in the U.S.A. as the Baby Eagle. It is a locked-breech, recoil-operated firearm, patterned after the famous CZ series of pistols. FIRE RATE: II DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 10 CAPACITY: 20 UNLOCKED: Rank 2 in environmental kills. NOTES: At least when it came to the early enemies that I was testing on, these things dual-wielded were taking everyone out in one hit on a bodyshot, so that would indicate a two-hit death if you don't have dual-wield yet. I don't know how they fare later in the game, but I assume it's still pretty good. In fact, I would say that this is my favorite pistol, along with the Desert Sniper and the Mark 23 SD. Silenced .44 DESCRIPTION: The Silenced .44 is a long range high powered sniping pistol with a 10 inch barrel extension and mounted scope. The .44 Magnum round makes this weapon difficult to handle for novice users, but with practice, the user can hit long range targets with deadly accuracy. This version has been fitted with a silencer. FIRE RATE: II DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 8 CAPACITY: 16 UNLOCKED: Rank 3 in stealth kills. NOTES: As far as I can tell, this is a Desert Sniper with a silencer. Badass. Also cheapass. Oh well. MAK-10 .45 ACP DESCRIPTION: The MAK-10 was originally developed in 1964. Its simple, low- cost design with few moving parts gives the MAK-10 a reputation for being extremely reliable and easily manufactured. However, the combination of its small size and high rate of fire make it rather undesirable as a military weapon. This variant is chambered for .45 ACP rounds. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: IV CLIP SIZE: 30 CAPACITY: 60 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: This is an excellent weapon, I must say. If you're dual wielding, one three-shot burst will take down even a helmeted enemy. TEK-9 DESCRIPTION: The TEK-9 is a very dangerous weapon that has a nasty reputation on the streets. Gangs and drug dealers favor it because of its relatively low cost, large magazine capacity and accuracy. The entire front end of the weapon is a compensator making the weapon easy to control while firing one handed. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: III CLIP SIZE: 32 CAPACITY: 64 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: I guess it's an okay gun, but I hate it. Why? Well, with Lian, it replaces the Mark 23 SD, so you don't get a silenced gun, making stealth difficult. Makarov DESCRIPTION: The Makarov is a simple, sound and inexpensive design. While neither extremely accurate nor lethal at ranges beyond 50 feet, it is a formidable and reliable self-defense weapon. FIRE RATE: II DAMAGE: IV CLIP SIZE: 8 CAPACITY: 16 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: There are many better pistols, don't give this one any attention. Desert Express .50 DESCRIPTION: The Desert Pistols are the only gas-operated pistols in service and the .50 caliber is the most powerful. The Desert Express is often referred to as a hand cannon due to its size and the power of the round. Only users experienced with great recoil forces will be able to handle this weapon effectively. Anyone hit within its effective range will be knocked to the ground instantly even if they are wearing heavy armor. FIRE RATE: II DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 7 CAPACITY: 14 UNLOCKED: Rank 4 in survival. NOTES: This is an incredible gun. Instant kills, no questions asked. Flare Gun DESCRIPTION: The flare gun, always a staple in nautical applications, was traditionally used to help search and rescue parties home in on lost or distressed ships. In times of need, however, the flare gun could also be used as a makeshift weapon. FIRE RATE: II DAMAGE: IV CLIP SIZE: 12 CAPACITY: 24 UNLOCKED: Rank 3 in headshots NOTES: This gun is extremely awesome. It's a one-hit kill, but not in the traditional sense: it'll light the enemy on fire, which will subsequently kill them. Interestingly, if the enemy dies by the fire, it'll count as an environmental kill. So, you get tactical kills and the enjoyment of flaming bodies. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - AUXILIARY [WHITE][CIRCLE] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Spectre DESCRIPTION: The Spectre SMG was developed in the mid-1980s. The Spectre was designed primarily for close combat, anti-terror or police operations that require compact size and instant firepower at short range. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: II CLIP SIZE: 30 CAPACITY: 60 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: This is your standard SMG. Use it for close or close-mid range ONLY, or else me and my trained troop of pyro penguins (double alliteration there, awwww yeah) will hunt you down. UNP .45 DESCRIPTION: The UNP is an extremely reliable and lightweight weapon that has precision accuracy and low recoil making it relatively easy to handle, even for lesser-experienced users. Like the MDS family, the UNP also fires from a closed bolt position. The large caliber and small size of this weapon makes it a very deadly and effective weapon that can be used in many different hostile situations. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: III CLIP SIZE: 30 CAPACITY: 60 UNLOCKED: Don't miss any shots in completing training 3. NOTES: Obviously, since this is an automatic weapon, don't go trying to use it from far away. If you must, simply change the weapon mode down to single- bullet or semiautomatic and you'll see a bit of an increase in range, but you'll lose firing rate. Oh, and it's got a scope, so that helps longer-rage fire a bit, but you'll obviously be better off with a sniper or something for that kind of situation. Of course, the scope also means no lock-on. MDS A3 DESCRIPTION: The MDS A3's accuracy, reliability, and wide range of accessories and variants have made it the submachine gun of choice for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: II CLIP SIZE: 30 CAPACITY: 60 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: It's not bad. Pretty basic machine gun, and it's somewhat useful in mid-range, too. MAK-10 9mm DESCRIPTION: The MAK-10 was originally developed in 1964. Its simple, low- cost design with few moving parts gives the MAK-10 a reputation for being extremely reliable and easily manufactured. However, the combination of its small size and high rate of fire makes it rather undesireable as a military weapon. This variant is chambered for 9mm rounds. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: II CLIP SIZE: 30 CAPACITY: 60 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: Meh, not enough damage for my tastes. Uzi DESCRIPTION: The Uzi is a compact, boxy, lightweight submachine gun designed in the late 1940's and named after its inventor, Uziel Gal. The Uzi was used by the Israeli special forces until recently, when in December 2003, the Israeli military announced that it was completely phasing the Uzi out of use by its forces but would continue to manufacture the weapon for both domestic use and export. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: III CLIP SIZE: 32 CAPACITY: 64 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: A pretty average SMG. Nothing special here. SSP 90 DESCRIPTION: A unique appearing weapon, the SSP 90 has a 50 round clear magazine loaded into the top of the weapon. Its ballistic performance is vastly superior to the 9mm round. This weapon fires from a closed bolt which allows for perfect accuracy while firing semi auto. Its ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to fire and helps add to its deadly accuracy. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: IV CLIP SIZE: 50 CAPACITY: 100 UNLOCKED: Rank 1 in knife kills. NOTES: This is very possibly my favorite gun for this position. Excellent accuracy and a huge clip size are just a few of the many pros of this weapon. MDS A4 Silenced DESCRIPTION: The MDS series' accuracy, reliability, and wide range of accessories and variants have made it the submachine gun of choice for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. The A4 variant has been fitted with a silencer. FIRE RATE: V DAMAGE: III CLIP SIZE: 30 CAPACITY: 60 UNLOCKED: Rank 2 in stealth kills. NOTES: Just like the MDS A3, only silenced. It's the best (might be the only) SMG that is silenced, so if you want stealth, use this. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GRENADES[GREEN[L] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - M67 Grenade DESCRIPTION: The M67 Delayed Frag Grenade has a timing fuse that detonates 3 seconds after it's thrown. FIRE RATE: --- DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: 1 CAPACITY: 5 UNLOCKED: Rank 2 in headshots. NOTES: These things are pretty rare in single player, so I haven't gotten to play with them much. EMP Grenade DESCRIPTION: Electro Magnetic Pulse grenades are timed grenades which create a powerful EMP blast that renders electronic devices temporarily useless. FIRE RATE: --- DAMAGE: --- CLIP SIZE: 1 CAPACITY: 5 UNLOCKED: ? NOTES: Useful in the final boss fight... Not much else to say, I hardly ever use them. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ETC[ORANGE][R] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - K-Bar DESCRIPTION: This is the standard issue combat knife of the US military. It has a 7-inch high carbon chromium stainless steel blade and a non-slip gripping handle. This knife can withstand extreme impacts and is capable of quickly slicing through bare flesh and heavy military fatigues. FIRE RATE: - DAMAGE: V CLIP SIZE: - CAPACITY: - UNLOCKED: It's unlocked by default. NOTES: When you see the white icon thing on an opponent's body, then you can strike them with teh knife. Instant kill. Useful for sneaky kills, but you obviously don't want to use this if your target is shooting you as you run at them. EDT DESCRIPTION: The EDT delivers a powerful 625K-volt charge capable of incapacitating the target. It is completely non-lethal )given that the victim is not subjected to prolonged exposure) and is small enough to fit into a holster. The EDT has range of 25 feet. FIRE RATE: IV DAMAGE: III CLIP SIZE: - CAPACITY: - UNLOCKED: It's unlocked by default. NOTES: Once you hit a target, hold [R] for a little while and if you maintain a connection with them, they will burst into flame. This is not only deadly, but highly amusing as well. As for the weapon... I guess the fact that it has infinite ammo is very nice, but it requires you to maintain a connection to be very effective, so you will be pretty exposed when you're using this... you can't shoot a couple shots and take cover like with a gun. Oh, when your targets burst into flames, be sure to not step in their bodies while they're still on fire, because you will loose an assload of health if you do. EPDD DESCRIPTION: This amazing piece of technology is capable of shooting two darts attached to a long wire with amazing accuracy. This weapon uses a special recoiling device that quickly rewinds the wire for a second shot. The EPDD has increased stopping power due to advanced Electro-muscular Disruption Technology (EDT). This weapon has a higher instant incapacitation rate than most 9mm pistols and injury will occur if the individual is over stunned. Caution must be observed with this weapon - it is known to set assailants on fire during sustained stunning. The EPDD has a range of 200 feet. FIRE RATE: IV DAMAGE: III CLIP SIZE: --- CAPACITY: --- UNLOCKED: Rank 4 in stealth kills. NOTES: OMFG I love this thing. A sniping tazer? Hell yes! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GADGETS/etc. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - In this section, the BUTTON part refers to what button the particular gadget is assigned to in the gadget selection screen. NV goggles DESCRIPTION: Night Vision (NV goggles amplify dim light and allow the agent to discern targets in the dark. BUTTON: [CIRCLE] NOTES: Use it to see in the dark. IR goggles DESCRIPTION: Infrared (IR) goggles allow the agent to detect heat signatures, potentially revealing hidden targets. BUTTON: NOTES: Use this to see hard-to-see targets and stuff... Trust me, it'll make em glow right up. EDSU goggles DESCRIPTION: Electronic Device Sensing Utility (EDSU) goggles allow the agent to detect and interact with hidden devices. BUTTON: NOTES: This thing is damn useful. Seriously, if you're ever stuck, turning these things on and looking around is the first thing I'd do... They tend to reveal what you're looking for. PID DESCRIPTION: Personal Illumination Device (PID) is a visible light source which allows the agent to traverse and search dark areas. BUTTON: [TRIANGLE] NOTES: This, in a way, works like the NV goggles, only you don't have to turn them off when you get into a lit area again. However, if you're trying to sneak up behind an opponent, having a giant light source coming directly from your head probably isn't the best idea, so use caution. Medkit DESCRIPTION: The standard military field med kit allows the agent to heal other people they encounter during missions. BUTTON: [L] NOTES: In multiplayer, I guess you can use this to heal other people, but in single player, you'll be using this on yourself most of the time. I guess you can heal any NPCs you encounter that help you out, though. Fire Extinguisher DESCRIPTION: This standard industrial fire extinguisher is used for putting out small fires in specific locations. BUTTON: [R] NOTES: While not exactly space-age technology, these things are pretty useful in part 3-2. I kinda wanna see what happens when you use this on a human... I think I might try that out. C4 DESCRIPTION: C4, or Composition 4, is a common variety of military plastic explosive. Plastic explosives combine explosive chemicals with a plastic binder material. The binder coats the explosive material so that it's less sensitive to shock and heat, and it makes the explosive material highly malleable so that you can mold it into different shapes for fitment as well as to change the direction of the explosion. BUTTON: - NOTES: To my knowledge, this only pops up in 2-1, and you don't really get to choose where you put it anyway. I just threw it in for the sake of completion. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- General gameplay tips ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll just use this section to say stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else. A lot of this might seem obvious, but I throw it in just in case. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Using cover - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Cover is seriously the most important element in Dark Mirror. If you do not use cover, you will not be successful, period. You can use virtually any sizeable object as cover, from crates to walls to tables. If the object is small, crouch and then take cover. Note that for scoped objects, pressing [L] when you've taken cover will make you pop up or around the object you're behind, making you open for attack. Because of this, use caution. However, if you've got a non-scoped weapon, you will remain covered. I actually have a pretty good strategy for using cover against enemies that are using cover. Get something like a Spectre and set it to 3-bullet semiautomatic mode, or just one-bullet mode if it's pretty far away. Then, just aim at where an enemy's head is before they pop back in. Next time they pop out, just do the same and headshot them. It works from a fair distance, too. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Gadgets - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Here's the deal: if you are EVER stuck and have no idea what to do next, the first thing I can recommend to you is to turn on your EDSU goggles. These things pretty much make whatever you're looking for stick way out. So use them. Also, the IR goggles are VERY handy. Not only can you see enemies that would otherwise be out of vision (if they're, say, around the corner), you can make enemies that blend into the environment stick way out. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Radar - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Radar will be a huge asset to you if you use it. You will be able to tell in advance if someone is crouching behind a crate in front of you, so he won't be able to ambush you. Seriously, watch radar at all times. Sadly, hard difficulty has no radar, but oh well. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dealing with mines - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Okay, first of all, it's a good idea to switch to your EDSU goggles every now and then just so that you don't trip a laser mine and kill yourself, especially if you're doing level 2-3 or any episode 5 mission. If you do see a mine, pull out an automatic weapon like a Spectre or UNP .45 and switch it to single-fire mode ([RIGHT] on the D-Pad) and then aim carefully at the mine and shoot it. If you don't switch the mode, you're simply spending seven bullets on something that only takes one, and that's downright stupid. Of course, if you're close to it, you can always just walk up to it and press [UP] to disable it. Now, you can use it for the forces of good! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Enemies - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - First of all, the enemies with helmets that show up later in the game are completely protected from any headshots, so don't shoot them there. They're also protected from body shots with a flak jacket, but that runs out. However, they have no protection on their legs, so try to shoot them there. Other solutions include the use of knifes and the EDT dart. Now, obviously when you can, you want to get a headshot, right? Well, shooting enemies in the legs can produce an interesting (although maybe not very useful) situation, too. From what I can tell, shots to the leg will make them limp, so they can't run as fast. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Fans - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Adam Nunziato just emailed me informing me that most moving fans can be stopped by shooting the center with a tazer. This works on 7-2 for sure, and in testing this out, I used this exact tip in 2-2. It's very handy - use it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frequently Asked Questions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: What is the combination for... A: Since these can vary, I'll mention both how you find them and what they are. Training 1: 989 (I can't believe I put that), found by using NV goggles and looking at the hole 1-3: The locker is 938, use your NV goggles to find the code 3-1: The safe is 694, pause before you go into that room next time and listen to the conversation to find the code 5-2: The safe is 919, which is found by zooming in on the calculator screen in the room that Yavlinsky was in. The doorway is 415, and that's found by keeping stealth up to the point that you kill Yavlinsky, and listen to what he says. Q: How do I deal with hostage situations? A: Whenever an enemy takes someone hostage, their head will pop out from behind the hostage's head about every three seconds. That's your chance. Another method is to use the tazer to shock the hostage. The hostage-taker should drop the hostage and run at you, and you can them kill him freely. Q: I've unlocked some awesome weapons for mission mode. How can I use them in multiplayer? A: You can't. You'll have to do a similar process (get [x] amounts of headshots, etc.) in multiplayer to get your rank up and unlock more weapons. If you've got a question you want answered, simply send an email with "Syphon Filter FAQ" in the subject to KingLUEshiFAQs [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll answer it to the best of my ability. By sending the email, you give me permission to post the question as well as my answer in this FAQ section if I want to, alright? I won't post your email address, don't worry. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legal/etc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- GameFAQs contributor page: Email: KingLUEshiFAQs [at] gmail [dot] com If you email me about this guide, do me a favor and put "Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror" or "SFDM" somewhere in the title so I'll know what you're talking about. Websites with permission to host this FAQ: Thanks to...: -SCEA, Sony Bend, and any other parties involved in making the game, for making it -CJayC, for making GameFAQs -AstroBlue, for letting me use his legal info -emagius, for showing me a VERY useful trick for formatting .txt files Guide contributors: -scotty: Gave me hidden evidence in Mission 2-1 and 2-4 and found some typos. -Vienc Samsuki: Helped me with some hidden evidence and an alternate pathway in 5-2 that had been giving me trouble -daBIONICredneck: Found that in 4-3, shooting all the shells on hard mode will unlock the SMAW -Neoomegakupo: Found how to unlock the M4 Silenced and AK-47 -Hippl Five: Gave me a very nice tip for 2-4, told me how to get the hidden evidence on B-1 -Kevin Guan: Gave me a handy tip for 7-2 -Andy Auyong: Found the last environmental kill in 1-3 -Adam Nunziato: Informed me that fans can be stopped by the taser -Jethro1984: Suggested to throw a grenade to injure Touchstone in 6-2 -L3TUC3: Gave an alternate method to deal with hostage situations -Aerodog87: Found the last stealth kills in 1-1 Thanks to everyone who contributes to this guide. Legal information: No material from this FAQ may be paraphrased, copied, changed, or re-formatted without my permission. Under no circumstances may this FAQ be posted on Cheat Code Central. This document was written exclusively for use on the internet. It is not intended to be used in any way that is profitable for anyone other than the author. It is not to be reproduced in any way without express written permission from the author. More information on copyright laws can be found at the copyright section of the official Library of Congress web site: Syphon Filter is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 2006 James Stevenson, a.k.a King_Lueshi</p>